The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 23, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
Mr. and Mrs. Hruce Koster, of Vale,
were pusseiiKcrs for Portland Satur
day, accompanied by Mrs. Hester's
mother, Mrs. Helen Judd of Lancaster
Mrs. Konyon entertained the Carna
tion club on Friday, when Mrs. Goudy
won the honors- in the cvenlnK Mrs.
Kenyon entertained tho Bridge club,
the honors going to Mrs. Van Petton
ado E. N. Urelg.
For rent Furnished house in
cluding garden plot, chicken
park, harn three lots, nice lawn.
Box 48. Ontario.
The Ontario orchestra donated their
sii vices for the dance Riven Saturday
evening fr the benefit of the base ball
Slb and the bull fans wish to expreas
thefr appreciation of the favor.
For Solo two and one half
acres improved, hemes and fruits
house and buildings. Inquire
hox AM Ontario.
Among those called to V:.le Tih-mI iv
were noted: Rev. Johns. Marshal
Odell, M. K. Newton, John Landlnn
b.uii. JM Scholl. C. C Mrtlonlgal and
O A Dralie.
V li. nicknell, the Heine sheep man.
was here Saturday, from Hrogan,
whre ho had been picking up some
For 8le Cheap if taiien at once, j the past year
Horse, harness BDCJ light wagon. On
tario Laundry.
I'. U. .Sells. III.- .lollll l. hlliep in:'",
was here Tuesday looking over the
sheep Situation
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Landls left for
Holse Monday and expects to go to
Seattle about the first of June to
make their home by the Sound.
Mrs. Murphy, of the Agency val
ley, was here last week on her way
to llolse to visit with friends.
Charles Arnold, of Drewsey, was
here this week visiting with his
brother, Thomas Arnold.
Wanted, second hand light farm
WHgou, for one horse. Hox 412 or
phone 105 w.
Miss Malony was In Nam pa for a
few days .Slio was accompanied by
Margaret Blackaby.
For sale Polled Durham bull, com
ing three years old Phone 201 K 2
Miss Maule. of Payette, was here
Saturday, the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Dr. Payne. She was accom
panied by Miss Herllne.
For sale Camping out fit con
sisting of tenl, stove, dishes,
lidding, etc. Hest cash offer
takes it. H. J. .louns. at Mrs A.
Mr. and Mr. Hick DuSISWd were
down from their ranch over Sun. In
A. J. Grover la on his way home
from Mexico, where he ban been f u
Smt made -It idly t l.-i
for you os cheap orclieaper than
ordinary mode. Cope iv.
II, C. Hoyer was In llolse Friday
purchasing goods.
J. K. Illuckab) made a business trip
to Caldwell Saturday
Louis Hurtle is prepared to
almri.oii votii sheiim. for ton
" i .
You probably do not Iniow It, but
It Is a fact taut our greatest task Is
to get lor our trade that wblcb will
Hire best service for the price. We
ak you to eouio in and criticise;
Unit will pe a help sfl us as well SS
to the public. The Varle'y Store, tf
A. F- Toniilngsen has gone to Itio
gan to look after his sheep.
Day old chicks, whito leghorn
and white rocks. Polity Pool
try Farm, phone !M, Fruitland,
Hurry Lewis, proprietor.
Charles Cox. the buggy man. who
-- ill.. winter 111 low. i. letiniieil a
cents a. id guarantees satisiac- few dayH ngo with bis wife and child
(tn and will be here for the summer.
Thcmsa Kohout. the JomI.ui Valley w .,, iUUUgl. ,,r ame
ln,.t,hu..t was down In his ... w Stl N ,o .,.,,.
