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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
Married rriBn, experienced farmer in
irrigation country, wants steady em
ployment, well acquainted with prun
ing trees. Write ('. M , Argus office.
Mrs. Llnnle Carl of Portland,, Lec
turer and Dramatic Intcrpcrtcr. Do
not fail to hear her Sunday, October
11, In the I'nltcd Presbyterian church
at 7:. 10.. Subject "In the Shadow
Who Is Who." Special music every
one invited.
With the Ontario footlmll team five
of the teachers came to Wclser Sat
urday and witnessed the defeat of their
heroes. After the Kame the ladles
visited for a short time with Mrs. C.
K. Kenyon. The ladles were Miss Ma
loney, Miss Austin, Miss Currle, Miss
Gray and the Misses Piatt. Welser
There are seven representatives
from this county attendlnK the Ore
gon Agricultural College, at Corvallls.
They are: Ksther and lawrence South
from Juntura; George Maddrlx and
George Mardman from Ontario. James
Mumball from Moorevllle; Thomas
Lowe from Nyssa and Clinton An
awault of Jordan Vnlley.
Don't forget the date, Saturday eve
ning, October 17th, at the Moore Hall.
that ia where everyone ia going to have
a good time Dancing.
Dr. and Mrs. Pogue are home from
an extended trip to the east.
Mrs. A. K Jack, of Durango, Cal ,
Is the guest of Mrs. O. C. Franklin.
Mr. Joe Staples has returned from
a trip to Caldwell, where ahe visited
with relatives and attended the fair.
Win. Haver was here Sunday visiting
with his family nnd friends. Me saya
the building boom at Pucatellu con
tinues. Mrs. Walker, of Nyaaa, was visiting
with her grandson. Win. Walker, last
week. She formerly lived at Nyssa,
bill now resides at Kllilliett.
The C nlted Artisans will meet Tues
day evening at 7 :tn p. in., September
13, in the Wilson hall. Dr. Kahelman,
of Portland will be here.
On Sunday while Tommy Amldon,
.'.ii of Charlea Anildoii, was out hunt
ing with some other boya he got a
bullet from a 22 rifle through a toe
of hla left foot, by accident. The In
jured toe la doing all right and no
-nut daftage la likely to result.
WANTED Delivery boy ateady Job
with good chance for advancement.
Oregon Packing Company.
The boys must keep off the slde
vslks with their bicycles or the Citv
Marshall will arrest them. On Wed
nesday a young fellow run Into an
Wlerly lady, knocking her down and
breaking her glasses and other accl
dents or the aauie kind have been re
ported to the j.oiii
City Recorder Orauel has received
word that the All 8tar ball team will and neighbours for the many kindnesses
make the trip west over the North- and favors shown us in the late bereave-
rn Pacific railroad and therefore ment of our loving husband, son and
there will not be a chance to see them brother, Gidman.
Mrs. G. I. Dingman.
Dingman, and
J. W. McCulloch made a hurried
trip to Hiirns on Saturday.
Mrs. E. G. Haileyjanp daughter were
visitors to Roise Saturday.
T. H. Moore is getting the ground
cleared on Idaho street for another
building, next to the Ontario Furnitnre
company's building.
Mrs. E. K. Goudy is recovering rap
idly from her recent operation and wil'
be out of the hospital in a few days.
Chelsey Boyer, as secretary of the
Rod and Gun club, received 60 young
China Pheasants, which will be turned
loose on the Mallett farm, where they
will be protected.
Mrs. G. A. Candland, of Portland, is
visiting Ontario friends.
Jack Little, the Idaho sheep man, is
here Unlay.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Smith on the 2nd.
A minot operation was performed on
Sam Hartrell, on Tuesday at the hospi
tal. Mr. Bartrell is the steward with
the bridge crowd.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs
C. F. Fox on the 29th.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. Chapman on the 26th.
Haker Ball is expected in today with
fifteen cars of cattle that he expecna to
i feed here.
i The hay in this section is exception
ally good this year and very little of it
has been sold.
W. II. HriMike received word last
week that his father had died, at Brig
hton, Wis., their old home. Mr, Brooke
was l'i years old and left four children.
three of them residing near the old
Henry L. Benson, candidate for the
Supreme bench was here a short time
Tuesday looking over the country.
George Love, of the agency ranch,
was here a short time on Monday. He
says the big company will drive about
four thousand head of cattle to Winnu
mucca this fall and they have a large
quantity of hay for the stock this win
Mr. Joy, who waa visiting with hi
relatives here for several days, left for
his home at MilUm, Iowa, last Thursday.
Mrs. David Dunbar and daughter,
Margaret, were visitors to Boise Satur
day. The Methodist Ladies' Aid Society
will serve a chicken pie dinner on elect
ion day. Time and place will be an
nounced later.
Dr. Colcord is home from a trip to
Portland, where he was called aa a wit
ness in a damage case. The doctor said
it waa raining in Portland and it seemed
awfully good to get back to this section.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends
Malheur County Exhibit
Attracts Attention.
In Many Respects the Best
County Exhibit.
