The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 24, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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THE ONTARIO AROU8, THimua.I, J ' IE 24, 191 1
Mrn. Harry Kline left Sun'ay for
Boise where she will vi.dt iv.ilivos.
l'hil Nadeau went to Hoise Sunday
for a short visit.
I lleni Griffin tniule a trip to Vule
Saturday, returning Sunday.
Miss Fern Talliert was a Payette
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gallagher, of
- i it, jx-nt Sunday in Ontario.
Mr. Dun1. ... I ' Dicwsey, rrho has
been visiting his cousin, J. A. Williams
of Ontario, returned home Tuesday.
Mrs. H. M. Rutherford, of Ironside,
who has bri-n iccei inc. trratnient at
the Holy Rosary Hospital, returned to
her home Saturday.
For rent Neat 4 room furnished cott
uge.J. G. Staules.
Wm. MeBratiicy, Undertaker and
Kinbalmer, best of service. Licensed
in Idaho and Oregon. Calls prumptly
attended day or night.
("has. Crump, of Payette, va- in On
tario Sunday.
D. Walton, Fred Waterhouse, Paul
Utley, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nnlnnd and
.Joseph Dyers, all of Weiser, were in
Ontario Friday evening.
Ed tJiiMsnii and Haas, of
Weiser, were in Ontario Saturday.
Miss Kthel Sels, daughter of Frank
R. Sels of near llomedale. i- the guest
this week of Mr. and Mm. W. W.
Maeey Chapman, of Boise, visited,
in Ontario Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Purcell and Mr. and
; Mrs. Peters, of Weiser, motored to
Ontario Sunday to attend
I-rank Smith, or i;ntse, was in un-; M i..m...i j. .i. blisher of
FOR RKNT Residence formerly
occupied by Dr. Wcese. V. 11. Staples,
Vale, Oregon. tf
Raby buggies at McRratney's Furni
(lire Store.
To trmle Gissl residence property in
a line Idaho town for land or town
proK-rty at Ontario. Box tl33, Ontario
Oregon. 4-tf
FOR SALE One Duroc Jersey
I-hmmI sow with Hix pigs three weeks
ball "Id. J. J. Dillard, four miles west of
Ontario. 25tf.
tario Sunday to see tin lt.i - Ontario tm, Weiser Signal
hall game.
Ceo. (Yioley, Mr. Robb and M. loan,
prominent business men of Weiser,
were in Ontario Saturday evening.
Mrs. Jackson left Thursday for Uro
gnn where she will visit her Hister
for several weeks.
Mrs. Frank Jones, of Westfall, who
has been here on account of the ill
ness of her son at the Holy Rosary
Hospital, returned to her home Monday.
New gasolene engine ami Pump jack
fur sale cheap at McBratnejn Furni
ture Store.
Mrs. Homer Rambo was hostess to
the Silver Bridge club at the McNulty
i esideuce, this week.
Mrs. II. C. Schuppell entertained the
Silver Iiridge club lust week. Mrs.
O. II. Cnyou won high honors.
Father Hrady. "f Juntura. arrived
in Ontario Monday for a visit of a
few days.
Miss Fay Clark, county school sup
iiinienilent, was down from Vale last
Dr. .l.ovUhson and aister, Miss Inn:
Jackobootl, Of Payette, were in On
t. ii io Friday evening.
FOR SALE Two MeCormick Hind
ers in good condition. Doth six foot
cut. At C. W. Mallett ranch, phone
20K4. "On this ranch we take care
Dr. and Mrs. Jamb Printing went 'of our machinery." 23tf
to Hoise Fiiday in their car, return
ing Sunday. During their stay in
Hoise they went out to see the Arrow
Rock dam.
Order your aster plants anl chrys
anthemum plants from the Ontario
Floral Co. HeadipiarU-rs Argus office.
Phone 49-J.
Lee lloiler, of Caldwell, passed
through Ontario Saturday on his was
dome from l.a Grande where he had
been for the motor cycle races there,
lie mude the trip on his motor cycle.
Rev. C. II Powell will hold Episco
pal services in Ontario Sunday even
ing at s p. m., June 127th, at the Odd
Fellows hall. All are invited to at
Sewing machine needles ami oil at
Mellratnuy's Furniture Store
FOR RENT Nice new bungalow
for rent or sale on easy terms. On
tario Laundry. tf.
Milton Summers, Clifford Novoro
and Alex Wulson, of Weiser, wer
I. .ill name visitors in Ontario Sunday
P. Hristow, of the Studebaker Br
Co.. with hcnil.piarlcis at Weiser, wai
in Ontario last Wednesduy.
