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l (Mi. I .-
McCMIN IHIHih in:n', ,,H
(oiviim n otiicit num.
im:kn i i.i ctfd.
til IRO I'llV flf-llMII l M M...l,.r,v
S f I lollllt II I II I . I", I, , , , ,, , ,(
h J In mm vi aekraa, i. o
( I ,. .11. 1 . ,.!;, ( ' .t f ri ! , , ,
. , I. I V ', (I ,.,
i i , it'll treasurer
Although IhtN WIT" I ,,
MMM OH the ballot, OOtnpVtltlOB Ik-
t w 'ii I l I "i i .ii .ii ' i .. , ,.,. m,.
I I I M. , ,,,,
irrltti ii .n in nMwi iiii:i,iu r to
i.-f. ' Mr l.iuian
. roil
H .1 i i I
s i . i I'.niniii .
I. I'm k rum
i.. on M I mi . . , ,
I. '
' U U I
Mi llotnaa Mr w . i .... 141
.Mi HoMM'l vii 306.
Mow m shown in .
election reel ,,,,
i Ion ' : n..i, .1 .., Bg
' voti 1.1 t In H
'v '.''111.11 heretofore was Nriiuiiil
II 1 rogtotraUoo in 11. ! city
1 1 full m hi:.
Horn l ihImt ltd, lo Mr ami
Mr Pt.lppa. a Itahy girl
Horn Decrmher llh. to Mr ami
Mra ll in Ityr.l of Juntura. a hahv i.o
Horn fleet-intior Mb , to Mr
Mr Wm Mucbiier. a baby (irl
Horn lrfcmlir 6th , to Mr
Mr Hen J Newman, a baby lioy
.pp. I
out iii ued from laat lu-i
I l Coat. T.hi HlKb
Kleil CiimIm, which IllUNt Ii" churn
I .ik'iiIubi On-Koii orchard load Ifcd
I. "in" aralnat the iiiiniial fruit OTOfJi
iir" 00 blob The OBptoltaitM Of
I. il. ! ' i
f tOOl . t. r f .i .1 0
OTOft I Ii- In, ' . I. it"!
kroathl with it a haarj m
iiidi-lii icIiifHN and Ii lat Ii fat" Of In
I'i'M iiii, uim, of aI.u'i lllllHl
bo boom ay ItM inm prodooad lad
Hi" real int tin. ni ot in..iii' .no! ia
l.'.r l. ii,.. KroMi-r ,l.o l I loKOO
punt of. to,, i i,i i.. oaa "f bn
ipp"r. p.iiHiuK. haallBCi rtoiaao,
and refrigeration w lure aulluble.
Bdd Krcully I,, th,. goal of ali.'k t iad
for tl mt 1 aalc and couxumpllipii Ko
ailjuiituitnt of lino! pi ii ft. and Im
rof, in.'tliodH of pf filial ami piu k
liiK hI.ouUI rellcw Ho- grower or pari
of IiIh ciuhIiIiik burd. ii
III .I'ldllloii lo (he high liked cord
of production th" iirfgon grower 001
Hi" handicap of freight cliargeH to
OVOfOOaM w he ii In- hblpH to oaatern
iiiarkftH With a charge of If -,-iii-a
box um frelglil on Ii. appI'M, the
OragOO orcbardlHt cou.en In coni"
1 1 1 Ion wiib Hie growl "i New York
and Irglnlu, where old orchards
huve been "brought bOOk" Ull. I where
cohi of production i- lav In virgin
la.. (o m v Hted urn n. iie of the
lurgi-Mi apple growerM in IM country.
aH thai Ii Im coat Ih II ll" l'f lr
"I OT thla hum 'ol .Stcdmaii hii)H
II cenih goat for ciiliiwitiou, 10
ooaia r.r Hpraylng, II BMla for pick
Ing uuil packing. goat! '"" l'rrel,
iiioi centM for aaallai ! New
fori and lii Mlclilgan r.iuillar llgurcs
have l. , in kIvoii by lurge growers.
Natiii of I'uM I li.dliu'
The in .i clement In .listrlbutiou
Im coat of product inn No nane and
reliable Hyateiu of diHtrlhulloii can
be maintained uiileaa the coat of gomi.-t
la known and taken Into in count
Among apple growern in Oregon re
liable coat tig urea are rare and many
arnwera maintain (but It la IiupohmI
bin to a.-i . i inm the cont of u box of
uppluM one year after unothur, oil
account of crop i-bangea and new
elenienta entering into orcl.aid care
I'nb'MH ciiht of produ'llon Ih loafWI
who aliall aay what Hball coustltuta
fulr price for box upplo. and who
Hball know whether tbe InduHtry la
paying iir! way.
