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THE ONTARIO ARGUS, THURSim , -una; 10, 1018
Irrigation Results in Eastern Oregon
By E. M. Greig, Vice-President Ontario-Nyssa Irrigation Company
Published in Orchard and Farm
Berlin Reports That Austro-
Germans Are Taking One
Position After Another.
(Special to The Argus.)
Berlin, via London. Advice from
the Oaltclan front continue to be ex
tremely favorable to the Austro Ger
mana. According to a dispatch from
the Austrian headquarters the Rus
sians are being maneuvered out of one
position after another and are In full
retreat from Medyka, east of Prxem
ysl. It la considered doubtful If they
will be able to make a stand at Mos
clska. The line of the lakes running north
and south through Orodek, which
would be the next natural line of de
fense, Is being taken on the flank by
the Austro-Oerman advance from the
south. It thla army forces a passage
of the Dniester, the Grodek line may
be untenable. In which rase the Rus
sians mlRht havo great difficulty In re
tatnlnK Lemberg.
Desperate Russian attempts to re
lieve the situation In the center by at
tacks on both wings have been fruit
leas, according to the Oerman reports.
A dispatch from Csernowlts, capital
of Dukowlna, aays the Russians to the
east and northeaat of that city are
A colossal battle, unsurpassed In
desperation, la now raging along vir
tually tho entire Qallclan front, with
the Austro Germans continuing their
dogged attacks with bayonet, rifle, and
hundreds of cannon of all calibers,
while the Russians are resisting Vi
ciously, using reserves, which reports
aay Include men showing signs of age,
aa wall aa the claaa of 1917.
Lynch la Selected to Lead Democrats
Washington. Fred Lynch, national
committeeman from Minnesota, was
aelected chairman of the executive
committee of the democratic natloual
commute to succeed A. Mitchell I'ii!
mar, resigned to report for a place on
the lulled Slatea court of claims
Plana arc under way for the clock
ing of the atreama near Cove with fish.
Irwin Nestle, 7-year-old son of N. L.
Nestle, waa drowned In the WlilameCe
river at Kugene.
The largeat and best show In the
history of the Union Live Stock Bhow
association waa brought to
a clocc
George Charles, an Alaska Indian, '
aged 17 years, attending the govern- 1J Hoey, Southern Pacific engineer
nieni Indian achool at Chumawa, was '" charge of construction, when he re
drowned In a gravel pit near the mute turned from a three weeks' conference
achoor. 'D "'"' office of William Hood, chief
The Boye' and Girls' Aid Society of engineer of the- Southern Pacific, In
Oregon haa cared for 4637 children in Francisco.
the 30 yeara of its existence, accord- Seventy-five applicanta for licenses
lug to a report of Runo Arne, the au- to practice dentistry took the exaralii
perinteudenL I lltl" '' Salem. Two days of the ex-
ct.uutauqua week, which opens In aminailou period were put In at the on June 22, la to be made Btate penitentiary, where the anull
the occasion of a great civic celebra- cants endeavored to show their caps
tlon in which all of the towns of the hlhties in treat iug the dental troubles
county will be Invited to participate. "' "' convicts.
On recommendation of the Portage A shipment of 160 bushels of new
Ratlroud commission the state board potatoes sent to Kugene from Sacra
of control has decided to retain the ""'" waa condemned by C. 12. Slow
railroad at Celllo until It la proved url, Lue county fruit Inspector, on
that the canal has rendered It uaeleas. account of the existence of tuber moth
Walter Brennan, ex convict and one among them, and they will either have
of the beat known safe crackers on the I" he shipped back or destroyed at the
Pacific coast, waa arreated at Jackson- expense of the shippers.
v ill.- on a charge of dynamiting and A result of action by the Portland
robbing the aafe of a CanyouvlUe store ''" council formal request Is to be
receutly. made of United States Senators Lane
Ninety six students, representing 34 au1 Chamberlain and Representative
counties and 61! towns of Oregon, will McArthur that they urge tho depart
receive diplomas from the Oregon
normal school, June 16. Ktfty-flve per
cent of the 98 already hold appoint
ments aa teachers for next year.
