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NO. 1.1.
Meeting With Hearty Ap
proval in All Sections.
A petition Binned by 377 taxpayer
of Malheur enmity wan presented be
fore the county court laitt week ak
Itiic for an order to approve a state
highway from Ontario tlironith Vale,
up Willow creek to Ironsides, through
I'lilty In Maker county, to the head
water of the John Day river, down
the John Day through I'rnirle City,
hit Day and Canyon City. UMMI 10
yvihV, Hpraftio and to Foll In
'heeler county, thence, to connect
with the Columbia highway at Itpck
or 0H In (lllllani county The peti
tion were signed by resident and
taxpayer of Ontario, Vale, Iron
aide and llrogan
Till roa.l, If entabllRbed. will tap
one of the rlchet Hectlonn of Oregon,
a lerrlton through which there I no
paralleling road, a Hi.'nlc route foi
tourlMt and territory where thoro la
practically no wate or ileaert land
The ncctlon In Urant and Maker com.
Ilea and the north vd of Mull i
county ih a natural aummcr route,
and tap one or the bet torcst re
aervea In Oregon In the Mini- mmm
lain region There I fine fishing ami
Hprlng In thla territory and th.
route I reported to he on. ,.t easy
My tlil rout. ind l 1 1 R mllo
ne ii r Idaho'- atute hlghw. y thun by
any olhar xurvey possible to le made
and the farmer all along the line
are anxloua to ee the road eslab
Halted Over two hundred farmer or
the Willow creek valley signed the
petition for the highway, thua allow
ing the sentiment among the farmer
along the road.
The order made by the county court
of Malheur county waa forwarded to
the alate highway oommlaalon and
the t-iiininlHHton ha already exprem.Mii
themaelvee a favorable to the eatab
llNliiueiii of thla route aa one of Ore
gon through highway
The road would atrlke thl coun
ty at the ileum creek divide mile
went or IronMlde. follow Meant creek
"lid Willow creek to Ironaide. througli
Cow Valley to llrogan. through Vale
' Ontario, a dislat ce of 7k mile.
Moat of thl road I uow In fair
shape and with the ex-eptlon of a
few mllea can be placed In good
omnium for a year round road
The coat of a preliminary aurvey
for thl county haa been placed at
one thouaand dcllara, but thla aeenia
exceaalve, when the small mllea.
new road la oonxldered and It I prob
able that a lower eitlmate v. ill be
made later
There la no question oi the Inipor
tance of thla iuteratate highway and
It la thought to be the inrat feaalble
one we can get.
All the other countle are working
hard for IU eatabllahment.
Negotiation for the sale of the K Klntildo lumber yard by
which 7.RH Darren ftl Ontario hero
the ole proprietor were cloned Wed
neaday afternoon Mr. Darren take
possession Monday
Mr Darren plan to roiiMiderably
enlnrgi illy itciiiired lumber
tiualnn In Niimp The foundation
for a 24xr0 root warehouae I now be
ing In !! and a abed 124x100 will lie
hullt Intedlately The firm will be
known a the Independent Lumber
Company Nampa Leader.
The Formation of Tax Payers League
Will Be Guard Over Expenditures.
one tif tbc prctlloHt AcddlngH
that ha occurred In Murna MM ul
tin- borne of Mr mil I Mr I II II..I
land IhnI evening, when their dniigb
Hubert K. Smith, of Itoaehurg, ad
dreaaed n amall crowd In the Com
mercial Club rooma Inat Friday ev
ening on Taxation
ii' 1 1. .ii of the bridge win hand
led and a cheaper count ruction
adopted after the bid were opened
ami the contract awarded. It I safe
linker, Ore Spotted rever. re
HtiltliiR from the bite or nage tick,
I spreading o that Drant county Ih
greatly In rear or an epidemic earlier
und greater than ever till Hprlng One
cnee wan reported near I'ralrie City,'
at the eaatern edge or the county, the
ftrt of the week, and four cane have
Just been reported from Monument
In the weatern part. Other caae were
aald Saturday to be developing In
other aect ion or the county ami pre
paration to battle the dleae were
lielng made.
Eastern Oregon Land Com
pany and Pence Co.
