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Ol,. 20
Mr. Bell, state mine Inspector of
Malm, reports the recent consum
iiiiiiluM of a drill through the Influ
ence of Stanley A Knaton of the
Hunker lllll A Sullivan mine, on the
south Mountain nilneii In Owyhee
county, near Jordan Valley, which
will Involve the Immediate and ac
tive development of the properties
of the Smith Mount iiln company.
In fact, an engineer has already
been Kent from Kellogg nnd Is now
visiting Jordan Valley and Silver
'lty picking tip a crow- of minor,
and will start work In driving the
Oolromln tunnel ns MM iik supplies
can he gotten on the ground and a
crew of men collected
Th work will be done by hand'
drilling at the start, hut If MMloa
ment progresses favorably It In the'
Intentliin of Mr. him and Ills as
sociate to Install an air compressor
and push tin- .ni. prise with ma
chine drills nn MM as preliminary
work now being undertaken has pro
gressed sufficiently to warrant a
more complete mechanical equip
ment The South Mountain company's
property embraces a group of 1 pat
ented claims, covering the crest of
South mountain, 20 miles southwest
of Silver City. It embrace the old
Oolconda vein, which Is the original
leading silver mining enterprise In
the present area of Idaho.
This old property was equipped
with a small smelter In 187ft, when
the bullion had to bit hauled by ox
teams to Wlnnemucca, Nev. During
that period the rich carbonate ore
mined In the surface produced rlc.
liver-bearing lead bullion to the
total value of three hundred and fif
ty thousand dollars, but at shallow
depth the ore contained a strong
mixture of copper and line sulphide
which proved refractory and too dif
ficult to handle under the Imperfect
melting methods of that day.
The property has since, at lnte
vals, been subjected to considerable
further development, but has now
been Idle for several years. It la a
large contact vein wltn bold mineral
outcrops extending for several thous
and feet along Ita strike over the
crest of South mountain, and at .lit
fereut openings discloses quite defl.
nite Indications of large bodies of
lead-silver, iluc and copper sulphide
ores, which are Invariably rich In
sliver and In some Instances also In
J It lllackaby of Ontario and j
Thos. Kohout of Jordan Valley are
among the owners of this property
mid they are confident that at pres
ent prices of metal there will be a
nice margin of profit
There will be a long haul by motor
truck but good rules can be made
with a large tonnage in sight as there
Is always pleutv of back freight from
Ilomedale to Jordan Valley.
m.K.uiiumb racing FOR
vlllllMvl fiLllLril I ri iti w v
all II 111! fllll II 1 II I Wm T
Effects Evident aril Crops
Being Planted on the
New Lands.
Laterals 4 and 4a of the Nv..
Arcadla drainage district are about
done and so far as completed are
doing their work In a flrst.class man
ner. There laterala are In section
8. It was not generally known I lint
this work had been started. It Is
alrendy far enough along to show
good results. Lund is now MtM
put in crop that before drainage was
unfit lo plow Anyone Is at llhort,
to go and see the work being done.
I Probably by the first of next week
work will he started on the Kmlson
wiisteway, which will be lowered
three feet.
Appraisers for the benefits that
will accrue to the lands drained have
been agreed on. They are Hick He
Armond, t'has. Ashford and W II
listen They looked over the dis
trict last week, hut nut In mi official
capacity, as they have not yet bun
appointed by the court
The decision of the supreme court
Albany. Or., May 13. Are the Hill, of the Southern Pacific. This crew
biiii unrriman railroad Interests to1" "nil t work.
have a race to Ilend across the r. ' Members of the crew are reported
oade mountains from the Willam
ette VBlley as they did up the Des
chutes valley to the same point a
few yeara ago?
There are certain Indications which
lend color to an affirmative answer.
tO have said that active wr.rU will
begin on the grade next month. 0s
rent rumor is to the effect that the
lllll Inlerests are backing this pro
posed road.
Hoon after this party of surveyors
began working in the vicinitv .if
Indorsed Rural Credits;
Rapped Single Tax and
Military Training.
. -., ...
in i v n u 1 1 r l . r ... . i ., . i . . .