Harvey Wells, state insurance com
missioner, announced that the 36 com
panies dealing in automobile fire In
aurauce laat year sustained losses
amounting to $36,666.10, the net losses
paid less reinsurance being $33,016.21.
State Engineer Lewis has issued a
permit to Auguat Oulghard, of Hood
River, for the appropriation of 400
second feet of water from Hood River
for the development of 2273 horsepow
er. It la estimated that she develop
ment will coat $300,000.
Thirty-alx thousand acres that have
beeu tied up by a Carey land project
In Pine valley, Baker county, are ex
pected to be thrown open within a
few mouths, if the United States land
department acts upon the request of I'matilla county; M. I). Kelly. Mai
those in that vicinity. aeur county, and Gerry , Snow, Mult
Tbe forest service la advertlaing for uomah couuty, stock inspectors for
sale 43.uP0.000 feet of timber, 92 per their respective counties, recommend
cent of which Is western yellow pine ed by tbe Cattle and Horae Raisers'
and the balance made up of Douglas ' association of the state. The appoint
fir, western larch and other apeclee in en is were made under a law passed
all located upon the Whitman national t the recent session of the legislature
forest in eastern Oregon. authorising the sppointment of s stock
Jt is expected that Looo.ouo pounds ' inspector tor each couuty.
(Special to the Argus)
Nogales, Ariz. --A posse of 10 Ameri
can cowboys and miners rode eight
miles across the border Into Santa
Crui, Sonora, Saturday, and, leveling
their guns at the colonel commanding
the garrison, while 150 Mexican sol
diers looked on, secured the Immedi
ate release of two American boys kid
naped by three of the soldiers on the
Arizona side of the border earlier In
the day.
Three Mexican soldiers crossed to
the American side of the iKuindary at
Washington Camp, 26 miles east of
here, and kidnaped two 17-year-old
boys, Qeorge Vaughn, son of the store
keeper at Duquesne, and Henry Chang,
son of a Chinese-American cltlsen of
Washington Camp.
Santa Cms Is garrisoned by forces
of Jose Maytorena, the Villa governor
of Sonora. Washington Camp, whore
the Mexicans captured the boys, and
Duquesne are border settlementa 26
mllea cast of here.
(Special to the Argus)
London. The casualty lists for the
week's end are the heaviest Issued
Since the war began. Thuy Include
80 officers and 5U20 men, of whom
1674 were killed. This brings the total
British losses during laat week to 900
officers and 20,000 men.
Man and Wife are Slain.
Pendleton. Charles Ogllvey, prom
inent farmer of California Oulch, 16
miles south of Pilot Rock, was fatally
shot, and his wife was murdered Lee
Dale, a former employe of the Ogll
veya, and one time a suitor of Ogll
vey'a youngest daughter, was arrestod
by Sheriff Taylor and Is held on a
charge of murder.
Charles Ogllvey later died In the
Pilot Rock hospital after an operation.
of wool will be offered at the Hhanlko
lie on June 21. At present only about
400,01)0 pounds have been hauled there
as shearing has been delayed. Last
year 1.300,000 pouuda were sold at
Hhanlko and the year before 1,360,000
More orders to rush work on the
Willamette Pacific were brought by
ment of the interior to give the city
' Portland 240 acres of government
land adjoining Gordon falls. Gordon
fulls and 380 acres around it was giv
en to the city by S. Beuson for a pub
lic park.
The flnaJ report of the state ac
counting department, which was abol
ished by the recent legislature, Issued
by Insurance Commissioner Wells,
shows ten counties had deficits and
13 surpluses on March 31. Reports
were not submitted by 11 counties.
Mr. Wells said that during lta exlat
ence of two years the department ex
pended $18,000 of Its appropriation of
$27,600, and recovered tor the countlea
and slate $16,000.
Governor Withycombe has appoint
ed Charles Wendt, Baker county; T.
B. Johnson, Union county; Henry
Haas, Wallowa county; A. W. Rugg,
About Ave years ago the first elec
tric pumping plant was installed in
Malheur county, Eastern Oregon.
