The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 16, 1914, Image 7

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0S Scattered Over Ocean
.Crave" Were Wasted.
.., n v Frlwedi f John
WfhTr,!',.V-rT.v to hMf Of btl
drowning laal July that Ike
''" -... tli nf roses mi I III'
f." "
...i .llilni "lP talking IllMilll
,M. fell"" III' WIIH for almost
vtinT liny " '""" ,n"" ktappad
wiii'i"1 i'1""'"' WB0 ,,W,M " ,l"
!" ,.,,, iiociif. mid. sticking out hit
Jerked. "Howdy, Bill."
iHtrl) bad n nt. i mm biwie
f ,,, coDtrlimton t tat www
inrByan laal '"'.v.
" ., ;u kwo Ben, Hill? I'm
BBS Hi" "'Mil
m. liii" V'U r"r 010 worth f
f',.,.., BcnntlM." said Fnrrcll.
abo. I'm W 10 IN .oii
final v" drowned?"
Lfff i!'""'-' return spread rapid
, ,gnn (be "oltl guard" wit
piling him Them t in-y Baked
It II ITT i Jill. W'hO iis Willi It) ill
Ml led nwajf lust July In a
mi ,i go 'I nil mliihT. QUI Mini mt
, iltrd ii. pin. iinil Ills parents
n,,.. him US dead
ih aura nil right," said Ryan
in ierniy working nt aooaa
s MM Ii" 'lliln't think IiIh
,, mill Iw u "tried nlioiit him."
I ,,, i,, ,i imi boat weta foiiini mi
!illnl Iri' Ii. Ilftri'll llllli'H from
law iw day altar Ilea paif loft
r iiinl .1 aline IdcutlDSd iin Ryan's
del picked up
h rt'ii. bed I'll" llnd thnt 1ny."
Rrnn. "and got talking ovit what
r p PatchogtM) nn for n
xmiin villi i "il blood 'No future
ml pint,' ml fllll tO Mi" l'tM
It fur tli" big laagUoV -ii lil I. Mini
mtn i ".'nt to South Carolina
worked "IT mil on. and II I 1 1 1
mini, in Jets) I ha rani bsbb
fur oaths No; i iiiiin't aonw
with n bnii-ii of dough."
All Appear on Examination Pa
p,r, of High School Pupil.
i ut all dlhToront anjtjm of
j IsiimvIi'h," none correct, have
fuuiiii "ti raganta' aiaailenitloa
of iiik'ii arbool rtndamta by tka
Haa division of tin' state .'in
i ili'iniriini'iii
i Tartatknt dbtcnrsfsd in aaaue
itm mi,'
li'rt, i'scIi's, csnsclcs. Ice, isseles,
s, i',,,s, Is oles. mi tiles.
. Iscolos. I cnseelcs, (sensclcs,
I,". ooe, i-iMi'liiiiiM. IscosolcS
"'II'. I- It". IsoeelcSe. NlN'lU'H.
I - I ' Ii'-.., Isochis, Isnen
. Isnlles, Is.dlccs, si.os
knaalitiM ," . oies. BNMcntla
oaelea, iv.i.(.iirt. iMacotaa
I line, Isiisllo
... lis. laiaailoa
i mh'Il'm, IssoIIhcs.
iIm, naiiroloa
8fly Navinnts tho Neverain
River and Cac.ipe.
Jerri, Two iIiht. atand
art iii.l I'.i.l.iui.' neither to the
earth toft, I'M---.1'ii here mi an lea
tin' , .-i -ii,i; rlvar. Tnoooatedi
'!' a it IiIhn too awtftly moving
taouted it ihr door. Imt thi-y
!i" bwd .ii 'i dbwnpaarad down
I III ii BUM Of If", plpviia, ht'll
i. lanlMH "i mii klnda anil dabrM
q 'i'" rintlon
i"'l thai at tin' , niitlui'iiri'
DaJawaro and NaToratah tanfaa
rtrta in ii ih., kIuhv ami tlu deer
il "IT iiii.l mailn for tin; Jithi-.v
Haa, Inforniatloaj from oakiumi.
iii "'iinn. -,is (lint tho anlnialN
ana .ii Hi,' rlvat at that iniint.
