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uide Posts to Success
In the
dvertise the Apple Use the Newspaper,
Sales Days, and Box Displays Stop the
Selling of Culls on Any Market -Employ
One High-Class Salesman to Sell the Fruit
Crop of the State.
ill Out Consignment Abuse, Sell Direct for Cash and for
Cash Only (Jive Speculators a Chance to Speculate
on Their Own Monev While Growers Accumulate
l.llldr 1'iialw l Sill r III
Kill out consignment abuse
SHI 1 1 r - I for raub and cash
Give aperulalora a rbanre to
SiieiuUti- oa their own none)
Idle grow era accumulate thelm
(intnniK- a atate-wld aelling
ilfpur'tiH-eit to gather In for nut -
tinti on world rrop conditions,
on acreage, market fleldn. rrook
r.l dealers, ii.mpetltlte din
dutrlrtn, and all other elements
hlrh miter in nulling at whole
Mk. tMr mntral ofllie the i.caduuartera fur the
lli .in .1 oolitlnilft thw liirnl
office in each district an nnii
Inn nml storage agenda only,
and kiiii lioukH in each local
A il v r I i n by unlng
i -paper... nales da)H, l...
displays llanlnh the. grocer
I" Mn lll ll i .
ling of rullx mi
nit iirTfriiiK cull kill
llM ale of murli good fruit mie high class Mi
lium t.i 1 1 dm fruit rrop ol tin
"tuii- mill finplo; :..... kk.epcr
lid warehousemen Mt IimiiI of
' to keep the KiiountM ami
MM iiinl Hhlp i he fruit
I'ool fruit for selling unit
I'o not ullow a pool to tii' !'
llvered anywhere before you gH
tour money Apples In a ware
house uiiiicr proper supervision
nbould !. delivered like wheal
in delivered
Markets In Oregon are being
iteglei'ted llolela and renlau
rMli ure mil unlng applen free
It eiioiiKh. while cheap bananas
"ml ormigcH in Portland make
llM Held need cultivating
Publish a valuitble booklet
Hi UM aie. U culture, (In foml
value, iih vurietl unen. ami plain
copy lii each box packed in the
1 ''' People know III I If aliiolt
Hie apple and grower must li
''i. untie Information which will
Increane connumptlon
Dl not worry ahoul the braiol
"" UM box I'eople do hoi I H
u"' box but il contents Apple
boxen should be clearly marked
'" acid content keeping or cat
lug or cooking iiualltlen, an well
n 0 size and color df the applen
''w housewives know all about
the apple.
Iilntrlbiitlon In the handmaid
en of production. Helling Ih an
... nihil part or the annual out
put of every orchard Prolltn
cannot come from production
alone, .-., though coat of pro
duction be at the very minimum.
The producer ban been mllk
ed long enough in Oregon High
land valuea, heavy Interest
charges and high taxes demand
ill that an orcbardlat can make
an faat aa lie can make It. Let
readjustment come, eapeclally in
marketing uiethode.
Each fruit grower dlatrict
Hhould specialize atrongly. I"
velope large output of certain
fruit, or varletlea and do not
try to grow everything. Quanti
ty counta for aa much at qual
ity In Helling at wholesale
Apple Industry
i Till (. Itottt.K AM A SALESMAN.
i ddrean by A. H. Ilarru, Indus-
trial writ.r on the Evening THeitratii
before the Oregon Slate llnrtlriil
tural Society, at orvallln. Not ember ,
17, l ' i
The producer, whether ths pro- ,
duct he wheat, wool, applen or pea
num. ban been and likely will con
imue tn be the helplean victim of
iihusen In dlntrlbutioii Aa
odn of production become more
Hcleiltlflc, aa the quality and quau
tlty of cropa Increane, new ahunea
and even extortion In marketing ap-
'pear, for the grower frequently nils-
I taken xolume of output for profltH
and proaperlly. And. fliere have
been enough human parrots in every
neighborhood to keep up the nense-
lens prattle about increased pmdur
lion being the lnnt evidence of great
nean In the producer and riches In
Hie i 111 in kill J I s
I he wheal grower of the Middle
Statea ban paaaed through all the
1 Mages of production and nearly all wlnre when It is considered that ap
ii . ew.lutions of d trlbatloa In ieM are not connumtd for either their
It all he ban been wi . r than I he Ore
Koii apple grower, for he has always
demanded the cash fur his pnutucts
then he sold them, not when they
lelitered and marketa at a
distant point of coiisiimpt mn
The I
! grower bus alwnts recelvwl his mai coi.iei,K mm a.., -
MM) when he sold ins wool; Tl tered. and perhaps at lower price.
