The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, October 01, 1914, Image 2

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WANTKI) Tkaciihr to Rive three
private lessons each week, in Grammar
ami Mathamatics. Address, Rox 21,
Ontario, Oregon.
For rent, I room house, 2 blocks north
of school bOBMi Wm. Beagle, plmnc
aw k.
LOTS FOR BALI :i in Riverside H-l-Utifin,
near sub station. Inquire at
-Argus. DaVOMT BOIM Knit Kknjt
Two rim and two prices; an absolutely
nmfe method of keeping your valuable
papers protected against Iohh by fire or
theft, Ontario National Hank.
Trim Lots Foil Sale 2 blocks
west of pontollice, at a bargain. In
quire at Argus ollin .
Wl have a comfortable room fitted
up especially for the ladies where they
ran rent, write checks and letters and
not he crowded or intruded on; ladies
arc invited to call and open an account.
Ontario National Bank.
Train Service.
Fast bound
Ontario, (Iwkod,' Juna 1st, 1U14
Tin... 'labia No 73
No 1H Oregon Wash L'td '2:51 a m
No 7tt Hnlse I ..... i. .-r 8:f0 a in
No In Fastern Kx press 12:12 p in
No 78 Nolan I '. g . 3:30 p m
No Oregon Wash Fxprees 0:15 p m
West bound.
No 17 Oregon Wash L'td 4:17 a m
N. 7.. Ilmii inuioii Passenger 1) :42 a id
No ! OraKon Wash Kx 6:50 pm
No 5 Ka.t M 1 1 6:15 p m
No 77 Huntington I'ns'gr 6:15 p in
Malheur Valley Hrunch.
West Hound
No 130 Vale iiud Juntura, Mixad,
Monday. Wednesday Ai Friday, 1(1. 1(1 a.m.
No HI si.' mi. I Hrogsn mixed, Dal
lv Kxcept HiimlaT Issvoa 10:00 a in
No 07 Vale Passenger 7:00 p in
Fast Hound vim..
No OH Vale Passenger H:40 a ui
No 142 Vala Mixad. llrognn
.1.50 p in
No. 140 Juntura mixed, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, 1:30 p. in.
II... Iloliiediils ii.ii. . I. hi ' Nysss
att:45 on Tuesday. Tiiursday anil
lis tun lav, returning, arrive at On
tarlo at p. in.
Canyon County Fair
Caldwell, Sept. K Oct M,
Fxcuramtis i in Oregon Short Line.
Tickets OTA sale. Sept. L".l to October 2nd ,
inclusive; llllille.l to October 3rd. See
agents for ratM.
Mass at A M on 1st and itr.l Sunday
nl each month. On all oilier Sundays
ai in AM.
II. A. Caiupo, Hector
The Place ( Buy Your
All Styles and Prices
iposile Post Office
Ontario, Oregon
There was a merchant in our town
Who was so wouderous wise,
He ion.. I Uml he could get along
And never advertise.
His rivals now are all convinced
That advert ising pavs,
For he was forced to leave llic town
In less than ninety dai -flo
if ou have a thing that's good,
Which you would like to sell,
The way to get it going some
Is just to rise ami till
That you ve the best, and that is why
Kor several past years.
You've read these little addicts made
For gulden gram belt titers, adver
tistfinei t.
Many U. S. Exports Are De
clared Contraband.
Food Intended For Soldiers It a Con
traband of War Power of Nations
to Enfores Blockades Will Hivi Its
Effect Coal and Flour Often Barred.
The Right to Search.
Washington.--In the general wnr
In Kurope the old question of what
It ..mi iil.iiml of wnr becomes of tre
mendous Imp.. i lance to the United
It is commonly assumed thnt this
country will at lenst temporarily he a
great gainer, that the foreign nations
w Mi buy great quantities of food
stuffs, rlnthlug and other articles for
the maintenance of their people while
the fields are Idle uml the shops closed
because men are needed at the front
This Is likely to be true. Itut much
of such talk proceed! without reck
oning the practice of nation with
respect to contraband and without
perceiving that a Kurnpenn wnr Is
likely to develop such orders ns to
contraband as greatly to minimise Hie
exportation of American goods tu the
other side of the Atlantic.
