The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 30, 1914, Image 8

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Fifteen years ago Ut wpre Koine;
through DM f tlio grOUtOUt cra.i'i
over known in the history of apart
TIiIh was Mflrultogi YuutiK aud old
rich and poor man, woman and child
Sl'(1 llKtl llllS tWOttl llMl Vlilll-
lo ai the one liredotiilniiiit MBtn
for amusement and health. The era
cf the bicycle Ml an era of MquulBt'
ance with American ont-oi'-doors to
millloni of people who OtuerwUe
WOUld have siiiicely kl.ovn the iialin
al WOB4n and dfllgbts or their country-
Thin Relf-Rume era Is repenting It
self totlnv hj means of the motorcycle
it. M a itii ,t ; undrwunod "i i onfoi I and
tenfold pleasure.
(June is tiie fntlgM ot pedaling up
bills aBd UgUlBOl head Wlndl all the
OxerlioliK of cyoliOg have 1 1 i s ;i j 1 1 1 : 1 1 . I
With Kb motorliatloi. UktwlM III
grntiricatlotis have increa I
1'rcBh rci;ioiia are constants open
Iiik up to the motorcycli -i thoueandl
ill" a i IOU Itlda of miles of huioo' Ii
stale mail . macailamieil and oiled
await his preference.
Not thai a motoi c .wiist needa flno
roads .s'leep KradeM, Ban. I, ilie nar
row rtdltog pace, roiIKh snrla'i .
mean le lliim; to this machine. It UM
the powtr, control, anT wforl Of
tin iiutomolille H.lllve featiircB too
little realized ly those who have nm
Klven the motorcycle a careful OM
On the other hand, the i uiiiiIiik cost
of a uioloi'fwlr Ik lx-l to nullum, pel
mile. Sixty-five mllcB on a gullofl ol
.olille. hi' rive liiinilied lllllen oil a
gallon of oil, tire trtTMU perform
anecH Repair cIuukcm are cm re.
ponding tow, official roportf of the
llelrolt police motoi c cle hiiUiiI UHlli':
llllllan niutiii i eleH ihow the avcrai:
colt of upkeep per IIIIH llllie In I e $'J IS
lor ...una n Him.
The niulorcycle needs no Kiirtlgr.
and i - I e . i iiiliiiiiniiii f It
I a alwa.s runtfj to lake win to anv
petal within I t went v five radius with
In an In urn lime. Throw a Iik over
the ruddle give a lwi..l or the wrlsi
and i ft ou go. Toi ate muster
of the in ii i. in.- whether throlVlluu
down to a walking pace In congested
Muffle or opening up to sixty iiiIIcr
.111 hour on a clenie I iu.ul
ThcHr brief f.ictH explain win iu
nmlorcM IIh1m cwmwIi.-ic III
maOT places where v oil do not see a i
uutonii hlle lii'i ause the motor car
cannot negotiate all the liluhwms ami
byways that a motorcycle euslh ildi
The itioiuriM Ii- has a univemal ptsot
is a plea -ill e vehicle Ymi Will see
this milliner a leuioli of inotnirvH'
f illimla " IiiiiiIiik the MerkMhli'
tin- While Moil t.illis, the scenic grail
ii it Maine, rltttlui i Udro i
(lacks, the Shenandoah rail) tin gay
i i H. id and lii imi I. ikes.
At lae Ihletlc inert, al Ilu hall
fun. ' n I . links and lemn , out
at ail ii it or town gntnoi in;s
' ih.' ii Hint l dial iii In
creasing NiiiiiheiK, the mac hi e par
re id) i-.i k a al i n
uients notice, putting iron In ulck
torn h nil i ta hi iut rei l fui md
Hill III.' I.u I must llol he oe: unk
id III. I Ilu lui .'. cle lias it-, pi ... I
i'ui Hide lui esauipli m hotp to Um
.indent in man ..I Ins teholaatlc UOl
it la ulurujri available for Immediate
use on Denervation Irlpa; tar nwklnj
I Id ;.m e) s Bl I II neai bj OW al '
unnlunoe; r.ii eerrylng the itudenl i(
milling lo localities where lui. i .-I in
(teologlral till Illations call lie evauilll-
ed al Hi hi hand The xludcnl !
OMl'icillluie can UW hi leisure nio
ilieiite lo lake i mill through the near
i couiiir.v. leelna practical demon
MimtloUM of the thOOrlej and ineihiHls
i.iwrcd in In DOUrM of work
Indeed, the practical IMMM I I Ihe inn
torcycle are lIUMTBl unlimited
TU doctor ii-s it for eniei si'iio
i i. is whore .pmk acttou is Imperative
The urclillecl linds I he iuolorc cle i
in. .mi ..lid an e ei gUcl in k.-ep-Ing
even dep.ulmc I of hie work au
di i Ins immediate i-.ioii It) lis
read) aid the civil OT sanitarv engi
neer can widen the radiua lf hi-,
actlvltiea ami crowd n.oie ltitl CC ui
pliahments iulo'a da s' work ih.i i
pllahmeota into i da) oort Ui
ith any other PJMM ot nan ni
loa the trips 10 tow n III.'
iiuie la u winch it i. aardb
worth wuiie to bitch up Um
are taken cure of uulokll h) thi
torcyclc. The Ii n
ploauuuter fuller n achlevi
through Its ever read' 101 too.