IM Iin.' triad to k'') up with
Bfi l.ut ill.' rnyiinj watL-rw run ao
I tli it (lu-y arota hoiiu outdla
!er pond n Kanaaa Produoaa
Rcord Break, n0 Numbar.
laV Kan. iiiree aud onohalf
I flub fioin un uore tUh poud in
ilils Id thu reoorJ oluliuwl
aaaaaf U L Dfnaat, tate flab
m wurden of Kuuaaa, for on
aaptlteMlaJ i)iida at the ataU
BOBMI at t'ratt. And l'rufaMor
u)a that hu could do it uguln,
uHdfiit. wtth m little care-and
r aupiilj. i'rofeaaor Dyche be-
"nt Kanaaa nm tie luado a
Bb ftute. Huntlug. he aald re-
h) out of the mi, -Mi.. ii, but he
'hat there U sufficient rainfall In
lte t0 k'S'p and raise tiah by the
dual ,..,( DyCne uud nl8 Deip.
arad ;,448 Dab. wehihiug u
I taftra than 0,780 pound. from
ad, u ,iie aire pond, last aprluK
0I1 a as stocked in 1910 with
fatrllnga. Next aumuier auy
farmer who baa a pond can
ttany ftab aa are needed to atock
J from the statu oh hatchery
" rulsln,; tona of flah for hiui-
Tae flh wlth wb(.ll Dyche
a W pond Included black baaa,
b blue gin sunflah, common
uuflsh, hull head catflah, a few
r shad, Oar naan cart) and about
klfliili The goldflab are supplied
a 't the othera.
Only Six Feet Long and Haa Thrne
Horns Found In Montana.
vVaahliialiiii i iii'i'i- aic iniw bains
iisMiMnhh'ii in Hie National raaaratu ttn
in. in" of a rerj niiihII tbraa bornad dl
boaaur, iiirii is iwlim uada to tyH
Of ll H" v i"s hell MMntbaNJ It
win Im only aii'.iii si fret lonn Mini
tbrat f""i high, less than onoquarter
tin- stv.i' oi tho largeat tnernbera of this
family iin- I I is twenty t wn Incbaa
hliK. In IM miisi'iim m,. several skulls
of one of the largo horned dlnoaattfBi
Trlcvratopa, which i aura six to
el t;hl feel mill in one case nine feet
The grotto to wiil.h the new member
bolonfs be eallad the Cantopala, from
Hie hoins whleh ml. un tattjtff Inads -
two abota tba e."s ami m n tba end
of (lie Boat,
Its Jaws are like tlins,. af n turtle,
there balnil DO front teeth. Inn sliaii
cuimmI baak, Cnrtbar back in tbtjawi
are CUttlttg leilli. li, h iboW Ihe aii.
mai to inne baaa barbiroroni
Tbla spei'iineii miis f'.iiiui arltb tho
font iimi tail articulated, baing tba m-sf
romplete mnl enliliei teil sperlmeli e
obtained The fool has (oar toaa the
tirst with two bones, tba arond wttb
three, the fmiilli uiili BVe, while only
a trace of ih" tifih toe remain tend
tag to siinu the loaa of tint raetobor
throngb iii-us,.. ns s n,,. ,.:,, wiil till,
Most of the Forty Amendments
Promptly Rejected.
Martin Giving Special Atten
tion to the Children.
Washington. A feature of the new
administration in the PbUlppfnaa Ih the
educational program, wblcb is to ba
grautl) enlarged ami popaiMtrlaad Veen
Qornruor llandotaoa I .Martin, erao is
ais.i aee rain n of puiiiic InatrncteoBi hc
cording to advleaa racalvad bam tins
doter mined to devote himself esie.ial-
Wannnk agegfaaw R
AjMhi-' ' LaW
VRP'1 aaaaoBaV
adfe ' j
ly to Hie luiproM'Uieiit of the heaitn of
the Hii I iliiaileii. pnttlng tut" piae
tie th" old piisept "I -a '.'iliid nuiid
ill a ".mud hu l,
Already reenarbahla raanlta bar baaa
attained la tbbe dteweteon be tn llelllp-
pllie sell. ml-.. follOWletf I lie sie resHflll
"eniu eaiiipalcn" wlii'h linpnoi'd the
niitioiis aenong tka eialMraa in the
.Manila schools alone last year, out
of MjtalO children eiamtnadi t.hik iv
ipiinii (nodical attention, and aa re
suit tba more serious tonus of skin dis
eases ami trachoma are now under
control. In one province many chil
dren were allllcteil with hookworm
There are already nearly rWJO.dOO
Children i tba schools and It is be
lieved that kf this attention to their
welfare In u comparatively short time
the entire rillpino people will be great
ly Improved physically and meutally.
