The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 02, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
President Willson might re
port that the man who wrote
the platform lias changed his
mind ahout the canal toils.
Kev. J. S. Calvin of Nampa,
l'reshyterial Huperintendant of
Missions will occupy the United
Presbyterian church pulpit next
Habhath morning and evening
Come and hear him.
Mo Hratney can save you
money on mattresses, springs
and Iron Beds. (.Jet his prices
and prove this.
Mrs Arthur Moody was down
from Vale this week visiting
i with her mother, Mrs. A. A
E- M. Brown, leader of the
Ontario Concert orchestra arriv
ed from Payette Lakes, ho re
ports cold weather there, and
the season not opened yet.
Inspector Witherspoon sug
gested that paint with a small
percentage of arsenic on the
trees, will stop the rabhits and
mice from harking them.
Judge i. L King was called
4o Vale Monday to look ufler
legal matters.
Floyd Huger was down from
Cambridge over Sunday. Ho re
ports the propcets for business
in that section as very good.
Mrs W. W. Wood is visiting
with frinds ut Canyon City.
Walter (llenn has returned
from Klko where he has been
lookingafter Nome cattle for the
P. L. 8. Co , during the feeding
Mrs Bray, of Oakland, Cal.,
is visiting with her sister, Mrs
Ed llnlery.
The ladies auxilliary to the
Commercial Club met and or
ganized by eleclirgMrs (ilcnn
as president and Mrs Morton as
secretary. They will meet on
Saturday at I p. in.
The baseball men have not
heard anything further from
the Helena team about coining
la-re to practice.
There will he a game at the
grounds here on Sunday with
the WtitW team.
The Ontario team this year is
computed of experienced ball
players and all they Mtd ll team
work to get them in shape.
How to Detect the
Alum Baking Powder
"Which are the alum baking powders;
how can 1 avoid them unless they are named?
asks a housekeeper.
Here is one way : take the can of a low
priced powder m your hand and read the
ingredient clause upon the back label. The
law requires that if the powder contains alum
that fact must be there stated. If you find
one of the ingredients named alum, or sul
phate of aluminum, you have found an alum
baking powder.
There is another and a better way. You
don't have to know the names of the alum
powders. Use Royal Baking Powder only;
that assures you a cream of tartar powder,
and the purest and most healthful baking
powder beyond question.
The registration books are
open Saturday evenings.
On Saturday next the compo
site irrigation committee will
meet in the Commercial Club
rooms here.
Miss Webb, who has been vis
iting with Mrs Walker for some
time, left for Boise on Saturday,
where she will attend business
Mrs Johns is home from
Wallowa county, where she was
visiting with her (laughter.
Bicycle tires in stock at all
time at Me Brntuoy's Hardware
o ml furniture store.
Mrs dimming is in Boise
this week visiting with her daug
hter. Mis Wells, of Boise, was the
guest of Dr and Mrs A. (i.
Moore this week, with the two
William Simons, of the Alex
ander Company, with headquar
ters in Boise, was calling on
the local agency this week.
There were two car loads of
hogs shipped to Portland Friday.
John Kigby, of the Vale Enter
prise, was calling on the Ontario
business men Monday.
Thos. Davidson, the oil man,
was down from Vale Mondav
on oil business.
An Easter sale of home cook
ed food is being arranged by
tile ladies of the Episcopal
Guild for Saturday April 11 tl:
at 11 A. M. It the If, If, Co. store
The Ladies Aid ami JTOODf
people at the Cougregatioual
church, will give a feast of seven
tallies on Sat April 4, from f to
S:U0. Every one cordially in
vited.W iitch for the pluce.
fc Hi .it m-y is now moving
his Hardware store to his furni
ture store and will in future
convev both stocks together.
T. II. Waale, the pioneer bee
man ii N.iuipa, was lieru Mon
day looking for some bee pas
Ben Brown has sufficiently
recovered from his recent oper
ation to be around.
L. J. Hadly, the Vale capita
list, was lure Monday on husi
J. B Biglow ami Art King
have lieen appointed riders for
the Owyhee ditch, for tliis sea
sou. Water has been turned into
the Owyhee ditch.
The hoys and girls of th.i
High School celebrated loud
sox day on the 1st, and some of
them were certainly loud.
Palmer Trow, youngest Hon
of Mayor Trow, is down with
an attack of spotted fever. He
seems to be getting along all
Mrs Taggart, of Vale, mother
of I). Mi Taggart, of the Ontarie
Hardware Company, was opera
ted on ut the hospital Monday
and is doing fine.
Mr and Mrs A. F. Toiiningsen
came in from the sheep ranch
at Westfall Monday. Mr Tonn
ingseu is suffering from an
attack of lumhngo. He reports
that the sheep are all on the
range and that the iamb crop
was a good one and the weather
fine, so there was no loss.
Mr and Mrs A. L. Coekriim
have gone to Kanas City and
other eastern points. Mr Cock
rum will be gone a couple of
weeks and Mrs Cockrum will he
away some five or six weeks,
visiting in Oklahoma.
John Peed was around with
his ammunition and guns this
week. Joint is laying on flesh
and gives as an excuse that he
int smoking.
