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QVMlllo. MALMTOg OOINTV, OltHaoif, FRIDAY. PMC :n, ffjn.
OF THE 0. S.
MM M I kt mirk taimim At
TIOV A(.IHT Hot h l UH
I I ll .11 Vl' I.NDIID MIliiWH
"A long nanuieu eaiovva Mia a nig
These, In the opinion of ft W. Mai-
t of Ontario. Malheur county. MP
a chief requisite In developing an
nation projaet. eaye a Portland
Id other words, hard work and
ity r woraera. ne expnr.neii to
. a iliiiai ... . i. m
loin HI I lie hsmwb"" '" iirmji-
"I came 1 nun the rock ribbed atala
Maine 4 4 year nan." he reUttd),
remember thay thought U u A
yd Investment In pin 2i worth ot
. Wll lerillisei on a single acre
It 111 Malheur rounly we haw tlie
kninii ft ' iirojei , 1ir.1i would pro-
many imih-h a- much aa Mi.iue
Hi . 1 he Micmlint, mere I) of f l ft
arn to aet water on tb i.nol
feoaa aire with water will produce
ion yaan without artiflnui fart 1 1-
llliui Hnl we haven't the money
U Irrliiuhle landa have not j !
oixl Iba nactmaary rredn, while
iiinent Imply pa' 1 up the
Iheur prvMl
'If fttii- Jouwa lUI will ihr iha nee
creoit ana let a man get on
land with a chaue of inaklm a
mt until lie geta hia farm Into
pa, then I hope It will h panned
Mli pr..i.i-r iredlt tan make Ilia
Mar 11 Oregon namniry happy and
tauli'U "
.i mi twtunt:
The Mrs C Pratt and famllv
re aurprlaed Wednewlay evening,
aea houaa fuD of (riaindMaiue In
them bringing good thing to eat
Id aleo hringlag goodrheer which
the heat of all
It will he a long tine before any
e l And a crowd of people that
lowed mure guod will toward a pan-
r or had a better time toolbar
thoae whs met on the ahuva
V M.. their kind torn ane
flame were pUyd by old and the
luug and a gaaaairal good tluie waa
Thee et lire mloti nt ,,, III ipn
tfcey al uuld be f..r thei not only
ing relief und act coo rag nit in 1
Mar. htt' drawa tlia natl- i.thmr
that cLnatlan I -ilia.
Paid be ciiaraatorlatla if pe.pie
rim want to hale aata miii.ih.t in
fi' hattlai
Wa denlre lo agfMrwaa OUi ' .uka to
loaa who were gran ant foi i
line euu.e. and fl.f the
llllga left Im.,, I
' Pit ATT AMi vM!
loi Al. rTaVMH
Miaa Vlvlau Mai let left Tueeday
bt for Madera onntaty, lifornla
Otto lilackaby reiurnei) yeeterday
Jordan Vallay.
W. E Leea la a Oaltor in Vale lo-
( Mc.Ciinavlll .. m ....,,.
terday, being there on legal hunt
The W t T. V. will m the
vthodiai churab next 1 n-mlay af-
ooa at I: St.
r. W u. Howe la nui, .1
a from over (ba riran National
tbe Wllaoa bull.
Mlaaaa Rami Lo
of Nygam. are aueii.tiuR the
pllda in OaiftHo vtth
tba ptjUaata a. h.u
fwy hwaplU) Id an Gardner, (he
itbt alerk at i CaHar houaa. He
wrtotuay UL
bar Woody ami children
IP Vlda U 1 iliieiluy
here with yeaterday
take up 1. it
ling 'In 1 t
t today for
I'd aa teach-
louce. Mr,
Jed In lha
ira ago, und
eek 111 Ou-
the tiraiika
jrwan. aa ona
'too well
)e being pre-
rdly room In
iter feed waa
It In hoped
r future.
i.ast rilfflil fire completely des-
iroyea the residence of Mm T
troyed ihi. residence of Mr T J
Ali.,r In tit east part of town The
Ira was of unknown origin ami i
'cause of the distance from water end
III. fad thai tba Kama w,r, well
started when first awn, it wn g
possible for the fire department to da
more than to keep the adjoining In-:
H from KeuiiiK on Ira Very Itttia WIIH KaVcil ;,,, ii,,. j,,.,
eonal belonging were destroyed.
