The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 18, 1916, Image 3

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    HC3HII I
Special Prices on Millinery for 10 Days
Wonderful Lot of New Sprnn and Summer VutU rns Just Rt-ceived
Men! The ' ( hod Ac wh '
It's Time for Straw
All Htylec, iiulltip nml prtOl
ami sco l Iwiii.
- Khali In' chill In IDO. ciii
gl IT) luil in till- Mllllp I I
liriiiK HIilrtH, New Spring
l'tiiliru riir Hull wll pll
imi Imili M in quality nml prim
Shoe that Wear Well
Nowhsri will '.oil
an iiHiorliiii-nl to MMM fmiii
ul lookiBg Of wi'.iring
BOM M Jim will fiml In diir
HllOl- llr-plirtni'lil I I in-
Special Showing of
Yardage Goods
Ni-w Bilk, ni-w l.awiiH, i
WIN, Now Klgup il
Bar Kniliriiiii-ri "., lu-w Lai
in-w Trtealsgi.
Thp larm-Kl stork fur you lo
t froin In thin hi-i-IIuii of
tin- npwmit In dress Roods.
In our ili-part iih-iiI Ik inmli- ir
nil "llil li'iitlii-r t h.-it will 1 nil!
anil not look like
mini' Hull you Hi-i- urminil
mi) Ontario tmuSLJ
I opfgon wftjM
(ft wr1.
tm oftcco n i J PftjP
i ' -'J , I CI
You see
Stars in
show them.
'I In- iiiti-iiiiuii of tlin voterii I re-Hp.-ri
fully ralli-il to tlin follewing:
I'leimn taki' iiullri' Ilia) tl.i- iiiiiih-m
nf ii-rlnln t-n rt ! I ! i t do not In all
rin i-1 iippi-.u in (In- mini- n-latlw' po
Killnii on tlin official liallulii (luil
limy occupy on tlin miniptn liallotH
This la caused by operation of tin
i law ri-iii'rliiK tin- rotation of iiiiiiii-k
in all eiiw where the nuinlinr of
riiiiillilatnn h flu- or more for any
office. In audi caana the nanma ro
ttttn on the official hallo) hut do not
n. t. He on the aaniple ballot.
tlona. Hut tlmy can't get It by
waiting for It. Tlmy must alltai
1 1 -ii inn . takS a litili- in-
ipir Kpan-. ili-scriht- their OOdl
n liltli- iniirn fully A great deal of
money will In- 'in-lit In the nexl '
lunntlis, tho bulk of II wlh llit-i'-il-'.ih-i
who i-oiirt the iiuinI publicity.
aiflH.IMI lldl CAItl.OAH Ol HOGS,
'I'lie iwine liuliiHtry In the New I'ly
iiioiiHi illNtrlrt In growing rap'illy I'p
to the affajngtf lliio- they have al
ready been ahippeil from liers thi
your 26 oara of hogx. Tim gaaa4M
tor hog Iihh drought another
hog buyer In the field here in tin
poraon of Klliui Wlili, a well kimwn
funnel' of HiIh place Ilia flrat ahlp
ment, cona'ntlng of 105 boga, was
mud last Friday. Theae boga had
an average weight of 19H DOUBdl
All -lectors ahould vote ttchi for wlilcl the farmers who
$112 OR $653 INCOME?
Kroquent reference Iihh been made
mlunm in the practice fol
lowed li field agents of the ili-part
Mil Df :u i li nil in- iii nunpitrlnR a
- iiiti'inent of .i funnel ' basinet a li li
Hie average hiiKlneaN
of furmiTK In the Hitme Hectlon.
plains a ilepai I incut
official engaged In cooperative dem
)litralloii work In the Northern,
lentral anil WiKleril Htllti'i. "It Ik
hut natural that farmers should In
Home cbki's wish to go behiml tin-1
average ami lme their IniHlnex '
compared In detail with the hu
of otln-r iniliv liliuil farumrs
"Tho following tiihli- kIiowm how
the huMii.MK ol I'm li No. 29 was
compared with thai ol Farm No. SI:
NO 2 No. 21
In the precinct In which they have
registered, except thoae reglatered
lector who have changed their
residence from the precinct in which
they are reglatered, during the peri
od when registration Is cloaed by
law, may on application to the coun
I ty clerk receive a certificate of reg
i latratlon, which certlflete. on pre
I eentatlon to the election board will
entitle the elector to vote In the
precinct to which the elector has
Any reglatered elector voting In
any precinct other than the one for
which he ! reglatered, without flrat
having obtained a certificate of
reglatratlon, will be guilty of double
registration, the extreme peualty
for which la u term of three yeara In
tho penitentiary.
