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Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
ossen Is Indicted for Wife Murder.
Eugene Andrew rtossen, chnrs;cd
With deliberately murdi i mr hit wife,
the molhpr of r 9 months-old bnby,
must stand trlnl In the curcult court
In Eiw?cne. The motive 1b Bald to have
been for the Insurance money or be
cause of love of his pretty slstorln
law. He was Indicted nfter the grand Jury
had heard the testimony of the chem
ist who examined the stomach of the
dead wife, whom the coroner's Jury
tated had dlP(l from poison, and the
testimony of Dollle Levins, tho mur
dered woman's sister.
The grand Jury, before being dis
missed, held Thomas Kussell, ofOlen
ada, for trial, charged with attacking
M. V. Kngland. a neighbor, with a
knife with Intent to kill. At the time
of the nrrest Kngland was not expect
ed to live.
Klamath Interests Will Work for Bill.
Klamath Kails I'earful lest thr re
clamation bill extending the time for
jiii j tmiii of the costs of a project from
10 to I'll years will not lie acted upon
at this session of congress unless
pressure Is brought to hear upon the
members, the water users of the coun
try are making preparations to send
representatives to Washington to
make personal appeals. Project In
other states are wiring the Klamath
Water t'sers' association to send I'res
blent Abel Ady to Washington as a
representative, on account of his suc
cessful experiences In the past.
Vault to Ba Opened 2014.
Eugene .If a little building of soldi
concrete lasts through ten centuries,
future gem rations will have permis
sion loon years hence to open a vault
In the new Hope Abbey mausoleum,
which stands virtually completed In
the Masonic Cemetery In Kugene, and
obtain documents of the present day
hermetically sealed within.
"To be opened In 2814." Is to be
deeply engraved upon the marble face
of one of the columbarium niches
which honeycomb the structure, com
pleted at a cost of $40,000. The urn
containing the records was aeuled
Schools Will Be Started to Teach
Amerioan Language, Government.
Kugene. To make the Herman a
letter American citizen when he ap
lles for his naturalization papers Is
In- aim of a movement launched at
he eighth annual convention of the
itantsverhund von Oregon, the con
'ederatlon oi 46 Herman speukltiK so
sletles In Oregon, with 170 members
nut delegates In session here. The
Hermans committed themselves to
alse funds to establish schools for
his purpose throughout Oregon. The
irst will In- located In Portland, with
iiluis following rapidly in the Uer
nan speaking centers.
The sole aim Is to educate the new
irrival from tierinany into the ways
if American citizenship, and to make
inn u better American than he would
je otherwise. This include the teach
ng of the American language, gowr.'i
Dent ami ideals.
At this linn- important it-solutions
wlli be voted upon One of these Is a
irotesl mitltf' state-wide prohibition
n Oregon and another Is the nation
wide aiiM liquor moMiiieiii
Alleged Slayer is III.
ltosi l. ii it la upon affidavits
urni.shc.l by tour local physicians, the
rial of Morri.-oii Cnnipbell, charted
villi ill. muuier of John Hci Uer nt
Iter eland, or, on April it), has been
oiiiinuei. Indefinitely. The phyalclana
Mtltied under oatfe thai Campbell'!
ireseiii physical oondltloa waa Mftotia
mil thai a trial at this time Bight
t-Mlll I. tail
Consider Oregon's Problems.
Kilt-'- i.' i ii' una de elopiie-iit. mu
ncipal I'tliirni. the Oregon ITltaiB. lii
he relation of women to politics, were
he four general problems which were
:onsidered. respectivt h . in the four
lessions of the commonwealth coufer-
'llce hi !
Poatal Election Uurged.
l'endleton An election in which
lone but democrats would be candt
l.i lis has heon proposed here and Is
icing considered by leading citizens
,8 a means of breaking the deadlock
hi ihe appointment of a postmaster.
Sheepmen Plan to Quit.
l'endleton I'nwillins further to
ope with the settling of the range
inder the 320-acre homestead act and
hort pasturage, many of the largest
he. mien of eastern Oregou are sell
ag off their flocks with the view ot
living up the wool falsing industry
Sixteen Concerns In One County Net
ted $4776,775 In the Aggregate.
Wallace. Ida. - Net profits reorts of
sixteen producing mines In Shoshone
county filed with the assessor for as
aessment purposes for the present year
based on the operations of the yenr
I9ll show a total net profit of mines
of $-l.77i(.7"f as against net profits of
tl.MPJOl for the preceding year, or an
Increase of 1,187.L'74 In the face of an
adverse lend market which, during the
year, has grndunlly falleu approximate
ly fl.4) per hundred pounds.