The general definition of contra
band Is certain articles particularly
necessary to war anil bound tu any
port of the enemy's territory after
the wnr Is known tu exist.
To this should Ih addeil thnt all ar-
II be.. m i. 1 1 .. I ... n. I ii in ii hound
to a place beslegvd or blockaded and
their Importation Into such a place Is
in general, that Is contraband which,
according to liiteriuitloual law or,
more strictly, according to the orders
or proclamations of belligerent nations
cannot be supplied to a hostile Pel
llgcreut except at the risk of selxure
oi coiiilemiinllon bj the aggrieved bel
ligerent It In sometimes vngilfl) supptMted
thnt there are definite, flxisl rules lu
liiieruniloiinl law or lu the laws or
regulations of n nation ns to what
constiiuies contraband This Is In
correct. What may have Is-en con
t rnhn hi I lu one war may cense to be
In another. Thus, lu the civil war.
slaves who escaH'd or were brought
mi 1. 1. 1 the lines were considered eou
Ira bund
The political articles will Inc.uile
i i 1 1 iiing lu the wa.v of war muni
lions ami supplies for ariules and
navies. Coal will I.- Included, prol
n lily, lall.i If destined to a port
where It can Im used for a naval ves
sel. Kluce the new naval vessels In some
cases burn oil It Is likely oil will lie
declined contraband Flour Is likely
to ! declarisl contraband. Gold
would be coutralsind because Ita shl-iiii-n
t would lie directly calculated to
swell the war chests of the nation ut
Onllnnrlly flour or provisions, If
clearly destined to the use of the pop
iilntloii ami not of the army, would
uot be held contratMilid Itut If there
was any doubt about It one of the
countries would, of course, seise the
Hour. In the Itusso-Japituese war, de
spite objectluua. Kusata held (lour con
t nil in ml
Au American vessel In war be
tween Knglnnd and liennany could
carry any cargo to tiermuuy. Hut
Kngland would have the right to stop
tin- i essel on the high seas nud search
It If It found contra bit ml goods such
go. ..Is could In- and would 13 seised
This country could take uo Just of
fense under the rules of International
If It was found that the vessel was
seeking to get the goods through tiy
ruse and deception uot only the cargo.
but the vessel, might be seized
The situation will probably tie this:
The Fiillcd Statist would have the
right to ship goods Into the countries
declared blockaded or luto ports which
are besieged, but the blockading coun
tries would have the right of seizure
Whether trade was blocked would de
pend on the (tower of the bio. Waders
In other words, a paper blockade la
uot rcvogulsed. The country that de
clares It lias to make It good with
Waving Grain Fields Make Railroad
Psseengers Sossiok.
Kattsas City. Mo Trainmen OU the
railroads crossing Kattsas ivpoit an
unusual number of cases of train sick
ness, an Ulueaa similar to seaslckueas.
and they say the cause of It Is the
n Hid waving the wheat fields alongside
the track
The unusual height of tbe wheat this
year and the fact that the western and
central counties present an almost un
brokeu vista of green make the conn
try appear like a vast oceun. tbe wind
sweeping serosa the tlelds making tbe
appearance of waves This, coupled
with the motlou of the train, produces
mi Illness aklu to seasickness
Train men say some of their paaseu
gcrs have become so violently III that
they have hud to leave the train Otb
era are cured bv the simple expedient
of uot looking .nit of tbe win. lows.
As a result of offensive tactics on
the part of the allies the German
force's Invading France are reported
to have been compelled to retrent
along 'he bnttle line running eastward '
one mile from the suburbs of Paris.
