The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 21, 1916, Image 3

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    iif ""M""" rfffP,ffrfffiWj. I
Business Director
Aulhot "Ra Afowia. " '
m fltfAf. " "CWvou.. " -S- flwr. ' a.
Novelised from the Photo Plae of the Be me Nam Prodacatf by
the Paths Kschange, Inc.
m ..mac ikik in wiuiaae UaaM"--" '- '
MnvliiK Pictures of each Installment of "Neal r Tim Navy" will bo
ihottii every Friday night at the Dr Mainland Theatre
On Ida r of Ilia t-riipllun of Mount
i.. ' apt Jv'iii HarUIn of Id" Steaeu r
rlii' raet'tiaa ii'. e,u "II Annnlia
t ii iix t fi fttim an iiptfii ImihI. lint la four,)
. ..... .- . . i i . - . .....
In tava lieillllil iifi .miti.-, riki .. .-mm-
.anions. llUialun Is aaaaullud Uy llai ,
,.m1-i nil Peine ' a vain alt- nipt
art patmra whbh lllngttir. im managi I
",, Jand aboard I h 1'ilnraaa wllh M
lUmiilT pspr" provliin hi till lo hi.. i
irlln lb wliarfaiHHiia of 1 1 leal Ula'i I
f . Hinaiini llingtuM injur) auaaa bl
n,iril l iMMOliif a blank Tblrtran Vr ,
rlapaa llriliaiitlea. mm an "plum smug
I , w nil I'onl", lues, a fniial- nt n.
mid Mia rnlmlbea brute ibat um a
waa il '". come to Miiiu.ui. Mhxra the
li)i if i ai'Uin llarilin la IMn with
hat Naal hihI Arifiatle Illusion, and i
plot M elaal lb patera kfl ii. Annan.
In hai fmlifi Nf trtaa for aJlmlael'.ti
a ii. Natal a. ad rnv. but Ihrnugli tha
ir.n, l.rrr 'f J "ov VValrher la .lerwate br
i,.t anil tllaatatad Nral xnllaia In Ilia
,,.. hiai eia a. trap f Joay and tha
ninaplratora gt him In ibHr paiwar In
m MMiiiiK ''ii ixiaaaaalun t Ua niai Ibi
i n. In ArmHta a Ii. I Nral ra. h M'ri a;
Hiiilnn A mirt ta aalla on iii- "! -nV'l- In
-. ir:li of iiai fatl.-r. In Martini jut An j
, . arts' Naol ai a oaplured, but am ne '
...II) a p""S 'tlver Inaa fiif-a i Irn I
tin. allot) pot"" rr tieraelf a Annatia
In an Ihatirtat tl-iii Naal all. I Annatle are i
acaln napluroil. ' airlail to tha Hun Mr
gag Annana la (Tih aa a aai rlfloa to
it a cm loll Thay ara ma I by ma
, i.,. frafi. tha Alu any in Toriu
Autftla and Naal aia epluraa) and j
nwaril t yallt'W trrr i f t .i. lit llr
I uliilrl hut ai" laailiad by -ll.l fli.Hl
lha Alhany Inaa irlaa to mh Annaila
and aa apa On liar way to I'hamUlo An
ii. vr ta aplurnl Nra. la iiiniiioiad and
Uaila a put It ' Iranafrr ia.1 man I
i.aritlllo. IiUI la lauglit In a Halo wr
t,H lha mi llarriandaa and Itiaf lr ii
tha faiax MonllrVat'in imrii to ni.iii
AiicIiik' at Mania Marta mlaalon Poflto
la taufhl and Klllrd in hi own trap, aal
for Annatta Aiinaltr pruvaa till and
I ,. ,.ih I laland I" IM ""
nam trValrbar dlra In a r OJoraoful r .1
I., taif liar from Mat nojolaa Aatiaila and
Nral, oft thalr way In laland ata
mr a. I on a laland l.y llr
r-andi ( Irl.ktry 1 In Hi i'a la a. replad
. il.i antilhala aa ti.'li vl M'ti.amlai
I, la auww uir tha llruta at,. I la
a . ! i ! v lha aniillMiia Annatlt ta
but ' led b Stat and a parly
it. a Mlaetoiti llarnandaa and In-a
mm' a In an BfkM
l MAI'T, M .XL
Aa tbr keol of tbo Mlaauurl a iaunrb
crated afalnat the aand. Aum-tta
llllle left lo lelf. b, pluniod full tilt iotard the
Aa It airiH-b Anttetta ra thero to
tn.-f II She drtahed Into the aurr and
dragged Inei In aafely to dry laud
waa tl UMM ih fear
Whore aakod Annette, 'la the
rortugui-ae. Hernando?"
