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Live News From Surrounding Towns
And Country. Happenings of a Week
OMMMMMNl week promi'
1)0 a Ray one, not only for the grndu
nting Hush, but for the young people
of New Plymouth prenernlly. who will
shnre in the festivities which have
been planned for Um doling week of
ih. hool yt-ir. Preceding the "class
day" exercise-., r the nir of June
th. is the luncheon to he given Wed
nesdny l.y Mrs. H. T. Knight to the
graduating class, the entire mips of
tenchcrs and Supt. 0. D. Carper and
wife. Friday evening Governor Al
exander wdl give the Commencement
Addreaa in the Pioneer Opera HoUHe,
.1 program of high order having been
prepared for that evening. Gov. Al
exander will be accompanied by a
number of Ontario friend.
Mrs. F. II. CrOM proved a charm
ing hostess Thursday when she enter
tained at luncheon complimentary to
her mother, Mr. W. F. Cross of Hoi
He and Mrs. Underwood of Salt Lake.
One long table at which all the guest
were Heated looked most attractive
with its decorations of wild roses and
honeysuckle. .mis with cleverly
worded verses which brought out some
foible of oach guest made much merri
ment ax the ladies claimed their plac
es. Those who enjoyed the afternoon
were: Mesdames Cross, Underwood,
Kastman. Lynch, Khrlick, lugnlls,
Burke, Fisher, Robinson, Farrell and
Seventeen happy little boys had the
time of their Uvea Saturday afternoon
when they were the guest of Miss
Stella Yorvell on the lawn at the Geo.
W. Wilson home. All kinds of games
which delight boys were indulged in,
followed later by big dishes of luscious
Htrawhet rie and quantities of cake,
needless to way not one strawberry
or a crumb of cake was left.
Mrs. ('. F. F.der and little son left
Wednesday for Keedshurg, Wis., for a
isii with friends and relatives. Mrs.
Small was accompanied as far as Chi
cago by Marry Smail who goes to
llrookeville to take a course in pilar
Mis. W. T. Dryadala and Miss Meth
Shaw entertained the members of the
Kensington club Wednesday evening
of last week in honor of Miss Manila
llarngan, who is to become the bride
of Arthur Ackerman. The pleasant
alfaii' took the form of a handker
chief "shower" many very lovely
onea being received. On Friday after
noon MIm Harridan was again the
complimented guest at u "miscellan
eous shower" given by Mrs. Finest
Meyer, Miss Viola Meecham and Miss
.lull. i llarngan. Thirty ladies were
present. The gifts included every
thing imaginable and ranged from cut
glass, handsome embroideries, ilver,
china, etc., down to the homely kitchen
necessities. A very delicious lunch
rounded out the afternoon most de
lightfully. Mm. I'. Caruel'u, formerly of New
I'lymouth, but now of l'oc.itello is
vi suing friends in the valley this
Mr. anil Mrs. L. V. Kenkel are the
happy p. u cuts of a little son. born
June .'t at the Holy Rosary hospital
in Ontaiio. Mrs. Itutke, Mrs. lugalls,
and Mis. 1'iiiiel motored to Ontario
Monday to see Mis. Kenkel, some of
Payette valley' choicest loses wcit
earned by the ladies to cheer the Hick
P Monroe Smock has been invited
to deliver the 1th of July oration at
bury and has accepted the in
vitation mi cordially extended by the
people of that little city.
Mr . M.uks, of Salt Lake, sister of
Mrx. Barnard Kastman, arrived Sun
day evening for a two week's visit
at liie Kastman home.
The (. M. D. club will meet at the
home of Mrs. R. W tiardner next
Mrs Adrian Rutherford will ci.ur
tain tin Good Will club at her home
June tlu eleventh
Mm. Jacob Prinking and Mrs. Bourk
were hostesses to the Carnation Club
last Week. Mrs. Drane won big hon
ors. Mib. K. G. BU) will lie MktUU
this week.
Mrs H. W. Clamant was hostess to
the Tut sday Bridge club tins week.
High honors were won by Mrs J. D.
lUIUngsh .
Mra. R. O. Payne entertained the
gilver Fork Club last Wednesday af
ternoon. Mrs. C. R. Peterson won the
bilver fork and Mis. E. E. Goudy won
Mrs. Harold Vahl of Nampa Is vis
iting at the home of Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Shaw is viviting in Pnrmti this
Miss Gordon Dickens, who has been
attending school in Nyssa for the past
term left for Silver City, accompanied
by her mother, Mrs. Dickens, Sunday
Mrs. A. R. Carrick is visiting in
Nyssa this week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Farmer were in
Nyssa laat week.
