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Cntario, Oregon
Office in New Wilaon block.
Dr. Harriet Sean
Dr. Pauline Scara
Graduates American Sihool of Octet,
pnthy, Kirksville, Mo.
Wilson Hlock. Telephone 154 111k.
Dll. W. G. HOW!
Wilson IlldR.
Office 117
Res. 1172
Office 2nr: door East of Ontarlj Phar
macy on Nevada Avenue, SfMf
R. K. Depot.
J. II. FAHI.EY Funeral dir-itr.
and embolmer. I.iiclv assistant. Phone
l.lL'-W. Ontario, Oregon. I
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the iiomli.atloii as
county assessor subject to the votes
of the democrats of the county.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for tha nomination for th
office of Treasurer of Malheur Coun
ty, subject to the will of tba Dem
ocratic voters at the coming primar
I hereby announce that I will be a
candidate for Assessor of Malheur
County, subject to tha will of the
democratic voters at the primary
election. If nominated and elect
ed I pledge my very best efforts to
wards securing an equitable assess
ment. B. W. Ml I.KKY
To the voters of Malheur, County,
I wish to announce myself as a can
didate for the nomination as assess
or on the democratic ticket.
I have been a resident of the coun
ty over SO years and thoroughly un
derstand the duties of the position.
J. 11. DUNCAN.
To the voters of Malheur County
I desire to announce my candidacy
for the office of assessor, subject to
the declalou of the democratic elec
tors at the coming primary.
If in. minuted and elected, I plodge
ei.oioniy in office end properly earn
Iuf power thu base tor ending values iih otherwise prjjcnbed by
To the voters of Malheur, County,
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for tho office of county asaoniior, sub
ect to the will of the republican vot
ers of the couuty ut the prluary elec
tion F. H won
To the voters of Mulheur County,
1 hcichy announce myself as u can
didate (or the nomination of County
Treuburer subject to the will of the
Republican votera at the primary
I hereby auuounce that I will be
a caudldate for the office of Joiut rep
resentative for Ma'heur and Harney
Counties, subject to the will ot the
republican electors at the coming
I hereby auuounce myaelf a candi
date for the nomination for the office
of County Tr aaurer of Malheur
County, Oregon, subject to the will of
the Republican electors at tha coming
C. C. Mueller.
To the Citizens of Malheur ceunty:
I desire to announce that I will be
a candidate for the Republican nom
ination for District Attorney at tha
coming primary election and solicit
your support.
Till office spend thuusauds of dol-
W. II. Brooke, Attorney at Law.
Wilson Bldg. Ontario Or
Will Practice In All Courts
Votary Public. Office Over Postoffic
Room 9, First National Bank Bldg
Ontario, Oregon.
Rooms 1-2 3 First Natl Bank Bldg
Ontario, Oregon.
R. W. Swugler Attorney at Law.
Rooms 13-14-11 Wilson Bldg
Ontario Oregon.
l. J. (.l, I. At. ill It
Itooms in Wllron Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
Meets all trains.
lnr i of your money and I pledge my
self to every economy consistent with
good government. If elected I will
devote my entire time end energy to
the affairs of the office. Impartial
enforcement of all laws, economy
and suppression of useless litigation,
my platform.
I hereby announce myself aa can
didate for nomination to the office of
Assessor on the Republican ticket,
subject to the choice of the votera
at the primaries.
I hereby announce my canaidatfy
for the Republican nomination for
the office of District Attorney ot this
county. If nominated and olocted I
will endeavor to fulfill the duties of
my office In a fair, fearleaa and ef
ficient manner and to the best of my
ability, keeping In mind at all times
my duty to the tax payers.
P. J. i; u.I. v. in. K
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the nomination for County
Clerk of Malheur County, Oregon,
subject to the will of the Republican
electora at the coming prlmariea.
V. B. Staples.
annoi Rtiiauura
I hereby announce myaelf aa a
i ami. date for the Democratic nom
iii.itlou for County School Superin
tendent of Malheur Couuty in thu
coming Primary Flection. If nom
inated I will, to the best of my abil
ity, continue to work to further the
educutloual interests of the county.
Kay Clark.