" " "' " iisrues, ! aiaytnn, a party of surveyors went
fort toward purchasing rlelitN of win i" '' - -
iii''lll .crilllllUS III
mid shipments of supplies for proa-, the old torvallls A Kastern Railroad
pernio work are the,., r.,,.. i .. ... .. ...
Several months ago there was talk
now owned by the Southern Pacific
and hue heen at work east of Hoov
er about two weeks.
That the llarriman Interests are
plat up. the extension of the
line from Albany to Hoover and on
ni building a riillroad from Salem
through Stayton. thence up the
NitiIi Snntliini valley and across the
Cascade mountains to Ilend This
line was surveyed aa far aa Stayton to Bend Is believed to be responsible
some time ago. Recently a survey for this survey such an extension
ing party has been active in the has been rumored many times In
North Smitlam valley Bust of t a i, .,-.. hui ,i,,, H ,,. r(rM, ,,,,.
It has surveyed a Ine from Stayton that surveying work has done
eastward to Mehama, thence south I on the praeenl scale
ward across the North Ssntl.,,,, rlv- Thai om '. work In the near
er Into l.i,, con,,.,, running through future Is contemplated Is shown by
I .VI I 111. Mllfl lilt L'li MSB II... .1 . . - . - . '
it.- i- iu . .1 . K ' "' '"" ""' uct l"1 ,wo n1 one-half ton
on the legality of the organisation turning eastward about five mlleaof provlaions were shipped recently
Is expected to he handed down next south of the Albany Homer l.r a . '
la expected to be handed down next
week. It la confidently expected to
be favorable, as the appeal to Unit
tribunal was only a matter of form
to Insure the validity of the bonds
The court will give a hearing In
June to any person who objects to
the proposed change In the boundar
ies, of the district. In the meantime
the district supervisors are anxious
to hear any complaints, if there be
any, but will pay no attention to out
side talk. I-and owners who are dis
satisfied with any of the proposed
plans are urged to attend the meet
ings of the supervisors when com-
south of the Albany-Hoover branch to Hoover.
Here Is a story that is worth ilul.. nm.ri. i....... ... ... .......
, w- "'rl" " selling ineir
plaints will receive careful attention s y " who wears hats goods from the same factories that
TJ.e next meeting of the supervisors r dr""M"' ""' " '" olutely true, the 'lolss merchants buy rrom and
will bo.beld Saturday evening. May I we "ve " '" ""'" "! prices and,,,,..,,,!, met the buyers from
20 -Nyssa Journal. snow. i Boise while selecting their stocks
Representatives of Malheur count v
granges to the State Orange conven
tion at Orants Pass, report a must
successful meeting The conference
Indorsed rural credits, condemned
the principle of single lax. went on
record as opposed to mllltsr.i train
Ing In the public schools, recommend
d a plan for the nonpartisan pollii
cal action In the ,1.1,1 the plan he
Indorsed ,y the membership, and
changed the apportionment scheme
of representation to the stale Boat
lb- state grange listened to a
ringing report of the committee on
"The subject f better rural
Mhooll was one of the most vital and
hstMMttM f all the mat,, ,
cussed snd acted upon, The grange
demanded that the rural school build.
Ing be made more modern and linlt
Ing. especially In Its sanitary com. i,
Demand was made (hat
sohool boards Install sanitary flush
Ing toilets.
Effort to establish county mar
keting systems was made, and a plan
adopted to enoourage the employ
ment of men In each count v It .1 1
In the co-operative marketing of the
produce of farm, garden and orchard
The farmers and their wives, n,,,.
were vitally Interested In sMrfesfttBf,
and are seeking the best possible
plan to make farming profitable
Tl. .. 1 m ..
r..-nioiis 01 1 ne coll yen r Ion
were attended by nearly .100 men snd.
women, fresh fr.,... 11... f..... 1.
