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Hood River, Oregon,
We used "Corona Dry" exclusively in our orchards, comprising some
three hundred acres. It gave the best satisfaction of any.lcad we)have ever used.
North Pacific Fruit Distributors
We have Corona Dry in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 lb. kegs
The Ontario Pharmacy
The Rexall Store
visit with relatives in Pennsylvania.
Forrest .Tonox, of Juntura, wus here
Dr. Lottll Melvin. of Hrewsoy, was
here last Thursday.
C. W. Mace came in from Hums
last Sat unlay.
W. II. Qmi rnmc up from Home
dale last Thursday. .
Wm. Connolly, of Westfall, was In
town lost Fridoy.
R. C. Cioodwin came down from Vale
last Friday.
Mrs. R. E. Rutherford has os her
guest her sister, Mrs. Clark, of Burns,
Oregon, for a few weeks' visit.
Mrs. Guy Fisher and two children
left Saturday night for Portland,
where they will spend the summer.
J. A. Haley, of Caldwell, and J. M.
Bradley, of Atlanta, Georgia, well
known horse buyers, were here Sunday.
Mrs. Terwilliger, of Jamieson, rame
In last Friday.
R. E. Stagier, of Weiser, wn an
Ontorio visitor Sunday.
J. n. Meuth, of Homednlc, was here
last week.
Wm. Harvey, of l.uki view, Oregon,
was here last week.
C. R. Emmett. of Caldwell, Idaho,
spent one day here last week.
Wayne Allen was a visitor here
from Jamieson last Friday.
Rev. Chas. H. Powell, of La Grande,
stopped off here Saturday on his way
to Vole and Nyssa where he held ser
vices Sunday.
Mrs. H. C. Schuppell has ns her
guest her sister, Mrs. Shirley, of Ma
ker City. Mr. Shirley is just re
turning from an extended visit with
relatives in the east.
The Argus Is always pleased
to receive advance notices of ao-
clety events that have not been
printed; also news of those that
have taken place. The latter
should be In the offlco not later
4 than Wednesday noon.
The W. C. T. U. met at the home of
Mrs. D. E. Raker last Tuesday. A
very interesting program was given.
Miss Lillian McDonald, of l.u
Grande, Oregon, arrived Wednesday
evening to be the guest of her cousin,
Mrs. W. C. Marsh, for a few days.
She was accompanied by little Ed
ward Marsh, who has been visiting
relatives for the past month.
W. I. Shepntd, of Hums, Ore., was
visitor here last Thursday.
For rent Neat 4 room furnished cott
age,.). G. Staples.
W. F. Hedges, of Juntura, was an
Ontario visitor last Saturday.
Dr. Abrams and wife, of Boise, were
in Ontario Saturduy.
A. G. Daniel, of Payette, spent Sat
urday in Ontario.
The Misses Piatt were liolse visi
tors licit week.
K. I. Hiokoii came down from Vale
lust week.
(has. Hodcnn and D. II. Hunter, of
Raker City, were in town lust week.
Dean Goodman ami wife, of Jun
tura, spent a few days here last week.
W. K. Sullivan and wife, of Hums,
Oregon, were in Ontario Suturduy.
Ralph Fi'khardt and wife came
down from Idaho Falls lust week.
Wm. McRratney, Undertaker and
Embalmer, best of service. Licensed
in Idaho and Oregon. Calls prumptly
attended day or night
FOR RENT Residence formerly
occupied by Dr. Wecae. V. H. Staples,
Vale, Oregon. tf
Haby buggies at Mcltratney's Furni
ture Store.
To trade Good residence property In
a tine Idaho ' town for land or town
property at Ontario. Hox ftSS, Ontario
Oregon. 4-tf
New gasolene engine and Pump jack
for sale cheap at McUratnejra Furni
ture Store.
D. E. Newman, of Hoise, was an
Ontario visitor last Thursday.
J. W. Hays and wife, of Glenus Fer
ry, were in town last Thursday.
Mrs. A. II. Hill went to Emmett
Saturday and returned Monday.
Mrs. C. E. Kit II MUM up from Kuim,
IduliD, Sat tn day tor a few days' visit.
J. W. Shullield. of Wendall, Idaho,
wus a vi .itor in this city last Wednesday.
C. E. Carter uml W. A. Croaks, of
Gunnel!, Idaho, were in Ontario last
Mrs. Rush White and son, of Wal
lace. Idaho, were Ontario visitors lust
Fine All Leather Hand Hags, latest
style, $1.50 values, our price only N6cJ
this week. Other goods at corresond
ing low prices. Hill's Pharmacy.
