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Often Wagers $5,000 on Out
come of Chicken Fight.
Oeacended From Thoee Brad by George
Washington Thinka Example Set In
Cockpit la Good For Hia Troopa on
Eva of Qraat Battle Admirea Their
Unconquerable Narva.
Juarer., Mexico. "I will tight this
gamecock In the City of Mexico on the
Fourth of July," Mid General Villa, aa
tie exhibited n favorite flRhtlnir rooster
to Mara Casstdy, tho fnmoun starter of
race boraea. who hna handled the bar
rler at the Juarez race track over a
tin ndi i'i duya u year since lta organlza
tlnn five years ago.
The gamecock In question bnd Jn-i
iwon lta twenty-fifth victory and wna
one of a shipment of forty-eight game
cocks which Villa hud received from
the breeding form of Colonel S. J. Hea
ter of Heater. 8. '., who hna been stip
plylng the NM chieftain with fighting
blrda for aeverul yenra.
"(Jenentl Vllln," aald Mr. Cnaatdy, in
telling of thla Incident, "la the moat re
markable man I have ever known. I
have met every revolutionary lender In
northern Mexico. Many of them were
highly educated, and the history of
these contlnuoua revolutions reveals
the iiiinii'M of aeverul grent men. but
Villa, a iiimii of meager education, la.
according to opinion held by eminent
military men, the great eat organizer.
the greotest fighter and the bent loved
otlcc of Sale of State Lands
Notice Is hereby given that the
Slnlr. I.'itld Kn'ir.i nt Ilia Cftatn fif Ctra. i Senor
gon will receive scaled blilr. until 10
o'clock a. in. July II, 1914, for the
following described lands, to-wlt:
Ut tin .'ill. T 13 8- R. 42 E.
BM, of NE14, NK'4 Of NWVi. N of
SK',. WW of 9W and lots 1, 2 and
4 of Section 16, T. 16 8. R. 40 10.
Sections 10 and 36, T
32 8. R 43 E-
Sections 10 and 30. T. II S- R. 44 E.
Sections 10 and 30,
Sections 16 and 30
Sections 10 and 36
Sections 10 and 36
T. 33 S. R. 44 E.
T. 33 S. R, 45 E.
T. 34 8- R. 45 E.
T- 36 8. R. 44 E.
Sections 16 and 36. T. 36 8. R. 45 E.
S of paction 10, all of section 36,
T. 36 8- R. 46 B.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 36 8. R. 47 E
8ections 16 and 36, T. 36 8. R. 48 E.
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8- R. 44 E
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8. R. 45 E
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8. R. 46 E
Sections 16 and 36, T. 37 8- R. 48 E.
All bids must be accomponlcd by a
regularly executed application to pur
chase and check or draft for at least
one-fifth of the amount of the bid.
The right to reject any and nil bids
Is reserved.
iilliitliin and Mils should be ad
dressed to O. ! Ilrown, clerk state
land board, Snlem, Oregon, and mark
ed "Application and bid to purchaso
tate lands."
Clerk Slate Land Hoard.
Dated May 1. 1914. 8t
Rojas Denies American Flag
Waa Insulted at Tampico.
Mexico City. The Mexican foreign
minister, Senor I'ortlllo y Rojas, an
nounced It would be Impossible to
agree to the demand of the United
States that the flag be saluted uncon
ditionally, because that flag wns not
Insulted, as It was not flying from the
launch, and because the murines were
set free even before an investigation
and the officer responsible for the ar
rest was himself arrested and held for
Th foreign minister here announced
i thnt the M xlcnn government would
agree that both flags he saluted, the
American flag first and then the Man
Icnn flag, this arrangement to he made
by a protocol signed by American
Charge d'Afl'nircs Nelson O'Rhough
nessy and the Mexican foreign mi i. is
tar. The United Stotes government,
Senor I'ortlllo asserted, has refused
permission to Charge O'Shoughnessy
to sign such a protocol and demanded
an unconditional salute by Mexico,
which Mexico felt waa Incompatible
with her dignity.
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Lund Office at Vale, Oregon, April
30, 1914.
Notice Is hereby given that Rowley
Robinson, of Ontario, Oregon, who on
May 13, 1910 made homestead entry
No. 01311, for SWH NW. NW'i
s ', Sec. 24, Ni: SK',, SK',
K', Section 23, Township 17 8.,
Range 46 K. Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention to make final
three jear proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before tho
Register and Receiver of the United
States Land Office at Vale, Oregon,
on the 11th day of June, 1914.