Three reasons nccount for the sud
den check of the Germans. First.
their right wing, under General Von
KlttOk, seems to have moved so rap
Idly as to have lost touch with the rest
of the German army; second, the
French were able lo utilize a large
part Of the I'arls gnrrlson as a field
force, thus giving them a numerical
superiority; third, the difficult nature
of the ground wits a handicap to the
QsjIBIgUI hecntiHO of their unfamiliar
it y with It.
The mnln portion of the Germans'
right wing wns attneked frontally by
the llrltlsh army, which had been
transferred from the north to the east
of Tails, and by a French corps ad
vancing alongside It on a line be
tween Crecy, Couloummlers and 8e
tanne. The combined operations were a
complete success. The German flank
was forced buck with heavy losses to
the Itlver Otircq, where It made a
strong offensive movement, despite
revere counter attacks. Here the com
bined French and llrltlsh armies, aid
ed by the Paris defense army, preyed
too strong for the enemy. The right
wing was finally driven back upon the
line of the Morln river and then push
ed back across both. The main body
of the right wing was In grave danger
because of the complete defeat of the
covering force.
While the German right wing baa
been driven buck and thrown into .lis
order, the French armies to the east
heavily engaged the German center,
which had pushed forward to VI try le
Francois and finally scored a notable
success On the eleventh the Oer
mans finally showed signs of giving
way anil they were compelled to a ban
.1on their entrenched position at VI
9 1114. by Amertoaa Press Aaaoctauem.
Pops Benedict XV, formerly Arch
bishop of Bologna, Italy, who wss
sleeted successor of the late Pope Plus
i ue trench are timing the eiiemi
northward to the Argoune forest. The
Germain who are relreutlng along the
whole line of the Meuse river are re
purled to he suffering greatly not
alone lu personnel and war materials,
but in the morale of troops.
In Lorraine, the French say they
have won further successes aud to been enabled to straighten out
their line along that frontier.
Russia's operations In Qallcia dur
ing the week have been held In the
district about l.emberg by the arm si
of tii iiu. in reinforcements to support
the Austrian army. That the Russian
troops cannot make such headway
against the German battalions aa
against Austrian Is proven by the renew.-.
I check Kussia has received dur
ing the week In Kast Prussia.
tin the I'ru.-si.iti and Poaen cam
paign nothing has been divulged, but
official reports say the Kusslaus are
operating before l'oseu and Hreelsu
and have occupied Ttenstochoff and
1'etrokoff. It is thought, however,
that they will satisfy themselves with
trying to hold their positions in both
t'russta and I', .sen until they have at
tempted to dispose of the Austrian
more complete!)
Iiu- llelgiuii army has become ac
me again .m.l according to official
n ports from Loudon is advancing
troiii the forts around Antwerp. It
app.ireutlv has diiided Into sections
and has reoccupied both Aerschot and
Malmes, where there have been so
iiiaui ajsjjBhit ...en during the past
few weeks
French Officials File Objection
With the Powers.
These Bullets Are Cylindrical and Con
ical With Split Ends Their Hollow Expand on Impact, Causing
Terrible Wounde The Hsgue Con
ference Forbade Use.
Paris. Of grent Interest to military
students Is the charge made by the
French government that the Germans
used on one of the first days of the
wnr dumdum bullets. Tbe charge was
never substantiated. A sample of tbe
bullets found In French dead bave
been submitted to the war office.
Tbe dumdum bullet Is made wltb a
hollow nose which causes the metal to
expand on Impact, thus creating an
ugly wound. I'bi-y were first tnatle
In the town of Dumdum, In British In
dia. Tbe bullets were first used In the In
dian frontier fighting by the British
owing to the failure of the usual type
of bullets to stop the rushes of the
fanatical tribesmen.
At the second Hague conference all
the powers except Great Britain and
the United stat.-s agreed to stop the
use of tbls kind of bullet.
