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43 Day and Night 'Pnones
est w w tnt
Protest Against Abrogation of Treat
les to Separate From Powen'
Washington. Ambassador Morgen
thau Informed the state department
of the character of the proteata made
at Constantinople by the various pow
era against the abrogation by Turkey
of extra-territorial rights and other
privileges which she considered re
strictions on her sovereignty. As he
u without instruction:., the ambus
sador did not participate In the pro
test. It la practically certain that, while
the United States will enter objec
tions to Turkey' course, the negotia
tions will be entirely Independent of
any notea on the subject addressed by
the powers of Kurope.
The United States is In a peculiar
position toward the protests made by
the powers. In view of the desire to
keep absolutely clear of the present
tangle of . European diplomacy, the
American government will conduct Its
representations separately.
British Believe Russian Wedge Di
vided Austriana.
London. The British war Informa
tion bureau's version of the Austrian
defeat in South 1'olaud follow.-.
"The Austrian invasion of South
Poland, which penetrated as fur as
Opole and Krasnostav und Zamosc,
was protected on Its right by an army
operating east of Lemberg. This lat
ter army was completer)' defeated by
the Russians on September 1 near
Lemberg. From that moment It be
came evident ttiat it the Austrian right
flank could not continue a stubborn
resistance the retreat of the main Aus
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trian army from South Poland would
be Imperiled. By the capture of To
massow on September 10 It Is prob
able that the Russians drove a wedge
through the Austrian line.
"A brilliant Russian victory la re
ported In which 30,000 prisoners and
several hundred gut.s were taken. This
la probably the Immediate result of
the Tomaaiow action."
Banks Report Increase.
Astoria. As an Index of the com
merclal activity In the Lower Colum
bia river district, the reports recently
Issued by the four banka lu this city,
show that during the past 13 mouths
the amounts of their deposits have
been increased over fl.uou.uoo, while
the increase lu the amounts of their
resources haa beeu practically the
Eight New Member of Faculty.
Kugene. Eight new members of the
faculty of the University of Oregon
are In Eugene beginning their years
work. They are H. B. Miller, Ellis F
Lawrence and W. F. O. Thacher, of
Portland; Dr. John E. Outberlet, Dr.
Ralph Culver Bennett, Dr. John J.
Landsbury, Earl Kllpatrlck and Miss
Kathrina M. Davis.
Solomon Isles Taken.
London. The Admiralty announced
that the British fleet has occupied
Herbertshoehe, on Blanche Hay, the
seat of government of the German Bis
marck Archipelago and the Solomon
Many Austrian Prisoner.
Rome. News received here from
Petrograd is to the effect thut the
Austrian prisoners now in the hands
of the Hussiaus aggregate about 200,-ooo
The third nnnunl Trl-County fair
will bo held In Condon on October 1,
2 and 3.
Tlie second anntiiil Benton County
I'alr in to he held nt Corvnllls Septcm
ler 17-1819.
C. K. SullivHn, an attendant of the
ntntp Insane asylum, was arrested for
assaulting three patients, and was
fined $50.
Seven prominent Albnny women are
Included in the lint of judges nnd
clerk for the coming election In No
vember and the city election in De
cember. A hop dryer owned by Campbell &
Walker, on the P. K. & K. line, be
tween Kunene and Springfield, was
destroyed by fire with an estimated
los I ot 1. tt
A conference of governors, state of
ficials and immigration commissioners
I of Washington, .Montana. Idnho, Utah
nnd Oregon will be held In Portland,
November 26 and 27.
ICstitnates made bv the state forest
ry department fix the fire damage to
r.reen timber during the season nt up
proximately ttJOM and to logging
equipment at i. HOO.
"Not guilt)" was the verdict of the
Jury at Raker In the trial of "8cotty"
t'osgiove, charged with the killing oi
William Carroll, his mining partner.
In their enhln near Bourne, Inst spring.
District Attorney L. A LHJequist,
of Coquille, has started n thorough In
vestigation of the recent robbery at
Empire, when five men asserted they
were held up nnd robbed of nearly
9 1 ooo
Dr. W. H. Lytle, secretary of the
state livestock and sanitary board, has
announced that the board hni employ
ed two Inspectors to mnke war on
sheep scab In Malheur and Harney
With the connecting In of Coal
Creek to the fit) water supply, eltl
tens of La Grande are now relieved
Of any anxiety as to future wuter
shortage unless some unusually se
vere conditions should arise.