stockman gets bin che. when his Him the Oregon grower cau afford
cattle or sheep are delivered to the '" accept
buyer, not when the pa. king house Mere Is where salesmanship abOM
or central market p , kj reached MM " UM aid of the producer U
It has remained for the apple grow H M( .nough to grow a beautiful
er to maintain the , ahune 'apple and then throw it on the mar
long after other wise producers on c. to be bought blindly by women
the land hate k I off the com.nlsa- who have little money n, spend. It
Ion shark. It ban becom. ,,.r. of the iboHeVN '' " M""' '"te,,l
rru.t game .., the nor.hw. it to brag ". thai the consumer will but
about great market pla.e, and -.and ''" 'recly and that l.etter reaults
off the banks which loan..! MMMf !'r" UHe of Mrfl" "' c'rtalnl
... c.ter marketing eM..,, . Will WaOTf' The apple bus.neaa la not
the most perlnhabl- goods produced.' ouceoter proposition The lack
..... .....u.. ii. ,,, the ,1 continuity in selling apples g one of his produce In a farawat
city, among si rangers who., niie pur
poMe Is lo make nniiiey I li ixllgll the
hutidliiig ol the consigned c.uiiiiiod-
I'roilucer huffers I coin Ottu Ivrroi.
And. the fruit profiteer niut blame
I. a - .1 ,..,,,
Illl.lU.tll I , I I. It. Ilk. 1.1 III.. t, IK." Illllll
i i i i ' I ' . ...i.i ... ,1.. ......
which he suffers Me hi.iKs ..bout
:' f.l t III1IS 111 IIIIIIilH l I in I tin !
ibeur his own market lie refines
111 I Ml I I I Mil HI I I III 1 Ull lt jlllja
.. a ..I I,....... I J I....... II.. i, ..ploi'l-l
which mean uinole drv alorage and
cold tin. ice as ii mean.- ol control!
lug the movement of fruit to con
i gested markets
He employs men
to sell I he II lilt, and usually 111'" VVllO
bt training and environment cannot
render the high claea service demand
ed. He deiiiuiidM that all hit fruit
be aold, when be would be uiouey
ahead to market ouly good fruit and
allow culls aud Inferior grades to go
only to the elder mill or to rot iu the
orchard Me aometliues pays faucy
salariea to hla employees and thou
ilea their hands by lack of eijulp
ment and funds and by rulea and
regulations until they cannot per
form the hlgheat and beat eervlcg
And. finally, the email grower muat
have ready money, and heuoe forcea
hla crop on the market when demor
alising coudltlona are being cryBtall
iied by other men who do foolish
things like bimscir
In Oregon a great many fruit
growera expect the managera of their
work literally
organizations to
w..rk. If the manager In active In
'juggling boxen, In forwarding ship-
meiiin, In keeping the atage In the
office properly net for the reception
of the man who producer the fruit.
that manager liolda the Jon. n
a manager hiren a 92 a day man to
Juggle boxea and loafl cara and given
Inn time to finding marketa, studying
I anda. and really selling fruit.
he too often In asked to vacate and
ullow another to reduce expenses
Salesmanship la a plant of alow
growth at beat. Urowers do not aeem
to r.-..iie the need or real salesman
ship In the handling of the moat per
lahable crop that seeks quick mar
Meet t Intelligently.
The Oregon grower aa a aaleeman
mum recognise the fact that comtMv
tition In marketing will alwaya exist,
and lively compel it ton. too, moat of
the time The theory which some
growers emphasize that Oregon ap
plen and Oregon pears have no coin
in i it ion in color and nlze gets uo-
Ue r color, but tor their rood value
or chemical COIlleni nounewixes
want applen for certain purpoaea, and
thev should be taught to select the
best varletlea of Oregon applea for
each purpose. It Is safe to assume
.. . .i ... i. . i...-.. ...hi i...
ol the weaknesses of the fruit game
in Oregon.
o-i.Mratle Mr...
Il co operutlve selling la to ho r
uiaiieiit mid prolituble among Ore
koii hortlculturiata, a comprelieiisit e
plan must be adopted. In my opinion
... .! I ..u.x...UA 1.. ..... !.&... , U ilk
Ilt.'ll ... ' HS 1 II"' i ' J
many cases, under methods new ,.,.,
nlovisl. antl roHUltH aro not natUrai-
lory to Hie growers
On tlu whole,
....a ..Iztou '.iiiiio,.J voiir lttfl Villi r
lll'l III I - .a.1 j - . ,
I. . ... ..x ...ikt in jui ..ij u'luirii liHi'i'
a.c .... -. ... ... - - - -
growers make the moat of fancy
packs and market conditions. The
.-mall grower sella direct, too often,
in order to get quick money and to
avoid settlemeula with commission
houses which have made fortunes
' questionable methoda. Then
co-operative selling la beat for the
large grower, while the small pro
ducer more or less demoralixea the
market for the entire output. A
co-operative scheme which doea not
properly care for the small producer
la a failure, unless the plan is work
ing to centrallie the coutrol of orc
hard producta.