Mm Aaher left the house anl
weul to
town ahout 7; .'! P. M Tin
fire wan discovered alwut
' i'ii k in Ifct western 'ii l (,f 1 ,
' i'i wlii ' wna a Pad Bjapj ,., ,
II iik 1 A flu
"irnliiK in ha nHHiik rodM
m.i it wun ptoi from tali
the hre(orlglmtt 1
I Me (in- hurneii with Ktrveluui
rapidity, uml mk hut a . hurt tin
after the flume', mine throuitli 1,.
ri'ii that the v....e iMNMal Ma. ,-
I he houne wan (Otaplet ,)
d Whoa vlrn Anher reluim ..
nhnrih ,.er 'i ., 1 lock. II Ih Mill
the h nine unl furnlfuie whi Inoiireil
for $1,000 Ahatement proceeding
agaiuat Uie houaa ware to have heen
heard iPtl morning, hut, mi armim!
f I' l he action w. dtomliMid
0M.HX.lTl0.VU. Si
Sunday. January Sd . the firat Sun
day in the year of 19 Hi will be kept
In a way mnelatant with the time
ommunlon aenrlewa will he held In
connect tou with the regular morning
worahlp In the evening, the aeruion
theme will be "8araiithlp "
The annual meeting of the church
will be held on TaoH.lay, January 10.
beginning promptly at 7 p m. unleaa
otherwlae announced later
Hev PHILIP KtiKMP.II I) Paator
; .III I 'lllll
ende.iv .) 1. . , 1 ... cii . in
nalnment for: )S of
no, and thl Mr are fortunate
lag a 11 10 1 itierl
, 1 one
an artlat of r nov.ii rhej II
an instrumental anl n .ram
at the or. gou 1 ah 1; 1 hi ""'
Wllaoa balldMaf, vYadm lof.
January lib ..mpom-.l prim .pall) of
aiaaalc ami light oparepi
Willi KOIlie choice K
newer aporaa a well a the old fa tot
lie A feature of the pogran will
be the n inlit'.iii of what will be la all
1'i.iiiiihlllty the National Allien, call
ed "America, The Land of Llberty"i
who h I not yel off the pre, and
will be hoard for the lirat time on
thi tour of the trio Thei conic
highly recommended, with gaoat N
thunit-ith preaa notice finin .'II the
pour tbO) have v iidted, and Ho Ore
gon liih makea tin a guarant i at
traction They plav in Hi.lac JaBU
ary I with an added choru 9l fort)
pplatai aad It la regarded ilni' a
one oi 1 lie leading nuinlca! aPBti Ol
the aeii.on. Aa the heating capaill)
of the uill I limited, ticket- pill e
011 nali nt the Ontario PhurninO ami
the Poal olllce iiewa atatul' nn'il ll1'
are aohl out
The mualcal t niertalnment l tha
Dreamland Theaitc Tueaday evening
by Skovgaard, the Dan lab violinist,
and the New York Metropolitan Ct
mpaiiy. waa one of the mualcal treat
oftbe aeaaon. They were received
by a large audience, and mauy tra
entliiiftlastlc In thtir praise of the
Mra Duncan MoRae of Rivemlde.
underwent a MliOUg operation at the
itolv Roaary Imapital yesterday morn
lg. Mr. am! Mrs. Mcltae came
In from Klveralde Monday Mr
Mcltae I- reported to be recovering
nicely from the obtratlM.
Mr. Huaael linmerinttn ud Mlaa
Paulina Hlllman. of Wetfall. were
..iiA.t in marriage hy the Hev. C. 0.
it of thlg'rratt at the farter House. Monday
evening, December r.
