The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 15, 1916, Image 2

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Great Profit-Sharing Prize Campaign
With mrh 50 cents
purchase and this
rnupon ye will be
rnlitl d to 2,000 VO'I I -. A
L '
af - "" na wl sT8 W K W
nbrinBe Al rfrt
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sa in mifiodfli joy sffHh0 jji 4 3nn
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Sw mm) ml tm i I r te . Frmmwm I vlKflllkJMC JSWhUu
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BW. MtikaiiMMi riiiMriw jbbbbI BCJ.ii'i.' ": niii. i
BW. ' -a - - aa ! WNH I
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w arsaal J. .... (UnKflMaMtt M
AW P '-"-' B Jft?
SBw fcwj-y fni SSWISSSSPSSTIWfeW(i
-k. fffc BinHUtfKWBItf .
ew mm ' rZTTL. ZLjLzl2Lz.
an mmwwiiiii ,
sett -Hint mi ratt I
Albert gives
smokers such
delight, because
it- flavor ia so different and to
delightfully good;
it can't bite tout tongue;
it can't parch your throat;
you can smoke it as long and
aa hard ae you like without any
comeback but reoY tobacco hap
piness! On th ravers aida of avery Prince
Albart package you will read:
That i to you lot of tobacco an
yoyment. Princa Albart has always been
sold without coupon or premium. We
prefer to jive quality t '
in goodness and
in pipe satisfaction
is all we or its enthusi
astic friends ever claimed
for it!
It answers every smoke desire you
or any other man ever had! It is so
cool and fragrant and appealing to your
smokeappetite that you will get chummy with
it in a mighty short time !
'Will you invest 5c or 10c to prove out our say
so on the national joy smoke?
TW U ass mi! Ma ml Mm
km 1 H PMM ASMft Ml mm k
Bulletin No. t
Why Not Face the Facts
About Armor Competition?
To the Peeple:
The policy of the 1'nited Stair ( iocuuii-iit for many yesra haa made real competition in
axiuof-uiaLiiiK ineffective.
. i
The Govsnunrat might have tlie three armor planU for bid sud let the entire
tonnage tu the lowest biddei. That would hae made competition effective.
'I In- rrault of aurh iuurr would have been to drive two of the t lir.-- Miami
fai'turera out of bualoeaa, and leave the country with faciliUas of tml una
plant ia time of need.
Tht Government in fact has always awkrd for bid from
the three manufacturers, but no matter what the price
quoted, ear h year's business was divided among them.
Armor makera aerve but one cuatoiner the Government, just as a public utilitv
serves but one cuetfenier a community.
Tbs solution of the public utility problem is regulation of rates.
The solution of the armor problem is for the Government to i the yctee.
We voluntarily agree to accept aay price iaed by the Federal Trent Com mi
Isn't acceptance of that offer bettor t boa the destruction of aa iuduetry built MiM
to serve tbs tiovrrameatT
i nm.. M m-nws.
avoaaa a. eaten.
Bethlehem Steel Couii:f!v
Keep right aa rntdlnit the lumis
paper, brother nd ulster. It U the
pstriotUm that lead to the right
kind of prepsrtidaeii)
Bo rue people are no greedy they
(Tab everything In light and keep
rls-ht on yelping for more. Hut,
thsa, we sre not speaking of you
only of ounelf.
There's a fellow we know who Is
so grouchy be'd growl about the
weather If It rained silver dollars,
iie'd want 'em to bs gold.
The horse never travels taster
than Its own tall, and the merchant
keespa paee usually with the quality
and quantity of bis advertising. Tou
can always tell.
Do you wsnt to sse the most radi
ant smile on this whols earth? Just
psy us that dollar you owe us and
look in our fsee.
Having entered Mexico for good
and sufficient reasons, multiplied a
thousand fold, we stiould not hesi
tate to get out- when we get good
end ready.
M tl ill l it ITKMN.
Laving with hla leg broken be
tween the knee and the hip, A. W.
Archer, a farmer living on Mormon
Hasln creek, twelve mllea east of
Malheur, waa found unconscious by
Emery Cole, assistant deputy assess
or, late Thuraday afternoon. Mr.
Cole Immediately returned to Drogan
and telephoned for Dr. Carl Harttett
of Vale who arrived In three hours,
a distance of forty miles. Dr. Ilart-
lett set the leg and reports that Mr.
Archer Is doing nicely.
Mr. Archer hsd returned from
Mslheur Iste In the evening snd In
hastily unhitching his team, left one
tug fastened. The horsesvbelng led
away became frightened and started
running knocking him down and
running over him.
Mr. Archer Uvea alone and rather
remote from anyone and says that
sometimes for an entire week does
not see any one. Emery Col in
search for county taxes and proba
bly doing a little electioneering on
the aide proved the rood Samaritan
fortunately aa It turned out for Mr.
Tboe. J. O'Neill and Delbert War
sham, farmers living on Aider ereek
five mllea west of here, were ser
iously bruised snd scratched up last
week when Mr. O'Neill's auto, driven
by Mr. Waraham was, wrecked on the
Campbell grade about a mile out of
th city
Th men were returning late with
out any lights and In letting her off
the bill Mr. Warsham, a novlee at
driving, lost control of the machine
and aa a result s tip over ensued
The machine sal scattered In all di
rections and Mr. O'Neill says that
he la not rertu n whether the roiuet
will aver breathe again.
Mrs. II. ..s Whet-lurk and little
daughter, who live on a hemestead
three in I lea from here, left on the
8al unlay morning stage for rendit
ion tu visit relatives.
