The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 09, 1914, Image 3

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Miss Fern Hobbs Holds Unique
Position In Oregon.
Deliver! Message From Governor to
Violator of the Law and la Alwaye
Treated With Raipect Pay No At
tention to Threat Againat Hr, and
They Are Never Executed.
I'l'illiuiil, Ore The cures of ofuco.
ail exacting one, Inn, M,. HclHly m, .
nlioiikloi'M or probably the only wo
man piiMiic nerttary to pnwwc
of any (.Into In America
Mlvs I'orn Untile, has won fame and
limior iin tin- "iiuht liniiil woiniin" of
Governor OowaM West, Oteajaa'a un
Banal D octatfc eaecottro
W'lllii sk her ti.p to In- roiiyli mlti
liik' regions Of tin- stale, when kio
"loud to tin- utmost lirlyht of her live
foot tinea In, lies mill rend tlio pivor
ii, ii s ii,iriiiiii,itloii tinit oiilcri'ii doaed
tii,' s.iIikiiim run li.v ttto iir, need Copper
Bold olthiuls iiml Incidentally divest
ed tin- sunn.' city oilli'lnls of their nil
"I truly did fool nitlior llmlil when
I road In a morning paper 1 lint I was
to In- sent to ,i'n'i Hold. Imt It's pnrt
of my Job, no I trotted right along."
OOJtoMi of Unit MImh IIoIiIim refused
to any miy inoro nlioiit her trip
in. nlioiit ti frightening" part of It.
for us idle laughingly replied to ipies
tloim: "Why should I lit- afraid? 1
Iiml heiird tliut tin men were ii Imv
Ihi element, hut found tuiiny roMct
able people When I arrived 1 1 1 WON
quiet, kind ISd considerate
"There MM absolutely no noise to
apeak of while I rend the governor' a
message. These men. who tin, I vowed
vengeance on (jovernor Went nml Imd
Iliad. ommi brags Hint they would t
Bead my message, stood peiioefully by
Photo by American I'resa Asormt,n
UOVBKMUU WHT of ullti.'iN
the truck mid NooOMd to what I hud
to rend Some ot thelu inch shook
h. mils with me. and 11 number of wo
men carry lne suuill children culuo to
ine with lour In their eyes and thank
ed me for coinlne to their town with
Inw nnd order limit of me Yes. I will
iolmit (hut 1 did dread It at tlrst hut
Woman wouldn't'.' Hut when 1 not
there I just eot up und told them
what I had come for and It wasn't
bad "t "ii "
All the pleasing prominence that her
recent appointment has eh en her bus
004 "tumid her head." as our emnd
moi hers would Bay. She I Just the
same sweet, clever little girl who left
Hillslioro, Ore., several years ueo to
accept a ss.iti,n as stcnoifiapher In
the olllic of un nttoine.v In I'oillaud
II, r father is .). A llol.lis, who liven on
u farm near IIKImImji-o. and her mother
Is Just her mother
She alwuys studied, and she put her
bear! ud 8oui into hoc work when
e.he went to Salem as a stenographer in
the otli, e of the (OVOfMf BBO curolhsl
as a student in the Willamette OoilOfJi
Of Law and was eiuduated in the etoaa
of 9U lOTOtal nenths ago, upon the
re.siemitloD of Ralpk WTatOOOk WOO was
promoted from his position as private
OOtlOtarj to the BJOOOCBOt to that of
eoiporution comuil.ssloiier. Mis Bo b be
wai appelated to eaooood bio she is
the only wdinan ill the world who
holiU such a positlou.
At t'oppelUeld Mis Hohhs stood out
on the rickety little platform surround
ed by 11 11 interested crowd of citizens.
some in rues and most of them wear-
lne greet top booto nnd basiaaa hand
kercblefe ttod aboal their secte Orool
el by a sllen e that at times seemed
almost ominous, the little woman, who
would scarcely tip the scale at llo
pounds, fearlessly warned the city offl
clnls that the town must be (leaned up
at once or action would lie liken by
the Oreajoa state inilltla It Is said that
a number of threat were made moon
11 few, bOl as a -eiieml thine the OJOf
ernor' represeuttive wa treatwl with
the utmost reopeti Howevof. Miss
Fern Hobbs. lawjer und teacher, iin
pltcitly trusted Aujerlcan chivalry amd
be was not dUapioiuted.
