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NO, 2f;
Officials Announce Extension of Line from Riverside to Near
Harriman Is Claimed Construction Will Never Cease
Until Bend is Reached Shorten Distance to
Twohy Brothers. bij Railroad Construction Firm of Portland, Now On Ground
Securing Data for Their Bid for Contract Division and
Shops Coming When Road is finished
Railroad from Ontario to Head.
Division point at Ontario.
Huge machine shop at (hit arm.
I.oiik I'lanned Railroad Activity in On
tario Starts with Conatruction of
the O. W. R. N. West of
That actual conatruction work will
inn soon after the first of July on
the extension of the O. W. R.
from Riverside to Harriman, a die
lanee of thirty miles, ia the substance
of a statement given out by J. D. I'm
rel. president of the O.'W. K." A N
who pushed through Ontario last weel
on In way to the interior to look ovei
i to i.,..iosr,i route of the new lint
from Itiverside to Bend.
Coincident with this announcement
is the appearance in (In'.uilo tins
week, of u prominent capitalist from
I'oi i, who is here looking over the
country, and who aays he has informa
tion, emanating from heudquurters,
that Ontario ia to be a division oiiit,
the (). W. R. ft N. acquiring the Short
Line from Huntington to Ontario, ami I
thut this city will he the site for huge
mucbiue shops, all to come with the
completion of the new line into Bend
Moreover, this mun states thut when
J.he construction work once starts on
the new extension, that it will never
cease until the line is completed into
While no authoritative statement
thut the line will go to Bend, hus been
given out, it ia claimed this is now
the intention of the O. W. R. ft N.
Party of Eighteen Pass
Through Ontaiio for
the Interior
Another party of prospective home
seekers passed through Ontario Mon
day on their way to Harney county
to look over lands of the Oregon
Western Colonization Co. There were
eighteen men in the party, most of it.r tne entire country, and has recent
whom came from Hurley. Idaho. J.liu nt,.r..,l Mulhitm omiiiu It - ia
A. Morrison, local manager of the
firm accompanied them.
A large number of people have
pu.-,sed through Ontario for the inter
ior during the past spring, ami a great
majority of them have found suitable
lands, and have purchased farms.
There is a vast amount of good farm
ing land in Harney county which can
be purchased at reasonable figures
and on easy terms, and, with the ex
tension of the railroad into the val
ley, the land is being fast settled up,
and large land holdings are being
rut up into small farms.
The railroad soon to be construct
ed west of Riverside, and will prob
ably reich Harriman, in Hurne Val
ley, before many months. With trans
poiiation facilities, that section of
the slate will become one of the beat
agricultural ctiona in Oregon, and
Portland and is Much Easier
The O. W. now owns und operates u MANY VISIT CHAUTAUQUA.
line from the Dalles to Bend. And it
is claimed the line from Ontario will Many Ontario people have uttend
connect with this. It will mean a m Chautauqua at Payette tho past
shorter distance to Portland than ov- 'week. A large crowd motored over
er the present main Una through Ha-jsunduy, and again Monday night, an
kar, LaGrande ami Pendleton, und will other specially large number were in
mean a far easier grade, for the moun- 'attendance. Among those who want
tain haul will be eliminated. over Sunday were Judge and Mra. Dal-
Twohy Bros., the largest ruilroud ,on Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCul
eonatructioii firm in the northwest, ,Mh, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wood and
is after tho contract for the construe-
lion of the new line. John K. Twohy,
Re. F Twohy und M. S. Boss, ull
of the Arm of Twohy Bros., passed
through Ontario last Thursday enroute
ii the proposed new line to look over
for their bid for the contract.