Subject to the choice of the Kep
ubllcan voters of Mulheur and Har
luntiea, Oregon, to be express
ed at the coming primary election,
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the Republicon nomination
as Joint Representative to the legis
lature from this representative dla
iint Dated Jan 21, 1916.
Chas M Craudall
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination for County
Clerk of Malheur County, subject to
the will of the Democratic voters at
the prlmariea.
Arthur Moody.
To the voters of Malheur Ceunty:
I hereby announcement my candi
dacy for reelection to the office of
County Assessor subject to the will
of the Republican voters at the pri
mary election on the 19th. day of
May. 1916. And if nominated aud
elected I shall continue to assess all
corporations ou an equal and uni
form basis with other property.
L. K Hill, present Incumbent.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of State Sen
ator from this district, composed of
Malheur, Harney and Grant counties,
subject to the will of the electors of
the Republican party at the prl
mariea to be held In May, 1916.
Julian A Hurlay.
Burns, Oregon, April 2, lilt.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of Joint Repre
sentative for the twenty-seventh Rep
resentative District comprising Har
ney mill Malheur Counties, subject to
the decision of the Republican voters
at the primary election to be held
May 19th, 1918.
Jas. J. Donegan.
for mm mi r
I wish to announce myself as a I
candidate for the nomination an
sheriff subject to the will of the re
publican voters of Malheur county. '
Emory Cole,
Itmgnn, Ore.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination for sheriff
of Malheur County, subject to the
will of the republican voters at the
coming primaries.
We are authorized to announce
that A. W. Oowan Is a candidate for
the office of Jolnl-seuntor for the
Twenty-second Senatorial District,
comprising the counties of (Irani,
Harney and Malheur iiubject to the
decision of the republican voters at
thu primary election, May 19, 1910.
I wish to announce mvself as
....... ii. l..i.. .. il... ,h,w...,..lU ....... I.
...v.. "i
nation for county surveyor at
coming primary election.
II. F. Farmer, present Incumbent.
I 11(1 t II II IK. I
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of Circuit Judge subject
to the action of the democratic vot
ers at the primary election to be held
May 19. 1010.
For County '
I wish to announce that I will be
candidate for the nomination as
County Commissioner, subject to the
will of the republican voters
John K Weavar.
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the Democratic nomination for
the office of District Attorney of
Malheur County.
I wish to announce that I will be a
candidate for the nomination ot as
sessor on the republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters.
8. L. I'AY'KE.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination for Sheriff
of Malheur County, subject to the
choice of the Democratic electors In
the coming primary election
If again nominated and elected I
will continue, as heretofore, to en
force the laws to the best of my abil
ity and give the tax payers a business
iidmiulatratloii of the affairs of the
(present incumbent for re-election)
First Staam Press.
On Nov. -ii. ism. u nawapapac for
the first time wu printed by steam
Although tha application of ataarapois
er to printing machinery' hud been
fully s rliiii-nii d Willi sonic
years previously, the ho-.tillty of the
arorklnj prtman raBdkwad H MMkivIa
able fur tin maataia to ittt i
u startling Innovation Into their print
lug houses. low. ml the cud of ls :
lio-.i ,-i cr, the growing circulation nf
tin- I iiu made a tut n- kind
naceaeary, ami in the faaa r n. .
lawltion the sec. mi John Walter aet
Up u attam printing press. So ou the
I morning of Nov '.".i the Icudl.ig artk-le
of the Times announced to Its tenders
(hut they held lu their bunds (hut duy
copy of (he first newspaper to be
printed by ateiiiu. London Answers.
. Wood Engraving.
It la still a mystery whether wood
engraving came lu Europe from the
east or waa rediscovered by some Eu
ropeau urtlther. There is a like uu
certainty re.urding the precise date of
the drat European woodcut. It Is only
known that European wood eugravlug
was going ou as early as (he first quar
ter of tba fifteenth century, it has
been proved that a woodcut in the
Paris library was printed in ltotl Tin
very earliest wood eugiavlng consisted
ot outlines aud white spaces with
smaller black spaces, but shading is
A Cincn.