Mrs. Walker and daughter, Laura,
formerly of Nyssa, are visiting at the
home of Mrs. J. Dennis.
A basket social will be given Wed
nesday by the Nyssa Baseball team.
Kv er Mine is invited.
Mrs. Otis and Mrs. Johnston of
Kingman colony were Nyssa visitors
Inst week.
Mrs. Cook, of Payette, is visiting
with her mother, Mrs. Tom Wilson.
A dolightful reception was given
to the class of Ml After the com
mencement exercises by the Junior,
Sophomore and Freshman classes.
Mrs. G. II. Ilalloway. of Boise has
been visiting In Nyssa for the past
few days.
A delightful party was given by
Mesdames Dean and Johnston at the
home of the Inter in honor of Misses
Marion Morrison and Alta Smith and
Mr. Dwight Smith last Wednesday.
Those present were Misses Virginia
and Lola Forbes, Cloe Anderson, Maud
and Mary Sargent, Clara and Kli.a
beth Cnnham, Mattie and Georgia
Dennis, Osa Cooper, Louisia Robert
son, Gertrude Wilson, Kdith Iredale
Alice Voegcleln, Kdith and Lucille
Richey, Klsie Gipson, Anna Crattuck,
Lulu MegonUn, Lucy Thompson,, Al
ia Smith, M. Morrison, and Misses
lirceht, Parsons' and Carneilson of
Payette, Messrs. Bruce Duncan, Er
nest Barney and (. Wilson, Will How
ard, Clair Gipson, Sidney Burbridge,
Harry Cosho, Harry Goahert, Fry Mil
ler, Dennis Hon, Paul Childers, Gerald
Hon, Will Little, Felton Duncan,
Dwight Smith and George F. Johns
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Johnaton
and little Dorothy lean.
Miss Kdith Richey left Monday for
Caldwell, where she will live with her
sister, Mrs. Esther Kgnrt. A few of
her friends gave her a farewell sur
prise party Saturday evening.
The commencement exercises of the
Nyssa High School were held last
Friday evening in the Methodist
Church, Nyssu can boast of only two
graduates this year, Miss Kli.abeth
Caiiham and Miss Lulu Megorden.
Rev. Wm. Mall Case of Caldwell gave
the address to a large and apreciative
Mr. and Mrs. Malouey and family
left Monday evening for Nampa where
they will make their future home.
Nyssa baseball boys were again de
feated by Vale last Sunday, the score
being 14 to X. But they're the kind
who stay with a thing until they win
or lilt. Good luck, bos!
the guest prue.
The Needleciuft club met at the
home of Mra. Clyde Wittenhiller last
week. Guessing gHincs were introduc
si at which Mrs. Rov Smith won the
prixe Mrs. Will Fiser will be the
in it hostess.
Mm Kd llull'inan was a chariuiUK
bo.sietis to the Clover Club at her home
near Mallett Station last week. About
. i do. en ladies motored out ami a very
pleasant afternoon whs spent. Dclic
ous rel'iesbuii lit.- were served.
Mrs Josh Staples WSJ conpletely sur
prised last Fridav afternoon when the
Mendaiiit s Jm and Yngd Staples car
riid nut .i 00 part in honor of her '
birthday. The guests assembled at the
home of Mis Joe Staples and wben
Mrs Staples was called over she was
greatly surprised to find the house
beautifully decorated and a number of
her friends ami ueibUirs there to greet
her. Cards furnished amusement for
the guests, Mrs Rader receiving high
honors After a daint) lunch was serv
ed Mrs. Staples was presented with a
number of lovely gilts those present
were Mesdames Rader, Drane. Adam,
Ktuersou. Creig, Fox, Itarnelt. Era
ser, W hit worth. Test and
The marriage of Mrs. l.ydia Pietsoct
and Mr. W. M. Looper was solemnised
at the bom. i ot Rev, C C Pratl in this
cil) last Wednesday afternoon at 3:30.
Both parties are well known hare and
at Nyssa where ihcv will make their
future home.
Miss loin Westcott entertained all
the members of the Senior class nt
l!obin-( row-Cot Tuesday afternoon.
A lovely time was spent in renewing
friendships and talking of the times
when they were Junior nnd Miss
Westx-ott was sponsor for the class,
Kach member of the class was given
Ml engraved souvenir spoon to remind
them of their former teacher. Miss
Sadie Westcott and Miss Robinson an
sisted in the serving of strawberries,
wafers and cocoa.
