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vol.. I
OUT A BIO, M Mill I II COUNTY, OKI ,(,u I JAN. tl, !
No. 29.
I) P. Dearborn Appointed
Reflriatrar ) of Ontario and
m i i. i
xcrepwi laiten rrom new
T.nur Rlinw.l Munv HlnirKrAi
! ww i
Over Former Law.
t'nder the new Uw every voter
tu tint n regiater If li desires lo vote
Ml -im primary, general or special
i ! i inn i I' Dearborn, who ha
t n appointed reglatrar for the
Mire precincts In iininrlo and the
Fair mill I'miii ir-i nc-t . now him
hln headquarter in tin- illy Imll nml
In remit lo nt I ml to lilt official ilul
Iti l" lh regial rut in of voters
A synopsis of i in now rKlMir
linn Uw In published below The
main polnl advanced In that old r.g
iNlrnllotiM io mil ..un I In nrli r
in Im iumIiiiii voter mi., mum ft
register I'nder the ui-fi1 h.-ii t
panned In 191.1 tin- Oregon primary
rlii ih. m. ate held the third Krlday
in Msy
HeglMrstlon of voters begins Mon
day. January .1. 1916 and MM "
day next prei.-eding any genets! or
primary elerllon. or 16 day lien pre
reding and aperlal election held
t'iroughout the munty
Any cltlten of the l'nlte.1 Htatea
of the age nf 21 yeara and upward
who ahall hate realded In the atale
during the all montba preceding an '
election, la entitled to regiater and
vote at audi election Also any el
eclor who may complete hla realdence
luring the period In which the reg
iMera are cloaed or who may attain
the age of 21 yeara. may regiater
during a period of .10 daya neit pre
reding the cloning of the reglntra
lion for the election at which he lie
nirea to vote, hut the clerk or regln
trar nhall endorae upon tin- reglatra
tion iar. in red ink Iheae wordn
gualinml to ,.te .... i mouth I
idal i MM '
All MM t'uOi in a f..ri'iMi nun
tf ahin pan-utn. no matter at
ahftl ftge M ame In thin colllitri.
r alu-iik MMM the tiaturali.fttioii
.... . mii. t ii ...... niatea awva B8M
' ' ,,,,' N IlMMlM
r "' '"' " 31 Xeera ol
UlM . l
i i their iareiii- MfOM they
le-aiin t )ii. ,,f age
I Me MM .iiniiiuiional amendment
paoed hy the Maiple at the laM
linn remnrea that all allena muni have
become fully naturalised tiefore be-
ll allowed to tote In thla atate
Therefore, I hone pcrn.nn. who hate
only their "lleclarallon of Intention
MMM legal!) regiater for election In
thla atate Thla law reiiilrea that
'Kinal t Itliennhlp Papers" be exhib
ited to the tegiMrar hefore he can
regiater them
Home confusion may result utile..
regiaterlng officera are careful in this
r-M-ect. as in many of the old forma
t usturalliallon papera the firm oan
era are very aim liar to the second
Plera. and therefore ahould be care
lull) examined to thai lhe read
that the alien "la admitted a ciii.n
l Ilia I nlteil Htatea '
I nder the former lawn of On . ,.
"iid MMM were not required, the
"rot MMfl being sufflrlenl Kor
"KIM rut ion -, III thin colllltt .In
""' Ml which were exlillille,!. and
hence the hcconMly of can- on the
(ii i,i in,, icgiairara in thla particu
Kollowlng are a few poiniera on
till, ..t II,., ..... I.... .
- ..." ... ..I. II. ,111.
Nituralixcd cltlxeua muat exhibit
1lll ell Ii.iiimIiIi. i.u1ui.m - ---
-- . . ... ,.' I I I , 11,111
however, that all persona heretofore
'laiireil In said county aa fully nat
"fsllx,,,! citU.-tiH ahall not he reuiilr
"'I to Vhlhll l..,l, ...