Tbe charge was made, however, by
Itnllim officers In the war with tbe
Turks In Tripoli that the enemy was
using the dumdum bulleta. From tbe
condition of the wounded the doctoni
declared that such was tbe case. Tbe
powers were notified and promised to
draw tbe attention of tbe Ottoman
government to the violation.
Later, In the Itnlknn war. tbe Turks
got a dose of their own medicine from
the Montenegrins. On Oct 21, 1012.
the Turks said that the foe was using
the .i..s. i n.ed bullets at Tustl and
Kent inn Again the powers made rep
resctitatlon to the Montenegrins.
Accusntlous were made In the Boer
war that the llrltlsh were using the
dumdums. This was never proved.
In the Itussia Japan war the Jnirn
first accused the Itusslaus of using
dumdums, and some were snbl to have
been found at l.lnoyiing The Russian
officers denied thnt the bullets came
from their side when the powers took
up the mutter Later In the campaign
General 1. asserted that the
Japanese were using dumdums, and
the usual denials to the (lowers fol
low ed
Paster Crane Sees Bolt Hit Steeple
and Rushes to Rescue.
IMttsfleld. Muss. -Tbe Hev. William
Meiiiiin i nine, pastor of the Cougre-
I g.illonal church here, said to be the
wealthiest minister lu Berkshire conn
ty, saved his church trout burning
when It wus struck by lightning. A
bolt lauded ou the steeple and pln.ved
up and down the sides It cut a six
foot gash In the tower ami In Its
course tore plaster uud lathing from
the walls.
sir Crane, from Mornlugslde, his
country place, suw the bolt, hurried
to the church In bis uutomoblle and
climbed Into the belfrv. There he
f..ui.d a fire sturtiug uud quickly put
It out, unaided
Wemen Who Cook It Give Prisoners
Rsre Grub."
Oolumbus, lud. The Htirtbolomew
count i Jail has such uu excellent rep
utation for Its cuisine that It U always
filled with county "boarders."
Sheriff Hums bus begun to protest
to his women folk who do the cooking
that be Is ladng discriminated agalust
lu favor of the prlsotiers.
Ife says he must defer bis meals un
til tbe inmates are fed. aud tbeu the
food left for him Is scuuty.
There are eighteen men tu tbe Jail,
sod they are given coffee three times
a day. with other things In pruportlou
When a trump "lights" here the first
place he breaks for Is tbe coaatr Jail-
Shoshone Sheriff Declares' the Prop
erty at the Last Chance is Safe.
Wallace Labor conditions at Ward
Bar, where the news was couveyed
to the sheriff s office that the foreign
element among a large force of work
mo who were laid off were acting In
a surly manner and making threats
agsJjMt the company's properly and
resulted In the placing of guards at
the compressor plant of the Last
Chance mine, have been sifted down
by Sheriff Mct'abe, who visited Ward
ner. and were found to be greatly
Tbe facts in tbe case did not war
rant the precautions taken and re
sulted from the unfounded rumors that
threats hud been made against the
property of the company by employes
who had been laid off owing to a cur
tsilmeiit of the production of the mine
pending the recovery of tbe metal
Sheriff Mct'abe reports that there is
noi the si giit eat danger of trouble.
A MAN of family has a bio; responsibility. He not Only mint con
serve the morals and education of hit wife and loved ones, but he
must tee to it that THEY SHALL NOT WANT. Is there a bet
ter way of helping hit dear ones than by adding to hit BANK ACCOUNT ?
It will provide against sickness and misfortune. Every man of family
The Ontario
T& the store that always tries lo give
- you just the things you call for and
does not try to Buhftitute something else
TV you ask for a specific article and
- your druggist tries to persuade you
that (hey have something else just as good,
thus substituting before your very eyes,
what would you think that druggist would
do with your prescription when lie is be
lli id the prescription case and you can't
see hi in?
We always try to supply just the things called
for and if we do not have it we will get it. We re
gard substitution as stealing. What do you think?
