The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 20, 1914, Image 4

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Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Pitt
Apple Packers Traintd.
Hnoit River - Beginning the second
week In Heptember. the annual park
tag achool ex it"' Appla Orowors'
aoclatlon wllf hold IU sessions.
A portion of tha big warehouse of
the association will be fitted with
tacking tables and expert puckers
will Instruct the amateurs, who will
Aotne from all pnrta of tin- mid Co
lumbia district.
The annual parking schools am nl
ways well attended. Many of the
grower of tin- valley, whose orchards
are) com I lis Into hearing, attend with
their wives and families to learn the
latest meihodH of packing attractively
the apples, which will aoon be matur
ing. Fruit Statistics So.ght.
Albany. -(lathering accurate atntls
tics of Oregon's annual fruit crop ta
being planned by the stnte hoard of
liortlculture. K. ('. Huberts, of l.elmii
on, president of the board, snys that
the board hopea to outline a ayateni
Unit will aid it to (Uncover and rem
dy i mii !" for poor fruit ftaldl
The tilati la being tried HiIm yeur for
Hie flrat time in I'olk county.
Extension B Pltatsa.
Ilcrmlston. The people of the
g ii t it 1 1 1 lit projict are greatly elated
over the final passage of the 20-yeai
extension bill that bus been sighed
by the president
TIiIn new law given the aettler 20
yam without Interest in pn In w
tar right charges to the goverumeul
The paymeiitH are slso niiide small
In the beginning.
Duuylj Inveata Million In Auto.
KoMelniri. Vcrordlna to flumes
compiled here. HotlKlas count) clll
aetia have Invented more than 11,000,.
ON III aulomoblleH In the lust net en
yearn. Till doea not Include many
earn which were purchased liv partn
who MUlHCliellll) located 'III llllH HIM
IB Constitutional Amendment. 10
Measurts to Be Paaaed Upon.
S.iiem topics of the initiative
pamphlet, Issued by Hecretnrv of Stale
Men W OI.miII, aii' being mailed to
ery registered voter III the stall
The proponed conntliuiloual amend
llielitn and measures colltillned therein
ale to lie nilliinll teil lo the Voids III
the general election on Nmemhei I
There are !! proponed iimt'ildllieutn
(o the ntnte I'Diiut It lit Ion and 10 pro
posed Initiative measures in the pain
tli ' I The legislature referred eight
pi.iposetl iiiliMl tt ill Iiiiih I Hlin nUlneiits
and two inennliren lo the people. Illld
II proponed conntlttitlonal iimeud
uipiit and eight UK'iiHiireH were Inltl
.tie. i linn 'i tie' ittoriH oi various
I" i .iiiih nl Dl ItlllMtlOM
A proposed iiuieiid
nieiil lelened lo the voters hv llie
leglnlnt in ' I. mm follow i
Amendment of nectlon J of article
II of llie constitution, mi nn lo require
volern to be ell liens of the I lilted
.siMieh t prenent foreigners who, nl
leant iille l.'.il pilot lo the d'i of
election, lime declared Ihcli Intent Ion
to become clt liana ara entitled to vote
Double Celebration is Plan. Pi lir. mis I'm HI It U)
ll.ive ll big double i i-lchlatinu lei i .in. I
It Wild. I villi'. Seplellllier 7. Ill holler
nl llie riiinpli'lhiu of the
null ol llie III. nils I'nsri A II.
t'ltv i, nil. i. nl .Hid also l Imiiur of
llie I'ctlllll Ol Joseph Kllowlc- llie
ii.iiiire man, whose experiment will
teriiilnnte iilmul lluil time
Costly Imbler Fire.