Take a look at the atate from the
angle of horticultural developeiuent
and co-operative Belling. Hood Hlv
er heads the Hat of producing dis
tricts, and a manager and sales man
ager are employed to handle the ag
ency. Urowera hare shipping and
storage facilities of their own. Out
side buyers also occupy the Held. At
Medford two producer' organUa-
The city tax lovy for the coming
year waa fixed by the council laat
Friday night at sixteen and one-half
mills, the maximum levy allowed by
the charter. Thin will produce a
revenue of a little over $1 5,000, and
I slightly lean than the revenue of
the rlty thin year. The assessed
valuation of the city this year In a
million dollar-
Last evening the Commercial clans
club of the high school held a social
party In the local school building.
(Same were played after which re
frc iifnentn were served In the do
iii' in science room. A very good
linn- was had by all present.
Mmli Inter. manifested In
the debate which was staged In the
high hool this nfternnon. .Many
visitors were present.
Two new students were added to
the high school this week wlom Mrs.
Qejofft lionaldson moved in from
KierHlde to spend the remainder of
tin- winter and send her children to
school The Ontario schools have
a splendid reputation all over the
8 I P. mi... n manager of the
Dreamland treated some of the lov
ers of moving plcturea to a produc
tion of Trilby" and 'Hutterfly on
the Wheel" from the Equitable and
(World Feature Corporation lant Sun
day afternoon The repreaentatlve
of the film company took Sunday
afternoon aa a time to demonatrate
these films and only a few could he
readied to share In the treat. It
la very likely, atatea Mr. Dorman.
that lie will have some features from
these companies a Mtttt laT tn the
aeiison They Include "Master of
the house" xvltli Julius Steger, "Hluo
QrMS" with Tom Wise. "Utile Mad
aim .lb ' with Vivian Martin, and a
number of others of the very beat.
The Paramount features that Mr.
Dorman has secured have been very
popular with Ontario audiences
Those coming II the near future in
clude Marie in The Morals ..'
Marcus." Murguerite t'lark in the
(loose Cirl. W M frane tn "David
llarum" and others.
lions ure being matna:ned. with hea-
ii overhead costs Salem has a
very strong organization among
growers, aud yet prune producer
maintain their own packing and sell
ing agency. Kugene shows signs
of business nuinty by maintaining u
single efficient orgunUution with ade
iiuate equipment to properly pack,
ship, can and evaporate the growers'
produce. Milton and Kreett at. r
maintain a co-operative organization
and two private shipping enterpris
.s Ontario, I .a tirande. Hermis-
ton. The Dalles, Corvallia, Albaiit.
Mosi.r, ( ; rant st l'ass. Sutlierlin. Hose
burg, each lias a struggling growers'
orguniaitlon trying to serve produc
crs who have ul wisely specialized
In the production of the most murk
etable commodities. And each car
ries a heavy overhead, while direct
ly competing in the name markets
with other co-operative organiza
tions. Not one of these selling ag
encies is strong enough to be highly
efficient, for not one has been rich
enough nor wise enough to gather
year after year, the Information nec
essary to the certain profitable mar
keting of the goods entrusted to It.
Where is the difficulty? I ans
wer, in the lack or vision, in the lack
of co-operation, in the lack of capi
tal, in the playing of petty politics,
Iu the working out of personal am
bitious. Men are always ready to
grasp personal advantage at the ex
pense of community prosperity. The
fruit grower is no exception to the
(To be continued.)
A (In i,i"' occured in the Moore
Hotel Wednesday when W. D. Torrey
transferred the management to C. E.
Wllaon, one of the stockholders in
the company, and who ban been here
for several weeke. Mr. and Mm
Torrey left Wednesday evening for
Seaside. E. II. Tent In back at the
dunk again.
A very enjoyable meeting of the
Woman 'n flub wan held at the Com
mercial flub roomn Thursday after
noon. Mr. LOWtM was prenent and
gave a very plenning talk on Kng
Mr. and Mrs Kad'-r ititerlained
the "Itemnants" Tuesday evening
Mr. Kellogg won high honors at
Mm. John Wood was hosiers lo
the Tuer-lay Bridge Club this week.
High honors were won by Mrs. K.
W. Swagler.
Mm. It n mho wan hontena to the
Silver Fork club at the home of Mm.
McNulty laat Wednesday. High
bonom were won by Mm. W. W.
