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a) jtmMSk. ii - u
This Marvelous New Discovery of Science Ought to
Be in Every Home For the Relief of Pain
Head flir following (. itlmnnlal n a
remarkable run- I.. one ,,f 11 tfitiiiiiirN
I'l "III III. Ill hllllllPHH MlPllt
--- w
(Iropti lllver, Wyo, .limp ur., 1912
Hnmlltoti-lleacii Bah (jo.(
Some ten years ago ono of our cltl
7.CHH. Henry Stein, a mining man, was
IpadPd In a mine II. nerves and nms -
cles became narulvzed. leaving him ah
aolutely helpless and unable to wait
(ion hltnielf In any manner. His
peach win Impaired, being under
stood only by thorn- moat familiar with
him; hla body twltrhed and ahooK
from to foot rontlnually.
Thouaands of dollars had been
spent consulting socialists and prom
Jnent physicians In ' Chleavtm. St.
Louis, Denver and Salt Lake City.
These noted gcntlyinc-ii diffpred as
to the nature of the real disease.
us no such case had vet been known
to them. After belu.i treated for
weeks, fir nmn
ths. as the case might
be, he would be informed that his
case waa hopeless
This spring he was once more pre
vailed upon to try a sptfclaltst In
Salt Ijike City, but he returned home
after having apent five weeks In that
city, and bis case was given up as
hopeless and Incurable.
A few daya after hla return a dem
onstrator of your "TRY-NBW-UFK"
machine took up the caso of the now
hopeless man. and the result, after
only five week's treatment (consisting
of two treatments a day) la marvelous
and almost unliellevalile Ills speech
has Improved ami he can walk half a
block, can use his arms, hands and
limbs, wears ahoes and the twitching
For Sheriff.
To tlio voters of Malheur county :
I will he it cuiuinlntc tor the
iiuiiiiiiiitiiui for .sheriff of this!
, ,, , ,. . ,
countv on the Htiitililiinii ticket,
Huhject to the decision of the 1
voters at the primary election '
to he held ou May IS, 11)14.
Hubert Odell.
Vtr ('iiiint iiinnitssimit-i-.
I hereby announce myself a
-candidate for the olliieof county
commissioner for Malheur coun
ty, Oregon, subject to the ap
proval of the Republican elec
tors of said county at the pri
mary election to be held May
1"., ii14.
Melville D. Kelley.
For Joint Representative.
J hereby announce myself a
candidate for joint representa
tive for Harney and Malheur
counties, subject to the wishes
of the Republican electors at
the primary election to be held
May 15, 1914.
Frank Davey.
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the otlice of
county treasurer for Malheur
county, Oregon, subject to the
approval of the Repuhlican elec
tors at the primary election to
be held May,, 1914.
J. Ralph Weaver.
For Sheriff.
1 hereby announce myself a
candidate for sheriff of Malheur
county, Oregon, subject to the
decision of the Democratic
voters of the county at the Pri
mary election to be held May
15, 1914.
If elected as sheriff I will en-
" " '"uuuuniwuuwui 1 i ; - r-TTn c mrall
and Curing Ills.
Is gradually growing less; In fart un
loss ovclteH I. ....,.l., ....
- I ., id kxiiii-i; J'CI ccpillllf
lining wpII known, hln cine Ih bclns
watrhpd by many with Interest, and
till- CHIP Of tlllH h.llflllM (IIHP.'IKP Will
lip due to your "THY XKW-I.H.T.V
- iiiarhliie. which wo saws .rUi."o ,!,,
1 Foe Una that wn will . ;,i.i h.
vise von nf a cnmtitntn I-
short time, we are,
(Signed) Very truly,
(HAS I. YOINO, Ileal Kstatp,
ROUT. I) .SMITH. ItPal Kstatp.
I. O. ('HKISTKNSKN. Merchant.
J. 8. LOGAN, Confectioner,
UM. C. LA ROB. Constable.