The asbestos aUsM, operating;
Beech creek, near Mt ortroas
Grant county will ship a carload
Asbestos to the Portland market tl
week, according to Otto Iterg. treat
urer of the company, says the Canyt
( lty Kagle Heveral small slifmnn
hare been made before. The coi
pany Is now operating with a crew
nine men. As there Is a great hot
of commercial aslm-ins on "
erty the work will Miihasjl u,llr
large proportions in the mar tufurvx,
The company Is known as tie ore.
gon Asbestos Mining Co., uf whlcb
Jns. Woornillc Is president and 1
miiti Mnngold the secretary. It was
orgnnlzed In Portland.
The product here Is said to bo s4
fine as can be found on the market.
I it Is today the only asbestos mfnw
work ng In the Tnlted States Thar
has been some asbestos mining to
Vermont. Virginia, Idaho, falltoroto
ind IrtMM steal of it. however,
was of low grade and difficult to
market. During I 91 ft there was on
ly 1731 shorl tons produced in tho
I'ulted States and this was an In
crease of 44 tons over the yemr
prevlous according to ofrirlal axrav
ernment reports just Issued
Mosl of the asbestos used In tho
country was shipped from Canada.
Hurlng the war an embargo was plae.
ed Upon It which shut It out of thai
American market.
a part of this story When that par-
ticular woman happened to walk past
New York May IS -Mew Vo-ic "' 0nt"rl "tor,, u "P'"1 " '
belief ,h.t ihat'ou "hou.d e ""! '1 !'" -"
par. for war was expressed Saturday -'" T' r!"' ."' "" " " '"' -'"'
l.v nesrlv m. .. . " "" Prlr " r""d It was
r ., ...,vvv Mlvu a, ,,, .,,,, ten
marchlug in one of the greatest pro
cess! ins ever assembled for the pro
motion of au Idea.
Twenty abreast, filling the streets
from curb to curb, keeping In Stan
to the patriotic tunes of two bun
dre, I builds, the parade lasted n,r
over .2 hours. It Is estimated Usal
at lissl 1.000,000 persons saw Hie
11, 111 in -t ralltiii. thousand men were in the
pageant, workers In ZOO occupu
-" -.. mnuiii inrir siochs
A young ladv win, llomvlit 11.,. 1 1, l .... ... . .... .. .
" -' .. .. ..,n,n inn, i- in chi ousiness in llnlse
would be Impossible to f'nd a hat In 'and the pie are accustomed to
Outarlo suited to her particular style paying more for what th.i m,i h ,,
of beauty, went to llolse and pur- that sell Muturio for fg.f.0 at)
chased a Uage bat. emry womaii l ... d Nile at llolse for lift. Suits
knows what a Gage hat Is, we don't.! th-tt sell ir,re for fl50 sell In
wua, o.ner tilings she bought Is not ' Boise for ItMO. arid those that sell
Gage and that the price wan about
one-half what she had paid the Hoi ,
Another lady went to Boise to get
something exclusive In a dress and
when rhe got home found that two
Cnturio ladles had .been wearing du-
here for $28 Hell n New York for
billion to tie price tl.e home
nit Is oier r Ii to make the
kiiit fit you snd will make any little
alteration In the hat thai you may
desire and Is always here to make
W" do not hope lo stop all this
stream of money be ng earn.
sent to outside points, but we do
nopi to show how foolish the
age buyer Is, how little
women, fresh from the fsrm toatos
of Oregon The work should r.
dound to the permanent benefit of
producers, who are aseklng. earnest
ly and wisely, remedies ft the ills
from which they suffer."
- -- J - - v-e ( "UTt HI M" nilOWH'ilK '
plicates of what she bought In :n,i ., Hie, i,ie of ,; Is or prices. ( win-
-.... .,..1 ...c woiario hi, lies iih.i p., ,1 ,h up lo tl.e minute and what is passe
an Ontario merchant shout ten dol-Uhat thev ui.- .,,111, Ii depend , ,,
lars a piece leas than she paid the the salesman or woman with whom
Boise merchant. hhav .,. ,i.n.. ...i .,
- .. .. . . OVHIIIIH , 4 II II I I till 11 m h
Weisar has a gas well and is an.
Ing after another Th.
good pressure and It Is to be hoped
they have a good volume it t , .
