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Dr. McKvvnn of I'HrmH.
tnrto Sunday.
wan in On-
E. B. Goudy went to Mm last Sat
unlay. Mr. nndMrs. B.C. Vhh I'eUen left
Tuesday fur Piirtland.
Mr. Naptnn. of Clover Creek,
Ontario visitor thin week.
ih an
Mi " ClHiulia llarton, of Hoise, was
visiting friends here oyer the Kourlh.
1. I'. Karl, hotelman of WeMtfall,
who whh here for several ilaya, return
ed to hiN home Tuesday.
Hen McKlroy, of ('iiinhrigc, Idaho,
ciimc in Inst Thursday, and is here for
it visit of several day.
Miss l.efn M'lstard, of Westfall, re
turned to her home Saturday, after
hm-iiiIiiii several weeks in Ontario.
Wilmer Hoyer returned home Satur
day from Sun r'rfnciseo where he via
ited the I'anatna-I'acihV I : v i nm.
C. CL Zwcigart left Tueaday for
Cortland where he wdl spend a vaea
lion of aeveral weeka.
Spruguc Adam, of the Ontario Na
tional hank, left Sunday for a vacation
ut I'nyette Lakes.
Kev l. B. Maker will preach at the
Owyhee achuol hoUMe Tueatlay evening
of next week.
Nathan Alexander, hi.ii of Coventor
Alexander, of Hoise, waa in Ontario
over the fourth.
Kev. C. II. I'owell will hold Kpiaeo
pal services in tho I. O. 0. f, hall
Sunday evening, 1 ul II, at K i. til.
Mm Mary C Ayera, Baptist Mission-
ary in Huh locality, will viait Arcadia,
Friday of Hum week in the interval of
the work.
I.. Adam left for Cortland Tueaday
where lie will join hut family, ami all
will go to San Francisco to the exposi
tion. W. S. Callin, of Newton's Shoe atore
left wedinwl.iN trenlng for (lutline,
Oklahoma, wherein will n main on a
aeveral week vacation.
Mrs. II. I.. Ilolcnmlic, aaaislcil liy
the Mihea Anna and Margaret Mcliiv
eru enlei tamed in honor of Mis lu
I .nolle) gg Friday evening.
Mr. and Mra. W. K. Shinii retuined
Slaturday from VVhIIii Walla and
other Wa.--liinv.ton .omls where they
have liecn visiting Iwlntivi
Kn. I. Iv linker, of llie tUptial
church in tin.- eity( will preach g Um
Valley Vide H'hool house next Sunday
at S p. in. lopic: "Ir. it Well With
The Soul'.'"
Mr. and Mr. Bred I'latt. of Carina.
Iiroui'.ht tlieir lliu-e war old haby to
the Holy Ko.-ary hospital Sunday for a
surgical operation. The hahy is recov
tfimc nicely.
Mr W. M. U.oker, of the Owyhee
aeclion. underwent a serious operation
at the Holy Rosary hospital Monda.
Mrs. Looker was formerly Mra. Tiet
aort and is well known in Ontario.
The local liaptist church held its reg
ular quarterly Covenant and business
meeting laat Saturttay afteruoou. A
fairly gixsi attendance was present
considering the busy season. A splend
id spirit waa manifested in the nerving
ami much business was transacted per
taining to the advancement of the
work in this locality.
Kodaks and Supplies
Berlin Tells of Defeat of Light
Naval Fleet by Russian
Berlin, via, London A atatement la
ued by the German admiralty relative
to en engagement I the Baltic eee
confirms tbe report that tke German
mine-layer Albatroaa waa forced te
run aground ou the coeat of the Island
of Gothland, and aaya that 20 ef her
crow were hilled In the fight and IT
were wounded. The Albatroaa ran
aground In a alnklng condition after
two houra' heavy fighting with four
Russian cruisers
The teit of the etatement follewe:
"The admiralty reporta that a por
tion of light Baltic naval forcee, re
turning from outpoat duty, met at
about 6 o'clock on the morning of
July tbe Huaalan armored oruleere
petroling between Gothland and Win
dau (Ruaala) laolated flghtlug devel
oped, our week forces attempting to
draw the Ruealaa veaaela within range
of the othvi Qerraaa ablpe.