, rm,"",,r r"v'w f """ con-
,, , r,M,"r'"'1 '" lk Secretary of
' , "rlur " '"' ' ,l"' Dlrec -
J'' . ,Ud HtHteB ,,0,
nT ""Parted by the pra-
Tin- midyear review of mining con-
ir raporta for the ymr aab -
"Mod today. The MnologlPiil Hur
vey Ih milking puhllr Ita uaual eHtl
mate of mining production for 1916
I the form of 11 neparata lUlamatJl
for aat h of lha mora important mio
'rai prodaeti
A review of tliese ntnlementa eoli-
IrpM Secretary Liine'a connneni of
Inly to the efToct that the mining
rwrlval la in full swing. in tba woat
in latMN alone 11,,. ,, tu produotlofl
an Incren in value of more
tbaa lltl.toi.llt over the corraa
PMdlftf flgnre- for 1914; and tba
year'a Increase in output for the prin
cipal metal meaMireil in ralM la
more than I2T.0, 000,000. More
over It I not unreoannahle to expert
that when the full return for all
mineral product Hr compiled they
will how thnt 1116 wna the country ft
mont productive year In the mining
Induntry. The total may even roach
md one-hall hlllion dollar
In the reaponr .0 bettered ttt
dltlou the production figurea for cop
per. Iron and zinc rtiow the largeat
Tlie copper mine paaaed all re
cord for previoua yearn, the 1915
output having a value of 1136,000,
000, or 183,000,000 more than the
value of the production for 1914.
The atallatlca and eatlmatea received
place the output nf hllater and Lake
copper at 1.365,bOO,OM pound or
more than 120.000,000 pound In ex
neea of the large! previoua produc
tion and eighteen per cent above laat
year'a fturee. Only twice In the
hiatory of copper mining haa there
been a larger Increaae In quantity of
metal produced.
The total Nhlpmenta of Iron ore only, that would automatically re
froin the mine in the lulled State, dure the coat of food and other nec
ln 1915 are estimated to have ex-jewaane of life. They were put into
i.OOO.OOO gions ton, an In- power, they enacted the I'nderwood
creae over 1914 of more than II Simmon law, and the coat of living
pet lent ll .i-e.l on the name price .Immediately Hturted on an upward
its received In l!M4 this repreeenta
au Increaae In total value of about
.,4.11 e increaae in pig
,n.n la eetlniaicd :.,ns,
with a total increase In vulue of pig
iron production or more than t
1 .000.
1 output ol lot ' -i i'et aade
Mum .loiuaaale larger than
01 . 1 out 425.000 tin.-
orih lltt.ttt.ttt aa compared
with 141,411 Ions iu 1 y 1 4. an iu
ertg .f about SJ.OOO tone or near
) I ptt lent hi quitntity and of
111,000, I 111 value Production
was increased during the latter halt'
of tlie year, as tlie production dur
ing the nrst half wan at tbe rate of
(lt.ttt ton annually anil at tit
rate of 436.000 tone during tlie last
The output of refined pig lead from
domestic ores waa about 515,000 tOM
worth about $4 K. 500. 000 aa compar
ed wiih 512,794 tons In 1914. au in
crease of only 1,600 tons in quaati
tv hut of S, 500. 000 or 20 per cent
,n alue Tha production of .aiii
inouial leud was .'0.550 tons aa com-
1 aitb IMtl ton in J914, an
Increase of 3.8S:' tons or 23 per tent
in quuntity and un increaae in value
,l nearl $2,000,000.
Tlie annual preliminary estimates
on the production of gold and silver
in tlie United Slates, made John!) t
die United stai. tieoiogical larvai
and tha Bureau f the Mlat. are not
vet complete, but early figurea baaed
on reports from tlie mines Indicate
an increase in mine production over
thai of 114 of over $7,100,000 in
gold, principally from Colorado. Cal
ifornia. Alaska, Montana and Idaho,
and un Increaae in mine production
of sliver of fully 4,000,000 ounces,
chiefly from Montana, Utah and Arl- ,
ona Thai Increaae In gold pro
duction may bring 1916 up to the re
cord year of 1909, when the gold
output of this country was nearly
Quicksilver also has hail Its best
year In 1915. Tha quantity incroas
ed 25 per cent over 1914. but the
value of tha output more than doub
led owlnK to the much higher prices.