Sewing machine needles and oil at
Mcliratney's Furniture Store
FOR SALE Cheap. Good young
stallion of Belgian breed. Also some
mures. Address box 467, Ontario. tf
We specialize in making brick ice
cream. hIho mint wafers any color de
sired. Temple of SweeU.
FOR RENT Nice new bungalow
for rent or sale on easy terms. On
turlo I .nin. lis tf.
The Silver Bridge Club was enter
tained by Mrs. W. C. Marsh at the
Moore Hotel last Wednesday after
noon. Mrs. Cayou won the Silver
Mrs. J. H. Fell, of John Day, Ore
gon, and little niece, Janet Relknap,
who have been the guests of Mrs.
Felt's sister, Mrs. W. W. Wood, for
several days, returned home Tuesday
The Good Will Club and auxiliary
of the Rcbekah Lodge was entertain
ed at the home of Mrs. Dell Stoner
Friday afternoon. The greater part
of the afternoon was spent with cro
cheting and needle-work, a delicious
lunch being served by the hostess at
the close of the afternoon. About
twenty-five members wero present on
this occasion. The invited guest was
Mm. ('lark, of Burns, Oregon. The
next meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs Adrian Rutherford, June 11th.
The C. M. D. Club was entertained
by Mrs. McGregor last Tuesday at
her home in the country. About thir
teen ladies motored out for the occa
sion. Most of the afternoon was spent
with fancy work, u delicious and
bountiful luncheon being served by
the hostess at the conclusion of the
ufUirnoon. Beside the members of
the Club the following invited guests
were present, Mrs. Carlile, Mrs. Rob
inson, Mrs. Munn and Miss Husted.
This club meets the second und fourth
Tuesdays in the month, the next
meeting being at the home of Mrs.
Tuesday, May 25.
Dean Goodman and wife, Juntura;
Wm. Harvey, Lakeview, Ore.; Ben
Brown, Vale; J. B. Heath, Homedale;
P. C. Sandus and Chas. Storey, Boise;
C. R. Emmett. Caldwell; H. B. Hayes,
John Day, Ore.
Wednesday, May 2fi.
J. W. Shuffleld. Wendall. Idaho: W.
Hartford, Portland; Jay Bishop,
Falk; Armand Dewall, Butler, Mo.
Thursday. May 27.
Miles Riley, Welburns, Idaho; Dr.
DEAD OX FLAT, Oreg., May 29.
Mrs. A. T. McDonald visited Mrs.
Chas. Herr Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Herr visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Langley Sunday.
Mrs. Bell, of Payette, visited Mrs.
August Senkbeil his week. On Wed
nesday they made a trip about the
neighborhood calling on Mrs. Honn,
Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. McDonald.
Mrs. Chas. Herr is expecting a vis
it from her mother, who lives in Colo
rado. A cousin of Mrs. Herr is to
I-oqU Melvin, Drewsey; W. JL Gess, meet the mother here and motor
Homlc; W. I. Shepard. Burns, Ore.; thence to the big Show at San Fran
A. W. Workman, Salt Lake. cisco.
Friday, May 28. A well attended meeting of the
Chn. Boil. an. and D. H. Hunter, 'prospective water users of the Dead
Baker, Ore.; R. C. Goodwin, Vale; Mrs. 0x rWi Irrigation district was held
Terwilliger, Jamieson; J. L. Gray, ttt the ( ru" school house Friday. The
Twinn Falls; Wm. Connolly, Westfall; question discussed wos "Shall the Dis-
Wym Allen, Jamieson, Ore.
Saturday, May 29.
D. H. Hunter, Baker. Ore.; R. A
trict be Dissolved or not Dissolved."
The vast majority present seemed to
favor dissolution, and petitions were
Kelsay, Westfall; C. W. Mace, Burns; P,ace11 in circulation praying that the
Forrest Jones, Juntura; Frank Sols,
Boord of Directors of the District call
Baker; E. E. Ransapher, Dr. W. H.,a" e,tion of the qualified voters of
M.r.hall .ml K M l.n,lor Mwlv.l.- ""' """inci lo seu.e me question.
Wm. Connolly and R. C. Stewart,
Wesfall; James Smith, City; Mrs. B.
F. Johnson and Miss Dessell Johnson,
Prineville, Ore.; Hugh Sprout and Ro
bert Sprout, Jr., Boise.
Sunday, May 30.
Frank Sels. Vale. Ore.: Wm. Con
nolly, Westfall; A. F. Pascoe, Aber-TnoH
daen, Wash.; J. A. Holy. Caldwell; J.
M. Bradley, Atlanta, Ga.
A number of Ontario people went
to Boise last Sunduy and remained
over Monday to see the ball games.
who accompanied the team
were, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Gregg, Mrs.