1 .11 tir.iinle llie mill. eleiMlur Mild
w ii'eiionse tugathar with !" ' hush
.is i.r iihe.ii and :'"1'11 bam It ol Huur,
beloUglUg to I In lull. lei I'lui.i li
compuii) at iiiiiii.i i i nlli - uoi ill
aauM oi ban an ilaalro) J b) t Ira
hi. mIu nit h.ilf M vv In, li -
,i . .i i i ui iii a
Girls of 16 Dl in Creek
Mulslilied ei.i Hull Mli.l
Willev. two Hills ol III. were ill. .1
ID H creek il HievvHlei i.illi'i liev
mil1 bathing la sm.iii str'; . aad
gOl be.vond their dcplli
Chloroform Kills Girl
Salem MHW Men.! Smith. la.
daughter ol Mis O li Sniilh. died
from the cue. i oi .in aetata! hat lc uiv
eii for an op'i'.it ion for tons.:
tha office of ir. li J Ctaaaaats
Artillerymen Arc Busy.
Hom ImrK Meinlieis of tile local
ooinpaiiv. eoaal arltllerv who have
been selectc I to take pal 1 III the varl
ous di. nit In . ompelltiou- on the state
rifle i.iiim' ii ri.iik.iui. .ire making
dally picpsi.tiioiiB tor th( events
After Operation Failed to Help,
Cardui Worked Like a Charm.
Jonosvllle, B. C "I suffered wPtb
womanly trouble," writes Mm. J. 8.
Kendrlck, In a letter from this placa,
"and at time, I could not bear to stand
on my feet. The doctor said I would
never be any better, and that 1 would
have to have an operation, or I would
have a cancer.
I went to the hospital, and they oper
ated nn me, but I got no better. Thev
an Id medicines would do me no good,
and I thought I would have to die.
At l i I tried Cnrdul, and began to
Improve, bo I rontlntied using it. Now,
I am well, and ran do my own work.
I don't feel any pnlns.
Cardui worked like a ehnrm."
There must be merit In thla purely
Tegetablp, tonic remedy, for women
Cardui for It has bien in successful
use for more than 50 years, for the
treatment of womanly weakness and
I'll ane try It, for your troubles.
N. B - PHh ' Udtet" Ajvivirv rpt. ChaMa
oof a MeJIclneCn., ChitWH'Og v T'""-. tor Siirrinl
ntlrtirtinni. unlH-iuii.' N.k. Home Trimrtt
far Women, MM In plain wrapper, on i'imi.
Muscovite Unity Probably Will
Be Broken During War.
New York- The ileclnriitlon of war,
with the certainly Unit the resources of
Uiinsl.i Will lie lillllli lied llglllnSt Alls
ti In Hungary, lias led stiltli nl . of con
tllll'lltnl polities, who view the sltuil
t loll fimn this side nf the A 1 1 . Ii 1 1 . lo
examine the composition of the iintlou
o er which the rules That Una
sin will not piesent in uiibrukvii fruut
to Austrian or lici-uniii at tun will up
pen ill the v jry in -I gliile e
There inn he little doulit tlnit the
most restless element In that vnnt em
pire In lllinle up or the 1 1 I.I NN I.IK N) or
more I'olen who bate been forced to
surrender their lileitn-s, their language
ami their mitlouiillty to the govern
ment In St I'ctcrslnirg
rolltlcal observers III tbln city believe
that the III.INNIINNI I'olen living In I tils
Mill will not l the ( .Ml' of all llie
Itusnlniis. Inn will Mid Austria.
Inipilry In the olllco of the consul
general of the dull monarchy resulted
in the prediction by Auntrliiii officials
' that thin defect Inn surely must result
nn the oihei Initial, ii.oik.i p., i,....
Wllhlii llie lioiiiid.irli'M of .ii-trla llun
gur.v nre expe. dsl io give whole souled
support to Kmpci'lor frauds Josapb
; "Hi of gratitude fur the enlightened
pulley pursued l his government with
rcMpcct to that people.
Itunnliius anil I'olen. although ImmIi of
the Slavic race, tnive nothing In com
iiiuii polltlcHlly Autagolilsiii between
I hem has been handed down through
the centuries. I It did not die out,
tint il. lined higher after the smaller nn
lion lit. I ta-eu dlsiiieiiiU'icd and al
sorlicd In pun in KiissIii.