bjgf watrod her hand wildly In
Homowhere III tlielo -With
the bttaata. abe rted Ikm't aak
I I don i kirn" I -I ran away
ir no him
"The oeaata falterod Annotto
"WgfH than thai, mturned Inoi.
tin ro woman I in a woman I
boon hiding from them oven from
Inn. for three ilaya Ho ho t
know whore I am -ho baatit found
ma Oh'"
she aank upon the nand- hor form
ahiMik with agitation
Annette, wotiderltig. knelt by hor
aide Why hate you run from blm
ehe queried
"I I rant blame him." cried Ine.
Middenly in. ii. Annette "lla'a mad
i-raiy for wealth. Ilernandei Ho am
I And wealth la hero you don t
know He told me all about It bo
f.iro I began to auaprct
HueptM t what ! aaktil Annolte
Ah. went on Inei. rherklng her
uRltallon. for tbo preaento of An
i .tio v ito hor courage, you ahotild
In told iim ihi million
Of .li'llura worth of ijuli kallvor all
. lor Iho market aimed .iwuy.
Mlllluiia of dollura worth And KM
mliioa Hi- t 1 1- not hitlf worked And
IJMtt hoaata aro w.itkliiK Ihoin "
,iati ' hmIiI Aim. Ito aruin
t'ulthiottla in. n all of IIk in
griuitiod Iin. 'and lln-y'vn boon
h. n youra mil yeata uml t hoy to
boon alone Tin re wild ."...I enough
I" kill each olh.T And lh. v ofTei.-.l
ll'inainl" all Iho ijul kailvor (hat
Hi. y to gu if holt Hud luiiin wuy lo
bring them women Ah. fin hour aft
or hour ho hut nod on I hut lo mo
after hour he repealed I,
about,, in hi-sleep And llnally I uu-
derstood "
Viiuro safe," aald Annotto. at least
so far aa llernundoa and these
h. lists are concerned There's a but
il.'Mhip rtdiiiK in tho bay uround the
In ml Nothing can harm you now
Inei gaapt d wllh relief. "Nothing
mi ' aim begun Then alio utlored
i wild yell. Ugh arg g gh look."
Annotto looked almost too late
Out of the brush behind them bound
'd two frightful fig urea httlfclad
willi matted hair and beard Willi
ii'iiii'Mo cries they darted toward Hie
women. Inez turned frantically ami
led Up the lic.wll Otio of tho (III
throats darted alter hor Annette
iMtily drew her pistol, aimed and
n led 'Iho puintii-r of Inez dropped In
hla ti uliH Cut in iiuotlicr iii-uni
Auneiit wuH HUotl in u pall' of Btl.Hi.
:m I ttiSHiul over lllil all .'lll'li !
u k in ni ami i, n i I'd swiftly Inland
Suddenly llnu puth waa lilinkoil
A 11k u 1 1 shot out before thorn uml
Mood wltli milled uriiis This llgui -was
Horuundaa and Aunutto almost
hailed blm aa a friend.
1 11
I It
I It
S-A-- ,aagasMggOjgefMBBaasaaBBaaaaaaaaagl
Mn, mM Marnandoi, " havo kept
my proulM. Tha wuinan la youra
lha it oaaur la mill.- it la . bargain."
I lion ho uttarod a auddon oiclamatlon.
"It la not Inm," ha thai, "It la you -you
llttlo wildcat of an lllnicton. Ho
you hao arrivod It la battar ao
Imttor ao."
"It la barter, ah" ho quarlod, "you
tho woman I tho Jara of qulrk-llror."
Tha tbi.-r rogardod him riorcaljr.