P. II. Moulton, a former gnragi
i.wni-r of Weiser, wns an Ontario vis
itor l.i i Wednesday.
IV-nald Dudley, the duy clerk at th
.. IuiikIou hotel at Weiser, wns it
Ontario Sumluy for the ball game.
Mi IW-it I- itehner, who i die I hi
1. 1 here for a week, returned ti
Portland last Thursday.
A. 1 I'M-- left Sumluy for PMtll
Io on business. He will make the trir
over and back in his new Oldsinnlulc
E. G. Bailey, W. T. Lumpkin and
Mrs. J. D. Hillinjfsley, returned Sat
ii. lay and Snml.iv from Porllund,
.vhere they hud been attending Grand
.odue. Mr. Huiley wus a delegate to
he Royal Arch Chapter, Mr. Lamp
on a delegate in the Masonic Grand
..odge, and Mrs. Hillingsley a delegate
o the Eastern Star.
The proof of the puildfcig is in the
aliug, not in chewing the string. See
'Cope" the only Practical man; bet
er work for less money; Tailoring,
.'leaninr. 1'iesslnjf. 20-21
Recorded in the County Clerk's Ollirc
From June 1 1th to June 19th.
Rachel V. Wells to Gertrude M.
Moore, lot 18 Id. N Ontario, June I.
It'll, $7r..
Alice Sturtevant to R. L. Scoti, NW
NWV4 .'Hl-iw-:!?, June 7, liUti, 1.
J. E. Thuemit et u to Peter S.
Met!-., SV4SWV4 2!-l(i-47, March 12.
1915, -I.
Juntura Investment Co. to Mctho- I
(list Episcopal Church of Juntura, lot
13-14 hi II Juntura. May 2i, 1911. $1.
Riverside Homestead Co. to Samuel
Timbrell et ux, lot (I, bl. 17, Outlook
April 1. lit 1 5, $75.
Edgnr C. Bisbee et ux to Lasaro Us
(juiaga, lot 1, part of EVi of lot 2,
metes and bounds in Sec. 1-31 -42, June
4, 1915, $1.
U. S. A. to Henry S. Sutton, SWi
NE4 NW'.SK'i N'SW'i 27-7-4ii.
September 2, 1914.
Hen .1. Brawtl, Sheriff, to W. H.
Brooke, WV4WV4SE'4 2-18-4C. March
29, 1915, $fifl.70.
Andrew J. Whiteside to J. 11. West,
3(1-1 9-4(1, May 12, 1915, $2500.
Carl A. Field to Clyde C. Dodge,
SE',4 17-17-40, May M, 1915, $1280.
Frank Murphy to A. M. Lackey, all
interest in Franklin II. Lackey estate,
May 19, 1915, $550.
Martin Hanson vs. Sam Armstrong.
Recovery of Note, $57.00.
Empire Lumber Co. vs S. L. Ball,
Recovery on Account, $152.Htl.
oBa.. J
' -
For Ladies And
fC'f lit I ill I ill) ii' iZiio
.., t inn iiuim.1 r
and Childrens White IK
Dresses just received.
The prices are also very
I !
Vm2jlt itKnVlmf "HaM'l
I :. . riiiii a to" i
- iMlHJTiM,3iBrt'.v',vy
dhrurrmtn I jn 1 l
Childrens Colored Drosses, sizes 4 to 12,
Childrens White Dresses, sizes 2 to 12,
Ladies White Drosses
50c. to $1.00
50c. to $3.00
$4.98 to $7.48
Warren E. Francis and Cella Gir
ton, June 15.
Robert Linkous and Flora Phillips,
June 18.
Samuel B. Wilkins and Clura E. Al
len, June 19.
POSITION, San Francisco, to some
lady, also a 1915 Motorcycle to some
young man. Write for particulars.
401, McKay Bldg., Portland, Ore.--251t
June 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 via Oregon
Short Line for Y. M. and Y. M. I. A.
Convention. Limit, June 2lth. See
Agents for rales.
Medford Man Killed in Accident.
Mctlford. Siewurt I'utterstiii, a
OJOalllJ Meiltnrd rancher, died us the
it suit of mi uiitomoblle aceldent which
occurred when the electric Hunts on
(he car In which lie was riding su-l
w,nl ""l " lm' 'm- Ml "Temple of Sweets"- headquarters
em curve of the I'ueifl. hlBhwy ami . firt.wo.ks fo,. the Fourlh of July.
When you want pansy plants call
tho Ontario Floral company. Head
iiiarters ut the Argus office, tele
phone 49 J.
the car plunged Into the ditch at the
side or the road.
I. mlii Mliiter, of San Kruuclseo,
owner unit driver of the cur, and J. ('.