Elector who have not reglatered
will be entitled to vote at any elec
tion by reglaterlng on election day
before one of the Judgoe of election,
audi reglatratlon, if properly made,
will permanently register the elect
or for that precinct If naturallted
the elector muet exhibit final citi
zenship papers or a duly authenti
cated copy or certificate thereof.
brought them In were paid $H. 1 0 per
hundred pounds, or a total of IK83.-
9 for this carload
il wi.ia siiii-i-im; HANI ATTI,K
Win 1 1 it it t.-y was In town Monday
evening looking after a large ah!p
ment of cattle. The cattle were to
have been ehlpped from tbla point
but owing to having gotten Into the
hills beyond Itlveraide Mr. Ilanley
dlacovered It would be morn feasa
hle to ahlp from that point and went
up there lo ahlp out Instead The
li puient was made Wednesday. An
other shipment of about two thoua
and head will be In bore soon. The
shipment this time consisted of about
fifteen hundred head. - Juntiira
Labor iMi'iiH-
At HU, Noted New York Humorist
unit ev-Hcimior Work Irfing Hour
All men look ueater and feel
better when their clothing la
neatly cleaned and preoaed.
' We do all kinda of dyeing,
cleaning, pressing and repair
ing You can alwaya tell our pa
trons by their appearance on
the street.
Clothing may not make the
man, but keeping It cleaned
and pressed makea him a deal
more attractive to his fellow
men and to the ladles.
Our prices are so reasonable
they are only au incident.
AST IH-iMlK lnp. r.uu H4 J
"Keep going!" That la t'hauncey
M. Depew'a advice to the aged. Mr
Depew waa St the other day
"I (eel as well and capable aa I
did at 72, or at 62. or at 62," he aald.
"Gladstone won his greatest jjollll
cal triumphs after he waa Ml) ('inn
modore Vanderbllt made more than
two third of his vast fortune be
tween the age of 70 and 80.
"Joseph Choate, who la 84, Is more
sought for because of the excellent
speeches he Is now making than any
other man lit the United States.
"President Charles W. Eliot, of
Harvard, la writing articles for iuag
axiues and delivering lectures before
scientific bodlea and college which
are recognized everywhere aa the
'jest thought on the subject.
"I do everything I ever did, and
enjoy it Just as much.
"I am busy from 10 o'clock until
midnight. It la work thai counts
Eating and sleeping have little to do
with health and longevity. Eight
hours' sleep la enough for most peo
ple, and, as for food, half of my
friends have dug their graves with
their teeth."
It must be a terrifying revelation
to thoae who kiss their cats, that has
been made by Prof. Ploccl, an Italian
chemist He has found by experi
ment that when a cat licks Its lips
It spreads over them a saliva In
which there are swarms of minute
bacilli not free from danger to hu
man being When he Inoculated
rabbit and gulua plga with th's nox
ious substance they died within 24
hours; and he haa come lo the con
clualon that It Is dangerous for any
one to Indulge In the habit of kiss
ing cats.
J 1. I) Morrison, the genial agent
of the Oregon. Western Colonixatlon
company, arrived In Burns the first
of the week from Bend, accompanied
by his family from Portland. The
Morrison will make their home at
the Colony House near the new town.
Mend re, during this summer season.
Mr Morrison reports the sale of sev
eral sections of land within the past
few weeks The new townslte, he
slated, Is all cleared of brush and
aurveyors are awaiting orders to be
gin platting. Hums Newa.
when iuuukv SAN TOX Ki
(tUU). HUuuit to Uka. b.luul
harmlsM. Their action i five
natural. The nowt lax-
ti.o uu ever trwd.
rnca me udxta.
.a'tuUl I
JaWy tUlaj I
4nV av I
bOi.O BY
Drug Co.,
The hackneyed old phrase, "Now
is the time to advertise," has special
pertinence Just uow. It la in time of
prosperity that money ia made. Aa
the result of big prices for hogs,
sheep, wool, horses, cattle and prac
tically everything raised on the farm,
the demand for war munition, etc .
the country bus reached a high stage
of prosperity. There Is plenty of
money in circulation, aud people are
in h, mood lo buy liberally
In such times aa theae advertising
ously than ever. The
people are hopeful aud confident, dis
posed to anticipate their wants, to
buy the best qualities, and to pur
chase things they would not have felt
tbey could afford a year ago.
Merchants ought lo be able to dou
ble their trade under theae condi-
II. O Harrison Co , distributors
of the Dodge Uros. car, 8au Francis
co, think so highly of motor oil made
from western asphalt-base crude that
tbey use nothing else In their demon
atrating cars, and all the cara they
sell go out filled with this oil.
