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No. 18
kH CATOllM FltoM A lil. I'AHTM
Unit Hi" iH)pl living In i in- rural
11 1 lets or urinii rn mor. mr
Lit schools, are working harder to
v.- their boy anil girls a practical
limit ion. and have made a greater
Inai . I ban my other atate, la clear
proved I'V "ie reception wlilrli dux
i... i ... i i in ii ii. it
I'll given i"' '" -.. ...
tin' I'lilinina inrni' inieiiimioiiiii
I position
At i In- rMii'nt of the National Hu
nt of K'l'i' it 1 1 x . the OHflN Mtata
Km niii' hi "f Education prepared
Ihc KduratloBal Plum nn .dibit
ns ,. (,. hi'' i f-Ml ii r- nf the school of Oregon, nam. It, the
, i piaa, tin- Days' aii-i Olrla,
Li, ..rk mid Ihe Playground Mova
ii ,i, ... ikt Mm .iiion-
n ,.. nut permit i ill'l
In hi i II 'ii- i i ny-
, ah I.) nieiiii f i ii.irlN it
In Hi-' o.hrinl bulletin
ui i lunation, the..
k,. a . ilhn trnt iiik r'ual
iu I vol I
I . '"in i.r tin' u-.t.liiiK
I. . . I Hi Kla'ea,
L', coiinim-i nave
Lt a careful Kiiuly of ti.i' (iriKi.ii
jfl with the ii iio- t ii'l"i
hjt .i.i of It Three counties of
kllfi.ruia have adopted our Htan-
ti lehool Plan absolutely, and
rough !' hual press of tliiMr coun-
, tin . ...I l.-.i.lera ha glv-
i III lor helping them.
..tirinan of tin- Kdura
mikI ointiitttee of the Farm llunau
Nspa i utility, California, in a (
of .i'.ir. ..itlou to Htate Huperiu
dint J A i hurrhlll, says, after
hnc ef s ii.eettng of their county
luratlonal ..fflrials. "a standtrd
JimiI waa adopted after the Oregon
III V. .- l..ti' kept the local pi-.-a
jrtned of our work No d ii.'
tin i i iy in Californa having a
fni sdiMir will M-ry shortly foil iw
IT lead At the Annual leaiti
I' it ute of Monterey County,
'"nut) uperiiitfiideiii, (Jeorge
lluilti'urg. hrought the teachers to
It Dregoa, ami in npkiiig
them said "I want all of urn
.ful w.nk
i rar. I M 'i.tol-
u Ml Plan Is just
"I in o ir count
I I .. ul"'t till
.. it, and
i 'I is now in wry rur.vl
I III r ii . ,ty
iideitt llarrleU H Iss. of
plo ' ntea: ' i m
i" make your Standard
fin 'I I'lan lit Yolo reuiiit, alio I
U to thunk you for th many ax-
illii.' ii.tiiii.iilets anil card I have
Wived through the medium of your
llightful represent a. I ve at the P I'
f the dub woil ii i conceded
ii i.o other atate haa the work ao
H orgiinlletl The local and COUIl
' ool falra with the cluh winners'
on . ...mi at the State Fair, mak-
II a loxical culmlnuiioii of the years
le organising ami diectlng
I 'In- .w.rk In the Slum H.'n...l Hup
riiinnid. ut with the expert ballUlM
r'i' hy the Htate Agi k ultural
lor the children, lOtUal IkMi
' t selact aeed and to M oicir
Ion., are featurea whlrlt .ire rala-
k Hie cluh work of Oregon ke
1 fit to u high atundard The
ui the Htate Fair i V "
d that the corn eibth 'd hy
M l.ovi. waa fully ouo hundred per
i i hettor tin,,, laat yoar, while h0
N Waa and other proilm ' '"'
much higher griide then ''' '"'
Hiindrods of requeata h "" '
rii .ill iiaria of th.. United Mtaies
lir I ho Hi., riiutl.ui M.ii.iii.l lasii'd
'. Department ol Kduu ;
ln and every 'play groui"! aipert
1 t U he l lie he l I
Fvorv toacher in Oregon
i with u copv )f '
: i Vl tl.i l"ohl "
Oil lllllili ,:! I i
di . ehllillllt .1 li.illlili.r hi- ll'i'1 lOl
"i ohiidron
I (Un 111 luuliii... i.u liiini u inn il
ommlsi loin ra from a i"' ''
' ",i",n """ ' ' ''' '
"lutie.H to ti,. Uroaou Kducath-u
I I.I..I ;., , ....... IV
".iiiuii wiiu uiai ruciionn ...
