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VOL. 2(1
ONTAIUO, Mll.lll.ii: COUNTY, OltKOOM, Till IftMHAi , .11 K I."., iiiki
NO. 94.
In Their Tryout at Cald
well Game Here on
Sunday Next.
The Idaho Oregon buseball Icnguc
opened tin" amnion IbhI Sunday with
game at Payette and Cnldwoll.
The Ontario team went to Cald
well nnd played the team there to a
tin. w'.th three run
TIM Ontario boy made four er
ror and the Caldwell aggregation
five, Ontario not nine hlta and Cald
well aeven.
The score doe not tell It all. The
game wa snnppy throughout anil
each team playing good ball aa the
nrore nnd error list show.
The other membera of the league
plm-d nt Payette, where Nampa wan
..hut nut while Payette waa making
four runs.
The first game for the lacol ball
park will be next Sunday when the
Payette team will be here The Pay
ette boya are atrong and the local
team la doing Home practicing to be
In ahape for them.
There will be a large number "r
fmiH over from Payette and all local
fana Will be In the aland rooting for
the home boya.
Ad. Mimoua, the manager of the
lotal team, aaya h haa a fan? lot of
playera and he feela 'confident they
Mill be able to keep In the lead or
the leuj.ue.
The Ontario band will be there
ultli appropriate mimic for tltlt open
ing game at three p
Theae team are composed of lo
cal m-ii. no salartoe are belli c paid
:.nd If .')U like good glean ball for
the eport be sure and encourage the
local .earn by hims.lng for them on
''.uuttuv afternoon
Huntington. June 7. It N. Blau-
lleld ha Jui I plated the aj
here of 12,376 ahoap. Thla clip
amounts approximately to 105.000
pounds Till together w'.th hoep
mi the Snake and around Juntura
will comprise a clip from about 4 5.-
000 sheep. Those clip have al
ready been sold at a contract price
of from tic to 28c per pound, de
livery to be made at the Boston mar
keta. Mr. Stanfleld also disposed of and
dllvered to the San Francisco mur
i I .0,000 sheep, theie shipments to
occur between now and August 1. all
hm-.I to Miller A. I.ux uuil
lh. Western Meat I'o, ut San Fran
claco. Hi firt shipment win Ml
yeaterday from lor-, consisting of
1 mill h. op, l l iul,..i.h-. which are
. :,,',! to the I lilciKo market.
If uuable to determine the exuel
cost of the war each day, Ju-t tg4M
to the office uud well i-ll ou mighty
quirk how in mil you owe us
The wih.i man often knows not of
Ins own wisdom, nor the tool of III
folltshnes. But 'tis nature, und will
ever be o.
Do it yourself and It will be done
by Amsrlcaa Prs Aisbctatlwa.
w sBgSWk,
The Htrnliorn nillroml -n r i i is
working -ut from Hend ar- now
; within five mil- of the (lap runch
beyond Silver creek nnd have Bent
word to the people of Burn that they
expect to be here to celebrate with
them on the 4th of July.
Should thin he acronipllHhcd and
they find a feasible route over Sage
Hen and there In an Indication of Im
mediate activities toward the con
Htructlon of the line from the west to
Hums It will certainly be an Incen
tive to celehrnte and thin party of
eng'jieera will meet with n hearty
It I rumored that Mr. Htrnliorn
expect to visit uh In the near future
hut we are unable to get thl story
confirmed 4iy any one of authority
However, should he come and have
anything more encouraging to offer
he will find Burn ready to meet any
reasonable demand provided there la
no delay In bringing bin road Into
thla city.
Tke writer find that Mr. Roaa of
Chicago la atlll on the Job to hiillit
ua a line from Crane Creek (lap to
IlurnN If the people of till town
allow a dlapoNltlon meet hi demand.
The matter I being considered by
business lilt-rent
Railroad pioapecta continue bright
a the Item enumerated above Indi
cate and we are atlll hopeful of ac
complleHIng aomethlng definite in the
way of road to Hum thla eaon.
Salem, June II. Paf the first
time in lilsloi v Kastern Oregon h. ti
lls own n u tentative on the public
Ml) leg con. i I'ssloll II II i 'nr-v.
who was nominated for the office
lnt month, waa appointed by (lm
ernor Wlthycombe to MCcecd Clyde
P Altchlaon. resigned to become so
llcltor for the National Association
of Railway commisalouer. Corey
will begin hi dutlea at once.
The above I evidently an Inspired
article, at least that portion
on Corey being an Kasteru Ore-
(Mil man. A man who ha lived In
I Weatern Oregon 12 years, owns pro-
I party there and lias all of Ills affilia
tion there, can hardly be called a
bona fide resident of Kasteru Ore
Washington, June it Kvports of
the United States in April were
399,000, IMIii .iii.l imports $217,000,
iiiiH, a compared with export III
April, till, of $11114. nun. mm and
Import of $160,000,000, the liur
-an of foreign and domestic com
meree announced today.