J. A
Aged Man Acreptt Charity and Loses
Hi Wallet.
No Viol:. JitltitM A I'm-viii, assist
ant atatkni lunatrf hi i ii' IViinsvivnnin
station, had lost his raltll In humnn tin -ture.
Mo helped ii siiiisodly starving
limn Mini thou found bin pooeeaaed of j
tllOUS.'IIMlS Of (llllllirs.
The mini Waa evidently exhausted
und iihout to collapse.
"I've not hud n hlto to eat In two
days," BO murmured.
Having helped the old innn to n Pont.
Mr. I'n r tti rushed n porter nwny for
hot COffOO and sandwiches 'I'ho old
in. in RtO ravenously mid wept ns he
("Id his story.
The old 111:111 snld his nmne WOJ I'riiih
l.nne nnd on foot ho had draintod him
self nil the way from up state In nn of
fort to reach his son. whom bo hud not
seen tlBCO Ihey parted :it Sag Harbor
nfter 11 ipiiurel twenty years ago.
The 4M t i'n 1 11 for Sue Harbor was
nearly due. Deeply affected, Mr. Par
v In tried to cheer the old 111:111 up, paid
Ills faro. $'! Of to Sue llurlior mid gave
1 1 i 11 1 the , linn.,' from 11 live d"lliir hill.
.lust afterward Mr Parrta caachi
slyht of 11 wallet lying lllliler the chair
on w III h the aged uimi lunl Bat Open
J Ine H. he found the mime Cried I. line
on I he Map Inside were elht $1,000
I hills, crisp n u,l dean I twenty 100 und
: ton W Mils 110400 In nil.
Win 11 Mr. Kurvln overlook the old
I mini he demanded to bo repaid for the
sum already advanced. After much nr-
euiuent the old tun 11 did so.
Congressman Would Also Put Sailor
at Manual Labor.
Washington-Warren W. Itnlley of
I'elllisj Ivuiihl bl tradUCed III the house
n hill dlrectlne the president to "put
the oflleiTH mid enlisted men of the
iirmy mid tuny to work " Tin' ires
dent Is directed to employ the oflMOn
nml men In the construction of the
Alaska railway, the roelninntlon of
NWulllp Inilils. construction of Missis
slppl river leveo, river nnd harbor Iin
proM'ineiits. und Is forhhlden bg 1 1 1 1
Uilllllllll labor outside of the services
until the supply from within them Is
Mr. Itnlley Issued 11 stnteiiient In
which bO snld
"If we must hnve 11 huge sluudlng
nriny nnd 11 big nnvy nnd nil the Jin
;--"os ne ree tlinl we must In the Inter
ests of the w 01 Id I pen, e then let's put
tl 1 to work."
Daniels' Suggestion to Be Car
ried Out by - .ijilain Fuliam.
Anniipolls. Mil. t'aptaln Wllllmu f,
'ullnlii. Bl ilntendeiit of the Naval
icmleliiy. 1 is taken up the sueeestbui
Of the si lary of the navy that the
inlilshlpt.icii of the tlrst class eiieaee in
deb id's on correal subjects to ImproNc
their acquaintance with the news of
the day mid to Increase their ability to
think and lull, on their feet He has
had several consultations with mctii
borl of the department ,,f Pjajgllah and
oilier In 1 1 in I'H , nml oill.cis and will
endeavor to lit somelliln alone this
line into the alreadj rather crowded
Ullli Ullllli of the III st class
The Heed for s echll tralnluu of the
iiililsliipineu alone the lines of writlne
ilid speaklne on the topics of the day
has been reconi.ed. und much bus
been done to further It The practice
Of havlne the litM class men respond
to toaota HTM RtarUsI more than 11 year
pa by I'uplaln (ilbboiis. then Sllperln
tendeiil und Is curried on with much
sin-cess A parted Of aa hour and
tin I f or two hours is devoted to this
every week one midshipman uctlne s
toaotaaeoter, others responillne to set
oasts or niukliie eMeuiporamsius re
marks on en, Ii occasion in this wiiy
Ml h member of the ernduatliie class
has the opportunity of spenkine sev
ral tliui's durilie the year. Members
'f the egltefe department are always
oreseiit as critics
Boy Choru of Fifty Help to "Hu
manize" 8ervice.