Hnmllton-lleach Sales Co-
Since sending you n statement
my Improved condition a few weeks
:,.-,. ulll In ilnln n.v i-nnv..-e la
u.n ((H1 ,,, .,,.uollH ,, , ,,,. t()
,,,i ... i,u . , ,., ,...,., .1..,-
(the flr ,n ten yaari,)
Such a blessing to mankind as w m, ,n" wnolP uom
TRY NKW-UKK" islioiild be noted Inflammatory iheumatlsm la per-
In every city In the I'tilted States. haps the most lalntul malady known
Not beliiK able to wait upon myself to mankind It la caused by parti-
In any manner for ten years, and In clea of uric ac'd which are deposited
two mouths of treatment with TRY- iy the blood tu the tissues of nerve
NHW-LIKK" being able not only to and muscle, unally near a Joint
do all these, but to attend to business
seams Incredible aa hundreds of clt
Ixens of ohr city will testify
Wishing un success In your great
work, lam very truly yours,
The above is an example of soma
of the many testimonials which tbo
Hamilton ll .0 ii Sales compuny havo
1 on their flea.
I force the luws in ull cnaes utiil
I eixleuvor to ujipreheud crim-
inuls of whatfloever churucter
mill I sll.ll! COllllui-t IlllhlllC'SS UK
,, :,..
ecoiiomii ally us is eonttlMDl
... ... .
J. A. Wroton.
iAiippirirn tmfCDTIOCUCUTO
bLHOdlllLU HUlLnMOmLll 10
Pnul AilvrltlKRK'llla
Money to
gated farms.
loan improved in
W. II. Uoollttle Co
Lots for Sale ii in Uiversidd
addition, near sub station. In
quire at Argus.
Hay delivered in Ontario at
(8.75 per ton. (Jail Fruitlaud
livery. Phone 1021.
H00 buys ItiO acres, 35 with
good water right and in cultiva
tion. Inquire Rex Marquise,
Ontario, Oregon.
Money Wanted 1250 River
side residence, insured for $1500,
box 412, Outario.
Wanted Improved small
tract with buildings aud fruit,
on lease. Address box IM with
Waute'd tJirl for general
housework. Hood wages. Apply
at Rader's residence or phone
30- J.
The biggest bargain we have
ever offered our subscribers is
the Argus aud four maga.iiies,
all one year, for only $1.18.
For Rent Two room house,
two blocks north of school house.
Rhone 20-K-3.
40 acre desert claim for sale
24 acres cleared, under ditch
survey, price $50 for reliuquish-
j, t r
nient. Address box i 4, Ontario
Is the latest discovery of science
for the teller of pain, (lie curt of
sickness, ami the n i i.i:m and
strengthening of the hodv which for
any rp""" ' w'nk and nlllng Doct-
' ,IB rccK'p$ thin truth, and nap
I .'Try"New-Llro" '" t"pr private nrat-
,. I Vce A" "MMg Banltarlums are us-
lug and recommindna It (for their
No matter In what respect the bodv
Is allltiK acute disease o rmerely gen
eral weakness and lack of vigor and
vitality, "Try-New-Life will work
wonders. It ants directly on the cir
culation, kncac'lrvKi and messaging the
musclea and causing a freer flow of
iife-Klvlng lnood to thpm; soothing
""' tlnd nn'1 aching nerves; stimu
lalitIK tllC JiilHUt .otfllllM to ,lo til. Or'
work well; giving the skin a warmth
and glow of life In it.uul of ih.. ,l,.m. '
nuness of disease, and putting new
!.. IL. I
The irritation causes congestion, tbo
beicd vessel become clouxod and en
gorged, and this in turn causes more
it r. intern of the nerves and morfe
Little short of miraculous aeenis
lite effect jf Trv New-Life" in the
use of Its .ipiniculion. The piln die.c
uway, the ntivet are calmed, the
Ib'ood vessels are stimulated to carry
., ,
wunev Lenacrs near uao iidi
m 1
Charge Excessive Interest.
Aggrsgata Loans Estimated at $500,
000, and tha Average Interest 150
Par Cant, or $750,000 Law of Con
grssa . Evaded by Monty Lcndsrs
Moving Across Potomac to Virginia.
Washington. -or ail the shady in
terests which are carried on by ov em
inent employees in every department
the "loan shark" evil Is suld to be the
Worst- For years department beads
and bureau chlcl liuu- failed to ntanip
out Hie class of men who carry on
the business among their MMBCaStM f
lending small mi ion at , cn-otely largo
rates of interest
In tin- i,i:i,e of the I'nited Suites at
torney lot the Di.-trict of t'uliiiiihin aro
lileil at tin- present time no leas than
titty distinct cliargeh of "loan shark
ing." the olieinleis lueludilitf profes
sional nione. lenders In a preliminary
statement ie dill., KlVeii out Asslsta lit
District Aitoine Uivaa said that no
less than l.o- o ouiplainl.s of violation
of the loan slmrl. law have been re
CSivasJ Irom parson who requested
that their names U- not made? public.