Miss Mildred Steelman came Mon
day from Caldwell to visit with
friends during commencement week.
D. D. Hunter and family will move
the first of this week to the home of
his mother, Mrs. E. K. Hunter.
Rev. C. K. Deal leaves Wednesday
to visit the Theological Methodist
Seminary at Salem. Ore. Will return
the first of next week.
Prof, nnd Mrs. T. R. Neilson left
Saturday for Albion, Idaho, where Mr.
Neilson will instruct in the Summer
Normal school. They left their two
children with the grand parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Ingnrd.
seven pound son wns born to Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Lockner Monday, May
Messrs. Waldo. Hnman nnd ('rant
Williams are expected home Friday
from Mi Mmn v ilb-. Oregon, where
they have been attending eoBes.
The Baptist Association of this dis
trict will be held at Middleton next
week, commencing Tuesday, the 15th,
and lasting four days. The delegates
who were chosen to attend were Rev.
Cool, airy and comfortable.
These suits are more in demand
than ever. Made in Plain and
Norfolk Styles, for men and
young men.
Prices $6.50 to $8.50
r st
Wear A lexander 9s $2. 50 Shoes
Goodyear Welts all Lasts and Leathers
and Mrs. Tickner, Wm. Hotnan, Mrs.
0. M. Williams and Mr. and Mra. J.
II. Spainhower.
Word has been received that Miss
Cosle Sherman and Free Hranthoover
were united in marriage in Caldwell
last Friday eveninjr- Roth of these
yating people are well known in this
community having lived here for sev
eral years. Mrs. Hranthoover ha
I B attending school in Caldwell for
a couple of years and was one of the
year's graduates of the Caldwell High
School. Mr. Branthoover has a good
position near Boise where this young
couple will make their home. Their
many friends here wish them a long
nnd happy married life together.
Five young people of this neighbor
no()( who have ,)(lpn nUen,ing the
I.evviston State Normal the past term
returned home last Friday evening.
Those who returned were: Hazel
Smith, Fern Linck, Ksther Johnson
Wilma Bollinger nnd Wilher Bollin
ger. Miss McCoy, State Superintendent
of Public Instruction, was the guest of
Miss Apia Johnson Monday evening.
She gave n splendid address to the
eighth grade graduate at the com
mencement exercises. Tuesday morn
ing n visit was made to the Fruitland
school nnd found the grades in excel
lent condition.
The class day program held Wed
nesday evening in the Baptist church
was well attended, all of the seating
capacity being taken up and many be
ing turned away for lack of room.
The members of the class did splen
didly Vith their respective parts. We
feel proud of the High School gradu
ates again this year.
The commencement exercises were
hold Friday evening in front of the
school building. Music was furnished
by the High School chorus and the
evening address was given by the
Governor of Idaho, Moses Alexander.
The diplomas were handed to the grnd
uatea by the graduates of the
school directors, Mr. A. B, Kldredge.
It is estimated that between nine hun
dred and a thousand persons were
present at this exercise.
Mr. Louie Ramey took seriously sick
Is still the sale price of every "High
Art" Mens and Young Mens Summer
Suit in our Stock. If the former price
was $20.00 or if it sold for $30.00, take
your choice for
with pneumonia Wednesday and is
now under the care of a trained nurse.
It was feared at first that he could not
recover, but is reported some better
at this writing, which is good news to
his many friend.
Miss Irma Donl was notified Monday
that she of the senior graduates hail
been awarded a scholarshln at Wil
lamette University. This is quite an
honor to be selected for a scholarship
to a leading university. We hope that
Rhe may be able to attend.
MisR Bertha Blind started Saturday
for Lewiston, where she will attend
the summer Normal school. She went
as far as Ironside, Oregon, with her
sister, Mrs. Odell Cochran, and hus
band in their car.
Miss Dorn Bowers left Saturday
morning for Eau Claire, Wisconsin,
where she will spend the vacation. She
has taught two successful terms of
school in the Central school and will
return this fall to take up the work of
Domestic Science teacher of the High
H. R. Flack has recently purchased
a new Ford car and is busy learning
how to run it.
The alumni banquet was held Sat
urday evening at Epworth Hall.
About sixty-five were present and all
enjoyed a Iwuntiful five-course dinner
which had been prepared and served
under the management of the Metho
dist Ladies Aid Society. After the
banquet several short talks were given
by the faculty, school board, ministers,
members of each class of alumni and
two former teachers, Miss Iola West
cott and Mildred Steelman.
