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    ONTARIO-The Future Metropolis of Eastern Oregon
The Banner Wool Market for the Interior of Oregon
The Ontario Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us jrrow
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. ;19
By Government and State
Tho government bus withdrnwn
nil laniU under tho Owyhee project
nnr proline to water the lands with
wnters stored In the Warm Springs
That la rather a fttartlliiK announce
ment to the average reader, hut the
engineers have completed the pre
lluiiuary survoys and will be nlile to
cover all land under tho 200 foot
When th" engineers made a
ilicr.ii.ii tent of the alto for a damn
on Warm Springs creek they found It
would ho an easy ami cheap propor
tion to hulld a dam and the Intent
was to one the waters to supplement
those of the several ditches iiIoiik
the lower Malheur, hut the Interest
ed people showed no Interest. Then
the Ontarlo-Nyssa people had the en
gineers make a survey to ascertain
tr It would be feasible to build a ditch
und lake the water to tho lands under
the Owyhee project. The survey was
made and found feasible In every way
and the engineers of the government
have combined with slulu engineer
Lewis and made It a Joint state and
government project and the govern
ment has given notice of the with
drawal of the lauds under the pro
ject from entry.
Htate Knglueer I.ewla and (Jovern
lliellt Kllgllieer Whistler wore here lust
week after uii Inspection of the dam
und Ittch sites and expressed them
. , ,. .,- well pleased uli them.
There tire u few places where the
ditch will have to in- concreted, but
there ure no expensive cut- to lie male
The diversion dam will be about tie
L'KIIII feet contour and where till 'It. li
goes over tin- Cow Hollow divide the
elevation Is 27to feet, allowing ample
tail for the witters.
The dams will not be expensive ami
the water will hi taken under the
railroad truck, M thai M will not Inter
tore with the road.
The Ian Is to be covered are among
the ill -host ol the county, 1 lug buck
of Nyssa und will be of great benefit to
the entire county.
The original Idea of the Nyssa peo
ple was to Irrigate the lands with
water from the Owyhee, but the engi
neers did not make a favorable report
for it
The people of Nyssa and of Ontario
are congratulating each other on the
success of their undertaking und hope
for a speedv completion of the project-
This does not mean that work will
be started on this project ut once and
the work pushed until completed, but
merely that the government engineer
has examined the project, found it feas
ible and recommended it to the de
partment. When funds are available
it will be taken up.
The Ontario Commercial club met In
regular session Monday evening.
Detailed reports were made of the
tupeuse incurred in the booster ex
cursions. A communication from the Brogan
commercial club was read and referred
to a committee.
A motion was made and passed ex
tending a vote of thanks to Mrs U
Bell Lees aud all other Ontario ladles
who acted on the reception committees
in the rest rooms.
President I-ack retorted that the
count court had made an appropria
tion to take an exhibit to Salem and
after much discussion Mr Lackv was
given full power to make such an ex
hibit as he sees fit.
Two Prospectors Suspected
of the Crime.
A camptender omplowd by Simon
Accarcodagootln found .Monday near
the head of Cow Creek the body of
Simon Hnlnateguer. a shoopherder em
ployed by tho same man. The herder
hud boon shot to death Two brothers
named Wlllomoger, who have mining
claims on Cow Creek, ore suspected
of the shooting. The Wlllemogers live
at Mlldleton. Tho point where
llolasteguer mot his death Is In Owyhee
county. Idaho, and the sheriff at Silver
City has n notified.
It Is snld that the herder and the
Wlllemogers quarreled Sunday after
noon, and that the miners chased him
off their claim after beating him and
taking his gun away from him The
quarrel now appears to have been re
newed with fatal results
llolastegiior's brother Is understood
to live In Boise, operating a rooming
house there.
General Gslliem, who Is in com
mand of the army and fortifications
defending Paris.
-1 jpaBBaM
. etrograd The official statement
from the chief of general stuff says
that the liusaiaiis are boiubarding the
fortiess of Priemysl, whose artillery
has opened fire. The statement fol
lows: "The Austrian troops which at
tempted to check our advance in front
of Baruiiow und Hanichow, In Qallclu,
were repulsed with hefty losses.
"Siege artillery is now bombarding
the fortifications of Jurosluu.
rt,.r'',VjSs'r . y HH
Fighting s going on against the prizes tor hos ami ghis were success
garrison of Prxemsyl, who have re- fully carried out
piled with artillery fire. The ttft(.r,l()oa program was a good
"The Russian troops crossing the m of motor.), le und horse
rorebis are iinaing naileries scan
doned by ihe Austrians."