Palladotphlo a choroa of fifty boys,
ii,r , oiisi, it-ruble tralalas with bo
small uuioiiiit of pat leu, I.', whistled the
i : Ji Ii tillO's In the senile, of the Cil
ary Reformed rharah here Tao i-'i'i
d tie Ii.miiii with their soprano
and the effect is said to have
been rataer atartllaa
Another innovation in the movement
for ' liuuiimi.lujj" such services was
the --all plrT OOfrlOO In the same
burcfa precadlng toe vblatUas,
Unjoint Shoulder Twelve Time.
Philadelphia. i'"i the twelfth time
within a rear Willi no xaaoado. thirty
vears ohl. a drivei applied for treiit
unit nt hospital aUffOHai from di
iH-ate.l shoiiltler blude Since the tlrst
njury the boar haa dropped from it-
0Ckt't eei. tin.,- the victim fives tils
nn a slight wrench
Boat He I Tallest Man.
Memphis. T.-i.ii .1 (i Tarver, twt-n
y eliiht yei.rx old. who is seven feet
'our ln -ties tall and weighs 307 pounds,
. ilins he i.s the tallest man in the
I'nited States lie was born hi Dallas.
Tex. His father wag not unusually
lull, and none of his four brothers la
quite all feet tall.
jf .', I$M
Utz & Dunn for
Beacon Shoe for
For Sheriff.
In tlio vnti'is 01 Mallii'tirfouiitv:
I will be 11 I'liniliilnti! fur tlit-
Domination fr ibarifl of tlii
county on bpBppabUotn ticket,
siil.jtit to the decision of the
voters tit the primary election
to bi bald on May 16, 1914.
Kolurt O.h -Ii.
For County CommiHsioner.
I lnrehy annouiK i- niyscli a
iiunlitlute for the oAoOOl county
oonraiaaionpr ioi aialbaui ooun
ty, Oragoni lubjaet to tlie uji
juoviil of the iUpoblioan tlto
tin- of fafald county nt the pri
iiiury election to he bold Hajf
16, 1!14.
M.lviile l). Kolloy.
For Joint Representative.
I lierehy unnounce myself a
camlidute for joint representa
tive for Harney and Malheur
counties, suhject to the wishes j
of the RopilbliOOn electors at
the primary election to he held
May 16, I '.'11
For Cfjfjfjtj Treasurer.
1 hen by UMiounce myself a
cumlidate f"i the office of
county treasurer lor Malheur
county, Onon, subject to the
approval m the Republican elec
tors at the primary election to
be bold May, h'th. 1914.
J. liulph Weaver.
1 .4.
1 '
$y J
We Greet You
most cordially with
new up-to-date foot
wear, for Easter.
We have many
pretty styles to show
Baby Doll
Colonial and
Pumps in
all Leathers
We Will be glad to
have you see them
For Sheriff.
J lierehy announce nyooll u
camliihite for sheiift' l Malheur
county, Oregon, lODJOOt to the!
dooloiofl ol the Donooratia
voters of the county at the Pri
mary election to he hehl May
16, 1914.
if olootod as iborifl I ovlll on
fuici' the laws in all casts and
ndoovov to opprohond orin
inal.s of whatMiivcr diameter
ami I shall conduit buoinOM U
economically as is OOOtlltont
with elliciency.
.1. A. Wrot.:,.
I'ai I A,K,-rliini. i.ln
Mniiey to loan Improved in
gated tarm.. W. II. 1 1-.-. little Co.
hots I'm Sale '; in Rivoraida
addition, near sub station. In
quire at Aryus.
Hay delivered in Ontario at
8.76 per ton. Call l'ruitland
livery. 1'honc 1091.
MOO buys 190 acres, 96 with
nod water right and in cultiva
tion. Inquire ll Marquise,
Ontario, Oregon.
Money Wanted $1960 River
side residence, insured for $1600,
box 412, Ontario.
W u int e d 1 m proved small
tract with buildings und fruit,
on lease. Address box 198 with
Notice in Creditors.