Since that time not less than 100
plants have been put in operation
within 25 miles of Ontario, Malheur
county, and there is at least 50,000
acres now being watered by pumping
plants using electric power. There is
still about 50,000 acres of land in the
same district that is under the 125
foot life that is expected to be water
ed within the next few years by pump
ing. Three rivers flow through the east
em part of Malheur county, the
Snake, Owyhee and Malheur, and all
of these streams are used for pump
ing. At low water the Snake river
furnishes some 5,000 second feet at
Ontario, and practically 4,000 second
feet is now going to waste so far aa
irrigation of lands is concerned, so
that a great abundance of water is
found here for future use for pump-
All Oak Tabouret,
like cut. or with
round top, regular
$1.35 value for 80c.
Two Days Only.
ing. There are electric power linec
all through this valley and with the
power plants now under construction
5(1,000 horse-power can be generated.
For an irrigation season of six months
the price of power is from f 18 to $26
per horse power, owing to the amount
One of the largeat pumping plantc
using electricty in this section is the
Qntario-Nyssa Irrigation Company
plant. This is a co-operative yLVn
only land owners holding stock, nd
0,400 acres are now being watered
by this company. The water is pump
ed from Snake river through a Ave
foot pipe line 6,700 feet to a point
103 feet above the river, thence it
flows by gravity for 22 miles, V('r
ing the land along the canal forWie
entire distance. The Ontario-Nyssa
Company uses 1,100 horse-power and
furnishes three acres feet of water
Mr season for each acre under the sys
tem. This plant was installed in 1912,
at which time every acre of the 0,400
Waa in sagebrush. Today practically
all of this laud is now in cultivation J
and producing crops of alfalfa, fruit,
corn and grain. The cost of putting
in this irrigation system was $10 per
acre. The maintenance charge was
about $3.50 per acre.
In addition to the lands watered
News of
It Is believed in London that the
Qerniaus are sending extensive rein-
'forcementa to the western front.
Premier Asqulth made a visit of
four days to the British front.
Fighting of the fiercest character
on the Gallipoll peninsula has re
sulted In the allies still maintaining
their offensive along the whole of the
front. The Turks are reported to have
maased 276,000 troop for the defense
of the Dardanelles and Constantino
ple. The Prussian minister of agricul
ture Informed the budget committee
of the Diet that Oerman troops had
planted 80 per cent of the arable area
of the occupied territory In Belgium
and France. Grain and potatoes were
Britleh, French and German official
reports agree that the fighting has
been Intense ou the western front, aud
the British aud German accounts are
In accord in indicating engagements
of especial severity between those two
Paris chronicles progress for the
allies to the north of Arras, the cap
ture of a trench at Souches aud the
repulse of a German counter-attack at
Neuvtlle-Bt. VaasL In this latter re
glon a gain of about 800 feet la assert
ed by Paris.
A determined offensive has been
launched against the British Hue about
Ypres. Dispatches tell of a renewal
of the vigorous bombardment of the
British trenches. The center of this
attack la from Hooge and the heavy
artillery fire being poured against the
English line Is accepted aa being pre
paratory to a general assault la an at
tempt to break the British front
Upon the sea Oerman submarines
by the pumping method, there are
about 50,000 acres within 25 mites of
Ontario watered by gravity. The
maintenance charge under the gravity
ditches is usually $1 per acre for a
season of six to seven months. The
usual amount of water given is one
miners inch per acre, which is about
double the water necessary, but as
these ditches were built twenty years
ago, when the average irrigator
thought he could not do with less this
Friday and
Ontario, Oregon
. .4 1 . j J . ,
amount, ii wan iihoi puratcu in in.
stock that they were to hare on. Inch
of water, and they still get this am-
... . . , ,, ., .
ount, although much of it is allowed
to go to waste.