Mlaa May Morfltt returned ysstsr-
day from Itaker where she has been
having eonie denial work done.
Miss H nt ti I'urcell. of Ontario. Is
visiting with her alater, Mrs. P. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Johnston of
Hlrch creek were surprised Sunday
morning by an autn load of rela
tives from Welser whu spent the day
h them at their ranch home,
tieo. Itoblnson, the prominent
Orous creek rancher, was s busi
ness visitor In Rrogan Saturday.
Delbert Derrick was in from the
Look creek sawmill yesterday on
business and reports that everything
Is going fine.
Mrs. James Morfltt and Clare Mor
fltt are visiting friends in llaker
this week.
Oertrude Morfltt, who has been
attending Si Paul's Academy In Wul
la Walla and Neil Morfitl. who has
been a student at the luivt-rsity of
Oregon, returned home today to
spend i lit- summer vacation. Neil
saw tin- Festival in I'ortlund
and says thut roses were us plenti
ful as sage brush Is here.
Kay and Uuy Wise of Irouside
were In town on land iiusluess Fri
day. Miss Clara Howard principal of
the' local school is attending the
teachers normal at Vale this week
The baseball nine went to Hunt
llngton Sunday and played a losing
game, the score being 10 to 12 In
favor of Huntington. Several auto
loads of rooters accompanied them
The friends of Joseph Little will
be pleaaed to learn he is now a suc
cessful electrics! engineer and Is now
engaged In the power house of the
Snake River Irrigation and Improve
ment company situated on the John
Oreen place.
Alfalfa cutting has begun.
Everybody Is so busy It la hard
to scratch up news.
Levi Cruell made a trip to Welser
last Saturday.
Jowey Rice went to work for C. O.
Douglas on the Chaffee ranch last
s S
Mlsa Uns Armstrong - la home
again after a three weeks visit with
her slaters at Boise snd Nsmpa.
Sundsy evening, June 11th, an
snd s half pound daughter arrived
at the borne of Mr. and Mra. Wm. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Keen made a
trip to Kiiinifit Sunday evening, re
turning home Monday evening. Mlsa
Lola accompanied them home.
Mrs. A. B. Krasler la on the sick
list again this week.
Rev. I).' E Bsker snd 0. L Tufta,
superintendent of the weekly reat
day league ate Sundsy dinner at Wm.
Mrs. E. Motteimnn was umible to
attend church Sunday owing to a
bad cold.
Mrs. C. E. flees was calling on her
mother, Mrs. Mure ... Isat Tuesday.
Mlaa I.'lllt. Downs Is visiting rela
tives near IIHerslde.
Preaching Bunds. June II, by
Rev. W. N. Brown at Ontario.
A. E. Nichols ri'iuiii.! from On
tario Wednesday wllh a load of
household goods.
Miss Inst Weaver of Honlta and
W. W. Howard of Ontario were unit
ed In marriage Sunday. Mr. Jaini's
Weaver, father of M'.s Weaver snd
Walter, her brother, attended Hie
Guy Morgan has had some clear
ing and plowing done for Mr. Carroll.
John Howland has moved a cabin
outo hla homestead.
C. O. Douglas has moved his tract
or to liis homestead preparatory to
turnlgn It upside down.
t-l... Haw UaatAu Qmllk m t A
iih., iiaii. ..iiiiii, aiiu
Cbas. Lias nave been nusy tne past
two weeks putting in ditchea to get
water to all nana of the Mra. Blge-
i.., I.....1
Mrs. Whitbeck made a trip to the
Culbertsou place last Saturday to
bring Mr. Wiiltbeck home.
A T. McDonald has completed
fencing 180 acres of land. He spent
part of last week In the bottom re
planting and harrowing his corn.
Suffolk Punch Stallion
Stands at hla ranch near On
tario, from AprU 1st, ISIS to
Jan 1st, 1917.
Season, $3, fee due wheat
mare Is in foal, t'olts from this
sire can be seen at the ranch.
J. P. S( ' Prop.
Stallion Registration Hoard,
State of Oregon
License rertificule of grade
stallloii No 1421.
Hated ut Corvallis, Oregon,
April 20, l'JIti
The pedigree of the grade
stallion (tularin Johnie sired
by the pure bred Suffolk stal
lion Lovelaud Johnie No. 316,
(American) Owned by J. P.
Siliull, (tularin, Malheur Co,
Oregon, and described as fol fel fol
eows: Color, bay; black
foaled in the year 1910
has been examined by Dr. A.
O. Moore, veterinarian ap
pointed by the Stallion Regis
tration Board of Oregon, and
It la found that the said stal
lion Is free from infectious,
contagious or transmissible
diaeaaes or unsoundness.
He is not of pure breeding,
and is, therefore, aot eligible
for rerik( ration in any stud
book recognised by the asso
ciations named in section nine
of an act of the legislative as
sembly of the state of Oregon
providing for the lloenaing of
stallions, etc., filed in the of
fice of the secretary of state,
February 2S, 1911.
The said stallion Is hereby
licensed to stand for public
service in the state of Oregon
Secretsry Stallion Registra
tion Board.
wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Howard
passed through here the first of the
week on a camping trip to the Little
Malheur river.
Every loyal cltlien should patron
ise the home merchant whenever
possible. And the loyal merchant
ahould demonstrate bis own busi
ness sagacity by patronizing the
horns paper A rule Is not s rule
unless It proves Itself.
The wise man transacts his busi
ness, snd gets out. The fool moves
only when kicked.
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and et
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