The Woman's Home Missionary So
ciety will meet Thursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. D. L. Ingard. Mrs
G. W. Barnes, of Payette, the State
Superintendent, will address the meet
ing. This is the time of the quarterly
tea, and mite boxes will be opened.
Miss Elaie Schmid left Sunday af
ternoon for lewiston where she will
attend the State Normal .bum - the
summer session.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Chas. Rich has much improved and
Mra. Stout of Ontario who has been
helping in the home has been able to
roturn home.
Misses Mamie Foyer and Edith
Boyd were Boise visitors Wednesday
and Thursday of laat wleek.
The members of the alumni will
meet at the home of the Misses Alice
and Ruth Whealdon Friday night of
this week. All of the members want
to be there.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Boor returned
Monday after a visit with their son C.
E. Boor and family of Ironside, Ore
The rain la over and haying will
begin full blast Monday.
Elmer Hayworth will return to his
alfalfa fields at Misquitta Sunday and
harvest the first cutting. He la get
ting a good start on his homestead.
The most important of which is a
good well of water. Although on the
high ridge betwen the North Jacob
son Gulch and Moore's Hollow ha got
waier at zau reet wnicn is mu. .. "..
than many have to drill on the first
bench land, thus proving the eleva
tinn haa but little to do with obtaining
Everyone on North Jacobson's
Gulch seems to have had some kind of
an animal stray away the paat ten
Mr. Mitchell has been riding in
search of a cow and mare and colt;
Guy Morgan for a cow and calf; B.
B. Wilson, of Moore's Hollow, for a
mare with hobbles on; and A. T. Mc
Donald for a yearling colt.
Mr. Mitchell's mare and colt were
found but at last account the cow had
not been located.
Guy Morgan found his cow and calf.
A. S. Witbeck caught Mr. McDon
ald's colt and took him home with
one fore foot badly cut on the wire.
Range cattle are raiding the rye
Elmer Hayworth has recently lost
a cow and colt. The cow mysteriously
lost her eye sight and fall into a
ditch driving one horn into her lungs.
The colt died from a naval disease
causing hia legs to swell badly.
Jowey Rice will help Mr. Hayworth
make nay the coming week.
A. S. Witbeck will work in haying
for Mr. Broaman.
Mr. Mitchell, at the head of North
Jacobson Gulch, is doing much im
proving on his place this year. He
has his water problem now solved in
a most satiafactory manner. His con
venient farm houae well screened
from flies. Has a large acreage plow
ed for fall seeding and is fencing the
whole with rabbit wire. It's a pleas
ure to see such fine improvements in
an arid ( ? ) district.
Mr. Howard, the cointy agricul
turiat, was in this vicinity and Big
Bend last week, entering new contest
ants in the corn contest.
A. E. Wade left Saturday evening
for Net Perce, Idaho, to assume his
duties as county agriculturist of Law
is county.
Will Harria, of Star, Idaho, who is
visiting his cousin, Mrs. A. Wilson,
waa kicked in the face by a horse
Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Sarazin, of
Nyssa, was called and found that Mr.
Harris1 jaw was broken, and several
teeth knocked out.
Mrs. Louisa Wade, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Peck, and
her son, A. E. Wade, for the past eight
mouths, left Thursday for her home
at Decatur, III.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Hall, of
Nyssa, and Mrs. Dickens and daugh
ter, Miss Gordon Diekena, of Silver
City, were guests at the Kingman
home Sunday.
A three-piece orchestra, consisting
of Miss i online Maxwell, Mrs. Peck
and Miss Helen Peck, furnished the
music at a dance at Vale Friday eve
ning. Mrs. E. M. Blodgett. who has been
on the sick list for a week, is recover
ing. Rev. Laurie, of the Grande Ronde
presbytery, held services at the school
house Sunday evening. While there
he was the guest of the Kingman fam-
Misses Eva and Bessie Boy dell, Mr.
Nedry and Dr. Saraxm came out to
the Kolony Thursday evening in the
i doctor's car. On the return trip the
I car broke down and they had to tele
phone for a car from Nyssa. Here
after when the doctor ia in a hurry,
, he will take his horse and buggy.
Mrs. Peck and Mrs. McCreary chap
eroned a party of young people who
motored over to Vale Friday evening.