Mr. and Mrs.
N. T.
In this city this fall. They bad agreed
to atop here for a small guarantee,
In case the trip west was made over
the Short Lin.
The people of Mackay gave the
Rev. and Mrs. Johns a very hearty
r iimi on their arrival here.
- a. .,. ..,, auto and es- ! Worship, at 11:00 a. m., subject of ser i,...., in the n.irsiiiiuL'i: where
, ..-k... , ,ki- i.i w.nrf. ' Responsibility". Young people
mi ,'lin.' ut l :UI ii in ITninn I e.miur
to bid them welcome i r r
ance service at 7:30 p. m. Rev. Walt
Church Services
United Prehbytbrian
Bible school, at 10:00 a. m., morning
orship, at 11:00 a. m., subject of ser
mon, "Dependance On God and Person
had gathered
J. J. Carr, of La Grande, was here
visiting with his sister Mrs. Harry
Miss Kroessin is home from a two
months trip to her old home in Min
nesota. Mrs. lieu Drown Is in the hospital
at HoUe taking treatment for ear
Wm. Walker, the court reporter,
Is In Burns attending the meeting
of the circuit court.
The government has appropriated
$5000 for the improvement of the lower
Snake river.
Mr. Charles ('. ZweUart of Portland,
Oregon, who has bMQ coniici ted with
the Legal Department of the Oregon
Washington Railroad & Navigation
Company, since his graduation over a
year ago from the law school of the
university of Michigan Ann Arlor,
Michigan, has severed his connection
with the company, and has decided to
undertake the general practice of the
law for himself. After looking over
the state of Oregon, he has selected
Ontario as his location, on account of
its offering much fmora'de prospects
for the future and has rented his
offices In the Wilson building.
er Brown who has just taken up the
work here as paator, has just closed a
successful pastorate of seven years at
lie in i is. hi, Kansas, and comes here well
recommended. Those who have heard
him know that he is a man well able to
i hll the pulpit in a most acceptable inan
' ner. You are cordially invited to be
present at our services both morning
and evening.
Pomona Meeting
The regular quarterly meeting and
annual election of officers of the Mal
heur County Pomona Grange will be
held next Friday at the Kingman Col
ony sbhool house. In the forenoon the
regular business session and election of
officers for the ensuing year will be
held. Dinner will be served by the
ladies' of Owyhee and Kingman colony,
and in the afternoon the following pro
gram will be given:
"Food Adulteration", Mrs. Rich,
"Butter Making", Mrs. Conklin,
"Homely .Economics", Mrs. Lowe,
"What The Grange Has Done In The
Past Twelve Months," A. E. Kimball.
Music will be furnished by the King
man Colony orchestra.
The public is cordially invited to at
tend the afternoon session. It is hoped
that a large number of members will be
present at the election in the morning.
The following appeared In the
Journal, published at Salem, and gives
a good idea of what the people
thought of the County exhibit at the
State Fair:
Among the county exhibit at the
fair It would be hard Indeed to select
one that Is really better than another.
With the wide range of vegetables and
the magnificent fruit lndlgtuoii to all,
selection of one a excelling another
Is largely a matter of taste and Is
Influenced more or less by the man
ner of arrangement. It Is much like
trying to select the most beautiful
from a bevy of beautiful girl each
with a charm and beauty of her own,
yet each different.
There is one county, though, that
deserve special mention, not ao much
for it superlour beauty or quantity
of exhibit a for the energy and pluck
It required to make an exhibit at all
and that I Malheur county. It la a
dry county way down In the south
east corner of the state, and up until
a few years ago, outside of the pale of
civilization, or so considered by most
of us. All that was expected from
Malheur. Lake and Harney counties
a few ears ago was a showing of cat
tle and cowboys, sheep and sheep
herders, branding irons and slxshoot
ers. This is all changed and Malheur
come four hundred miles to "Show
us." Distance and lack of transporta
tion facilities hampered her In show
ing her more perishable products, but
such as she brought are educational
and glvo one an entirely new Idea
of that one time desert."
Her exhibit of corn Is way yonder
ahead of any other, and when It ia
shown the yield la from 75 to as high
as 100 bushels to the acre of yellow
ears as hard and plump aa the best
Iowa or Mlssour ever produced, one
naturally takes off his hat to the com
ing bacon supplier of the Northwest.
Her exhibit contains many other
things, but her corn outshines them
all. Malheur deserves a special prise
for her Industry, energ and corn.
Among the ribbons brought home
by Mr. Lackey, who had charge of
the exhibit, are a first and aecond for
comb honey. First on strained honey.
First on corn. First on the following
varieties of apples Arkansas lllacka,
Jonathans, Wine 8aps, White Winter
Pearmalns, and Grimes Golden.
Second on school display.
This was the most firsts taken by
any county. With a few more gralna
and grasses we would have taken the
first for county exhibit.
When It Is considered there waa
but a day or ao to gather this ex
hibit It certainly speaka well for the
county. Another year the plans will
be such that work on the exhibit can
be started early In the season and
then an exhibit will be gathered that
will make us all feel proud that we are
residing In a county capable of the
production of such a choice lot.
