The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 02, 1914, Image 8

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    Notice of Assessment of Lat
eral Sewer Districts Nos.
2, 3, 4 and 5.
(i iPiitiini'Ml from pac !.)
R. I OWI ii. K. 7J ft. Iota i. to
10 Inr MOOl J."iH ..' I". HO
KOHIM Catholic Church, lot h II to
i!'i Inc.. block W 67.70
J. 8. himI II Mllllklii, till blo.k
2.'.9 11.'.. in
Mood, It IiIiiii iIh tit. Haiders, n, all
blo.k 1'liO 1K..40
Tom Harris, lots 1 to 4 inr,
klooft f IMOS
J. II Yoitrlium, lotN I to in Inc.
blork 276 1441
'loin II irrla, loin 11 to II I c .
block 2V -'-
Aunt C Voc lot I '.-Hi. block
176 II ..I
H m Heeva . Iota 17-is. bio.k
27B 1 1 :. I
Wm. siiiiM'.n. leu II -. Mot k
II .1
W, 0. Cadbr. Iota i . Mod 171 H.M
Kiiiiim It Cn.lbi loU : 10 I" Inc.,
block .'Til
V Q Iby, loin hi- n Iboh
block 171
. Jells . Jooae, lou i .'. blo.k 111
I. I! r'l)c. lot I. bio.-. JJ7
Arthur Alb... lo) I. block L'77
C. Mctioniiill, lot G block 171
bulnucl AmIiIi- . lot ). block 171
I! llul. i I Son, ot lo in
inc., block 171
Uullaxu M Jiiliuaon, lota o
Itic., blo.k :'77
0 Met;. .ii., :ill lot Hi, block L'77
W T. I.illlpk.u. lot 17 In. block
Il.-i I'.iiihiiii. lot.. Mk block
M H.
II 01
.'.; us
1 1 1 1
II ...
H :s
17 J
M t' lulnison. lot I lo I
IOC . blo. I 7n
L. J i -.i i. ii. w is n lota
to n i ... block 171
A. y La I . ' ii ("i I '"
n in. . lota I I 10 II. block
Mini K t. union. I. is n. i,
T V i, bin l
block : . N
It. It Itllllie loU I l ""' .
t.i.i k 171 It-ll
J no K. ion. lets 7, bloat ;' MM
lie.. V Wick. I. lot I, blo. I. I7
ltie.l Wick. lOl !i blo.k 171
1 1 nabl .1 Wit I. i. : i I", block
. ii. . i: i. .hi. i... lots ii lo i
in. . i.i... k 171
i lo It II i i II i .
block . ' I7JI
ii.-ti.. n Pa) as Iota 's II 8
block 171 ,
II .1 v ,i i iiiinpiu p) , all bluak
n . in
l ii it i. MKI KH i'il'Kii' i NO
A- s.b. ok lota i I, block -i
. Kit bol i ' LI blo.k :'i
n.i .mi Draper, lot i, block II., n i".
Mis l I. . U. v Iota I block
I ... ItM
w llllami lots I I i". blot I
11 i
T it i oi. , ii II i. IB inc .
block -' I
I) It. I'nuell. lotl II I" II "I'
block 1 III'-'1
T II. M.rtiic. o Jo. , lock 'I . . I
i mi. i, stad I'.'ison .mil pi. rtj
il La he. clu I.olil'.c.l I H .- in
ricute anioiii.l of k.u.1 a.s ucnt
ii said liuprovawanl sad sack m.iiv
i. in.. i iaooaaoaaal srtll bo uavakla la
thins (t) lays aitci itic lata f ooa
flrmatioii thcic! b the t'ii Council,
taul loiil'irinatioii Bttlfl iltel .lime
HUl IW4j iii aflat the aapira
Hon of taU thin. (M) a.i .-..hi bb
(.'Hniiiciit will bear unci cm at lb.
I eibl ..i cent per aniiuia :unl will
I . oi.l . ntoicable in all i.'
