The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 20, 1916, Image 8

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    WITH THE HiriiS OF
Next Friday Ontario will be the
MM of one of the biggest hi"
school track meets over IHMbM
1u I ii'i R fiiegnn. Baker, t I
Nymia, and Boloe are nonie of the
schools that will meet liere and try
to take the honora from MM aMal
boya. Judging froni the showing
that the OnlarlojHtfH maile at the
class track meet her Wi'' record!
will I"' broken If they iir kMtW by
any of the ovttMfl IM1
Nenrly all the lnisin Iiouaea
will chiMe In (he afternoon during the
meet and everyone will attend the
The Ontario boys under the train
ing of Mr. Culbertsnn are priicilcluK
constantly und It la likely that the
school will make a record of which
It may be proud, against the visiting
One of the feature which la being
looked forward to with much Inter
eat la the nunrter mile race. Land
ruin of linker Iiiim hud the chain p lOI
hip for tin . but laat year
Hovvliiml Koeall rinne I W close
..f the fact that he
Win net Imrk three parrs because of
the narrowness of tin- truck. Thla
year both of the e men lire col
of winning the 'hiimploli'-hlp and the
ill be one of the moat exciting
mitl of the day.
The Welxer banc ball nine went
) ii to defeat Iiihi Friday on U "n
tarlo field before tlM MM) MMOl
The game waa n go. el OB
from start to IIiiIhIi and the (Intiirlo
lios lire to he congratulated N their
leforv. Because of the fuel that
the hoys ,.; the high school are BO
enthusiastic over the eomtng track
meet mid so many of them turning
out for triilnlng In that, the i
hall team Is made up of nearly all
grade boya and to tl.em with the ex
lion of one or two high Mbool
players nn he given M credit of de
feating I'm- W'el ler llllie
I ant liei came will I
(Thurtdny) at Welaer and the bMal
will no ilouht iidiulnlHter anoth
er defeat almllar to the one given
here to the Idahoana.
The High School f'arnlval
laat Krldav evening was u de. ! I
Met in i'
ii.. .1 MM ""i as large aa waa e
l ii. I the outlook of til)- v.'
er vu so tbreatealai thai Man) did
linl .nine
The vluy waa a vnry gooil MaMdj
and .1 . ..i. lal ... d i"
the ailillelire
The double sextette gave MM
good select Ions and waa encored aev-
' tunes 'lie ,iiarliti.- met with
the usual applause mid encores und
llded Willi good -elerli.
'I he solo by llurolil vnn linden was
a real success and hla voice carried a
deep, touching melody which will not
aoon be forgotten by those w ho heard
All of the above numbers cave
their parta twice aa some of the
tutors ciiinc in late ami could not sec
the in. t program.
The athletic department save
gome very good stunts and the laugh
ter arising from the audience beat
bespoke the appreciation with which
they were received
TM varloua rooms were beautiful
ly ii. . i.i.iii .1 and the varloua kinds
of eata were of the beat that could
tickle the palate.
The fortune telling booth und the
Bclence department were other fea
ture, of th pi eiiing.
The entertainment was marked bv
liol a single disturbance of unv Kind
but 81 I b) all mill appi ni
.1. I. nl by tin.
t enjoyment
Parent I
will iiitTl ut High School Auditorium,
Friday afternoon, April L's. at n
thirty o'clock. There will lie u re-
i,- bj i at III Olive tie
in. i.i ni w'.uii i . liua ac-
Minpllabed aa body. A round tabic
tulk will be iiiii'ii o:i wliut Ml
xwiuiii iik to iae acconiplUhed m on
turin in vl y. ii
Some will he outlined by the
follow inn nit lulu i M.n.i i
ton, Mm i. Ad.. n. ii idn.i Ortl
lin. I'l.n K i Bailey, Rm P Kom
ig, mill Ret D B. Baker. Let i
n . . ii 1 1..-1 (eel it a duty to make aug
geutions a to a hat ghouM be ut
temptcii aexl year.
I'roi Culbertaon and Mrs K it
Conklin will tulk on i'.u .ut 1
era' work in general.