. ..... ........ 1 . 1 1 I . 1 1 . . I
I-Ii leKlalcrlliK limler 11,1. .... "
If the father of an alien become
aturallxml before he (the child) he
Mjg of ago, he Is a naturalised clt
'". hut must exhibit the fathera
lipera or a ooppy of them from Use
fourt laaulng them
A forelgu woman, married to a
Nllxon of the United Htates, Is a cltl-
A' American woman, who marries
'"feigner, taken the nationality of
"' ii hand, and must exhibit hla
pnpera If he becomes an naturalize. I
'"'II Al Ilia l..r,.,l.,., ..... .. ....
flMlal relations. If she continues to
ld here, she may resume her cltl-
'"ii-iKn Iioiii unmarried women
'"" he naturalised themselves af-
they become of age, or by their
Clair O'Nell who wrna shot liy Mo
Fndden In u pool room tow hi Itlv
erslde Tuesday tiiornlriK la now In tin
Holy Hosary hospital In Ontario wllh
llllllel in Ms fliTh i. wilN
brought here ly ir u. dg of Jun
lurii it ii 'I ! now iiimI't tin' i-ii r- !
Priming Wihh.1, Tin- bullet waa
located hy mean of I lie X liny MM h
,. ,,,, H ,, , ,,, ln
l'r "' location I he two brothers
or tin itijiiriii mini are here from
Huntington mid It Im MMl thrtt
they will Mil) wllh ti i in until hlii re
The shot had entered Ml fare Just
Ml of thi MM atid had MM in ii
lownwnrd direction through the MMl
finally IoiIkIiik In the neck nhoul an
Inrh from llic mtMde skin
Imi We itn in evealag 1 1 Mai
OMJM MlMrlit Mi.llral norlMy held
a ttipoilng In Ontario Twidvi mm
Mfl wen- WMMti and an InliTfMIng
program arranged and rarri.-d
out ThU wan one of tin- moat Im
portant ineiing of timt organliation
and maliv phaoea nf the prartlri- nf
inedlrine wure dlaruaaed
Mlaa Olftii Kead and fJOMtaf l
In of Jordan Valley were uiiIIinI In
marriage at llola laM Hunday after
noon. Uovernor M Aleiander official -log
Thin la the aerond wedding the
'eterutlve haa performed alnce imuiii
"' "'' dutlea of hl officii
i Lean Mendell OeKreene, Infant
daughter of Mr and Mra ('harlea
OeKreeae. of thla city, died Thuraday
alniut noon The little girl haa been
la a eak condition for
The funeral will be held
from the nthollc church
tomorrow M HOOaV MVmI
The agriculture claaa In Ihh-u hav
Ing written .-nonn thin lurk g
nilan of the ahnenre nf Mr H.i.l-
who ban been ntihpirned an a Willie-.
In a law nun in MffisMal It In .
I that lie will return the firm
of IM wek and !. will he Miirmly
a.. ..i,,.. l. Ih.. ftgrl.uHure clann
Mr ilnward era pro ten,
and ga- U lecture oil cat
,- that Will not no.ill be forgotten
IMM VM ' - "d l'im
,. .... , .,.. ,.,.... ,.
IPiill . .ii.p.v-1 i im- i"a-i UNI, HMIII-
n. xt Krlday n . I'ayette
III nplte of the cold weather and
alio there hate been lean ahasaCOS
"" ",un' r -Kkneaa. than for ev
eral yeara in the pant, in proportion
to the llUlllher of ntudellta UOW III
Aniens i lugiiort cam. obi a io
arlimil Tueadat. from Huntington.
where ahe haa hevn for a abort tlall
with her psrenm
The claaa game Friday will decide
lktMf IM Junior glrla are going
lo '"' " "r-,,""ful " ,,,, ,,,,H "' uk
' U" ,h'ipi'""'lp for two con
"' v,"r" Al l,r"", ,wo J"
lor I liaillplolinhli peliiilita ale hung
III colinplcinniK alMM "i Ikfl mmmMi
room, but it la thought lit miiny that
after Krlday the glrla I 1 7 peiiuut
will he aupplauted k IM MMM of
the claaa of 1 1 1 ti
The high achool pupils took aiioili
er alelgh ride Wcdncails) evening,
llluklliK a ml mil Ml oc.uied
"1"1' ,l"' hlal W0 weeks ,nr j
emit they Hre not going to let the
in, i. ill I weather loiiditlollS get Hie
heal of their good not in -
The pedagogy claaa haa begun the
observation work for the coming sea
son, and aa prescribed hy the atate
luwa. each member will devote at
least one period a day for the work
father before they become of age;
R married to a foreigner who Is nat
uralised, she must exhibit hla papers
Any foreign woman who actiulrea
cltlienahlp by marriage to an Amerl
can, ret a ma the same after the ter
mination of the mutual relations, If
ahe continue to reaide here, and un
less she make formal renunciation of
Service In the V. 8. army or usvy
of alicio does not, at. it ia generally
believed,, imply citlsenshlp, MMM
petition for llnal papers has been
made .no i papers issued, such service
eliminating only the necessity of llrat
Proof of filing on homestead Is
not sufficient proof of citixenahlp.
