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ONTARIO-The Future Metropolis of Eastern Oregon
The Banner Wool Market for the Interior of Oregon
QMbxtia vam
The ntari Argus
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
The Produce from j
15,000,000 acres ia
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 31
luck Saved Man's Life In
British Columbia.
McBrldc. B. C "Did y'ever lie on
your bock Iti the brush and shoot n
wounded grizzly wim standing
light above your hcnil?" asked Joe Ju
neau, trapper, wlii'ii he came here with
hid partner. Ilcrl Wiihl.
"Well, It ain't "" funny when you
tii.ill v have to do It to escape getting
hugged by the griasly. (irlggly huggln'
la one kind I don't hnnker for!"
Joe Juneau had -t out Into the
mountain looking for caribou.
"I never met ciirllmu. nor nothln'," be
aid. "till right on the edge of the tim
ber I auddi'iily snw a big hear. Bay, I
cut loose with my rifle without thtnkln'
t til. It wna ii gristly nnd a whopper.
"I was ao blame excited I flred again,
though I could only aec hla head and
shoulders. Rut I'd forgot my gun waa
till alghted for 100 yurds, so of course
1 orerahot Mm But I guess I parted
bla hair all right, for he turned and
charged right at me.
"But suddenly his bcarship changed
bla mind. He took n long circle, loping
off through the meadow. Then I shot a
third time and wounded him. too, but
It only Barred to quicken his get
away. "However, this Umc I must 'a' got
a little reckless, becauae I went right
after him In spite of ray creed not to
follow a grlcsly. eapcclnlly a wounded
gristly, alngle handed 1 followed the
blood tracka Into thick underhrueh.
Pretty soon It got so tlglst and tuugled
I had to get down on my bands aad
kneea and crawl along, pushing ray
gun shead of me
"I might a' kuowed It would hap
pen then. Suddenly I poked my head
and shoulder through Into a llttla
clearing, and there waa that grlsxly.
reared up right above me!
"There wasn't no Ucstln about hla
Intention It had to be dead griasly
or dead man In about the briefest
Jiffy of time. I Just rolled over on my
buck and 1 tired at htm upside down!
The brush was so thick above me that
It would 'a' been Impossible to get to
ray knees In time.
"Say. If that grlsxly had tSSBtSf
over forward Instead of backward he'd
'a' fallen sipiare on top of ma. That's
how close we were.
"Hut he fell backward all right And
for a time after I'd heard the crash I
dou't kuow whirl) wn the deadest,
him or me! It was my first attempt
to aim upside down. The acare sort
of left me collapsed, ltut I'd hit him
fair, under the chin and up through
the mouth Into the brain."
Washington Pamphlets May Be Held.
Olympla, Wash With only a few
days remaining In which to complete
the check of the eight remaining In!
tlutive petitions, Secretary of State
I. M. Howell Is confident he will have
it completed within the legal time.
He is not so sure of being able to
print and mull within the required
time the pamphlets which the law re
quires he shall in. i:l to every quail
fled voter.
un. by AaaasesaS Press Assoctatioe.
Francisco Carbajal, who succeeded
Huerta aa provisional president of
Mary Ellen Thurman.
Mary Ellen Thurman waa born In
I'nlon county. Oregon, Sept. 10, 1885,
and died In Ontario July 27,
When a small girt Mrs. Thurman
moved with her parents to Harney
county where the resided until a few
months ago. moving from there to
While she has only lived among us
a short time she haa endeared herself
to alt who knew her by her loving and
kind disposition, and when the sum
mons came she was prepared to meet
her Savior.
.Sfhe leavea to mourn her lost a
husband, four children, one sister and
three brothers, to whom the sympathy
of the community Is extended In their
hour of grief.
The funeral waa conducted by Rev
Harry Hayes of Nampa.
H.tch Quail Eggs After Sitting
Whites Are Seared Off.