(To be continued )
A N. KowUir wlio Iihh been con
fined to the Holy Hoaary lioapltal for
aometlme haa returned to hla home
at Iroualdea. Mr. J-'owlor wua ac
ddoally abut la th foot.
E M W 12
kantkk OMMNM i hoitii-
M tiAti MURUVM to
Tlu h'lfili Aniniiil OMaf M..VH (i.ri
fgraaoa of Baatorr. Oregeo tal loath
in liabot tod i,y ii,,. . ,.
huh 1 lifiMtluii Association of M'
icon Ml Mnho, will cm,., ,.,,,. ll On-
' "m""" "
slona over Sunday ,. i.r..Kf ,
I H.lai, Deeemhet- mill.
t 111! If I I !.
"" I llfgl lrHM'.l ;i,, 1
algnment of dolegett 0 bOBM from
conference (iiurrli
'i I' M Son
1I1 0111" a.t'li" -. It) . I ron
I ' r 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ; t r orgMlWtloil
I r M
' l.ltl. N II I . ,r..l
"''' ,:'' 'i 1
I. lllll.
Nniiinliii. in-. ...,1,-r Mih.
' "" 1 ll ll" -'HP. "I If
aal aftbo Mo lor,"fl i. Clark,
I- (rut I'r"- b) ttTuiii cli in Ii, I. a
i ll a m "Ih tat im. i.. ., Hoa'i
Hook" Kol.eri OufT, ofa' Unrk
'ar. V M i , l!..
I a m laMaaa aoaakM,
John k n iiit ii. I9M OBfaraaoi PraM
aoati pri-Mldlng
ll oo a M C. L S!.B. Oaaaaol
aecretary Y M c A . Ilakr. pri-Kld
ing "Tbe Place ot Kecrratlou and
Aiiium-iiient In the Making of Man
hood, " Maurice Mobert, WiiM-r
"The I'lace of Work In th" Making
of Manhood," I .eland Min. Holae.
1:00 l M Mit.lf-, "The
Manhood of the Matter." (i I. (lark
2 30 I' M Feature In Hoya' Or
ganlaatlooa that are worth while, I)r
O. K Merldltb. Nanipa. preHldlng.
A - lllble atudy. Jamea Kidd. I'oca
leii... Idaho
11 Krlendalilp. I.yle I'eteriuin, Par-
ma. Idaho.
Q Service. Maker, Ore
f) AthlHio Vernon Hluckman.
Nanipa. Ida1.,.
4:00 I' M - l.cader'M meeting,
ataudarila for the year, I H Khodea.
State Y M i A Secretary prealdlng
1:91 I' M Kallier ami ON ban-
'iu"i, k c; italie) tnaHtmoatof
I he Kind "f It I I.Ik.'." Judge
Mallon Hlggf. imtario
The Kind al a Had I Like," Klmer
itorHtiiiaii. i,a Oraadi
ih" Prodigal "". Wm ' Mwajrio
l in- Prodigal Kather." N I Hni ,
Mumliiy. he li I'.'tli.
!i no A M I tilde Study, "The
Manhood of tbe Muater." U. L (lark.
:5 A. M. Sunday MhOOli each
l.l.gate attending tht mIiooI of hln
II 00 A M. Tin- Markr of a Man'
l.eadera and boy in city church pul
:t 30 P. M older Bay' Mann
meeting, oddroae, "TH Olaal Kill
er." (1 L Clark
3 30 P M Men'a t'laaa Meeting
in charge of the Friendly Men's Hible
claaa of Carina
7 SO P M Hoyi. meeting, Cbaa
V I'lilppa. general gecrctao Oregon
Sunday Hclmol aaOOOlatkNI la cliurge
7 30 P M Hoa'i no-eling Melh
odiKt church. I M Ithoiol- peakcr
7 30 p M. Meeting for Women
and tiirla I ulted I'r. aaj tcrlan church
addreaaed by Mra I W i)rmby.
. eneritl secretary Idaho Sunday
school at-.. oclatlon
llll P. M I'ulon M-nii'i', '"''lie
Marka of Manhood ll America." S
J. ( baney, prehldent (ioodnig t'ollege
; P M ( loaing cxcrci-
Andy l.acke Ii able to !"' out ugaill
after heing coulimd to his " wltb
.. broken rll. While up in the
mountains recently Mr Lackey was
riding with three others ll the buck
seat of a hack. After it grew dusk
they went over a culbert that had
been partially waslied out, ami Mr
Lackey was thrown against one of
the holts of tbe hack, hrcaking a
rib. He was rendered unconclous
ror a short time and came home for
Hev. Oho. H. Powell will hold ser
vices In the Masonic hall Sunday,
Dec 12 at 10:4f A M. to which all
are Invited.