Mr Smith la editor of the Tax Mb- to aay that from eight to ton thoua-
erator and I devoting hi time to and dollar waa loat to the tax pay
show the people of Oregon how they era h that one deal. Ami It would
can reduce their taxe. not have happened ir you had a tax
ir tbc county Ih organized and payer league organlxod here ami had
there are member In each precinct I i watching your official.
"I"1 ri io led ii iii the i h of Another important matter I the i
that pn-clmt und that the money value of your property. At present
M b'd In Hun precinct I done to MM is neeil at more than It
the lieal advantage there will be a mu- cash mine, other at 76 per cent and
ler. Ml (Daily Dlenn Holland, wa t'"'1"1 l,,l,r"w'11""1 "' "'" BBlOxial of ,el way down to 25 percent. TIiIm
given M ii bride and wife to llr J
Shell, Saurmnn. Ml llessle Swain
acted aa hrideamuld und Dr c i
Orlffllh wa beat man Mr. Frank
SuiiriiHin, brollier of the gri waa
uIm., present at the wedding The
ceremony wan performed hy Itev. W.
F Shield. then followed most
aiimpiuou ami elaborate wedding:
illnner. rite rooma were daintily
ami tuMtefuly decorated, with pink
color predominating Mum New.
work given tin- c ity for the road 1 1 iiiiJiimI and decidedly wrong and
none) expended When II I known when ion lime mi advlaory board to
I that every man In the precinct If. look over the lint thl can be correct
looking after the Intereat of the pre-j ed o that the aaeed value will he
luct you are going to get value for somewhere near equal.
very dollar expended At preaenl thl county I paying
When your county la organlxed and about $!rfi per capita tax. The tax
men from all mccIioiih gather lo dla- In Mluneaota waa only 12 fiO per can-
J W Mil ulloch la home from a!
abort Hwlng through the eaatern Ore-1
g untie and fuel that he I go-1
lug to lie the fortunate one to re- j
reive the nomination for public er- '
. iiiumlHNlniier
He round he had many more;
friend than he bad counted on and
that hi warm supporter were out I
working for him in the different I
Aa the other candidate awing
1 cua the needa of the county you It Up to a few
.flattx' a' L aa)
r.illtlil il IN lll.ini fully r.tullan.l lliul
year ago when they . ' ZZZT- T
lll he able to do much pruning of coiumenced aome large Improvement i 7.. xauuiusie who
tlie hudtfct and Item that are not and It I now . IK ... I",,",H ,,l "'", '" "Calvo the sup
nti'iit iuiui lit lite Mli'i-
-w ' - -- - -- . - r w ri veitf. -.. ii.. i.
legal will be cut to where they bo- High value, have away lead to V """"" W" W""' " """
! - . Ilillilllt l.mtl 11 Ilia nMax
long. There will not be any apoclal high taxea, juat aa they have In your
ullowancoa tor the achool auperln- county ir the officer get au Idea
ml. 'iii or other official and each of
the county official will cut hi ex
penae down to where they belong
.vlieu bo know that hi every act I
going lo bo known le the tax payer.
When you are organlxed It will
not be poaalble to get away with a
'leal to pay an agent $760 houu for In bond at 6 per cent, when
men appear before your hoard and
offer lo take the bond at 5 per cent.
wiinoui any oonu The saving there lore placing men, ,, control of
alone mean $6,000 In Intereat ami county affair
the $760 and the additional attor
neya' fee that will have been paid out
before the county I Dee or the pend
ing law null A waving or over $7,000
on a $ JO, iioo deal I surely worth
looking after. Another matter In
connection with thoe bonda I the
milliner In which the bid for the
that your county I worth eleven mil
lion they aaume that you can afford
to pay u good round um lo them, but
on the other hand ir a value of aev-
ell in 1 1 1 1. . Im nluf-M.I .... v..... ..- .
----- .- .."-'. .... ;uui pioperiy
I hay re going to keep that expenae
It im very poor policy to select men
for an office almply hecuuae they tell
a atory well, they should be at leaal
aucceaaful with their own affalra lit
It la gratirylng to ee that one aee
tlon or your county ha atarte.l ,,n
with a league mid It I to be hoped
that other aectlon will also
light and organt.