The Snake River Valley at Ontario
is about 2,100 feet above sea level and
almost any crop grown in the temper-
ate gone can be found here. There
are peach, apricot, pear, apple, prune
orchards here. In this immediate vi-
cinity there are probably 20,000 acrea
in orchards, the most profitable and
greatest acreage being in apples and county had doubled and the same is
prunes. Some of our apple orchards true of the amount of land but under
have, yielded wonderful cropa every irrigation during the last five years,
year, and until this year have made In this immediate part we depend aole
big money for the owners. The past: ly upon irrigation as the average rain
season the prices were low and but fall, as the average rainfall is only
little returns were made to the grow- about 12 inches per season.
the European War
bssbT - ' sjMslSjajnsBsvlDl
Premier Sslandra, of Itsly, who fs- i
versa entering the war on the side of I
the allies
Mr Mineah, who has been the guest
of Mr and Mrs W. W. Leleon left mon
day evening for Denver. Mrs Mineah
land son will remain for an extended
visit with Mrs Letaon.
ers, but this was due to the commence-
ment of the war in Europe and a big
Eastern crop.
A 90-acre prune orchard has been
netting the owners about $250 per
acre for the last four years. These
prunes are shipped green to New
York City and it is claimed by some
of the fruit men there that green
prunes from this section hold up bet
ter than any prune received on the
Corn Is another big crop raised here
and probably 10,000 acres are planted
to .this crop this year. Lust year 20
men in two districts in this valley en-
tered into a corn contest. They av
eraged 14 acres of corn to the man,
and nine raised from 1011 to 121 bush-
els. This veer there is live times as
much corn planted as last season.
Silos are going up on many farms
and 15 to 20 tons to the ncrc can be
raised for silo purposes.
Alfalfa is another big crop raised
Do not order over
phone or ask us to
deliver them, as
you must come and
get them they're
worth more than
the money.
here. There are probably 00,00(1 acre-,
in this crop in the district around
Ontario. An average crop here is
from 0 to 8 tons from three cuttings.
From 116 acres J. W. Jessee, who lives
a few miles south of Onturio, cut 1,
180 tons of m en mi red hay from three
cuttings, an average of about 10 tons
to the acre. For cow feed we cut four
times each season, but for stock feed
ing three times is considered best.
Wheat, oats, barley, all kinds of
vegetables and Jries are grown in
this valley. The average farm here
1. ....... I........ .1.. ......... I .... ...ill
i.uw tjwn.M ,-. n. i wu wi.,
,, -- . . m
""? fl,ld T'" "'. M ?
? " Corn' Buml lm mnCe '"
fa or clover. Stock raising and duiry-
. , -.,.,.
,ng tm oinK tt'B th" hlK bu,,ln,,
here, outside of fruit, and with al-
falfl4 to grow the frumo B1U, com to
finish with, we have the ideal home
for the stockman, dairyman, or hog
raiser. So far Malheur county haa
never had a caae of hog cholera, al
though they have been shipping pork-
rs from here for many years,
Since HMO the population of this
are evidently operating In force and
are showing the greateat activity.
Thirteen vessels, Including four 'neu
tral ahlps, were sunk within the past
48 hours.
With Prsemysl again in the hands
of the Austrlaus, sledgehammer blows
are being struck at the llusslaus on
the eastern front. General von Mack
enscu's victorious army is closely fol
lowing the retreating Itiisslaus east of
Prsemysl. As yet there are no Indl
cations of wlthdrawala from vou Mack
onsen's forces for use In France and
KUuders, but the apparent dctermln
atton of the Austro German forces Is
to crush the Russians aud drive them
completely out of (jalicla
lu Russian (ourlund and aoutluust
eru Poland the German forces are also
driving hard agaliiut tin- Kussiau Hues.
Adiulsslous from London and Petro
grad that the allies are suffering from
a shortage of ammunition are believed
to have Influenced the kaiser in choos
ing the present time for the delivery
of mighty blows against his enemies.
Lower Columbia Fishermen Arrested.
Astoria. As a result of the investi
gation mads iii. i', ihs luit few dsyi
by II I' McCra.ii, i put i olleclor and
cn!el "'"Pe"0' OI "sioms ai i-oruanu,
"s"c"" '" oiuiuwia
nave, ueen arrested lor viuiaiiou oi
i motor boat rules.
