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ONTARIO-The Future Metropolis of Eastern Oregon
The Banner Wool Market for the Interior of Oregon
The Ontario Argun
leads in Pregtijre,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us (row
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 18
Local Boys Show up Well
When Pitted Against
City School.
Roar Admiral Badger Orders
American Non-Combatants
to Leave on Steamer.
The field meet here Friday between
the llolsc ami Ontario schoolB broiiKlit
out a good crowd to boo.t for the lo
cal boys and the boya returned the
compliment by milking an excellent
showing against the big city achool.
The Ontario te.un wua handicapped
by Ml. it k . 1 1 being about out with a
trained tendon, only entering one
event, while ordinarily he could have
taken the xilc vault If not others.-
Loavlng out. the welghta and it li
ace-n Ilia! the local team had the bet
of the mee: The hummer and others
of theae are barred from the Oregon
achoola A. id the boya hud not trained
for them.
Fight of the boya will go to Wallo
wa to compete.
The reinlta of the meet follow::
Ml yard dual) Thompson (III, llui
ti'il (O). Chalfunt (HI. time, 6 second.
100 yard daah Thompson (lit,
Husted (O), Cbalfant (II); time, 10: t
Pole vault Duff (III, lliiated it)'.
Grimes (Ol. ! feel 4 1-2 Inchea
Hammer Houaton (III 'Maddux (O)
Hail,.., (H); 113.
I llacitH HouiJon til). Maddux (O),
llarber, HO: Ml feet 10 Inches-
440 yard dush Stran (O), Spot
ford III), Maddux (O): .'" aecoinda.
880 yard run K Ik. (Ol. Disney
(III, Maddux Kit; 2:20.
Mile run -Disney (HI, Hover (O),
nook (Hi; .'.: 24.
Ilroad Jump I lusted (Ol, Tucker
(Mi Myers (O). IN feet 9 Inches.
L'JO hurdles Nugent (II), Pyper
III). Ilrown (O): 28:03.
120 hurdler. -Myers (O). Hlackuby
(Ol. Duff, (111; 20 seconds.
High Juiirp Myers (Ol. Hlackuby
Ol. Duff (H); I feet 1 Inch
Javelin Myers (Ol. I'latt (O), Man
Kun (HI; 137 feet 3 1-2 Inches
220 Yard Duali- Thompaoi
Strain (O). Nugent tlli.-'t I
Shot put- Houston ill). Mungun,
(H). Piatt (O): 38 feet.
Relay Hoise, Tucker. Nugent. Cual
futit, Thompson.
Prof. Coukllu Is much interested
lu tbe corn planting for the corn
contest ami Is urging all who are
tilling to compete for tbe prizes to
get on tbe list so tbat tbey can
be looked after. He bas blanks
which every grower sbould have to
keep account of sverytblug euteriug
into (lu crop from tbe preparation
of the seed bed. to tbe harvesting of
tbe crop If you are interested call
bim up and be will see tbat you get
a blank.
Vera Cruz. Definite Instructions
from Hen r-A dm I nil Hiidger, command
erlnchler of the Atlantic fleet, to all
American nnii combatants to Mv
Vera Crux by the steamer Mexico,
finve been iioated at the conaulate and
other plncea, and 'ern CfH la under
martial law, Hear Admiral Fletcher,
commanding the American naval
forcea on Hhore having Issued a pro
clamatlnn to this effect.
Admiral Klelcher determined (here
should be no more quibbling with the
Mexican officials regarding forma of
government Until further notice, the
residents will be Judged by military
law. A large number of locnl Mexican
officials have reported their willing,
nesa to resume their duties as officers
under the supervision of the Ainerl
wttn an ceremony, ine rirtng or a
salute and dress parade, the American
flag was raised Monday oxer the divi
sion headquarters of Hear Admiral
Frank F Fletcher. Over the custom
house the flag has been flying since
the landing of (he American forces.
but there hail been no ceremony Indi
eating the formal occupation of Vera
The more friendly attitude display
ed in the capital towards foreigners
lu the last day or two was In a meas
ure explained when It was learned
from refugees that rebel supporters
In Mexico City bad taken steps to
change public opinion.
They circulated handbills calling
upon the people to protect Americans
ami denouncing Huerta as the cause
of the lauding of (he American naval
forces ui Vera Crux and also as the
author of false and Inflammatory
statements published In Mexico Citv
Washington. Formal acceptance by
the Hucrtn government of the offer
of Argentina, llrnzll and Chile to use
their good offices to Mai about an
amicable settlement of the difficulty
between the United States and Mexico
was cabled to Spnnlsh Ambassador
Ulann lief.- by I'ortlllo y Hojas, for
eign minister In the Huerta cabinet.