chart shown In order that they
hej hive thn mutorlal for a Hpeclal
port to thMir couittrlea on our rur-
rl schools.
What the county aud city superiu-
midenta of other states say of our
'k Ii well aummarUed by Q K 'a half menu - w -. -'olflni,
uporlntedent of Voeotloo- Friday wornlug to Jolu here
al Education, Oary. Indiana, who j
"old "In Oregon, through your
standard for rural schools, your Boys
and CltrlH Industrial Clubs, and your
playgrounds, you urn doing n work
1111,1 i 111 (lull ul.l. I. It... I.'. .1 ,.
ernment I doing for tint school In
lh ,,h,llplne islands, and this work
I -niuiiiim in.- ninnunn or educn
ton. In all parta of the world."
Thuraday afternoon tin. grade )llH
ket hall team, composed of bovs
weighing under 1 20 poumla, met and
were defeated by the high school
am of the aame weight The gainc
was exceedingly Interesting inasmuch
'ii It was the first game HiIh reason
referml under the new ruin Tin-re
are a tin in her of chatiKea In the rules
and It la expected that thla will make
tl"' game more Interesting, an well
aa reulre more aklll to play It The
firm Kami- to be played between n,.
loi-ui flrat team ntul an ouIn(i. .
will probably crone off aometlme he
fore the of January No (.
finite acbedule haa yet been arrang
pr.ig ii'i nf tb- .it . i
Of lat i ' on- ... ; -ort'oinceb by
i i aa ' ! ' ' i u- " i.i
been given The feature of thv day
waa the play given by eomt of the
Ingenloun atuiienta of the wliool who
hail been practicing under thaauper
lmou of Mr Mtlea. The play waa
pulled off without a hltrh aad ...
hui'Ii a comedy of humor that t
the house fairly shook with
new feature of IM pfo-
gram waa the glee cluh mini rei.der-
ed by the hoy a and the girh glai 1 1 ih
These mini Iters were al- tuarit ap
prerlated hy the audience sad tie
highschool Is Indebted to Mia Wheel
er for training the voices of t
who took part In the program
Several readings were also r.lveu
and It In safe to aa that none of the
vlaitora waul away without aWlaf
greatly apreclated the program
IHIt MM i. M II It mi i:i
Mr Fred I.. Sheet n waa surprised
Chrlatmaa day by a rlall fffOM her
father. II r. Petty, of Welser Mr
IP - uriieii lion I me aeaeai
The dance given by ths Nut I lu
laat Thursday evening v. as one of llM
moat highly upreclat.-.l tt'l pcrhupH
the moat successful from the -tand
point of a good time thai has "
h.-ld hy that oigaiilxation
i .- mualc the beat that could
he wished for. the floor wsi faultleaa
Mild the club Is to be conrai ihUOa
upon the splendid order that '1"
througliuiit the entire evening
The parcnta of those who sere I"
vlted were aleo Invited to be present
and iioihlug waa done that aJfhl
aliock the modesty of even th fcOOl
devout parojll In fa i many ' ,ll,in
apraaaed their thanks for al
lug of 004 "lean enter'alniinid
William J M le Baa. I g-,.ih
f exoeriiince In the management '"
. . i. ..i il.a In. iter claaa, li
noii'ti. in "-
. , ct.,1 with the Mountain
Home hotel, as a itant to Manager
ii .Ivitr-en On January I ""
lll I,,., hanged to Un' Kuropcn Bll
, i .. .li.ihiir room ' rvlce which
,., ..Iy ii.iiIch with tl"' best In ' '
state, will be ampini-d and all al
w ill I ' I" ''a' '
tie II:
mod conies Troni ii
Mooro hotol at Ontario, "
rani ''- ";"
un, Home Rapuhlloan
v, , ic.vt sir MP.