Proyr of Young Ofrioar at Columbia
Plaaaaa Denial.
Washington -The rapid progreaa of
the eighteen youug uaval offlcera un-
.!.. Inutrnetl.ill ill ( '..llllllliill lllll Versll.v
ua a result of the co operation between I
the Naval academy anu wiui hi
tlon. is highly gratifying to Secretary
Dunlels. be says. The officers are tak
ing a course In which the theories of
theruio-dyiiauil"s. machine design, elec
tricity aud radio are adapted to their
practical application In Ihe uaval serv
ice, and in which peclal subject and
problem encountered aboard ship are
worked out
To bring the two Institution clow
together the navy department furnish
ed the university with a large number
of drawing aud speclticatlou of navy
machinery, and the naval studenta are
taught the handling of this machinery
to enable them to deal Intelligently
with coutractora and manufacturers
and detect faults in macbluery sup
piled to the government.
Spear, a Wolf.
Marluette. Wla.-Alei Johnson, nsb
erman. Liberty Grove. Door county,
brought In for bounty a wolf which
he killed by spearing Off Rowleya
hay be saw the animal afloat on a cake
of Ice. He broke up the Ice by ram
inlng It with his boat and then speared
the wolf In the head with a pike pole.
The boiiuty la $20.
Liquor, Judiciary, Monopoly and Elec
tion Affected by the Bill Doolittle
Haa Plan For Recall of Judicial De
cuiona by Legialaturaa Theorists
Ride Hobbiaa.
waablngton The agitation in con
cress for the pgaggajg of a raaolution
submitting to the slates an equal nf
fraga amendment to Ihe federal const!
tiitiini has directed attention to the
man) attempt that are being made t,.
change nr inppletnenl the fundamental
law of the land Lverv DOW and then
i raaolution of this character b drop
bed into the hopper In congress, bui u
is not until il ntlra batch is eolle. t, .
and laid Ottl III review tli it one is iin
pressed with their real abrnlttrnnaa
There have i n periods of Bursal
and agitation before, but never BB
Midi n rarletj of cbangee been pro
posed i ngreaa as now Manj ni
ciais iii Waablngtoa even would be
urprteod to hnen that there an fort
resolutions pending before i iingroaa
peostdleeg for ebnngoa in the federal
The aiiieinleis w ant to i liaiiue altllimt
everything the executive, legislative
mid Judicial il ni rttn.'iit s of the n.,v
eriimeiit mnl they want to write I r t
Ihe fundamental law Battel a gnml many
things that cannot be Interfered with
by any part of the go eminent. The
want t' Nellie thlnus for all time, and
the strange feature Is that many of the
proposed changes were onotdered bj
the tatraria and raJoCtad as out of bar
in M) with the scheme of BJ0. eriiinent
which Ihe.V Were seeking to establish
of all Ihe propositions of this cliariK1
ter Bow before coimress that of Kcpre
seiilalh e liuollltle of Kansas Is prob
ably tlie most illibpie. He proposes to
aiiieiid article ." of the federal constitu
tion He has a ivetliod for the recall nf Ju
dkiill ileiishuis by referendum to tin.
stale legtslntures mid lint to the peiv
pie. Mr. Monllttle Is a 1 iciii.m rat and a
direct descendant of the Mrst colonial
goenior of Virginia.