"In the couree of the fighting the
Albatroae waa unable to regain touch
with her own forces After two houra
ef heavy fighting agnlnat four armor
ed orulaera, whloh continued firing
within Swedlah territory watere. the
Albatroaa waa compelled te ge
aground In a alnktug condition near
Oeatgnrna. In Oothlaud. Twenty men
were killed and IT wouaded. Tbe
wounded were well treated by the
Swedish officials"
Recer en Tacoma Spssdsvsy Killed.
Tacoma- -Taking the lead at the
atari and holding It, eicept for a brief
visit to tbe pita In the 114th mile. Guy
Rurkatell won the 1(0 mile Monte
marathon automobile rere at the Ta
coma speedwey- The race waa marred
by tbe death of Paul rranaen, inecfc
anlclan for Hilly Carlson, and the In
Jurlng of Carlaon, when a lire blowout
on a eteep curve hurled the car from
the treck. throwing rranaen agalnat a
atump and breaking hla back.
Oenerel Oreiee Hae Dleeppeared.
i i Paao, 'I'ei - General I'aacual
Orotco. Huerta'a chief lleutenaut. baa
disappeared, eluding all aecrel sort
Ice men guarding bla apertnieute. It
la feared thai he lias Jumped hla ball
bond of IVMill and la now safe lu Mell
Prssldsrrt Wlleen'e Guard Increeeed.
Cornish, N II Kxtra precautlona
were taken by the secret aervlce mea
here to guard the president The at
tack on Mr Morgau. and tbe explosion
In Washington, aerved to make the
president's body guarda very alert
Holt Wae Cernell Oermen instructor
Ithaca. N Y -Prauk Moll, the for
um Cornell lustrurtor who shot J IV
Morgun, finished hie eerie el the uni
versity two weeka ago and had accept
ed the chair of French history In ins
Southern Methodist college at Dalles,
Holt wae a atudloue. bard working
tan of nearly 40 years At times, bla
colleaKues say, he was morose
Britlsh-Amaricsn Pent Celebrated,
Hi-.iiiu-ii.4iii Waah Tinder the aus
pices of the I'actftc Highway assocta
Hon. the 1(h) years of peace recently
reached between the I'nlted States
ami C.reat liiii.iin was celebrated Sun
day on the Intel national bottudary
near tilalne.
Wheat -Club, fl U3 blueatein ft UK.
red Huaalan. 96c, forty fold, $104,
led fife. Mr
Hay Kastern Oregon timothy. 17
grain hay ; alfalfa, $13 60, valley
tlniolh), JO
Hutter t'reauicry Mo.
Kggs Ranch, 14c
Wool Kastern Oregon, '.'8c; valley,
Mohair -Sic.
Wheat Illueslem. $1 01; elub $1 03;
red Huaslau. Jc. forty fold, $lt)6,
fir- y7c
barley -:i per toil
Hay Timothy, 116 per ton; alfalfa.
14 per ton
Butter Creamery, ic.
Egga Z4c.
Ontario Pharmacy
An Areenio Spray Used With Sueoeea
In Hawaii.
Officials of the department of agricul
ture nre greatly Interested lu reporta
received from Ilnwull to the effect that
one of the big sugar eompanlee ban
adopted riH n regular field practice tbe
nyatero of destroying weeds by use of
nn nrsentc poison spray Instead of by
Experts who hnve conducted eiperi-
ii 'h on Ilnwull sugar lnnda estimate
that by tbe aprnylng method a aavlng
can I"- mndo In Inbor of 1G to $90 per
acre per annum.