Manufactured urtlcl- exported
ready for consumption amounted to
$197,000,000 In April, compared
with $90,000,000 in the same month
last year. Crude foodstuff and
meats exported wore $36,000,000, a
reduction of $59,000,000 last year.
Crude materials imported amounted
to $95,000,000 in April. 1916, and
$61,000,000 in April, 1915. Most
other Imports showed only slight in
Acthity In certain quarter of
Oregon Short Line officialdom indi
cates that plan for the commence
ment of the extension from Buhl to
fN'yssa, Ore., are being given serious
consideration. A large party of
Short Line officials spent the day In
Buhl a few days ago looking over
their property and discussing plans
for the construction of a considera
ble amount of storage and loading
Let It be known far and wide that
Payette i getting ready to pull off
the biggest Fourth of July celebra
tion that has ever been attempted In
the history of the Payette valley.
Republicans of Whole Country Asked
Him to be President-Progressives
Will Endorse Him.
The republican delegate itent to
Chicago lat week and nominated
Charles Evan Hughe for president
and ciiarle Fairbanks for vice pre-
There wa little opposition Some
of the ntate had favorite Hon who
they wiHhed to honor by placing them
I In nomination, but no other men
were onnldered for the office.
We believe Mr. Hughe I the f!rat
man to receive a nomination for
preldent without even nlgnlfylng
that he would accept It If tendered.
The people knew Mr Hughes and
knew that when they aaked him to
be their president that he would not
desert them, but would do hi duty.
When the nomination waa made and
r y I .1
MlgjL' J J 1
aVtUgtr gV ataW.'.'..
i-- IgWiaaH M -
"tWI JSfPWi1 ' H
by Prince. &r rs
the nominee notified, he resiKiud I ll
position us Justice of the laprfmi
court and when this was ucr pi i
by President Wilson, then he Mggft
ed the nomlnution for the presidency
and did so In a manner to atlfy all
u to how he stand on ull the iin
portaut Issue of the day.
Mr Roosevelt received the uomin
atlon for president at the hands of
the progressives, but he decliio .1 II
and It is to be presumed in a few
daya he will announce his allegiance
to the repaid run party and nominee
and go to work for their success.
Mr. Hut hes started to work ut
once anil In a t l.ort time will lian
his secretary and campaign manager
The Oregon delegation Is given
much credit for the nomination and
Compressed air is used- for clean
Ing complicated machinery. Politi
cally, however, it ra only of value
when it explode.
Statistic show that one man in
every 23 la six feet tall. Dee this
town measure up to the standard?
That smile that never cornea off
soon becomes more uouseutlug thun
the snarl of a hyena.
It I poHaible that Italph William
w'.ll he made campaign manager. It
wa the decisive vote cant by the
Oregon republican that indicated to
all the delegate just where the peo
ple tand.
Here are point made by Mr.
I Hughe In hi telegram of accept
iim i
I'iriii atand taken for American
right on land and sea.
foreign relation in past declared
go have suffered from weak and va
cillating course pursued.
Desire expressed to see American
diplomacy restored to Its best stand
ard I Letter demand Americanism thut
knowa no ulterior purpoae. for pa
triotihiu single nnd comph le
Preparedness demanded not only
entireh adequate for defense, not
oat in resp-i i to numbers and
equipment of both army and navy,
hut witli ull thoroughness in every
branch of service.
Peace ideals placed first Hunger
of ism denied. Nation I. a.-.
no policy of aggresion, but must
have strength which self-respect de
mands Fair readjustment of tariff favor
id as preparation for teat to come
ufter war.
Kxp'insiou of foreign trade sought.
"We must not throttle American en
terprise here or abroad, hut rather
promote It and take pride in honoru
hie achievement ."
Party platform fully indorsed
There is u new calendar out that
covers twenty centuries, from 100 to
2100 And, incidentally, wo hope
the war will he out by the time a
new one is in demand
A daughter was lorn to Mr. and Mr
Will Brown on the Uth.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. Mc
Coy, a son, on the 11th.
Born, on the K'tli, to Mr. and Mrs.
tico S. Chiids, a daughter.
Manager Gnrdner, of the Malheur
Home Tel-plum- eoinpimy on a va
cation with hi family and the Ford
He 1 finding out many new thing
ahout th- I'ord lie wa nenr the top
of a long grade when hi gasoline
run low nnd would not feed He sent
n hoy after some more ga, when he
found that his reserve supply had
leaked out. As a final resort he
hacked down the hill to a pump sta
tion, where he though he might Re
cure enough Kii to make it over the
hill, but there wo none there The
eng'neer sympathized with him and
suggeted Hint the engine would feed
I all right If he hacked up the hill
Thl wa a n-w Idea to Gardner and
after thanking the man for the sug
gestion went on hi way rejoicing,
but wondering why hi head wa not
working whon he wa near the top
of the hill the first time. He got off
hie road one day and when the shade
i of night were descending, the kids
all crying, cold and hungry, he dis
covered lie wa ome fifty mile from
where he should have been Bu'
lis having a fine time now that the
I weather haa wanned up.
