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    Tim Ont-nrin Annua ""r 3ro",h ,h"" Wft mU!" 'XI""', "",t
1 I1C '. IMclIiU rllgUOj in the ripeness of old ago others will
maintain the barrier tlmt separates uh
M. K. BAIN, PubltntW.
SUDMI'ipHon $1.00 a year
Always in advance
Published Kvery Iloir-dn
Bntered In the Post Office at Ontario,
Oregon, for transmission through
the matin bh second class mall matter.
Slink" up your BfgvlBBi brother
hake them up lively Somewhere ,,in others
In the dark r f your omnium1
la an Idea that would he of groat
ralue to iur homo community.
I.ot the Idea out nnd pass It along morrow will he Just ns we shape our
for omiminat r ri nnd dis-mclloti and . beginning today.
lei the end
The joyN nnd pleasures of youth
are easy to acquire but bh time silvers
our locks IhO) are more difficult to
The person who adheres to an ex
clusive clique today may find that to
morrow tho integral pnrtH have dr!ft
'od away and that other doom are
closed And It id then (hat the grny
niw of the winter of life la brought
limine In the DM who live In tho be
ginning and forgets the othor end.
We all have our good qualities and
our fault'., some more pronounced
None of ua are ever
perfect, for ye are but human and
are of the same clay. un remember that life of to
iler possible use for the betterment of
our people.
Any man of normal Intelligence l
full of gooil ideas, but fnw people
care to exploit them before the pub
lic. And yet the exploitation of Ideas
Is Just what we need for the Improve
ment of local conditions.
Step forward and tell us whnt you
Let ua bear in mind that the end of
the string may be sharp and strong
and virile, or that It may be old and
worn and fraxtled.
Life, like the string, has a begin
ning and nn end. and the end must
Inevitably pay for the omissions of
the beginning.
Those who cultivate friendships In
know or what you think. Much of ' the summer of youth will find that In
It may not be utilized, hut there may
appear the one great opportunity for
which this community Is waiting. Ifci
II H and umr action may spur your
neighbors to such un extent that we
nay eventually get somewhere and
do something.
I he decline of life others will cleave
to them, and that the mellow noes of
old age will be filled with Joy In
stead of being Naildi'ii-il In .orrows
and regrets.
In our Intercourse one with nnoth
er. friends, li t u . remember that each
day we are approaching the other end
xiii- i ii. hi i mi in mi vi inn M of life, anil Hint the end win no in
The cause f business adinlnlstra- , accordance with the precepts and pol
lloii and lux redaction In Oregon 'ides of the beginning.
must he kept up In Ihe interest of In-i ' . ""K" ,IiIh n ooiiiinunlt v Of
dustrlal and ro.ninunlly development I friends, and not merely of acqualnt-
and will largely depend on the char-,""0'
acter of Ihe leal letura '"' us transform the gray winter of
The battle for reduced taxation life Into a perpetual sunshine of sum
haa been waged mo warmly by the ""'r
state pross that nearly every caiull
date for the legislature Is clccied on
platform pledged to retrenchment
and cutting out grafts.
While this feeling Is stronger than
ever before the need of real lender
slnu In the organization of both
houses of the general ussemhl)
Let us begin today.
srwhiM. MRXICO
It looks very much as though the
polled nnd petted child, Mexico, will
at Inst have to be spanked to make It
behave. It has been allowed by this
country to do Just aa It pleases, kilt
peratlve If any appreciable result Is our cltUens, Insult our flag and other
obtained, wise make faces at us while we were
For instance, the higher education trying to feed It candy and sweets In
al Interests of the state for the p res- an effort to bribe It to behave so we
ent biennial period Mre gelling II,- would not have to bother with It
91,.rH2.40 from the taxpayers and Mexico Is but a child In Intelligence
will make demaiid (or larger sums and has acted Just as. any spoiled
for 1917-18. child would act It hus mistaken our
This Instance, hacked by n power "watchful waiting," which was mere
ful organization all over the state, ly a form of putting off this country's
was able to gel $ 2 8 f . 1 0 .) II none dtttv, for weakness and with each lll-
tlian all the other tale in ,t it ut ions, suit that we have swallowed, has
and will give all other sections lib- gone a step farther In Its offenses,
ml h. , ir,, in the state pork barrel Wo haw ,i . blunderingly backed Into
These and other large Interests war as surelv and as expensively aa
will iloubtleMs try to capture the was ever credited to a nation. The
speakership and the presidency of the course taken led to only tho thing
senate, and then the tBIOBJOTl ll that is now lietore us trouble that
.tend ..I getl nx Ihe promised re.luc Is bringing war
lions will have the larger bills to there be no promises In this
,,.,.! spanking. Mexico cannot understand
i I,.. si.,i I'.ixpnvereT league, an "s lick and a promise" It must
organiallon pledged to .,,,i. ma
terlal scaling down of tax levies, Is
backing u tux limitation mi
Initiative but that would uo prevent
lurge uppropt al log -
The presideiii -y of the senate seems
to lie conceded to I.uir Thompson i
loiko county, and speakership will
nol go to a delegation that hus loo
many axes to grind.
