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ipMIIIKp, M lllll It COl'ISTY, ORIXION. TIU KSIIW, MV 4, l1fl.
so. ia
Win Eight Firsts From the
Boise Hunch.
The Ontario high went n mm to
the Boise track meet and thrjr made
n excellent showing.
Bolae wm the meet on points tak
ing a total of 61 to II for Ontario
When theite two high schools met at
Ontario several weeks ago Ontario
won on point, taking 62 H to 50
for liolie. The allowing made by
the llnlun high school In I lie meet
Friday waa the reiiult of hard
training to vmt i ' ' ' Ontario. Aa
Ontario! outside of the southwest
'in IiIrIio Jurisdiction, none of the
athletes to pnrilr.pnte In Hi'' Mot
cow meet was selected from that
Ontario, participating in the n t
by Invitation, took eight first, four
seconds and four third. Koenlg of
Ontario waa the high point man or
the meet wit li 20 llolau took rive
firsts, seven ecnnda and seven
thirds. I'yper was second Individ
ul scorer with 14 point. Payette
wa third with two firsts, one sec
ond and one third. Madux of Ontario
was third individual point gainer
Willi l.l
The following I the list of event
and winner:
60 -yard dash Koenlg of Ontario
first, I'ackenham of llolse second,
I'yper of llolse third, time &.4.
100 yard dasli --Koenlg of Ontario
first, I'ackenham of llolse second,
is 1 1 r of llolse, third, time 10 S.
S!0-yard dash Koenlg of Ontario
flrat, I'ackenham of liolse second,
I'yper of llole third, time 24
440-yard race Koenlg of Ontario
first, llrown of Ontario second, Van
I'eiien or Ontario third.
811-yard race Van Petten of On
tario first, Lowry of Payette second,
l'errault of lloise third.
Mile race l.owrt of Payette flrat,
llarrlo 'of Ontario second. Maberly
le third
Half-mile relay race Won by
High hurdles I'yper of Hots
first, Bed well or Bo4m second, t'ock
ruiu or Ontario third
Low hurdlea I'yper of llolse flrat,
lied well of Boise second, I'ockrum
of Ontario third
Shot put I. umb, ijn i n n and Stan
ton, all or liolae, 43.3 feet.
Ulacus Maddux of Ontario flrat,
Uuib of llolse second, (Julim of
Kolae third; 108 feet
Pole vault Holland of Ontario.
Javelin Muddux of Ontario first,
lb-dwell of Kotse second. Ousted of
Ontario third; 117 feet.
llroad Jump liodwln of Payette
first, I lusted of Ontario second, lied
well of Boise third.
High Jump lledwell of Boise
first, Maddux of Ontario second, fob
ley of Boise third
mm baud wu
The Ontario bund will make it
first public appearance this season
on Saturday evening when they will
give a concert on the at reels emu
liieuciug at 7 : .10
The bund consist of about twenty
player but it 1 likely that not to
exeeed sixteen will be out on their
tint appearance.
Another pleasant feature will be
the olo liv J. unes Smith
Turn out and show the baud boys
that you appreciate what they are
trying to do for your amusement.
Following is the pregram:
March Light Cavalry, Poet and
Peaaaot by Lake.
Popular selection -The Burgomas
ter, by Ludera.
Serenade A Night ln June, by
One-step -Moonlight Bay, by Wen
rich Intermission
March I'niversity of I'euu , by
Vocal aolo Koae of the Mountain
Trial, by Caadigan Mr. James
Smith, baud accompanying.
Koaaiters popular aelection No. 3
Solos for cornet, baritone, clalronet
Star Spangled Banner
Laugh today, and tomorrow
nay forget your grouch.
liKltr UltAIMb UA
W. N. OgrMena, for 12 yeara a
minted clnrk In the Payette pont
office whh arrested laat week for
forgery and rifling mall, lie haa I
confessed. He haa a wife and child
Tlie stealing had been going on
for a year or more, hut the Inspect
or had a hard llnx' locating the
thief, aa he waa very clever In cov
ering hla tract.
Hn liiul an account In the Ontario
National bank under an aasumed
The chargca agalnat him on which
the complaint and warrant are baaed
and aa enumerated In hla confession
nro briefly aa follow, It la alleged'
opened a letter and extracted a
check for $50 which he forged and
Appropriated $10. .'0 In payment
for a bathrobe from the Oregon 'lty
Woolen Mills, check made payable to
one Alhertaon.