I'eiiined copies of final papers van
be had by writing to the clerk of the
court where they are Issued, if the
ortgiuai is lost.
Ontario Girl and Man From
Baker Get Plenty of Not.
riety on Wedding.
Baker People. i Much Work
ed Up Over AiTair Which
Occured in Caldwell.
Item Married at Caldwell Janu
ary 7, Minn Georgia Lnwrmici', daugh
ter of Mrn Miirtliu Huffman of Ol
larlo. lo Arthur llurford. h '.mhIih -man
of link it
Sinn- tin- hIium nt i., nk plan'
It Ml -tivi-lopid H Mt tha marriagi-
of H.- roupk l- IN only ;, p.,rl of tl,.
ftory. and IM flaki-r Ii.-iihm rat of
January IN m
"The kmU'I In Mra (i (taker IM
ntnrv of a faithful wife of II yoara
and fmir rhlldren from iu- ag" of
4 to I 'I )earn. dea'Tti-d liy u formerly
I kind hiiMliand and father for an IS
'year-old girl, marrl'-d In Idaho he
cauae under the Oregon laws llurford
MlM not legally wed in Oregon, aft
dlvorrn heing granted only a few
day before hl mtoih) marriage
llurford In hln romplalnt for dl
vorre alleged that hla wife arrun.-d
him of Improper r.-latlona with other
MM and nagged tilm conatantly.
making hla life a burden To thee
trumped up charge the little, gllght
woman who Imre hla name, anil who
.wan the mother of hla children. M
Heved It would lie uaeleaa to reph
and default Judgment In favor of
the huahand waa entered and a de
crt" granted, under tbe terroa of
which llurford gate them the home
on Waahlngton ntreet and f. a
inotith alimony The home wua pur
cl.aaed from V c Miller on Waah
lngton ntreft for l.toeo Klve hun-
Ir.-d dollara wan paid down and Itlfl
Bin re, leaving the property
I,iti-. hj t .. Mini of $ i
Mr llurford I- a daughter of W
II I.iimv.u r.imiii..ii K.Mtltig ranch
er, and STMl IM) VOM marn.-il 1 .
Pa U ii Mr IniM'iand waa etigug.-d
In raixliing IMfa bImi A few yeara
Mm-.- I,.- MtMrkOfl Hi IM BUtu Mage
baslaasa, aeoaaalalh aMratlM a
Hm bat won Raker nn,i u,.- i'niiuu-
lli- It wan hi alleged Intlina, vftl
women paaaengei :iat reaulted in
the falne rhareea of hln wife
Ing to IM tftraalalat
A year or mi ago. Miaa Iiwrence
came to llolae and accepted a ponl
tlou g MkMMJ ttlth a local bual
neas houae. and llurford became ac-
,,M)n,e( wlth her Me paid her
....rL,..! -. .,, .i.m! t.r.i.i.n. - ,...
- " I"
rimand from her employer and the in-
nniac) apparently ceaned. but ahortly
,,efore llurford got hln dltor.e Mlaa
i ......... i, st-aar aaaMi fcl --
rni" "" in.r. ,r. Miuialil) go -
,n, , our,0. where Murford fol-
,(1W,.,, M MH ,,, tl
The aitusllon now la thai Hurforda
wife an, I children are left dentitute,
the houae being encumbered mi deep
ly mat the utile woman can vet
asaiaii in pay lor n. wnim tn jy a
month alimony due from a huahami
Ill or outMde the luri-dic-
tloli of the local courts mean-, noth
Ing It Ia u Mort of desertion pure
wim -niiMi-. in in -.iin.ii ion nir a tnung i
girl IS yeara old by a man more than
,oll,(. ,l(.r ,.,. Hhl, , ,U,io1
,nH M. ,;, , r,,pu,(tt,
e lii- ' hi
,,,.,,,. whl, n ,,,.,. Dw , .,,,.,., ali.,.(,
grnatg la gtaalag ins bualaaaa u. suc
cess and who actually by manual la
bor In keeping a garden, helped hj
l he family income and sj protiding
a livllhood for lier-elf and little
And the surprising part of the
stoiy is the fact that llurford was a
man generally respected, a man who
met ills obligations and the laat per
miii. almoat, of whom such an act
would be expected.