S" "' Variety Store with a Mfl The. TLe
W. W. Wood and daughte, ,re home )mmm -
from the John Da, -non. u -, not keep you from look-
tobk Mrs. for a operation- "lis snuu i u t a u,
1 inn over our display. A little cash
Tell your neighbors about our , wU( buu(l)w ,rlt, VHrlet).
hig club offer. '1 hey iUre,.v8t tf
would like to get ne r,u. u c Qf (hu KmmttH K,
tour inaga.iiieB, no uuv jvn, "
ony. was here Friday looking aiui
only 11.18
Mr- and Mrs. J. Kdwu.i. or v.. ilI1()
ert passengers o.r .... ,,.limied from Westfall
morning. h.r. iiu.v were vlsltiiut friends.
! '
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hunt were
0WI iioin their Dairy ranch on Sat
unluy taking a holiday
Mi. Robert Duncan of Vale and
, .. i u-tli) is d wn from Conn, il
this w.-ek looking irfter matters In
It. K Sow ait is down from Mid
vale, looking after a law suit at Vale.
Floyd rtagSTi ' Camliiidtje, Is here
this wek on business.
Mrs. Fred gWlSJ a passenger
for Holse Tuesday.
Mrs. D was visiting with
p Hieii Is Tuesduy.
As a mle locul advertisement
...... ... t.. .lHieiuiud unon ; "'
iv sjsjp ---r
answer tbeui you have tbe opportuu
Ity to see tbe goods and deoide upon
merit and cntt. Our plan U to ask
for little of your time, giveu t
look lug over our variety stock; If
you see auythiug you want all
right, if you dou't. all right. Priues
are always rlgtt. The Variety Htore.
Dr. J- Priuzing was called to Mal
heur City Monday oil professional
Miss Sue StoeUel, who has been
sick for the past few days is reported
Improving slowly.
The Saturday night dances
given by the Ontario Concert
Orchestra have added a special
feature to the program, the Har
mony quartette, singing all the
latest songs with orchestra ac
compuniment, M oring a big hit
with the large crowd of dancers
Mrs- Oaks, of Jamieson, were calling
on Ontario friends Friday.
Barney Harrold of Wutson was
married at Caldwell, Idaho, on Sun
day April 12th, to Miss Hattle Pen,
of Ceuterville, Ark.
Ft Sale or Trade First-Class
Iti.". acre farm. Free soil iu Wll
lameite Valley. Three mile- from
Juuotlou City. Seveu roomed bouse,
(iood oarn. Maobiue shed, stock
shed, other out buildings, intludiug
.. . u... .....
orop. lour union oo. ""
Mower. Disc Harrow pulverizer,
Drill. Sulkey plow, walking plow,
large barrow, hack, wagon, buggy
and other useful artloles. practically
new. Uood graveled road, rural
mail delivery, telephone Hue, school
(uIeTighth mile. . Will sub divide
if desired. C O. Casel-ser. Juctiou
Citv. Oregon.
Manager Prahl of the Eastern Ore
gon Land Company has just returned
from a trip to the interior looking
after the oompany's property
Special rates will be giveu to all
studets registering in oil painting,
which will hold good until May 'J.
1914. Class will be formed June 1st
and coiitiuue thro' tb summer. For
further information ph.. n SI in or
call at tne Millinery and Art Store,
Ontario Oregon.
A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs
Oscar Neese on Monday
On Friday a son was born to Mr mid
Mrs Wm Fit 7: living west of town
A young son arrived at the home of
Mr and Mrs Frank Rader last Friday
Frank says his business is growing so
fast it. is necessary to arrange for
more clerks
100 aerss of partly improved wheal
land at $52.00 per acre. Will oonsi
der house and lot or acrcHge iu nr
near Ontario. What have .Voi.'.' I
Frank McKlrny. K. F. D. Uox 0(5. I
(Jambrlilge, Idaho, IT 1H
The registration here shows 'XM rc
pablleai s, 'S.'M democrats, ")2 prohibition.
17 progressive, 24 socialists and 12 in
dependents, a total of 67a
Fresh cows, .Terse;, and Indian
H ier duck eggs, for ssle. A II.
