The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 11, 1916, Image 2

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    Great Profit-Sharing Prize Campaign
With each SO cents
purchase and this
coupon tou will Im-
rnllllr.l to 2,000 VOTES. A
- '" - -
52 w sea ar Kf
A yk 111,
l ' 111 'iM' '
Juia Heinrich
Soprano of the Metropolitan, the
rind of tho year In opera, sing
ing In direct coruparition with
Ediaoo'a Re-Creatlon of her voice,
to Illustrate that one la identicul
wiiii the other.
Ml Heinrich Ih hut one of the
tmiiiv great artists who have thus
proven that KdlHon has accom
pli bed hi ambition to re-create
iuuhLc mi perfectly that hla Re
creations cannot bo distinguished
from the original.
Hear Edison's llo-l'roatlon of
Julia Helnrich'a aympathetic
voice. Hear Miss Heinrich her
aelf at the Metropolitan, In New
York, or when ahe la on concert
We are licensed to demonstrate
Edison's new invention
This new Instrument embodies u now art, the elimination of Bdi-
snii's research work in chemistry and acoustics and the expendi
ture hy him of mure than two million dollars in experiments
alone. The Laboratory formulae and methods are known only t
Ivlison and a few of his trusted assistants. No single assistant
knows all of the formulae and methods hy which Edison aeually
Re-creates all forms of music
Oome t" us ami hear this wonderful new invention the greatest
musieal instrument in the world.
We want you to hear it
Demonstrations will he given with pleasure, and no obligation is
entailed hy requesting one.
Formerly Hill's Pharmacy
Ontario, Oregon
New "Short Line" Cafe
Will Open About May 1st in
the Old Blue Front Building
Meals 25c. Board per Week, $4.50
Short Order a Specialty. Chicken Dinner
Everv Sunday. All White Help.
MRS. M. LEO, Prop.
The Mitchell 6
of '16
Is the Greatest Car Value
the World has ever Known
Why Hurley?
Julleu A. Hurley, Malheur coun
ty 's candidate for atate aeuator, la
untitled to the solid aupport of the
republican of this county.
lie Hill uot favor any part of the
county an against the lntereata of the
rest of the county, and he has the
ability aud energy to give this coun
ty a strong representation in the leg
islature. Malheur county has us many vot
ers as Cram aud iiarney counties
combined, and as we have never had
a state senator, we are entitled to
the office at this time.
Mr. Hurley is in favor of a system
of rural credits that will permit tint
farmers to borrow money from the
state, at six per cent interest, on first
mortgage security. He also favors
state aid for Irrigation aud drainage.
and aa he has made a success of the
practice of law aud has a large ac
quaintance over the state, there is
every reason to believe that lie will
be able to secure some good legisla
tion for this part of the state.
His slogan is, "Kcouoiny ill ap
propriations; fewer and better laws;
square ileal for Eastern Oregon."
The biggest critic is himself the
most logical subject of criticisui
Don't be a crit.
The man who skims only the
I .cud lines of the war news may yet
. er word In l lie classified ad-
ei li-uifc. which i. nuts closer to liis
dell interests.
JW noli' the tail that we haven't
a wind about thai cuss of a Villa
ihlb week.
Only Three Indictments Re
turned by the Malheur
County Grand Jury
The criminal dockpl at this term
I of circuit court at Vale Is the light
oat In several years. Tho grand
'jury returned only three Indict
, menu and had only 14 witnesses
before It, as compsred with 33 In
dictments by tho grand Jury for the
I last term of court In January, when
thero wore 76 witnesses called before
! It. For the Inst several years the
usual number of witnesses summoned
to appear before the grand Jury here
was from f0 to 75. It Is thus seen
that the expense to the taxpayers of
the county for witness fees and Jury
trials for those charged ylth crime,
will be much less for this term of
court than for any one term for sev
eral years past.
The Improved moral tone Is
thought to be due In fact to prohi
bition, which went Into effect the
first of January. The opinion was
expressed that the crooks and others
who do criminal acts as a result of
Imbibing too freely In Intoxicants,
moved out of the county and state
when Oregon went "dry."