Buy your drugs from
Banks Get $34,000,000 From Trsssury,
Secrotsry McAdoo Announoee.
Washington. I'reiwratlous for dis
tribution of approximately JM.Us,iwo
of government funds to be deHHilted In
national bnuks throughout tbe country
to facilitate the marketing of crops aud
fur other "legitimate business pur
poses." In accordance with Secretary
M V.I....S unnoiiiici uieiit, are being
made by treasury department oftlcluls.
While that sum has la-en decided upon.
Secretary McAdoo stated that he
stands ready to Increase the amount to
any extent to meet the tieeds of the
Decision to distribute government
funds again this fall was the result of
replies from '... national bunks to a
recent treasury department circular
asking whether an unusual demutid for
money was expected tbls fall aud for
what purposes The policy of dlstrl
billing funds for crop moling purposes
was Imiuguated lust year, when about
tMJJfJOJjQO of the eotUMi.OOU Secretary
McAdoo had decided Uhiii was deposit
ed In the crop tnoi lug sections
While the principal demands for
funds In nie from the south, certain
sections of the southwest and west
huve requested deposits. Secretary
McAdoo announces that he is prepared
to in-giii the distribution of funds as
soon us the banks comply with the
regulations uud preseut the required
Federal, state aud municipal bonds
aud prime commercial paper will be
accepted us security for tbe money. which the banks will pay '-' per
ceut Interest 1-ust year the secretary
required that lo per cent of tbe de
posits tie secured by government bonds
That re.pnieiiieiit. however, will be
vi ui ed tbls year.
Prosieiis for unusually large crops
and greatly Improved business condl
tioiis throughout tbe country were In
dtcuted. Se retury McAdoo says, by
the replies from the bankers to bis
Servians Ready to Go Horns.
Wardner. Arrangements have been i
made by the Servian consul at Seattle
for tin. transportation of 45 Servian ..
from this vicinity to the coast. It is
expe.te.l that their numbers will be
welled to about 100 before reaching ,
the const, aud the entire aggregation
expect to be shipped to their country
to bear arms against Austria. 1
National Bank
us and get what you ask
Loss to Clearwater Timber May
Exceed 11,000,000.
Lewlsion Nearly 1000 men are
now combatting the flames In tbe
tioarwater district. Thus far no on
has ventured to estimate the loss that
has already been caused, but It Is be
lieved that It will exceed $1,11011.000.
Every available man has been sent
from here, and large crews are being
sent out from Spokane to combat tba
flames, which are but partially under
Fires which were raging In the vi
cinity of tiarklii were subdued by the
fin- fighting train of the Chicago, Mil
waukee ft St. Paul railroad, which
was rushed from St. Marias to tha
seene. Tbe loss Incurred by tba rail
road company amounts to $8000.
The g. . i. nun. ni Is Joining forces
with tbe state In trying to stop the
big fire that has been raging on Wash
ington and Scofleld creeks, aud thus
prevent it from eating Its way Into tba
federal forests, where tbe finest body
of white pine in the world Is threaten
ed. The government has sent to tha
scene of the fires a seebnd powerful
automobile for use of the Clearwater
aervlce, and is now rushing In mo a.
the rate of 76 a day.
Allege Boy Was Beaten.
Coeur d'Alene. The 7-year-old son
of l'ei r McKee of Cougar gulch, who
Is alleged to have been severely beat
en by his father, was ordered sent to
the orphans' home at Lewlston by
Probate Judge Reed. Tbe father in
terposed no objection to sending the
youth away, and tha authorities con
cluded not to prosecute him.
Priest Rlvsr Fires Chscksd.
Priest Hlver. The heavy fires that
have raged around Priest River of
late are now under control and no
serious damage will result unless oth
er fires break out. Great Northern
engines have set most of them and
the railroad company is furnishing
most of the men to fight them.
M. J. Thompson has been appointed
state fire wsrdan tor this section.