The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 30, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
For Governor.
MRS. C. II uu l l
miss o. m u.
Phone 81 M.
Mrs. Biggs was n passenger to Vale
Miss Betsy Taylor was visiting
Hois.' relatives on Saturday.
Mra. Boyer has been In, Baker this
week visiting with relatives.
Robert Duncan, the Vale attorney,
was down between trains on Friday.
Mrs. O. N. Frnnklyn has retiirnol
from Rmmett. where she was visiting
for some time,
Mrs. Tonnlngson entertained the
Bridge club M Monday, Mrs. Gouily
won the honors.
J. M. Wilson, of Hood River, was
here this week looking for a business
Homer Rnmbo Is down from West
fall, where he has been with his
Mr. ad Mrs. Thou. Arnold and dnugh
ter and Mr. and Mrs Minister went to
Boise Monday In the auto.
At the meeting of the Musical club
It wns decided to have several open
meetings during the year. Several
members were taken In.
Dr. Ooldsberry, who has been spend
ing the winter In California for the
benefit of his health, has returned and
looks fine.
Drayage orders taken at Moore
Hotel John Land Ingham, residence
I'll ii 424
J. D. nillingsley has gone to Jim
tura to look after some sheep.
100 acres of partly improved wheat
land at I.VJ.OO ter acre. Will consi
der house and lot or acreage. In or
near Ontario. Wlmt have ym.?
Frank McKlroy. K. f I). Uox 60.
Cambridge. Idaho. 17 18
Wayne Hyde, who Is In the I'nlr
niiiii rJtnrc at Westfall, was here this
week looking after some com pan v
Kresh cows. Jerseys, ami Indian
humor duck eggs, for ssle. A. H.
Barney. Krultlaod. 17 18 pd
Mr. and Mrs. Whit worth and Mi.
and Mrs. Sproul made a trip to Bolso
this week In the contest car Thev
riort the roads fine.
Hpsclsl rates will be given to all
studeU registering io oil paiotlug.
whlob will bold good until May !.
I'M 4 Class will be formed June 1st
and continue thro' tbe summer. For
further Information pbins 81 m or
call at to e Millinery and Art Htore,
Ontario Oregon. I
George llardmsn. who Is a student
at the Corvallis Agricultural College,
has been elected a member of the
(lamina Sigma Delta, the national
honorary agricultural fraternity, with
a chapter at Corvallis.
Wanted Ad outfit to con tract
putting up about :i00 sores of alfalfa
. 17 g .(
For rent Furnished house in- '
Iiiilinir minl'Mi plot, chicken i
.i. i i i. l !,., !
I'lUK mil ii mice luw, in., m wax
Box 43. ( Int. u io
For Sale two and one half
acres improved, berries and fruits
house and buildings. Inquire
hox 4.VJ Outario.
Suits made strictly to order
for you as cheap orchea per than
ordinary readv made. Cope ov
Louis Hurtle is prepared to
sharpen your shears for ten
cents and guarantees satisfac
tion. At the Methodist church on Sunday
next the subjects will be In the morn
ins at 11, "The Death of the Rlght
ous.' In the evening at 8 "Briugln
Others t.. Jesus. The people of On
tario are cordially invited to attend
these services Thos. Johns, pastor-
As a rule local advertisements
ere to be depended upon ; if you
answer tbem you have tbe opportun
ity to see tbe goods and decide upoa
merit aud cost. Oar plan is to ask
for a little of your time, given to
looking over our variety stock: if
you see anything you want all
rlgbt, if you dou't. all rigbt. Price.
re always rlgbt. Tbe Variety Htore.
Wanted, second band light farm
wagon, for one boi&e. Bos 412 or
phone 105 w.
Several car loids went to Boise Sat
urday, the Atirlners Ceremonial being
the attraction for the men folks. A
mong the Shrlners from here 'attend
ing were I J. D. nillingsley, O E.