Dubbins Do you know where I can
hud a lot facing south? Stubblus
Why not try around the north pole?
That's a very likely place.
While shame keeps Its watch, virtue
is not wholly extinguished in the heart.
Formosa's Umbrella Snake. '" s a Republio.
Venomous snakes take the place of ' '""be" " when thirteen yean old
wild leasts in Formosa, and their at- I " declared of ago by the cortes In
tucks are formidable, aaya a Japanese """ ""' rteT n stormy reign of twen
iruveh If, who hns Just returned from ' & ,lv" J'0""' wn dn.ccd by a rejoin.
ii (Tip In the southern inland There Is """ "l,lrn l"", " m jNgt
a venomous snake on that Inland In I 1R- 1Hfl8' Bn' "'as Joined by the gem-
i he name of amngnsiihcbl. so called
from Its umbrel'n like head This
Himke h genernlly found In watery
..i.... - i in.. i. ii ..r
I'lll' en, i'iii'ii in ii iin, ,,r,u mil 111
a kitchen. A nn.ld working Inn kit, I,
en Is not Infreinieiilly Startled lit Hie
ugly appearance of the snake. The
anlmal makes a peculiar noise by the
nimble movement of its MM, A
flight turn h nf li h fangs is fatal. A
native nf the Island was hlllen hy the
snake In the Ihuinli. A doctor who
tioi.tcd the wound made a simple ap
plication. The man returned home.
hlnklng the woiiihI would soon t
cured. Imt to h's ronrternatlon his arm
hail swollen up. He soon lost sight anil
henrlng. Next morning be wns .lend
Kust and West News.
Animal and Plant Life In Brine.
Just west of Promontory Point sta
tlon. I 'tab. Is n pond cut off from the
Oreat Salt lake by the rnllrnad em
liankmeiit. At times of high water In
the lake this reservoir tills by pvronla
tlon through tlie einluiiikiiieiil, but dm
lug the summer this water Is i omen
trilled to n brine bf evaporation The
deep pink color of the lirlne Is n phc
iioin.niui Hint apiK' In sHH l'nN
i-eneially when n i ertaln rmn entratloli
is re'i. Insl In the salt ponds of H.iu
Fran Win hay thit culor Is due to 11
certain baelllus w -hi- h lives In sntn
rn.ul l.-l..... ....! ..! ..
- "'" " " '"
salt ns It Is idled for drainage and
,,lil " ITolill.lthe to life as hucIi
an emliiiiiiiient might be eonsldereil.
strong natural Mm are. In fact. In
hill lli-.l li n iiiuiiln'r of iiiltniti. nrenii
rnminim im uiw t m.
Isms, nnlinnls as well as phints. The
liltik color illsiitilM.nrs In winter or
when fresh water Is Introduced Into
n f..i.i .;.....i,..i
the 1 1
I nlted States Illogical
Human Saerifiooo.
In battle the Aetecs strove to save
life so that tbey could use tbelr prls
oners as human sacrifices to il.e giala
1 In i had the nrt nf iimliush r.slu. e.l ..
siidi a science (hat It was nothing tin
usual for them to bring home 'J.'.iiiki
prisoners after a campaign. Their bat
ties were not fought for the sake of
nin principle, nor yet to gain lerillnry
, ..!-, i.Mifci.i ii i"... I'..-"..
They fought In order to capture prison
' era. and the hot beaded young soldiers
. "" Kv'n w.mhicii swonis, ior teur
j. a a . m
they might in the heat of halite unwlt-
tlngly slay n foe. A dead enemy was I
already dead, and hence of uo value
for sacrificial pniposcB Were the Ax
tecs humans? Well, not so that yon
could notice. Hut their destruction of
prisoners on the altars of their beauti
ful temple was done In the name of
religion and hence not reprehensible.
St Louis Globe Democrat.
Test For a Field disss.
Inquiry has It that (he absolute and
Infallible teat of a field glass by the
pun baser Is to see what site letters
csn I read aenwa the street from tin
optician shop.