That Ontario is to secure the divis-
ion point and shops, comes from the
I u.iii. I eupitalist, wiio is close, in
4 business wuy, to ruilroud otliciuls
if I'm 1 1 .iii.l. and who is in a position
to know, m says the plun is un oldenler thro'h the other twigs if thay
one, und thut he has known for over uar ;n ., tender condition caused bv
year, that this would some day be
carried out. He says it will come with
the completion of the line from Onta
rio to Bend. Large holdings of land
by the O. W. R. ft N. Company ud
'Joining the city limits on the south,
idjacent to the right-of-wuy of the
(). S. I,., will be utilized when the di
vision point and shops are established,
he aays.
According to the statement of this
mun, u large lumber mill in Ben I hae
just arranged in Portlund for u loan
of $150,000 to improve their plant and
to start cutting timber which they
have been holding, waiting for the
line to Ontario to be completed.
County Agriculturist Tells
How Menace May be
Done Away With
W. W. Howard, county agricultur
ist of Malheur county, hus this week
issued a very interesting interview on
tire blight. This has become a ser
ious menace lo fruit and orchards ov
ly entered Malheur county. There is
a way in which the blight can be
stamped out, and the method is ex
plained in the following:
"Fire tilight has been given so little
atlenliiii during former years that
this year, when the conditions became
at all favorable for its development, it
has ruined the crop in some orchards,
especially the two varieties Rome
Beauties and Jonathans.
This disease can be gotten under
control in a very short time, if the
proper methods are followed, but it
is a case of tight or be ruined. Indif
ference cannot be tolerated any long
er. I
"Thii disease ia a bacterial disease,
notwithstanding the fact that because
many people are looking for land in
the country to be opened up.
.heir iruest Miss Klhel Sels. Mr. and
Mrs. K. ('ope, Dr. and Mrs. Weese,
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kerfoot, Mr. and
Mrs. K. !. Builey and Mr. and Mrs.
K. M. Grelg.
of certain circumstances, some per
.sons say not. The bacteria enter the
j punt through the blossom or through
the stomttta, or through wounds caus
ed by insects. The bacteria can al
ways enter through the blossoms and
'.ist 1'iowth. Over irrigation, heavy
or u plb t n of fertilisers that
imiuce heavy growth, lays the trees
more liable to blight. Fruit growers
will recall thut this year the blight
followed the heavy rains.
"It is of little heneiit to cut out the
blighted twigs at this time, for it ia
self-limiting, that ia, the bacteria are
all dead. Where twigs have been al
lowed to grow on the larger limbs or
water sprouts allowed to grow on the
trunks or roots, the disease may have
entered the soft tissues of the bark
on these limbs or trunk and here form
the cankers where the germs remain
alive until the following year, 'ftiese
cunkers may develop so large that
they will kill the limb or the entire
tree, but the most serious phase of it
is that these cankers throw off a stic
ky substance, through the bark which
is very attractive to insects. This
sticky substance is filled with the ac
tive germs and as the insects travel
from the cankers to the blossoms or
tender twigs, they carry the infecting
muteriul with them.
"These few hold-over cankers are
the seat of the following outbreak,
and to get rid of the disease, they
must be destroyed. It is a simple
treatment but must be thoroughly
done, for insects are free to travel
long distances. Every tree in every or
chard must be inspectod and all cank
ers removed, for it is useless for one
orchardist to cut it out if all of his
neighbors do not do it also. Those
who are indifferent should pull out
their trees so that thoee who do wish
to grow fruit can do so. This is the
policy that has eliminated the disease
from the Hood River valley and has
brought it under control in the Rogue
River valley. This is the only remedy
known and so orchardists should be
prepared to clean up the orchards this
fail. It is a serious enemy unless
taken in hand, and it is calling for
vigerous action here.
"There are a few cures being ad
vertised by persons, but the experi
ment stations have not found one, and
any individual that found one would
first seek their recommendation, and
so do not invest in them. Spraying
with strong winter strength lime sul
phur jut before the blossoms open so
as to coat over any undiscovered cank
ers and so render them leas attractive
Otis Milliard, the fifteen year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bullnrd,
living nine miles south of Ontario,
met with a painful accident Sunday
when he was knocked from the top of
a hay stack by a hay derrick. Both
arms were broken at the wrists, and
the young maV was severely shaken
up by the fall. Dr. Weese was called
and reduced the fractures.