The gross output of the sixteen big
producera for 1911 amounted to 2,030.
030 tons, nn Increase of 150.780 tons
over the preceding yenr, while the
gross value amounted to $17,070,088. an
Incrense of $2,301,020. The cost of ex
traction amounted to $0.r80,784
sgnlnst $.1,020,374 for the year 1012:
transportation and smelter charges
amounted to $5.7i'i7.412 as against $5.
OMuSlI for the prcvedlng year, and lin
provctnonts and betterments decreased
from POMS to NBSJTt
The most remarknble showing made
by any single producer Is that of a
mine which this yenr Jumps Into first
place, eclipsing the Hunker Hill by
$144,814 In net i lotlts.
Still aii'ither rrmarkable showing Is
that of n mine which this year dls
places the Stewart for third place In
the producing list with net profits of
$838,140; the Stewart rnnks fourth
With $..01,432 ns against $303,341 last
year. The Morning Mine at Mtlllau
holds Its position Mt tlfth place, with a
decrease of tlMM In Its net profits,
while the llccla drops from fourth
last year to sixth this year.
Danlela Allowa S nlon on Shore Leave
to Stay Away Later,
Washington. Sis-rotary Panlcls dem
onsirated again his friendship for 0l
pld by letting It be known that he pur
(loses to extend the shore leave of sail
ors when their slilpsire In port. hid
I dentally Sts-rotnry Daniels expect
thereby to ilei leave the nuuils-r of
technical desertions.
Under present regulations, when a
snllor gets shore leave, he must return
o mm snip oy u ociock. wnen tile ;
nisi ismi in i lie snip leaves snore '
There have been many desertions be
cause of failures to catch the last boat. I
and Secretary Hanlels has Issued an '
order providing that there shall lie a
12 o'( hsk aid a 1 o'clock boat between
shore and ship.
"It Is quite unfair." said Secretary
Daniels, "to expect that a sailor can
take his girl to a theater, have a little
supper afterwartl ami get back In time
for the last iMiat at II o'clock. I have
ordered that the last boat between
shore and ship leave at 1 o'clock. I
understand that navy desertions have
been line to sailors lllsslnI the 11
o'clock bout. be iiuse they have feared
the lesiills."
Surveyors Fin Line Between
Alaska and Canada.
Sltl. a. Alaska. -Scarring a broad Hue
S cross UHI miles or wilderness In tin
far north In older that the possession
of the lulled State and t'auudn may
bine a distinct separation' al etci
point will be completed during Hie
coming open season. The work ha;
been In progress since 1007 under the
dlriH'tloii of Tb o in as Klggs. Jr., civil
engineer. representing the I'nlttsl
siat.s Alaskan boundary commission
and T ! Craig, repieseiiting a similar
i ommissloti of Camilla
Although the Culled Stales and Can
mill have been iiclghtM.iH In the far
north for almost halt a century, the ex '
act dividing line between their noeaee-1
shins, especially as to the northern pof
Hon was. pre Ions to (his biirvey, In
tletlidle and contlictlng Many disputes
arising, ihe two .. ernmeiits decided
tin. illy, through their commissions, that
an absolute survey, clearly estalilished
ami mail.ed for ail time, should be
made Biol tiuiiilretl ami forty
tir-t meridian from the Mount It
Bllai .ip. i,n the Paeiflc, to taw Arcii.
ocean, a distance of approximately. D0
The I'liltid States surveying party
constated of from stxtj t" eighty men
each season sim the work was under
taken chief Engineer RUua, biaawali
a yniing college man. selected his aids
from the hardiest I iames cow i.i.y
forest ningera. pronieftora, timis-r
cruisers and frontlersuien. with a lib
eral sp; inkling of engineers NVw ex
pedltluus were organized each spring
ItbOUgB many of tin- uien who starttsl
at the beginning have remained In the
service up to now It was the custom,
too. to leave a few men In the north
each winter to care for equipment and
The actual visible result of the six
or seven years of efforts Is a twenty j
foot vista, cut. like a gigantic avenue
or lane, through all timber and brush
districts, together with monuments aet
at points from three tc
four miles apart
Holds to Ledge Twenty Minutes.
South Bend. Ind -After banging
from the ledge of a cistern twenty mln i
otes. with the water to bla neck.
Christian Upp. aged seventy, was res
cued hv relatives He Is not expected
to survive
Makes Good Income by Rais
ing Hundreds of Insects.