dins i
it mmi
. ., ., tl Vt'eKtfllll '"
..v.. with Ids faaiil
r.tnnln.sen la a pro peroua aheepmHii
'"' ....
it 111"""'
Mrs Amy Baker," daughler-ln-law
j m .. n K liaUi i . w ho
of Uev and Mrs I). . "H"'
".',iM i,re for the past three and
. half montha went to !I.0W
The communitv Chrlatmaa tree ex
erclaea held on Main atreet In On
tario laat Friday evening were a .
i-lileil aucceaa, and hundreda of little ; gallon rongreaa, met in Portland to
folka were made glad by tin vlalt day and took up mattera of vital Im
of Santa. The Chrlatmaa tree waa portame to tlila aectlon of the atate.
an eiieptionully Igfgg one, and faflii W. Trow 1s the delegate from the
l iinilfully decorated with inultl- Ontario Commercial club to the meet
roloreil IIkIiIm ami other Chrmtmaa , ing and left today for Portland.,
tleeoratlon. Guarantee l . n.i goernmeiit of the
The proKnuu wan rendered aa an- Interest on irrigation bonda of ap
noiinied prevlouxly. Thla hh On- proved project a rather than reliance
t.irlo'H tlrat ( 'nn in unity Chrlatmaa upon atate or federal aid will he the
tree and Ita an... probably meana auhjeet around which will center the
more miii ii event.- in thla city.
i ihl.l III 111
Ro) rnklln of Wallowa, brother ,
i I U and Don on kill of Ontario.
urriMd hen- Honda; ft dAfi p -. (n of iln-mclal expendltufog j
vlalt with relatr..- .Mr Conkllnjn tl projects which are approv l
uperlniendeqt ol t he aclioola at Wal- moveinent of Lbt'OODgfaaM I
id haa l.uilt up all ex. . nt will !,. to-wird t he enu tnn ..' ol l;i.
high nhool tliei' lie Ik reioKtilr- to proinote the reclamation of Irrlga-'
'd throughout tl i "' us being 9M
of the most capalile ;nd elllr..'tr Hiip-
i I ti udents III (if ion.
wiDDiv. BULLS.
Mr. A W. Leavett and Off Hurl-
berg united In marriage at the
Itaptiat parsonage I rlday afternoon.
Itev. D K. Baker officiating.
lieu I. Du Vail and lxla Harper
'r" united In marriage at the Van-
liuren rooming house Sunday evening
at six o'clock. Itev K linker pas
tor of l he Itaptiat church officiating.
John W. (Jihaon of Welaei . and
Miss Anna Anderaoii of Ulvi.'
united In marriage List mlt nt
i.l.l ' H
M II! H !' M
J I Orr.dlstrlct mivna,er of tl.e ! prttldenfa addrean mid repirt ; ap
Kh.iiut nve tmei i compel t IM. polftment of committees; announce-
, . . veil wor I Stllld t t ' - '""'
1 1. , f . , .nether '. KohOa lUy Mi Deccitiher a. 2 p. m.
Mrs orr had been In good health un-j ll.p.,rt of tite secretary, Fred N
tll I ai ' Wedit. -.-.i.i when she wan Wallme. Tuiuulo; addreha. '' Irrlga -taken
with pueum. nlu which result- tlon in Oregon," Governor Wlthy
ed In her death On account of the comhe; address. ''The Heclumation
.- atorma und posaibillty of .be- Service. " K. 0, Hopaon. consulting
lot: delayed Mr rr will not h. i.hle oogimer Putted Htatea recluniution
to ott'iid c 'J bo oorvlco; tea-mtaute reports by rep-
raaentBtiM" of thewarlon di trlcta
. and ..unities; open taOMOBtOSi uu-
ItKTt i:nh I ROM Tnn. "'"
In . . inl.c-i VtM, H p. ill.