The ffM trrefliJt lietvvcen (iermaiiy
mill Itn-'sia lenv at hind will tlud tbe
urn lent kingdom of I'oliiiul acting as a
fender, with the movement of the
Poles left In doubt A clash Pet ween
Auslrlil and Itusnlii would rul-e a
nbarer issue, with the iillltllde of tbe
I'ules in. uc eiisily Miplell.nd"ll.
It Is th Second Largest Ever Found
In Arctic Circle.
Knlrhmikn, AlnskM -The second lur
i-'e-t nuu'Liet evei foiiinl in Alltsku was
pli kisl up a tc IV iv eel,- : I u ill Hie
k'.inkiik Hold CMinp -it.l miles north
of the arctic ell, le. il.eordlllg to vvonl
ris'elved here 0v I V Met 'old.
The Huge,.-! weigiied i;;;i.j and
I - t. mud h.v J U Kiiiuay. formerly
of Knter 1'reek. on No hjafafg din
."very. Ilmuuioiiil river Kinney.
L'harlaa Mntiuv Mini Hill lte.lin.ind are
arorklug the claim on a lease ainl are
taklag the pay out at a great rate
They Inive rep.ilislly picked up uug
,l- vvui Hi 1 1. un HM to Ciki
nuiiii Invagltn of Alsace is More of
"Moral Victory"
Talis The uiVMsioil of Lower l
uv a Kreiich aiiuv under the com
liiMU.I pi .loneph .l.ilfre the
I rencli coiiiiii.iudei 111 clnet. lias awak
eiie.l gre..i elillliislusin throughout
l'r..'i. .
I'reiich miliiary authorities, while
recognising (hut tha occupation ol All
knell and Miilhausen h.v llie Krench
ii. nips is not of high strategic impor
lance, hellev. thai the successful ad
v.i'ue of the I'rench army far across
the li'ruisu iroulier will have cou
miieiahle moral ellcct
It is also uiioff. iallv reported that
Koliiiar lo the uortli, has fallen luto
the hands of the I 'ranch
None of i hen.' three places was
strongly fori if lad. and ail of them lie
outside the line of real lleriusii de lit lug legal ded as outposts of
tbe strougl) fortified cities
Better Babies Contest.
All Malheur county babies
between the ages of six and
forty-eight monthB are eligible
for entry. Application blanks
will be mailed to mothers upon
request and should be tiled with
chairman by September 1.
Fill out the blank received
from the chairman upon your
request and return name to the
committee on entries as soon as
possible, in order that appoint
ment cards may be sent out.
You may use the application
blank found in this issue if you
There will be no expense at
tached to the examination by
skilled physicians and each
mother will receive a certificate
of examination and a folder
giving practical sugestions which
will materially assist in the care
of little ones.
The county will bo divided
into several districts. Each dis
trict will receive a prize for its
best baby, with a sweepstakes
prize for the best county baby.
At the state show the best
baby will be sent to the San
Francisco exposition and the
world's best baby will get a
$86,000 prize.
For detailed information ad
dress Emily ('. Kigby, chairman
of the Registration committee.
Watch the papers.
Following is a fac simile of
the application blank:
Better Babies Content
Application lllank.
Entry No. . . . Diviaon
Name of Child
Name of Parents
Aft in monlh Sex
Contest to be hold at Court
House, Vale, Oregon, Sept. 8, 4
and " by Viilo Civic Improve
meiit CI fib:
Following is a fac simile of
the appointment card :
Better Babies ConteHt.
Appointment Card.
Entry No . Division
Name of Child
1'lease preset. t this card with
tutliy for examination at Court
House, Villi , Oregon.
Date Hour
The mother will bring at least
one simple toy, and a cotton
lihinket to lie used during the
.1 I'mmisiiui Opening
and most vvliolesviine ever Imw
id, and will MtUfy tlii' most
critical boor drinker Ueiny
hievved frOlU the hest malt and
bop, l a M'lentitic inetlnii oi
luivviiiL', it ll naturally a per-f.'i-t
feet boor
Leave Bundles at Any
Hotel or Barber Shop
1'rumpt Attention Given
All Order.