Tbe latest development! along thin
line In ilawnll nre discussed In n letter
received from Professor II. I. Agee.
director of the cxrlmeiit station Hiaff
of tho 1 1 it k n tin n Sugar 1 'In liters' nsso
clntlon. Before going to Ilawnll I'ro
feaaor Altec roopenited with Mie de
partment lu experimenta on Loulalana
augnr land.
Tho Milue of this method In Hawaii
hi very lieeaiiMe of the fact that,
like most tropical reglona, the Maude
are nuIiJi" t to torrential rnlna. The leaa
the surface of aiignr ami other lnnda
U disturbed h.v iiilllviitlnn tho leaa
chance, there Is that heavy rnlna will
wash off tin- top soil or Immediately
bent It Into compact form.
A few years ii!o tho department of
agriculture Isam-d a bulletin dealing
with the weed fnotor In tho cultivation
of corn, following a series of experi
menta extending over aeveral yearn,
which apparently established (he prin
ciple that It Is the removal of the
weeda rut her than tho cultivation
proMT that contribute moat of the of the com i"i A norlee
of l'J.'i experiments were conducted,
covering many states, tin some plota
the inoet approved methods of cultiva
tion were employ ell, while on other
plots there was no cultivation what
ever, the weeds being eliminated by
surface svnipltig with n boe.
A general aw-rago of all ibeee expert-mint-
abowcil Hint the plota that were
elmply weedisd produced 115. 1 ier cent
ae much fodiler and IMj.iOH per cent aa
much gruln us thoao that were aub-j4-ctol
to the most approved methoda
of cultivation.
1 lie arsenic -pi.iy method will be
given a trial on i-orn l.unl In IxuUlana
ihls year by exporta of tho office of
farm inanagemeut lu co-operation with
local iniiiioi tin -. with a view to deter
mining whether It Is not available for
uee lu that region, where climatic con
ditions to some extent approach those
In Hum ill
In Hawaii the spray la applied to the
weeds with great care, aluce If It
touches the leave on the enne they
are Immediately destroyed. When care
fully applied, however, either by a
band spray or by u spray consisting of
an oil barrel attaclusl to a atone aled
eapei-tnlly constructed for tbe purpose
and pulled by one mule there la uodau
ger to the cane.
Frequently It Is necessary to follow
the sled apniy with a hand spray In
order to kill the few wt-eds that are
not readied. The resulta of tho spray
ing met hod huvo boeii ao satisfactory
that exMiitnents are lielug connected
with a view lo Improving the some
what ( rmle linpleuieuta now lu use.
Kugeue EugenS will have a publio
market day. ou which the farmers may
brtug to the city produce, probably
otu-e a week, and offer It for sale, ac
cording to the plana of 8 l Hooper,
manager of the prouiottou department
of the i oiniiieiiiai Club
1 ' r ansnPSeS
m a V&MHBnnnlnnnnnnnnnBss! nsnW
n ' ni
bp essnnw
M. Vsninnkie, former premier ef
reese. " -
Renter's Petrograd correspondent
says the Russian military critics eetl
mate the total Auatro German forcee
operating against the Ktiaslans aa no
leaa than 45 German and ! Austrian
army corps, or about 2.800,000 men.
Introducing the iniinltlona bill In
the House of Lords Lord Curson an
nounced that the first week of the
campaign made to speed up the man
ufacture of arms ami munitions result
ed In the eiiiollmeiit of MjNI volun
leer munition workers
A liiisslau submarine In ths Black
Sea sank two Turkish steamers and a
sailing ship carrying provisions and
coal, and liter engaged and drove
aground three armed st linonera near
the mouth of the Boaphorus.