St I .nils 'i-rtiiln hens In Coster
township, near Alton. III., are hatching
out quail ua well aa chlckeua these
days, acronllug to a reracloua corra
Miinlent William Manna, a farmer, haa in
duced hla sitting hens to Increase the
nation's game supply by eight. -en
qunlla within the lust week, with pros
p- is of alrallar contributions for the
future, the corresMndent avers
Manns suys the mother quails, when
gram In the fields is cut, leave their
nests and do not return to them Munnn
re ently haa found several audi nests.
It Is aald. with eggs In them These be
carried to his chicken house and placed
under sitting hens. When the eggs
hatch, he saya. the young quails follow
the mother hen nlsaut Ilka chlrka, but
us soon aa they are big enough to shift
for themselves they fly away, forget
ting their Airly domesticity.
Munus Is urging other farmers In the
I -mlly to hatch the quail eggs they
ft I Ml
Lehigh Valley Replsees Old Bridge
With New In Five Minutes.
w N V. In Ave minutes a 100
ton bridge waa moved out ami replaced
by a TMi ton bridge on the U-hlgb Val
ley railroad here. It took exactly two
minutes to get the old bridge out of the
way and two mluutea and fifty aeconds
to roll the new one Into place. Traffic
was not Interfered with, the time choa
eu for the bridge moving having beeu
carefully chosen In relation to the
movement of trains
The new bridge, which la a double
tracked single spuu structure over a
hundred feet long, was already titled
with a ballasted track laid on a con
crete foundation, oud aa soon aa It waa
In place it waa ouly neceasary to Join
the rails to make ready for the pussuge
of trains. The steel spans are ten feet
deep and rest on rockers, so that tralna
passing Immediately afterward were
able to travel at full m I. as If there
were no bridge there.
Uublln. Three meu and one woman
are dead and more than 60 persons
are in the hospital wounded as a re
sult of a battalion of the King's Own Borderers' firing into a mob.
The affray came aa a consequence
Of a gun running exploit of the Na
tionalist Volunteers, who were being
aided by a mob composed largely ot
women and youths. A consignment
of rifles, said to number 10,u00, was
landed at night at liowth, nine mllei
from Dublin, from a private yacht.
When the Dublin authorities learn
ed ot the landing they sent police to
seize the arms. The police were drawn
on both sides of the road along which
the volunteers were returning, with
soldiers In the center of the road.
When the volunteera saw the raobil
ixuiion, most of them got away with
their arms, scattering through the
fields. The police and soldiers tried
to disarm the remainder.
In the resulting affray several re
volver shots were fired by volunteers
and a corporal and a private were
wounded. The volunteers also uaed
their rifles as clubs
The soldiers fired and used their
bayonets freely, inflicting many cuts
Then they had a running fight with
the volunteers and the rapidly grow
iiig mob through the streets to their
The Commercial Club Busily Making
Preparations For Three Trips
Ontario boostera will make an ex
cursion to Interior points August 20,
21 and 2fi to get acquainted with our
neighbors In the hills and incldently
advertise Ontario and vicinity. There
will be three trips made. Membera
of the Commercial club originated the
Idea and are buay malting prepara
tions for the event. Everything pos
sible Is being done to make theae trips
both pleaaant and profitable.
Thia movement on the part of our
town shows that Ontario Is thoroughly
alive and growing and Intenda to keep
on growing The reputation that On
tario has mide aa a trade center luy
shipping point will be inantalned. On
t?ro merchants are not ashamed of
their paat record and Invite the pub
Mc from every direction to a further
Investigation f their business know
ing that such Investigation means In
creased patronage.
The trip will he made on a special
: . ttlit provided by the railroad. Thir
ty to sixty minute stops will be made
st I he various towns along the line
The boosters of Ontario will proceed
to gc, acquulnted with boosters of
other towns, all of whom are work
ing together boosting thla section.