Roy Smith, Mrs. V. W. Chambers, Mrs.
Dan Kerfoot, Mr. Holcombe, Mr. R.
M. Curlile, Mr. Patterson and Harvey
Program and Prizes
For Fourth of July
Try our fresh candy, also ice cream
made daily at the Temple of Sweets
i'lt wins its favor by it flavor."
Mm. .las. Wilson and Miss Evelyn
Fry, of Baker City, Oregon, were
down here lust Tuesday.
The proof of the pudding is in the
euting, not in chewing the string. See
Cope'' the only Practical man; bet
ter work for less money; Tailoring,
Cleaning, Pressing. 20-2t
B. 11. r'uthcringhum and wife, of
Jamieson, were Onturio isitors lust
M R. O. Puyne was hostess to
the Silver Bridge Club Wednesday afternoon.
E. E. Ransapher, Dr. W. H. Mar
shall und V.. M. Lendor were Ontario
visitors front Midvule lust Suturduy.
Mrs. It. F. Johnson und Miss Des
sell Johnson were here from Prine
ville, Oregon, Saturday.
J. L. D. Morrison of th Oregon
Western Colonisation company, made
a trip to Portland lust week.
Mrs. II. Chupmun went to Boise
Saturday for a few duy' visit with
Mrs. Oiu Campbell und her daugh
ter, Violet, left Suturduy fu u month's
LOST Ladies black shoe, newly
half soled. Lost on Oregon street
south of Bayer's store. Finder please
leuve ut Argus office. It
WANTED A teacher during the
summer months, June, July and Au
gust, to teuch high school subjects,
one pupil, on a ranch. Applicants ad
dress Box 63, R. F. D., Ontario, Ore
gon. 3tpd.
June 'J, 10, 11, 12, and 13 via Oregon
Short Line for Y. M. and Y. M. I. A.
Convention. Limit, June '.'nth. See
Agents for rates.
WANTED -A position us house
keeper or work in a hotel. Address
C. R. I. Box 145. 22-1 1.
Miss Stella DuClos, having secured
the Aker residence south of the high
school, has opened a private boarding
house. Six or eight persons who de
sire a home would do well to com
municate with Miss DuClos, either by
mail or phone 17Q-J. 22 pd.
With the announcement this week
thut Numpu will celebrute with Onta
rio on the 4th of July comes the assur
unce more thuu ever thut Ontario will
have u genuine celebration such as
hasn't lieen put on here in years.
Numpu guuruutees to bring their Bund
and Ml funs with their bull teum for
the big celebration and no doubt many
more will decide to celebrute in On
tario. The Weiser and Payette bands have
been lined for the occasion and with
our home bund plenty of music will
be furnished. Slurring with the pur
ude ut 10 o'clock some umusement is
planned for every hour of the duy.
Exercises in the park in the forenoon
und the bull gume, races und etc. in
the ufternoon und fireworks in the
evening assures everyone of a good
Following is the list of prizes of
fered by the Sports Committee:
UK) yurd free for all, $5.00 first.
$2.50 second.
60 yurd free for all. $3.00 first, $1.50
60 yurd girls 12 to 10, $3.00 first .
$1.60 second.
II yurd girls t-. to 11, $2.00 first.
$1.00 second.
'.r yurd girls under 6, $2.00 first,
$1.00 second.
100 yurd Keg Race. $3.00 first, $1.50
i yurd boys 12 to 10, $3.00 first,
$1.50 second.
50 yurd boys G to 11, $2.00 tirst,
$1.00 second.
26 yard boys under 0, $2.00 first,
$1.00 second.
N yurd suck race for all, $4.00 first.
$2.00 second.
Tug of War, 10 men on each side.
t Laired, purse $10.00.
60 yard three legged race, $4.00
first, $2.00 second.
50 yard fat man's race, 200 pounds
and under 500 pounds.
60 yurd potato race, 25 potatoes,
$5.00 first, $2.60 second.
Greased pig. $3.00.
Bicycle race, boys under 12 years,
mile, $3.00 first, $1.60 second.
Bicycle race, boys under 16 years,
1h mile, $3.00 tirst, $1.60 second.
Tuesday, May 25.
Mrs. II. L. Anderson, Crowley; K.I
gur B. Duncan, Jamieson; Mrs. Rush
White and son. Wallace, Idaho; Mrs.
Jas. Wilson and Miss Evelyn Fry, Bu-
ker; E. B. Shermun, Ernest Eraser, J.