(rooi Thing &;y
(Eii) 'lib1)' JM
at any season of the vtar,
would be a keg of our spark
ling Bolitl Beer, which is
gOM thiol 10 have "on tap" in
ease of thirstv eniereiiiies.
This logor II tit' lu'st, purest
and most wbolMOIOt ever lnvw-
Postponed from Monday,
J. H. Farley Furniture
Entire Stock of
Consisting of Beds, Springs and Mat
tresses, Dining Tables and Chairs, Dressers
and Commodes, Window Shades and Lace
Curtains, Curtain racks and everything in
the entire store to go to the highest
bidder. Cash or bankable note for 30 or
60 days. Sale to start
Monday, August 24, 1914
Beginning at 2 o'clock P. M.
And will continue until every article is
sold. First choice articles go first day.
Vessels of Warring Nations Must Pass
Without Halting.
WiisliliiKton. With tin' passsKt
thmiiKli tin' I'liii.iin.i i .mill of tin- tt.n
.lfi.u tin-ill stt-uinsllli Anion. tha
grout waterway bwonies "free and
iipi'ii to the tfxNi'la of itiiiiiin'rii' and
war of all tuitions on terms of entire
equality," in accordance with tin pro
visions of the llii I'aiiiii-i'fnif treaty.
Vessels ilruwlna not more than 30
feet of witter nuiy now make the pus
suae It would he possible lo put the
big Ainerii'uii dreadnoughts through
at .un time.
Any of the foreign warships now in
the Alluntii' and Pacific waters could
also inuke the trip. Except in cases
of ubsoliite nect'Ksity, vessels of bel
ligerents must make uninterrupted
sf the canal. They may
not lual. I' or emburk or dle
em'i.ii'k troops In the cuuul lone.
Would Have Refugee Ships Neutrals.
W'.isliin-'mi A proposal bus been
inuili' li tMa government lo the pow
ers tliat .ill nations regard us neutral
iIiiim' ships "churtered for tbe sole
purpoHe ui i .-I'. in lilting ' citizens who
tin now Mniniii-il in Kiin'l'i'
Foreign Loans Frowned On.
Washington 'I lie I'liited States
government iiniionnced itself us op
poseil to the i'o.iuiik of loans in thia
country for the benefit of any of the
ig ualions ol Ku ope
Woman Jumps to Her Death.
Portland Hurling le.ra.ll frooi u
sevetiili slor.i u union Ol R busines:,
aloek, Mrs. Alma ll, Bolln, aft i .riS,
mei inslant ileal li liere. Mis Holm
had 'iileivd tlie lin.liiii.- alt u
phyalclan with rapart to nervous trou
ble Ironi uliieli aba was auffarioj A
mail patient m llie plivsleians r. eep
tiou loom faileil in an attempt to pre-
, vein her jumping out the window.
Two Hurt by Exploding Tire.
Pendleton While pumping up an
automobile tire tiulph Knight and his
fattier. K. V Knight, were injured
when the tire exploded The injur
ies sustained by the youug man re
H mred 20 si itches in his left hand and
arm Kuight. Sr . was knocked dowa
and bruised slightly.
Jailed as Highwaymen.
Pendleton. James Navln. for twen-
u'.im a well known t'niattlla coun
ty farmer, and Millou Anderson, soft
ii a prominent Helix family, are in
he eouuty jail, facing the charge of
highw.i robbery
; :: :m :m :$: : me
Particular Printing
Particular people
IF you want classy stationery
IF you want reliable work
IF you want dependable work
IF you want printing that you
will not be ashamed of
IF you want high class printing
We guarantee to please you
frJV fSSS"' r(5t' JSfc"' r&t ?&?
l SS&. J&. wSSP. lS55. i.sS5. wsB,
A. McWILLIAMS Proprietor.
August 17.
mi :m : m mz :m :
ftS r(2S flS "JS!S? faHfc,1 rants fa"v
J&. sE-. ksS. JSS? sjg?, E? wQg?.
Best Equipped Livery in
the city. Headquarters for
Hore Bought and Sold.