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Entered in the pnstofllce lit Ontario
Oregon, tnr transmission throngh the
mail a necond -class matter.
M. E. BAIN. Publisher.
Wfiy Made in Oregon?
The state in the midnt of a "made-in
Oregon campaign". Every Oregon
consumer know a that in a good
thing for Oregon. Every agency of
education and publicity the newapa
pers, the commercial club, the mer
chants, th manufacturers ia used to
foater the ncntiment for home-made
articles. Protect home induatry ia the
commercial religion of Oregon.
Hut wool, cheese, egga, butter fruit,
lumber anil shingle, and many aimilar
prodct, and are made in Oregon, iuat
aa furniture, breakfast food, canned
good, clothing, hlanketa, and innumer
able other articles of tlniahed manufac
ture are made in Oregon.
The Oregon hen. the Oregon cow,
the Oregon farm and the Oregon or
chard the mainatay of thotiaiid of
home are iuat aa much entitled to
protection aa the merchant anil the
The country storekeeper of Oregon
paaaeH many aleepleaa nighta of worry
over the fact that the MMtoffice of hi
town ia daily crowded with letter and
money for the mail order liouaea of
Chicago. Hut what ia going to atop
the invasion of the inferior producta of
'tni-H. New Zealand and Australia in
to Oregon?
The Portland artificer demand the
favor of Oregon for hia output , and
ioina a movement to discourage the
competition of other atatea. What ia
he doing to aave the home market for
tin Oregon farm, dairy, orchard, stock
ranch and Hultry yard?
If there ia U be free trade with
China and the other cheap mart of the
Oki World, why shouki there not l
free trade with every state in the
la the made in Oregon slogan intend
ed only for the Oregon manufacturer
or should it be extended to all Oregon
production? Oregonian.
Political Dope.
Portland. Oregon, Aug. 21: Where
did Dr. Smith, Democratic candidate
for Governor, get the nice little fixed
u,i Mpeech which he gives almost word
in every place where he talks? There
are some H.-oplc in Portland who are
uu.'haritable enough to the ".Weal
candidate to suggest that the eech
wa edited in the inner editorial office
of t te magnificent new building recent
ly put up by t'ol. Jackson for the
Oregon Journal; they further whisper
that the speech was afterward care
fully censored by Governor West him
self so that nothing dangerous to the
V t interest should apcar therein.
Then, the story goes, after the speech
had been pruned und patched up, it
was type-written on a nice clean nice
sheet of paper and given U lr. Smith
to learn. Those who have heard the
speech in different places declare that
he has learned "Ills little piece" just
a it waa given to hun and is reciting
it without a slip of the tongue.
It IS wondered li home here if the
present ncrvou aetiviH of the Oregon
JoafMl und lit- editorial ctfort to make
out that )r. Withyconiaeis a "corked"
candidate, fl nt an attempt to dlxtract
attention from iti Mm rcHirtcd activi
ties in "canning Dr. Smith's apsasfc.
Thc point out that it wmn only a short
nine ago that the Journal was throw
ing Umuets at lr. Withy combe for his
fearlessness in expressing his opinion.
These editorial appeared under the
headline, "li Withyeombe's candor"
POW Um Journal want its readers to
I., inn. lr. Withycombe to bo a fear
laaj li;if mistaken man or lo they want
linn raidan to believe the present
itof) thc are telling that tin- Rcu,uh
. .in candidate ia Ml amiable man, but
!i i .ml in ex proa hi mind.
It is a CUriOUS (lung that tins ncr
oiis bustle In the editorial sanctum of
the ureal lion partisan t ' daily of
Oregon has only rtirtfd within the
last tow days. Tins circumstance
linked with rumor feJag aUmt that
the Democrat ar' tr.wng to trade ntf
Smith Vote foi Chamberlain vol..-..
Scotch Woolen Mills
The Cope 1'reasary has accepted this justly
Celebrated Hrand of Popular Priced Suits
No More$5 to $20 No Less
lends force to the notion that the Dem
ocratic manager have at last come to
a realisation that their hope of elect
ing Dr. Smith in ahaolutely forlorn and
they are up to the name old stunt of
"Having George. "
Prune packing has begun in
earnest thin week.