The three Indictments heturned by
the grand Jury were against Karl U.
Love, charged w tit rape, William
Hill, charged with attempt to extort
money I'at Williams, charged with
sheep steeling. Love and Hill plead
guilty. ' It la understood that the
penalty for the crime committed by
Love Is 3 to to years In state's pri
son at Salem, and the penalty for
Hill Is not leas than six months nor
more than two years In state's pri
son. lxve plead guilty to having entic
ed Lillian King of Arcadia, aged
about 14 years, from her home Feb
I, 116, and took her to I'endleton
where they were arrested April 12,
1116, the charge being rape.
William Hill plead guilty to hav
ing attempted to extort 1300 from
George Vanderhoof, a prominent
rancher west of Vale.
I'at Williams, the third party in
dicted by the grand Jury, Is charged
wltli the larceny of ten sheep belong
ing to Hambo A Hllllugaly of On
tario The trial of Morris Powell, who Is
charged with assault with a danger
ous weapon with attempt to kill El
mer U Moudy, was tried at the Jan
uary term of court. The Jury dis
agreed 1'owell shot Moudy twice,
Dec , 1815 One bullet entered the
left shoulder, the second shot took
effect In Moudy's neck. The shoot
ing took place on Powells rauch in
Cow valley near Honlta. Moudy Is
reported to have fully recovered
from the two bullet wounds.
II V Hlackwell has brought suit
against the Oregon Short Line for
12760 damages. It seems that
Muck well had 10 carloada of cattle
in the Juntura stock yards for ship
ment, and the charge is made that
the train crew failed to load the cat
tle the day they were ready for ship
ment, but shipped the cattle the uext
day, 24 hours late. Blackwell
charges he was damaged $27 50 as a
result of the cattle being left in the
stock yarns 4 hours without food
or water.
How Farmers Get Rich
Implements That increase the output.
Implements That reduce, the expense.
Implements That make labor Light
Implements- That swell hank accounts.
There you have it the secret of how so many
fanners amass comfortahle fortunes while still
comparatively young men. It is hy the applica
cation of common sense and progressive nieth
eds in the working and improving of the farm,
in the prompt adoption of every known device
for increasing the profits and cutting down the
expense. And in no way can this he done so
quickly and effectively as hy the use of new
and improved farm machinery and implements.
The four classes of implement ami machin
ery listed ahove will produce prompt results.
They will pay for themselves many times over.
will earn hig dividends for the farmer, and will
lighten his lahor to an amazing extent. This is
the experience and verdict of every farmer who
uses them.
We sell them at attractive prices.
Troxell Implement Co.
Ontario ... - Oregon
"Safety first" was the motto uud practice of
tint bank long before those words became the
slogan of the large transportation companies.
Service to the public is not a theory, but a
daily practice with us.
Put your money where safety is the first
consideration aud avail yourself of our service.
Safety Deposit Boxes Savings Account
How About It, Outarto auU I'u.veUe?
The Huntington News announces
with considerable gusto that J. 1'
O'Brien, general manager of the O
W. K & N. was in thai burg a few
days ago completing arrangements
(or the installation of a new twelve-
stall brick round house, a fuel tank
to start fires in locomotives uud lite
inileo of additional side tracks. The
.Im asserts lhal Mr O'liiien
says Huntington will always be a
terminal.- Wetser Signal.
The Neus man has been iiu i
for several weeks so his fa
should lull be taken seriously. .
There are many pleasant truths,
but few people muuuge to connect
lip V. lib lllelll.
Hello Spring!
And You, Too, Reader!
"Welcome to our parlors again, where ice cream and
soft, drinUs are always to your liking! Every flavor
and the hest that can he made.
Price 1 Well, that is the small part of it.
Tell your friends to meet you here the popular spot
in town. You see ttOft even hody here, anyway.
Then, too, you can always got the, hest of candies,
fruits and mixed nuts.
dust join the throng and you will lind yourself at one
of our tables. They all do.
In the new and large location