A league will be organlxed here In
the near future a a reult of the talk
made by Mr Smith
My Van C Klrkpaln.k
Mr. Vau C Klrkpatrlck haa a me
aage on the United State Army that
1 ry American citizen ahould hear
and heed " W J Bnone, Founder
aud 1'reaident of the College of Ida
ho "
"The largeat audience of men I
have seen In Nyaaa He give you
etning to think about " Ii F
Harper. l'ator Nyaaa Preabyterlan
"From four year residence near
un Army Moat, I can aay his state
ments are true and conservative. It
is a gripping message" S M Hun
icr. Kimneit, Idaho.
IUnda.ll J Condon, Supt ot the
Public Schools or Cincinnati. H II
Boerley, I'rea. of Iowa State Teach
er College, David Starr Jordan and
mauy others endorse this lecture.
At M. K. church, Tuesday eveuing,
i t Ml wo t titltAS t
The President of Mexico
Dorse ownera In the Northwest
who want to dlspoae of their animals
uow have a chance.
I'ucle Sam want H200 horaea, de
livered in Portland He want 5000
lor cavalry purposes and 1100 for ar
tillery. Ownera have been advised,
through the Portlaud chamber of
Commerce, that they can aubuilt of
fer of such horaea, not later than
May 1, to Die office of the I mini
States Army quartermaster at Se
attle Further particulars will be
provided by the Chamber of Com
Several big calth sales have been
reported the pal few day, for.n ..n
among which la Die sale of the John
Kvans herd or pure bred Shorthorns
to Win Pollmuii, the- herd consisting
or 76 head The purchase price wa
not given out. .
I'olmluu and Wendt the first of the
woek sold to W II Lewis of North
Powder '100 head of three year old
steers It b. uinhi stood that the pur
chaser paid $57 50 per head. Maker
Weiaer, Idaho. The lx year old
daughter or Mr. aud Mr it II
(Doss, who live about 14 mile Dom
Welner, was burned to deutb 'Ihurs
day afternoon Mr Uroa had been
burning sagebrush near the home and
the little one In some way happened
to get too close to the lire and her
cloihes caught tire tier mother and
older sister rushed to her aid hut it
wa too late
agn v
Vale, April 11 Another Irrigation
district comprising 10,000 acrea of
very rich land lying between Jamleaon
and Vale In the Wilhiw Hlver valley,
in being organlxed, a petition tor thla
purpose having been Died thl week
with the county court by the settler
In the proposed district. Thla land
extend to within five mile north of
Vale. Theae settler have taken ov
er aome old water right. It I pro
posed to hulld a concrete dam at a
point about aevcti mllea above llrogan
for the purpose of Impounding water
1 In a reservoir lte there The old
water right together with the Im
pounded water are reported lo be
amply sufficient to furnish a com
plete water right for the 10,000 ac
re Included In the district Three
thousand acre or th land now ha
a partial water right With the for
mation or the district and the Mg
pletion or the dam theae 8000 acre
and the 7000 acrea or nw land would
be given a full water right
The land In thl proposed district
Is reported io be among the bet al
falfa and grain land In the atate.
Thl part of Malheur county will
be given a big Impetua when thla
dUtrlct and the proposed Warm
Spring Irrigation are Hucceaafully put
Fie t . h frca Asaoclallua
Kl.llll HOOT, OF VKW Vlllik
ProMMNtlve moll. I for President
K. 0. Land Company.
Mhea l.uper a water man from the
state engineer' office wa here thl
week making an attempt to adjut
nine water matter on Willow creek.
The water hoard recently de
clared the Eaatern Oregon Land Com
puny entitled to nome 270 Inches of
water and It wa applied to amall
; trlp of land extendlug over quite an
area. The company wished lo eon-
nerve the water and ue it on a com
p ... i body or land and made applica
tion to the board ror the permit.
There wa hut one rancher who ob
jected to It and the request will prob
ably be granted. Thla will make an
other fine big rami ror the valley.
The Miiiue company I also working
to get the water or the old Eldora
do ditch to some land In the Wil
low valley aud If uoceful lu l his
will place another large tract In mi
ll. atlon.
The revival of the old Pence rights
is ulo going to improve matters for
the Willow creek ranchers.