Republican registration In Multno
mah county has Increased a fraction
over 21 per rent over the total regis
tration In 1012, while the dcraorratlc
registration has Increased over 100
per cent of what It was In 1912.
Corporation Commissioner Watson
has requested District Attorney Evans
of Portland to Immediately file suits
ngalnst all textbook corporations
which have not compiled with the law
relating to foreign corporations.
John Rossman was Instantly killed
In Joe Jackson's logging ramp above
Wendllng when his thumbs were
caught between the drums of a don
key engine. Ills whole body was
drawn In and hla life rruahed out.
Since the rerent ruins have euded
the forest fires In Linn county, the II
fire guards together with an addition
al crew of 20 men have been aeslgued
to the work of making uew trails and
constructing more telephone lines In
the Santlam national forest.
The state fish and game commission
la notifying the public that the hunt
ing season on California (valley or
little blue) quail will remain closed
this year In Multnomah, Clarkamas,
Washington, Yamhill. Polk, Marion,
Benton, Linn and Lane coudlles.
Alexander W. Pool of Portland has
beeu appointed recorder; W. F. White,
J. L. Kelly of Portland, appointed
chalnmen, and Ruasell W. Watrous,
Portland, computer, In connection
with the valuation of railways by the
Interstate commerce commission.
W. O. Carroll, Junior engineer Corps
of Engineers, U S. A., reports to Ma
jor Morrow In charge of operations lu
the first Oregon district, that during
August active work was conducted on
the south jetty at Nehaltfm Bay, and
136 feet of new tramway was built,
while 7900 tons of rock was dumped.
The Rotary club of Portland has
Joined the campaign uguiust billboards
and signs on the Columbiu highway.
A committee wus appointed to go over
the road, locate places where signs
would most likely be placed and
pledge property owners in writing not
to permit the erection of advertising
Announcement bus been made by
the governor's office that E. O. Mop
son, supervising engineer for the re
clumutiou service In this stute, will
soon file a report with the secretary
of the Interior relutlve to feasibility
of the extension of the Tumulo ml
gutlon project through federal and
state uld.
Comprehensive exhibits represent
ing ull of the educational Interests of
the public schools and the state In
stitutions will be shown this year at
the state fair. The old pavilion has
been set aside by i lie state fair board
for the exhibits, and nearly ail of the
space has been taken by the educa
tional interests
Visitors at the Oregon Stute Fair
this tall will nave an opportunity to
p.; .ire cai- made, also 10 trucks
inspect 40 of the newest and heal
wit1, a earning capacity of lnu(l lbs.
to f ve tons The stute fair hoard hus
1-( led to set aside spue.- ior auto
mobiles in order thai the machinery
tar will be complete from u ploD to
a BBBVJ duty truck.
Terrific Struggle Going On
Without Decisive Results For
Either Side.
Paris. A battle of extraordinary
severity is raging at the western end
of the Anglo-French and Oermau hat
tie line In the region of Noyon, 60
miles to the north of Paris, where tho
French were striving to outflank den
eral von Kluck's reinforced army.
Hand-to-hand righting between the
allies' left and the Germans right was
reported by the military authorities
Germany had dashc' Its first and
second lines of reserves ngalnst the
Franeo-Brltlsh front, It was stated,
and General .loffre was heavily rein
forcing the allies.
A Herman defeat nt this point would
Involve a retreat of the kaiser's troops
Into Belgium, Luxemburg nnd Ger
many, experts declared, but a German
victory would Imperil the allies' lines
It was Impossible even to approxi
mate the losses but It was said the
rivers were running red and that thou
sands of corpses were floating In the
Their shoes worn out with march
lug. many of the troops were reported
10 be barefooted. It was raining heav
ily and the belligerents were soaking.
On the eastern end of the fight lug
line the French offlclallv admit that
their line hns been forced back by the
Germans across the river Meitse near
St. Mihiei. a point b' iu miles to
the south of the French fortress of
Germane Cross Meus South Verdun.