London In a dispatch to the Times
a correspondent at i'etrograd says:
"A Saxon cavalry division which re
ceiuiy arrived In Fast i'russla from
France has suffered heavy losses.
"Near Sandomir, Kusslan Poland,
the Russians have again defeated the
broken remnants of the second Ger
man landwehr corps under General
Woirsch. Here evidently the Aus
trtans had prepared to cross the Vis
tula river.
Wind Givat Farmar a Lift
Petersburg. I ml -At Blackburn, three
miles east of here, u storm wind lifted
a load of hay on which Curl Cooper
was riding off the anajjea and carried
It to a neighboring held C.siper land
ad on the bay and was not Injured.
The county fair was brought to n
close Snturdnv with one of tho best
afternoon's entertainments over pr
tiled b the nssoi lutlon and the larg
est crowd they have ever had on a lust
The fair whs a great success fro i
ii'! ei.ucHtlonal standpoint, there was a
pteaiM nttoi in in the ball iinm
und around the pens an I most of those
tl'i re were asking questions and the;
c'llhltorM were kept luisi answering
them, explaining how tho.v hail mudo
tbi'li success.
The weather man was unkind nnd
pave some of the worst samples ever
presented to this section. Their was
alii lor two days and wind for a third,
so Hint the general attendance was
cut down tunny thousand.
Financially the fair ran behind a
few hundred dollars, which the busl-
n" men of Ontario will muko up All
! ,h' ,,,,Ih ",,(1 premiums will be paid
w It hout any delay.
The touchers are entitled to much
credit for their work during the fair.
All the decorating In the main build
ing wus done by the schools nnd tho
touchers did practical!, all the clorl
cai work.
The ladles, with Mrs. Ioe In charge,
provided .i rest room thut wus well
patronized and much appreciate I and
the ladles telt well repaid for their
trouble by (ho many kind words ex
pressed by the visitors.
Another year there will be more
community exhibits and more com
munity fairs for the selection of ma
terial for the county fair. These
full., f i, L .. ,, lilil.. flu... ,1.1,1 ......... U...L
..... ..-. . ...... -..- -.... -w.-.
but more iiiioruiatloii Is gained hy
them than in any other w.i and they
pay big dividends to every producer
who has anv thing to do with them
Another year there will lie a differ
enl show ot corn, becuuse the exhibit
Ml will select oiilv such us will pass
Inspection There are ours in the
county thut ure perfect and would
command big prizes for seed In un ot
lie .astern slates and these should be
gathered and curcfull.' looked alter
lor next oar's crop.
All sections ot the county were well
represented und they had ull oppor
tunlt) ol lliidlii. out what particular
III. In. II' section Vai especially
M a,. led.
There will he a great exchanging
I this lull l.v the larmers bo they c.u Improve their .
another ..ear.
The mining sections at South
Mountain. Malheur ami UM
should be represented another year
Few people realize the wondcilill
luimrul wealth oi our count)
The ainuseuieiits provided appealed
to the crowds each duj and seemed
exactly suited to the occasion us there
was a diversity thut exten led around
the circle, giving soim-thim; that ...
one could cnjo .
I he winners In the ruces and other
sports wen
lucoduy's Amusement ('nigrum.
The afternoon program Tuesday was
uu excellent one At 1 o'clock there
was an excellent band concert, bjj the
Vale cornet band. Tuesday was chil
dren's day und a number of events for
races, ule races, buckaroo stunts l
the Cheyenne riders, acrobatic feats by
the De Uarro troupe- of artists, fancy
roidng, etc
First event Motorcycle race, five
miles Olson, first; Tileston, seiond,
Campbell, third. Time, 6:lo
Second event 2 ,'ib pace, purse, 17i
Veda Sweet. W C. Hurd) 1 1
Marie (J, W- Swank) I I
Rambling dim (Ci P Morgan) 3 2
Time. :1,
liiirl evei.i Three eighths mile
r n lining.
Dora I) iFI ei Dory ) 1
RttH) ' - lior- 2
eo I ianton s horse 3
I o.irth cent Boys' half mile race
purse, $3" John Seward, first; Mc
William, .ciuid; Fitzgerald, third
Fi'th i vei.t Wild mule race, purse,
11'.. Millard Sago, first; Hluln MOO.
second: Charles Krdman. third.
The rain on Wednesday caused a
postponement of the track events.
. Thursday's tnnemcnt If. -nil-.
The Thursday amusemont program
was a splendid onen There was some
thitm doinu even minute, ami the big
cfowd wns well pleased.
First event L':40 trot.
Bobble Minor. W C. Hurd. 4-1-1
Ted lie Mack. .1. H. Fence, 1-4-2.