Itamey. Fruitland. 17 18 pd
Qsofgl M tirnwn, who has been din
trict attorney of Douglas county for 20
years and is a candidate for attorney
general, was here this wecl Attorneys
who know Mr lirown say he is the best
qualified for the position of all the can
II I Husted ditd Wednesday nfter
noon and the funeral will be held at 10
a in Friday from the Congregational
The Ontario Orchestra and Harmony
Quartette, conducting the Saturday
night dances at Moore hall, will, owing
to the crowded condition of the hall,
start the dances at vllu sharp, with
music by the entire orchestra and
The baseball Kami between the clubs
of the eighth grades of Fruitland and
Ontario, resulted in a score of 0 to 10
iu favor of Fruitland
Charles Cronin was operated on Sat
urday. He had been kicked by a horse
A L. Cock rum, of the First National
Hank, returned Sunday from a trip
east. At Kansas City he found a boom
in new buildings. Business is improv
ing and crop prospects bright.
Wauled An outfit to oontrsct
pulling up about :;mi acres of alfalfa
hay. 17 1H p. I
Mrs. W II. Clement entertained the
Hndge club this week. Mrs. Fraser
got the high score.
L M. Conry, travelling passenger
agent of the Northern Pacific Railway,
was here Tuesday looking up business
for his road.
Rube McCreary, founder of Adrian,
was in the city several days this week
on business.
K. M. Hruwn, leader of the Ontario
Concert Orchestra, returned from a
business trip to McCall and Payette
Lake. He reports things opening up
in line shape,
Mrs A. A. Record, or Poise, was an
over Sunday guest ol Mrs. McBratney
Mr. and Mr Wes Caviness were
down from Vale Wednesday.
bay in your supply of hardware at
the Ontario Hardware Company's sale.
A. Winans, of Portland, who has a
ranch in Surprise Valley, had an arm n Tuesday, while trying to crank
his auto.
At Dreamland on Friday evening the
oratorical try out resulted in Crystal
West being selected The judges were
Mrs Oriffin, Supt Cotton, of Fruitland.
and J R Blackaby
Arrangement.-, are being made to
have the Ontario Concert Orchestra
give concerts iu the park Sunday,
assisted bv local talent
Do not forget the sale at the Ontario
Hardware Company's.
Saturday is the big day at the On
tario Hardware Company's sale
Potato ContractH Wanted
T. D. Turner and Co. of Oklahoma
City wants to make contracts with
growers for 300 ems of potatoes.
For partioulurs see their repictetu
tite. J. A. Bowers of Fruitland,
A protested game of hall was
played here Sunday between tbe
Weiscr and Ontario teams. The
game was protested because the
Weiscr team contained (old
stein, a member of the Boise
.ub and Knotkabee. of Noinpa.
One of tho rules of the league
provides that any club playing
men who are not members of
tbe dub will forfeit om hund
red dollars. In order to make
i liunge in the membership of
the club a two weeks notice
must be given to the directors
of the lc.'igue-
Tbe game wus a good exhibi
lion, with the breaks against
tbe Ontario team owing to the
players failing to bunch their
bits when they bad nidi Ml
There was a large OrOwdJprtt
cut, the representation from
WttSOT being HPSCtwIly ROOd,
about half of the number.
It was the seventh inning he
fore Weisci got a man on a bMi
Thev then scored two runs and
another in the ninth.
In. tbe first inning Ontario
got a man to third, but the
iiiiiled hit to bring him in was
not made. Again in the second
a mail reached third, Willi
three men on bases, when the
batter was called out on a strike,
which ninny thought should
have been a ball oh the catcher
nad to reach to get il. Iu the
ninth Durnell scored on a hit by
lirockman walked two, made
one wild throw and struck out
I!. Coleman struck out (i and
missed one.
Phone 81 M.
miss o. in ix
Millinery &Art Store
Ontario, Oregon
Agents for the Victor Ladies Tailoring Co., Chicago. Millinery
work of all kinds, lessons in Oil Painting. Art Needlework. Orrier
work a specialty. Designing and Perforating. Free
snns. Stamping. Hair (iood switches made from your rnmhings.
