The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 18, 1916, Image 5

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FOR HALE KiillnK nnd driving
pony with good buggy nml harness.
price rljtht. Phone 20 N 2.
WANTED A second lrl to as
sist with housework l'hone 20 N 2.
$500.00 to $ l Mm nil to Ion n on
Improved farms. My own money. No
delay. O. K. Cnrman, P. (), Vale
FOR BALE Six Reed thrifty pigs
920.00 taken thorn if taken at once.
Four miles wont of Ontario. J J.
Dlllnrd, box 626, Ontario, Oregori
Miss W.Jmoth Curry Ih home from
a trip to Alaska
Wednesday evening Charlotte Wal
Mr la "Klndllni."
lien Rrown win here Saturday
with ballot boxes.
W. W. Roue waa hero Tuesday vls
ItiiiR with the family.
MIkh llalfe, of Denver, Is visiting
with the linnpliy family.
Stanley Mllllken and Miss Muriel
are home for the holidays.
A Ron was born to Mr and Mr
II Telltsch nil the 1 flth.
Ullev Horn was here from Watson
IMano TunlnR A. 11. McCarty, an
expert piano tuner Is permanently lo
cated at Nyssa. All work guaran
teed Phone MJ. Mtf
Good second hand Ilulck automo
bile for salo, cheap. Enqulro J. W.
MeCaltoes, itf.
For rent 5 room cottage, good
lawn, trees and garden spot. Art
Dunnuck, MJ. tf
For Rent Five room house, shade,
lawn and garden spot. Key wltii Joa
Staple at M. U. Co. 13tt
For rent, R room brick house, mod
ern, central, on Main street. W. II
I mi:. iotr
Warrant Cull.
Notice la hereby given that 1 have
funds on hand to pay all (lennral
Fund Warrants endorsed not paid
for want of funds.
Interest ceaaea May 10th. 11.
Dated at Vale, Oregon. May 3,
Trees. Malheur County, Oregon.
APPLES FOR HA I. W- Hen Davlr.,
llBldwIns. Jonathans. A. C. Mane
man, phone 292. Frullland. Idaho, tf
Chore boy wanted. l'hone 10 N 2
New millinery this week Includ
ing tlte very latest medium brim and
wide sailors, white and colors. The
ltoiinet simp. Ontario, Oregon.
W. W. Letson, the Ontario Jewe
ler, will give all mall orders prompt
attention. Repair work solicited. It
Store your summer nacon at the
Cold Storage at 1 cent per pound.
LOST Sunday evening, coin
purse containing diamond ring, etc.
Finder return to Argus office.
Sport hats and Panamas In smart
new models. The Bonnet Shop, On
tario, Oregon.
FOR SALE Idaho Rural Seed Po
tatoes. C. C. Powell, Frultland
Idaho. Phone 19-2 l-t2pd
TO TRADE For Ontario or coun
try property $1200 real estate
gage drawing eight per cent, first
ctaas security or will discount for
cash. See Turner, the Insurance
If anyone wants washing or Iron
ing done at their homes call at the
Peoples Preasery. 20.23
Near oil well. Apply at Argus. 20tf
FOR SALE --Shelled and ear eom
Peed barley in bulk. J Duuphy, one
and one-half miles southwest of On
thf week laying In supplies.
A daughter was horn to Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Alison on the 11th
Byron Turner was registered at
the liristol, In llolse, on Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. I,. I, Culbertson
HN In linker with the t ruck team
Mr. and Mrs L. J Aker are homo
from a visit with relatives at MM
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrc. Herman Caldwell on the 12th.
Iliinley Is shipping a tru n iMMl '
cattle from Riverside this week to
Ray Rambo, who la in the hospital
with spotted fever, aeems to he do
ing well.
Mrs. Orelg, Mrs. Emison and Mrs
Wilson were visiting Woleer friends
on Monday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs
Henry Kime, nee Nettle Hllman, of
Westrall, on the lf.tli.
Mrs Dodge Is home from a trip
through Oregon and Washington
v. suing fraternal orders.
('has Click will be seen at the re
tall department of the Ontario Meut
market after May INth.
The Natarene will hold services
here from the 18th to 21st with E. F.
Wi'lkor as the principal speaker.