Hi I J Man ROT return.'. I I ' ' Meritorious Irrigation Project-
iii .it Ontario Friday, after an OS- BH ,h() . , , .iperatlve s.iut' mil
tended trip to the euat. For the past fejermi Mireys," addreaa, John II
three months she ha heli vlt-ltlng
her parent!' In okluhoiuu. and her
I , ,n okluh.'ina and AtkatisaB.
She reports a fine time and retiims
lookiiiK ui if she hud reully an Joyed
vat7 minute of her trip
tintarlo Assembly No It!. I'nUed
Artisans, visited KjrotU AaVOfltblj,
No :IN. last ulght. Thov '
il. ...! t.
.1 ...... 1-1 veil a warm i'.i iiuuu m."
were M' n ii
ter the meeting iimimc and
a genera!
K, ml tune was had
A hutiquet wan
A party wa ' the home of
W i Stairs laat evening In honor
r Mr KoM'l :!' birthday. About
lvw.n,v nve were prOOMt The .
.,.... i,. , ueneral good i "
nm - ,-
and al i le close of the evening re
. . .
in inM"i iP w "
t . , ui. wort it I
i Haai W W!
Vlr Os See fl Bt '.A t ''vl f9 H
ft i
- JaV I
a fa lis iji ai kjiiil
faBaV I ""ftBaBaV I W BaV i Lfl bbt .''' B JH
IR ifl IKb m I bB " 'ai
lH aBaHBH W B B I BJBaaaaMBaaaaaSsssaS3BWBlBBa
Hreuo From the Motlou Picture Piay, wary niv -- V JT, .
which will be IHOWH t the Dreamland Theatre, Wednesday Night.
N.-iirly :U0 men from all over
Eaatern Oregon, flelegatea to the fifth
annual meeting of the Oregon Irri
delllieratlona of the congreaa.
ii la predicted t hut the congreaa
will memorialize congreaa to paaa
the hill of Sen.'ilor Jonea of Waab-
ingtoi, provldlag for the govern-
, . uarni.t.'C of Intercat and au-
n!e lai i of which more than 1,000,
000 ai-rea east of the i incudes r
main in a totally uncultlvati
althouKh susceptr.ble of producing
'crops of Immense alue eveiv
At the conclusion of the congress
,.,,, ,,1H rtai.tes will remain to
)lUtflI, ,ll(l ,,, ,.onVentlon of the
(on Dtrtlofament league Friday.
Tll, rnKr8M' aoaalona bogan today
'at 10 o'clock In the Imperial hotel.
following la the program of the
I .-. cm Iter .". IO a. m.
Call to ordor, Asa B. Thompson,
president. Echo, Or.; addreaa of wel
come tin behalf of the city of Port
land Mayor Aihee; address of wcl
Coim on behalf of the Chamber of
Commerce. President C C. Colt; re
sp4ne for Western Oregon. Porter
J. Neff. Medford; response for East
ern Oregon, C. 8. Hudson, Bend;
.,.ws, gtatO OagiOOOr; "Oovernni'
Right of Way for Irrigation," a44ri
1-(Mnnrj Lundgren. diairlct engineer.
'nni stui. foretr eivue; on-
K(ll Development." address, Pro fee-
nor K 0. Young. I'ulveaalty of Oreg
on, tell-llliliute reporta hv reprc cut
ativea of the various dintricis and
counties; nniiouncemcnt.-
l). ..nil. i ai. U.IW a. in.
Irrigation district day Report of
committee on credentials; "The Irri-
. . . llluirli.1 " u. lilrHK i'r
roll H. Oruvea. Seattle. Wash.; "The
District Law In Or Of." addreaa,
tleorge M Brown, .ttionny geneial.