While uo legal steps hate been
taken, when the facta are presented
ln proper form to
the court, Judge
Anderson announced yesterday that
he would set aside the decree, which clerk's office at Caldwell, wa- assert
to say the leaat will put the second jed today by W. 11. Leaay, father of
Mra llurford In an uneuviable poal
tion a position which she la proha
bly not altdgether irresponsible for
occupying. Ii is not believed here
that the couple have actually gone to
Honduras aud Mr. Leaay. futher of
Mrs. llurford, and others have inter
ested themselves in the case and will
make an effort tu locate them."
The Baker Herald of Jan. 19,
throws more light on the episode, aa
"That A. K. llurford swore that he
Wedneaday morning early, Randall
Hage was attracted by an unusual
nolM furiiliiK from the direction of
. IiIh granary ini'l upon Investigation,
found .i man apparently In tin- act of
I carrying off a rk of grain When
'.liul.J.I.I.K.ll II... ....... I..I..I..IIU I... I.
Mim if.'., u, in.' in n I I I J I I .-. J I'TIl IIJ
the direction of town. Me was fol
l :umI IffMUi and upon Inventl
rntlon h' prowd to be Jerry Mrry,
living In Ontario He wua hrouglit
MM jMtlM King and hound over
lo tin grand Jury
.f W Weaver of flonlta win a
itor Mfi Mil- flrM of M w-"k
MHH Mr UMJJf of Irooalde, In
Haiti! Mth tM A Ijick.-y family
, '"', "
Mrx Frank M II. t h- vlhltlna at
NSCi'T laat waah at tin MBM of
Mr and Mra J A DWWMI are
the proud . r i. of a ten pound boy,
wlio arrived TMBMf riioining
ller Wood, one of IM MMM1
farrnera of thla rommi.n ha Juat
received a ahlpnient of fifty large
ftponla of barb-wire
Mra II r Whltworth. Mr C I
Kenyon and Mra E A Van Sleklln
of Welaer. were the gueati of frlenda
In thla city laat Saturday
Attorney I. I. Kelt ham and Thm
W. Kimbrough, of Welaer, were In
""' r"' Wedneaday on their way
Vale to tranauct court matt, r
Or lleilgea of Juntura left for Ilia
home town yeaterday. after having M
Mated In the examination of t'lalr
o Nell, the Injured Klvrralde man.
J M Addlngton. the Hrogan goat-
maater. waa in Ontario Tuesday on
hla waa to I'ayette, where he attend
ed the Idaho-Oregon Krult MMl
Aaaoc tatloti
Mr Oat la of the foliler tc ('MM
ro g gan Pranr)aco, piano dealern.
is MM in the employ of llilla I'harm
Mr Davta will probably re
main In -ral weeka
Mirri.-d at rnldwell laat Saturday
aftiTtiiuih Mi M J nml I'luin-
ii i QrlSAea Mlat AaMT aih a for
mer n -sdetit el Ontarin, wim n
to Kruitland MM ,)l" hurtling of
the aher home here r-c. nily
C H Harnett, manager of IM tod
d-n llule atore. will bate Ontario
Suturday or Monday fo. IM I
. u"r" u m """' " manager
or a More for the same company in
The hand ia nott prartiaing fur tM
mlnatrel nhow which will be glvaa
some tune next month The boyn
are Mill under the aupervlsion of Mr
Turner and are all turning out regu
larly for practice.
I .. . .
I Asm Moore, of Mooreville. Ore.