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Sanderson, Dr. and Mrs. Pruning en
tertained about 2 couple in the Grotto.
The room, a beautiful one, hail been
especially decorated with autumn leaves
and vines, which harniom.ed with the
other colors and made a delightful com
bination. Man) beautiful gowns were
worn by the ladies. Dancing and cards
were the amusements, with splendid
music. Punch was served during' the
evening and a supper at 12 o'clock. The
guest are still lairing about what a de
lightful evening :.iey spent.
The prune harvest at the Idnnhn
Orchards came to an end Saturday of
last week. The total number of cars
shipped was 34, the fruit grading
much hUhcr than usual. Great care
was taken In grading nnd packing
this season, every box being passed
b an expert Inspector before leav
ing the premises. If the fruit did not
grade to the proper standard It was
returned for repacking. The number
of cars wns less than had been esti
mated larller, but considering the
crop was pronounced a failure In the
spring It was entirely satisfactory to
the owner. Mr. Cannon states that
work will soon be started on building
for drying purposes, nnd next sea
son the prunes will be shipped from
here Ii, 'he dried state lan other
Improvements are contemplated which
will bring up the efficiency and enrn
Ing capacity of this valuable property.
Nyssa Journal.
Inck and GUI went up to Vale
To get a bucket of water,
The water works were dry
And so was .link
GUI was dressed so clean am
She said less move the county
Ontario Is the place for me,
The choice ol the voter! of Malheur
.lack got a dollar from Milton Hope
To give the oters soft soap
Hut Vale caul win
Soon lack will lie all III,
We'll put him on the count) sor farm
Where he won't do any more harm.
The Ontario teachers have arranged
to hold a series of meetings In the .
high school auditorium for the benefit '
of the parents and teachers, ao that j
there will be a better understanding
between them and they can work to
better udvautage with the children. '
The first of these meetings will be I
held on the 16th at 3 p in , the ad
dresa will be delivered by Will J. !
Prater, on Cltlsenshlp and Moral
Training in the public schools. It Is
the wish of the faculty to have aa
many parents present as possible at
that time Other meetings will be
held during the school year.
The Ontario schools on October 2,
showed an enrollment of 516, while
on the same date last year the number
was 4f&. This is a true Index ol how
the city la grow lug.
Mr. Reader: do U want the Argus kept
Up to the present standard of ex cell
encf ! If so, patronize the merchants
who make it possible to issue such a
paper by placing their advertising With
us. The Argus is reaching more homes
than all the other paper.- published in
this section put together, but the ad
vertising rate is the same, as the other
papers charge for a fraction of the service
Working on the Bridge.
The bridge men have the pier for the
first bridge completed ane they will
soon be ready for the steel men to com
mence. They are exacted here next
month. The work on the foundations
for the stioiid bridge is not going very
fast as ttie water is coming up and mak
ing the work more difficult.
The Wann brothers have sold their
evaporator on the bench to Sargent and
Burnett and are trying to interest the
Weiser paopla in adopting their process
there. The government has recently
been Jxperimcnting with the apple and
there is a hire.- per cent of saccarnie
matter that can le converted into a fine
syrup at a small cost. They, have ar
ranged with some of the Hood River
jeople to make up a sample lot of a
thousand gallons this season.
It's the mail who really counts In
farming Fertile laud Is necessary,
but a master mind must solve tie
problem of production and marketing.
A German citizen was awakenei
in the night b the strong odor of a
skunk. He irhd to waken his wife
I'aillim, he said; Mela Colt' haf I
got to schmcll it all alone J
Maiielng F.iarj Natiinlin Mght
Arrangements have been made with
the owner of the Moore hall and be
ginning with Snturday October 17th,
there will be a regular Saturday night
dance. The new managers of the
dance hall have nrranged for the
services of a good three piece orches
tra, violin, piano and cornet. Not
only will the good music be a feature
of the evening's entertainment, but
the best of order will be enforced
at nil times, a good time is assured
and It Is the wish of the management
that you come and enjoy yourself
every Saturday night. Make your
arrangements to be sure and come to
the opening dance for the winter sea
Ron of ihiii.y
Last week Vale came to Arcadia
with fifteen automobile loads of vot
ers, n brass hand, a corp of sweet
.. I.. ... .... .....I ..... ...-. I nnmnm nt lwmWA
suipiein, linn re ci in mnrn ui inrm
i under the seat to bold a county soat
They had an audience of twelve peo
ple to hear our eloquent friend Dun
can shed tears over the future ruin
, of the fair city of Vale. The teara
i were duly shed and the large crowd
of mourners wended their sorrowful
way homeward. Ontario will bury
their corpse In November.
Exclusive Styles
Fall and Winter
The Nabob
Short vamp, high toe. In
plain leather or patent kid,
either button or blucher, high
or low heel.
Goinsum Last
Men's hi toe, short
vamp, either button or
lace, one-half double sole.
Mail Orders Filled Promptly
Ontario, Oregon
50 W0
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