Hi the Italian theater of npsratlons
the Italians assert they ars making
slow but steady galna, though the Aua
tro Hungarians are aiigineullug their
forcee and the counter attacks are be
coming more resolute Unofficial re
porta say that Tolmluo, on lbs Isonio
river, has been occupied by the Hel
lene righting on the weetern front baa
been especially ssvere In the Argonne
forest, where the Germsn crown
prince Is in command of ths Teutoule
forces The French assert that they
have Inrilcted heavy loaaee on the
Gentians In the romhsis In this re
gion. I'ioiii in Mln comes the s.lmls
The twenty fifth annual convention
ef the churches of Christ In Oregon
will meet nt Turner July 614.
At a meeting of automobile owners
recently Jackson county'a flrat auto
mobile club waa organised at Medford.
John Cos, a blackamlth of Medford,
Is dead from the effects of a blow on
the head. The police are searching
for K Jackson.
The twenty-alxth annual convention
of the Oregou State Pharmaceutical
aaaoclatlon will be held at Gearhart
Tuesday, July 6, to Friday, July 9, In
clusive. Miss Anna Castleberry of Clinton,
Okla, and Miss Grace Glllett of St
Pnul hnve been selected as Instructors
of domestic science nt the Oregon Ag
ricultural college.
The Marlon county grand Jury In a
report to Circuit Judge Kelly has de
dared that It had found numerous
frauds In connection with the expeu ,
dlture of road funds In 4 present indications, this will ,
be the year of heaviest traffic Crater j
Lake has experienced. At this early
date travel has been practically twice
what it was thus far last year.
In the butter contest for the state
of Oregon, conducted by the Oregon
Agricultural college, the Junction City
orearoery was an easy winner tor the
month of June with a score of 95.
The visit of I'nlted States Commie
sioner P. P. Claxton to Oregou Tuss-
day was made tbe occasion of a round
table conference of county school su
perintendents at the Oregon Agricul
tural college.
W. L. Johnson, of Portland: Leslie
D. Howell, of Salem, and G V Lint
ner. of Portlaud, have been appointed
field euglueers In the interstate com
merce commission and assigned to
railway valuatlou work
A conference of all the commercial
bodies In western Oregon will be held
at Salem within the uext few weeks to
couslder the federal supreme court's
recent decision lu the Oregou A Cali
fornia land grant case
The forest service Is advertising for
aale 2.410,000 feet, board measure, of
wfatern yellow pine. The real is
sugar pine, Douglas fir and white fir
all located upou the Crater national
forest lu southern Oregon.
A crew of men from the federal rec
lamation service at Tule lake. Mam
alb couuty, are making some borlugs
and excavations around the lake to
determine whethjsr it would be feasi
ble lo reclaim Hie district.
Slating that a case of rabies had
neen discovered In Yamhill county,
and another our lu Polk, State Veter
inarian Lytle has Issued an order pro
hiUUng dogs from running at large In
and Nyal Goods
sinti that the Germans have been forc
ed to give up the gains made by them
on the llllgen ridge of the Vosgea
The armies of Kmperore William
and Krnucls Joseph continue their Im
petuous drive against the forties of
Emperor Nicholas along a front meas
uring approximately 150 miles In
southern Poland and In Gallcla. The
Teutonic troopa. according to the Ger
man statement, have gained posses
sion of the lowlands of Labunke, In
the Russian province of Lublin, de
aplte stubborn reslatance, and alao
have advanced In purault of Uie flee
ing Russlana In tho Zlota Llpa aeclion
or Gallcla.
The status of the liner Armenian,
sunk by a German submarine while
carrying a cargo of mules to Kngland.
waa established aa that of a Hrltlah
government boat A consular dla
patch to the state department from
Liverpool said that the Armenian had
been requisitioned by the admiralty
prior to her last vnynge.
U. 8. Loses Coal Cass.
Philadelphia. The federal district
court denied the application of the
government to dissolve the alleged
"anthracite coal trust." The case waa
decided lu fuvor of all of the defend
anta. zones within five miles of where these
casus were found.
