The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, August 20, 1914, Image 2

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OXTTAPTH APPTTQ ThtfaUl room of the hall was
VJL 1IV1W rHVVjrUOH,,Pfl ..,,- r.8t room, and
KnfiTnl in Ikf BMtflffsM at Ontario
OwMton, for tranpiiiissioa tl rmiirh the
biIh ax m.m .111.1 cIhhp matter.
M. E. BAIN. Publisher.
ThtOraan will meet Friday
evening at K. Hioomstrom's.
Mies Martha Htephenn has
heen suffering severely the past
week with a bone felon.
Miss Khipp of Missouri is at
the home of her siter Mrs. Jtiy
CJraham for a month's visit.
Itev. C tilli tati preached at the
M. K. church Hunday evening,
ubjeel, "TheTrinity of Prayer".
The Woman's Homo Mission
ary Society met this week at
the home of Mrs. li. (i.liardncr.
('has. Stephens and Mr Fitz
gerald started to the hills Sun
day on a hunting and lishing
(. C. Mcdee has the contract
to build tli' line modern bunga
low for II. 11. Fickeu southeast
of town.
Oalen Hollingerwho will teach
school this year at Sunnyaide
lias rented Miss Juuut Coupler's
home. Miss Couldor will spend
the winter in Canada.
The ,"i i n Father Circle of
Tayette invited the Queen Fa
ther Circle of Fruitland to meet
with them last Tuesday night.
Miss Leah llaynes was hostess.
The Dowers Bros, have dis
solved partnership. J. A. and
Co. continuing the .mil and
lumber business, and .1. II. con
tinuing the cider and feed
Ralph Makinson, Olive Harry
Miitn'l Kobinson, Fdgar Vestal
and Kay Ktissell, with Mrs. II.
K. Kobinson as chaperon, lett
Saturday for a few days outing
in the hills.
The ladies Aid of tho Baptist
church will give a social at the
home of Win. I.omaii Fnday
evening. A musical nrouriim
i" prepared and ice cream cake
lid candy will be on sale.
Miss I..I.I Westcott entertain
ed at a house party in Caldwell
from Saturday until Tuesday
the Missus Kutb and Alice
U ma!. 1. hi, lrmii Peal, Fuid
(iiep, I ' I -1 1 Hloonistroui, Olive
lluuter and Florence Anderson.
Christian Fndeavor ('(invention
The Christian Fmhnvoi Con
vention held here last week was
well iittendeil Ahollt twenty
live doltgttsj and visitors von
present. They weie entertained
in the homes tor lodging and
hmUlll. Luncheon and din
ner ure served in the Hull.
Empire Lumber Company, Limited
Sash, Doors, Lumber, Lime. Cement, Plaster and Coal
flnmmrr Storage Rates for Coal Now on
$7.00 and $7.50 a Ton
Tlio Ifott Oonplwti line oi Building Material. If you cannot tiiul it anywhere else
some to n- W hare it.
Scotch Woolen Mills
The Cope Pressary has accepted this justly celebrated
brand of Popular Priced Suits
$15 to $20
No more, no less
Cope Pressary, Hotel Block
all enjoyed a pleasant and pro
fitable ttme together.
Chas. Boor who left here last
spring to make his home near
Ironsides killed a hob cat last
week. Hearing a noise in the
tent where the children were
sleeping he went in to investi
gate. The dogs had run in the
animal and he killed it with a
First M. E. Church.
Sunday, August 23, 1914.
Morning at 11 a.m., subject,
"The Ransomed of the Lord."
Fveaing at 8 p. m . subject,
"The Christian Race."
There are only four more
Sundays in this conference year.
Interest has been very good all
summer, let tho remaining Sun
days bo the crowning of tho
year, and let everyone interest
ed help someone else in the
good work.
In connection with the morn
ing service we will open the
doors of the church so that
those having no church home
in Ontario may have the privi
lege to unite with us.
All are welcoTie
Tims. Johns, Pastor
Mrs. Lottie Hall.
Mrs. Lottie Hall died at her
home in Fmmett Saturday after
an illness of several months.
Mrs. Hall was well known
around Ontario having spent
the greater part of her life here,
and it was with sorrow that the
news of her death was received
by her many frietida.
She leaves to mourn lier loss
her husband, one daughter,
Stacia, an aged father, Ueo.
Brinnon, two brothers, Tom and
I red, and three sisters, Mrs.