Tha estimated production was 20,
ttl, flusks of 75 potIMM each, valued,
at the average price for the year
the highest In the laat 40 years at
1,T8,826. In value, thla domes
tic production was the highest since
1881 and in quantity the largeat
alnce 19 i 2.
WashlBgton. 11
Senator John W
(chutta, .loon not
"trtltM by
thai the Republic
WashlBgton. Dec. 31 ( Special )
Weeks, of Masa-Hi?rei-
wltli the re-
hy Prenldent Wilson
lean Party will have
jpo UBue, with the exception of the
tiirlff, upon which to make Ita cam
paign for Prealdency. On the contra
ry, Senator Weelja Inalata that the la
me furnlnhed the Itepuhltcana by the
Ma 'lit Ailminhitratlon are ho ample
and evident that It la a mere matter
of choice a to which xhall he featur
ed I iy the Republican campaign orat
cra. "In the flrt place, I believe that
the Mexican Ihmic i one of thoae upon
which the coming campaign will M
waged and won by the Republican
party." laid Benntor Week today:
' vrtainly the preaent Admlnitra
inefllclent handling of the altu
atlnn every alnce it came into power
I rich in vulnorahillty In the Demo.
ttlc platform for 1912 there appear
H the unoquivocal atatement that
American property ahould ha protOOt
'd throughout the world and on our
border. No groat bodle of wafer
axparale u from Mexico It I out
nxt door neighbor, and if American
live were ever to be protected by
t heir government. certainly thoae go
ing no further abroad than acroaa an
Imaginary line to the aouth of u
ahould have had that protection. Hut
they have not had it, and that la why
I aay the Mexican queatlon la to be
oat of the leading campaign laauea.
"I alao feel aaaured that the Ameri
can people will be quick to graap the
fact that there la a oonatderablc cam
paign laaue In the failure of the Dem
ocrat to reduce the coat of living.
Tlla wan one of the campaign alogana
of the Democracy In 1912 'the high
coat of living' and they told the
coautry that If put Into power they
wiald enact a tariff law. for revenue
march that has never stopped If
the iiemocrat considered the high
coat of living u worthy campaign laaue
in 1912, it ! clear that the Uepubll-
eana can now rulse the aame cry. und
with even greater Juatihc.ui. n The
. Ii e. 1 i a Used, W 111 be ll. I
"J am glad the President oncodee
ua one laaue, tha tarlt. So t.iudi
is hpoladad la that it! it
really ahould ba dlaidtd into a nun
her of issuea. In the first phv
the Republican principle of prot
tlou in an i M dlatlatl and apart
and stand for nationwide commer
cial growth und prosperity. In the
..I place the tariff representa the
only reasonable, effective means for
rehabilitating our staggering Treas
on, and certainly the Government's
present financial distress la another
laetfo that must figure prominently
n the coming campuign. together wit"
the extravagance of appropriations
which haa helped to bring it on
President has umed additional spec
ial lae in un eiiort to ii.nore the
possihilitles of the tariff as a sen
sible remedy for the plight ill which
we tin it ourselves Needless to say,
these taxes will not be popular, und
it Is plain the tariff -or more par
ticularly tlie st range substitutes now
being urged by the Administration
for raising revenue is to be a very
decided issue in the cuinpulgu und
perhaps it is u hopeful stgu that the
Administration is willing to admit
this fact."
Tuesday evening me wedding of
Miss Besale liluutou to Mr. Hay Par
sons occured at the Baptist parson
age with Hev. o K. Baker officiat
ing. The bride is a daughter of
John Plan to n, and u member of one
of the pioneer families of Malheur
county. The groom is a well known
resident of Ontario, and both have
many friends here.