Ontario music lovers are looking
forward to some real musical treats
in the near future Mr. Dorman has
aecured the New York Metropolitan
Company for Dec. 38th. This com
pany Includes alx stars and It la in
deed a rare opportunity for our peo
ple to hear good music at home. On
ly on account of the war In Europe
has it been possible for nmall theatres
to aecure audi talented musicians
Their program is a varied one. The
Ontario Music club have offered their
support to Mr Dorman in bringing
the company here.
The Schubert Symphony Club will
give an entertainment here January
5th., under the auspices of the Ore
gun Club. They include three stars
and come very highly reccomended
The company is composed of I.eeta
("order, soprano, I .at una Teudt. cm
tralto. and Thomas I'urcell, violinist.
Nine were baptised by Kev. D.
l.oree at the Owyhee Mission station
last Sunday.
There will be services at the Arcad
ia school house next Sunday at 'i
Topics for the home church next
Sunday: II A. M , "Jesus and
i ,se, or the Creat White Plague "
7:10 P. M , "The Best Citizenship."
A heaity invitation is extended to
t vei v one to attend all the serv i
D E. Baker pastor
"The Italian" aring George
llehan. is the offering of the Dream
land tomorrow night. The picture
is a "Paramount" and comes well
Bert H. Stafford waa tried before
J. L. Wheeler, Justice of the Peace
at Vale, yesterday on a charge of for
gery He pleaded guilty and was
bound over to the grand Jury. It
la said he forged the name of J- C.
Bean to a check for $12.85 and at
tempted to pass it at two places iu
News waa received by Mrs. Q. A.
Pogue tn this city this morning of
the birth of a son to Mr. aud Mm.
Harry A. Duffey at Eureka, Califor
nia. Mr. aud Mrs. Duffey are well
known here having resided In On
tario for several years.
In Ihe city election to be held nerjg
Monday there will be two Bw names
on the ballots. A. I.. Cockrtim an 4
8. D. Dorman have been noi m steal
by petition for counciTnen, Bid H. tl
Boyar and W. W. Letson, nominitoA
at ihe caucus Monday night, have)
not qualified, thus tbeli na M wiM
not appear. There will be DO rtppo
: ition In the election Vlnnday. an oe
opposing ticket has been nominated.
Mrs. Homer Blagle has relume
from a visit to Welser.
Klton Webb of New Plymouth, waa
a visitor here yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Schmltt of
Sandpolnt, Idaho, were visitors here
K. H Van Slyke, of Pocatello, waa
here Thursday.
W. O. McOinnis was up from Wel
ser this week.
H. L. Stewart of Cambridge, spent
Thursday here.
Frank Thompson of Waverly, Ore.
spent a few days here this week.
A. B. Scatterday of Caldwell, waa
up the first part of the week.
John Murphy a atockman
Beulah, was down yesterday.
Wm. Scott of Beulah waa a visitor
here this week.
Robert Smith a buslneaa man from
Juntura waa here Wednesday.
Ber Wood made a trip to Juntura
this week.
Miss Dean Orcutt haa been con
fined to her home for several days
with la grippe.
Mrs. I. C. Weant of Cascade, and
Mrs. It. E. Weant of Vale, were On
tario visitors tills week.
The regular meeting of the W. C
T. V. will be held next Tuesday after
noon Iu the Preshyteriun church
Mr and Mm. dualling of Welser
were the gueats at Ihe 11. 1. Poormaa
home over Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mm. A. J. (Hover and Miss
Kayo Wheeler made a trip to Boise,
returning the first of the week.
John l.eart of Placervllle, Idaho.
was a visitor here the first of the
J. F. Orr has Just returned to Pay
ette after a visit to the new Ox Bow
power plant.
Miss Amelia Plughott has return
ed to school after spending Thanks
giving with her parent:, at Hunting
ton E. U. Showers and hla sister, Mrs
Akin, or Onalaska, Wise, passed
through Ontario laat week. Mr.
Showers is u newspaper man.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold TervvilligiiT
of Weiaer. who ure known here as
good musicians, are iu Ontario and
plan to spend several mouths here.
Father Brady of Juntura was is
town Tuesday on his way to Enter
prise and Joseph. Oiec.ou, where he
will spend a couple oi week
II C. Scliuppell, the representa
tive for the Oregon Life Insurance
Co., ia apemiing a few days at home
Mr. Scliuppell has been In and near
Baker the most of the winter.
J. L. D. Morriaou of the Oregoa
Western Colonization Co., spent a
few days here and at Burus this week
iu the interest of the company. Mr.
Morrison will return to Portland to
night. F. O. Yeats manager of the Pay
ett Mills, was a visitor here recently
making plaus for the demonstratloa
at the Electric Investment Co. office
tomorrow of the famour Arrow dour.
Wllaon Bros. Velvet coffee will be
served with the hot biscuits.