It isn't. The real test Is to climb up
a lung and bushy hill until (be breath
cornea a hundred to the minute, then
suab I. for (he glass, reposing In a
shirt ss kit. to see whether the but k
Is the one you want la-fore you fire
If It Won I pi In lour shirt pot -Lit It
Is not (he glass j on waul, ot tiers are
made thai will If If shakes In your
agitated hands it is not (he glaaa you
You cannot set nigh more
with a high power glass to wy for
the times when It la unusable. iM-cause
you cannot hold It steady Outing.
A Litorary Comcidsnos.
"My father. V. Chirk Russell," said
Herbert Itusscll In telling or a llteruiy
coincidence. ' had Unbilled maturing
the plot or his iiiarl The Death Ship
which Is a version of the legend of
Yaudcrdc ken I was his amanuensis
at the time lie said lo Inc. '1'i.nior
row we will be the slory.' Ou the
rollowing moiniiig when I cuicicd hi
st udy to take his ill. tall.. ii of the open
lug lines he showed tin a idler tic had
Just received it was from w s. Oil
licit, the i.cll kin. v ii ilrumatlsl, asking
him w liy he did not w i id- u got I
the Flying Dublnium."
Eternal Lamps.
1 DUIIUOII KliperslKlou that the an
cleuta ii..- art of waking
lamps, whl. h Mould Ian u i, never for a
long lime ubtulued, aud u aas claimed
that one such lamp venal lu
the tomb of Roslcru. Ins s. lem .-. how
ever, bus long set Ibis together with
other superstitious, forever ut i,-i
since It bus been demonstrated that
Ore will imt burn lu u . bamber from
which (be air has l-eu exhausted
Clssr Air.
The air la so clear at Arequipu, Peru,
that from the observatory ut that place.
H.UOO feet abme the sea. a black spot
em- Inch lu diameter placed on u white
disk has been seen on Mount Char, hu
ul, a distance of eleven miles, through
a thirteen In. h (clcscoa.
Both Busy.
"I'm worn out. I've been breaking
in a new cook."
"I've got my bands full too. I'm
breaking lu u new husband." Brown
lug's Magazine.
Their Fats.
"What disposition Is made of the
children of the couple?"
"They will spend six mouths with
tba servants of each parent."- Puck.
Any man may commit a mistake,
but none but a fool will continue in it.
I "" nmI r"y nf Cadis and by nearly
i n" of Spain during the month. A pro
""ll"11" government was estaniisnen
ami Marshal Serrano win mnile renenl
''"' cortcs ve.e.l for a monarchy on
1,,lv 21- ,s,!, l""1 ,,f,,'r several offers
"r ,h' throne hud been refused It was
""ally accepted by Amadeus. duke of
A""W- who was proclaimed king on
OV. 7, ISfU.
After an uncomfortable reign be ab
illialeil In 1R7.1 and was succeeded by
another republic, which lasted for two
years, when Alfonso XII., son of
I Q-n Isabella and father of the pres-
"" KI,IK- "",n'"1 to tne inrone.
Artificial Indigo.
Artificial Indigo owes much of Its
"ininerclal Kgaagag to nn accident. Al
though synthetic Indigo was first pro
duieil in INTO, it did not become a se
rious rival to the natural article un
til a thermometer was accidentally
broken nmI the contents of the bulb
rnn Into the healed mixture of naph
thslene that was all too slowlv Iielng
..inverted Into pbtbsllc acid, the basis
of iirtlllelnl Indigo It was then ob
served that the conversion lieeamc
much more rapid, and from that day
j i, UK(, ,)f nienury has played a big
part In making artificial Indigo a com
menlnl suciess The accident occur-
red after years of patient research.
and It Is now- tin, linns! of chemists
. .. .. .
(lint tliey are aide to proiluce on n
,. Ulvrviai tmBH compound "exactly
,,. , .. unUlTux i.wiliri. fdnn
uj--i.i. ,l. a t- -,
Annum tl nihelllshiiienis which
II.. .11.. .... . - ... 1 .i..i 1. .1... 1 . ...
"-mi in 1 i.iicin h me wrciu me
"Up milace" la Hie most eonsidcnoiis
.,..'.' '...." ' ..' ' """'"'"0""
This magnlllcent l.tilldlng was ere. i. .1.