...... ,i an i III '-is
Such llltei l.'.t I'cisons .unt BfOD"
ort awaora un furtka aoittiad tkati
jf hs aaai ui l ol such ai eaanteui
m.'hh.'.I ttKti I ii Ht ;in inrllvbliial proper
ty owner ball eillitl or exc I the Blim
of iL'.'.iiii such property owner may nt
any time, within ten .Ih.vii from (tie
.lute of thlc notice, file with the ritv
Hecor.ler an appllcaton to p iv lirh
iiMBeimment In iimtallment, aabl In
Hlallmei Im payable early for lea fOBfl
with Intereat nt alx per rent; provl.l.
e.l. h..wever. that no mich nppllcntlon
ahull be receive. I all. I file. I liv the f'.y
Uecoriler If the amount of Miieh asaeaa
iim nt with any previous UMMMtll
foi Klreet Improvements or aewer, as
reaaetl iiKultiat the mime proper! v -mil
t 'uninliiK II n hi ill. Mil it i I equal ' r ex
cel I the viiliialion r s .. proptlt) mm
aliown by the laat lax roll .,f the coin
ty. Sab I application must be BJM '
upon the wrliten form provlilci; for
t It ii t purpoae. which nun be leeiirod
bv applying to the fit. Itecorile..
Iiateil this '.'ml .lay of .Inly, A. I).,
B) onlei ol lll- city foil 'II
Cltl Itccudei
Wm Milit nt ni-v has pnr
t'liastil (lie Siimmei'camp d Cni
.1. lie stock ol tni.lci tiikini: goods
with the citiip!iieiii, inoluding
heiirsiM nil. I aragoni uml the
gt.oil Jwlll ui iluir bltlioaJM lo
ciiii.l nt Nii-.i, Huntington,
Coil. nil it i nl New Mcn.iow.1-, to
which he will give his personal '
Mention, lie will open nttntr
baking parlors in ( mint m at
once, with full Stock itml iipiip
in. i.l Mr M- lit it t ii- v was in.
gftgod in the nii'l.i Inking bl!M
ins in i er for iin.nv cars
ami ilemoiisliiiii .1 hi nlnhlv in
thai line. lie is u In eiix.l ein
lialn.t" for Idaho an. I OrOgOU
uml will I c .iepniei o hnmllc
an buaintaa in t li i state or the
l.lalio sidl Of the liver
An election wu bold ImI
Thursday on the doplion ol a
i . w i hnrli-r for the city ami it
came. I by it cole ol 1'2 for, 182
agoinii ud thror) s.nilt haJloto.
A nooting ol the council was
held : ml the returns i heckcl
The new c!i;itcr diflON frOHJ
the old principoily in that it
COVOn the 9tt lor god ana ol the
cit an. I COUforni t0 tllO many
changes n; tin- sine laws
Since tlic old ch.iitii was
1 Hdoptod
Several pOCUliOf iilcits gol
round tboul (hi charter ami
i it was uoi'.o to tlo Th-'ic
is a oloUM COVring the present
I bridge across the Snake river,
winch was conatrued by sum.
to mean that titcrc wtts going 10
be another bridge built There
was some 0D position to the city
looking after the City Oeeaotory,
but this was .lone at the request
of the Order! controlling the
the ceincterv. all.! will he the
in aiis of making the place a
credit tO the Oily. The features
.l the oi.l charter providing for
the iniroveiiient of .-trccts and
sidewalks were incorporated in
the new and found some oppo
The finiliing wttrk tin tlie
new lioinc for the Onturio Nn
tHiiiitl Bank will soon he com
pltltd. lite in iil.le Door is
liii.l untl the wainscoting is
i.toni; pitted. Tha fnahatonj
tixtures are in place. When
the inarhle is set then the
carpenter uml ju. inter jobs will
he linixhetl in a few days.
I L. Infill. I. of the Santa
Rosa orchard is remodeling Ins
home, milking it two stories
vvitli liiiM'iiitMit ami modern in
every respect.
Many f the homes urouml
Km i tin ml are having impriivc
inmitf added in the way of new
porches uml aililitional moms.
Mon. Is hnyi' heen votol foi I
$1S,000 lehool at New I'lyin-
ottth ami tin- i niitiail let. I In
Valley View school is also
tiling impiovc.i
A v.'i fl. mp InriMslo
Willi a I. nil .XII 1'iiirly cutli-.l
' Ml III. b I'. .I.'.l.'e III... Illlltt
Scl i . aas the . 1. 1
ha )uini. tor lay im. I atiit.bisl her toe.