You Ha in your throat, atramar," ha
airlalmod In xuttural tonaa. "I cap
t n f oil tho woman -you kout bar from
ma. I took lior by forro and I hava
waltod long." Ma laughed loud -a do
rlalva laugh "I took bor by fore. I
hatra bar. Yaa. and yon hatra our
traaauro aftor you, too, bava waltod
long afior you hava takon It by forca.
Ho, bo"
llornandoi undoratood
lia aprang at ibo pirato cblaf, atrlk
Ing at him franttcally. and nutchlng
at trying to tamr bor from
In a moment a multitude of boaata
awarmod tbrtnigh tbo undarbruab
ontarad the arena of eveuta.
On tha rhlff a part It waa a b rrl
bla mlitako In hia momentary oirlto
ment ho had thought to oitermluata
Ilernandei Hut tho cutlbroala who
hounded Into view never oven aaw Her
Heniandni waa there, aglla.
alert, ready to defend hlmaelf Hut they
didn't know IL
Tha only thing they aaw waa An
netta lllngton. rlutrhod In tba mighty
graap of their hlef I. ike a mob of
ravonoua wolvoa they pounced uyoo
her The thief beat thorn off.
"There aro two." ho airlalmod.
"two Tho other runa free upon the
beat h Thli one la mine Tho othar
on the beach 8 alter and find her "
. i.itue half ditieu of the crow, arcua
lomed to obedience, acamperod off
Hut not ao tho root Hhoulder to ahoul
der. tiilgb lo thigh, they atruggled on
after their chief holding out tholr
hamla toward the trembling girl upon
hla ahoulder Stop by atop he fought
hia way, cl tl ilgjf her firmly to him.
untlr he i I the entrance to a
cave hla avo He Hooped to outer
Then broke iho atorm
P wn on ahoro Nal and lllngton.
alarmed at the prolonged abaenco of
Anmtte. had acallered Seal a.ourod
the boat h In one dire, ti.m lllngton In
At last Seal found her Inei. rmuch
Ing behind a mm k Iho. panting with
fear, leaped It lo hla arma He coal
bor off for ho did not understand.
"Annette." she tried, "they ve got
bar thero -that way Ibat way "
Annette, uumh with fear, lay quiv
ering Juat within tbo mouth of tho
cava Heblnd h-r waa the dark tha
unknown Hha waa too terror atrluk
on lo move Hut aha waa quick wit
led and aha aaw and understood
that tbla terrific tight waa helping bar.
Hhe collected herself she began to
plan Inch by Imh she crept farther
Into the darkneas
When the fight was at Ha hottest the
i hlef lunged far out In the midst of tt
and left the rate a mouth toiuMrar!ly
nmovored I.Ike a flash Annette wrig
gled out of the cave and slunk swiftly
toward the undergrowth Hhe roaihod
It, when a figure blocked her path.
It waa Seal With a wild cry she
flung herself into his arma Hut Naal
ri'i'iiUed In r for the instant, and with
f thought Almost Inulull) lm
Hung her behind him, and unshipped
hla navy gun r'or action waa al hund.
One man and only one had soon An
in -tie crawl frot i the cute a mouth ami
that man was the pirate chief As
i. Kin us In could disentangle himself,
he waa away and after her And hero
he tame, lnurinrf throuk'h the under
growth with autage bounds.
Noal fired thrice hit onco unused
two.- and then tho cutthroat was up
on him
lllngton the shore, hoard the
shota He looked upward and saw,
i ring down at him from at o.nie,,,e
the faca of hi- If enemy. Her
He shook a massive flat at the faco.
and the face dlaappeured
lllngton hastened back to tbo torn
imiaiy camp and found thut the lieu
tenant and hla mu were making ready
for a run.
"t'omo on. loot," cried lllnglon. leap
Ing into tho undergrowth. Tin ready
for a fight I aaw a head Just now.
and I'm going to hit It hurd "
Seal fought with fury, but hla fight
waa futile. Ho. bo It aaid. waa the
tight of the plrule chief For Nt)l
ahota bad brought the other beualu
swam. Ing Hko buiuun limn. I ntiout
their heads Annette's temporary os
capo hud boon discovered liny ha '
been cheated vciieuin was th.-r
dun They poUOOa i upon N. al an.
tholr (hlef UWo l .'" I "lie l.l.u
iMii.ieiii.inium rolgaod Mm. -II.
tiuiiiii.d unsown horror strb lion
Huddonly aim shriek. -d al. .ml f"
Neul had disappeared beiiealh ma.
of men
Bin ahrlukud and ran llku wi'd for
tht. ahoro tor succor. Thoro wua uo
0 saaoTfifckw M" gWtgaV
Pi &L iwi
i I "jA i
Caught Mar
prang out and waded gleefully
aabora Naal wee e cloae second.