Claimant names us witnesses:
8. I). Moore, II. 8. Sutton, or On
tario, Oregon: John T. Taylor, Rolen
Hall, or Fayette, Idaho.
Bruce R. Kesier, Register.
Militia Must Be Mrat to cntiat.
Washington. The war department
mndfl it plain that In rulslng a volun
teer army for service against Mexico
preference will be given the organised
militia or the various states and that
In no state will Independent volunteer
organizations be received until tha
resources or the militia of the state
have been exhausted.
Department of the Interior, U B.
Umd Office ut Vale, Oregon, April
30, 1914.
Notice is hereby -given thnt 8tephen
D. Moore, of Ontario, Oregon, who on
August 30, 1910, made Homestead En
try No. 01537, for K 8K4 Sac. 23,
8Wfc 8W4 Sec -'. NWfc NWVi Soc.
25 and NB4 Nas4 Section 26, Town
ship 17 8., Range 46 K . Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice or Intention
to make final three year proof, to
establish claim to the land above des
cribed, before the Register and Re
ceiver of the United States Kim! Of
fice at Vale, Oregon, on the 1 1 tit day
or June, 1914
Claimant names as witnesses:
Rowley Robinson. A Jniulah, II W
Clement, aud O Trousdale, ot Ontario,
Bruee It. Kester, Receiver.
Party Should Be Represented
on National Committee
By a Republican
The Republicans or Oregon are en
titled to have a Republican named as
the National Republican Committee
man from this State. C. W. Ackeraon,
who claims to be a Republican, Is a
candidate. He registered aa a Progres
sive January 8, 1914. Then signed petl.
tlop or H. W. Coe to be Progressive
National Committeeman. Then can
celled his registration aa a Progres
sive and registered as a Republican
and Immediately riled hla candidacy
for membership on Republican Nation
al Committee. Has been an Intimate
and convenient understudy or the Pro
gressive National Committeeman and
aeems now to be In combination with
him In an attempt to shanghai tha
Republican organization. His candi
dacy la being actively backed by par
ties hostile to the Republican party
and having personal interests and pri
vate personal grudges to serve. Ills
erratic and excitable temperament haa
frequently led him to flood the col
umns of the press with violent attacks
upon the Republican party and vicious
personal abuse or prominent Republi
cans and lite long residents or the
It la a grave nbuse tor pnrtles who
are not Republican to register aa such.
It Is a graver abuse tor outsiders to
attempt the capture of a political par
ty to gratify a personal grudge and
to promote party discord. It Is an
abuse against which fair minded men
of all parties will rlso in protest. We
can norr have a reunited party by
puahlng to the front political hotheads
and men who are political reformers
simply for the sake of office. Having
been a Republican only twenty-four
hours when he announced his candl
ducy for the highest honorary position
In the gift ot the party, Is some Indi
cation ot what Mr. Ackeraon'a motive
wue In reentering as a Republican.
As Hon. Ralph K. Williams Is the only
Republican who Is a candidate for
Republican National Couimltteemun,
. feel warranted in nrgltig till loyal
Repul "cans in the stale to give him
tin Ir earnest and enthusiastic support.
(Chairman of Republican State On
trnl C nimlttee.)
(President Lincoln Republican Club.)
(President ot Portland Republican
(President Muitorpor Republican Gives the Real Facts In Regard to
cm- Her Case and Tells How She
aV" ft wBrmflkii yaasl
The Most Qualified Judges
Pronounce Taylor & Williams
Straight Yellow Stone Whiskey the BEST
FOR SALE in quantitiea from
One gallon up. and many other
Good brands, bv
L B. TEfER, Wtolesaler
Ti .- '"-IkAt'si Ail. "I I a , -,
........ ...wa ., -. .i, a nillli 1V11 n ejsjH r
pli ta break down In health, HI I tin
ago," writes MrB. A. McOIll, from tli:
place. "I waa very weak and eouUt
not do any work. I tried dirt -mat
remedies, but they did me no good.
One day. I got a bottle of Cardtit. ff
did me bo much good, I was surprised,
and took aoine more.
Itefore 1 took Cardul, T had hcoiTueh.
ml backache, and Bometlmes I would
cry for hours. Now I at- over all thar .
and ran do all kinds of housework, X
think It is tho greatest medicine od
In tho pnst fiftv yenrs, thou uida of
ladles have written, like Mrs. McOIll.
to tell of tho benefit received front
Such testimony, from earnest women,
aurely Indicates the great value of till
tonic remedy, ror diseases peculiar to
women. Are you a sufferer? Yes?
Cardul Is the medicine you need.