Berlin li was offlclallv aunutllli ed
that the Germans have crossed the
Meuse river south of Verdun, and that
(he Bavarian urmy has occupied the
outer works of the fortress Camp des
Romulus, which forms a part of the
St. Mlhlel fortifications. It was from
the latter point that It beeame possi
ble to string the pontoons and permit
the crossing of the Meuse after a fort
night of the loudest sort of fighting.
It Is said that a large part of the Ba
varian army Is already on the west
bank of the Meuse, and that the army
of the crown prince Is moving south
from Montfaucon to effect a Junction
with R.
Kaiser's Fifth Bon III.
London. Prince Oscar, Kmperor
William's fifth son, has been obliged
because of heart sickness, to enter a
hospllsl, according to u telegram from
Parts. Four bombs were dropped
on the city from a German aeroplane
Sunday. One missile, exploding In
Avenue du Trocadero at the corner of
Rue Freyoluet, blew the head from
the shoulders of a man who was
standing on the corner with his daugh
ter, sod crippled the child. The other
bombs did little damsge.
It to believed thst the rirst bomb
dropped was Intended for the wireless
station or the tower, or possibly for
the nearby buildings containing army
stores. It landed in Aveuue du Tro
cadere, not far from tba tower, and
the explosion waa heard for many
The houses In the vicinity were bed
ly damaged, many of the walls crack
ing and windows being shattered The
bomb struck only a block from the
American Embassy at No. f Rue de
Challlot where Ambassador Myron T.
Hen i. k who did not accompany the
government to Bordeaux, still makes
bis home.
In the wske of the bomb fluttered
a German tlug At the sound of the
explosion the promenaders in that sec
Hon first rushed for shelter, und then,
as the airship moved on. they hurried
to the scene of the havoc.
A cordon of police wus quickly
thrown about the debris and the man
gled body of the man was removed
Near hla body the girl wus discovered.
Her lower limbs hud been shuttered.
Women In the crowd wept audibly as
the child was borne to a hospital.
Carranxs Blames Villa.
Washington Further fighting In
Mexico was predicted by General Car
ranta to the diplomatic corps in Mex
Ico City, according to official advice
to the stale depurtiueiit.
The first chief expluiued to the dl
plomuts, who gathered ut his request
thut Zapata hud refused to uttend or
send delegates to the national conven
Hon called for October 1, and that his
forces were active In the south. He
also described in ftetBU events leading
up to the rupture uiih General Vllls,
but saying thut the Maine for further
bloodshed would he v. ilia s, as his own
troops would act only on the defensive.
Tho ekThth annual Linn county fair
opened September 23.
George M. Cole, 68 ,enrs old. regis
tered at the university of Oregon ns a
Michael Tynnn, for tho Inst 5 yrnrs
a resident ot itosenurg, is neuti at tils
home in Roseburg at the age of 87
Klnmith Indians and settlers as far
as North Bend are getting large quan
tities of winter fruit from tho wild
plum thickets.
The Cottage Grove Commercial club
urges voters of that section to work
for the reestabllshment of the Oregon
Normal nt Ashland.
The state fish nnd gnme commis
sion has granted right of way through
property at the Bonneville Hatchery
for the Columbia Highway.
The Oregon hop Industry and har
vesting of crops will be shown by mov
ing pictures ut the Panama Pacific
exposition nt San Francisco.
The boys' and girls' Industrial con
test for Douglas county, held nt Rose
burg In connection with the county
fair, wus a complete surcess.
C. W. Washburne. one of the oldest
pioneers In the north end of Lane
county, celebrated his ninetieth birth
day anniversary at his home south of
Junction City.
John Warner, chief engineer of the
Albany fire department, won the sil
ver medal donated for the best shot
by the Albany Gun club In contests
during the summer.
The 49th session of the Columbln
annual conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church, south, convened nt
Tangent, with Bishop Mouzou, of San
Antonio. Texas, In charge.
John Tate, of Port land, was elected
second vice president ut Buffalo, N,
Y., of the National Laundrymen's
association of America, which is going
to Portland lor Its 191.1 meeting
Lewis Langvlsch von der llayill. be
lleved to have been a member of Ger
in ii ti nobility and s general In the
Franco Prussian war, died at the state
insane asylum. He was 88 years old.