No OOntttttoaa arc Imposed in the
offi r of good offices, consequently the
reply from Mexico City was not ex
pect, -d to deal with conditions which
will be reached when the peacemakers
formulate their plans ami make
Kanwn how tbey propose to use the
gooil offices which have been ncccpt-
Pressure from Ocrmany, Orent Hrl
laln and France advising Huerta to
accept the first steps toward media
Hon and the approving attitude of
Latin American countries to the set
tlement of the controversy by Pan
American diplomacy emphasized the
worldwide Influences which are work
ing to hrlnn about p e
Neither Ambassador Klnno nor the
peace envoys would make public the
text ol the Hucrtn acceptance. It was
said, howexer, that lienor Hojas re
plied briefly, accepting the offer and
thanking the South American pleulpn
tentlarles and the Spanish ambassa
dor for their good offices, with a refer
ence to "the real spirit of solldsrlty
between peoples of a same race."
U'.ilseiibtirg, Col. A battle began
between strikers and mine guards
when strikers gttaoked the McNally
coal mine ol the Colorado Fuel & iron
company, three-quarters' of a mile of Walsfntrarg,
Sheriff Jeff Fair reported that
seven me.i bad bci n killed. f
the reported dead, he said, were mine
i guards.
There is the usual fruit scare tbis
sprlog by tbe cool nights but tbe
f fruit tuspector. Jamas Laokey, says
there will be a full crop of apples,
about sixty per cent of a peach crop
and forty per cent of prunes accord
ing to tbe best Information he can
get. lu some sections there hss been
no damage while in others some fruit
lies been cut, as usual. Keports
from other sections indicate a light
orop fcr tbe entire couutry aod that
means good prices
Many of our citizens have been in
Vale tbis week attending Circuit
Court. Among tbe cases disposed of
are tbe oues against the box car
thieves arrested by Marshall Odsll.
tbey were found guilty; Sam Yerber
was found guilty of rape; C H Baker,
tbe check artist was found guilty.
K (Joiidy got a bad fall on alippin g between a car
an. I t ie leading plattorm. He was iu
jured in a similsr manner a few
weeks ago..
Washington Following the an
nouncement that Huerta has granted
permission to all Americans to leave
Mexico City, Secretary Hryan said
tbat, so far as authentic- information
was concerned, he knew of no Ameri
can citizen having been killed In the
capital or elsewhere In the Mexican
republic within tbe last few days.
Through the efforts of the Hrltlsh em
bassy here and the Hrltlsh legation In
Mexico City, the Impression that Mex
leans were detained at Vera Crux had
been removed.
Advices received through the Brit
ish eni bassy told of the completion of
arrangements for tbe safe departure
of Americans from Mexico City, while
i be I'n in h a m ha ailot ga i . i he . .
tit parimeiit a message in- nail n-cel
ed from the French legation stating
that while there bad been Home ant I
American manifestations In the Mexi
can capital, order now pre willed.
Refugees were reported safe at
Tamplco, Puerto Mexico and other
east coast points, with arrangements
under way to get them to Galveston.
city from which the battle could be
si . u was crowded with people with
field glasses. The marching and counter-marching
of the strikers and
gnnrds looked like moving pictures.
Within a few minutes nfter the
opening of the shooting, men could
be seen coming down the hogback be
hind the McNally mine and entering
the camp houses. The men bad hard
ly reached the main part of the camp
when two nutomoblles, bearing the
superintendent nnd his family, dashed
from the mine grounds, with bullets
Kicking oust around the wheels. The
autonoblles pulled up at a doctor's
office nnd Miss Margaret (Iregory was
taken In. She was the first to he
u minded.
A striker bad shot through (he door
of ths superintendent's house Just as
they were ready to leave. A ..atch
pinned (o Miss Gregory's dress de
flected the bullet and It (ore through
her arm.
Argentina and Chile.
Washington. -President Wilson an
Bounced be luul accepted SB offer
from Hrazil. Ugctillna anil Chile to
their good offices In an all. nipt
Within 10 minutes after the first ! lnK nl,"" l-':"'cful and friendly
shots were fired evcrv place In tbe : ""'"ement of the difficulty between
the 1 nitcd Slates and Mexico.
The offer was formally submitted
hy the three South American envoys
to Secretary Hryan.
Colncldenlally with the acceptance
of the offer of mediation, ndmliilstra
Hon officials announced there would
be no cessation of preparations bv the
army and navy for future emergencies
and no orders would be Issued to the
naval forces now at Vera Crux or the
ships at sea changing original plans
No further steps, however, to obtain
reparation for the Indignities which
gave rise to the present situation will
be attempted while the effort Is being
mnde to bring about a settlement
through diplomacy.
