The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 08, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Do You Drink Coffee?
Then let us introduce you to the most delicious
cup of coffee YOU ever tasted.
This is possible by using our celebrated brands
of coffee together with a Wonderful Alumi
num Coffee Maker
Y u purchase one
pound of coffee at
mi r store, and this
i itlcs you to buy
Fit Only $1.00
You never tasted
COFFEE until
you brew a pot. of
our brand in this
wonderful coffee
pot then you'll en
joy the Genuine
Aroma of Pure,
delicious coffee.
This Coffee Pot For $1.00
Only One To Each Family
Most people boil coffee this is wronpr. It is even dangerous, injurious to
tlv health. This causes headaches, nervousness, etc., so numerous amoip; coffee
dn kers. Good, pure coffee, properly brewed, will not affect you that way.
When you BOIL COFFEE you IkU out of the grounds tannin this becomes
tamic acid it Rives coffee a bitter, nasty taste. You can't avoid this taste
wli n you boil coffee in an ordinary granite or tin coffee pot.
Don't use the old fashioned boiling coffee pot throw it away don't en
danger your health. Any doctor will tell you tannic acid is bad that's what
th . UBe to tan hides, leather, etc. Don't tan the walls of your stomach like you
n.m Id toughen and harden a piece of leather ask your family physician he
will tell you what tunnic acid is.
Call at our store see this ALUMINUM COFFEE MAKER. Buy one
OIIC pound of our coffee and get one for $1.00 you won't part with it after you
n v it once. It will be worth thousands of dollars to you later perhaps, in im
I in ed health.
S N..WS. '
Mi iet I'..- lie in.
id ii win Ontario
Jerry Mmi
ii .in who recently 0
in .ii N SN I" T
through Nyssa oa h
null i.i I Miiiula.
igt' -ii ni i I)
sbotlt fifty mil'
Drj "ri't-k. win iv !'
iiiks nf Ian. I.
k. ii. Qraig i i!
qiuiii visitor in N)
Water WM turned
triag iiiiiii mi Api II
J. II Wolf all
reception In Boise
thr imperial i'il
Smith of Roche tei , '
ha the hoimi Of I
miles than any pi
potentate of the a
, 1 1
five thousand milt
the wrst'Tii lodges v '
I" three.
l i- . . . I.
Korhcs, who ;! atl
aniiii, were hoi
last week.
Krv. Omul, of t !
rhuri h proschi ! hU
BumUt) night.
l Power ami
Elizabeth Powen, woi
tors last Saturla.
Mi Hallidaj ol
S'yssa with hoi lis
The program
iio.l Student Bod)
wai attended b) a i
I c real i x r
ft am will ho gives on
An April Pool iv
tin- young peopli i
church last I'riilav nigl
Till' annual ineetm
Irrigation District W
Monday. J. Boydell
secretary to fill Ih
Mr. I'urnier.
M r Talmsdge of "II
.un in UM viiiim
tin! the officials
nuation District thai will rscoa
illhilwyn Hoy
torn lust Sut-
uiineiit rnneh-
iih large ranch
lordon, drove
way to Km
r, Hurley will
raising rattle
of N'yssa on
as lare hohl-
irlo is a frc
1 his spring,
nto the Shoc-
tho Shriller.-.'
n in honor of
Fredrick K.
Mr. Smith
(ravoli'il inori'
Inn ho ar
covered flftj
ul visitoil all
thS lAn'ptloll
an. I Boatrice
ni.' school in
a short visit
.will sermon
. sister, Mi
a Nyssu visi
is visiting in
ter, Mrs II
hy the As-
last Friday
e trOWd anil
leir next pro
pril lt
a as Kiveti hy
he Methoihst
f the Owyhee1
If held last
as appointed
amy left by
It Line" fume
He has noti-
Owyhee lr-
turned to her home in Boise. Idaho, Tuesday morninjr for about a
The home of Mr. Sandy MePonald week's stay looking ufter his prop-
wuh burned to the ground during the erty then.
severe storm lust Sutunluy. No one Vivian Mallett left for Hurney
was injured. Valley Sunday, where he will remain
H. !'. Wnre, a hide buyer of Port- for the summer,
laud, was in Nyssa Monday. Malheur llutte was host t, an Kas-
A moving picture -how was given ter party of Boulevard's young peo
I .lay night UK the benefit of the , pie last Sunday.
smi fire department.
Baptismal services were held in MMMMWMMMll
both the Presbyterian and Methodist
churches Kaster morning.
An Kaster program wus glvSI at
the Methodist church on Sunday evening.
J. W. Jones, formerly of Boise, was
a giieM of the Kinsman family Pri
lls night. Mr. Jones will leave
shortly for Panama, having MM 'pl 4
a position us general superintendent
with a Salt-I.ake-I.os Angeles syndi
cate, which owns a million acres of
Floyd Hutler 01 Hollister, Idaho, land in the Isthmus. Mr. Jones, it
pent Sunday at the home of his will be remembered, spoke at the corn
father, J. M. Butler, carnival in Ontario lust fall, and
lou Conklia loft Ontario Thursday previous to that held a number ol
IBOrtllWg with a herd of cattle be- corn meetings in this vicinity, an. I he
longing to Maker Hall for the hills has many warm friends throughout Huntington, which he will kssf 'I"' county, who will regret to hear of
for the .spring. Ml departure, even though pleased
Mrs. Ilickox, who has been very at his appointment to such a splendid
sick at the home of her son, V. V. position.