Two sailors carried Mra Hardin
through tha aballow water. A lieuten
ant leaped out with lllngton, and
bounded to dry land.
It waa two hours later that Annette,
pursuing a halrloee little tropical ani
mal along tha beech, rounded a cor
ner, and eepled a aall.
limt beert leaped Into her throat
t'pon her person aha carried a aure
fire automatic, aha eiamlned It and
found It In eicellant condition Then
abe turned her glance once mora up
on the aall.
And then Annette's heart atood atlll
again Kor within the boat there waa
a human figure Annette ahrank be
hind a rock and watched. And aud
denly ahe knew
The figure waa Inn Hha waa alone,
and seemed to be making frantic ef
forte to aall tha boat. Annette watched
her with Intercut And while ah
watched a stiff breeze aprang up and
nearly awampod the boat
"Inei Inei." abe cried, "do aa I any
Inei heard her, and Immediately for
took the tiller end the rope and held
out her handa beseechingly over the
gunwale of the boot It waa lha beat
oouree abe could bava pursued Tba
flght In her aho waa beaten by fear.
That shriek waa fortunate for Noel.
Hla assailants left him and darted af
tar her ecurrylng Hko wild doga
through the bruab
And then crack crack crack .
The bmtk of a dozen navy rlflea. A
dozen men plunged headlong
It waa a bad right a desperate fight
Neal'a men were outnumbered
Meantime a solitary figure alunk
through the brush and crept peat all
the fghterv Tbla waa ilernandei
lllngton. during a lull, aaw blm paaa.
but know not where bo went Her
nandez knew. He waa atlll hoping
agelnst hope he atlll luated blindly
after treasure lie reached the edge
of the artificial crater and crept down
a ladder and plunged Into tbo treasure
cave He plunged bla handa -hla
arma. Into tba living qulckallvor he
toaaed It Into tha air
"They've never beaten me yet." he
cried. ' this (a mine all mine "
Ha atartod auddenly Acroea the pit
there was a lull And then the deadly
creek crack crack of rlflea.
lie enforcements. " ha muttered.
He waa right One boatload of mi
rinea had reached the ahoro In another
launch, bad plunged through the thick
et and bad reached the coufllcl jaat
In tho nick of time
Tha Idgo of tha World. i
Ilernandei crouched behind one of
the huge earthen Jars Tho light that
at roamed in at the cave'a mouth dark
ened suddenly, and a huge figure crept
In. At first Hernandez thought thla
waa tho pirate chief -but that fierce
tighter waa lying far ecroaa the pit
with a bullet through his head The
figure crept on farther then Her
nandez aaw
It waa lllngton lllngton waa un
armed his fsce w.i. blood covered
lie waa a figure fearful to behold
Hernandez climbvd the ladder In fear
ful haste lllngton aaw him and fol
lowed, caught him. tore from him Iler
nandei' ever roauy knife, and faced
blm aguarcTy.
"I awore lo tour you apart with my
hands. ' cried lllngton beside hlmaelf
with rage, "and I'm going to do tt."
"Two can play at that," panted Iler
nandei, 'come 00."
Illugton came mi rockleaa of the
fact that he waa righting ou the edge
of a precipice.
Tar to the rear Annotto plucked
Noel a wrlat
"lxiok look, ahe cried. "Ilernandei
and my father- and the 1'orlugueso
bus a knife."
Sim wua not the only watcher. He
low ou shore a freab boatload of ma
tin - worn lauding. They bad seen
the light the) watched It now Tholr
ofho r pc. rid throtiKh hla glabsoa.
' -Our irlcnd tho Portuguoao." be
aald. "we've got to got him and take
li int buck. The world needs one Hor
uahdc leaa."
Wven as kg npoke. Ilcrnuiuloz struck
with bis knife uml ripped open lllug
ten's urm.