hare a real trouncing (hat will con
vli It that this country can rule
and will rule that country if It has to,
hut will not do so If Mexico will be
have, and will respect those trying to
help It.
The pathless expenditure of funds
raised by taxation will have to he
The state tux levy for 1914 was checked, or the people will not be
H,lr,000 For 191.'. this wus cut h to bear their unnecessary hur
to III. I 12.000 !'" 19111 this wus dens any longer and will la tempi-, I
further cut to I,IM,I0I The fight
for retrenchment k) vital and i- the
There are many i: would
improve eoadltloni la thla lojjva tad
tiie auroundlai territory, hul Ina om
,1,1, it which impresses itself nio-l
loiiildv upon our mind at this time
is il., lack of unanimity and cohe
ll, III al 'i, iil'.IMi t roll tit Ut
ad authority From the Increased
registration of voters this year, it is
apparent that the people are begin
nlng to recogliie the fact that each
owes to lilniselt and to the
people in gen, tal the duty to closely
set utllli.e the a, I ,,! public
and of candidate-- for Bifida and be
iug ut the polls to vote lor good men
wlio are prudent iiud will work for
I abolishment of all untie, i
aiveue . in ,i,i,, i affairs
Willi each iiulividiial ll., town of expenditures of public iunds no mat
Colllllllllllly III Which lie lives I, like ,., ,,,w p i-1, ills or the
a piece nl rope or twine ll lias two r,.tipU'ii t of Hie public funds may lie
ends, and each should be ill harmony
and work smoothly with the other
The one end is where we In gin our
life in Ihe community, and the other
Industries and their payrolls not
is when death or removal breaks the olly support families and make the
connection g Bill! prosperous, but pay the
We devote our time, our l houglits. I taxes.
E. H. I r Says Slipshod
Methods of Business
Are at Fault.
Knrl H. Fry, land expert for the
Oregon Home Builders, addressed a
meeting of the heads of that organi
sation last woek on "The Scientific
Farming of the Willamette Valley
and What It Means to Portland."
Ho spoke from personal experi
ence nnd observation and submitted ,
t. .tidies to prove his assertions.
Starting with the ownership of the
land, he pointed out tho difference
between methods used In other states
to simplify tho transfer of property
aa compared to the "red tape" of
Oregon abstracts, lie showed that
when a country ceases to pioneer It
dies. He proved that all wealth Is
dependent on and resultant from the
tilling of tho soil that the 9,ooo,-
i lop of Hie I lilted States Is
essentlnl to this country.
"In Holland the man who owns a
ere pi if land and tills It Is
considered a big former. A Holland
farmer on three ncres makes more
money and raises more crops than
the average American farmer does
on 160 acres," snld Mr. Fry.
In this country we breed thorough
bred horses, hogs, cowa and chickens
and other llvestork by selection and
elimination. Holland does the same
but t also applies the same methods
to the selection of crops and the seed.
"The smalt country of llelgulm, If
It placed a man nn each acre of Its
entire area, would have nearly :ifl0,-
000 men left over, yet this tiny coun
try acquired great wealth before the
war because Its people knew how to
use brains and science In farming.
"Within n few hours' ride of Port--land.
on land that Is not above the
average, a Melglan settled a few years'
ago. Ills farm Is a trifle less In site,
than a Portland city block. Ills crop
last year brought 12790 In cash DCs
ducting all his living and other ex
penses be netted 11700 01 In cash,
and he lived on Hie best bis land
He did this by scientific farming.