Mrs. W. C. Walt entertained her
Sunday school class Saturday eve
ning and the young people spent a
delightful evening. Those present
were: Misses Martha Overstreet, Flo
rence Kingman, Mary and Edna War
ren, Maud and Martha Moses, Doro
thy Pilcher and Helen Peck; Messrs.
Earl and Roy Warren, Robert Over
street, Harvey Otis and Tom Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan were
: '..!.. e :j...
hi ec r iuj
Miaaea Anna Anderson and Helen
Peck and Meaara. McLean and Blod-
gett woro guests of Mrs. Maxwell at
dinner Sunday.
Work on the Big Bend bridge is pro
gressing finely. The abutment on the
west side and the false work is com
pleted and the first span is almost
The new pumping plant is now in
operation and every one with land in
the new project is busy putting in
crops. Some of the best land in the
country lies in this district and we
are gland that it is being put into
cultivation. fc"
Haying is now on in full blast. The
crop is unusually heavy.
Mrs. W. C. Walt was the hostess
nt another charming little party at
her home Thursday afternoon. This
time the ladies of the Kolony were
the guests and they spent a very
pleasant afternoon. Dainty refreah
ments were served. Those present
were Mesdames Wade, Kingmai, Ov
erstreet, Burroughs, Morgan, John
ston, Moses, Maxwell and Peck and
Miss Martha Overstreet.
R. M. McCreary gave an enjoyable
. ,,: Th iv ...u-hi A
pUtform WM conitructed f some of
the bridge timber and the Kolony or-
chestra was stationed in n canvas
booth on one side of the platform. A
large crowd was present.
Will Harris, who had his jaw brok-a.
en recently by a kick from a horse,
is recovering slowly. He still has to
ha ve his jaw in a plaster cast.
R. R. Overstreet and son nnd II. I.
Johnston worked for the bridge com
pany laat week, hauling gravel.
We are very glad to huve in our
community Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs,
who have recently moved over from
New Plymouth, having purchased land
under the new Irrigation system. Mr,
Burroughs is a relative of John Bur
roughs, the naturlist.
Mrs. S. J. Galama, of- Nyssa, is
staying at the home of K. M. Blod
gett while Mrs. Blodgett is recu iterat
ing after her recent illness.
Mrs. Wade and children were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Kingman nt dinner
M. A. McLean and Kendrick Blod
gett were Nyssa visitors Saturday
Mr. and Mra. John Kuiiis and chil
dren are erpected shortly from Sioi
City, Iowa. They will send the
mer here.
Children's Day exercisea will lie
held at the Kolony school house next
Monday morning at eleven o'clock.
The program will include selections
by the orchestra, violin and cello so
los, and vocal solos, liesldes recita
tions and choruses by the children.
Everyone is cordially invited to at
tend. Teachers' Examination.
The State Teachers' Examination
will be held in Vale June SO, July 1,
2, and S.
Following is the program that will
be followed in Malheur county: Wed
nesday; Arithmetic, Civil Government
and Geography. Thursday; Grammar,
History, Orthography, Physiology and
Algebra. Friday; Reading School
Law, Theory and Practice, Writing
and Composition. Saturday; Ameri
can Literature and Psychology.
Special arrangements can be made
by those who wish to write for Life
or Primary Certificates.
County School Superintendent.
Next Sunday, June 13th, will be
Children's Day at the Congregational
church, the program given by the
Sunday School in the morning ut
10:30 will take the place of both re
gular morning services, Sunday School
and preaching.
In the evening the pastor will de
liver a sermon, especially prepared
for children and young people.
The public is invited to all these
Rev. Philip Koenig,
Mra Van Valkenburg who has been j
seriously ill is improving now.
J. H. Farioy is in Portland this week
attending the Undertaker's convention.
The Argus wants to buy copies of
the Argus dated May 13th., 115.
Thos. Smith and wife, of Glenna
Ferry, were in Ontario Saturday.
W. E, Perkins, of Payette, spent
Sunday here.
M. N. Gibbons, of Caldwell, was a
visitor here Saturday.
Mrs. A. M. McAfee, of Vale, was an
Ontario visitor Saturday.
John Shuler, of Drewsey, spent Sat
urday here.
S. Faith MrGeehan, of Idaho City,
was in Ontario Saturday.
Mrs. H. M. Rutherford, of lron.ide,
waa in Ontario Saturday.
E. C. Eggleston, of Burns, was an
Ontario visitor Saturday.
C. W. Skinner and J. D. Brown, of
Boise, were in Ontario last Friday.
C. C. Riley, the well known raca
horse man from Drewsey, was in On
tario laat Thursday.