"We have had a good opportunity
of observing its action In the MdH
motor," says II 1' Huddlestoii, man
ager of the service department, "both
In the hands of our owu men aud of
our customers, and are entirely sat
isfied with the results. Our motors
are free from carbon, compression
la at Its highest point of efficiency,
and we are never troubled with over
heating and laboring of the motor on
long, hard pulls."
A young lady went into Hoyer's
store aud approached the grocery de
pin tinriit manager as follews:
Young Ijjdy "You ain't got no
eggs, is you?"
W i liner I ain't said I ain't.
Young Lady "I ain't asked you
is you ain't, I asked you ain't you Is,
ia you?"
. . 1112
No. 29
Area In crops, acrea . . 40
Number of cowa 18
Nil hi tier of productive anl
mal unit 27
No. 29 No
Receipts from dairy . 1900
Net livestock receipts 880
Receipts from labor off
farm 85
No. 19 No
Silage corn, tone per
acre II
Hay, tona per acre .... 1.7
I'ltoiii'cTloN Of HOCK
No. 29 No
Milk receipts per uow. .S8
Receipts per productive ani
mal unit S8 M6
"These two farms are located in
the same neighborhood, have like
soils and Identical weather condition
re keeping the aame breed of rows
and selling In the same markets.
Yet Farm No III made a labor in
oome of 1641 larger than the neigh
boring Farm No. II.
"So far aa tint alse of buiueas Is
concerned there la very little differ
ence In the farms However, Farm
No. 29 with two more acres of crops,
one more cow and five more produc
tive animal units, baa the advantage
of a slightly larger busineea.
i'WIth reaped to diversity of bual
neaa, theae two farina have the aame
source of income The two Import
ant crops, silage corn and hay, seem
to be about equally good, with Farm
No. 19 possibly having a slight ad
"In spite of Farm No. 29'a slight
advantage III sixe of buslneaa and
yield of crop, Farm No. 31 made In
one year nearly six times us large a
labor MMM l" what Is this duo?
"It will be seen that In the pro
duction of livestock there Is a mark
ed advantage In favor of Farm No.
21, the receipts per cow being eigh
teen dollars Mg her and the receipts
per productive animal unit twenty
eight il'llar higher than on Farm
No 1'J The difference In produc.
Hon ol livestock account for more
than the ililtiit-i.r between the lub
or inniiiior. on the two farms. If
Farm No 29 had aa good livestock
as Kami No 31 it labor income
would be about 1800 greater than it
"W len this comparison was shown
to the operator of Farm No. 29, he
could not believe that his livestock
were really ao poor, but when be had
again gone over his creamery re
ceipts he was convinced. Since this
record waa returned and the com
i made, the operator of Farm
No 31 has I--i'ii weighing the milk
from hi . cows ai,d testing for butter
fat He has recently Joined a cow
testing ..HKociatlon in the locality and
baa advised with the county agent as
lo Ix'ii-i 'u-ti.iuls of handling the
livi .tuck."
Accommodating chaps, those Mexi
cans, they've offered us not leaa than
three corpses of Villa.
wh it run n: is ooura aftek
1. oration Day.
Chautauqua week, with a monster
automobile parade.
'I he biggest Fourth of July cele.
brat ion in Payette history Payette
Not a few of thoae Mexican reports
are coming trom our rifles.
who inul.o it hi IiuhIiiokk to keep In
ItMMll with a bank invariably nccum
llliitcH the inoni. v lo put in the bank.
He wise, and make this bank Yoilt
Stand by
We solicit your buslneaa. We guar
antee you every facility and protec
tion known to Bound and conserva
tive banking principle. We will
aerve you promptly and to the beat
of our ability. Our advice la free
upon requeat.
First National Bank
"A Good Rank In a Good Country."
.. ST
Cook in a
cool Kitchen
All the heat is concen
trated where it is needed
keeps you cool and
makes for better cooking
Why not cook with
a modern oil stove this sum
mer and be comfortable?
Bakes, broils, roasts, toaats.
More efficient than your wood
or coal stove, and costs less to
Better cooking because the
long bluechimneysgiveatead-
ier, more evenly distributed
heat, under perfect control
like gas. No smoke or smell.
In 1, 2, 3 and 4-bumcr sizes,
ovens separate. Also cabinet
models with Forelegs Cooking
Ask your dealer today.
Out. rln
For Sale by
Fir But
Ontario Hardware Co.
Carpets and Rugs
On or about June lii I will ir prepared lo
make you rag carpets or ruga, am bum ui
to nine Bed wide in various patterns,
AI.mi will install machinery to clean all
your oarpeti ami ruga.
Located one door 'ii of V s. Plumb
Lug iV. Beating Company, Idaho Aw.
E. C. KUEPPER, Prop.