At present the waters of this
stream I In neveral hands and there
are many reservoir, private and
owned by companies and It I bar.u
possible that some day all these In
terest will combine m,,i then there
will be a fine system for the entire
valley, with sufficient water for all
Miss Rosenberger, a aialer of T. I)
Hie little tot had been , Itoseuberger wa injured Saturday af
so b.nliy burned she died u few hours
ternoou hy being attacked by a cow
m i lie Kuseiiberger farm east of town
Miss Rosenberger was walking be
hind a hay wagon, in the field when
the cows wire, when he was sud
l.-iih attacked by the cow and
Knocked to the ground The cow
mi iiiiicit to bunt her after ahe wa
dowu and wus driven off with consul
.ruble difficulty. Mi Rosenberger
bud tin. i it. a ml a wrist broken and
reoelved internal injuries New i'ly
uioutb Sentinel
April is at 8
und 25 ceut.
P 111
Admission 15
Ueorge Russell, of Priiieiille,
makes the statement to the Madras
Pioneer that in 110 he raised M
bushels of grain on 170 acres, in ID 11
he raised 2750 bushels on 160 acres,
witli 40 acres or It watered, ami in
111 he raised 12,250 bushels ou 150
acres, all irrigated. Mr Russell
stale that in hi opinlou his land is
better tor graiu but ours i better for
The Ontario Music Club was en
tertained at the home of Mrs Adam
i last Saturday, April H The High
School girls rendered u delightful pro-
We see by the papers that the 'gram The (Dee Club gave two nuin
Italians have won a great victory, berg, and vocal and piauo solo were
Word was received here Tuesday
tbui the railroad contractors t work
In the cut at Die Cup had struck u
strong How of gas This is reported
so strong that Die workmen are uu-
ab.'e to remain iu the cut for a very
long time
This is au additional evidence of
ssibillties ot oil in this terri
tory und brings to mind the great de
velopment and bright prospects of
this district. It is not likely this
flow will interfere materially with
the construction und may
help toward au early complei i..n o
md further into the territory
should there be oil found in the pros
pect ut Dog Mountain
.Should this How be found ill;
cient it will be a great asset io t lie
town of Uendlre which in being laid
out at the Uap aa it will ruruiah
cheap light aud fuel.
Walter aud Will Grey came in
from that section and bring Die re
port of the gas flow and also stute
t Ii ut work of surveying and other pie
liiniuaries liuve begun on the new
tow i, site Hunts Herald
A dramatic military romance,
"Mrother Officers" will be presented
ut the Dreumlaml Saturday night.
April 16. It I a military play that
will appeal lu all
Monday night, Nunce O'Nell, Amer
ica's foremost euiotlouul actress, will
stur in "Pnucess Itomuuoff," baaed
on Sardon s "Fedora."
K'dgur l.elwyn in a spectaculur
piiiuruution of hi own romantic
drums "The Arab" will be the at
traction next Wedueaday, April 1 J
There will im an excursion t.. Itoise
rridav and Saturday of next week, I
April 21 and M, ou account of the
sliow ' The Mirth of a N ition' at the
Putney Theatre. A rate or rare and
one third will lie sjMlfgtli itekets gisid
until the Me I
We often wonder if a rat iu a trap
doesn't have a fellow reeling ror the
editor who Is unable to collect his
deliiniuent subscriptions
beating the enemy back to camp by I an important part of the evening's , earth still lack accurate
Indications are to the effect thai Constantinople says Krzerum was
Carrauxa is ueariug the end of hie of no importance This explains why
rope Aud ropes, you know, are pro-'Turkey kept only 160,000 men then
verblally short in Mexico
Just keep in touch with your
'Tie said the true shape jf the neighbor, of course Tlie --
four good length.
Hon Not our Job.
or his ideas
your own
Mrs Sradley, a resident or the
Mend for the past leu years, died ear
ly Tuesday morning at the home or
her daughter. Mrs. Mradney, In Hos
well. A paralytic stroke Sunday ev
euing was tlie immediate cause of her
will serve to broaden death, but she had been teeble ror j nomination at the May primary elec
some time. ' tlou.
Salem, Oregon A W Latterly,
Mepublicau, former congressman
Irom the Third Oregon district, who
was defeated ror the nomination two
years ago by the present representa
tive, 0 N McArthur, Friday tiled
declaration of his candldaev f..r