Itepresentatlve Lnfferty. Del rat.
fr.en Oregon, suggests aii amendment
by whleh proposed amendment to the
constitution may be submitted to the
slates by a majority vole of the two
bouses of congress and be ratllled by
two thirds of the states
Itepresentatlve llardwlck of (ieorgla
proposes the repeal of the fifteenth
amendment and all after the flrsi sen
ten. In the loiirteeiilh amendment. BO
that all he would have remain of those
Wo celebrated a llietidllielils Would be
the ileiiaralli'ti that "all persons born
or lialiirnlleil In the fulled States mil
slibjii-t to the luiisdlctlon thereof lire
dtiaene of tho United states Bad tka
stale w herein I hey reside "
another group af BtessBBBd eountltu
tlonal aniendiiielits Ih directed at the
courts HoprOOQIltUtlTQ t'llllop. Ileum
.i.t. from hull ina. proposes that all
Judges Of the supreme court of the
1 lilted Slates slmll be elisled at II
preeidontlal ahecttou! four of wi
shall serve for four years ami ihe fm
eight years. Alter that BtSt election
the leiui of th" .Indues s,all ! elgtit
rears. Tka court shall otaet a chief
Justice, licrk ami marshal, aud their
ti mis shall be four years.
gaUjeraaantatlve Hull of Tennesset
prop.. ses to amelnl Ihe cnlistltlltinli and
jjie eongrsaa power to abolish any In
feiior court or the Lulled States and
to remove any Judges of such courts
by tWO thirds vote of both houses.
Itepresentatlve Itaker of California.
Ileiuocrat. proposes mi amellinSient that
Ihe judicial power of the liiited States
shall not be construed to extend to any
suit In law or tsjulty cniiuneiiced or
prosecuted against any state by citi
zens of another state or BJ citizens or
subjects of " f.-ielgu state or by reason
af the dtlienshlp of any corporation.
Mr Itaker waiiU to keep the Jnpa
nese question out of tho I'nltecl States
courts and leave that whole question
to California.
Heprescntatlve .Nelson of Wisconsin,
Republican, wants au amendment giv
ing congress the power to define, pre
vent and suppress monopolies, com
binations and agreements In restraint
of trade.
Itepresentatlve Kduiouds, a Itepub
llcan from I'hlladelphia. suggest that
Congress be euipifgered to establish
uniform laws of marriage aud divorce
and provide is'iialtlfes for violation of
the same.
Itepresentatlve I'etera, a Democrat
of Massachusetts, propoae to give con
greas the power to regulate the bust
ness or cTiuuuerce of Insurance through
out the Halted State and 1U terrl
tories and possession.
Itepresentatlve Henry, a Democrat
from Texas, prop "ses an amendment to
change the date ..I inauguration of the
president to th, ist Thursday In April
and the date f" the in tiling of con
greas to the second Tuesday In Jan
I'loldbltion Is the subject of an
other group of amendment Senator
Work Of California propose to pro
dibit iu the (iilteil States the sale.
manufacture and importation of dis
tilled llqu'rs containing alcohol except
for mechanical, stieutitlc aud medicinal
Notice lo Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
deisigmil bag been duly appointed
Hdmiiiistuitnr of the eatate of Philip
PfelnTer, droenaad) by the County
Court of thf flats of OfOgOB, for thp
cotiuiv of Malheur. Any and all per
-mi- Imvlng claim against the ,i i
estate Hie hereby notlHed to present
them, dulv verified, as rajqulrsd iiy
law, to the iiuderHlgned adminiHlratnr
at Ii a home In Weatfiill, Oregon, or
to bis atturney, MnCiilloch ami Wood,
of Ontario, Oregon, within six montliH
1 1 fiin iimi after Hip date of the first
pUblleatloB Of thie notice.
Dmie ami datcil and llrst puLlislied
thin l:i, day of IWaroli. 1!JI.
J. D. I'lilrinau,
Admlnntratof of tho eatate of Philip
Ffcilf it, deceased.
Balance of Different Funds in the Hands of the County Treas
urer at the Close of Business, March 31, 1914.