Klfled a letter and extracted Ml
check mad payable to a Portland
optical company for a camera.
Kxtruled other checks from let-
ler and forged fictitious names to
them one of which wa on the On-
tarlo National Hank.
Ml Kill I MMIN-.
t till, hy Aimrlaao Hrsss Association.
nator Cummin, of Iowa, who haa
announced that he will eek the Re
publican nomination for the presiden
H K Hurley. Hie pioneer railroad
mau and general passenger ageut for
the Oregon Short Line coin puny for
26 yeara, retired to private life Mon
day and hi position taken bv D I
Spencer, assistant passenger agent.
D. K. Hurley tendered his resigna
tion to the Oreguu Short Line coin
lllllV K..III,. lIlllW ...... 11,1.1 VI.. I.. I ..
,.., .. . ...,..,
iiniiiiiiiK uiuriai nonce or ins retire-
ment was received here by railroud
littsburg, April 22 Figures made
public, the other day show that $30,
000,000 has beeu appropriated by In
dustrial concerns fui the construc
tion in the Pittsburg district of by
product coke ovens, while an addi
tional $10,000,000 will likely be up
preprinted iu the near future.
With these projects completed, au
thorities say Western Pennsylvania
will take a commanding position in
the dye-stuffs and the chemical in
dustry because of the by-products
incident to the manufacture of cuke.
Walter Burgess, former night ,
marshal haa closed a deal whereby
he traded his Ontario home, car and
motorcycle for the ferry ou Snake
ri er at Olds Ferry, between Wel-
er and Huntington. Walter took '
possession of the ferry May 1. ,
. wH. ' afl bbW 1
V ' wISiBHw i
Gov. Withycombe Makes Address Pre
dieting Bright Future.
I In riiiK that the llveatock Indus
try In the 1'nlted States In gem'i.ii.
and In Oregon In particular, Ih fac
ing one of the moat prosperous atagea
In Ita development, Oovernor Withy
comb" uddicsscd the members of the
Oregon Cnttle and florae Kaiser' Ba-
association at linker ( ity on Tiiee-
"Hotter I.h .v. lock," was the aub
Ject of hla addreas, and h
out that improvement muat he
brought about throngli careful ael-
ectlon by grower "Von muat have
Iho proper sires to head your herds. ",
he said, "for at the present tlnle
there I great waate, for a poor briar
animal, worth comparatively Hits-
for beef, will as a usual thing con
sume Just aa much food as the higli
grade ateer. Kllmlnate tills wusle.
'The outlook in the atock buslne
was never better than It Is todav
Just as aoou a the war I over, we
may expect record demand from
liuiope, because of the exhaustion of
the supply across the ocean In tills
country, there will also he an In-
used need, for we are starting on
a period of greut Industrial uctlvlly
and more provision of every kind
will be neceuary. The war already,
by depleting our supply of horses,
has udvanced the price materially."
I. a lirunde was chosen as the next
convention city, I, Urande receiving
78 voles und Ontario, the only other
contender, 67.
The resolution committee, in
partial report, recommended Hie si much feed nm ..m gfford to give
poiiitment of a legislative committed each n n i tint I to make the greatest
by tin president, one of the ineinhi i prom in bringing the steer to mar-
or which was to have hi expenses ket at an early iti..
The city council met In i
MMtai Mmid.iv . veiling Minute
of previous meeting were read and
approved lie city otflcer made
I their monthly report. The record
era showed receipts ot lU.fHti. J .'.
mostly tax money.
I ..i born appeared for the
former ownera ol the cemetery and
ie.u. ,ted t Hut they be permitted to
nuke another selection of lots and
this was i.i nied
The usual grist of bills prt
anil paid
A report wn presented show.i..
Oregon. Xi'lni-ka and King streets
treeta hud been graveled ut a total
cost of I4.-..S 42 of wlmh n... .,.1
.. ..
payH iiji.ii u,,d ii. proper!) own
KrM ii-. e: Tli
cost per from
loot w.c, I I 10 centa.
(leorge McLean pi. eiited ln re
siguation as councilman and on in..
Man I'l.kroi.l iu "line I'mI" Urea
As long a a man doe hi level
best he isn't going dowu hill.