Tlie Domestic Science department
will do their part In makiug the meet
ing a success.
vary member ia urged to be pres
ent aud bring someone with them.
The work of repairing the church
l building la progressing nicely and,
I will aoon be ready for the painter.
Tim tower waa flnlahed thla week '
and a nice flnnlal waa placed upon
the plnlcal which adds greatly to the
looka of the building. The church
voted hist Sunday to rearrange the
choir room and baptistry which will
greatly add to the Int-rlor appear-i
ance and acconnnodatlon.
Regular aorvlcea next Sunday at
loth boura. 8peclal aong aervlce In j
pill with the Kaater aeaaon will
he given In the evening. Topic for
the evening addreaa, "Reurrrtlon,
Hope and Duty." Thla will be a very
special aervlce and the public la In
vited to thla aervlce.
Itegular aervlce at 11 a. m. con
ducted liy Deacon O. F. Neece
ITencliIng at Owyhee at 11 a. in '
with baptlamal aervlce at 10 o'clock,
alao preaching at Nyaaa at 3 p. m.
I). E. 11AKKH,
The l.adlea Aid of the Congrega
tiomil church will ferve hot tani.ih .
.:in.w irlir-.. I I I Ml I 0
the room formerly occupied by the
liolden Hub- on Friday afternoon af
ter the Track I
i Mini HWIIHIIIM in mil
Kaater aervlcea will he held at 11
I m next Sabbath. Hunday School
,ii I" a. m. and evening sermon at
s Tho f I meeting at Till la do
ing good work under the leadership of
Mr. JeoTtete Evan. You are wel
come to all aervlcea.
l'aator att tub i I'ri hytery
in. ling at Parma hist week F.ncoiir
aging reporta of the work In all the
oiir.rcgstlons were given Steps
were taken to start other work In the
I'resliylery soon
N BROWN, l'aator.
i;,v i ii Powell, leneral mlaaloa
,,i ,,i ipal church, will hold
. In Masonic hall Faster Sun
In at S p. in. The sermon subject
wll M "Immortality." Kverv i.od
miling star Ha. el Ituvvi .
us "Cfeertaaa" will be a special feature
i. unkind Saturday, April L'.'
I strikingly original, with
m.uiy I tartllng -iiii.ilii.n-. In lv
n aa to tin screen Mi I'.iw I
i ..i able inn
let in thla abeorstot r.un. n.
I inoderil aociety will appreciably
advance her popularity aa one of the
ion moat acreen artists of the d.i
Muiida), April 28, Hetty NaDaen
will atar In the great New York atage
aucceaa, "Should a Mother Tell." All
star casta have been frequently ad
vertised for varloua production, but
probably never before lias there been
seen u photodratua so really deserv
ing of this title ua "Should a Mother
I. II '
Steera were rather plentiful thla
niiiiuiug after a very short week end.
Prise beeves aold fully aa well aa
I., i Monday and with a great deal of
. snap A consignment of very well
put up I'luh pulpera went again ut
ii 00.
An Idaho ahlpmeut went at $8.95
fur the tops und unullier huucli from
the same section gut ill at $8.85.
(HbW 'e very plentiful at
Iloin Jh.SO to aliout the ! 00 murk.
The liulk of hogs sold Saturday at
g0 at IHidi 9.00. U
inonili ago ut 11.11 f S 00. a year ago
ut I7.40C1 7.65, two years ago at 8.-
,.,, Ihne year ago at 18.86
'.i in, anil lour years ago at 8.3508.-
Itakei I vents. The first of May
will be the signal for severul inter
eetlaf vent to be held at linker,
OregO. '''he luttle und Horse Itals
era' Association convention will be
held eluy 1 and 2. The sixth group
of the Oregon Hunkers will be in
ii May 2 and tnsteud of the
n ual May DM .Micises by the
hihools tliere will be a Shal.
mi pageant, the school children tak
ing a prominent part.