Hah-in, Oregon; "Eagtooorlag -'".I
Con. i ruction." addre.-H, I. M. Hlce.
s,-."-. Wush.; ten uiuui.' talk h)
repivsenlallM ..iriou districts
""1 uuntle. : open dlscm mm.
Oecc,ler W, t p. ...
I 'I"' Ifrlgutlon District a Holu-
.,... j.i..., i i .,.,,., ,,.,1 "ii. , ,,.
IIOll. MUUII'iP. .' ..UI' n. . . .I..--.
Can Irrigation Districts lie Financ-
.. in .i ....! an "Mlulritia .di'
ed?" address, J. T. Hlnkle, Hermls
ton, Oregon; "Can the Htate Be of
Aid In Reclamation Work?" addrens,
Senator I. N. Day, Portland; report
of delegates to the reclamation con
ference held at Han Francisco, De
cember 2 and 8, O. IiHiirganrd, J. W.
Brewer; ten-minute talk by repre
aentatlves of the Tarloua districts and
counties; open discussion; announce
menta. Iferember 2, 8 p. m.
What the County Agriculturaliat
Can Do for Irrigation," address,
Kalph D. Hetsel, chief of extension
division, Oregon Agricultural college;
"Irrigation In Southern Oregon," ad
drcHH, Porter J. Neff, Medford. Oreg
on "The International Irrigation Con
gress," address, Arthur Hooker, sec
retary, Fresno, Cal ; open discussion.
l.- i -nitiei no, 2 p. m.
Report of resolutions committee;
"The Signs of the Times," address,
c c Chapman, editor Oregon Voter;
unfinished business; selection of of
ficers; adjournment.
DtseiiilH-r .,iO, 0:;M p. in.
IlaiKjitet at Chamber of Commerce,
main dining room. C C. Colt, toast-master.
The marriage of Miss Betsey Tay
lor and Mr. E. I. Brogan occured
Thursday .ifternoon, December 2.Vd.
at the hooM of father Campo of the
Catholic ihurch. Moth young peo
ple are well known in Ontario, which
Is the home or the hrlde. Miss Tay
lor Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 8.
P Taylor, and was one of the teach
ers In the public schools here. Mr.
Brogan's home la In Vale.
Immediately after the ceremony
a wedding breakfast waa served at
the Taylor home. The young cou
ple left on the evening train for Port
land and had Christmas dinner there
with Mi Brogan's mother,
will remain In Portland for
1 "'
or ten daya. aud from there will go
to Heattle for a week'a vlalt After
about three weeka they will be at
home In Vale
The bride la n very fine musician
and holds one of the highest teach-
ers certificates in Oregon. the
groom la a son of l't. and Mrs. Dan
lel llrogan. lie la a graduate of a
law school in Philadelphia and Is in-
l d In a ban;, at Vale
iy J1
The young couple are wide
known In this vicinity end their many
Moadl wish them nui th happineaa.
ry tiruuel of the Coniiner-
cial club is delighted with a little
folder handed him which came from
an eastern corieapoudent, and, aa
the last paragraph reads. "This idea
is not copyrighted. We have no
pereoual axe to grind. It is given
with our compliments to you and
the nation aa a whole. DB0 it." he
has decided to tuke it up and puss
it mi. It is. he believes, the "big
gest single idea placed before the
people of this country In ninny years.
It is as follows aud the idea is so
in. i ,ii. that it cannot help but up
poal to a thinking person:
"The great mint of lime has coin
ed for U- an extru day in II Id Feb
ruary II The 1'nited States will
become milllous of dolbirs richer on
count of that extru 24 hours of
; une
"You will receiv this day an
extra duys revenue. . well aa mil-
lions of others in the 1'i.iied States.
ln view of these tacts it seems up-
in'opi'iate that Tuesday. TVhruury 0,
ol,,. i. I.I Ii.. known An Piosnet It Day'
throughout the United States, und
, ... ,t ,, ihla i -ry eft'ori should
.. .j il.A
he made to lot ii' Ce atieiuiou oi hiij""" "'"' miiiinilleletl eond - ' lldaDted to il'i
r ii . . ..--- - - -
ion of prosperity that now owoaa
ihrutQghoat the
I . 1 tiie v. I I"
,,, , ie pui.ic boa and
it-s ii tha mo I
...ed nation in the world.