Purcell of Payette, Mrs. McFn
dree aud Mrs. Thos. Brosnan
of Ontario.
The sympathy of the entire
community is extended to the
grief stricken relatives.
Machine to Write Musk.
A German musician has in-
vented a machine which auto-
maliralfy registers notes emitted
by the piano. I he new ma
chine has the same object as
one invented by an Italian aud
used by Mascagni in writing
bis operas, but it is a larger
iustrument and is operated by
electricity. Iuto the machiue
is inserted a roll of paper, and
the composer seats himself he
fore the piano and executes the
composition that he desires to
give to the public. The ma
chine faithfully reuisters everv
BOl produced, a faithfully as
golden grain belt beers register
their goodness Upon the palate,
The Firemen will give a dunce
Labor May Sept , 7.
Yellowstone Park Excursk n
From Idaho and Oregon
Points, August 25.
Very low round trip excur
sion rate via. tho Oregon Short
Line to Yellowstone station,
from which point the "Wylie
Wav" six dav tour charge is
$30, covering all expenses for
complete camping tour. Yel
lowstone Park travel this year is
ideal and this is the best line to
make the tour. See agents for
rates and fuither particulars.
Train Service.
Kant bound
Ontario. Oregon, June 1st. 1914
Tim Table No 73
No 18 Oregon Wash L'td 'i :61am
No 70 Boise Passenger 8 :50 a m
No 10 Eastern Express 12:12 pm
No 78 Ho I m.. Passenger 3:30 pm
No 6 Oregon Wueb Express 6:10 p m
West bound.
No 17 Oregon Wash i.'i.l 4:17 a m
V. lliiiitinit..ii I'sssenger U :42 am
No f Oregon Wash Kx 6:60 pn
No 6 Fast Mull 0:Ki p m
No 77 Huntington Pnt'gr 6:15 p m
Malheur Valley Oranob.
Weet bound
No 139 Vale aud Juntura. Mixed.
I ..ily x Sunday. 10:10 a m
No 141 Vali and Brogan mixed. Dal
ly Except Huoday leaves 10:00 a m
No 97 Vale Passenger 7 :00 p m
Kaet Bound Arrive
No 08 Vale Passenger 8:0 am
No 142 Vale Mixed, from Brogan
8. 60 p m
No 140 Jaotora mixed, Dally exoept
Sunday 1 :30 p m
The llnmednle train leaves Nyete
at 2:46 on Tueaday. Tbureday and
Saturday, retornlng. arrive at On
tario at 6 p. m.
Civil Service Examination.
The U. S Civil Service Commlsaion
announces that a male post office clerk
examination will be held at Ontario,
Oregon, September 12, 114, to estab
lish an eligible register from which
election may be made to fill a vacancy
In the position of clerk in the Ontario,
Oregon post office.
Men only will be admitted to thia ex
amination and the age limits ars 18 to
4."i years. The entrauce salary is SjuO
per annum with annual promotions up
to 11000 per annum.
Applicants should apply at once to
the local secretary, Board of Civil Ser
vice Examiners, at Ontario. Oregon,
or the secretary the Eleventh Civil
Service District at Seattle, Wanning
ton. fur application blanks and full
Mill Burned at Baker.
The mill owned bv Stoddurd Bros
ot Baker was partially destroyed by
tire Friday night. The tire was dis
l(1ered shortly after I o'clock and was
not checked until after midnight.
About three million teet of lumlier
was destroyed valued at tf,000. The
company carried h $15,'HH insurance.
Win. Stradley of Big Bend
was an Ontario visitor Tuesday.
Bridqc Notice to Contractors.
Vale Oregon- Sealed proposals will
be received by the County Commis
sioners of Malheur County, Oregon, at
the County Clerk's office at Vale, Mai
heur County, Oregon, up to 2 o'clock
p. m. September 7. 1914, for furnishing
material and constructing two concrete
abutments and one l."0-foot steel bridge
over the Malheur river near Harper,
Malheur county, Oregon.
Plans, specifications aud forms of
nronosals are on file at the offices of
the County Clerk and County Surveyor.
A certified check for : per cent oi
the amount of the bid, made payable
to the Treasurer of Malheur county,
must accompany each bid and the
same to be forfeited to Malheur county
if the bidder fails to enter into a con
tract and furnish a bond which will be
60 per cent of the contract price, with
in ten days from the time notice is
mailed to him that the contract is
ready for his signature.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids. 33-3r
Alias Summons.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur.