Cliff Hoyer, general manager of
Hover Bros. Mercantile busiueea of
Ontario and John Thomas of that
place were Orewsey vlsltore Wed
nesday. Drewey News
lift t - --
Salem, Ore, The Pacific Count
Manufacturer publishes a sumu
baaed upon lute Information In the
bunds of the Hailroud and Ulllltiea
und Corporation departments of the
state showing that the principal ac
tivities in ruilroud and utility con
struction will be confined ui Eastern
Oregon for this coming year.
At least two million dollara will
be expended aud before sixty day
are over two thousand meu will be
employed on the various projects that
aiv carrying on development Mtfj
prises iu the seventeen counties com
prising the eaateru Oregon district.
At least three hundred miles of rail
road will be constructed thla year
according to present plans.
The Union Pacific system la ex
tending its central Oregon line south
und west, being now almost to Har
High Art Suits
Prices as always before. Made as usual,
the very best, guaranteed make, quality,
fit and colors.
$20 $22.50 $25
ney lake, headed for a point IWClTI
miles south of Hums, uud there It
will stop tor the present. The siru
horn system that Is surveying umi II
uuuciiiK a system collecting Liiiul,
Kluuiuth Falls, uud Burns, thri
of u triangle, is Independent of the
Hill and Hurrhnun systems.
The Hill system Is reported to have
acquired a branch of the Nevada, Cal
ifornia uud Oregon system that enters
Oregon ut Lake View. That the Hill
Interests are seeking to acquire the
Western Pacific to give them a di
rect entrance to San Francisco is vvi-ll
kuowu. That is what Is back of the
great fight in the courts over the re
ceivership. The Hill system will not
rest with a lot of uncompleted con
struction lu Oregon thai Is yielding
them no profit.
The Sumpter Valley railway is to
be extended from Prairie City south
Into the Strawberry Mountain coun
try, and tap the big belt of timber
owued there by the Oregon Lumber
Company. David C. Kcclea baa
abundant financial backing for this
enterprise, aud the road will be built
Than You'll Pay
Later On
We took a chance early in the
game. We prepared for the
heaviest business we've had in a
long time. Our Clothing pur
chases for Spring and Summer
are enormous. Our stock is com
plete now. If we bought today
it would mean $5 a suit more.
Buy now and you'll save a $5
bill on your new Spring Suit.
Serges and Fancies
$11.50 and $12.50
In Men's and young Men's models
! alch
: .lit at
this summer.
Au uitei urbun line is projected
from Baker to Homestead, the pres
ent teruiiuus of the O.-W R. N.
lines on Hie Snake river, where the
big copper . nies and quartz mills are
li would connect a 'good
siring of towns, und open up a new
mining district of great richness.
The Snake river country is under
going development at the hands of
eastern capital organised under the
name of the Kleclnc lnv t-stiuent coin
punv ui BolM Idaho, that bus taken
over the Ox-How 1'ovver plant. Hie
Idaho-Oregon Company, und the Ida
ho holdings. This corporation has
abundant capital and is building
power hues on both sides of the river
for mines uud irrigation plants.
The Kubtern Oregon Light and
Power Company that operates iu Bak
er, Union, Graut and Wallowa coun
ties Is planning a large amount of de
velopment work in the four counties
and Is making a better showing of
earnings than ever before. It is be
lieved to be backing the Baker inter
urbau system to Homestead.
Fancies in Norfolk and
pockets. Equal to any
The Pacific Power uud Light t'oiu
puny that Is operating light, power,
water und miction pluut.-. in I matillu,
Pasco and Hood Ktver eias no trouble
to get capital for extensions of its
properties in Oregon. It has a num
ber of construction projects ready lor
I'M'i ution.
Sevier A: Sou of Spokane who own
plants in Crook, Jefferson, and Wal
lowa counties will expend several
hundred thousand dollars In equip
ment of their properties.
Neither the railroads nor the util
ity corporations have any rate or
vuluuiion matters pending before the
L'tility commission and witii every
thing settled In the form of public
regulation have an open field for for
ward movements, und the result will
be large investments in the eastern
Oregon field.
All these properties are invest
ments for future profits, and the po
sition of the Hailroud Commission as
well us the Corporation department
of the state is to lend every assistance
to get them on their feet and upon a
profitable basis as soon as possible.