Catching, the Butterflies and Moth,
Only a Smell Pert of the Work, ae
Real Difficulty le Experienced In
Raising Them Interesting ae Well aa
Profitable Duty.
Tnnkee. Cal.-A California girl with
the astonishing nnme of Ximena Mc
(Jlnshan has the distinction of being
the first professional "butterfly farmer"
In this country. Sfcv began the work by
mere chance, but she has made a suc
cess of It by dint of hard work and at
tention to scientific detail.
It sounds very pretty to be enllod, as
Miss .Mitilashun frequently It, "the
butterfly princess" Mut this particular
: prim ess Is a mighty Industrious one
i In the snrlnu anil summer .1... u fi..
busy from daylight
until after 10
o'clock at night.
This little fact Is worth mentioning,
as Miss M.tJIashan has retched him
dnsls of letters from WtsMM and girts
who apparent h want to fouml n whole
dynasty of butterfly princesses. They
hac heard that this jonng .'.III. with
out capital or previous evpcrlcinc. la
making ?.".o a week out of lnittci tiles
and moths That sounds pretty good to
them, lint their enthusiasm may snfTer
a relapse when they read the whole
She started her "farm" ficar here a
year and a half ago She was planning
then to lie a teacher, and hen one day
she saw her father showing his Utile
grandchild how t capture a butterlly
It oi i u r red to her that the knowledge
might come In handy In her own career
as an Instructor of school children.
Her father readily consented to show
,,w . r,.k ,vnM ,,,, ,, ,., )v
hlnlisl that she could make more
t ay out of butterflies than In peda
gogy He "siigariH.1" some trees for
her, lived her up a lantern anil some
cyanide In Jars, showed her how to
cntch moths at night by placing the
mouth of the Jar over the unwary
feaster on the sugar, and without more
ado she was launched on her career
Inside of two weeks she -.hipped
I .M moths mid butterflies ami receiv
ed $7.1 In return In ten weeks she
sold over Pimm specimens at a Mat
prb'e of fl cents apiece and had over
f.Miu lu return In addition, she had
tin hand about "ilium eggs, larvae and
pupae, which would hutch out In due
season These really constituted her
farm and are the Important end of the
Catching the butterflies and moths
la only a small part of the work The
real Job In raising tht-ln Only fmttwti
specimen are saleable, anil It Is s
ticklish undertaking to capture these
fragile creatures without Injuring
them Many of them are already u
trine damaged They may have lost
an antenna or a phs-e of a whig
i he first thing this young entomolo
gist docs with her captured Sici
metis therefore. Is to sort them over
cnrcfnlh She liberates the males that
are lo perfect so that they tuny go
out and propagate more of their spe
c.h The Imperfect female spts-lmens
she puts lii paper hags, one to each
bag, so that she will have their eggs to
add to her stock
This Is where the real work begins
In each bag she puts f...l for the oc
cllpallt Itllltelilit-S will not deposit
their eggs unless confined In a gau.e
hSU or Its equivalent and supplied with
their particular CmmI Iht-ry day Miss
McOlnshuii feeds fca butte; tth-s with
dltl apples sonl.ed In water contain
"-' IKtiB '""' If MfaM.
"'lib this treatment she persuades
tht-iu to lay their eggs on the fusitlo of
the bag. Some of tllelll deposit us lll.'III.V
as "Jim or WO eggs When they have
finished lliev die The eggs hatch in
v. ii vim; pen, ids. smut- in a few
others onlj after the lapse of months
Miss UcQIaaban haa .iium in i--i
lubes w I. ele she .an I., ,.;, ti;;i k of (heir
developiuenl During the vvinier shl
pills the lubes ill cod StOI -e to pit
vent the eggs hatching beloii- the pi. ,
er i ".ii plants are ready
When the . I '
other period o li-nuiig before h, a Bb to Hi,- tasle.s of thajae little
worms as carefully as if she srtwa I
mmlk aalaried ehef supplying rulatne
for a lot of eplcuraa sin- experiments
Willi all kinds of leaves till she tlnds
what seems most tempting to the l.i
petltea Of her charges.
Some of these she keeps In candy
jais If sin- lias many buiidrisls of one
kind she plaif them In u tight barrel,
covering the open head with gauze, lu
the bottom of each Jar or barrel she
puts several Inches of dirt or leaf mold
as the larvae like to hide In It In the
daytime I'resh leaves must be put In
everv day. the old fotsl taken out and
(he receptacle kept clean
When the perfect moths and butter
files finally emerge from the pupae they
are ready for shipment and prlcee are
Sell Eggs by the Bushel.