Mnrle. I, W. Swank. M4,
Joan Be Arc, S E. Chapmun. 3-2-4.
Time 2:3."i-2:3"-2:36.
Second event Five mile motorcycle
race. Bengle first; Tlloston second;
C. F. Wood third. Time 7:36.
Third event Haif mile running
race. Oora I). Klmer Dory, first;
Maine. C Kllcy, second; I'luine,
Uoaves, third. Time :S4.
Fourth event Five mllo auto race.
Townsend. first, Short, second; ("ace.
thl.d Time 8:06.
Firth event Half mllo boy's saddle
horse race. .1. Seaweard, first; Hoy
Ulaklos, second; Fitzgerald, third.
Time lift,
Sixth event Quarter mllo running
race. Radium, Klmer Dory, first,
I Hon, ii.- Klley. second; Tom Thumb,
Blunton third. Time lit,
Seventh event Wild horse race,
(rurchfleld first; Chester V raven se
cond; II. Fuerstenau, third.
Wild mule race. FlUgerald, first;
Smith, second; Sage, third.
Other features of tho afternoon
were .Music In Welser baiul, ucro
. .
I ,,.,,. W0.k 0 ,,t, (jnrr tro,
roping, rltllng. luicklug.
etc, by
ch,1pllM ,)llcrBroOB.
Friday's Viiiiiseineiil i;-nlt.
ITrst event 2:;tn trot
(len. Ilueila, I Anderson l 1 2 1
PaMsMtBI dim Hi P. Moigunl.-' p i
Veda Sweet I V. C Hull) 4 2
Millie i.l. V. Swank' I I
iinie J:.'ii. JJi. J: 24.
Second event FB'e-inllu motorcycle
nice. Olson, first, Beagle, second.
Tileston, third, Wood, lourth. Time,
'I bird event Two-year old trot
Fritz (ducobsoill, first; 1'lOette I, ill
(C I Diiiidei, second; Koseberry
tlili I. Time, : ;i-.-..
Fourth event Hull-mile running
liii.ue. (It. S. Reuvisl, llrst; Marl.
.' I Rllt) i, seiond, Sam' llriish An
nlc i.libn Blaiitoii), third
l-iflh event Pack horse race llien
nan llrst; Arthur Slmpsou, second.
Sixth event Novelty race. hulf
llllle, 1 in lot, first, Duubur, seniml.
.Mcrii.ilson, third, Dolly Mulles.
ion lb; Bob Mudduu, Illlh. Marino,
Seventh event Wild hoi i....
Itedsall, first; lefoe, second; Webb
In addition to the foregoing, the pro
rani Inclndad nemkatU work by the
De (iarro troupe, fancy roping, track
ll.l'l .-'. bucking, etc., b tllll I he. elllle
1 4 karoos, and music by the New
PI . oiilh i and.
i here w an i' large crowd In the
graudhlaiid and the people enjoyed tin
'Hit ratal in spite of the disagreeable
wind and dust
Saturday events aud winners, free
for all trot Dan II., .loan d Arc aud
Marie, best time 2:32.
Ton mile inotorowie race Olson,
Beagle and Campbell.
Running race five-eighths mile
Plume, Dora D and Sage Brush Aunt
Time 1:07.
Hots' one-half mile race Sage,
Medden and Seaweard.
Men's saddle horse race -Smith,
Dory, Morton
Pack horse race Brennan Morton
iio s consolation race Smith,
Pulpps, Medden.
Stake race -Walter Olen. Manuel
Smith aud Roy Wrinkles.
Relay race -McCarty, Martou, Bros
mau Cow pons Ban- -Ralph Dunbar, A
J. Tiiijv, John Itrosmau.
(iirls saddle horM race- Miss
Dollie Mullan. BtaaefJ Magee
Wild horse race 'h I him m. n first
ami second, Lawrence, thud
(Premium Winners on I'age 2)
In Annual Conference Ap
The I held a conference
meeting nt Payette liiHt week, and the
next conference Ik to ho hold nt Boise
Among tho appointments In this sec
tion the rollowing were noticed Rev.
Johns goes to Mnrkay. Idaho and Rev
C. C- Plutt, comes hero from Klmbor
ley, Idaho.
Rev. Deal remains at Fritlttatid
1. F. Vernon and Deaconess go to
J. Wesley Miller remains at Nunipa
Payette, ;. w Barnes.