Kov Bowers moved ljere last
week from the" Thurston Beck-
with place.
The Whealdon family were
entertained at the L. B. Makin-
son home Hunday.
Rev. and Mrs. Hower are the
proud parents of a fine boy
born Saturday the 15th.
Philip Dachler has bought
the Wolford property and mov
;d his family there.
Mrs. Chas. Stephens and Mr.
Fitzgerald and son Marion re
turned Saturday from a week's
otiting in the hills.
Choir prnctice was held at the
home of Klsie Scbmid last week
and ut the Whealdou home this
The Fruitland barber and his
wife are settled in their new
house. The Wood River bunch
gave them a delightful surprise
party Monday evening.
Mr. Childs returned Tuesday
from a trip to Kmmett where he
went to get a load of peaches.
The peach crop at that place is
reported good.
Grant Williams and Walter
Scbmid have returned home
from Nam pa where they have
been working, since the first of
Juno, for lr Kobinson on a
C. K. Powell who was operat
ed on for appendicitis last Fri
day at the Ontario hospital is
getting well. He has many
friends here who are glad to
hear of his recovery.
The Queen Ksther Circle met
this week at the home of Mrs.
N. P. Yockoy. The following
invited guest were present: Oil
lard Cregor, Lewis Kussel, Kmil
Scbmid. Klsie Thomas, Karl
Srrilchtield and If, H. Powell.
Mr. M. I ut us 1 1 the priucipal of
the high school arrived last
week accompanied by his wife
and sister-in-law Miss Miller.
They will Hvo in the Bowers
ami Hunter house east of the
blacksmith shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Pathael re
ceived u telegraph message Mon
day morning that their daugh
ter Mrs. Florence Melcher of
Priest Kiver was uot expected
to live. Mrs. Pathael loft Mon
day evening to be with her.
The Queen Ksther Circle of
Fruitlund was invited to meet
with the Circle of Payette Tues
day evening of last week tit the
home of Miss I.mih Hay lies.
Those who went were Misses
Lillian Winter, Olive Hunter,
Fern Link, lrmu Deal, Kuth
ami Alice Whealdon, Irene Cot
tiiii.KluabethTuttle and Marion
The M. K. Ladies Aid Society
met in Kpworth Hull last Thurs
day. The features of the meet
ing were quilting, basket dinner
ami election of ollicers. The
following were elected: Presi
dent, Mrs. P. A. OrtfOt: Vice
Presidents, Mrs. tJ. W. Cotton,
Mrs. Ira Dalell, Mrs. H. (J.
(ianluer. Secretary, Mrs. House
Treasurer, Mrs. K. K. Hunter.
Horner's Bakery.
We have opened our short order cafe
and are prepared to give you ipiiek
.service "t all hours. Give us a trial.
Homers Bakery. Formerly 1. & E.
An egotist imagines the world thinks
as nuicli of alas as hi thinks of himself.
Blinded by White Flash
Anderson, Ind., Aug. 2n.
persons are reported to
utrifki'ii blind us a result of
a light cauaed by workmen welding tty
an electric process on a trolley wire at
Anderson, Ind. Several who saw the
light were not stricken until a few
hours later. A specialist stated that
In each case attended the inside of the
eyelid was greatly irritated. He gave
as his theory of the cause, the peculiar
rays of light. People are often blinded
by prejudice, but real exqerta praise
golden grain belt beers aa the peer of
any, advertisement.
First M. E. Church.
Sunday August 30, 1914.
Sunday School at 10 A. M.
Preaching Service at 11 A.M.
Subject, "The Influence of Pray
er upon Character." Evening at
8 P.M. Subject, "The Supreme
Worth Moral Character." There
is a cordial welcome extended to
all to attend these services.
Tims. Johns, Pastor
At the end of three weeks' conflict
sone of the combatant succeeded In
delivering a aerlou blow. The honors
of the third week belong to Germany,
but no achievement on either lde de
aervea to be called a victory. The
Krench gained gratifying successes In
Alsace, and the Hermans, by a steady
pressure, obliged a large portion of
the Helglan field army to retlrs on
The (lertnan advance Into Belgium
was without aerlou check. Having
taken Brussels, the troop of Kmperor
William forced their way steadily and
rapidly to tbe north and wait and
overran the whole of northern and
western Belgium, and southeast of
Brussels they invested the fortified
city of Namur on the Meuae.