The success of the first steps
toward mediation, the prompt accept
ance by the United States, nnd the
announcement of the Spanish ambus
3 south American BASEBALL FANS SEE
President Wilson Formally Ac-
cepts Good Offices of Brazil, j With Helena, Payette and
Fruitland Kail
The game at Welser on Stllldm was
won by Welser 7 to ft Fiom the re
port la the Wftlagr paper It was not
very good game. The Welser team
"Ished to play Klwell, who is not a
member of the team and Vale protest
ed, this started It and It was so bad
that many left the grounds helm,, the
The game at Fayette Sunday result
ed in the Ontario team winning by a
score of 8 to fl. The heavy wind mndo
It rather dhjigrccahlo hut the way
the teams played kept the Interest up.
There was a very noticeable Improve
ment In the slick work. Di-paulc
and others having their eyes hack.
From now on It Is expected that the
Ontario team will forge to the front
The return ball game between (ho
sudor tbat Huerta bad accepted the ' Fruitland and Ontario teams was piny
Captain Rush, of the battleship
Florida, who commanded the sailors
and marines at the capture of Vera
The wool buyers are arouud prstty
thick, trying to pick up some clip.
They srs shearing at Juutura and
Brogau and much of tbe wool Is be
ing shipped, having beeu sold under
contract. Juutura will have sales
days, thsy expect to shear about
sixty thousand there.
Editor i iallagbai . of tbs Juutura
Times was a pleasant ualler t the
Argus oilier Tuesday. Ho reports
thst Juntora Is growing vary fast.
Work is being pushed on the new
depot and mauy other buildings are
being elected. Tbe wool snioments
tbis year are going to be large.
Frauk Dsvey of the iieruey County
News, was around this seek getting
acquainted with tbe voters and tbe
country. There Is no question about
-nr. uevey neiug elected as our next
representative to tbe legislature, uei
tbsr is there auy queetiuu but tbat be
will see tbat needs of eastern Ore
gon are brought to toe atteotiou of
the hgiilalure.
Mexico City Fed on Weird "News."
Vera Crux The newspapers of the
capital are reported to be publishing
stories to the effect that the Ameri
can forcea at Vera Crux are slaughter
ing womeu and children, and the pa
pers call on Mexicans in Mexico City
to retaliate in a similar manner.
Other stories printed by the news
papers say that France, Germany,
Great Hritaln and Spain had declared
war against tbe United States.
Anti-Home Rulers Get 70,000 Rifles.
Belfast Out wit dug the authorities,
who had prohibited arms importation
into Ireland, It was learned (hat and
borne rulers succeeded in lauding 70,
out) rifles and distributed them among
tbe Ulster Orangemen.
American Consul Thrown Into Jail.
Washington. United States Consul
General I'hillip C Haiuia, at Monte
rey, reported to Secretary Hryan that
he had beeu humiliated and placed In
Jail by Mexicans on April J. He was
h.n.1 behind the bars until released
two days later by the constitutional
lets when b-y captured the city.
H A. Klsir is I. .ildiiig a bouse at
Fro It I in 1
.Uiii, . I in Welser, by the Presby
terian u-iuistn. on tbe 18th, Miss
(entry and .lames Duruer
Luke. I hey , ill make their home
in Hal Lake. .m Duruer bas
made her home with her sister. Mrs.
Kevin. I. Is, f r some time ami has
msiiv frieuds uere woo extend Lest
j wikhes.
The students of tbe High School
will give tbelr annual class play at
Drriui.'sinl on May (lib, next Wed lies
day evening. Tbe play soleoled Is
one by Obnries Towuseud, a three act
comedy, Captain Kaoket, with the
fill Inn lug - test :
ill rschel Brown Cap. Koberl, of the
Natiousl guard. A lawyer when
he has nothing else to do, and a liar
all the time- Comedy la .el
Kay Hoyi-r Obadiah Dawson, Ills
uncle from Japan "where they
make tea" Comedy Old Mm
Thou Moore, Timothy Toliuau Ills
in. -nil. who married fur money,
and la sorry for it Juveuiie Mau
Don Piatt, Mr. Dalroy, His rather
In law, a Jolly oove -tiooeutrlc.
Bill Straus, Hubaou A waiter
iroui tbe "Cafe (Dorians," who
adds o tbe confusion- Utility.
Kacbel Cbupaiau, Clarice Tbe Cup
tain's pretty wife, out for a lark
and up to anything awful- -Com
edy Lead
Jessie Hicks A lady with a temper
who tlm Is her Timothy a vexatlou
of spirit- Old Woman.