Topics for next Sunday, January 2d
1D16: 11 a m. "A New Your Motto."
7 30 p. m. "The Churches Call to
Them that are Without.'' Theae ad
dreaaes will be helpful in starting
out the uew year. An invitation is
extended to one uud all to atteud
theae services.
D. E. BAKUR, Pastor.
C W. Mallett,- A. W. Trow, W.
MorTett, Mi.. L. M. Moffett and A.
Oramne, were the representative of
Malheur county at the Irrigation f'on
greafi which cloaerl in Portland ye
terday. There were nearly 250 de
Majtttl at the meet, from varlou
parte of the atate. J. W. Brewer
wan elected prealdent of the body
for the coming year.
A. V. Trow tddftaatd the meeting
Tuenilay, taking the place of C. 8.
MudHon, who waft unable to atti-ii'l
the congreaa, and who wim on the
program to reapond to the addrexn
of welcome by Mayor Alhee. In
apeukiiig of hi addraaOi tba Portland
Telegram aaya: "lie voiced hi ap
preciation of the fact that Portland
niUMt take the leaderahlp In develop
I ing the stat.-, and told of the work
being done townrd the construction
I Of the new railway acroaa the ntate.
jThe Harney valley Ih aeparated from
! Portland now by 420 mlleB of dis
tance an ! two mountain range.!.
I "Think what it will mean when the
distance Ik reduced by 150 mileN and
.the road cornea to the city on a water
grade." he aald. "The Harney,
Mlitten and Albert valley contain
700,001 ncrea that are aa rich aa the
valley of the Nile The people who
have a!d they wore a deert, be
cauae they had never een theae val
ley themaelvee, aald the aame thing
of the Dakota yeara ago. In the
Malheur valley there are 50,000 acre
on the Oregon aldfc of the Snake river
which grow or can grow 7 to 9 tone
of alfalfa to the acre and 100 buahels
of corn. We want that buaineaa to
come to Portland." He concluded
with an expreaaion of appreciation
of the work done for eaatern Ore
gon by the Commercial club aeveral
yeara ago and by the Oregon Dove!
openn nt league.
J W McCulloch of Ontario, the
prominent Malheur county attoii
as announced himself a candidate for
.nice of public service eami
r tor the Kastern Oregon
Mr V. Cu Unci', la a friend of the
New- iiiuu of many yoar uudlng,
and knowing that he Is competent
n every respect to fill the d.nie. of
he office to which he aspires, and
that t: . e.n Oregon's interests will
be careii'llv guarded with J W Ma
I'ulloch u member of the commission
wa are going to use all honorable
means tr assist in landing him the
Job. Huntington News.
The Federal quarantine again
shipments from foreign countries ol
Irish potatoes affected willi powderv
cub is removed by un order of t!
denrtment. effective .lanuarv 1, 19
16. This permits a number of potato-producing
countries to resume
shipment of potatoes to tlie 'nil'd
States In the case of Cat adu, t ie
new order. In addition to removing
the quarantine, prov'de; that pota
toes mm he shipped in without cT
tiffcatlon by Qtpadtsn Palais 'in. lo
an arrangement with UVll I
I minister of Agriculture the' OrgBjpdt
, wll offer for export t' II " lohad
States only potatoes tree 'rim n
Jurious diseases and inse t posts.
Tba removel of tlie foreign quar
antine for powdery scab follow 1 Ihe
lifting of the domestic ouarar.tine
against this disease S'ttemhcr 1.