Averages Ten Thousand
Dollars Monthly-Big
Shipping Point
That the Oregon Short Line i
maintaining a monthly payroll of ten
thousand dollars, was the statement
of a Short Line official who visited
Ontario Monday. Few Ontario peo
ple hava realised that the pay roll of
the railroad company was no large
here, and it is something unusual for
such a large railroad pay roll in a
town that has neither a diviaion point
nor machina shops.
While this is the main line terminus
for the branch line running to River
side, and which is to be extended to
Harriman in the next few months,
traffic is not yet so heavy on that line
that it is necessary for the railroad
to keep a large number of men at
work. Thfre are from ten to fifteen
employees working in the depot and
freight department, as this is one of
the heaviest shipping points on the
main line, and this runs up the pay
roll considerably.
The total of ten thousand dollars
is reached, however, by the addition
of the man of, the bridge gang, which
is now stationed-at Ontario, rebuilding
the steel bridge across the Snake Riv
er between Ontario ami Payette.
Frank Radtuv was reelected school
director for a tarm of three years, and
M. K. Newton was elected clerk for
one year, at the school election held
last Monday. Mr. Rader secured 167
votes out of 227 cast, his opponent, J.
A. Williams, securing 70. Mr. New
ton was elected with a vote of 127,
and his opponent, C. C. De Frees, se
cured 10U votes.
Considerable interest was taken in
the election, and a large number of
people met at the west side grade
school building promptly at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon when the nominations
were made. Voting continued
that time, as provided by law.
to insects has proven of some value,
"This disease can not be considered
a serious drawback to this county as
a fruit growing section for the disease
is country wide, and the remedy if
thorough is sura. The commercial
fruit growers of this entire section
will uecessariiy have lo organize this
fall and compel a general cleanup."
What is said to be the start of twi
light baseball in Ontario, with the ul
timate organization of a league, was
the ball game last Monday evening he
tween players of the east side of Main
street against the vest side. The
game furnished a lot of fun for the
players as well as the grand stand,
and there is still some doubt as to
which side won. Unlike the league
game last Sunday, there was no ac
commodating jack rabbit needed to
furnish real sport for the bleachers,
and there was something doing in the
game every minute.
It is claimed the batting order of
one nine became somewhat mixed, and,
as an official scorer could not be
found, there is some doubt aa to juat
now many runs were made. Anyway
everybody had lots of fun, and more
games are to follow.
Celebration Spirit Has Hold
of the Whole City
This Week
Several Merchants Have
Already Started to Huild
Floats for Parade
The spirit of the celebration has
taken hold of Ontario this week, and
the business houses, organizations and
individuals have started a systematic
preparation for the celebration of Un
cle Sam's birthday, which is to be ob
served here Monday, July 5th. Nov-
er liefore has there been more inter
est taken in a Fourth of July celebra
tion, than is now shown in this one,
and the result In guaranteed to he the
most fitting celebration of the nation's
birth that has ever been accomplished
by Ontario.
Unusual interest is being shown hy
several business houses, in the big
street parade in the morning. Sever
al Arms have alreudy started to build
floats, and one firm hus plunncd a dis
play for the street parade that will
cost upwards of u hundred dollars.
Assurances come from many sections
of a large crowd. Weiser people are
making preparations to celebrate in
Ontario and advices from there say a
crowd of a thousand people from that
section alone, may be expected.
Judge Dalton Biggs has been select
ed aa the speaker for the day, and will
deliver the Fourth of July oration in
the city park in the afternoon. The
Nampa baseball team will be here for
a two days' battle with the local nine,
(hiring which the Ontario team will at
tempt to wrest first place position in
the per centage column, from the Ida
ho aggregation.