British and Krench troops are fac
ing a force believed to consist of the
greater part of tbe Herman army
along a battle line which mends from
Mona to tbe frontier of Luiemburg
Operation in ofherectlons of Bel
glum Indicate that few Herman force
are being apared from the great con
fllct. It Is said only a small force con
tlnue lo Brussels porhap 3000 men
and Antwerp reports the country In
Its vicinity cleared of Herman Small
force are holding tbe village along
tbe line of march, to prevent Interfer
ence with tbe route of communication
The Krench developed an imposing
encircling movement In Lorraine, try
ing to drive the German back toward
i tils was an offensive movement.
eonialnloK poeslMMHee of much dsn
ger, because of tbe enormoualy strong
Herman fortlfleaUons In the area of
operations Krench troop galued half
a dosen town after aeveral daya'
fighting, but the Oerman suddenly
took tbe offensive themselves and tbe
Krench quickly retreated acroas the
boundary, gaining nothing by their
Si Petersburg announce officially
that tbe Rusilati army Is advancing
along the entire Austro-Herman fron
tier and al the sume time successful!)
maintaining I he offensive at every
point of contact with the enemy.
Tbe Russian advance into I'rusala
is following the line of the railway
from Kydkuhnen toward Konlgaburg
Opposed to It i an entire division of
Herman infiiniry. heavily supported by
artillery. The Hermans are stubborn
ly defending their positions. Forced
from one line, they move buck to an
other iilreudv prepared, currying their
anlllery with tbe'n. The Russians are
fnued to charge and take each ad
vanced line of trenches at the point of
the bayonet.
The main invasion of Austria I
through the 8tyr river valley. Sweep
ing successes are reported m this sec
turn The army irom the mobilization
triangle of Dublin Kevno and Krasue.
bit peuetr.iied II miles inland in the
general direction of I. emberg, capital
of Huiiciu. PrasjUeaUy continuous
fighting ha occurred, In this fight
Igjgj it is decl.treil that an Austrian di
vision completely routed and that
17 guns and more than 1600 prisoners
were taken. The Russians are report
ed as following up (heir advance and
to be pushing on toward l.euiberg.
A Hermau ott elal statement says
thai troops under the command of the
frown I'rluce of Bavaria, fighting be
tween Meti and Vosge. took 10,000
prisoaers and fifty guns It adds that
tbe French IfSjsjpsj opposing tbe Her
man comprised eight army coraps. A
Fan.- statement declares this ts ab
surd but admits reverses in Lorraine
Reports from the Austrian Servian
boundary say that the Servians have
won a battle oti the Prina, which mill
tarv experts consider highlv probable
as the Servians have a comparatively
small army but one which has passed
though two years' actual war and
therefore ha the advantage of voter-
aus tightiuf against amateur
If h t'rien.i pulls his watch on your
funny story cut it short,
hjEti WeWn
Bridqe Notice to Contractors.
ale Oregon- Sealed proposals will
be received by the County Commis
sioners of Malheur County, Oregon, at
the County Clerks office at Vale, Mai
heur County, Oregon, up to 2 o'clock
p. m. September 7, 1914. for furnishing
material and constructing two concrete
abutments and one l!0-foot steel bridge
over the Malheur river near Harper.
Malheur county, Oregon.
Plans, specifications aud forms of
proposals are on file at the offices of
the County Clerk and County Surveyor.
A rertified check for I Der cent of
the amount of the bid, made payable
to the Treasurer of Malheur county,
must accompany each bid and the
same to be forfeited to Malheur county
if the bidder fails to enter into a con
tract and furnish a bond which will be
60 per cent of the contract price, with
in ten day from the time notice is
mailed to him that the contract is
ready for his signature.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids. 33 -85
Alias Summons.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur.
Home Lumber and Coal Company, a
corporation, plaintiff,
Geo. W. Cater, Anna Cater, E. F.