With R wild cry tho frosh marines
Bcruuibkul up tbo cliff. Hernandez,
cool with coolness of desperation, atdo
In Hla Arma.
tepped, and lifting mo foot, neatly
tripped bla man.
lllngton fall heavily, with one arm
hanging over tho precipice.
And then Ilernandei looked for tba
first time he took note of bla surround
ings Heblnd him ranged Neal and hla
aquad, with filed bayoneta and with
death shining In their eyea. Below,
at rambling up the cliff wart twenty
men. dangeroue desperate.
Hernandet paused bla eyee nar
rowed. He waa beatet and he knew
Hernandez roeo to hla full height
"Horry gentlemen." ha aald, 'but
you've never beat me yet and you ran
ti.-i beat me now."
He retreated a pace or two. gave
a audden run and leaped far out over
tha edge of the precipice.
Noal formed hla men In llne-they
were Joined by tha aquad that climbed
the cliff.
'Forward, march." aald Neal. An-
netta and her father followed them.
I. .tile of fifteen mlnotea the llttlo
quad were acurrylng about tha Inalde
their handa Into tbe liquid metal and
letting It run through their fingera
"Some little laland. this." they com-
It took you boya to get It for ua "
returned lllngton. "without you. Lost
Island would bava been loot forever.
and ao would we"
He tamed to Annctts. "Annette. ' be
aald. tbla la yours all yours You
are a ririncoss this la your kingdom
He etretched wide hie rma to include
11 Latal laland. "Your kingdom, be
Annette looked et Nest. Seal
lokt'l at Annette then be ruabed for
ward and caught her in bis arma.
Annette glanced at the boya In blue.
"And tbla my king." ahe said.
ly and properly done by the vacuum
avHtom. tho only effective way
rone's Presherv. Ontario, across from
Hum time- Phone 105 W
WANTEH to hell 0ur
Mork. i i.tcialli ..!
I high grade
tractive cuiniulsslons on certain lines
planted in your section Most lib -
oral offer we have ever made Salem
Nur-ervi. Sulein. Ore 11-St
FOK KFNT Rooms for light house
keeping, steam hea'ed HOTKI.
INTAR10 0"'' '
FOH SALE Row boat In best of
condition, with air tanks and
rude motor, ln.juire 11 H lAigan
Moore Hotel
FOH SALE One work marc VflgM
i:00, age 8. J J. Hillard. Ontario.
Fil SALE A huli It.i.-iiK't lu
quire HiH'sFhartiiucv
FOH SALE CH1AP Four room
house, panlry and closet Sliade and
Komi water. loin .ri MaakS from P. O
liniuire at thlti oltlce 1 -'
Htlr. V. I PINNKV. N.
Wt show a picture of the
package in wh:ch
come packed--lo that you may
rccognue it easily.
Order from auy deuler
Ul.- 1' l.OMl'ANV
furtlanU, O.agoo
MM. I'lHNZING wi;ksf
Ontario, Oregon
Office in Nw Wilaon Block.
Dr. Harriet Bean
Dr. Pauline Sean
f.ravluatea American School of Oatoo
pat hy, Kirkaville, Mo.
Wilain Block. Telephone 164 BIk
"""-,""' i'"miu.Truu-Ln.
K. OOPK, The Tailor, Tailoring.
I'roaalng and Cleaning.
i'hone lOi'.w Opposite Poet Office
PRESS Meeta all tralna.
J. II. FARLEY Funeral dJrectc.
and rmbalmer. Lady aaeiatant Phone
1-T2-VV. Ontario, Oregon.
Prices quoted below are general re
tail phcmm prevailing in Ontario and
re in no caae special aaie prices :
C'hoese, fancy, lb 20c
Flour, high patent, aack I1.3S
Flour, atralght grade, aack. . . .11.25
I'otatoea, cwt $1.25 J
Onions, dry. per lb P,r'
Heans. Navy 7c and 8c
,fcbbage. new, lb 1 fee I
.,,. pumpkloi p.r lc
.- ttnm nAi
!;Vpp,' l 00 I
()rmn. 4Bc I
i Bananas, dot 30c !