Home Lumber and Coal Company, a
corporation, plaintiff,
Geo. W. Cater, Anna Cater, E. F
Sullivan. Fred ( Anderson, George
Kelley, Melvin Smith. Henry Daniel,
Juntura Mercantile Company, a cor
poration, Juntura Hotel Company, a
corporation, M. S. Houston, John Hod
dar, A. C. Woodruff, Clyde Shauer,
John E. Thomas, A. G. Williams, John
U. Hoffman, Carlson- Lusk Hardware
Company, a corKration, and Frst Bank
of Juntura, a corporation, defondenta
TO George W. Cater, Anna Cater, E.
F. Sullivan, Fred G Anderson. George
K.-lley. Melvin Smith, Henry Dargel,
Juntura Mercantile Company, a cor
poration, Juntura Hotel Company, a
corporation, M. S. Houston, John Hod
iler, A C. Woodruff. Clyde Shauer, John
E. Thomas, A. G. Williams, John U.
Hoffman, Carlson-Lusk Hardware Com
pany, a corporation, and First Bank of
Juntura. a corporation, the aliovc
named defendents:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint tiled against
you in the above entitled suit within
ten days from the date of service of
this summons upon you, if aerved
within this County, or if served within
any other county of thia state, then
within twenty days from the date of
the service of this summons upon you;
and if you fail to answer, for want
thereof, the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in its
Attorney for the Plaintiff
State of Oregon
County of Malheur f
1 hereby certify that the within ia a
true and correct copy of the original
Summons and the whole thereof.
Sheriff of Malheur County, State of
Oregon. 33-39
Wizard's Carnival.
The opening event of the Wizard's
Carnival. Salt Lake City. August ' - 29
will Ik- the Wizard's eleetrieal pageant
parade the evening of Tuesday, August
25th An a free attraetion this gorg
eous pttradc kVill easily transcend all
precedent. For opulent urmuleur,
wealth nl bewildering spectacular de
tail glittering scenic sartorial in
veftiture ami masterful i n.-einhle tt
movement, its like has never btfors
been attempted in We..teni America
Weilnesdav. morning the wnuul military
Industrial, fraternal ami c.vic parade
will take place, ami upon Thursday
evening the automobile lonl parade
will he witnessed 1" IMS event the
llial clmls (lev oiovvmeiu in me m.ici
ear as a vehicle of pleasure will
artistic Manifestation through the par
ticipation of society. Feminine beauty
ami charm, midst rare harm
tolor, dsalgfl "I"' floral adornment
will make this an enchantment oi ku
leidescopic splendor. Fridav evening
the eleetrieal pageant parade will he
reBOAtM). V ednesday to Saturday in
elusive, daily performances of the
Wizard's Roundup will he given at the
State fair grounds at two o'clock, 1"
spired by the hriiliant illuminations
and handsome decorations the novelty
and hilarity of the season, the spirit of
the Carnival will manifest itseli in
diversity of jollification every after
noon and evening Tuesday to Saturday
at the Wizard's Carnival grounds, State
Street and Broadway.
Via. Union Pacific System
To points fust. August 11, It
aud aud 86, and September 'J
and ltl. To point! VMt, daily
U) September 10, 1914. Ml
Agents for rates mid turthei
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Malheur.
Tn Charles A. Whitnev. the above
named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint, filed against you
in the above entitled suit on or before
the :rd day of September, 1U14, the
same being the last day of the time
preseribedby order of the court directing
service of summons in said suit to be
msde upon you by publication, and if you
fail so to answer, for want thereof,
the plaintiff will apply to said court
for the relief demanded in said com
plaint, to-wit: For a decree of said
court dissolving the bonds of matri
mony now existing between you and
plaintiff, and granting the plaintiff an
absolute divorce from you, and award
ing the plaintiff her costs and disburse
ments in said snit.
You are further notified that this
summons is served upon you by publi
cation in pursuance of an order of the
Hon. Geo. W. Mcknight, County Judge
of Malheur County, Oregon, which
said order was made and entered in
said cause on the Pith day of July, 1914.
and directed that this summons be
published once each week for six suc
cessive weeks inj the Ontario Argus,
commencing with the issue of July 2.1,
1914, of said newspaper.
First publication of this summons is
on July 23, 1914, and the last publica
tion ia on September 3, 1914.