Smile frequently and do It freely.
, hut for the love of humanity don't
let It attck forever.
Opportunity In Insistently knock
!ng: but you will have to open the
door youraelf.
Washington, June 5. The su
preme court today declared valid the
law creating Oregon' water hoard.
giving authority to regulute Irriga
tion. The uit of the Pacific l.h
stock company to determine water
rights on tin Silvias river, attacked
tl. e constitutionality of the law.
The litigation test the right of 200
water user of the Sllvlea river. Ore.
gon federal courts upheld the law.
Many western atatea have similar
water boards. The plaintiff con
tended the law violated the due pro
cess clause of the constitution and
dciil-d Judicial protection over prop
erty. Willow creek waters have been ad
judicated under the Oregon law and
tlieMulheur water case hum been
held up pending thl decialon. Work
of cleaning them up will now be
llillil. Idaho Willi Hie first cut
tint; ol all.ilii now well under way
Iheie i-. ruii in. Ileal ion the da
Clop ill llol lie .1
was nl first thOHgbl Moal
of the field already Ml will BOl
shou lg he.ivy a ield a I i
the ipmiiiy til be all right Altai
fa ut present is iiriiiKHiK the
price in the history of the lluhl trail
Omaha dealers ic.ui weeks ,iko (fori
contract Ihk hay at ".ll f o li. lluhl
Aiinllier dealer h.i l.ileh e,.l in ,n' e,l
buy ut $10 in Hie field All ludi
cations now are that alfalfa will
bring the highest price ever paid foi
it in Hi is. section of the stale
That Hie demand for lumber for
domestic purposes Is growing in the
I 'niied Slates but thut expori I, i
uss It cut off because of the lack
of ships, the report ol U ill. am I .1
son, president of the Botaa Pi J
Lumber company. Mr. i .u.-oii Is in
Boise conferring with (' A Haiion
general manager, in connection with
the big saw mill plant, which in to
exceed the Barber plum in ie, to be
built by the company tills year at
Kmiiieit und for which some of the
material has already been on)
An Ideal Location for City
of Central Oregon
J. I. I) Morrison was here from
, Bendler Monday. He had been call
id to St. Paul and stopped over be-
: tween train.
Mr. M..rrlon i very enthusiastic
'over 'he prospects at Hendler. He
sayt re is no queetlon about It
bel ol- a division point and In
ta oar will be the commercial
I renter of the Harney country.
There I an abundance of good,
i water there at shallow depths and
the soli lg fine ml liulldfhg stone
, can be hud In ah ance within half
a mile of the to '.ilte and there la
a large mineral i ring there, hot.
flowing 750.000 Ion a 6y.
The condition nd aurroundtnga
are ideal for the I ulldlng of a good
The railroad people have the rail
laid to within a few miles and prom
ise to reach the tewn by the Fourth
of July. The depot Is being con
structed. Engineer Young Is not
going to wait to complete the cut,
hut Is laying a shoe fly around U for
temporary use, and when the steam
shovel can lie secured the excavating
will be completed
It la expected t it a new schedule
will be- Issued h' few day -providing
for train ti i run to Venator.
Mr. Van P- . . wa there laat
week and will la jail a lumber yard
at once.
Many Inqulrle are being received
from ull part of the country from
people who wish to get In early.
To counteract the effort of tlioM
desiring the restoration of brcwerloa
In Oregon under certain restriction,
the prohibit on party' state central
committee met at the Y. M. C. A. and
wiled to introduce at the coming
general election ill Noiemher a law
prohibiting the whipping ot liquor In
to th- state.
Former Governor Oswald Weat
prepared the amendment which re
vises section 36 of Art'.cle I of the
state constitution by the introdui I ion
of the two words "imported into
The completed amendment fl hi
linn. iled will read. No intoxicating
liquor shall tie imported Jilo, m
III. II I III ed el old WiHilU till Ht.lle
i.i ror medicinal purpoooo upon
ipllou ol a licenced phyhlclun
or foi of I
ihaliii al p. ii l A i ,i in IHIKII for
algnnture .-, on I hi B-i u pel it ion
w ill he slurled al OBI I '
Froi goal Ol Moii-
I in.i I., bom nnd. r . mer
and fioei ' n:es have raai
I": umli i 'in
ll in k eal no n in
.i v.- it., not tool iii
lie . j l peuved when we al. mo
singled out al the greatest of tlio
"7.-. tV