Z '
4 , i JT Lyaairal '
itj IbbBFI V& aBBBll i)bbBb bb '
gj .?fe ,o.
paid and be In constant attendance
lurlng the next session of the legla-
oiuire. waa cameo, mgeiner
win. a resoiimoii auvocaung me re-
peal of the herd district law, one
fiivorliig tin- pi ...... of a law inns-
I r - - --
Ing Imperative brnnd Inspection for
rattle moved rrom one county Into
j another, the endor-im-ni of n clnas-
illintory iiiucndnioiit for the 840
I acre homestead bill ami tin
meat of the American Livestock ai-
soclatlon, and DM advocating enm-
munlcaiing to the forest serine us
the aenae of the meeting that
In n muni) should h
I ''""",'
preference nv.u sheep from oil r
rouiitle A re olu i asking the
Oregon senators and represents
to linor a law irotiihlt nig tin- tin -
portal Ion ol meat, hides, ami wool
from countries where foot
mouth . 1 i en c ll prevalent, was ml
vocated, and another asking for the
' paaaage of a law making ihe O0g
strurlion of barbed wire rences In ,
stock countri with two win
ami with posts more than 30 feet
apart, was referred to the leglsla-
, Mm- couiii.
I ic-hirlng that the day of the three
year old steer is practically gone.
Professor K I.. Potter of Hie depart
ment of animal husbandry or O. A.
('. spoke on the subject, "luiprov.
ment of Livestock " "llet better
bulls, the kind that would make
good marketable ateera," he udvls
ed. "Then determine Just how
Hon it was accepted und Krunk Kv.
hart was elected to Itll the vucalicv
The committee on lights will have
a ligl'i ; ol King und
Nebrasl.a st i, .ih
Three new hvdrants were pur
chased lo extend the water v.-.tem
i in 'ed i . locate
ail stoc! . ot . In the
I liv
The heolth tee wt
I to .-,! that I lie clean up or wa- rtricllv complied with
new ph. I
book ol the ccuiel.iy which will be a
great cmr. gee In Keeping tin iec
ords und being for anvi
! siring Information regarding the
I The citv ...piliiiK the
'cltv i,
inland, Sal unlay. .May Utli
Ceremonies may differ, but true
politeness is ever the same.
Hnver and Miller have a contract
to build a home for Dr. and Mr-
l'alne In the northern part of the
U Adam haa let a contract fur
the erection of a garage building at
Payette and haa leased It to A. O.
Walling for a term of year.
D. P. Dearborn haa leaaed hla
atnre room on Idaho street to E. K.
Kneppcr.w ho will install ttiiichiuciv
fur the weaving of rug and camels
.,.,, .,.,. ... ,,,. r,BBnn ... .,..,
,, wn ,, Prl)pppd wUll aJUtajrj
. ,. ..... tt.,vp rilltH , ..,- ,,..
W(I, ,, any PnK,. H. ,, , ,x.
,.,.,....,, ,.. -,, u., .-. .
i- 1,-.- .. i. . ...
11.11 oumc as i ere is l i ill
tie. buaineaa of the kind in this
Lent Walker and B. O. Fowler re
ceived 30-60 tractor HCttM Ulli
week, which they will use In their
contract to gravel the Vale Ontario
road and later for his threshing en
rine It is a very powerful engine
with a light weight, and can be op-
era l ed much cheaper than ihe old
coal burner
A car load of pumps arrived tola
this week and were rushed out on
the plants The largest was for the
Advancement tracts and Is capable
of lifting Mioti gallons of water a
The other are for other
il. nits around here, and all are dl
I. ell le drive.
J. W. M.l I II l.l II
Mnllieiir lounty's candidate for
Public Service Commissioner Vour
-uinn.ri will be npprecint.d
II I I. even-, county Judge ol II. II
uev coiinlv was here last week gel
ting aciiuuinted with the peopU M
I. evens wa a MMMMfeJ farmer ue-
lore hi del Judge and
imikllig good in the larger In
r'Hl'1 "e ""' l,'"l"' '"" I
'"'King ' '"' front rapidly and will
'"" tUtUK when the
rail connect inn with the
vvoi Id We have the count i
when people .an get into it on a
' up all the
available land, ami thai is some
v'i ... d Mi Hanv il on an
..I Mr and Mi I .1 tireig
this week They aie now Ivtng ai
''.miucopiu und had to come 1,111 ,,.