"Let the associations of 001 amOTCO
.tnd Imam1 OrgBBllBflOPI bJd open
this day get-together prosperity BMOt
lajl lor J4 hours thiougliout the
whole extra day of time let every
iiuin, woman und child In this coun
try forget the trying times through
which the world haa passed, and talk
i Continued on page 4)
A milk testing asiocintton to bo
organized among the farmer?, in the
vicinity of Ontario Is being promoted
by County Agriculturalist W.W. How
ard, and a preliminary suivc of
this section has given tauch oucour
agement to the movement. Over 400
cows for testing purpose i c;.n be ae
cured hy the association, and at tha
rate of $1.50 per he 1 per year,
would provide, ample f'wids for car
rying on the work. Tfet aaaoclatloa
will he based upon principles employ
ed hy other similar testing associa
tionn over the country.
A man to do the testing will be
employed, and he will devote his en
tire time to traveling over the dis
trict, and will test each cow once a
month. At the same time he will
weigh and ..,.ortion the feed for the
next thirty days, or ufftil the time of
hia next visit. The average of the
cows for the year will be made, and
in this maner It will be possible for
tiie owner of each row to know Just
how good hta cow Is and whether she
should be maintained In his dairy
herd, or fattened and sold for boot.
There is now about three hundred
such associations In the United Bute
Where they have been tried they
have been found very successful, and
In many places they have been In
operation , for years.
The territory that will be embraced
hy this association Is the Boulevard
section, the territory around N'yaaa
and toward Parma, and the Fruit
land Bench. Owners of over four
hundred cows in this section have
expreaaed a willingness to Join the
association. A meeting for tne pur
pose of organizing will be held about
ik. Ml t VaKpuaev Tito uu.i.ctu.
lliv ill nt n i coiuai; oeowvie-
tion will be organized with a presi
i dent, secretary-treasurer and three
An O. A. C. Bulletin on the sub
ject or mtiK te ling gives tne ioiiow-
Ing Information:
Variations In the fat content of
three per cent to six per cent of fat
with sometimes greater extremes
than these. Borne principles of
making the Babcock test are thus
, pointed out by the O. A. C. Exten-
j'on dl,y Piallata:
The milk should be thorough!
mixed by pouring from onr Of
nick.'t to another tw or three times
md samples taken at once It should
be tasted if possible twelve
hours from the time the milk waa
ilruwn from the cow The cream
must be uniformly mixed with the
milk, which can be accomplished by
shaking or by pouring from one Jar
to another. If lumps of dry cream
or of butter appear they must be
melted by setting the Jar into warm
water. If the sample is sour and
contains lumps of curd these may be
destroyed by adding a knife-point full
of soda lye. shaking und let stain.
After thla treatment the sulphuric
acid should he added in small quan
tities at a time, since the chemical
action becomes violent. Both milk
und acid should be 55 to 7 0 degrees
1 wheitI.e test is made.
New equipment in . lied at the
Ontario Laundry kei ps inai estan-
ltshineiit ona of the must up-to-date
and heat oqu pped institutions of the
kind in this auction of the Busk-
BlYOf valley.
At a
i t of nearly
!ias Just in
...3, u
-o00 Manager Jone
! utullail u I ' it ivnf .-.1 I P
such II CM
The ne ill i
raise, thi
laundry, but
her of
I'U . i X .
"I'm ! Tom" BaJ ion I 90
is speudi
illda) i 'i i this wovik
his niece, Mrs. Kate Harrison.
Mrs. Charles Prauhl and three child
ren. Charles Jr. aud Missed llarriette
and Grace, returued to their home
at Juutura, Saturday after visiting
lu Ontario a few daya with friends.