Women Murdered at Bend.
Bend Mrs. Nettle Cole, a middle
aged woman who lived alone in a cab
In on the outskirts of towu, was found
dead In her home apparently murder
ed. The right side of her head had
been crushed by a heavy instrument.
Chihuahua. Mexico. - Thati each fac
tion in Melco Hppolnt representatives
to meet In the Cnlted States or some
other neutral country and formulate
plans for nn earl., solution of Mexican
troubles - a plan seriously discuss
ed here In tin Htnte palace by high
Villa civil and milltnry officials. This
ldeii is tlioiiRht to linve originated at
Villa's headquarters.
Germans Take 33,000 Russians.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayvllle.
General von Miickcuzcn captured 33.-
805 prisoners In accomplishing the fall
of Prsemysl, according to official an
- nounceinent here. The statement add
"General von Llnseiigeti has forced
a lisssaae of the Dnelster river near
Zaravno, east of StryJ, after terrific !
fighting lie lias taken 13,600 prlson-
Germans Close to L.mberg.
Copenhagen The Austro-Ucrman
Jrmy is only 10 miles from Lemberg,
the gnat (lallclan fortress, according
to dispatches received here.
Steel Corporation Hsld no Monopoly.
Trenton, N. J. The United States
district court for New Jersey handed
down a unanimous declalon refusing
the petition of the federal government
'.o dlasolve the United States steel
Allies Make Gain on Turkish Front.
London. Official announcement
was made that the llrltlah troops at
the liiirdanelles, aa a reault of their
new offensive movement last week, '
oaptured two lines of Turkish trenches
along a three-mile front.
Wheat -Club, 9Nc; blueatem. $1.00;
red Russian, Use; fort) fold. Use; red
fife, 86c.
Hay Kasteru Oregon timothy, $16;
grain hay. $12; alfalfa, $12.60; valfey
timothy, $12.60.
Putter Creamery, 28c.
Kggs Ranch. I8e
Wool Kasteru Oregon, 26c; .valley,
Mohair 31c.
Wheat llluestem. $1.00; club, 98c;
red Russian. t5c; forty foldVlflOO;
fife. '-;.
Parley $22 per ton.
Hay Timothy, $ltl per ton; alfalfa,
$14 per toil.
Putter - Creamery, 28c.
Kggs Hc.
lleinir One of a Scries of Articles
The Many Furnth And Places
In view of the fact that the people
tl Malheur county are beginning to
SsJlM the marvelous opportunities
that are bei'-.g offered them it dairy
furniing, we think it altogether tit
ting that we publish an account of
whal one man is doing.
Thin man is Mr. W. L Gibson, lo
cated on 1H) acre ranch laud one halt
ii Hi vest of Nysisa, L'O acres of which
U ilc oted to an on liar. I and the ic
main ler used for pasture uiul tho raid
ing of farm crops. Mr. Gibson has
lenlued that in order to be successful
in the dairy work, certain principles
muht be followed and certuiu eiuip-
mci't i- necessary.
Ii this ago of modern inventions
in oilier to be successful in uny line
of work the modern appliances must
be Uh'Ml. Two of these invention.-.
which are essential to the dairy are
the -i'o and the electric milking ma
iliiiic. Realizing this Mr. Gibson has
in.'alleil both into his duiry equip
ment. The model mIo that is used by
Mr. Gibson is made of wood, is It!
I'ect in diameter, .'12 feet aoove ground
uid 10 below. It has a capacity of
h.'t:i cubic feet or approximately 200
l.i. of ensilage, ll requires about 14
nours io mi it, using a Mnany alfal-ur
fa cutter. The milker is a Heinway
machine and works on what is known
aa the "calf way system, that is,
tfti HUM union is applied by the ma-
chine M iS used naturally by the calf.
At the present time Mr. Gibson has
the equipment for milking two cows
at a time only, but expects to pur-
c use more in the near future.