II Im u II III li iiluiti l.f-aut..rlil. 'm mii
that his niaiiv wars had ..... exhausted
hi ,.,. ;m.r AlH further to show
his contempt for the countries which
ha ' ' 'it to crush Mm al the top or
the i 0Hiln he plaeisl a group of three
women dam lug together, (he figuring
nllng Catherine the Great. Ma
rln Theresa and Mine de Pompadour
The wrath of the two empresses waa
unbounded at finding Ihcmaelvrs de
Ptctad In such an attitude and such '
en... pimy, so r rciicrick w-as a hie In citti
gratulale himself on a thoroughly sue-
. . w I
cessful Joke.
Hsoognlilng Book Lovers.
You may rcognlie the b.s.k lover as
soon as you glance at bis shelves
'I 'h they may lav few. Some peo
pie. especially servants. If allowed to
Interfere, marshal books according to
colors, as they would like to buy them
by the yard Not so the book lorer (I
mean the man who loves books for
their ciiiiieiitsi He Is kind to his
honk- and. knowing they have souls.
wishes them to live happily together
He would not. (o lake an extreme
rase, sandwich "Itriidshaw" between
"Stones of Venice" and "Modem Paint
n." Londou Globe.
A New York newsi,iH'r remsrkslhst
"ferries collie ami ferrh-s go. bridges
rise and bridges fall, but tunnels lust
fnreier" Then- Is a adi Mine (ruth I
the -vail.... Of all works of man
earthworks, plain i-arlli minimis ami
, , '
.led over, are al-. hi tin. most en during
V Mooch I Is esse.,
..,v h work In earth ami uIiiumI aa
i niincnt aa the great glolw Itself
siarneu aian-iot mairiea yet? urn
Chum No. I'm not Married Man
Now. bim' here, old hoy. times are
changing uilghiy fast. You take my
ailvhe and uiatry l fine women get
any more eman. ipalcl .In... (hey are
already V-u Yo.k Weekly,
May It Last!
"Is their inn riled llle happy?"
"Nothing els,- she thinks lie Is the
ii ou cuilli and he thinks
she la tin- most baautlfol Paffact.
eh .- ' LoUlsrUla i ourlci .loiirnal
Diffaronco of Attachment.
liom.itilic lluth Lava wants all oi-
untiling Practical I'eie Then line's
not like our sheriff, for he'll take any
thing he can get ftnliiiuore Amerlian
I. ion in il.e Fatherland the) speak
t,e .uotlier Iiuikuc
s.1 MMONN.
,,. circuit court of the Siaic ol
Oregon, in and in Malheur Couii
Erskltic Wood
Plan. tin
J O rici in hu. -Id, Minnie
field, his wire, A U.
sometimes known aa A.
(1 ICol
gers, an unman lei tnui', C. ii.
Surg, n ' , ( Lu .. I Sargent, In
Mary F Ilium It, an uum. 1 1
woman, .Sain... I nn.r. sj t.nni...
ncd woman. Dcirton I). Hum W, Ida
Hunter, his wife. Olive P. Ilmiter
an unmarried woman, Abie ft.
Russell, Kay Kussell, her husband,
Henry it. Flack and Con
Fluck, hiH wife, Payel'., .Natmnal
Dank of Payette, Idalio, a cor
porution ana lay m niearus. as
administrator of (lie estate nf K K
Hunter, deceased
To the defendants, J. O. Scritcli
field, Minnie Scritchfleld. A. G ling
iers, sometimes known as A G Rod
gers, C. H. Sargent, Clara B. Baa
gent, Mary R. Iturnett, Bablna Kvak
er, Dorton I). Hunter, Ida Hunter,
nilvo I'. Hunter, Allco 8. Rusaelm,
Kay Russell. Henry It. Flack, Cor
nelia Flack and Payette National
Hank of Payette, Idaho,
In the UM of the state of Orw-
. ,
Ren: TO are lierehy required ..
appear and answer the complaint
filed against you in the above m-
titled suit on or before June !..