Six Oregou cows won honors In the
Register of Merit butterfat tests for
1V14, according to an announcement
made In New York by the American
Jersey Cattle club. The unlmala were
owned by l-Mwanl Carey of Carlton;
W. 8. I. ml. I Portlaud. and C. N. Mc
Arthur of Portland.
Announcement has been msde by
tin. state Industrial accident controls
siou that all employers and employes
who have been under the workmen's
compensation act for six months or
more will be exempt from the July
contribution, and It is estiiuati-d that
the exemption will aggregate 160,000
A campaign has been launched to
eradicate the Canada thistle from Linn
county. Gale 8. Hill, district attor
ney, has sent out notices to 148 land
owners ou whose property thistles are
growing advising them that if they do
not cut the thistles themselves the
work will be done by county road su-
pervlsors and the expense made a Hen
on their laud, as provided by law, until
tin- county Is reimbursed
The interstate commerce commis
sion has held that the through trans
continental carload and less than car
load commodity rates to the Wlllaro
ette valley ami south of Portland
points, made by adding to Portlaud
rates the local class rates from Port
land to the points of destination, were
not unduly preferential to points be
tweeu Portlaud and Tacoma, but ruled
that they must be abolished.
Members of the state fish and game
commission are couslderiug the advis
ability of 'emoiug the state game
farm from Corvullls, where Chinese
pheasants and other game birds are
raised each year for distribution
through the state, to some other local
ity on laud owned by the state The
present state game farm, comprising
SO acres, Is not owned by the state.
It Is operated under a lease, which ex
pires next fail.
'1 he report of State Treasurer Kay
for six mouths ending June 30, shows
a balance of Sl,dti5,429 66 for the gen
eral fund Mr. Kay said the big bal
Slice was an assurance that the state
wo. ild not have to pay Interest ou any
w at rants this year. Disbursements
for the six mouths totaled $3.773.344 ,
ami receipts. Ulf.M1 22. Tbe bal
MM January 1 was $1.411,145 49. A
law passed by the recent legislature
me.ged all funds In the general fund,
.ind made it possible for the state o
'sioniluut paying iuterest on war
ants The Argus, 1.00 the year.
Macksnasn's Army, Within Few Mllss
ef Lublin, Pressing on Warsaw.
Berlin, via wireless to London.
General von Macksnten'e army has
penetrated Russian soil from tbe (Jail
nan frontier to within 37 miles of Lub
lin. Vangorod, tbe fortress guarding the
southern approach to Warsaw, ths
Polish capital, la but 40 miles north
west of Lublin, and the steady swing
of von Ifnokenaen's left wing into the
Russian tsrrltory Is advancing toward
the railroad, which runs from Warsaw
through Vangorod and eastward
through Lublin.
Southeast of Lemberg, Oenernl von
Llnalngen'a forces continue to ad
vance. They stormed the heights held
by tbe Russians southeast of Kuroto
wlce, it was announced.
General von Mackenten's front In
side the Russian froutler now extends
through Turobln, Krasnlk and Jose
fow. Krasnlk and Stonsa were easily
captured, It waa stated.
Vice-President Msrshsll Is Thrsstsnsd
St Louis. Thomas R. Msrshsll.
vice president of the United States,
has been threatened with death In
more than a doten anonymous letters
which he has received during ths last
six weeks. Vice-President Marshall
made this statement to newspaper
men here. Mr. Marshall said ' tbe
threats came to him while be was In
Liberty Bell
Weiser, Idaho
Monday, July 12th,
at 10:45 a. m.
Rate of one fare for round
trip. Tickets sold July 12th.
Good to return following day.