,, In Ontario and U
such a place aa Mooreville It m
Malheur countv. on one al the
atage roadn to the interior and in M
next geographical cn.iugc of the map
Mooreville will he there
Mr and Mrn MclMiersoa were on
I ,.r I ,, , ii ,..! Iiv :i i,,M, " drl, Tu,'. evoBlOg and were twice i
,...,. .. .,
to set em up u there were two
... -- , ,
I crowds of touiiK people who evident-
ly had puked out the same evening
for their amusement
There will be no regular me,
of the llMla t'luh toatarrow, vhtah
is i lu regular meeting ,!.i gad hi
stead u musical evening "ill he given
b Mrs s I) IKirman at her home
next Tuesday evening Kadi mem
ber of the club will MM Mfl privi
lege of asking one ku'M
In making a trip to Vale last Krl
day via the auto route, an accident
occured that nearly proved disaatrious
With A. A. Wright as driver. J II K A. und 11 11
had not been divorced within six
m, nulls time, previous to obtaiutug
'his license to marry Mlaa Georgia
Iawrence of Ontario, in the county
llurford'a recently divorced wife, af
ter returning today from a trip of in
vestigation to Caldwell and Ontario
Mr. l.eusv brought with him certified
copies of llurford'a affidavit aud of his
marriage license.
He waa uuable to locate the girl's
parents in Ontario, but discovered
that Mm ford had given San Kraucis
co as his forwarding address. He said
that neither he or his daughter would
be inclined to go into the matter
Government Statistics Given
On Amount and Value of
Less Stock Than a Tear Aro
And Prices Are nearly All
A nummary of eatlmaten of num
bers and value of live Muck on farma
and r.-itigifi on January l for Ore-
i!(iti for the l'nit-d Htatea, com
piled by the Bureau of frop Km I
(and tranamltted through the
MTaatMf Hureaui, I' S l-partm'nt
of Agriculture, la a- follow:
Stat- Sun im 'On, compar
ed with 104,000 k yie.r ago and 283,
onii f . . yeara ago Value per head.
$V. nirnpared with $ftu a year ago
and till five yeara ago.
i rrieo nuin: runnier, 2 I ,sui-
000. compared with 21,19.1,000 a
year ago and 20.277.000 five yearn
ago. Value per head. 110 1 60. com
pared with 1103 3.1 a year ago and
111146 five years ago.
State: Number, 10,000, compar
ed with 10,000 a year ago and 10,
000 five years ago. Value per head,
193, compared with 96 a year ago
snd 1112 Ave years ago.
t'nlted States: Number. 4.560.
000. compared with 4.47,000 a year
ago and 4.323.000 five years ago
Value per head, 1113 87, compared
with 1112 36 a year ago and $125 -92
five years ago.
State: - Number, 216.000, compar
ed with 210.000 a year ago and 176.
000 five years ago Value per head.
IT."., compared with $63.50 a year
ago snd 94 2 five years ago.
l'nited States: Number, t,fl4)fl,
Mfl compared with 21.262.000 a
year ago and 20. s 23.000 five yeara
sgo Value per head. $53 90. con,
pared with $55 33 a year ago and
5 i , . .
State: Nutnler. .'i53.000. compar
ed with .03.000 a year ago and 4i;.
flflfl five years ago Value per head.
$3 20, compared with $36 30 a year
ago snd $21.60 five years ago.
I mted States .Number, :;n,.".0u.
ooo. compared with IT,tflT,fl4 a year
ago and 39.679.000 five years ago.
Value per head. $33.49. compared
with $33.38 a year ago and fjfl fl
rite years ago.
State Number 2.560.000. com
pared with 2.563,000 a year ago and
2.672.000. five years ago. Value
per head. $5.20. compared with $4 .
a year ago and $3 91 rite tears ago
Inlted States Number. 49.200.-
000. compared with 49.956.000 a
tear a-tft and 53.633.000 five years
ago. Value per head. $.". .17. compar
ed with $4 50 a year ago and $3 HI
Mte years ago
State- Number, .iiiii.i , compar
ed with 360.000 a year ago and Ml.
"no live years ago Value per
$7 10. compared with It-lfl I fi U
ago and $ HJ Ira Mt kffl
I'llited State- Nuuib.-i.
. compared with '.-. ill s.oo.i ,, war
gjjt and IMIfl.OUO tite years ago
Value per head. ' -Hi. compared
with $i.s7 a yeur I o und $a 37 rive
years ago.