our feet of snow to reach the rail
road I In r the snow about
comparatively speaking, but it
will bt some time b.toie tlie hills
.re The ( oruueopias are a
high rauge of mountains, probably
the highest iu the state Tlie high
altitude certainly agrees with the
Wilsons, Judging rrom tlie
1 allied
Ironside, April 27. -Miss Vereua
Ii, am hud a bad ruuaway when the
tongue of the vehicle ln which she
was riding run into the ground,
breaking short off and throwing Miss
Ileum from the buggy
No serious
1 injuries resulted, however.
Patch Island Awarded to
Patch Holders.
The Yale land nffi. I 111
'nformatlon from Washington, l. C
that the commlaaloner of the gener
al land office had affirmed the de
cision of the register tad MM Iver of
Ihe Vale land office In the case of
.lob I) Osborne versn i B. J. I'nt.o
over an unaurveyed island contalnv-
lmt 8n4 crM' Tne '"Und '" ln lh
:-n.ise river imoui iiireo nines muoi
rnrl of Welser Tin- Island haa heoti
It: i.mtrover)' for the peat four
yeara. Much Intereat In the out
c"""' ol ""' cnntrovajrtjr was man!
fe teil by the people of Welser and
by tlioae living on the lower Dead
i lat.
Prom Ihe evidence submitted in
the cae It seems that Patch in 18Jt
hud purchased a possessory right ot
t lie island rrom a settler i
ng It, paying $7.10 for the set
tler's right Patch took immediate
salon and liver there mi i s4.
In s'.t; lo' moved bark to the island
ami llveil there till 1S9H when he
went with the I'nlted States army to1
the Philippines. He moved hack In
1809 and spent part of the time on
" fft ! the tlm M kit
riiiicn. no raised airaltu and red
on the islaml during the wint
ei monihs. thus maintaining posses
ion He applied for a surn
Ihe island and the survey was i
Ijiter In 1(11 he again moved on the
Island und made application for the
purchnse of the Island with scrip It
earn Patch made about $3000 wor'H
of linproveiiieuts on the Islaml
Xeeordinit to the evidence In the
oaae Job D. Osborne on April 27,
1(12, put a tent on the ivland and
in i.le ettlement there. tin the
I day lie filed a corroborated af
f i. lav it or protest alleging he had
' d on the island und was lin
proving the name prior to Ihe action
lo latch to purchase the Island with
.1 ,
M.i. h 19, it. i . i ,. Vale land
"in. . i. n.l. i. ,! ,i dei !:, ton that Patch
ill lawful ill of Ihe I-
land I in Julv , tl, 0
Med . i " o on the
I Later tisliorne built u house
on no- i, land ami li
i nest, on on whirl, the
I I. md in
ra v, helper at
the lime Osboine Weill on lo tile Is
land iii Ann! Illf, II van iu the
law Mil pos e irh I ,.ill
this iiuesttou the coiiimlasloner af
lirmed the .le, i .i ,f i be ,
all. I le. .'Hi I ol Ihe .lie ,,i,.'
11 home a dl
application to make home
nil I l. ! P. .1, subject tu
Ills rill 1 ol appeal I,, i .ury
ol Hie interior, ivhich u '.- h,.iov..l
.1 d.orne will lake 'I l - ,, o
tlM mrataVJ Ol IM interior will
ion .in
a... I III. I
enl Pet !
Michigan, I om-in, win.
ii t i" I ... Triliiiu.
ii to their choice foi i lie republlt
Domination. hv ihown a preforeoc
lor J ti tic lliigii.-h or ' olou.'i Rl
. n ehtfj 11..I hv orgUlggvUon
, can.h.l.e
,,; t 1. , ,,.u,.,i , ti,0
Tribune uoiuhv
mn L'ii.: for Itoo .oil
l'. um: n,,- vsi-
ju caiidnl
Hackee 30,
Koo ev ell g
Sherman 214
I'uniiuiiih 1 : 1
I'airlianks I ;.;
I.a t'olielle
! oil
o one i ever so Immaculate but
what they may be dirty 111 spots.
Between a dude and a dog und a.
doggooed dude there doesn't
to be much of u choice.