We:aer people profit h, the 1
ence of the Ontario people. tl,
utilise the gas at once and rrtlfll
further explorations There 1 u
biuhi about gas being here. th. ,
question Is to strike a large Mli
body of It to make a conn
proposition. The Outarlo pe.pi, , .
lend congrutulat Ml and hop. 1
next well may be much better than
the first.
'"""' "UlBll ill JUU OCCUpu . ' " '"' " ,B
lions, lawyers and other profeeslonal v "vr .ne' " OUn" X "'"' '" ",OUKtt",, ,h"" ''"' " '
..... .., . . . New York for a suit nnd had to i.ui n, 1,,,, 1...,. .
The town Is full of candidates this
week who are playing uu uphill game
tr,lug to get the people Inter.
The Ontario people seem to be inter
eated in seeing Mr. McCoiioch get a
good endorsement, but he is the only
one the, are talking about The of
fice for which Mr. McCulloch is a
candidate is not being sought by an,
democrat and the people feel that it
la therefore a non-poliilcal position
at this time The large number of
electric pluntu being uistalled by the
farmers and the iucreased milage of
railroads in this section Is having its
Influence with the people as they
are beginning to reallxi that the
public utility commission is the peo
ple's organisation to govern the rales
and management of all public utili
ties. They also realize that Mr. Mc
Culloch la eminently qualified for
the place, and that he is the only
candidate for the place who Is thus
quailled. also that they are going
to get much better service from a
man who la Interested In the county
and district than they are from a
stranger who never knows them ex
cept on election day.
men, cltv officials and elt, employes
and ! i', nun members of the National
Guard In uniform and thousand
veterans of the Spanish war ,1,,
posed the long column. The lawyers
,vie led h, jn-tic, h of the Mlpi.-lli,
Demands for a pluce In the parade
so greatly exceeded the time and
tpace that Die promoters w,r, ,,,1
polled to reject 60, 000" applications.
Admiral General Leonard Wool
Rear Admiral Nathaniel It. Usher.
commandant of the New York naiv
,urd. and Mayor Mitchell r,,viu...i
the parade.
Anti-preparedness bodies, such us
no Woman's Peace party and the
Socialists, eudeavored to offset the
preparedness spirit by circulstion
among the spectators of circular,.
Acinus Fifth avenue from the re-
vlewlug stand the Woman's party
hung out a banner with the insenn
"There are only 100,000 of you
You are not the only patriots. Two
million five hundred thousand miue
workers and organised labor 01
America are opposed to what you
sud Wall street are marching for
Are you sure you are right?"
nil end hud to in-.
Ilroadnuv prices for II In !
over an Ontario slock she found ,1
duplicate of her suit, made in 1! .
MBit fiuiory, and the price was ten
dollars less.
bu,er from nniario sygj
111 tl.e factory ut New rk at the
an., lime He l.u, er for the New
York ratal storo was there. The next hut ,,
the 1. on e merchant I10 can I
1 er tliuii listen to the gl I, talk
if low Mhls kariuel.l Mas j
uu.-, I 1 1 MfjrMg" or tins bin is an
MlMlM i,le." an. other Iiiiii-
inmbe that is hand-. I oil. In 1 Who-,- ,. .' h to
make the sale and gel the money
Think It over before you buy tl.e
We stood being Villa's doormat just
aa long as we could, and we have also
deotded to relinquish the role of Ger
many's doormat. Too much is
enough Ain't It.
Co!. Roosevelt says that he :....
triad hard to support President Wil
son, but he can't. Col. Roosevelt is
so built mentally that there Is but
one man In the world he oaa support
Why mention names? Ex.
'. " " own.