The first train will leave Ontario
August 20 and will go to Vale, Jamie
son and Hoi gun. reluming to Vale
for lunch, they will proceed to Har
per and lino i in. i
A report from the County School
Superintendent ahowa that nineteen
out of a large number of applicants
for tescher.s certificates were success
ful. On sn average the examination was
about as easy as those of former years,
with the exception of geography, which
was baaed principally upon Oregon.
For one who is thoroughly acquainted
with all the phases of Oregon life the
questions would not have been hard
The tendency of the Oregon schools
is to braneb out from Oregon to the
rest of the world and it is very neces
sary for a teacher to be thoroughly
acquainted with Oregon.
The following is a liat of the suc
cessful applicsnts:
Oregon State Life: Miss I.unah W
Wallace, Ontario.
Five Year State: Miss Nannie Dun
can, Ironsides.
One Year State: Miss Cecil Castle,
Parma, Idaho; Miss Kuby Skinner, Jor
dan Valley; Lula U. Callin, Ontario;
Miss Mabel Ridgeley, Jamieson; Agnes
Kllis, Vale; Alice Kline, Caldwell,
Klla f, Barkley Vale; Rachel R. Wel
boume, Parma, Idaho; Francis E.
Woodward, Hiogan; Alice Curtis. Vale,
Miss Lois Cook, Vale; Cecelia Robin
son, Ontario; Mrs. Carrie I Cheelcy,
Nsa; Nellie T. Jacobs. Vale; Mrs.
( (live Sweitzer, Vale; Mr. Oail White,
New Plymouth Mr. AJ Olen Manaur,
Miss Johanna Murray took for credits
and was successful.
There is nothing wrong with those
shuttle!. ip- that Uncle Sam has for
sale Uncle merely wants in place of
them an up-to-date 1'j17 underslung
racing rmsdel superdreadnaught.
George Fred Williams apparently
mistook ' pitiles, publicity" for a
world wide policy.
Advanced pupils in Congress are
taking a speci l summer course in busi
ness psychology.
Peering d. ep into the future, one
might behold an American naval officer
court tnarti.-.ed for too free indulgence
in vanilla ice cream and soda water,
Mr. Young who has charge of the
conatructlon work between Junturn
and Riverside will assist the boosters
In getting to the latter point. The
country being opened up haa many
bridges snd tunnels along the route
will make this one of the most In
teresting features of the first day.
August 21 the boosters will go to
Payette and Welser and after a few
hearty handshakes utid hellns with
their friends at these places will re
turn to Frultlnnd for lunch. After
enjoying the well known hospitality
of the famous bench city, they wilt
go on to New Plymouth and Kmmett,
returning home In the evening
Nyssa and Homednle are the ob
jective points for the third day. Aug
ust 2b. Wot this excursion thc plan
to leave Ontario at 1:30 p. in During
the three days, the boosters will have
vtslted practically every section tri
butary to Ontario and in addition the
very valuable work of I sting nnd
advertising their town the will also
see a great ileal ot Interesting coun
try and will have a very pleasant rest
from the dally routine The baud will
be on the Job and will add to the en
thusiasm. Practically every busineas
bouse in towjh 'haa taken tlrtkets
7.40 will pay for the three trips
Anyone" else wishing tickets or furth
er information see II II. (Irauel, aecre
Ury of the Commercial club.
Dear Mother and Dad I had a fine
trip to Honolulu ar.'J learned a good
deal. If a fellow don't like the navy in
port he will change his mind when ho
gets to see places like that The palm
trees are thick aa p'ne trees are here
and 1 saw bananas gmwing and pine
apple fields and cant alopes and coconuts
There are lots of Americans over there.
I saw Cv Ferrier here at Port An
geles This is a nice little place. We
will have target practice then
return to Mrcincrton.
Tell every body hello for me.
Your son. EaiiI. I.ani.INiui vM
Steer Roping Content.