Jesu Conkliu A mischievous maid
Kuubretta Toouls The "kid",
lias's, olive bruueb 1'rops
Act I. Place Tim's couutry
home on the Hudson uear New York.
Time: A breezy morning in Sep
tember. Tbe Captain's fancy takes
flight and tbe trouble begins.
Act 11. Place Tbe same. Time:
Tbe next morning. How one yarn
requires another. "The greatest liar
unhung.' Now the trouble lucreaa
, aud tbe Captain prepares for war.
Act HI. Place The earns. Time
evening of tbe same day. More
"misery", A general muddle "Dauoe
or you'll die. " Cornered at last.
The eni tain owns up. All serene.
Time of playiog, two hours.
Tbe admission will be 25 and 50
tenner or good offices, produced a
feeling of distinct hope, which was
reflected, not only lu administration
quarters, but In congress as well,
where "war talk" gave way to a spirit
of conciliation.
White bouse officials lei It be
known (hat they were earnestly de
sirous of aiding the South American
diplomats In every way possible and
that no announcements aa to points
that would be Insisted upon by the
United States would be made, or any
thing else done, at this time, which
might embarrass their efforts
ed here Tuesday afternoon and result
ed In the Friilllntid team making the
most ruiiR, When It came to errors
there was a He but a small crowd en
joyed It wi much.
' ' Ss
"H ssssssW
S r '
K mr a a ' It JSMm
Brigadier General Frederick Fun
ton, who will command the first de
tachment of troops landsd at Vsra
Sneak thieves took some baggage
of Salt from tl.e Multnomah on Weduesday
evening. Marshall (Hell tuun bud
the plunder locste.i aud will likely
get tbe thieves soou.
(ieoigH H. Drum aud wife, weie
1. Ward King, tbe split log road
mau ,bas beou lecturing in some of
tbe Snake river valley towns this
week and those who have lieeu fortu
nate eoough to hear blui are loud In
their praises of tbe praulioal ideas
be baa. Tbe split drag is a simole
affair but very effective. Tbe con
stent drsgging of the roads after
showera teod to round it up iu the
center, the uddlng of thin layers to
this crown nas the seme effect as pud
dling and makes the surfsce too bard
and Hi in for the rains to t-lfsct, so
that tbe roal is good in winter as
summer lu mauy of the eastern
states the farmer have iffjej and
tend to the roads iu frout of their!
farms., taking a pride iu having the
Ijest piece of road.
There are many Improvements un
der way lu Ontario at the present
The contractors are workiag a large
foice on the sewer laterals and It will
keep them busy about ail summer.
Hie stone work on the new Ontario
Nnlioiial hank building Is being tail
ami has advanced sufficiently I,, giv
some Idea of the elegant appearance
It will make when completed
At the Methodb.l church tbe are
placing a concrete foundation u, der
the 1 1 114 1 n building.
N. O.. Ouid Is matting guo. headway
on his iii-h In am iu the southern pari
of the city.
In I'i noting Is having a sle..i
pot ch ami olhei ilupl os elueuls adiled
In his home.
Hi (). Drain- Is making some exten
sive Impiovcineiith to hi-. Inuue
The Canfleld building is being re
modeled, (he two rooms being thrown
itltO "He
Kt-v. Davidson preached his la.t
sermon in Hit- i're.liytenau Church
last Sunday and a new mao will take
visitiug Ontario trieuds over Suuday. J unurge ot tl.e work.
A. MoWllilams about put J-jhu
Woods out of busiuesa when !e
bought his old rt ult for the Mon.auu
market. This was an especially
good list of besvy range horses aud
tbe price was said to be fair. With
tbe Mexican trnuble blowing over
there will uot be much more demand
for I... lees ibis spring.
There will be a meeting of the
people iuteresled in the Can
you district at Caldwell at 'J p. m
on tbe 7th of May at which time it is
hoped that all interested will be
present. Tbe Black Canyon dls
tin t ottlcsrs are trying to get the
members of Congress from Oregon
a ud also a delegutiou from this
ootiny m go to Washington ami urge
tin- passage of tbe law to give gov. , ,,
mi m help to tbe irrigation of tbe
isuds of the west. This district ad
joins this liounty sud will be of great
benellt to oe. besldee It will be pos
sible to irugale our ou lands if this
appropriation is made.
A. Vsuiiator letuiueil this week
from a trip to Mexico where he lias
gut lutein. led iu the catlie In, slue...
He will attend to some luin,., here
ami then return lie says nbcre be
was their was no lighting.