Instead of plowing his soil six to ten
Inches, be went fourteen Inches and
then cross-plowed It the same way aaaj
He overlaid thin land with u tin
Inch veneer of manure (hut farmers ver
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We Invite You All to Come to Payette for a
Good Time on the Fourth
K Jeffrey, president of the Ore Nolle : or SMI: ill' OXT.WllO.
in the neighborhood gave him for g"ti H Itullders, announced Hint
hauling away. If be had not hauled ' was his Intention to place the aer
It. In all llkelll d they would have vices of Mr Fry at the command of
moved the r burns to get away from
the accumulation of years.
"Kroiiecoll Is a refilled selected
member of (he cabbage or cauliflow
er family Here in Portland we buy
it under the Impression that It can
oulv be raised In t'nllfoni'H I.ust
year Koseburg shipped I I Ml
county and state wherein Nicholas
Krles, as plaintiff, recovered Judg
ment against W. II Doollttle and Mes
ne lloolltlle. husband and wife, J II
II farmers of this section of the Notice Is hereby g veil, that 1914 took, trustee. I.'ll.i M Sproul and J
country without charge. He su'd share-, of the capital sock ot ihe on J llurbrldge as defendants, for the
that If Mr Fry's advice Is desired it tarlo-Nyssu Irrigation company lOBMd MM of three thousand four hundred
i- to he had for the asking by those to Gordon It Houston, will al fifty dollars, with Interest' thereon
who call for this purpose
f I hey keep on raising bell over
The in Kurope much long r tho devil will
public auction to the highest bidder from May 7, 1916, at the rate of 8
for cash, on the 24th day of July, per cent per annum; and the further
1916, at the hour o' two o'clock, p sum of three hundred fifty dollars at-
Hald sale will be made at the of- torney fees; and the further sum of
fanners in that di net say It is be- have to change bin place of abode.
iug over done, yet one commission
uinii from Chicago offered to sign a I A) over tie country there Is a re
conduct for 100 cars to lie delivered vlva 0f u,nlng and scores of prop
thls year. And the stalks or refuse ,, ,on ,,,, rB ,,.knK ou new
life. This means new payrolls and
prosperity In all Hues of
g more nutritious for duiry cows.
hogs and stock man gru'ii r.ariy nereaMd
and late cabbages lire n misnomer. ,rM1ie
They develop early or late, depend
lag on whether they are planted III
s.uolv moiI or heavy loam The Wil
lamette farm will grow 17,500 plants
to the acre, or u thousand egg plants
I'roper work and knowledge will net.
10s from every brood sow , ,,
year that Is cared for scientifically.
"The leading dairy in Oregon pays
a p.r cent lot on Ihe investment It
consists of 7f cows, scientifically st-
i..i ..,i i, niui i.', .ri tl Wilson on ihursuay evening
l line thousand bushels of nrti- "" appare.'iiy airaui 10 to, u.e
I !.. ..... ... L.t.1.1..., '1M...
... .... ... ...I v ... ., .. ,,i ll on 1 1 nam hi (' i i ' ' i ' in.i. m-
Willamette rallM land There g no platform had some of the plunks of
Another fool law has Just been en-B14nie rep,.,,, is attached to mid mad
forced A I oos county tanner was
arrested and fined for doctoring his
own horse That Is one of the to, I
laws which with others makes the
stale rldlculou- North Head Har
The democrats nominated I'rcM
and our energies to the beginning ami
to each miccc.-..' ive Mcp a we pi,,,
tkrOUlfa Ma The end i bill a plian
loin of Ihe tuturc und we give it but , , .stockholder.--
'I 'bey sotnetitnen earn profits for
the owners and even in rare
have been known lo pay dividend!
little heed
Ami therein we err, for it Is nol
wise lc loigcl MM other end
We niH'd an awakening und a nunc
cohesive spun in the i.ocial life of
this town und of this coiind y m,U W ,
need I greater spirit of fraternity in
our associations one wilh another A
spirit of brothel hood and Msterliooil
eluiuUl bind us closer together for
the coiuuiou weal of all
In i lie pleasures und the excite
ments of today we forget that there
la a tomorow for which we must pro
vide, and in this omission we loo tie
quently are storing up Isolutiou and
lonesomeness for the later years of
As we begin, so do we invariably
end. If we cultivate a Bplrit of aloof
peas uud excluslveuess iu the days of
Properly speaking industries In
clude all business employments and
activities that result iu a payroll or
circulate money.
The city of Kliugeuberg, Germany,
owns a valuable mine of clay and
pays each resident an annual revenue
of 50 besides all city taxes.