Keiivon, Dr. Priming, B. C. Van Pet
ten, David Dunbar. Among the ladles
In Boise were noted Mrs. nillingsley,
Mrs. Kenvon. Mrs. Prlnzlnd, Mrs Van
I'etteti, Miss Pauline lulling:. ley and
the Misses Piatt-
We are going to change our name
from the Cash Variety Htore to The
Variety Htore with a big The. The
cash featut e will prevail however but
this should not keep you from look
ing over mil (Ilsolay. A little oasb
will buy a big I.. in. Me. The Variety
Htore. tf
There are more rumors that Bryan
Is going to resign, but they forget
that he is getting a thousind dollars
a month for holding the Job, and
liryan was never known to lose n.i
opportunity to annex easy money. He
sides remember that he is getting lots
of free advertising.
You probably do uot know it, but
It Is a fsot tint our greatest task Is
to get for our trade that which will
give best service for the price. We
ask you to come In aad criticise:
that will pe a help to us as well ns
to tbe public. The Variety Store, tf
W. R Shlnn, the farm adviser,
a cw Ford and Is now able to cover
much more territory In his work. Me
will visit the Willow creek section
soon ii lid get acquainted with the
farmers of that section. At preseni
be is working on the corn conies' .
and finds that many of the farmer
me planting corn and arranging to
take down some of tbe big prizes.
For sale Polled Durham bull, com
ing three years old Phone 201 K 2
The total reglst ration for the stato
will be ulioiil ."in, nun ,nly about luunn
more than in ISM 2- Thlr. indicates a
great lack of Interest by the voters,
about one-third not registering. Is
It that we me having t. o ni.iin ele
tlolis and that the election laws have
too much red tape? It Is always ill
conservative voter who stavs away
and it Is Judgment of lib. kind that
we need to keep things on a level keel
Elections should be so simplified tin..
they will not lie a bill den on the ..i
Mr. J Edwin Johnson, of lrewsc,
Oregon, has filed with State Engineer
Iewls am. application for permit to
develop 3000 horsejiower with the
waters of the middle fork of Malheur
river. The plant Is to be located u
short distance above Drewsey, and
the ihiiiii at wliiili the water Is to be
dlw-itcd I rum tbe stream is in wctioii
U township 18 south, range 34 east.
It Is estimated that tbe plant will
cost f 1100,000. The water will be car-
tied from the point of diversion t.
the plant a distance of five and one-
eighth mile, l: a canal
There should be a large crowd to
Weiser ou May Htb to encourage the
studeuts from Ontario who will com
pete for the cup to be giveu by (be
ii in. i(..l of tbe Weiser school for
the best declamation.
For Hale Household goods.
Phone 14 'J R. 18 19 pd.
William, iliiuu.'i.ii ageut
of tbe Balfour, Uutbrie Compauy lias
been here this week looklug after the
business of the firm iu tbis section
A daughter was born at the hospi
tal to Mrs. Frank Beooett, of Mai
beur City.
U, W. Eagleeon. wbo moved to
Humner, Nebraska last year, has re
turned to close up some business
matters. He is tbinkiug of moving
to North Dakota.
Mr Ruel Maul, tbe baratooe solo
ist, bos beeo engaged to play through
tbe summer by tbe Ontario Concert
Orchestra, tor the Saturday dances
and tbe Bunday conoerts.
Mrs. L. L. Hull mother of Mrs.
Harell and Miss Hull of Collbran.
Col , arrived this week with tbe two
sons of Mrs. Barrel. Tbey have
leased tiie Tonnirgsou borne foi tbe
L. W. Olsen made a trip tbis week
to Westfall and other interior points
ou bis motor cycle.
The Harmon v (Juartelte scored I
big success at the regular Haturdsy
night dance, given by tbe Ontario
Concert Orchestra, singing "Ob Su
blime Evening Htar," with orchestral
si-.-' mi nun. ient My request it Will
be repeated next Saturday night.
Miss Leah Hsnien, of Weiser Is
the guest of Mrs. Defiecpe this week.
Ttie Bridge Club met with M -I
mi on Tuesdsy and Mrs Test wnn
the honors.
K. M. lirown, leader of tbe On
tario Orchestra played with the Wei
sr band Tuesday at the (iood Roads
John E. Johnson, the wool buyer
of Boise is here tbis week.
Pete Duford was a passenger for
Boise Tuesday evening.