D. M. C. Kmbroidery Floss.
May Term of School Starts Monday, May 14th
The Only Strictly Un-To-Date Business Col
lege in Southern Idaho. Largest Enrollment
Most Efficient Teachers, Best .Equipment,
Strongest Courses, Most Successful Students
in the State.
Start Kitfht for Business Success. Enroll Now.
Get Our Training;. Act at Once. It will pay You.
School in Sctwion all Summer. Write Uh Today
Link's Modern Business College
A. T. LINK, (.en. Mjrr.
Telephone 1 0.1.r J
101.". Idaho St.
Hoise, Idaho
Means Not Only Time But Money.
Do you ever consider how lonjr it tsllM to travel tli.' distance
INS! your house to the Ihietnr :md Merchant and what time
you save hy telephoning? If your time is worth anything, you
cannot aM'oni to ! without I Telephone.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
1.1 &... Id,,. IllflVail li. II ullhl.i
where tie lm.- m lumitlon wltti the
IIiiii'i!hI ForwMtiliiit: finiiimiiy.
T. M. I.,. u.t, of the Miilviile K
porter was hi-rt- seursl deys tbl
wvek luiikluu sftnr nun- Iiimih
UIHtliTS. Me I. in. I of It,.- llllt III'
st MldVMle vfetlt hero uuJ ihiU
Unit the lest tlmii be wes Iu Outario
Midvalt sollVrid from lisd lire,
Prof. B. (i. Ihiilt-V vsu called
to Hoise last Friday to net as
)0dgi '" the ftate declainatoi y
contest l'uyctlu wus awurded
lirst on dramatic, Boise o u ora
torical and humorous.
The annual lield meet with
the team Horn Boise will be held
here Friday afternoon. Then
will he twenty hoys here from
Boise and the bOfli boJTI should
have all the support possible
The stmes will close to permit!
ill to all. I.. I
200 Acres for Sale
Fifty acres has hern seeded to alfalfa.
Some buildings. All under fence.
Rsjlrosd line through tract. On Soaks
river. Well drained heneh land, l-dec-tric
pumping plant can Iv installed for
!?12 per acre. Will cut up to suit huyer.
Address Box 12S, Ontario, Oregon
For Sule
l'ig8 and shouts 1 steer calf.
4 miles west of Ontario.
J. J. Dillard.
Always on the Job
It you have a job of huuliiiK you
waut done, lure or small, you can
alwavs 'I' i'1-iil on I in, I.audiuKfiBUi
beluK ready for you. Call him at the
Moore Hotel.
Idaho Sunday School Con-
vehtio at Weiser, May
20 and 25
Murk the dale uud wuteh tliia .y r
for further news of iotereit Iu cou
liei'llOll Willi III' . iillfiiHK I. fin ,
eiulter that this is international and
Is ot xreut Interest to all uf us us
there are vital topios presented that
touuh upou our social urobleuie i
as they effect our state aud our !
houiea. These are discuased lv tnen
bo know. More than a huudred
delegates alone are expected. M. k
your owu cleleuatlon complete early
Mini let this convention bs the I. in ,
starter for your home work.
Mrs. John Ihoinpi-nu, Writer, lo
oal secretary. Or. H. li. Oudlev,
Chairman publicity cummittie.
Think c
I tion at 1
I what it
I owners.
I populari
I lightlies
I pendahil
I Five bj
I of the 1' old
I nineteen: th
ill f. o. I, l li la
I Qst ' atali.,'
it motor car transport;i
s than two cents per mile
costing thousands of Ford
It's a hig reason for Ford
Other reasons Ford
-Ford strength Ford de
y. Better get yours now.
d sixty nine dollars in the priee
runabout; the toiirm,' Ml I
e town ear ci(ht nineteen
rio, compli'lc with equipment.
and particulars from
Ford Garage