Grauel were the occupants of die
machine. In MMsMJ over a Ml
road the auto ran into a ditch in
place of making a cuherl. The
passengers were thrown out promis
cuously, but escaped serious injury.
Word was sent to Ontario for another
machine to coiitey the party to Vale
alter ti ratnne haa rigged up some
thing unique in the line of a power
sled. He has taken the front wheel
off of his motor cycle, and letting
the front eud rest on two ruunera he
has placed the rear wheel between
two other runners, in such a maimer
that part of the weight rests ou the
wheel. This leaves enough fricttou
for the rear wheel to make the ruu
nera move. A rope attached to the
front runners aud regulated from
the back seat, gives the driver the
opportunity to steer the apparatus.
Tuesday evening it was ariveu around
a corner a little too fast aud the
three who were ou Die machine were
piled lu the siiow. No damage was
done aud they were soon righted and
ou their way.
Three aeta of aupplementary read
era have been addod to the equipment
of the primary room Theae will
enable the pupils to make more rapid
progreaa In their reading.
Verna Heaweard, one of the elghtk
grade puplla, haa moved to ''ord and
ahe will complete the JTMf'g work
there. She will be mln,l by puplla
and teacher here.
Out of an enrollment of .19, 12 hava
be.n neither absent nor tardy during
the entire term. Iiat month 24
made a perfect record. Our atten
dance averages about 7 per cent.
I M Hr.nlerlck. rank Weat. Rach
el Rowley. (;ra- Jordan and Hopg
Weat took the atale examination la
geography. January 14. They will
write in the remaining auhject In
Nancy Varber haa been abaent from
achool the paat week. She la still
very nick with pneumonia.
Oeneral Note.
Puplla who receive exemption alips
or certificutea ahowlnr that rtimlni.
a have been passed should keep
them for future use. While these
grades are kept In the county office
It means considerable work to look
them up and write duplicate certlfi
catea. A little care on the part of
the boys and girls will make It un
necessary to call for these a aecont
Many pupils have been unable tc
attend school In the rural districts
during the past week or ten days bev
cause of the deep snow and cold
Mrs. T. M. Lowe of the Owyhee
will attend the conference of the Parent-Teacher
Association workers to
lie held In l.a Grande from January
31 to February G. Mra. Lowe la
one of the State vtce-prealdenta of
this organliation. While in La
Grande she will be the gueM of Mra.
v K I van hoe who Is County School
Superintendent of I nlon county
Mrs. Fox. one of the teachers la
the Ontario schools, and her pupils.
enjoyed a alelgh ride last Friday af
The beat specimens of writing re
ceived alnce making the laat report
were sent by the following pupils:
Madeline Newman. S'.i.on J.tcu. Mart
in Jaca and Veentla Mendeita of Dis
trict No 51: Pearl Tschirgi. Jeeaa
Hyke and Theo. Wllkerson of Dis
trict No 1: Mildred t'opeland and
Jennie Wallace of District No. 38:
Krma Thomas and Erneat Thomas of
District No 29
February 5 has been decided upon
aa child Welfare Day by the State
organisation of the Mother's Con
gress and Parent-Teacher Associa
tions. Small flags will be sold in
all of the towns and in MMfl f the
rural districts on that day for ten
centa each If you are interested
in this work, buy one of the flags
and wear it Feb. The proceeds
will go to the MM organisation to
further the good work they are do
ing In our own county tin- tork
haa meuut much to eteral communi
ties and will mean i more in the
.hers in aga'fl reminded that
llt.x, x,..,r j, a, ..;p, ,h!H for
one who has not ,-,i of g life
paper, to leach grades above the 8th
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to do ihi- work will write iu the
June examinations
The following copied from the
School News deserves reprinting:
"A bird lunch counter should be
established near every rural school
house. The crumbs and scrape of
food left from the luncheons of the
pupils could be put upon the counter
from day to day The number and
kinds ot turds that visit the lunch
counter from time to time could be
observed and an occasional talk ou
the economic value of birds with
other interesting facts about birds
aud bird life could be given.
"If teachers will present this mat
ter to their pupils iu au interesting
way, bird lunch counters will become
common throughout the country and
parents will learn, through their
children, to protect birds."
The eighth grade examination pap
ers will be graded Friday and Sat
urday. The grades will be ueot M
the pupils the llrat of the week following.