Columbus. 1ml Eggs are so plenti
ful In Jackson county that they are be
lug sold there by the bushel When
a huckster called at ttie home of John
Ma hi on. a farmer In that county, the
farmer sold him two bushel baskets
full of afflBl at b ea.h
ollce of Male of State Land.
Notice Is hereby given that the
.State Land Hoard of the State of Ore
gon will receive sealed bids until 10
'o'clock a. m July 14, 1914, for the
following described lands, to-wlt:
Soctln 36, T 13 S- R. 42 10
8'4 of NK',. m:v4 of NW4. NM of
SE'. SRVi of SWs4 and lots 1, 2 and I
4 of .Section 16, T. 16 S. K. 40 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 32 S. R 43 E
8octlons 16 and 36. T. 32 8- R. 44 E.
Sections If. and 36, T. 33 S. R. 44 E.
Sections II nnd 36, T. 33 3. R. 45 E.
Sectiotie 16 and 36, T. 34 8- R. 45 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T- 36 S. R. 44 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 36 S. R. 46 E.
Shi of section 16, all of section 36,
T. 36 8- R. 46 E.
Sections II and 36, T. 36 8. R. 47 B-
Sections 16 nnd 36, T. 36 S. R. 48 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8- R. 44 E-
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 S. R. 45 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8. R. 46 E-
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 S- R. 48 E.
All bids must be accotnnonlcd by a
regularly executed application to pur
chase and check or draft for nt least
one-fifth of the amount of the bid.
The right to reject any and all bids
Is icserved.
Application nnd bids should be ad
dressed to O. O. Rrnwn, clerk state.
land board, S lem, Oregon, nnd mark
ed "Application and bid lO purchase
state lands,"
Clerk State Land Honr.l.
Pat. ,i htaj i. mi, st
Department of tho Interior, V- S
Land Office at Vale, Oregon, April
30, 1914.
N tice Is hereby given that Row lev
Robinson, of Ontario, Oregon, who on
May 13, 1910 made homestead cutty
No. 01311. for SWSi SW, NW'i
H i; He, 21, m: si:',, sic,
NE'.i Section 2::, Township 17 8.,
Range 46 E. Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to make final
three veur pr.of, 10 establish claim to
tho land above described, before the
Register and Receiver of the United
Stntea Land Office at Vale, Oregon,
on the 11th day of June, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
8. I). Moore, H. 8 Button, of On
tario, Oregon; John T. Taylor, Rolen
Hall, of Payette, Idaho.
Unite R. Kester, Register.
Depaittnent of tho llit-'iior, I'- 3
Laud Office at Vale, Oregon, April
SO. 1914.
Notice Is hereby given that Slepl
1). Moore, of Ontario, Oregon, who m
August 30, Htio, made Homestead En
try No NUT, for SK'4 Mil Sec. H,
HWVi HW' tfec. LM. NW' NW, Si
125 and NE'i NE'i Section 26, Town:
'ship 17 S, Itange 46 E. Willametiu
Metidlan. has filed notice of Inieutioi
to make final three year proof, to
e.-.talilish claim to the laud above tle--cilhed,
before the Register and Hi
celver of the lulled Slates Kind Of
fin- it Vale, Olefin, on the illh da..'
of June, lit 1 1
Claimant names as witnesses:
ltowlev Hohilison, A .lailllsh, II W.
('Ii inciil I d (' Tld'isdab . oi Dalai 1. 1,
Illtice . KaSti I, UcceiVer.
AdminiHtrator's NOtitT.
In the OoUBty Court of the Slate ot
Oregon lor Malheur County.
In the inatier of Dj ; V.
. Ii w i.s i, deceased.
Notice is In i ii iii all v. bom
it DM .it the HI
has been duly appol Ud by b Couii .
i . ,i i oi lii
ir Count) , adtnlnl
of the said 0, '. Don
, v. bowi
All pel. sons having claims j
again. ' the ustate of the said d
"ii, an- l.-i el.y noiified to proMat tin)
same to me foi alb wane diiiv ve :
fled us retjuired by law, at the Office
of 0 Mcllotiiigill. at (:.tal in, Of)
rltbla six months fioin the date of
this notice.
Dated at Ontario, Oregon, this :iOth
day of April, 1914.
O S. SMIIH, Administrator.
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ever offerfil tmr robMribe)N ll
the ArguH in. 'I lour mugiiiiieg,
all one year, for only l.lo
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1 I'jM IV
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'M. Bf