Pendleton. Ore. July 23. One of
the most thrilling and spectacular cim
tests known to I In- cow BBSBftfl will
be In the program at the llound-l'p
thia year. Septemher 21. -".. IB M
This is a will steer roping and hog
Hi i: colitis' lor cowgirls only. The
pores) wll amount to ab. nt l.'.UO and
already sufficient cowgirls have ma It
entry to insuie a stsparau HbW to
the championship cowgirl steer roper.
Th.. will work ami contest under the
rules as those regular the -
,, -i. r repeal some of tin- girls
entered already have records under
forty seconds ami it is wry possible
that they will get within the : I -. .
Bjpfj class at the llouml I'p. Two
tie -I -and additions! OBSt BSI BBSS ad
.it-. to the ranlst priss "at.
Wheat Club, 79c; bluestem
red Russian, 77c.
II .. - Timothy, 116, alfalfa, 111.
Butler Creamery, 27c.
Kgge Ranch, L':Jc
Wheat Bluest in. 82c; club, 7c;
red Russian, 77
Hay Timothy. $17 per ton; alfalfa,
$14 per to. i.
I i I i.-;.mery, 26c.
Col. Kanley Visits Ontario.
"I have been up to my ranches get
ting the haying crews started and giv
ing attention to other personal busi
neas," said Mr. William Hanlev, candi
date for I'nlted State senator and one
of the leading cattlemen of Harney
county, who was registered nt The
Moore, over .Saturday and Sunday."
"and I have not heard much about
politics, but I guess there has been
no marked change since I left Port
land. Just at this mid-season, f.irmers
nnd ranchers are too busy harvesting
their splendid crops lo give more than
a casual moment to things political."
Mr llnnley came from his home
ranch, the Hell A, via Burns to .lu
tura by automobile, stopping off be
tween trains at Vale. He said that in
all of the years he had been In this
part of Oregon, he never saw the con
ditions better and the farmers bus
ier. "Why, alt along the route I no
ticed great actlvltv nnd as far as I
could tell the farmers are pretty well
al g wth their harvesting There Is
a world of activity. Certainly one
cannot see signs of the social unrest
that people are talking about, at any
rate not In this section of Oregon At
any rate the farmers of Malheur and
Harney counties haven't the same com
plaint as the farmers of the middle
west -there seems to be no real scar
city of farm laboi The coining in of
the homeslttadera. many of whi h I
find are real farm hands, ami willing
to work In the fields, are helping to
solve this question for us.
"Anyway, Its deeds, not words, that
count In this or any part of the coun
try and right now everyboiM seems to
I., doing il Is that count During
the dog days, politics is at a stand
tall. It won't be before the first or
the middle of August that things will
begin to warm up. 1 am quiet set's
fled with the outlook. Of course a
man who ia In the public eye must
expect to be under keen srruteny
and I guess the good people down In
(In- lower county are satisfied that t
am all right, for ray candidacy has
been r Ived -i kllldl) I haven't
lost faith In hiiinanlD. The people are
honest lis the Individual who some
times goes wrong that In a meaaure
createa your social unrest. Il will
cull for real unselfish personal sa
crifices to bring about the cure for
this evil. Yet to my way of thinking
the picture is being greatly overdiawn
There Is a way out. Thinking men
will find the auawer and prescribe
a remedy The splendid crops over
the country can mean but one thing
a greater prosperity to all ."