A little over a year ago congress eu
acted a drastic law against "loan shark
lug." The Interest rates whl,ii had
formerly ranged Horn oO per cent to
300 H-r cent a year, were cut to 1 per
cent s month For a time it was be
lieved that the business in Wasbingtou
was deud Then the money lenders
put their heads together and several of
the profex-.auials who maintained of
fices in the downtown secUou of the
city tried the first evasion of the law.
It Is aUuit tw, .e city blocks from
the western edge of the downtown dls
trlet to the VI i inia side of tha I'oto
Dine river. v, inn fifteen feet of the
high water ni.rk ou the Virginia nlde
of the river two or three of the lend
era built off , ea and hung out three
balls. An Interurbau electric line gave
easy a, es- to and from the city. Signs
: . " " i
giving notice of the change of location
awa the ovor-Eupply and relieve ti
cungpsnon, tno riesh blood dissolves
ami takes away the uric acid depos
its, and healthy conditions nre set up.
Nothing will convince you like a trial
of Try-New 1 Ife" Come In and get
u till-1 free.
Lumbago, the 1 nek-brenking pnln
la the small of the back that makes
you walk aM bnt over, with the aid
of a cane, or maybe keeps you in
bed for weekslumbago Is mxhln
but iheiimatism of the muscles of the
hack. Its cause is the same us tin
cause of all other kinds of ri n.iii ,,,
and "Try-New-Life" relieves It In an
instant, just as It docs all other kinds.
Stiff neck, or wry neck. Is merely
rheumatism In the muscles of the
neck, so that you cannot turn your
head. Sometimes It pulls your head
down, sometime ( ,, H,,. ,UII
sometimes you go about looking over
ono shoulder nd always suffering
pain nnd inconvenience- "Try-New -Life"
will relieve you.
Rheumatism of the joints Is called
articular rheumutlsm. or arthrliU 11
Is due to the same cauae aa all the
other kinds-excess of uric acid, which
the blood has dupolted In the Jolnta
In the form of crystals. It acts Just
llkv sand In .machinery, acratchlng
and cutting, Inflaming ths nerves
and blood vessels ami cuuslng pain
whenever Uic clnl Is moved, The
joint swells and grows very painful
and finally, If not relieved, nature
causes u bony growth which makes
the Joint stiff and misshapen for all
time. Hut "Try-New-Life" will give
Instant relef from pain, and, unless
tl-e Joint has been permanently made
useless by bony growth, will relore
use of the joint-
Ooul la a very close akin to rheu
matism, but In this ense Hie uric acid
Is deposited In the form of chalk, us
ually around the Jonta of fingers and
toes, (ireat, hard lump disfigure the
Joints, and pressure of these on uorv
e and blood vessels causes great
1 were dlHplayecl before their downtown
I Washington offlpea and several other
shops itore signs of a change of real
1 deuce to Alexandria, Vs., Ave miles
dnw 11 the Potomac.
Thus by cO-operatlou among the
money lenders the entire professional
loan shark business of Washington
j was morisl to Mrglnla. with the ex
' "I'tim. of the auwiu-ur" money lend-
.,,, ,.....,: ' .."':. . '"
, . ...- ,.,- .- toiiiiii, in me ,11111 1 nil I
the district attorney's offlce Is deter
mined to stniui out.
It Is suld that a negro messenger In
the treasury department accumulated
over f.Vl.OOO during his thirty five
vears of M-rvIco through loaning small
sums ut excessive rates of interest
One of the money lenders established
between his Washington otfi, e and hla
.i aa. ...
ttf -. Ill, tlk., I P ,, ,1 ....... ,1 1. . I...1.M
,,,,,,,, ... ,,,. , , .
automolille livery service for clients in
downtowu WiihldnL'ton. across Poto
mac purk and the Highway bridge Into
irglnlll. It proved loo expensive, how
ever. Washington, filled with residents
whoso homes are elsewhere, has prob
amy ine apatlietle civic con
s leme In the world Its population la
nearly as cosmoolllau as thut of At-
l.uitlc City, and there Is a spirit of I
rivalry as to dn-ss and flout" in the
v,ry municipal atmosphere A man
vv lib a government position has a pres
tige lu bis home community thai few
iiher positions of .-mplovmen, , r.nfer.