Industries produce the wealth and
put the money In circulation that
enables people to pay taxes, whether
it be a bootblack stand, a cannery
or a railroad company.
four years ago, but t lit- one about
one term wus forgotten
It Is freely predicted that Mi
Hoo 'vlt will come out this week
these things requires '""I endorse Mr. Hughes and get
busy and go to work for his election
There has been
paid to politics for
all soldiers now.
little attention
i few days, it is
The sun. we hope, will coutinue to
shine this summer, whether the poll
ileal pot slzaiee or not.
better food for laying hens, and any
, tO al It U
iocs luriner. anil 1-. more iiiiirniuun
than grain teed
"Hut to do
breaking away troni custom and from
eustern methods The Willamette val
ley Is the finest farm land In Hie
world. To get full results of it re
,1111ns only a definite application of
knowledge and scientific prlclples.
"The cost of feed productions Is
bluuied for Hie high cost of beef and
pork. The blame should be put on
the farmer for his lack of organisa
tion How long would business con
cerns and factories enuure u iney
failed to keep posted on the Improve
ments made In their lines of endeav
This Is the age of silage, and until
the Willamette valley farmer adopts
silage methods he is going to continue
playing a losing game, t'nill be learns
to select his seeds as he selects his
dairy cows and his brood sows he Is
going to get crop failures Instead of
three-fold the returns any other part
of the country can produce.
"The laud and the climate of thla
valley la the most wonderful In the
world, but it must be scientifically
farmed "
After Mr. Fry had concluded hla
two-hour tajk along these Hues, Oli-
1'iu.ipple juice und pepsin are now
extensively used In the treatment ot
stomach and bowel troubles. They
give strength and tone to the diges
tive organs. The right proportions
are found in Natol l'ineupple Pepsin
Compound This Is a uew medicine
sold by all druggists and Ontario
Pharmacy over the manufacturer's
There has Just been received anoth
er large consignment of Natol Pine
apple Pepsin Compound Its sooth
ing, stimulating effects aud the fact
that chemically It resembles the di
gestive fluids of the stomach makes It
an ideal medicine (or all forms ot
stomach trouble, poor digestion, and
bowel disorders. It is made from
Pineapple Juice and Pepsin combiued
with other needful ingredients. 50c
trial size bottles. All druggists uud
Ontario Pharmacy.
flee of the secretary of the aald com twenty-four and 60-100 dollara cests:
pany In Ontario. Oregon, and made Notice is hereby given. That I will
for the purpose of satisfying dellu- on (ne 22nd dllv 0f juy, lym, ,t the
quent assessments against aald stock hour 0f l ,io In the afternoon of aald
amounting to 1101.17. day Bl ti, nlaln entrance door of th,.
The purchaser of aald atock will BOow1 House lu Vale. Malheur .,,,,
entitled to have 18 H shares of the ,y Oregon, sell at public auction t
stock of the said Ontarlo-Nyaaa Irri- the highest bidder or bidders for cash,
gallon company Issued to aald pur- ,ie f0ownf deecrlh.-d real pioperty.
chaser, aud the water right which the to-wlt:
The south half of the northwest
guurter of section twenty lour, town
ship eighteen south, range forty six
W M in Malheur county, Oregon,
together with all water rights appur
teuuiit thereto;
Taken and levied upon us the pro
pel ly of the said above iiauod defend
;anls, W II Doollttle, llessie Doollttle.
J. H. Cook, trustee, Kiln M Sproul
uud J J llurbrldge, or us much ihere
of as limy be necessary to satisfy Un
said Judgment in tav or ol NieholuM
Kne. and against the suid above uuui
e, dcicioiunts, with interest thereon,
together wltli all costs and disburse
ments that have or may accrue
Dated at Vale, Oregon, this 17tli
appurtenant to any lands designated
by said purchaser.
n now,
ident oiiturio-Nyssa Irrigation
Secretary Ontario N'y --ia Irrigation
As showing public sentiment Ceo
t . llrovvnell is the Clackuiiius noml
nee of all three purii, t,u i, pre-ont
Hive in a lax rediictio;, platform.
MM'IIK Ol bill 1(11 Is s VI I
I Mltl ( I ust IlK.
Hy virtue ot un BSMVtlOB in fore
closure duly lOMMd by the clerk of day of June
the circuit court for Malheur couuty
and lata of Oregon, dated Hie 16th
day of June, 1916, in a certain lo
tion in the Circuit court for said
UN, J BROWN, Sheriff.
liv ItliSS A. SOW . KH. Deputy.
First publication June 22, 1916;
last publication July 20, 1918.
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