Chicago The campaign committee
of the National American Woman Sul
frage Association issued a ringing ap
peal here to the women of the country
to ;our their gold and silver triukeis
inio I huge melting pot' for the ben
eflt or their sisters who are batillm
for the vote this November in m-oi,
Ot the stales
This appeal said to be the first ot
the Mir' ever Issued in tin- long his
lory ot the suftrag. mot t im-iii in this
country is signed h Dr. Anna lion
aril Shaw ami the un-mbi-i Sf IB
campaign coinlinllee comlsliiig or
Mrs Me.llll Mi c'onnick, - hairiii..n
Mrs. Antoinette Kunk ami Mrs Slur
man M Mouth, Of Chicago, Ml Helen
Gardener, ot a-hingtoii , lltl MSO
( Mia. it. .Li. oi Daavw N1 '" '
Mreckeiiriilge. or Lraiagtofl
John Tucker, or San Kraiu isi o ami
Mrs. Kdward Dreier, oi Mrooklyn, N
According to tin- siaiement given
out at the campaign headquarters, the
campaign committee plans to have the
gold ami IliVM convert., i into bullion
ami exchange.) across the counieis
of I "ncle Sam tor money. The women
hope to raise at least eoo.nuu before
August 16 and they believe that then
appeal will draw out trom the board
ing places ot the country the equlva
lent, in gold and silver, of a large
share of this amount.
Oh, that Congress had a doctor who
would preJcrila; a "rest cure. "
Average Per Gaplte In 195
Places Is $17.34
Washington.-The total payment for of the general departments of
the I '.'." cities having a population of
30.iM nnd over In the report of finan
cial statistics of cities for 11)12. recent
ly Issued by William J. Harris, direc
tor of the bureau of the census, depart
ment of commerce, was f.'s'iM.M.I.OtH.
The total per capita payments for ei
penses other than of public service en
terprises Increased from $13.02 In 1002
to 917.34 In 1012. a gain of 33.3 per
The per capita payment In cities of
.m.i.ohi population and over was 121.24;
In cities of aisi.ou) and .loo.ono isipula
tlon It wna IlK.Int; In cities having Si
population between 100.OU0 and 300.000
It waa 114.22. In cities having ftO.000 to the s?r capita payment was
11200, and in cities of between 30,000
and oO.OOO population It waa 911.08.
The p.-i . it i.lta payments fur each
yenr have shown an Inrreaae over
those of the pre. fling year, eicept that
those for lixn) were slightly less than
those for llsiH The per capita pay
incuts for expense, of the general gov
ernment. Including those for courts,
have Increased quite uniformly during
the eleven year perl. si, as have for the
most part those for the cxiiouses of po
lice ami lire departments, for conserva
tion of health and sanitation, which In
cludes sewers, sewage disposal and
refuse di-pi-sai aud for educatloti.
Two Slioes S. Qreenburo, Champion
Eater, Baok 9100.
New York. -Ills inability to est two
slice, of watermelon cost I.eo (Jrsen
burg, a merchant, 9I The fruit was
the dessert course In u menu which
Ureeiihiirg and Max I .e vine, another
iUUihuiit. were a'tempting to negoti
ate on a bet.
The feast contest took place at a
restaurant, snd a large crowd looked
on. Here la the bill of far for each
person : ...-.... si"1
i-'.. o steaks
Four portions of vssetaulse and cream.
Two portions of hot coin.
Two cups of conVe
Two srai'i.nts of wat.rmolon.
tireciil.iirg made a noble attempt to
consume the dessert, but hail to ad
mit defeut The referee thereupon
Inn. .!.-. I the purse to l.eviue
Novice Lsarns to Drive Auto Hurry
ing Woman to Ooctor.
Washington. Pa. -It K MIL hell of
Woo.lruir, i i rociio county. Instants
iieotisly ucitili'cd the art of ruiinlnr i
motorcar and by so doing saved H"'
life of Mrs llnrwy J (inriier. a nei i
She was III the yard of her home
when slut arouse.) a big copperhead
snake, will. Il sank Its fangs In her left
leg There l.ii.l Just been delivered at
Mitchells uearl.y home mi automobile.
He was studying IB directions as tu
how o run It. bin w h.-u he heard of
Mrs tiiiriicrs dinar r let pia.isi her in
:he cm- nnd tool. .linn. is sp. isllug her
three miles to al sid.
Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria,
whose ultimatum to Servia resulted In
a severing of diplomatic relations.
a JSmmA
F' S v k
Li a& 2lK?