Sullivan, Fred G Anderson, George
Kelley, Melvin Smith, Henry Dargel,
Juntura Mercantile Company, a cor
poration, Juntura Hotel Company, a
corporation, M. S. Houston, John Hod
dor, A. C. Woodruff, Clyde Shauer,
John E. Thomas, A. G. Williams, John
U. Hoffman, Carlson-Lusk Hardware
Company, a cororation, and Frst Bank
of Juntura, a corporation, defendents
TO George W. Cater, Anna Cater, E.
F. Sullivan, Fred G. Anderson, George
Kelley, Melvin Smith, Henry Dargel,
Juntura Mercantile Company, a cor
poration. Juntura Motel Company, a
corporation, M. S. Houston, John Hod
dor, AC. Woodruff. Clyde Shauer, John
K. Thomas, A. G. Williams, John U.
Hoffman, Carlson-Lusk Hardware Com
pany, a corporation, and First Bank of
Juntura. a corporation, the above
named defendenta:
You are required to appear and ar.
swer the complaint of the plaintifi filed
against you in the above entitled action
on or Deiore me Bin uay oi ucmwr,
1914, the same being the last day of
the time prescribed by order of the
Court directing summon in aaid suit
to be made upon you by publication.
And if you fail to answer, for want
thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
complaint, to wit:
For judgement againatdefendant George
W.Cator in the sum of $787.96 togeth
er with 6 per cent interest thereon
from Dec, 10., 1913, for $160.00 attor
ney feea and coats of auit also for a
decree of said Court foreclosing a
certain material man' lien of plain
tiff against Iota 8, 9, 10 and 11 In
block 19 of the original Townaite of
Juntura, Malheur County, Oregon,
and recorded in Book "B" of Mechan
ic Liens at page 94 thereof, for ma
terials furnished by plaintiff to defen
dant George W. Cater a contractor
and agent of Juntura Hotel Company
owner of a certain hotel building built
on aaid real estate hereinbefore de
scribed, and which material were
used in the construction of said hotel
building; and also asking judgement
of the Court decreeing that the
lien of plaintiff be a first lien on said
premises superior to the liens af any
of the other defeudanta named above,
against said hotel and land, and for
all other proper relief.
And you are further notified that
this summon is served upon you by
publication in pursuance of an order
of Hon. Dal ton Biggs, Judge of this
court, which aaid order was made and
entered in said cause on the 28th day
of July, 1H14, and directed that this
.summons be published once each week
for six consecutive weeks in the On
tario Argus.
The first publication of this summons
is on August 27, 1914, and the last pub
lication is on Octoqo r 8, UU-I.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Meeting of Board of Equalixation for
Dead Ox Flat Irrigation Project.
Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Directors of the Dead Ox
Flat Irrigation District, acting as a
Board oi Equalization, will meet at
Ontario, Oregon, on Tuesday the 6th
day of October, 1914, at 10 o'clock A.
M. for the purpose of reviewing and
correcting the assessment and appor
tionment of taxe of said Irrigation
District for the year 1914.
A list and record of said assessment
is now in the office of the Secretary of
said District for the inspection of all
persons interested.
Dated at Ontario, Oregon, this JTth
d i id' August li14.
H. W. CLBMCNT, Si cretarv
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for iae CdoMy of Malheur.
To Charles A. Whitney, the above
named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit on or before
the Urd day of September, 1014, the
same ticing tne last uay oi ine nine
prescribed by order of the court directing
service of summons in said suit to be
made upon you by publication, and if you
fail so to answer, for want thereof,
the plaintiff will apply to said court
for the relief demanded in said com
plaint, to-wit: For a decree of said
court dissolving the bonds of matri
mony now existing between you and
plaintiff, and granting the plaintiff an
absolute divorce from you, and award
ing the plaintiff her costs and disburse
ments in said suit.
You are further notified that this
summons is served upon you by publi
cation in pursuance of an order of the
Hon. Geo. W. McKnight, County Judge
of Malheur County, Oregon, which
said order was made and entered in
said cause on the Kith day of July, 1914.
and directed that this summons be
published once each week for six suc
cessive weeks inj the Ontario Argus,
commencing with the issue of July 2H,
1914, of said newspaper.
First publication of this summons is
on July 23, 1914, and the last publica
tion is on September 3, 1014.