Ilickox, was able to return to the A. K. Wade will bo in charge of the
t'liamse home Sunday, pumping plant this year. He is at
Boulevard Orange entertained present cleaning and repairing the
nearly .'i ("rancors from Arcadia and pumps and machinery and expects to
Dead ox Flat GraagM Batordaj ssgia pumping in a few days.
evening. The Boulevard drill team H. H. Otis is superintending the
initiated five members of the Ar installation of a new irrigation pro
cadia Owm '" ' '"' Htlfl sad second jod which will cover several hundred
decrees, after tlnir usual business j acres of land in the Kolony, which
mooting was over. is ubove our fifty-foot ditch. Water
W K Shinn, county agriculturalist , will be pumped from the Owyhee
and V. V. Ilickox visited the Head j river. Most of the ditches are coin
Ox Flat I'range Friday eight and re- ! pleteil and the poles and wire for
port much interest being taken in the ' the power line are here, but the ma-
-ider the buildin
ditch sad again the
er dreams of the
parchsd desert shsll
M Alice
y ItiSg UM I ail. i
he high line
ity dry land-
e when his
issom as the
ho has been
lily, has re
work there.
K. H. I'onklin, who has been quite
M.k t hi- past week, is able to be
about atrain.
Mrs. Frank Hawkins spent the lat
ter part of the week visiting rela
tives on the Boulevard.
Word was received here of the ar
rival of a baby daughter at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Pointer, March
It, at Oaksdale, Pal.
Miss Rose Bender was very much
surprised Sunday afternoon by the
members of the seventh grade from
ehinery has not yet arrived. Mr.
Otis expects to have the plant com
pleted by May 1. H. It. Otis, R. It.
Oveistreet. W. ('. Waltz, K. M. Mc
Preary. H. S. Burroughs and Mrs.
K. M. Scott are among those who
have land in the new project.
Hoskins and Smith, who wintered
their sheep here, have taken their
flocks to the hills.
I.yle Wood, the Idaho-Oregon elec
trician from Payette, was here Thurs
day. A horse belonging to Plaude Sweet-
Ontario, who came to help her cole- ing developed a violent case of hydro
luate her thirteenth birthday. Painty phobia a few days ago and had to be
refreshments were served and a shot. Purl Bingman also lost a horse
dandy time reported by all. itcontly. the animal falling dead
Mrs. William Wells, accompanied while at work in the field. A post
by her daughter, Miss Hoi tense, left mortem examination showed a broken
for their home on Dead Ox Flat Sun-1 bloodvessel to have been the cause
day. of its death
Ben Rose will lesve for Cambridge,! Visitors to N'yssa from the Kolony
were numerous last week, among the
number being Messrs. Wade, King
man, Peck, Blodgett, Overstreet,
Walker, and Misses Maxwell and
Miss Florence Kingman was the
guest of Mrs. E. H. McDonald ofj
Nyspa last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hoxie of
Nyssa called on friends here Sunday
Miss Florence Kingman entertained
the little folks of the Kolony Satur-1
day afternoon at an Easter egg hunt, i
.The children had a grand frolic,
first hunting" the bright colored eggs, ,
which were hidden in all sorts of un
heardof places, and then plnying
games for the remainder of the aft
MM, A pleasing program of Easter
music and recitations hy the children
of the Sunday school was held in the
schoolhouse Sunday morning. The
house was decorated with branches
of flowering currnnt and tulips. After
the projrrnm the nnmial S'lndny'
school election wns held and the fol
lowing officers elected:
Superintendent, Miss Cnrinnc Max
well; nssistnnt superintendent, W. C.
Waltz; secretary and treasurer. Miss j
Florence Kingman; organist, Mrs. C.
E. Peck; nssistnnt organist, Miss
Martha Overstreet.
The O. S. L. will run a special
' train leaving Ontnrio at 7:00 p. '
m. and returning immediately af-
ter the performance. FARE
FOR ROUND TRIP, 70 cents.
The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal
church will hold s cooked food sale
Saturday, April the tenth, In the Mal
heur Mercantile Company's store.
Baptist Church.
Topic for morning service, "Meet
for the Master's Use." This will be
the beginning of a series of 12 ad
dresses on the above topic. Union
service at 8 o'clock p. m. Miss A. S.
Pinneo, a missionary who recently re
turned from Turkey, will speak
J. W. Boor will be in Ontario Friday j
snd Saturday of each week, with his I
Pcrelmron horse, Bryan, and his Jack,,.
Don, at the Eagle Livery Barn, for
the season of 1015. 12-4t!
APRIL 10th
Khaki Pants
Regular Price $1.25..
Eclipse Shirts
Reg. Price $1.25. $150...
Silk Hats $1.00
These hats were just opened. Great
variety in colors and styles and
worth more than the price asked.
One Price Clothier Ontario, Oregon
Another Car of
Has Just Arrived
Our Stock of Farm
Implements is the
Most Complete in
Eastern Orgon. : :
Correspondence Solicited
Malheur Mercantile Company