Judge McKuiglil was down
-it in Vale on Monday, holding
a session of court. The state re
ports that tiie institutions for
wayward girls are full ami the
utitiiorities are at a loss to tind
a place for the girls' hut there
is plenty of room for the hoys.
Lloyd M. Simons, of Boise,
was here this week visiting with
his futher Ad. Simons, of the
Alexander Company.
Mr ami Mrs Kalph Eckharilt,
of Boise, have been here this
week visiting with friends and
looking after business matters.
The Ontario post office re
ceipts for the year ending March
lift are the largest in the his
tory of the office, running ahout
nine thousand dollar The year's
gain was about ten per cent.
The Hotel Moore will continue
to serve Table de Hole 1 1 n m-1 -Sunday
evenings from 6(10 to
8. Dinner 75 cents.
To Make Your ll.iii
More Beautiful-
To ivr your liuir tbat ((loan Mini
limiir and wavy ellky eutti r.-.-, u-
llmilimy Hull li-uiit itit-i It take.
uttuy the dull dead leiolt of tin- ban,
mil inuki-M it luiylil turua it,.-
rtl IUk'Im. -- Into f luttllifi-i own-inure
iii.- oily SJeVoM an. I leavaa a nmi,
true i'ii-m ii.iirani't- uiakea tlie ti.oi
euait-r tn put iii nt-atlv eud eaaler to
k-ci' Iu i'lai-n. It ia juat exactly
it ia iiaiiii-.i h liau ticuiii it ii i , aud
whether your bun la uuly un or
beautiful, it will improve it appeal j
.met- You'll be dellubtetl with tin
re. II Its. Siuiplv epiuikle a little on
your ban- i-acb tune bettire brusdnv
it Contalna uo oil; will not ubaiiM)
tt.e oolor of bair, nor darkeu uruy tian
To keep your buir aud acalp daudruft
free aud dean, uae tJarniouy Sbauipou.
llii pure, li'iuitl abaiupuo ia uioat
t'oiiieuii-iit io uae, becauae it Kivea uu
laataiitanaoii riob. foauiiutf latber
tbat immediately penetratea to every
part of bair and acolp, iiiauring
quick, tboiouub cltaoilDK. VYaabed
otf juat aa iu ickl v. tbe entire oper
atiuu take mil a few uioDieuta.
Cunt. i in. nothing toat can baiui the
bair; leuvt. no l.urablieaa or .lick
uM jiiil n ft MMlttM ceauli
Bntb re jatioua come iu odd
liai i- I. vi-m ornaineiital bottlM,
witb f i rina er t.. Iluunouy Hair
t.i ai.t i; ier. J,W Haruiouy Sbauj
poo. 5Ue liotb iiuurauteed to aatlafy
you in awiy way, or your iimun
back S' I ouly at the more than
TO, 00 K.all titorea, aud in tbia 0l
only by ua. Outerio Pbarujcy- On
tarlo, Oit-gou
Reward and no questions
asked of the person who will
return three rings and a mans
watch chain taken from the
lodge homestead in Henry
Oulch, three mile? north of the
A ndei soot i wiiiu sheep ranch.
One ring was a Marquise one
of small turquoises and pearls
one a single turquoise, ami a
light blue sapphire iu Tiffany
setting. Heirlooms. Watch chain
thin gold with several long links
of platinum.
Mc Bratticy the hardware
dealer has two Domo Cream i
seperators worth "". 00 which
he will sell for SiOM each,'
These he will guarantee to do
first class work.
Three Iota for sale 2 blocks writ
of poatofhYe at a bargalo. Inquire at
Argue ntfloe.
Order your Easter suit toda
from ('ope i Dutinuck.
Have you registered at the
city hall?
Tell your neighbors about our
big club offer. They surely
would like to get the Argus and
four magazines, all one year, for
only 11.18.
There are a good many people
who think that since J rape
Juice diplomacy lias failed to
bring about peace in Mexico,
it is time to trv grape shot.
The dances conducted by the
Ontario Orchestra at Moore
Hall Saturday evenings continue
to draw large crowds, the iiian
agement will commence the
dance at N-.'l0 with music bv the
entire orchestra, to enable every
body to dance.
JT Saturday, April 4th., we will give
with every cash purchase amounting
to 50c a package of Easter Egg Dyes.
We have Easter Rabbits, Chickens
and Kewpies for the little folks. Easter
Cards and tokens of remembrance for
your Friends, and a full line of Den
nison's decorations for your entertain
ments. While they Last, a pound box of
Easter Chocolates and a Kewpie Doll
for 65c.
Opening Days April I Oth. and Nth
Millinery & Art Store
We beg to announce that on
Friday and Saturday, April 10th
and 11th, we will be prepared to
show a complete line of Art Goods
and advanced styles in summer
millinery; also imported and hand
made neckwear.
You are most cordially invited to
call and inspect our line
Mrs. Clara ilarrell. Hiss Georgia Hull
Ontario, Oregon Oppoflite pont office
Blue Stem Seed Wheat
The best in the country.
White Dent Seed Corn
Raised on dry land.
For Sale by
H. J. Russell
Phone 81
The Rexall Store
WcJHer, Idaho