Our nam mil OVOrUUIUAl and mi
City adinini-tiatlo s have heen QUlOB.
l i.- ilie and avail III. Ills. 'lv S Uf lUO
potelillaliti. ot Ilie llioli'i c ilea. it
la in tui cm il Mi vice '" ,l"' '
of foreatt y, tot fluid woi It 1' i uuud
in the police and fire departments of
many cities giving not merely satis
faction, hut made the subject of mark
ed praise because of Its marvelous
Its all-reaching adoption by all
classes or people Is hut the rccognl
Ul due the cheapest and ino-d etri
cient motor vehicle with the lowest
i mining cost that mechanical Ingen
uity has ever developed.
Improvements In the past rew years
have been numerous and revolution
ary. The cradle spring rrame brought
out last four fOf Instance- This de
vice, which absorbs all road shocks
and vlhratlnii, has made the mo
torcycle fully as comfortable to ride
as afl (iiiiomobile. The most conspic
uous and valuable advance lu Kill ha:
l. en tin- development or motorcycle.
ile.trlclty --that Is, the electrically
equipped machine Including electric
st i rter.
Mr ami Mrs. BtffUOOBlh loft Tues-
UOJ im liuialia wl ihe will spend
Ilie Miiinner. Thej will letiiru thl.-i
I. .11.
A hud li uncial was given at the
Knberg home near PIUUMUtl View S.u
iinla evening. About twe ty were
present and a uood time iiported.
Mrs. Stephens and Martha were
guests at the K. U I'avls home in
Pi .in I ue .lay.
Mlsx Vuc lloweis won the UMdul
lu the declaiiiat' i . QOUtUUl given last
l-'rlday aflei imon between the two di
visions of the ficshniivi lOngllnh class.
Mr. (Irani 1' I slier liought it fine an
tumolille last week.
Tho concerl lu the M K. chilli h
last l-'nday evening given under lb"
direction of 1'iof Nells. .n by the hlgu
si IiihiI was Bfljojrod by an attentive
Miss (.'race llowm.i win. has been
lOUthlng school Iii the Intel lor Of Ore
gun returned Inane last week.
di K K. Iluiilei iiinrmsl Sal in din
' I nlug fluin Ills I'lm Ida dip.
I'liiinmei Hi hue. la on the sick list.
Mr. W Voung and V II ROOM)
shipped tWO cars of boga from lie.e
l-'rldav Mi llauiev went lo I'oi'llalld
with the slllpllielll
Mr. ami Alra. Moor have spoil se
rial day. h l-ll I-riilav lor their
Inline near Ironsides.
(has Swab and ruuiili move I laal
week Into Ihe S K Taylor lioui.--
Mr. Wm HolleulM-ck la enjoying a
visit with Ina miii who Uvea in Kan
sas. M.ikliiH.aia spent Siiiulu) at the ('
I-: Stewuri home on uhh e) hottflUTh
(liiuc .s'luiuiberger will go lo Heili
any llllile siIumiI a biellnrn Inalllu
t ion at Chl ami, lu take iraluliig lo
preach. Al an election held lui a
iiiiiu i.i the choice fell upon lilai T
II Shiilieil ami wile we b-il.-d ill' n
i I iba ss .ml ill were lu
ItUlle I lte ll II ll.i III ill imp. i
i i idiu led (he s.i tout
Miaa Itowe a Itobliison apenl the
Week end al ll.i Imuie lu N.imp.i llei
molhei came back with her in vlalt
al tile Uulilli I'iiiw Cull hiiuie (Im.
we. k
Mi lulwell ami ( (i. Ullsou lelt
Tueudu) for Mldvale to urorft at the
ai peiii.i 1 1 .nil- Mvorul in)
riie hull bum punjwd here hotwuM
Ihe IisIiich nun and fUrmorU VU
won lo Ilu- laliueia, Ihe acme
lu '
Ihe V. C I - I' mil ai Ihe llapllai
Church l'uesli Ibia wetk The n
i Nee Plymouth ami Ontario
and Payette wore invited The umnm
iug was fur) cnlliusla.l u and piulila-ble.
AdminiHtrutor's Notice.
In the CoUUt) Court 0t the Slate u(
Oregon lui Malheui l mini).
in Ihe mallei of tiie ehtate ot li- W.
iimn lOthurWUe known as QuOffHJ
NV. OuWiial, deceaae.1.
Notice lb herein gneu to all whom
It nia collceru, ibal Ihe iliidcrslglied
has been duly appol ted hj the I'oUli
j i'ouil oi the State of Orcgoit. lor
Malheui County, adliillliatiut.'i of the
UtuM ot the said Q, V iKiwns (othe:
wise known as li.-.u-'c Howuai de
teased. Ml poffNBJ Inning claims
agalllsi the ealale of the said ileceas
cd, ale heieb Uolltled to preseut lllO
son. lo me lor allowance dul cil
lied as i'iiiued by luw, at the Office
Of t' Mcliuu.mill. al OUtUrtO, Oregon
within i nioiitlih from the date of
this notice.
Dated ut Ontario, Oregon, this ;'.0th
,!n ..f Aim II. l'.'U.
o s smi i H. Adhnlnlairutor.
Warraut I all.
, ,- is In- ehy siven that I have
fun mi hand to pa all lie '...! Iind
m's old. Med in t paid lor want
Ol Hinds
lui. i. i .ease- M.i. -ill, IP14.
Doled at vale, Oregon, tin lith in)
ol iuil. HI I
i w i:vki;
I'liiin l licasuic.
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