General nnd State Funds
General Road Fund
Contingent Kuui
i ietieral School Fund
I hiitiipierit Tax Sale
Indemnlt) Fund
I, states of Doesnead I'eraona
Migratory Stock P'urid
School DiqttirtH
Road Districts
City Tntaa
School Library
Irrigation Diatricta
in. id
(i.ill Htl
51 7. ho
2,H3fi r,i
SS, .19
:i5 01
$7n 7 Hi IH
Sheriff's Oflirc, taxes and other receipts
Clerk's Ollice fees for six months
General Road Fund
144,931. 17
Denntasttt uf the Interior. I" S.
Land otllee at Vale, Oregon, March
21th. ItfU,
Notice is hereby given that Henry
S. Button, of Ontario, Oregi n, who,
Ofj Oclnlet o-'ith, 1010, made BoUM
Ktt-H I hi I llcatinll No Olo'.lP. fur the S
W ' M . j . V i., HE , , N a H , . County Court and Commiamonera
Sect i hi 27, inwnshlp 17 H. , Range Hi J Justices' Court
E,, WiHamettn Meridian, has llli.l t'oroner'a Court
notice nf intention to make Final ( Insane
three yi'Hi- proof, to establish claim to School Superintendent
Hie land above described, before the ! Health Officer
Ragtotef and Receiver, U. 8. Land Fruit Inspector
Office, nt Vale, Oregon, mi the 110th .Stock Inspector
day of April. 1914.
Cliiimin.t names as witneiaea:
A. H, Worth. F. T. Akere. 8. D.
Moore, of Ontario, Oregon; Leon
lligliy of Fayette. Idaho,
llrucc It. Kestir, Keaiater,
Registration and Election
Sheriff's Office and Prisoner Expense
Clerk's Office
Treasurer's Office
Assessor's Ollice
Court House Expense
Circuit Court
Widows' Pension
Care of Poor
Jail Expunae
Tax Rebate
Scalp Bounty
Aancasment and Collection of 1 axes
Current Expenaea
County Sealer of;Weighta and Meaaures
Water Master
Department of the Interior. I'. S
Laud Office at. Vale. Oregou. March Road and Highway for aix montha
141k, 1014.
Notice i- hereby given that Albert K
Worth, of Ontario, Oregon, who, on
Total expenditures
-- Mi2
iiu n
August 15th. I '.i 10. made Homestead Balance Unredeemed Sept. 30th, 191!) $64,117.95
application No. 01527. fur H1,. HEJ, Amount laaued laat aix month 88,814.88
Section 27; N EJ NEJ Heotlou 34, Amount Redeemed laat aix montha
NW, NW'4 section 35, Town Balance Unredeemed March 31t, 1914
-mi 17 8. Range 4(1 E Wilts
no t te Mm limn has tiled mil ice of
Intention to make Una I three year General Fund Warrant unpaid March 31at. HM4 ... ,880,848, 18
proof, to eatablUb claim to the Estimated Interest on aame 2,000 00
laud above described, before the Reg Cab In General Fund March 3lat, 1914 ....
later and Receiver U. . Land Office. Exceaa of Liubilitie over Resource
at Vale, Oregon, m the 30th day of
Aoril. 1914.
(iaiiusiit names as Aitnessea:
Fiank T. Aket. Henry S. Siittmi.
O. A. Palmer, L. E Olson of On-
(Hrlo, Oregon
Hi lies R Kcetcr Register
3r,,i.2l s2
$100,77.. 77 $100,772.77
$ti2,MJ.ltt .. t
Balance uncollected Sept. 30th. 1913 8101,88814
Sneriff's assessment wince Sept. 30th 1 88.80
taxes collected since Sept. 30th
I'm ill and Interest 8,884.78
Balance uncollected March '.1st, 1914
Dipartineut of the Interior, C, S,
Laud Office at Vale. Orcgou, March ul3Tax Roll
'.'Itli, 191 1, Tax Collector's assessment since Sept. .'loth,
Xnlliii. Is h.-l,v uiv.-ii thiil ' Hv .-sep,. .mm. i-ji.i
r. rVkan. of Ontario, Oragoa,nko an,
October 13th. 1010, Beada Boaassguad
application. No 01661. far BM sWi STATE OF OREGON j
Section 27. uud N ',. NSVJ. Seei i.m QOUNTY OF MALHBUR S
84, Tnunaklp i"s. Rauge it; e.,
W illamctte Meridian, has tiled notice
$34.92-'.. 88
27.917 s:i
448,70s ss
BJ84 79
88,81 '.Oo
... $337,477.90
018 8,571.86
Balance uncollected March Mat. 1911
1106 808. TJ
$ 71.'