Mr. Weaver who haa been down
from the farm In Cow Valley vlalt
ing his parents, returned today to tbe
will III'
all tlt children in Ontario
iilili- to attend . Christum
III war assured by the oin-
who have hail u plan of this kind In
tiiiii'l Preliminary arrangements ore
Ilng mad-and all th.Sui.dul -d
Iwlll coop-rate with Ull low.. In Ml
thla a beppy
.. ryoi.e In Ontario.
I'lirl-tiiittn for
community trc will le !-1.
proffraa roadorodi ud fory thlld '
win a v v, 11 .1 it :
Mr t. n in clialruian of lli"
corn in it 1 ci mi arrange moat, ainl '
iiml Mr A 'In 111 Iiii 1 ii appoint"'! j
to MC'iin- . likely thai
ll u ill 1... ..,,1 ..,, fir..,,..,. -.... I 1...
f..." r.,
"i two local banks. proi
lliutll . . 1 man of III" program
ooaitnltti te( by al
'till. Mill,. .' i.ttl... .Ilv Mr. ,i .
" "-... 1II-., ' I I
fa chain. .an ,f the decorating torn-
the Maaonlc lodge, made hla official
vlait to tbe Ontario lodge laat night
About forty membera war prevent
Mr. Miller a visit waa enjoyed by all
Ilia talk to tbe lodge was on of the
moat pleasing and Inspiring ever giv
en here All member went away
more enthusiastic than over before
The meeting waa followed by on oys
ter supper and a smoker. Mr Mil
ler formerly readied at Albany but
for the present la making his home seventeen In all. were sold at auction
at Salem being a memfier of the Pub i,y Pat Gallagher, who proved to be
lie Ptllltlea Commission. la experienced In thla line. One ol
through Mr Millers efforts that the ,. moBt enjoyable features of the
Grand lidge will convene In Albany evening waa the excellent music fur
next year Inlshed by some local muaiclana and
Thla will he the flrat time ther Pruning and Mr Heamguard of
meeting was
evei held outalde "i
lieu J Canst who reside Bear
I'nlty and I foreman of the Kldorad,, ' m ' parties. Kiglit table wre
Hitch, was In town laat Friday to entertained each evening On Thurs
make a report of the years work to du high honors were won by Mrs.
Hie Kasieiu Oregon land Co here Printing and Mr Itambo. Conso
Sotne improvement has heen made on latlon prl." were awarded to Mrs
the ditch tins year, tour miles or tin-
ditch near the Mean Creek gup being
enlarged to twice Its former capacity
Mi I'aust operates a farm near Unity
and has bought two cars of hogs In
his vicinity. These will be taken
by freight wagons 10 miles to Mro
gau and will be shipped through
here to the Portland market next
Fred Miller of the Jordan Valley j
hank waa a visitor here laat Friday,
on huslness Mr Miller la a pro -
perty owner here lie was accom -
panied home by Otto Mlackaby Mra.
Hluckahy and baby will remain here
lor about a mouth.
fiKasatorr V '' ' ' - ,1
mwkjLt iW'JKwwMaii wSLseJuiflfifiLlii """
! JE-SBeBt'y IsSlr j)aaflHk. NKUb
LVi u'vft gfil SLJpsaaslXpJaxaBBlH i.Ysk vs ''si.
data J m
Ha Ull
II Ml iwl ' aw
I tWf'i d
Florence Keed in "The Dancing Girl" th offering at the Dream
land Theatre tomorrow night. This is the flrat appearance of Florence
Heed in motion pictures. The play la adapted to bring out the emotional
talents of tbe young star and the produvliou is on exceptionally good one
A board of arliltratlon Including
W, MollOU, A W Trow mid John
I r n'l.y, were elected recently tiy Mi"
(Nyssa Drainage Mlstrlct to place the
amount of the assessment on enrh
farm to i." In'ii"ljlti.. ,y " district,
according to th" value r"clv'(l Lnst
v.""k III . (.in.iiilli " w"iil hut tin
1 rniH Ml bM Hiitimittoil the a WHOM
. t M.
HOCIAL iii'timi,
'lli' liii'i.l lni if I Mtiulf I In).