Kelso Newman Is here this week.
He refused to atate what particular
business he waa giving his time to.
Arrangements have been made for
Decoration day exercises and the pro
gram will he announced next week.
Harry Wilson loft Monday for
Cornucopia. Mrs. Wilson will re
main a short time to complete her
M is Pauline llllllngsley will soon
leave for her homestead up In the
mountains. Her mother will go
Thoa. F. Coward received another
shipment of Ford cars tills week and
several of them were taken soon as
Mark Chrlstenson of Ia Orande,
moved his family here and will hi'
found In the barber shop w'.lh his
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kroessjn of
Ontario were guests Hunday of Mr.
and Mrs Claud Allen The ladles are
slaters.- -Welser Signal.
On Monday evening the Dream
land will present the Fox feature
with Theda Hurra and William Shay,
in the "Two Orphana."
and Mrs Brett are In Boise.
the doctor was operated on
for an abscess of the brain He la
reported as doing fine.
f II McCoimel and H. F. Brown
of ''aldwell, were here Tuesday. They
are prominent aheep men and were
the gueats of Mr. Creeui while here.
You can aave IS per cent of your
incut bill by attending the salea of
the Ontario Meat Co. Watch the
s'gns In our window.
Tuesday evening Hex Beache's
"The Ne'er-do-Well," In nine acts,
featuring Kathlyn Williams and
Wheeler Oakman.
The work on the bridge over the
Malheur near the Urosnan place Is
i ipleted and Is now open The
tubes have been placed down ao
there will b no trouble about wash
outs In the future.
Just as an indication of the trend
of business, the railroad has furnish
ed the boys here with two new trucks
There is a Real Difference
Cream of tartar, derived from grapes,
is used in Royal Baking Powder because
it is the best and most healthful ingredient
known for the purpose.
Phosphate and alum, which are de
rived from mineral sources, are used in
some baking powders, instead of cream of
tartar, because they are cheaper.
If you have been induced to use baking
powders made from alum or phosphate,
use Royal Baking Powder instead. You
will be pleased with the results and the
difference in the quality of the food.
New York
"'inc. ton they have now with
which to handle the mail, expross
.nil baggage
Hank Hill and family came up
from Ontario Saturday for a visit
with the W W. Wilton family. Mr
Hill has sold out his drug store in
Ontario and Is looking for a location
Emmott Examiner.
A. Venator was her? irom the In
terior on Monday and said the c!d
we: iii"f last week did consid ilf ll I"
I to the hay and grain crops
In his section. There was no lot Of
Iambi due tn the cold
The ladles of the Episcopal (Julld
will servo waffles like mother used
to make and syrup, with coffee, ilnr
Ing the nflernoon nml owning of
in mar) daj in the commercial club
The Moore Hotel has discarded tl It
handsome parlor they had In front
of the building and tie room Is heiny
flttoil for a store room The bar
ber shop has been remodeled and
opened up by Amos Johnson and
Prod Itlre .
There was n large galhor'ng of the
candidates from Vale hero this week
and they held a convention and de
cided that they would hold I
pic-nlc on Saturday and would In-'
vile nil their friends and enemies to '
Join them in a glorious celebration
It was decided that the headwaters
of Salt creek would be a very ap-;
propr'nte place for the blow out.
A new meat market has been op
ened up opposite the Dreamland
theatre by Stewart It Wright, two
experienced butchers. Mr. Wright
waa formerly with the Ontario Meat
market as cutter. Mr. Stewart has
hud much experience as a buyer. The
room has been painted and papered
and everything has an Inviting ap
pearance and the two men should
well in their venture.
This Week Extra Special In
Silk Suits - - - $21.75
Poplin and Check Suits - 18.95
Serge Suits - - - 13.75
Silk Petticoats, all colors - 2.45
Silk Waists, plain and white 1.15
Silk Crepes, all colors - 2.48
Shoes and Pumps
Ladies' and children's all white shoes
and purrips, all sizes, babies', misses'
and ladies'. Look at the price
75c, $1.25, $1.35 and $2.00 Per Pair
There waa a meeting of the Com
mercial clnh held Monday evening
hut there waa little of importance
brought up. The secretary reported '
quite an Inquiry for literature and
also that a few people were coming
In aa a result of correspondence.