Clyde flryce. bsrstone soloist, with
the Harmony quartette, was a visitor
in Mountain Home Tuesday.
The ladies of tne W. C. TV. will
hold a meeting in the M. E. church
at 2. 30 on Mny 5, to which all are
cordially Invited.
D. E. Tracy has been In this sec
tion buying horse.
W. E. Huston, of Bums, was here
this morning, returning home Irom a
trip to Woodburn.
ll-iNi. pasture for rent. il-i.
htohery island. Inquire of s. H.
Hrewer. I 8 in
Frank Weaver has mo.ed onto his
Cow valley rauch, Mrs. Wesvcr going
out Wednesday.
Tbe funeral of Holdeo T. Huste.l
was held last Friday from the Con
gregstional church Rev. Koelug
I reach lug the sermon. The inter
ment was in tbe city oemetery with
the cfnlghts of Pythias in charge,
in hi U one bun. in. I of them being Iu
Mr. Hinted was a pioneer resident
of this section, coming here with tbe
first settlers, seeing tbe city grow
ti in a village to a proinermis city.
lie was always In the front lank of
tbeso working for the upbulldiug of
tbe community and occupied mauy
positious of trust with credit to in...
self sud honor to tbe city.
For over a year be suffered with
Brlgbt'a dissate, knowing it was
but a questiuu of lime with hiin but
be did out complaio.
Mr. Hunted was born near (
K.. plds, Mich, Sept ;n, 1865. ,-
moved with his pareuo. to Wisconsin
when but two jeers of age and when
only five .ais of age the famll link
ed to Lincoln, Neb.- where he grew
to manhood He came to Ontario hi
1887, when M ears or age and foi tbe
past 27 years has been u continuous
resident of (his city. He was the
third mayor aud second poJ master ut
(ii.iai... Me was also a meiiiln i oi
(he . it v . nn. II. The deceased was a
prominent Knight of Pjthius, being a
past chancellor and past grand iciue
seutatlve of tlie local lodge lie was
Hiin a member of the endow ui.i.'
rank aud his children will recelv
fiooo from the grand lodge.
Me w.i-. united iu marriage Jan. C.
MM, to Miss Isabelle J. Mcdregor.
oldest daughter .,f Mr. and Mrs. A. H
McGregor, the ceremony being per
roimed by Judge ('. II Hi own Ibis
union was blessed by four children,
one of which died In infant- Mrs
Husted died Aug. 15, 1905. The three
children who survive their patents
are Miss Edith A. Husted, age 20;
Joy H. Husted, age Id, aid Viola !'.
Husted, age 12. The children have
(he heartfelt sympathy of all in their
sad bereavement.
Potato Contractu Wanted
T D. Turner and Co. of Oalabouia
City wants to make contracts with
growers for 300 cars of potatoes.
For particulars see their represent
lue, J. A. Bowers of Fruitland,
Always on the Job
If you bave a job uf bauling you
want done, large or small, you can
alwava depend ou John Landiugbam
being ready for you. Call him at the
Moore Hotel.
ft- H
Kepuhlicun Primaries, May 15
He Voted Against Tiie New
Tax Law and Stands for
Reduction of Taxes Pay
able Semi-Annually With
out Penalty.
Economy, Efficiency-Dignified
Law Enforcement.
I wss bin ii ami reared upon a farm
in Huflulo Couuty, Wis. ; educitte.l
myself by my own eflorts, and
hare practiced Isw in Portland since
June. 1804. Have always taken an
active part In public affairs, aud
hare held several official positions.
1 taud by my leoord as Htate MS
stor at the last session of the legls
Isture. 1 worked and voted against
the new tax law, and favor a law
ii aklug taxes payable semi anually
without penalty
Only five of tbe laws passed at
that session were referred to the
people by referendum petitions; four
uf these ths people apprnvjil by
overwhelming majorities, and I voted
for tbem; tbe fifth was almost as
badly defeated, and 1 had voted
against It iu the legislature.
I worked and voted for .Senator
Mslarkey's miiiinnim wage bill for
women, providing for au Impartial
coiiimlisioo to fix ths uiHMuioiu
hours of labor and the minimum
amount ot pay.