Woodburn district hop men harvest
ed most of their crops before the rains
came and the yield Is said to be 20 to
2f per cent less than last year with
excoptlon of a few yards which showed
Robert Griffin. Cottage Grove's sec
ond mayor and a veteran of the Civil
war, because of the new requirements
for cltltenshlp In Oregon, has taken
out his second papers at the age of
0 years.
Civil War veterans of Salem. 811-v.-ii,
.11. Woodburn. Independence, Dal
las, Stsyton and other parts of Marlon
county at a meeting at Salem decided
to hold reunions In Salem In Decern
ber, In Woodburn lu April and In 811
verton In August east year.
Secretary of State Olcott says that
all asplrsnts for nominations at the re
cunt primary hava filed statements of
expense with the exception of Mrs
Claudlne S. Faust, of Dufur, nominee
of the progressive party for represeu
tatlve of the 29th district In the legls
Bids probably will be Invited soon
for the construction of a pipeline and
water system to extend from Clacks
mas to Oregon City. The plans, al
ready drawn, estimate the cost of ths
work at about 1226.000 One feature
will be a reservoir with a capacity of
1,000,000 gallons.
The biggest week In the history of
The Dulles will be the one commenc
ing September 27, during which the
big Wild West show, The Dalles Ro
deo, the annual Wasco county fair and
meetings for hoiuecomlug ploueers
will be held. It will be homecoming
week lu The Dalles, and all former res
Ideuts of the city have beeu Invited to
The extension division of the Ore
gon Agricultural College Is taxed to
the utmost to provide Judges, lectur
ers and demonstrators for the many
agricultural und school fairs being
held In ull purla of the slate Last
week almost 20 representatives offi
ciated at 11 dltlereiit fairs This week
12 engagements are scheduled. The
total for September and October Is
over 30.
Having decided to muke compulsory
the use of the sufety logging bunk, La
bur Commissioner Huff uiiuouiiccd thut
he would invite the six compunles of
fering the bunks for sule In this state
to equip a train with their devices for
demonstration purposes Each com
pany will be asked to equip one car of
the truin so the representatives of the
logging compunles may have little trou
ble In determining which they intend
to adopt.
Potulo experts of the United State,,
department of agriculture, Holland
und Germany, ure In Portiuud Pro
feasors H S. Jackson and !' 1) Bulley,
Of the Oregon college,
will l.ave charge of the purty during
Its investigation of the potato ijues
Hon and potato diseases in Oregon.
The visitors Include l)r W A Orton,
leading potato disease expert of the
federal department . I)r Olio Appel.
of It.ilin. Dr. John W'sierdvk, of Am
hi. jo. .in. '. K. Fisher and William
Stuart, speotBUail of the federal de
Should be purchased
from your home jew
eler who stands ready
at all times to make it
We have the late pat
terns and standard
makes to select from.
official watch man for the railroads
of this section.
General Licensed Auctioneer
Stock a Specialty
Ontario. Oregon
Louis C. Melvin
Physician A- Si ib ikon
Dr. W. G. Howe
No. 7.12
First Nstional
Hank Hide;
Ontario, Oregon
Office in New Wilson Block.
Office 2nd door east of Ontario Phar
macy on Nevada Avenue
Near R R Depot
Mcculloch, & wood
Rooms 1-2-3 First Nat'l Hunk Hid.
Ontario, OreKon
I'll II vlilill i HSAHS
Graduates American School ol Os
teopathy, Kirksvllle, Mo.
Wilson Block
Telephone, i . His
Office in I. O. O. f, Bldg.,
Ontario. . Orjcoon
Klnery Cole, Hn..m
W. II Cavsll. Ontario.
liert Hig-h, Yale.
C C. Morton, old's Furry.
N. O. White, Welcer UridgB.
J E. Holly, Rivttrvicw
Al I'eiinv Jordan Valley.
lot- Hlll.l.ntirr, Mi Dei li, ill
Boy dell Nyssa
W H Mi'WiIIiuiiih, Jiiuturu
Will Kllle, li ui. i
I. M. Seitwurd, Ontario BrsfagB
Will Praetue. in all Courts
Notarv Public. Otto OVM PoMloltictt
Transfer. Baggage and
Meet All Trains
Offre in New Wll.soii Block