HuillarKcon, of Sail Kruin Ihco, were
badly Injured, hut will recover.
' ,! -alo of ferns and palms at
tho Ontario Flornl Co., beginning Fri
th v, .1 i.i ' . i
People from ueighboriiiK towns
and cities, who registered at
Onturio's hostelrics during the
past week.
Mould: HOTEL
Thursday, June 17th J. T. Rne. Ba
ker; H. M. R.-itr. Baker; Ray L. Lisle,
Vale; 'Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ferguson,
Kuna, Idaho; Mr.and Mr. II E. Raw
son, Kiimii. Idaho; Wm. H. Mueller,
Baker; F. B. Mitchell, Baker; Fay
(lurk, Vale; F. L. Griffin, Corvallis.
Friduy, June 18th C. C. Brown,
Vale; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnston,
Walla alia; Mrs. E. F. Smith, Ellens
burg; W. A. Campbell, Glenns Ferry,
Sunday, June 20th Selma Fairmun,
Westfall; May Imberson, Westfall;
E. I. Brogan, Vale; Edgar Gipson,
Julius Nielson, Milton Hansen, II. A.
Rundull, Amos Pieraon I.. J. Hug-
The New California Checks and Black Taffetta
Silks are herelook at themthe Prices are down
Wash Skirts $1.50 to $2.25
Silks and Checks $4.98 to $5.98
SPECIAL: Don't Forget Our Special Prices on all
Slippers and Shoes
berg and M. B.
ley, Idaho.
Martin, all of Bur-
Push The Button and Rest
($wAPt ' -jki'p-jigf
i i mm ll III IIM
We have a window full that is
worthy of your attention. Val
ues up to $6.50, your choice
Ontario Furniture
A iitz
S , lTlTalaaB
f B
BtaaaaBiaB JaBBaBLiaftMajL " aT
Thursday, June 17th I). 11. Hun
ter, Vale; Mr. uud Mrs. Fred M. John
on, Buker; Arthur Van Sicklin,
ser; J. T. Logun, Broirun; Rev. Tbafi
J. Brudy, Juntura; R.J.Mcpiunou, Jr.,
Friday, June 18th -F. Rels. Vale;
Mrs. Jessee Sating and Mises Una
and Thelinu Suling, Pendletoii.
Suturduy, June I'.uli Win, Connnl
ly, Westfall; Guy Fisher, Emmet t,
Thus. K. Crump, Puyette; O. E. Wo.kI
aril, Payette; Jesse L. Roberts, Rex
burg, Idaho.
Sunday, June 20th-C. E. Fraker,
Oregon City; B. R. Hart, Rexburg,
Iduho; I). Q, Taylor, Ri(hy, Idaho;
A. B. Andei. Weiser; O. J. John
son, Weiser; J. L. Taylor, Rigby, Ida
ho; F. Adams, Cambridge.
Taft Mad Preaident and a Prepa
ganda Will Be Started.
I'hlladelphla Within historic liah
penduiice Hall on the anniversary ol
Hi. battle of Hunker Hill, there wa
formed au organisation whose objei i
It will be to promote the creulioii ol
a leattue of nations with u view to pro
veutiliK wars, or, at leust, to lessen
the possibilities of urnu-l ciiiiflb t
The imnie adopted by the orKunialiin
after some debute, wus "UoafU to 1. 1.
force Peace, Auierlcaii Ilium Ii
i:x I'resldent 'I'uft, who presided
over the conference iurt nl lln- I line
was elentwd priauiieiit prtOiJaBt, ami
in addition, a lonu libt oi roprooonta
tlve American tltUens a luim -I j
periiiaueut vice pre ltlculs. A perms
uent executive i oininilli v.a wlocl
ed, with Instrui liniis to take all 0MM
ures necessury to pruinol. ill. ol
of the leuKne
Once You
Were v Kid!
Don't deny the children.
Give them plenty of crackers
to nibble.
Our crackers will fill the
bill for the kiddies. We carry
them in boxes and loose.
There's a snap in our store
in many other things besides
Oldfield Makea 111 Miles an Hour
fuicaKo. Barn) OUfl
eil ii in- i
n lord St BpOt ' WB.aU In in-
Otlatad a lap iii 1 u4 14, ail average
of 111 j miles ui) hour.
Dispensers of old tune reliKinii.
Sunday School ul 10 a. in.
Preaching Sunday ut 11 a. m. ami
H p. in.
Paitoiul sick calls promptly ans
wered duy oi night.
C. C. BabbUfOi " "
Phone aiN2 18
Celebrate July 2nd and 'Jnl at
Payette, Idaho. Grand Pro
gram July 8rd. Watch for