1 favor a similar law providing fori
aa impartial commission without
i-uiiq.ciitiit ion. to fix the maximum1
hours of labor for men hi tbe ...
ious industrial oooupatious; this
iu preference to a flat eight hour
1 favor good roads legislation
with state aid. so that we ma
have cheaper transportation liom the
farms aud producers In every dlm
tiou. 1 favor the reduction of taxes I.
consolidation of various oomuilssl
ous. or the abolishment thereof, auu
placing their duties Into tbe
of tbe (State Hoard, aud bff the re
ductiou of tbe eienaes of conduct
ing the various departments uf the
I favor suitable appropriations for
our Htate Educational institutions
aud tbe continued improvement of
our great bulwark -the public school
And above all i favor the vlgoroua
ami efllnleut enforcement of all tbe
crimlnsl statutes, including those
regulstlug aud prohibiting the ssle
of intoxicating liquors, ami tbis I
shall do with firmness aud Impartial
ity. Tbe rich, tbe poor, tbe great,
tbe bumble, the capitalist, tbe labor
er. the churchmnu and the liquor
dealer shall be nieaatirn.i by tbe asms
standard and each shall auewer tor
bis own acts.
I ' i Hale or Trade Kirst-Class
It)-, acre farm. Free soil in Wil
lamette Valley. Three miles from
Juuotiou City. Heven roumed house,
(iood I'Siu Machine shed, stock
shed, otber out buildiugs, lui ludiug
crop. Four milch cues. Hinder,
Mower, Disc Harrow,
Drill, Bulkey plow, walking plow,
large barrow, back, wagou. buggy
and otber useful articles, practically
new. Oood graveled road, rural
mall deliery. telephone Hue, school
one eighth mile, . Will suli )i
if desired. C (i. Caseliser, Juciiou
City, Oregon.
I). iv old chicks, white lagborn
hi. -I white rocks. I'urity Poul
try Farm, jihoiit- '1 , Kruitlund,
Harry Lewis, jropi ietor.
Millinery &Art Store
Ontario, Oregon
Agents for the Victor Ladies Tailoring Co., Chicago. Millinery
work of all kinds, lessons in Oil Painting. Art Needlework. Hitler
work a specialty. Designing and Perforating. Free Embroidery Lea
sons. Stamping. Hair (inods switches made from your combings.
I). M. C. Embroidery Floss.
Jjj, iiM, j. Willi
vflksw tmk
vl Lsl
H aaw HaaaL
Ii I A U s " ' -- jL jnt t H . yC Ji
Means Not Only Time But Money.
Do you ever consider how lonjr it takeH to travel tiie ilistutu-e
from your hoime to the Doctor and Merchant and what time
you save by telephoninR.' If your time is worth unythiiiK. you
cannot utford to he without u Telephone.
Malheur Home
Summer Excursions
Union Pacific System
To PointH KaHt
liitluilino Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Ixtiis, Chicago,
Minneapolis, St Paul,
Memphis and many
other points.
May 13, 18, 2K 30;
June 3. 6. IU, 13. 17, M, 27.
July I, , in 11, VI, l r, .
August 5, If, l, 26;
Sept. 2. 16.
Limit October 31. I'M I
For Kates and
13 AN AM AS have never been
more popular than at the
present time for Ladies, Misses
and Children. A Splendid line at
Grove & Riley s
One Piece HAMMER
In The New Model
If you see more than one hole in
a hammer oii know that Ultra
parti are fastened to the hammer
w bet lier shown or not Our ham
(Tier is all one piece, only one hole,
no toggles oi stirrups attached.
We have cut out all cocking
lmcrs, bar", push rods and ham
mer stirrups and cock the gun di
rect from toe of hammer.
Catalan Free, IX grades, $17.76
net to -loo lint.
Our 5$ lb 2o bore is a hummer -be
down to date and shoot one.
ITHACA (il'N CO., Ithaca. N. Y.
Telephone Co. I
To PointH Went
To San Francisco.
Losanireles and other points
I ia Portland, 0gdn Of
Salt Lake City. June 1st to
Sept. .10, I ill I
Limited October 31, l!MI
Further Particulars