Mcculloch & wood
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice of Bond Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the city
council of the city of Ontario, Oregon,
will on the loth day of August, 1914.
receive bids for the purchase of $13,
(1(14.77, Improvement bonds of Ontario,
Oregon, for sewer districts Nos. 2, 3. 4
and 6.
Bids shall be submitted in writing
and shall be unconditional as to legality.
The bunds shall be taken up and paid
for immediately The right is reserved
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the city council.
City Recorder of the City of
Ontario. Oregon.
Local Market Report.
Corrected August 6 for the benefit of
Argus readers by the Malheur Mercan
tile Company.
Egga( ! r doacn. 20c.
Butter, per pound, 25c.
Oata. per 100, f 1 M.
Wheat, per 100. tl 50.
Hay, per ton, Sti.
Potatoes, per 100, 11.50. .
Onions, per 100, $3.50.
Apples, per box, 60c.
Chickens, dressed, per pound, inc.
Pork, dressed. 8i to 9c.
Pork, live, 7c.
Veal. 10c.
Beef, on foot, 6c.
Beef, dressed, 12c.
Administrator's Sdle.
Notice is hereby given that in pursu
ance of an order of sale duly made and
entered by the county court ol the state
of Oregon for the county of Malheur
on the tirst day of August, 1!U4, in the
matter of the estate ol John M. Kiine,
deceased, the undersigned administra
trix ol said estate will, on and after the
'th day of September, 1!I4, at her
home near VVestfall, Oienoii, oifer tor
s.ih and sell at private sale, in one par
eel, for cash in hand, SUbJoot to euntii
matioii by saideouit, the following dc
SCribed tract Oi SMI estate owned by
said estate, towit: The ej of se of
section 17, and the s of "., and sw
. and sw, of QCltlOH '-'". i" town
ship u s..ut... ranee -fi s W, IL, hi
Malheur eoimty, Oregon. The Brat
publics - August
. I . , last i ublicatlon is on
Baptemher K, IM '
Administratrix of the Estate of
John H. Kiine. Deceased
J ewelry
Should be purchased
front your home jew
eler who stands ready
at all times to make it
We have the late pat
terns and standard
makes to select from.
Official watch man for the railroad
of this section.
Dr. W. G. Howe
No. 732
First National
Bank Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
Office in New Wilson Block.
Office 2nd door east of Ontario Phar
macy on Nevada Avenue
Near R. R Depot
Mcculloch, wood
Rooms 1-2-3 First Naft Bsnk Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
I 'a Hahhikt Hrars
I'u Paci.inkMkaiis
Graduates A mencan School of Os
teopathy. Klrksville. Mo.
Wilson Block
Telephone. l.14.Blk.
Ulter in I. O. O. F. Bldg.,
Ontario. - . 0oon
Will Practice In all CourU
Notary Public. Office over Poatofflce
Emery Cole, Brogan.
W. ll Cecil, Ontario
Bert High, Vale.
C. C. Morton. I lid's Perry.
N. O. White, Welser Bridge.
.1 K Holly, Rivervlew
Abe lfcmnv. Jordan Valley.
Joe Bankoffcr, McDermitt
J. Boydell. Nyssa
W. H. McWilliams.Jnntura
Win. Kine, Harper
I. M. Seaward, Ontario Bridge
Transfer. Baggage and
Meet All Trains
Sunday School 10 A M
Preaohiui Hervioe 11 AM
Junior Leauue- 3PM
Kpworlh League 6 :S0 P M
freaobiu. Service 73:0 P M
Thomas Jobus. PA8TOR.
lorujrcgdtlondl Church Notice
Suuday Services,
Suuday Sehool III I oi
I 'reach In,.' Seivice 11 H 111
O K Meeting- 7 i in
Hreaoblug Services 8pm
Midweek Lectures every Wednesday
veiling o'clock
Philip Kueul. Pastor.
'-, ami ;srl Snnlay
i in ntli. On all other Sundays
at lo A M.
II. A. Cam o, Rector
Bv. . v sturday
abbatn nbool 10:30 a ui
Bi le Study 11 JO a m
Yuudk people, me. ting 1,30 pm
Everhart Drug Co.
n swat 0
wf KM kFlarOtt tfi ply aim! kOaH
iktni ati) !k
1 Give Ihtrtii uiuiknliate rrbei trum the lot
f lure of flsra moquikjr nd utiarr prkt
fTrThlff l kh V
awt Mi ami