Arrangements are fast being com
pleted for the tennis tournumeut in
Which clubs from Weiser, Payette,
New Plymouth, Fruitland and Ontario
will strive for first honors. The baby
carriage parude is another feature of
the celebration that if. attracting in
terest. The sports committee has arranged
a series of events that will he highly
entertaining. In the evening, this com
mittee has arranged a wuter tight be
tween members of the tire department,
which is a feature entnely new lo this
section of the country. The big day
will close with the tire works at night,
and which promise to be out of the
The huge transformer ut the sub
station here of the Idaho-Oregon Light
und Power Company burned out last
Saturday morning. It was inns my
to secure supplies und mechanics from
Boise to repair it, and the power could
not be used for pumping irngution
water until Tuesduy morning. Little
effects from the accident have been
noticed in Ontario, as the power wu
turned on for city use within u few
hours after the transformer burned
The Mulheur County Woman's
Christian Union met in ( nunty In
stitute at the Baptist Chu:.h Tuesday,
June 16th. Nt n m i In attendance,
morning, Id; evening M; nuiuhei
wearing the while rihhon, .'(2. Nyssa
and Vale wen- .(-presented by dele
gates. A delightful dinner was serv
ed in the Sunday Si hoi, I rooms ut
noon, and luncheon to the visitors in
the afternoon. A splendid progrum
was rendered, and all went away feel
ing that it was a day well spent.
Arrangements were made for a
County Convention to be held at Nys
sa, in August, and the Nyssa people
desire a full delegation to enjoy h good
day with them.
i). c. McDonald stricken.
D. C. McDonald, a well known rail
road man of this section, and agent
at l'i iiitlnnd. was stricken with a par
alytic stroke while at work on his
h. une .lead MM Middleton, last Fri
day. Mi. McDonald had secured u
three months leave of absence from
his position as agent at Fruitland, and,
together with Mrs. McDonald, had
moved to the homestead for the sum
mer. He was taken to Caldwell for
Kidwell & Caswell Ship
Two Train Loads Fat
Sheep East
Thirty cars of sheep, comprising
two train loads of fifteen cars each,
and including some twelve thousand
head of sheep, have been shipped from
Ontario to the Chicago market, one
train load going Saturday, and the
other going Tuesday. The sheep he
long to James Kidwell and II B. Cas
well, comprising the llrm of Kidwell
A Caswell, Portland commission Arm,
and have been on runge out from
Brngiin. Mr. Caswell and Mr. Kid
well have both been in Ontario for
several days. Mr. Caswell left Satm
day for Chicago where he will receive
the sheep and place them on market.
Mr. Kidwell is romaining here to care
for their interests at this end.
Mr. Kidwell stated that there was
eight or ten thousand heud of sheep
neur Brogan still belonging to the
linn. They also have several large
bands of sheep in the lleppnci coun
The Idaho-Oregon loague game here
last Sunday between Boise and Onta
rio was one of the poorest games play
ed on the local diamond this season.
The Boise team was in poor condition
and the local team did not have to play
gum! bull to beat them. The score wa
I i.. I in faver of Ontario. This places
Ontario second place in the percentage
column, with Nampa at the lend.
Fans are looking forward to the two
games here iwith Nampa on July 4th
and ith, and expect a reul treat ut
that time:
The score of Sunday's gume was us
Smith, cf 1 I
M i tin, c. 6 1 1 10 4 0
Alshire, M. ............ 4 1 a 4 1
Druhot, If. i .00, Jh. 4 .' 3 6 0
Fitchner, p 4 3 3 0 1 1
Chapman, 3b. 4 10 2 0 0
HiggThs, if. .112 0 0 0
Katipul, II 3 0 0 i 1 0
Total M I -'7 15 2
AB i: 11 PO A E
Snapp, c. 4 0 15 10
Wurd, m. :t 1 I I II 1
. 'b. 1 2 0
Blasted, lib. 4 12 10 2
Horriu, If. 4 0 I 0 c
Wmau, p. 4 0 10 2 2
hum, II. 4 0 1 10 0
Reed, rf. 4 0 0 0 0 0
BJ -nig, cf. 2 1110 0
Total! n i 10 -'4
S. ore by innings:
Ontario 0 I 0 I 0 2 2 2 X
Bow,- 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 10 4
Summary: Sacrifice hit Higgins:
Tv. i. nasi- hit Nailcau, Case, Bras
ted. Double plays Wurd to ('use to
.Me. n hnmC' ; Alshireto Koupul to
Nadeau to Al-thiie to K..u
pul. Struck out Bv Fitchner,". ; by
Wyman, I. Base on halls Off Fltch
ner, fe off Wymun I. Pa .sc.i ktasal
Mai tin 1; Snapp :t. Left on bases--
Ontaiio 6: Boise, 4. Time of gume
1:37. Umpire Kelleher. Attend
ance son.