. .,. 1..1. .1 ,. , . ,,.,. .. ....
. i..i 11, u i,u 1 ii'i'i'iiiiht 1 1 1 11., a 1 i lie
,. r wn w w vo,.,i uiii 1...
m D III I ill.ii! ' tOG 1. M.invof
inbern were unnl.le to attoad
. .1...
i I I f '
1 ltd . being hu.v llh the
ni". will be liere for the Moy'n
i ..'ir.'l.'lice
. . .
Mrs Oalton Hlgg Mil rlulru-'l
thirteen little elrla nt a birthday
party Saturday In honor of tbe ninth
l.irthday of her diiughter. Annabel
liamw were played during the after
noon and refrealunenta served Those
Ipreaent,. I...N Prlnzing. I-onit.
and l.or.'iiH Rtrlnkland, Margaret.
Phyllla and Olive Wataon. Pauline
Crauel, Olive Dorman, Kvelyn and
"'ilia Gallagher. Ktbel Oerand. Mil
dred Lawrence and Kathleen Newton
The Baaket social and dance given
by tbe members of tbe Oregon Club
last Friday evening proved to be a
highly enjoyable affair and the club
netted a neat sum from the aale of
the baaketa. Dancing waa enjoyed
until ten o'clock when the baaketa.
i mi .in,
0 0 0
Mr and Mrs A. F. Tonnlngaen
were at home to u number of their
frauds both Thursday and Frlduy
evenings of last week to delightful
Van Petten and Mr Mader.
Frlduy evening high scores were
made by Mrs. Bllliugsley ami M
Harnett Mr and Mrs. Kellogg wen
given the consolation prizes. Both
evenings concluded happily with the
serving of refreshment.
P. Monroe Smock who haa been en
gaged in the practice of law ut New
Plymouth of late months, has ac
!cepted an invitation from Henry Ford
jtu sail on the peace ship Oscar II on
ilta expedition to Europe. Mr.
Smock left last week to Join the party
J Mr. Smock was formerly pastor of
the lirst Maptist church of Molse.
PRIZE AT 0. W. I & H
Malheur County Exhibitors Carry Ofl
$225.00 in Prizes at Third An
nual Corn Carnival.
For the Best Irrigated Acre of Corn in Boys' Contesl
Both First and Second Was Awarded to
Ontario Boys.
Agnln Malheur County has won
lOBon In corn growing, that will
hnng this section Into great promin-
a ",rii growing At
the O. W. It K S Com Show whiefa
eloOOd at Wnlla Walla last Saturday
night, the second prize was awarded
to Malaoar Caaaty ror taj bo I g"n-
eral display. The first prize was
asvnrded to K K. Starkey of Prosser.
Third prize to C. C Toblaa of (aid- of Nyasa was awarded fifth prize.
well, Idaho. This third annual corn George Swlgert of Nysia seventh
carnival la said to ecllpae any of the prize, and S H. Mender of Ontario.
I, receding shows by the Interest tak- ninth prliue.
en and the number and quality of the In the boy contest. Fred Hendef,
exhibits sliow n Most of the exhlb- tbe fifteen-year-old son of 8. H. Ben
Its Including the one from thla county der of the Boulevard, won first prla
l'" ' lo Portland to be ahown al and ll"iir ..,'ui-,,n ,.f iiiiiarm won
the International Stock Show there, second prize. In tbe boy's core
I wo a,-r. ol Dent corn. Irrigated, Hflgftaf MBMal, Daaald Qaatlll won
: second prise. In this contest many
high school boyB were entered as well
in ii OX FLAT. as agricultural school students, and
J. H Wilson and family are now
living In Payette to give their chil-
dren the benefit of school.
August Senkbell and family are
also living In Payette and ('has. Mice
occupies their country home on North
Jacobaon's Gulch.
The well drilled by Mr. Carroll on were in charge of the Malheur County
hla desert claim la 161 feet deep and exhibit, returned home yesterday
the water level la about 100 feel be- morning, and state that the show
low the surfuce. wo a great success fi-om every stand-
Mr. Uainey ha built a big new point. The Judging was not all corn
house on his homestead and Is now pleted until Sunday noon and all the
cosily ensconced with his family Judges expressed themselves as being
therein. j surprised at the great Improvement
A. S. Wliltlieck bought a nice team , In the corn over that of last year.
of gray horses and has been doing a Farmer Smith stated that he believed
lot ot work ror Mr Carter the pust that there was corn on exhibition at
tew weeks this show that was never equaled any-
I'rank Lunger of Weiser Is visit- ' where else.