A III....L 1 U I. I A ... Q...1
. ..our, ,. n. uuukv, nuna ounr.rn.'n . ,, .. i - .. i .-i
i, m ii 7 o a ii . . iiouncn or inn . uy oi wniurio, mni-
Boise; M. H. Brown, Pocutello; E. I L . .. . , ' . rwirM nR ...
Brogun, Vale. Ore. 'j.
.. u U , , , ! That the City Marshal be instruct-
. B-"-,thnnKhmnJiw''Jm-1el to prohibit the running of auto
leson; E. Peffer and wife, Boise; Mrs.. , .. . .-.-- ,u ..
('has. llan iiiiau, Jamieson, C. E. Car
ter, Grinnell, Idaho; Ralph Eckhardt
and wife, Idaho Falls.
Thursday. May 27.
James McNamara, Boise; L. C. Bu
se, Pocatello; D. E. Newman, Boise;
Chas. F. Spinner, Boise; Mr. J. W.
Hays und wife, Glenns Ferry.
Friday, May 28.
B. E. Hamlin, Boise; C. E. Carter,
W. A. Brooks, Grinnell, Idaho; J.
Rhoads, Boise; Chas. II. Powell, La
Grande; W. A. Swelt, Pocutello; Chus.
E. Brooks, C. F. Judson, Boise.
Saturday. May 2D.
J. F. Orr, Payette; W. J. Forns,
Boise; E. L. Potter, Corvallis, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Sullivan, Burns; Dr.
mobiles and motorcycles on the streets
of the City unless equipped with the
proper mufflers, and that the sume be
kept closed at all times.
Thut whenever an automobile or
motorcycle is standing, the engine be
shut off und not allowed to run und
disturb the peuce of the public.
That when automobiles are stop
ped at the intersection of streets this
top only be long enough to unload
That the State Iuw governing, be
enforced, us to nutomobiles and motor
cycles, regurding lights, speed, license
tags and other mutters that are con
stantly being disobeyed to the .lis
, pleasure of the public.
Which resolution was duly had at
Deeds and Patents
Recorded in County Clerk's office from
May 24th to :".'! Ii, 1915.
Ontario Land and Townsite Co. to
H. C. Whitworth, Lot 9 Bl. 9 River
side Adn. Ontario, Feb. 18, 1916, $125.
State of Oregon to Frank J. Smith,
SE'iSWH WttSEV 16-31-42, Dec.
2, 1914, $800.
Geo. W. B'anton, Jr. et ux to I. H.
Moore, Lot 3 Bl. D in SEVaNEK 4-
18-47, June 24, 1912, $00.
Ben J. Brown, sheriff to Jennie
Patch, Lot 3 Home Park Fruit Tract
and 6 acres in SK'.NK'. 30-16-47,
May 26, 1915, $889.80.
U. S. A. to Frank Brown, SV4SW
20-21-40, April 14, 1915.
Ctrl Vertner et ux to George W.
Swindumun, Metes and Bounds in 30-16-47,
April 21, 1915, $1400.
U. S. A. to Leslie J. Aker, NHSWK
20-10-47, Sept. 9, 1914.
J. M. P. Corson et vir to M. E. Per
ley, Lots 3-4 Bl. 1 Nelson's 1st Adn.
Vale. May 28, 1916, $1.
A. C. Farmer to Paul A. Nauman,
!''. SW ', 15-18-46, April 24, 1916, $1.
Foreclosure of Liens $2013.21, May
H. W., F. E and E. H. Spanlding
vs. E. E. McCay, Recovery on Note
$162.00. May 27.
Utah Assn. of Credit Men vs. M. V.
Hart, Recovery on Account $229.60,
May 27.
A. E. Price vs. D. J. Sullivan, F. E.
Tracey and Geo. Huntley, Determin
ing Claims of Locators on Mining
Property, May 9.
Grace Newell Morris vs. Hugh O'
Donnell et ux, Foreclosure of Mtg.
$2400.50, May 29.
S. Hirsch vs. L. B. Teter, Recovery
on Note $209.19, May 29.
Ontario Nnt'l Bank vs. Perry Mau
pin, Recovery on Note $24.00, May
P. J. Gallagher vs. C. C. Croy et ux
Recovery of Attorney's Fees $146.40
May 29.
Manna Bros. vs. P. H. Ennis et ux,
Recovery on Notes $30.00, May 27.
Charles Copel vs. Pearl Copel, Vest
ing of Title in Reslestate, May 24.
Ceecle Hrodie s. Jumes ('. Hrodic.
Divorce, May 26.
T. H. Criag vs. Crystal Realty Co.,
F. J. PeUer and Mary Carter, May
24, 1915.
W.. M. Looper and Lydia Tietsort,
May 26, 1915.