Ii II. Tunny of the Oregon Backing
( So. , announces tiie purchase of the
City Market in Payette of which he
took charge Monday morning. K,
Daudo will be in charge of the 1'ayette
branch of the business.
Peaches and Cherries are
Yielding: Bumper Crops
Throughout Section
One Orchard in Big Bend
Section Yield Thousand
Bushels Peaches
A record breaking cherry crop, now
being harvested, to be followed hy n
record breaking peach crop, is the lot
of orchardists in the Lower Snake Riv
er valley this season. It has been esti
mated that the cherry crop, now rlpe.S
is the largest ever grown in this sec
tion, ami the fruit ia all of a limf
The peach crop is said to be enor
mous. One orchardist in the Big Bend
section is said to have a thousand
bushels, and reports from other or
shards bear out the claim of a bump
er crop. The question of a market for
the peaches has come up, and many
farmers are considering installing
their own cunning plants, that their
crops may be saved.
F. L. ii iflm from the Oregon Agri
cultural College at Corvallis, and pro
moting canning clubs among the
school children of the state, was in1
Malheur county last week, and found
many orchardists throughout the coun
ty who intend to can their peach
Mr. (irifftn stuiet that many boys
ami girls through the east and south
have taken up fruit canning during
the summer months, and have made
much money from their efforts, and
he believes the same thing could he
done here.
The regular meeting of the Com
merciul Cluh which was to have beeo
Monday night of this week, was
postponed until Monday night of next
week. Many of the members wished
to attend tho Chautauqua in Payette
Monduy night, and the meeting was
postponed to accommodate them.
K. C. Vun Petten was a business vis
ilor to I'nvette Tuesday.
H. B. Graul went to Boise Tuesduy
returning yesterday.
Mrs. Couth and daughter, Mrs. Ms
mie Hyde, of Baker, isited friend.
in Onturio Wednesday, while on theii
way home from Vale.
Mi Mildred Conklin was u Sun
day visitor at the home of J. S Mil
liken in Ontario.
lies. I). K. Buker returned from Mid
dleton lust 1'riduy where he attendei
tne first Association. Mr. Buker
gave un addles at the closing servic.
thuisday evening. Ho reports i"
splendid spiritual meeting all the mu
through, and that the next meetiiu
of the Association will he ut Payette
next year.
Supt Button of the State Antu
Saloon League will deliver an mid re
Sunday morning at the M chuich
und in the evening be will preside at i
union rully meeting at the same church
H. II Tunny of tho Oregon Backii.
Co., received a telegram MuioJay froi"
Modest.. California, stating thai Chs.
Tunny hod been blatantly killed there
Mr. Tunny has a brother Charles vvh
is in Canada, and has no relatives i
California. He mveatigatod, however
and yesterday found that the dead iim
was not related to him.
Rev. D. K. Baker, Tom Johnso!"
Mrs. A. K. Johnson, Mrs. J. S. Join
Misses. Mary C. Ayres, Luciie Bigg.'
Lois Noece, left Wednesday mornini
on No. 17, for Haines, Oregon, to at
tend the Grande Rondo Baptist A;
elation, which convenes at that plait
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.