ihe In, umlaut thinks he must llv0 up
to It by spin the lrcs and maiiiiera
, f the Idle ri, h The messenger with a
lalarj of turn or f'lSi a vear alms to
dress like bis superior, tile clerk He
da-s not want the public to think lie la
I mere messenger. The clerk would bo
'Ii v islon i nlef, and be aspires to dress
the part He goes the musssniSf one
better i llowlai blasasif t,, be drawn
into te ultra atmosphere of petty ao
, ml affairs in Washington, which rare
get him anv where i he diwsloti
, ilief ilkes to lie mistaken for an us
sistaut secretary. Aud thus tin- merry
).aiue goes on
Telephone Enables Dying Man to At
tend Wifa'a funeral.
I'atersou. N J. Kx Judge James
inglls. confined to bis bed by pueu
luoula. beard b.v telephone the funeral
services conducted over the body of
bis wife in the parlor below.
A ball like transmitter was IlisLulled
In the parlor, and wires led upstairs to
the room where Judge Inglls luy.
When the Itev. Imvis Stewart Hum
Itton. rector of St. Paul's Bpiai opal
church, began the service a receiver
waa lifted to Jud-.-e Inglls' ear audi...
, ,, . ,.
"" "V' iucir mini ine issi wiiru waa
spoken '
pain and swelling. Relief is afforded
by ' i'i New Kite " An obi OMt
ame Into the store with t badly
hand !iadl crippled by gout. Two
fingers or her rl-ht hand she had not
elated for two years- And within ten
minutes she was opening ami closing
thnt hand with enae, and with no
IniIii .lip shed tears of gratitude,
for she had been told that her hand
would be useless the rest of her life.
Rheumatism, gout, ncurnl.isln. sciat
ica, lumbago no matter whnt lt
form Is positively relieved b "Try-New-Life."
Tukp no man's word for
it. but come In and lie relieved of that
! pain ami see for yourself. Hamilton
Beach Sales Company, Pinny theatre
! building, will give, you free demon
st rations-
Nervousness is the great Amer-
can disease, and a nervous break-
down la the specter that always
tine. lieu every Amerlcnn woman
One treatment glvea nervous
persona n good night's sleep.
I Mager Comes, direct from the
main office will be at the Ontario Thar
macy ten days. If ou are suffering
from any of the following ailments do
not fail to avail yourself of the free
( atarrb
t ntarrlial Deafness
(irculsrl) Disorder
1 old Hand- and reel
(old In the Head
Constipation ,
Nolite 1o Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the un O 'ltiaar. L. I Olsou of On-
dnrslgneil lisa been duly appointed ' tarlo, Oregon
administrator of the estuta of I'billui l.iueo l Hester Hegistar
I'feiffer. ili-oensed. by the County J
i 'ion t of tbn Htatu of Oregon, for the
county of Malheur. Any and all per
suuehsvlug claim- against the said
j .,,.,. lu,rt.b otllled to present
- ". iv -'
law, to the undersigned administrator
st Ins homo In We.tfull, Oregon, or
to his attorneys, MoCulloeli ami Wood,
i of Ontario, t)regou, within aix mouths
Irom aud after tha data of the il-, t
j inibllostion of this notles.
Qaajg Blll juU.,j B0(j ,jrit published
tui, i(jt), du, of Muroli. 1!H.
i , .. -
- ' ralrmau,
Administrator of the date of Pblllp
t'frilfei.d, ,..,..-, I.
Hepsrtmeul of the Interior, U. K.
Land OtMiie at Vule, Oregon, March
-1th. l'.IH.
Notice is hereby given that Henry
S. Mutton, of Ontario, Oreg.n, who,
,)U Outobei 6U, 1910, made Home
BtbM!l tlttMaa No 01 .VJ... for the H
w . .,,,,, vu, , u.,. L. .,, ,
2 i ln ", , "w I
H,,t,ou 21 l'"nshlp 17 S. . Kauge i..