Mr. Gibson's dairy herd consists of
SO pure bred Holstein cows, all liable
to registration although none are re-
peered. This herd came from K01 1
Atkinsoii, Wisconsin, which is located
n quarter of u mile from the famous
Governor Hurd farm known us "the
home of the Holstein." Twenty rive
are giving milk at the present time
and some will be freah in the near
, Dc fit A lid for AdllfTHIH e tO HlJ-
mane Warfare is Gist of
Coinri u lication.
(Special to The Argus.)
Washington. President Wilson and
Ills cabinet agreed on tbe draft of the
second note to (leriiiuny, demanding.
In effect, an adherence by that nation
to the humane principles of interna
tional law In the conduct of maritime
warfare as affecting neutrals.
The principle Is fixed and unaltera
ble that the United States must know
definitely and promptly whether
(lermany intends to ignore visit and
search rights and continue her prac-
of torpedoing vessels without
warning, placing the Uvea of non com
batants In Jeopardy, or whether rules
of maritime warfare which have gov
erned for centuries will be followed.
The note sets aside aa irrelevant all
the contentions of the Oerman reply,
except one whether the Lusltauia
was armed- and restates the position
taken by the United Statea previously,
that the Lusltanla, after official Inves
tigation by competent Inspectors, sail
ed from an American port with no
guns aboard, either mounted or un
mounted. It further calls Germany's
attention to the fact that the Luallan
la did not attempt any resistance, be
ing torpedoed without a moment's
The arrival of a communication
from the Oerman government express
ing regret for the attack on the Amur
lean steamer Oulfllght, offering to pay
Indemnity aa soon aa a claim Is pre
sented and details arranged, and mak
Ing a further promise to take Into con
sideration any facta which the United
States may have on the dropping of
bombs by Oerman airmen on the
American ateamer Cuahlug, made un
neceasary any discussion of these
oases In the new note to Ocrmany.
It waa aald the note to be aent to
Emperor William by Count von Bern
storff, the Oerman ambassador,
through Meyer Oerhard, an attache o.
the Oerman colonial office, aa special
envoy to carry measageo of the em
bassy and to outline the American
point of view to the government of
Berlin, would not delay the dispatch
of the American note.
Germans Well Supplied.
Berlin, via Amsterdam. Oermany
has enough war material now at hand
for another inter campaign, tbe war
office .u. noun. . .! The atatement was
made to the budget committee of the
relcastag by the deputy war minister.
Telling of a Visit to Each of
of Interest in This Section.
future. '
Mr. Gibson - .-ll- all his milk at the
cheese factory at Nyssa und feeds the
whey to the pigs, thus escaping any
p. i ilil. loss. He has 250 Poland
China hogs, all subject to registration.
I h.y are of the Royston stock. He
has 111 liroo.1 sows and will have 45
shouts ready to market in July.
Mr. Gibson raises all of his own
feed, thereby eliminating the unnec
essary expense of boughten feed. Of
the ISO acres, 56 are devoted to alfal
fa, 54 acres to corn, 20 acres to or
chard, ! u. res to potatoes, as well
as numerous corrals, yards, etc., and
four fiacre pastures, two being in
ulfalru and the remaining two in blue-grus-.
and white clover, planted equal
The in i-liai il is composed entirely
of apples, one third Johnathans. ona
third Rome Beauties, one sixth Wii..
saps and one sixth Canoes. All ar,
live years old and are bearing pro
fusely. The orchard is planted in
i-orn which is used for ensilage, for
winter feetl for the cows. Mr. Gib
son has also live acres of thirteen
year old black locusts, which he uses
for fence posts, wood and various oth-
things. He uses a 115 horse power
Loal oil tractor for plowing the soil,
j thus greatly reducing the time und
expense require.! for that operation.
He uses the prssjnjg wuter system
I in his home and for watering tho
l sggidusioii we might also add
that Mr. Gibson m tiled on the land
14 yur URO removed the sage brush
by hand and has transformed it into
one of the most valuable ranches in
this section of the e.., This
merely MM to show what one can ac-
onggnlUh when he is determined to do
a thing.
Boost for the duiry industry and in
an amazingly short time we will And
Malheur county one of the choice dai-
ry sections of the world.