Vule, Jameson and Brogan, C E.
i 'nit urn . M. Shannon
On Monday evening there was a re
reptlou In the Methodist church for
Rev Plutt and us a farewell to Rev
and Mrs. Johns, who loft Tuosdav
evening for their now home, whore
they were stationed u few yours ago
Mr. Johns was unite popular hero.
doing good work both In and out of
the chinch
Rev. Piatt will preach next Sundiu
Field Marshal Von Oer Colts, mili
tary governor of Belgium territory
occupied by the Germans,
Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Ex Convict Is Killf '.
Ileppner Waller t'uson, uged 44,
deputy sheriff of Morrow county and
marshal of lone, shot and instantly
killed Charles Farheart, aged 4ti, an
esconvlct from the Oregon uentten
tlary, In front of the Palace hotel
when the latter pulled u gun on tin
officer und cried "Your game's up, I
am going to get you."
Farheari, who had been drinking,
twice allot wide of his murk, and be
fore he could turn a third barrel I'a
son drew bis revolver and with one
shot In the breast, Farheart f. II dead
One Fatal Accident Reported in Week
Salem One fatal accident out of
a total of 71 mishaps during the week
was the record, according to Labor
Commissioner llotf The fatal ucct
dent occurred near Summit, where
Janus HeaMM) was a victim of a
bridge construction accident Twenty
nine were injured In railroad accident
aud Pj were hurl while employed in
lumber mills or logging.
PL- )
C" ' 3 kM WtJSJ v""' '' I
1 JaTfTftlWhaMaasLnffwlTaa
Of County Seat From Vale
to Ontario.
To the Vale Debute Committee:
In the last issue of tho Malheur Kn-
terprise you published n challenge to
debate the question of the removal of
the county seat from Vale to Ontario.
Your challenge was addressed to the
Ontario Commercial Club, hut up to
date the Ontario Commercial Club has
not received your communication, ami
has no information of the same, except
the published article in the Malheur Kn
terprise. Your communication not hav
ing been transmitted to this Associa
tion, we are in doubt as to whether you
really intended to challenge this club to
s public discussion, or whether you did
not publish your pretended challenge
for the purNiHc of convoying the Im
prosaion to the voters of the county
that you have issued a challenge, and
at the same time keep this club wait
ing for a service of the challenge. In
either event, gentlemen, we wish to
say to you that it is the desire of the
people who are asking for a removal of
tho county seat, to have a fair, free
and honest discussion of the reasons for
the removal of the county seat, and for
these purposes we are willing to meet
you in the discussion of the matter be
fore the public. We want to say to
you, however, that these discussiona
must be confined to a fair ami honest
discussion of the reasons why the coun
ty seat should, or should not be remov
ed, and shall Im entirely free ft villi
Ibation, vituperation, "nunl-slinging",
or anything- that will shock the decency
or insult the ml. Iligcneo of a.iv ami
lence in Malheur Count .
The voters and t a payors of this co
unty want to know the FACTS. Up
to the present tune the oat) issue that
you have made in this campaign Is that
the .coplc of Ontario will not curry out
ih. n piomme lo the people that On
(arm will build mill donate to the cofVi
l free of chaip. a inn modern up to
date court in.u-.i- ami u block of ground
lot the sumo F.vcr.v thine, else in w in
campaign is aim c ami v illilication. Now
wo are prepared to prove to the entile
ft lion ol . v. rj v.di i ill Malheur
county, win ther in- it. a friend of I in
tano or mil, that if the county scat
shall be removed to Onlurio thcivuiov
al will not cost the taxpayers of this
county one cent, und that the county
will be presented with a new, modern,
court house, the cpial of any III i.e
State of Oregon, outside of Porti.
We would like lo also discuss with
you the question of whether or not the
c.H-use of maintaining a county seat at
Ontario instead of Vule would increase
or diminish the burden of the taxpayer
Now, t'Clitlelllcli if you want lo ill-.
CUSS tills question with the voters of
this county, we will be glad to accoin
module you.
S i. e you have seen lit to take the
pub. into your conlidencc in the mut
ter of this public discussion, we -.hall
insist thut you answer this communica
tion through the public press of the
Ontario COMMERCIAL ci.cit
We have an alfalfa plant, grown by
T. Walker, on the upper Dead Ox, that
produced three seed crops this year.
Albert Hall, in the same locality, has
alfalfa planted this year thut show.-, a
good seed crop, and last year's seeding
that produced a hay crop and .seed
crop this year.
S. I.. Rail has a tine stand of ...Ui
that are well tilled.
Kallir corn was also grown by these
people that took the premium. Wat. r
unions of unusual flavor were among
their crop.--. Fruit trees planted eigh
teen months ago show a line growth.
The short cut to success Is hurd
work pleasant road, too whea ou
once pel acquainted with it