Mcculloch a wood
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice of Bond Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the city
council of the city of Ontario, Oregon,
will on the itb day of August, 1914.
receive bids for the purchase of $13,
il4.77. improvement bond of Ontario,
Oregon, for sower districts Nos. 2, 3. 4
and 6.
Bids shall be submitted in writing
and shall be unconditional as to legality.
The bonds shall bo taken up and paid
for immediately The right is reserved
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the city council.
City Recorder of the City of
Ontario, Oregon.
Local Market Report.
Corrected August A for the benefit of
ArgUS readers by the Malheur Mercan
tile Company.
Egga, per docen, 20c.
Butter, per pound, 26c.
OaU, par 100, $1 50.
Wheat, per 100, $1 60.
Hay, per ton, $o.
Potatoes, per 100, $1.50.
Onions, per 100, $8.60.
Apples, per box, 60c.
Chickens, dressed, per pound, lHc.
Pork, dressed. 81 to Ojc.
Pork, live. 7c.
Veal, 10c.
Beef, on foot, 6c.
Beef, dressed, 12c. ,
Administrator's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that in pursu
ance of an order of sale duly made and
entered by the county court of the state
of Oregon for the county of Malheur
on the first day of August. 1!14, in the
matter of the estate of John M. Kline.
d- ceased, the undersigned administra
trix of said estate will, on and after the
1th day of September, 1914, at her
home near West fall, Oregon, offer for
sale and sell at private sale, in one par
cel, for cash in hand, subject to confir
mation by said court, the following de
scribed tract of real estate owned by
said estate, towit: The ej of set of
section 27, and the Bj of nwj, and sw
of se, and swi of section H, in town
ship 18 south, range 41 e, W. M in
Malheur county, Oregon. The first
publication of this notice is on August
$, 44 and the last publication is on
September 3, 1914.
Administratrix of the Estate of
John H. Kime, Deceased
Should be purchased
from your home jew
eler who stands ready
at all times to make it
We have the late pat
terns and standard
makes to select from.
Official watch man for the railroads
of this section.
Dr. W. G Howe
No. 732
First National
Bank Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
Office in New Wilson Block.
Office 2nd door eatof jDntario Phar
macy on Nevada Avenue
Near R. R Depot
Mcculloch, & wood
Rooms 1-2-3 First Nat'l Bank Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
Da Hahiurt skuis
Da. I' a i i ink Brahr
Graduates American School of Os
teopathy. Kirksvtlle, Mo.
Wilson Block
Telephone. 154 Blk.
Office in I. O. O. F. Bldg..
ONTAKIO. - . OaaooM
Will Practice in all CourU
Nutarv Public. Office over Poetoffice
Emery Cole, Brogan.
W. II Cecil, Ontario
Bert High. Vale.
C. C. Morton. Old's Perry.
N. O. White, Welser Rridge.
J. E. Holly. Riverview
Ai- Heiiuv. Jvr.isu Valley.
Joe Bankoffer, MVDermltt
J. Boydell. Nyaaa
W. II M. -William- Jnntura
Win Kine, Harper
1. M. Seaward, Ontario Bridge
Transfer, Baggage and
Meet All Trains
Sunday School 10 A M
Preaching Service 11 A M
Junior League 3 P M
Epwortb League 6 :30 P M
Preaobing Serf loo 73:0 P M
Thomas Jobus, PASTOR.
( oiiqreudtiondl ( hunh Notkt
Sunday Servioea,
Sunday School 10 a m
Preaobing Servioes Ham
0 E Meetiug 7pm
Preaobing Services 8pm
Midweek Lectures every Wednesday
evening 8 o'clock
Pbiiip Koenlg, Pastor.
Matt at A M on 1-t and Urd Sunday
of each month. On all other Sundays
at 10 A M.
11. A. Campo, Rector
Kw . I aturday
ubbaiu "bool 10:30 am
Bi le Study 11 ::0 a m
Vouog people. meeting 1 :30 pm
Via. Union pacific System
To points east, August 11, Its
aud ami 86) aud September '-!
aud lti. To points west, daily
to September 30, 1914. See
Agents for rates and furtber
Louis C. Melvii
Physician A BUBOMI