Robert Maxwell and Margaret E.
Pringle, May 27, 1916.
Robert Calhoun and Ruth Grace,
May 28, 1915.
Bhoote Estranged Wife at Marehfleld.
Marshflsld Frank Ollbert. a recent
arrival from Colorado, went to the
home of relatives of his estrangod
wife, with whom she was staying, shot
and seriously wounded Mrs. Gilbert,
and then fired a bullet Into his own
brain, dying Instantly.
GnnU Paoe Railway Station Robbed.
Orants Pass.--A masked robber se
cured $151 from the Southern 1'aclflc
ticket office here, after IioUIIiik m
Operators Orlevey and Altln at the
point of a revolver.
Anrums una wne, uoise; Jonn Jonn-' reirull.r ..diourned meeting of the
son, Boise; W. E. Hedges, Junturu;,, rounfii held May l'.tth, 1!15, requir
ing all police officers to be governed
Murie McCouigly, Weiser; Doru De
wult, Weiser; S. P. Buker, Weiser; A.
G. Duniel, Payette; A. J. Seward, Un
Sunday, May 30.
W. Taylor, Meridian; Hurry Wilson,
City; Carl Kennedy, t'orvullis; Murie
Evans, Mountain Home; R. E. Stagier,
Weiser; Chas. Powell, Lu Grande.
Section 1. The clerk of any school
district maintaining high school grud-
Hurry B. Grouel
City Recorder.
"Safety first" was the- motto and practice of
this hank long hefore those wohIh hrcaino the
slogan of the large transportation companies.
Service to the pnhlic is not a theory, hut a
daily practice with us.
Pit your money where safety is the first
consideration and avail yourself of our service.
Safety Deposit Boxes Savings Accounts
Standard Oil's New Steel
"The worldwide fume of the old f
es und in which a newspaper is pub- Standard Oil 5-gullon kerosene cun,
lished, shull publish a notice of each which has long been a familiar sight
annual and euch special meeting or j pr.icticully every section of the
election in one or more of the papers globe, seems in u fair way to be dup-
having a general circulation in the lifted by u 15-gullon steel burrel
district, at least two weeks before which the Standard Oil Company
such meeting is held, and in cose no (California) recently adopted for the
newspaper is published in such dis- convenience of its Zerolene custom-
trict the clerk shall post said notice r8 3ajj (0i. p., g, Merrill, Manager
on the door of the schoolhouse in such Lubricating Oil Department foi the
district. 0i company, yesterday. "Salesmen's
Section 2. It shall be the duty of reDort indicate thut these barrels are
the district clerk of any district at going like the proverbial hot cakes.
least two weeks liefore u meeting is q t.ourse they will not be put to the
held for the purpose of levying tax- various uses that full 10 the lot of the
es to publish in one or more news- coai 0il can, because this barrel is
papers published in the district and maje t0 h refilled, but from present
having a general circulation, a budget indications these barrels will soon
statement of the estimated amount have made their way to even the most
of revenue required for the ensuing remote parts where kerosene is used."
year for the maintenance of the school The barrel question is fitted with
district, and in districts in which no a patnt faucet und, mounted on a
newspapers are published the clerk 8Und it make8 an excellent guruge
shall post such budget on the door of storage tank for motor oil. This fact
the school house in said district at 8nil because motorists are fast acquir-
leust ten days before such meeting. inR habit of buying automobile
It shall be the duty of the directors suppiies in quantity, accounts for the
of any such district to make out and remarkable popularity of this new
deliver to the district clerk of their zeroiene container.
district, an itemised statement of the adv. -It.
amount of revenue which may be
required for the purpose of carrying' 0rder your aater pjanta and chrys-
on the district schools for the ensu-l . . . .. -. - .
. . w ii i anthemum plants from the Ontario
ing year, which statement shall be
signed by the board of director! at,F,or1 Co- Headquarters Argus office.
Up-town Agency at Everhardt's.
Free delivery to all parts of the city.
Auto delivery to Fruitland, NewPlymouth, Nyssa,
Parma and Interborough Points.
Return postage paid on bundles over 50c to any
part of the United States extra charge to Canada.
a legally called board meeting.
Phone 4-J.
OUR tea
of it
UR tea is fine, all
We carry
various kinds, and it is
all good. You will not
make a mistake if you
try us on tea. Don't
buy a cheap grade tea.
It's bad for you. Better not drink it at all. But
our tea is all high grade, perfectly pure and
beneficial Try our coffee too. It is splendid.
This grocery store aims
to sell things first cla: 3
at low prices. The fact
that our many customers
are satisfied Droves
REpQfe that we are doing it