K" w'""U'tte Meridian, lias tiled
uo,0 of uiteutlou to make Kinal
three year proof, to establish elulin to
the laud above described, befene the
Register aud Uc-ceiver, I,'. S. Laud
OMicc. at Vale. Orauoo. ou the .'Kill.
day of April. 19 I.
t'laiiimni uatucsj as witnesses:
A. 8, Worth. K. T. Akers, K. Ii,
Moore, of Outario, Oregon, I. eon
lligliy of 1'ayette, Idaho,
Mruce K, K.-sttr, Itegistci,
HI 27.
i '.-j - : 11..-1. of the int, i mi. (J, K
Laud Oftlce at Vale, Oregou. March
$411, IIU.
Notioe is hereby given that Albert S
Worth, of Outai io, Oregou, who, on
August loth, 10i made Homestead
application No. 01 527. for H1, HK'i,
Hection 27, NKJ NKJ Keotiou .'14,
NVV, NvV'4 section 85, Town
17 H. Hauae Io K Willa
mette Meridian, has tiled notice of
intention to make final three year
proof, to catabllab claim to the
land above described, before the Keg
... ., .,
isicr ami neceiver I,. O. IJHKI ililjce.
. ir i . ... ......
nt Vule, Oregon, mi the Ibtb day of
April, 1911.
II. noli nil I
I Digest He Disorders
1 Dixclness
I arai-he . '.
Far ilea
I 11I. it;. , I I'r.ivlate
Facial Neuralgia
tailing Hair
Klsslie III 1,'eituin
limiting kldup)
rreiiicnt I 1 nation
I. niter
Headache ,-
1 Hemorrhoids
It '
Intestinal I ah, lib
Lame Hack
Locomotor 1.1la
l.uiiilMMro ajLJ
crtnis ii. .11,, us
euriilgla i li'a
I "a In III Molomru
I'mIii In rhesl 1
liles j
I'nsl-tract are ( ondltlous ,,4i
I'ruslale, Kiilarged
1,'ciial I Usui-.
lihellilllltlMII j
SdaUra i .. . . j
Seiislllte Spine
Slioiiness nf llieiith '.,
Sore I In 0.1 1 1
Spinal uruiture H..J
Sprulns " ..
Mill Jolllls
Stiff k
Klnniaeh Troubles " T
Claimant names as witneaaee:
Frank T, Akers. Henry H. Sutton.
ol, Ml.
Norii'K I'oi; IM' in, u:tion.
I), pin tniunt of the Interior, IT, H,
Laud Olllce at Vale, Oiegou, Miuch
'job, mi i.
Notice In IihimIiv given that l-isuk
T. Akers, of Ontario, Oregou, who ou,
October atb. 1910, un-de Homestead
application. No OI.'.Hl, t,,i s .. sVi
Heel ion 27, aud N . i. Sect 111
14, ToiMiahip I7S, loiik- 1U K. ,
WillamittH Meridlau, haa tiled uotloe
of intention to make llnal three-year
proof, to , sti,l dish claim In the land
above deacrlbed, before the Kealater
aud Receiver, U H. Land Oltlce. at
Vol.-, Oregon, on the .'tilth day of
April. Ill I.
Claiiiiaut names us witnesses
A. S. Worth. . H. Hiittiui, O, A,
I'nluiei, , K, olesoii, of Ontario,
Oreg in ,
Mi une l( Kester, Register.
Ilepai tineut of the Interior, I . S
I, Slid H'ce ill Vale, lliegoli. Morel,
17H.. 94
Notice is hereby given that Thomas
II Iij. of OnlMrio, Oregon, who ou
April, Hth, l'.Hl, made II, one. lead
Application. No. 01 IM. for ttie K
HWJ and W4NKL Section , Towu
ship 17 S., I'.ange III R, , Willamette
Mcinliuii has Hied notice or intention
to make liiinl three vmr proof to
estalilsh i Isim to the laud above
des, i lied, I, lore the Kegister uud
I.', elver V. S. Laud Oltlce. ut Vale.
Oregon, on the Jsth day of April,
(iaiinsnt names as wltnesaes:
Al Siittnn, Carl l-ield. Mlaliie
Muy.Kd Musk, all of Onlaiio, Oregon.
Mruce K. Kester, Kegister.
Mormon Conlerenii' l uursiuns.
Via Oregon Short Line to
Salt Luke ( ily. Tickets mi nala
from point! north of Ofdoo
April 1 to (i, imlnsive, limited
0 April L". See agents lor rates
mid fnrtliei particulars. While
in Salt Lake visit the Utah Pro
ducts Exhibit.