The sentiment of the m embers
aetata! ws taken and it was found
that they did not wish to celebrate
the Fourth this year, aa It is consid
ered that It la the turn of the other
surrounding points which ao gener
ously supported the Ontario celebra
tion last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto lllackaby were
here a few days laat week and went
on to Portland. Mr. lllackaby has
been located at Homedale for some
ud mi) s that the Nitrate com
pany la arranging for an extensive
plant at the mines and the Home
dale people are doing all they can
to have the business located at Ho
dale, rather than at a point near
Napton, and the people feel assured
they will succeed. The Homedale
i it 1 1 v ream what It will mean
to have aeveral hundred men on a
payroll and are not going to over
look their opportunity.
Vote thus for P. J. Gallagher for
District Attorney of Malheur coun
ty who is making the race solely on
his merits and ability. He is not
the chosen candidate of any politi
cal clique or faction. If he is elect
ed he will serve the general public
instead of some particular locality
or any political ring or clique.
The Palace
Meat Market
Opposite Dreamland
I REM 1 1 MK.tTH
Hotter meats for the same
Prloea Never High Quality
Never Poor
Come in and see the new
Telephone 111
This week the sweet girl graduates
are in the centre of the stage and
there la little room for any others,
even the candidates taking second
On Sunday evening Rev. Drown
delivered a sermou to the claas on
preparedness, which was very appro
priate and appreciated.
On Monday evening the Wilson
hall was crowded with the merry
makers until a late hour, the gueats
of the Nut club.
on Tuesday evening the class play
crowded the Dreamland and the a.
r. o. sign was hung out early. The
aeveral playera are atlll receiving
(uUKratulutious on their histrionic
Wedneaday afternoon was the
Class Day exercises and in the even
tug the reception of the Juniors for
tlm seniors.
1 'lursday evening the Commence
ment exercises, making a very busy
week for the youngsters.
J. W. Mcculloch ought to receive
and no doubt will receive the sup
port of the voters of Malheur county
at the primaries May 19. The vot
ers ought to realize, and we think
do realise, that the entire county
would be largely benefitted with Mr.
Mi-Culloch on the commission. Let's
all unite and give McC'ulloch a rous
ing home vote.
Ilaln wagon, with California rack
bed. One good hay rack, one Hlude
baker buggy, one Deerlng mower,
one Deerlng hay rake, one single
harness, light, one double harness
heavy chain. Inquire of Ontario
Real Estate Co.
Evidence continues to pile up that
Mr. Hearst hasn't any cattle ranches
in Germany.
America la about to receive Its
diploma from the corresponded .
school of diplomacy.
A New York concern has shipped
500 typewriters to Lisbon. We had
no Idea that poor little Port us:. I uI.mi
had one of thoae suhiu'' w
There'" '
marries youi fi il
TAKIO. olll I. o .,if
Mi. Lewie McUofwM
Mii usn MI USE
Oittari 'r
chickens alM
t wTT
weat t
"England will laugh laat," aays a
London paper. Tl.ut's what the Eiik
Mali have always been famous for.
"Verdun to end the war," aays
Kaiser. Meanwhile, the question is
whether the war will end Verdun.
Reports regarding Villa's inter
meut possibly mean merely that he
lias dug himself In.
Aa the heated term approaches
Justice Hughes and Iced drinks be
come more and more popular.
In the matter of diplomatic notes
this country believes in "craps'' but ,
not in "bales" of paper.
Germany may be In straits, but
bringing her to bay Is something else
Mail Orders Given Prompt, Careful Attention
Purity 't' Drug.
. i iiracy iii Preacripti
1-ivskness Of l'lopm ta ModicUet.
i;t-t of Toilet Articles.
Durable Rubber Grooda,
Variety In School Supplii
Latest styles in Stationery.
Tasteful Confectionary.
Delirious lee ( Yealll.
Cboioe-1 of Soft Drinks.
Quality Smokes.
Beit Pipe! and Tobaccos.
Prompt ai l Efficient Service.
Wii'iams pays cash for eggs at the
Cold Storage. 18-22
Get your ice at the Cold Storage.
They have both artesian and river
leu. Phone 157-R. 1-JJ
Everhart Drug Co