'I'lieii i hi . . ui i. kin .'iiper,
And, '.'"!' in.. !..' i...-.l tube
BaJtpeter, bana uml ...ier!
-Anna M 1'i.iit in VuiiiIi'm Cut npunluB.
Amid the rocket's fiery
With patriotic joys
we're kfay.
Upon our country's
natal day
A Famous Jaly 4 Poem
'Concord Hymn," by Ralph
Waldo Emerson
Y tha ruda br.dga that archad tha
Thair flag to April'a braata un
Hera enca tha embattled farmere atood
And fired the ahot heard round the
Tha foe long ainca in alienee etepti
Alike the conqueror eilent aleepa,
And Time the ruined bridge hae awept
Down the dark atream which aeaward
On thia green bank, by thie aoh
We aet today a atone
That memory may their deed redeem
When, like our a.rea, our aona ar
Spirit, that made thoee heroea dare
' l die and leave their ohildren frut.
id Tine and Nature gently apara
The ahaft we raiea to them and thee.
etejevojk eeola ireMeke Uroa
cla r'er.lin.inil, heir lo the throne of
Austria MiiiiKar. anil the 1'rineena ol
i okooeeraj, ins avatfjaoetlc wife, were
ahot ileaii by a Muileiit In the lituin
at reel of the llosinan capital a slioi i
tune alter they bail ehcapeil il.alb
1 1 .in it bonili luirleil ut the roal auto
The urch.luke wan truck full in the
face .tii.i i be Bitoeeea area hot through
the abiloiueii an. I throat They died
U IM ininillen after rcaclllliK tl.e .al
ace. lo which thO) hunicil with
all spool
Tavoea teapoealbla tor tea eaed took
care that it choubl he effective, ii
there were two aaaaolta, the first with
a liolllb an. I the sccoli.l with a ivwn
Vr. The bomb was throw n at the
royal automobile as it waa BVOeoedtM
to the town hall, where a reception
waa to be hel.l The alt In hike .iw
the ajioollt hiiitiinn ikroaak tea sir
uml wiirileil 0 oil with his arm It
(ell ouisiile the car ami e.lo.le.l.
altghtly w.nin.illiK two aides le cainii
lo a second car aad half a do.'.cu sine
It was on the return of the proves
alou that the tian'ii agj) a.l.leil to
the long list of those that base .lark
eneil the paRes of l lie recent history
of Ike UapsburRs. As the royal ma
chine iVHcheil a prominent point lu
the route to the palace an eighth
grade student, liuvrlo I'rinztp. sprang
out of the crowd and poured a deadly
fusillade of bullets from an automatic
Btstol at the archduke aud princeaa
Si i
W "'.lSu,5 n- tjR 5vA
Anything in the way of
Automobile Supplies
Such as Casings or Tubes, Blow Out
PofiVlOC fViainO
I A IUVIIV..1, V 'iKllll.i.
Ford Extras of all kinds.
Best of Service.
Reasonable Prices for Livery.
The Ford Garage,
North of the Moore Hotel.
The Clothes Cleaning Question
We are better equipped
than ever before for handling
your work, having installed
some new Tanks, Dusting Tables and
other cleaningdevices. We have best of
light in our spotting room, allowing no
spots to escape us. After your clothes
are pressed (which has been greatly
improved on), they are inclosed from
the dust until called for or delivered.
We handle Fancy Work, Dyeing,
Cleaning and Blocking Hats and do all
kinds of repairing and busheling.
Give us a call. Promptness is our
motto. Opposite Dreamland Theater.
Our Phone, 84 J.
ART DUNNUCK, Proprietor
We Have In Stock the Most Com
plete Line of Gasoline and Oil
Stoves we have ever shown
New Perfection Oil Cook Stove
(lark Jewel Oil Cook Stove
Clark Jewel Self Generating (tauoline
Detroit Self Generating gasoline stoves
Self Generating stoves with oven and
oven burner built in the' stove