Lemona, do .10c,
iHugar, cane, per cwt $7.00 J
Honey, atrained. pint 20c,
Hony comb ,b l6c ,nd 2 for 25c j
ik ok.
uu' "". " ie
Almonda, lb 25c
Rii 'b c nd 10r
Huttrr and Eggs.
lunch eggs, dog 30c
Butter, ranch 20c ,
Huttor. creamery
Fish. H.'iilirt .in. I Mealf.
Urd. lOlhh
aaaaaaasa - ' '
.224c to 2&c
aaaaaasaaa deVC
Ham. per lb.
Uaron, per lb
Head cheeae, lb
Turkcya, dressed
Hucks, live weight
Hucka. dressed,
liriVlU saaaaa a a
Lamb, spring, fore quarters
Iamb, apring, hind quarters
. . .17c
. . 14c
. . 16c
Lamb chops, rib, lb. .
a a a a l
Mutton chops, lb
Fork chops, loin or rib, lb
a a a i
Fork, shoulder, lb. .
R,lwl rib nui' lb-
Rib roast, prime, lb.
a a a 1
a t a a - '
Round ateak, lb 20c
Flat-bone tenderloin, lb 28c
Salmon, lb.
Halibut, lb
aaaaaaaaaataaaaats SUC
t ,. '
i a a a
a eV
Shoulder steak, lb..
1 Shoulder roast, lb. . .
j Ham, sliced, lb. ...
Kippered salmon, lb.
Salt salmon, lb 12 4c
Smoked salmon, lb 30c
Smoked herrirtr, each 5c
Jsirloin steak, n c
Smelts, Columbia river. 2 lbs. for. 25c
Spur ribs, lb 15c
Live Mock.
, 4 H c to 5
4c to 6c
Hogs. . .
Veal . .
Cowl .
steers .
3c to 4 Vc
. .4c to 5c
. .4c to 5c
. .3c to 4c
(.rain Market -.
Timothy Hay. baled, per cwt 1 L
Wheat, per cwt $1.50
Oats, per cwt $1.50
Harle, per cwt. $1 40
t'om on cob
Hulled Alfalfa
O. A. C.
January t to 8, wm
Live taloniiii'ii rracUeal lltlp for tha Home
ihr faitu llir i ..lumuiilty
Cuul' ii u
,i.-l Oics.ui (lifalcal Iuilutric
t -ii Uragoa Ml Vital Fiublrtu,
a, thi'uaautl ut.i'lr tUaUU laat saav, It it a
gfal plac lu maLt litcii'U wilh llu
tbliiLri aiitl live thought!, good
workers, aud ooa work.
January to to I ebi u y 4, ioio
Practical agricultural Coi -r a a Nut skcll
Applied ikicuca in A. iii Work ol
ihr Farm ami fetouaal oM
auiara tu KKl'lT raisin. HVHM CROPS.
K)t l.l'KV KA1.-1MS II VKl'lMNvi, ClHlK
INT.. ,li IN. 11(11 v., i,,l ll VK rS, HOJIH
MMi DIMN : 1 iltiUS. koAO
Ull lUNf. ll l.M Ml.RUKAL
OkOANia mi'ins makki 11
1 (Tanul
.' M 1 niton.
Kiduvtii i.nli.iaa ia(ca.
Har proaiaui wiilc lo Thf Ctfllaga luchantre-Oragaa
agruMltwrtl Callaga. ilw-Qi uH)
Hit W. O. now i;
I'honea: Office 117
Wilaon Hldg Ilea. 1171
W. II. Brooke,
Wilaon Bldg.
Attorney at Law.
Ontario Ore.
Will Practice in All Courta
Notary Public. Office Over Poetofflca
Room 9, Pint National Bank Bid
Ontario, Oregon.
Roorna 1-2-1 First Natl Bank Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon.
It W. Hwagder Attorney at Law.
Rooma 13-14-16 Wilaon Bldg
Ontario Oregon.
for cut flnrers. Argus Office, Ontario,
1 ' w
Dr. W. O.
dental office
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to the Wilaon bund
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E. COPE liaa the only modern
cleaner In thla part of the country.
Prleee moderate. Phone 105. Moore
Hotel block.
$100 Reward, $1M
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is to its depositors. The
business of this bank is
conducted on this basis,
which is, in truth, SE
is considered before
We feel justified in ask.
ing for your banking
business, assuring you
aiways, courteous treat
ment and satisfactory
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