Ing hi futher-ln-law, ni Crull, and During the course of the ahow,
they are busy getting ap sage brush, many officials of the it a s
Jack llowl..iid, wire and child, re-
cntly arrived from Northern Idaho
to liv with ln mother, Mr -,
How land ou her homestead. Mr.
llowland lias been busy .'muling win-
t, r supplies and feed.
Ira Hook is selling on his personal
property preparatory to leaving Dead
Ox Flat We understand he is go-
ing to Portland.
On Friday night. Dec. 3rd., at the
lioiiie or Mr and .ilrs. Anderson, waa
given a most agreeable and success-
ful suprise party ifl honor of the lstli
birthday ot their daughter. Anna
Siuy-four people sat at supper of
oysters, Minis, cakes, etc. A most
enjoyable time was reported by all.
The sympathy ol the entire Flat is
aitl Mr and Mrs Howell who were
notilled ten days ago of the muni.
ot their sou at Maker. The son was
a blacksmith in Maker and an old
lime friend of his who haa been drink
iug heavily of late, repeated lv up
plled to Mr Gowell for work and was
told as often to go home and sober
up and h- could get work. Finally
he appeared at the ghop with a ritle
Hiid opened tire, kiii ; Mr. Gowell
un. I another man. I he l.tlier ln
for Maker Sunday morning Nov. 2h
to attend the funeral of his son.
C. O. Douglas gave a dunce and
supper at his place Friday night, Dec.
I'lius Herr is elected to give tbe
Flat an oyster supper by virtue of
the fact that he won first ut the corn
I ... Grippe seems to be the populur
visiter on Lower Head Ox Flat now.
The attendance ut the Park school
will be bud this mouth if the ravages
of La Grippe continues.
('has. Herr bought the personal
property left ou the Coulter ranch,
a few days ago.
Mrs. Hllliurd, mother of Mrs Chas.
Herr, who has been visiting on the
Flat a number of weeks, left receutly
to visit u son ut Wullu Walla, Wash
The threshing machine again prov
ed the efficacy of scientific dry farm
ing this year on Head Ox Flut. Ira
land yielded over 20 bushels of No.
1 rye to the acre, while the indif
ferently seeded laud shelled out 5,
I, 7 and 8 bushels to the acre.
No. 7
i by G. O Brown of Nysaa, won
Irot prize. For the best twelve eun
of Irrigated corn, l T. Holly of Big
H'toi. won tlrird prize. f i. Por-
ter of Nynsa won seventli prize For
the best acre of irrigated corn. Jeaae
lafcl u or Hig Hend won second
prize, ar.i U B, PTIIaaa of Nyssa,
third prize. Alex Wnde of Nyssa
won the fourth prize. H. c. Roberts
It Is Indeed an honor for one of our
local boya to carry off thla prise. Don-
aid Conklln also won second prise on
an ear of corn, when shelled, making
.highest per cent. For the best five
acres of corn. Irrigated, the first
prise waa awarded to L. D. Gordon
of Ontario.
Mr. Conklin and son Donald who
visited tbe show. F W Mobinson,
traffic manager, and II. F. I.oups-
inr. general freight agent, being
there the last day. It is believed by
the railroad agriculturists that these
i shows are the means of interesting
many people in corn production, and
induce more farmers to grow corn on
their ranches in this northwestern
country. The expena ut this show
'were ready to give all the informa-
tion possible to those Interested In
growing corn. Kverv day a corn
luncheon was served free at the show
end included corn coffee und
other delicacies made of corn.
The Bee Growers convention for
Kasieru Oregon and Idaho met in
session at the city hull tod ly, Ow
ing to the small uttemtuu most ot
the business to come In tore tbe con
vention was postponed until tomor-
row when it is expected more mem-
bers will be present to vo'.e upon tht
most Important question:, to come be
fore the convention
A meeting of the members of the
Snake giver Valley Medical associa
tion will he held this evening In tht
city hall. This is a regular monthly
meeting. Payalotoaa of all lag
neighboring town-. I Idaho and Ore
gon are membei . of t lie association.
In this issue of the Argus, the Golden
Rule Store has made announcement
of a big sale to start Thursday, Dec
ember Sitli The store will he closed
ull day Wednesday, marking down
goods for this sale.
Puul Compball and Clay Miller
made a trip to Weiser Sunday, going
down the river iii a canoe.
Wm Scott of Beulah who has been
In Ontario for a few weeks will re
turn home tomorrow.
Mrs. A. S. King and little son wen
up from Parma today.