;. LOO
8341,049 -.'
I, JOHN P. HOUSTON, County Clerk of thu above County, do hereby
rertify that the foregoing ia a full, true ami correct statement of the financial
,1 Intention to make linal three year eondition of Malheur County, Oregon, us ahown by the records of my ollice at
.ii.of. t.. establish claim lo the land the cloae of business. March 31at, 1914. JOHN F. BOU8TON,
above .1. -ciil . I before the Register
and Receiver. U S. Land Office, at
Vale, Oregon, on the 3uth day of
April, 1914,
Claimant name as wltiieaie:
A. S. Worth. II. H, Sutton, O, A.
Palmer, D, BJ, Oleaon, of Ontario.
Oregon ,
lb uue R Keater. Register,
(County Court Seal)
County Clerk.
Wanted Ciirl for generul
housework, (iood wuges. Apply
ut Ivuder'rt residence or phone
The biggest hurguin we huve
ever offered our subscribers is
the Argus and four magazines,
all one year, for only 1.1.
For Sheriff.
1 hereby announce myself a
candidate for sheriff of Malheur
county, Oregon, subject to the
decisiou of the Democratic
voters of tbe county at the Pri
mary election to be held May
16, li14.
If elected as sheriff I will en
force the laws in all cases and
endeavor to apprehend crim
inals of whatsoever character
and I shall conduct business us
economically H8 is consistent
with efficiency.
J. A. Wroten.
For Sheriff.
To the voters of Malheur county :
Twill be a candidate for the
noiniiiution for sheriff of this
county on the Republican ticket,
subject to the decision of the
voters at the primary election
to be held ou May 16, 1014.
Hubert Odell.
For County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for tbe oliieeof county
commissioner for Malheur coun
ty, Oregon, subject to the ap
proval of tbe Republican elec
tors of said couuty at the pri
mary election to be held May
15, 1914.
Melville D. Kelley.
For Joint Representative.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for joint representa
tive for Harney and Malheur
counties, subject to the wishes
of the Republican electors at
the primary election to be held
May 15, 1914.
Frank Davey.
Irdln Smite.
Weat bound.
No. 17 Oregon Wash Ltd 4:17 am
No. 75 lluiitiugtou Pas 1.41 a iu
No. 9 Fast Mail 6:15 p m
No 77 Huntington Pass Ii 33 p m
No. 5 Oregon Wash Express 8)60 I'm
East bound
No. 18 Oregon Wash Ltd I 51 a m
No. 7ti Boie pasaeugor 8:50 a m
No. in I u.i Mail Hill P m
No. 78 Hois, passenger 8.80 V m
No. 6 Oregon Wash Kxpre '. 15 p in
Malheur Valley Brunch
The Vala train leaves Vale daily at
Ma. m. arriviug in Ontario at 8:40.
Returning will leave, except. Sunday,
at 10 a. m. , arriviug at Vule at 10 :40,
leaving for Brogau at 10:50. errlv
lug there 11 86, returning will leave
Brogau at 12 30. airlve at Vale I :30.
Leave Vale at 2:36. arriviug at On
tario at 3 -30. and returu lo Vale
at V p. m. On Suuduy tbe train will
come to Ontario in tbe ninrumg and
return at 7 p. m., making the ruu to
Horn' isle on that day ioatead of
The Juutiira truiu will leave Onta
rio Mouday, Wedueaday and Friday
la 7 a. m., returning at 6 p. in.,
teachiog .1 not hi a t 12:05 and leav
rng at 1pm,
Tbe Homed, ile train leaves Nysaa
at 2:45 on Tueaday, Tnuraday and
rtaturday, returning, arrive at On
tario at (i p. m.
Three Iota for sale 2 blocks weat
of postofflce at a bargain. Inquire at
1 Argua oillco.