We urge you to try It.
N. B.- HVi'fafo I I SSBM A tvltnrv Deri., ("halt a
bixij Mcdli Ine Co., C.hatunonia, Tann., for eeWH
iiarmrriofn, an 1 m-paee N. Iliinr I raatl
sir Woman, tent In H in wrappar, on request.
No Mora Qaa on tha Stomach or Sour
Stomach I No Mora Heavy Feeling
After Meala or Constipation I
If you luivo sour stomach, constipa
tion or rna en tho stomach try JUST
ON'RDOSB of simple buckthorn lurk,
ilti". i ite . in mixed In Adler-l-1.a.
tho remedy which 1 1 becoi ihig known
a tho MOST I'OWKKFUL bowel
. MP ,y. r sold.
Tin VERY FIRST doso showa ro
stil and a short treatment with
Adiir-ll.a, will Htiaprlao you.
This remedy drains such astonish
ing amounts of old matter from Um
ystemt'intABINGLK D4 li
constipation, sour stomach and gas
on the stomach almost INSTANTLY.
AHk Your Druggiat Fur a Hottle
if you want tolornto nenr n towi.
that linn it very bright future I
have 70 acres of tho very choicest
liuiil, ha.s a nice slope to the
east, a lirst-cluss water riglit.
N nerea in alfalfa, rest haa been
in i;rain. Not ha ing it all paid
for it leaven me nimble In tukt
care of that much land. I will
sell anywhere from B to TOacrea.
My prire ranges from lf0 per
nere up. About half cash; good
ternih on rest at S per cent in
torcat. Land exactly the taint
tut jc-ii ni it i hat been Helling at
'J(MI to ip.'KH) per acre, so hen
is your chance if you want
good tract of land; miles from
Ontario, Ore. near Malheur
.Junction, where car nhopa and
round house will no doubt be
built in the near future.
H :.l
J. J. DllvSS
Ontario, Orrgoi
& 1114, Mutual Film company
ursi . M. I I.I.A
and worst feared man In the republic
of Mexico. 111m fullowera lil"ll: him.
bis fame is coiiHtiiutly spr inline lu
Mexico, and re rulta ure Joiiiiug bU
army at au euormoua rule.
"1 have hail atuple oportuulty to
atudy the uiiiu, lstb at the 1MB truck
aud at (he cockpit, where he freely
ndiig led with his uiliciTs aud meu. Ills
cumpauluus lucluded Alfredo Mudero.
brother or the martyred president, who
la Interpreter for Oeneral Villa. It la
generally believed (hut the ex Ileuses
of the Vlllu cauipalgu are being de
frayed by the Madero family.
"Villa la what might be called a uat
ural born sportamau. He freijuenii.i
wagered $.'i tJUO ;i,l ou a favorite
flgbtlug cock.
"'I bate wou enough ou this game
cock to defray the eipenses of the
army for to inoiitliM,' remarked Gen
eral Villa as be handed me the picture
of the bird referred to lu hla remark
already ijuott'd."
Oeueral Villa receives a dozen game
locks from his South Carolina breeder
aver) week. These birds are moved
with the military eiiulpiuwiit In a ape
clul wagon. It contains twenty eit-'ht
aepurate coops and la drawn by a pair
of mules.
Before the commencement of a bat
tie (jeucrul Villa has gamecocks fought
before bis soldiers and urges them t"
emulate the heroic conduct of these
feat he red lutllaturs, as did the ancient
w.irrlurs in the dim and distant past
One familiar with aiulent history Is
forced to believe that this Illiterate
but able lighter lu one respect at least
resembles Tbemlstoclea, who Introduc
ed cock fighting Into Athens ufter the
l'eraluu wars. The incident is tbus re
lated: "When the famous general was lead
ing the Athenian army agniust the
1'eraluns he saw some cocks Ughtlns,
and he took occasion f,rom this clrcum
atance to auimute bis troops by observ
ing to them:
" These animals fight not for their
gods or country, nor for the monument-
of their ancestors, nor for glory,
nor for freedom, nor for their children,
but for the sake of victory aud that
one may not yield to the other,' aud
from this topic be inspirited the Athenians."-Vide
Aellan. Var. lllst. li.c.2&
lr Tihhfrfr&&frfr1S
Church Installs a Band.
Lancaster O.-A new plau waa put
Into effect in church circles In this city
when the First Metliodlst Episcopal
church engaged the Citizens' band to
(day at Sunday school. The baud
marched through Main street and took
part In the musical program at the
church prior to the opeulug of Suuduy
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