NO. isu
Kr unci OK lHfc CONDITION in nil
At Ontario, in ths Stale of Oregon, at thv clow of uusineaa Jmw 23rd. 115
l.oana and Discounts I note, l.ol.l in iiaiik) S334i.lll.itt
Ownlrafu unsucurad ,
U. 8. bond, to secure circulalUMI
li.ii.l-. uther than 0. S. bond, pladired to ecure postal aavinaa ilepuaila
lloiiil.. aeeuntiea pledseU a. i-oilateial for State or other deposits or
bill. payabW (poatal excluded)
Securities ulnar than LI. S. bonds (not includius .luck.) owned unpledged
Total bonda. aacuritiea. etc
Subscription to stock of Federal Hcserve Bank
Less amount unpaid 3.UUU.UU
r uiinture and Fixtures
1 Other real estate owned
Due i nun I- literal Kaaerve Bank
Due from approved reserve saci.i. in New Yurk.Chaiaso.Sl.Louia
1 Due from approved reserve aseutx in other reserve c it lee IgSSl B W.ZM.I.'
Due from banks and bankers iS.7S7.IS
Kxi-tianges for i-learma bouse ... -lift !
Outside cheeks and other cash it saw SI. ml
Fractional curancy. nickels and cents M2.VI
Notes of other National banks 1 .(..;, m
Lawful money reserve In bank:
Petal coin and certificate 1 . . I . -.
l-irsl tender notes l.UU) ou
Kcih-uiption luiid with t: S. Ireasuier luo imxe ihan 0 per eeut on i-irculaUoo) I.l2e.uu
TOTAL &b.t.u
Capital stuck past ia Sat) .UUU. u
- Supius fund
Undivided profits
I 4 .a uUm.a notes
Due u banks ami bankers
Individual Deposits subject lo check
t ertincatea of deposit due in leas than .' days
CernOed checks
Puetal savin-, depoaiu ,
Stair county, or ulnar municipal depoaiu secured
I erlincatea of deposit, due on or after ) day.
Deposits subject to So or more day s aotiea
1. II U. luckrum Cashier of lays above named bank do lsniy swear that lavs above .tale
meiit i. true to Uw beat ol my knowied ai-d swiier. U B. COCSKUal i .l.i
. ..ivhi, I Allalal A. L. Cuckriun
i. D. Ui.lmg.W)
T. 1 uri.Luil
L. IS. Cockruoi
C K gseyan Diraciors
Subscribed and swoca to before me Ukta 7U day of July ISUk W. W. Wood Nulary fuSUc.
Pete9 8 Bargains
For Sale One 1914 Ford; Bash mag
neto, leak -proof rings, lota of extras.
$350.00. Terms.
For Sale One 1914 Indian twin cylinder
motorcycle with side car, electric head
light, fully equipped, cost over $400.00.
With extras, goes Bt $275.00. Terma.
For Sale One 1914 twin cylinder Indian
motorcycle, fully equipped, at nearly
half price, as good as new. $150.00.
These were taken in exchange on
cars and we are cleaning up the 915
season. Some one will get bargains.
Come in.
Ontaro Auto Co.
To trade Good residence property in
a tine Idaho town for land or town
property at Ontario. Box (13.1, Ontario
Oregon. 4-tf
FOR SALE One Duroc Jersey
brood sow with aix pigs three week
old. J. J. Dillard, four miles wett of
Ontario. 25tf.
WANTED Horses to pasture $1.25
per month. Nothing tuken for les.i
than a month. C. II. Trouslale 2(ltf
LOST Dog, part shepherd, color jet
black, had on heavy leather collar with
chain attached. Reward offered for
return to A. J. (Hover, Ontario, Ore.
WANTED -Best bargain improved
$2,500 cash will buy. Sibley, 4760
Langley Ave., Chicago.
LOST: Tueaday, near Raders store, g
small, old fashioned, enameled Kold
breast pin. Finer please leave at Ar
gus uince and receive reward.
iiw .
SJ ftuo.ue
. V.Guu.uu
ti-'o.. a
J um i U
6U.UUU on
Mel :
ii.. -
il. liJS'JS
11, uu. to
by ilea. 4d of Resources S4.17t.17
1U Sol SJ