Notice is herebv Hivcn thai the mi
d.-iitifite I Iin been duly appointed
Hilinliilstiatoi of the estate of I'bllip
I'feilfer. ileeeuaed, by the County
Court of the NIhIh of Oruumi, for the
coiiiiv of Mulheiir. Any and nil i t-i
sous havliiu .-la una n. .mi I the aaid
eatnte are lierehy untitled to prevent
theui. (In 1 v verified, h re,U'ied tiy
law. to the on lernlyiieil ., llo In lul i .it ul
at Ii a home In We.tlall, Oriaon. or
to his attoineya, Mid'iilliicti nud Wood.
OfOatarlo. Oreumi, within ai. iiiooths
troili and utter the date ol the llrat
publication of thiv notice.
Done ami dated and lirat i ul I i-lo-.l
this l'.ith dny of Mm eh. lull
J. 1). I Ill.otO.
Ailm iiuntrator of the eetetO of Pfelllp
lJflller, dent lined.
Department of the Interior, I .
I. and Olllcti lit Vale, Olctfon, Muicb
Jlth, Kill.
Notion is hereby ulvin that Henry
S. Siitlon, of Ontario, OfOfTB. vvim,
on Oulobei Jith, 1910, iiiH'lt. II, jiii.
ptof I application No OIAOP, tor the S
W , N K ' t , N W, SK ' , , N NW , .
Sect lull 7, 'loWIIHllljl 17 S . lelllge ID
K,, WHUuiutte .Meridian, bus lib :
notice of iuteutinii to make Kliiui
three yeai piuuf, to establish claim to
the land above demribed, before the
Kea later oad Bocolfar, r. s. Laud
( lithe, at Vale, OtOflOD, Oh the 10th
day of April. l'Jll.
Claluiaut iiHiiies an wilmuaes:
A. H. Worth. K T. Alois. H. D.
.Moure, of Ontario. Oreuun , LOOB
11 1 sc ' ' V of 1'ayette, Idaho,
Breoo K, Kest.r, Beaiotor,
NOTI01 fOl in m.ic vrioN.
iiepartiueiit id the luteiior, I'. S
Laud Olticc bl Vale, Oregon. March
'Jlth. l'Jll
Notice la hereby Khun that Alia 1 1 1
Woith, of Ontario, Oregon, who, cu
Ferris Shoes for
Rfeses & Children
Neendh Shoes
for Boys
AilKUhl I ilh, 1010, Iliad.' Iloilie.tead
application No. 0108T. fat S1, HK1.
Section 'J7, NK NKi Section 14,
NW, NVV', aurlion 18, Town
ship 17 S. I.' I. illa
no tie Meridian, ha tiled uotice of
Intention to make Dual three yeai
proof, to stul'l lali claim In the
I Mil. 1 nbove denci llieil. before the lit),'
Inter and b'e, elver U. S. I.un, I Ollice.
ut Vale. OfOPJOa, "ii the :il)tb day of
Aunt. 101 I.
Claimant names us witnesses:
Kiank T, kcrs, Henry S. Siiltnii.
() A I'uliaei. I.. I. Olson of On
tario, Uroajoa
Itiui'H It Kaojaf Ketfister
ill Ml,
Ibpaitineut of the Inlerlur, (', S,
i.amiiMiice at Vale, Oregoo, Marah
j i ih, mi i.
Notice is Init-by glreO that I' i link
'I. keiH, of Ontario, Oie'oii. who un,
October llth. Illlll, made II, inenteail
application. No "U'.HI , for S ' SVV
Hi el i iii - . I N ' NW, Beetloa
ii, i ... aahlp I7s. KaoRO Id I
1 1 in m, ite Mei ni inn, baa lil' I ii ll loo
of iiitiutl'ii to make linai time v ear
proof, I" OOtabllob claim in Ibe land
,. deeerlbodi before too Koatlater
ami Receiver. 1.' S. Imlel I Mill e, at
Sab-, unoii, on the :i"th day of
A I ll I'M t.
(' a. a nil names as witnesses:
A. S. Uorth. . S. Sutton, O, A.
i'.ilmei. D, I.. Olesoii, of Ontario.
in-.- in ,
lb ii a K Ivpi, ier. Kealater,
a n ted I in I for gauoral
bouaaworki Good wages. Apply
ut Radii's roaidonoa 01 phono
BO i
Tin biggOOt bargain we boVf
ever ol'lend our tubOOl lOOrl is
the Argus and lour mOgOjinad,
all one year, Im only $1.18.
la i
J o 1
& V?
f : "'V, ss r