U..'- 1 AaMMassl I-)
bbbTsbTsbTsbTsbTsbTsbTsbTsbbM . saaaTaTaTaTaaaTsl
H !w?3 -& L, n Mil;
KjsV ,1 P.i M ' ll'alsatfi aaatlfW
BBBsmsCs ssPJ mi . ill blfl
Iff a ''OBBBB SBJgg,' . BBaS
nbV. U Jj sstfsH kV qHwh! ,l HB8BBH
4sm l . K .ami sV. iMGlml
""aWtM ssW! BefaJfflBSssssB
fUlUritaw aHas.U. ..a Vk . u
! PROGRESSING EINE Young, of the 11 H
N. was here last week and ...
Hinged lor enough gravel an
g M.mplete the peers for II
big bridge. The . .i i,,i
they get here Is the h. 1 ti..
find and there see , i . ,.
to It
ihe large ito foot girders 1..
last big bridge were placed g
day and tl.e wo.k 1,1 t.nuhlng it w II
m .'long rapidly troni tins time
I'liere are mil, u few shorl b
lo he hulll and iheu 1 1. .- si,a,
el will be rushed to the tragi Ud
finish up the excavating in the hi.
Mi It will require ul.,,,11 1,1.
days, of two shifts each lo fin, h
the cut when the steam shovel is In
Ht date has been set for the pro
bable completion, because there are
still loo many
The war has created an unusual
demand for nitrates and has shut ofr
the usual supply in limes of peace ao
there la an Immense demand at Ifesj
present time and the supply Is
These national conditions are re
sponsible for tin activity In the ni
trate fields In this county ami
the probable utillz.u ..... ,,1 11, ,
ducts of the fields of nitrate potasit
toieeast Industries of vast impori f.,.
It Is entirely within the range ,,r pn.
sihilily that Industries will be lusiaN
led for converting lh,n.c p.,, ducts 111
1 no -ni lor the lompo- ,1.01, ,,
XllMt'M a-, well as for agricultur
al fertilisers. There 1 rest.
.111 to bi-llele till. I pOtaM bed. ol
large extent underlie these fields
'I'he world uses II, 111111, 1
of potash a year, and before Hie war,
American imports in the Torni of
kull from Hern -
""" ksMal its value for explo
sives for which the product-, of II,,.
Ir butar, e. Don appear to
PIW I have a high value as
1 element in agriculture as well
as in the manufacturing ol maiches,
I .limited p..,
Will he . 11 in. in this field
- -it to H.e vmllM "I III,.., I, no
For evplostve I Ihmi Plod
omnium! tnlin'.,,. . fTittm ., I,,..
Ol la lit 1. irate B lieen .
Ilir.liK I re, -ei, I DO! lod to I .
Ill lllll as I
'I , . l; .,1 , 1 ,,,.
' '!''.' I ..ill. or .,,
ton, g Million 011 Hie II,, medal,
branch Hi lias from 1 !
tigU conipali, : !,.
Nltrati coinpaiii the IttMiMrtw
,.1 wkU 1 I a 1 ... . . , ,,i.-,
0 1 CI
it -II is K 11, .at
linn.... The Sueur creek 1
eon. p. 1 . , an area
I, ui.d It . , not tuipioliahi.
"lie "I I . ''. lopmelits ol 1
future will l- ruction of at In.,- from then, io the rallrnuut
through Which potMfl lll" h.- ..
ducted in a Mlutlog fmu. and pro
iiptlat.d ... , Ap.
proximately. lM.f la uu, .Led lit
the plant of 1 he , ompani
oaiuraay evening at Dreamland. Marie Kmprvi. in lx,. (roM
Vlobst naming la "The Running Hoaala" at Dreamland Sunday even
Kl,ht Ing. May 21st
nUKoL nAftluT Sill GOOD ",; " w """' l f disagreeable
, .-......, ..... ...- ,i,i,ni ue,)e, .tie
' people to forget It. There was a
much larger crowd out than ..
first evening and the players dls
plsved more confidence and did bet
ter. The airs were catchy and
pleasing. These Saturday evening
concerts are proving very popular
and the leader promises another ex
oellent selection for the comlug Sat
urday evening.
John Sineed. the Caldwell noise
buyer, was here Tuesday with Mr
Williams, looking over some 1
Mr Hiueed went os to Kiversid, 11,
said there was still a good demand
for horses, they sold 76 at the May
sale and expect another good market
at the June aale. The prices are
keeping up well, considering the un
settled ooudMiona of everything.