19Ifl ,,, (la,,, .tn. ,nore than six
weeks from the date of the flre
publication of this summons and ba-
ing the time prescribed Tor such ag
pearancn by the order of puhllratfaaa
entered herein; and. If yon fall te
so appear ami answer for
of, plaintiff will apply to the er.nrt
for the relief demanded In his com
plaint, namely, vlt.
' That he have and recover or aticf
that there be round due plaintiff
from the defendants, J. 0. Scrttcts
fleld, A. 0 Rogers, sntiietlineav
known as A. (1 Rodgers, C 11 Hu.r-i-eni
and Vary K. Burnett, ou ar-
I count of the first cause of suit
f(ir,,. ,.r,.,, t, following sum.
namely: $4000.00, with Interest iU.
tin- rnte of eight per cent per an-
","" from May f,"t 19lB: 300.0
I " attorneys fee; IB.b&, ror li
taxes paid by plaintiff, with intercut
at the rate of eight por cent pwr
-.... -..... n..,..i. in tain n,,.i iii
-1111111 on Kin.... ..,, ..., o. -
and disbursements herein, t hat.
his mortgage, dated April 26, Ittt,
recorded in Hook "()", at pagea 9
et seq., of the mortgage records ot
Malheur County, Oregon, be dec.lar-
...i ,. i.ri.n- unit siihllstlnir Hen
r,,r tin' sum or sums wiucii may ne
, . , ., -i.a .
round due plaintiff from said inacl-
Kiigors herein upon that certain real'
"r'"",r, '" ""' ,nljr. On-gOD.
.describes! as the south half of the
"iiitheast quarter of the northeast
quarter of sect Ion nineteen, town
ship eighteen south of range forty
seven east of the Willamette Men
iliim. and upon certificate No 1614.
for ten shares of the capital stock
of the Owyhee Ditch Co.
That he have and recover of and
the defendants, J. O. SorltrJi
! field, A. Q. Rogers, C.
II. flargent
and Mary E Burnett, the following
sums, namely: S:ri00 00, with later
est at the rate of eight per cent per
annum from May Mrat 19m; f 300 00
attorney's fee; 116.45 for 1914 taxaa
paid hy plaintiff, with Interest at
the rate of eight per cent per an
num from Marcii 13, 1916, and his
costs and disbursements herein (hut
plaintiff's mortgage recorded in
I Hook
()" at pages 104 at
seq , of the official mortgage records
lor Malheur County, Oregon, be de
clared a valid, prior and superior
lien for the sums decreed due plain
tiff from said mortgagers on sc
1 1 of the mite and mortgage
aet fort bin In (he second cause ol
"nit u that certain real property
in Malheur County, (i-cgon. innn
fully ,i. . north hall ii
,,,.,, (11,rt.r of the nortl I
,lmrl,.,. , .,, ,,,.. ,, )w
.. , .,
slip e ghteen south, range fo.u
""V" of Ul ""I""""" ""'
dlan. and upon CartlflOBta No 111
for ten sluu al tin cupitil stock
m ll.e owvlic- Hitch I
d mortgage; ... foi
el in,,)
,,, m ,,,, , m,,!!,,.,,,
County, according lo law and lb
or this court. and
lilt he p, limited to plircliusA
said pi i : . , oi am p. ii i tberatal
upon . ..-. BtlOB h by said ShM irt. ii,.- proa. .h- iii .in
plop.-lli iuiolv.-.l in t
of suit be applied, Kll ' , In I 'ic J
incut of the costs and oi
.uii .in.i suic. Scidiidly, iii iii. iur.
in. ni nl ' mil ,,i i and dm
or t lii'in . on hit I nl oulif
i lerl oi
t to i . ll)
plaintiffs from Hie d. suts ui
law pun I ,,-
in. lavasled
, .
piled, tlrati 10 the payment of tllfc
seciindlv ,
to tlie pay incut ol ll..
,J ''"'"" ! "" ""'i
them uu
n. I thirdly,
' lio clerk
of t .'..II I n be 1 1
us b '. prut nil d
i . i , ,i.
all oi i - in, and nil o I lalralag
01 loci.". ; h.
, mid in . in l. oi
Inter , . . or .uu tain
I the still n
toi I radainntloa. and for
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