Although this iiuursntii.e is e
movd, the regulations jo MrklKa the
entry of potatoes . :.l p-oviiMni; for
Inspection at ports if emr. i.e con
tinued in force. Toe leuulillons
provide for an udequuie field iuspe.
tion by recognized experts in the
countries where shipments arc maiiJ
and that such couutrle. u.uit main
tain effective quarantine s . y.iinst
entry Into their territory of potatoes
from any country under qqarai.ttiie
by the United States on ucount oi
the potato wart disease. The in
spection at porta of entry of this
country is believed to be adtUUoCa
to prevent the eutry into tin ; -country
of objectioually diseased potatoes
The O. fl. L. railroad bridge acre
tne Snake river at Ontario, I now
practically finished and the oh! mat
erial, are now being loiil"d on car
and hauled away. It lian I iktfl
quite a long time to build this bridge
but the result la one of tba t oat nb
fttantlal structure along the entire
The nudden dropping of the tlier-
mometer Wednesday Bight waa rea-
ponnlhle for the first 1 .rge cakea nt
Ice which came down tbt Snake riv
er Thursday and cruahed against the
new concrete plllam. The strength
' and durability of these pillar may
I beat he appreciated by watching mln
! lature iceberg break to pieces ag
ainst the cement obatructlon.
Cnder the heading "Ontario takea
a back seat r.i ette now in line
for the division with Olds' Ferry cloae
iwcond" Kdltor Plughoff of the Hunt
ington News hftft the? following to aay:
"The Oregon Short Line has re-
; fused to rent a few tumbledown
shacks located on railroad property
at Payette, a new trackage Is being
laid for switch purpose, tlie new
hotel In course of construction there
tie "thought" to lie backed by the
railroad, it la the Junction of Uie
"Pumpkin Viae" running through
Payette Valley, la only four miles
from the Junction tat Ontario) with
the Oregon A Kastern branch, now
being built in Kaatern Oregon, and
Payette cltisena are Jubilant, for caat-
I lea are flying In the air to remove
the division from Huntington to tbe
"Melon Town," which places poor,
old Ontario on the shelf after dream
ing for the past 26 years to possess
the Huntington division.
"Thia diviaion removal la a Joke
that materialise, the firat of raff
year, notwithstanding improvement
after improvement continue from
day to day in the Huntington yards
Let us Huntlngtouiaus all unite In
singing "In the Sweet Hye-and-Hye."
Let us remind you. Hrother Plug
hoff, that thia dlvlslou removal Is
not such a Joke up at La Grande.
si. i.i gi". th la aol bo ipect iaa
more sudden .lev , pment. but
is more btating and ! i mon per-
maiient result - .a tl.. .n i hut
i said of tbe war
tha hi. K church. "
The Sunday school la In a far bet
ter shape tl in It bus been for a long
time aud is increasing each Sabbath
iu iitiui'iem and . T
of the cliurcii I .. or tl load B men's
class and it Is hop. d that more i ei
will avail them selves of this oppor
tunity to stu'lv togotbar the orii of
Cut vhltb is able to make us wise uu
to salvation Several have rceen'
Iy united wiih the cliurcii a&d the
prospc : i -.'iiul let a no ibei more
Friday nisht till .on will
unite iu a nnlOB watch night serv .
at the Biiptist chinch hegiuning ul
9:30. You are urged to so plai
your work that voti ajaaj in iiresent.
lleginniiig Jai.;. rj ' -916 tha
week of prayer will t rad
cottage prayer meetings . Monday.
Tuesday und Wednesday eveniuirs.
I'nion meetings will be held in tha
Methodist church on Thursday cvea-
ing and i; tlie Presbyu nau ehaTth
on Krlday night
!. I us make t . . ices prol t-
C. C "It TT. Pastor.
Last niulit a n... iuer uie dance waa
given at the Moore lull and some
very unique m.. ind costumes
were displayed Bgsoug the-'i being
the "gold dual i wins" who took first
priie. They were Miaa Edith Hat
field and Mrs. Wood Other pruea
were also given out. and a good time
was had by all.
The Malheur i ouuty Qrand Jury
will meet iu regular session at Yale
Monday. This will be one of tu.
heaviest grand Jury terms ever held
iu the county, as there are many cas
i .o coma up
The marriage of Mr. Clarience F.
Bees and Miss Charlotte 10. Burrts
occured at the Methodist parsonage
Weduesday afternoon, Hev. ft C
Pratt officiating