The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 26, 1914, Image 1

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ONTARIO-The Future Metropolis of Eastern Oregon
The Banner Wool Market for the Interior of Oregon
(Bniati &vgw.
The Ontario Arjrug
leads in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us jrrow
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres is
marketed from On
tario each year
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 13
By Enacting a Law fo force
All to Fight them
If they are to be Extermin
ated in this County.
Following the suggestion nuidc In
the last Issue (if this pnper the 1 1 mi !
vnnl grange at Its regular meeting
lust Saturday evening appointed n
committee to forward a movement for
the extermination of the gopher. The
propositi has met with it hearty reccp
t Ion among the fanners of this lec
tion It Is hoped that the agitation
now Htarle dwill ultimate! cause i in
ptilsory poisoning ami trapping of
hl ,cts. ir heccssrry It Is put
pond in lake the matter up at the com
mi; I ml Tin o( the legl ilature and it
possible have a hill enacted that will
enable the countv to currj out the
work ax It should he.
l Is believed that III oilier grantees
and tin- loliMin leal bodies ol Hie e mil
i in .m the movement their up
p n. .. man) remark! agprorlng the
0 tlon have I D Ileal I on a','
lid) Some, to he Hill t'. '
plained thai it would reeell In mil
ore of ti
thii i
Ivi In raror of the proponl
n :... . o . ' oat th t
i tbta rn i u i n
i "
i lltkma in the weatorn
i ki is n t 'ia -
.. ulrlni tat le no
tion wncie the V ry lift of
the s.
il to lie haul Vl I' 0 I'O-
ii. found ti
through then dootructlon or erope,
but neie ii tnal in M earn the wat
er Soi in il; lion in.- mi mic.-d.
iiecill ring each ear Ii
lioili to the tanner ami to the
iliteh companies. I'l.lins e ill he
pointed to In thin locality which c-
M HOW It lb impossible to pi Opel l
ill'Ujite because ol the destructive
work of these animals. If this eititt
anion n l of work caused to the irrlgu-
lloaleta ooald on tppllod to utonaln
nting (he cunse there Is no doubt but
what the pent Maid M Pel nOdOf
trol iu one year and that in time
roan the) ooald bo areotleell) ester
i lose ttltdj ot the lite hi.-'ol ...
the IQOaiT r. -veals the tact that the,
tit nl t i il slowly, In fl'itc Of the tOOnV
in-; contra ol tho raiulti, tad
then DU In this ' 00
i inc. no lophera now although
the are silt t oiinded I... ial.ns
the gophers eantiul timl room to put
a new hole and build one wound 00
As it Is now the labor costs to i
tanner who t ne.- to MOB UM fOphon
l com his place Is almost prohibitive,
while the discouragement Of fcV inn a
lew column of gopher mounds each
iiioininl' is dlinotrtoatni
Monday evening "s the spring re
ception of the Knights of I'ytliiia a il
they had some hundred memiiers pie
sent to properly t-njo the entei tain
mellt provided
There wen- delegations ptOOOBl from
I'avette and Weiser.
Two dOgrOOt w.:. cu'erted a'ld a
sumptuous lunch which on
man. Ol d talks iiy th visitors and In
cat Knights
New York Theodore RoOOoVOft
was not with the section of his explor
ing party loaded by Anthony Klnln
when tho camp equipment wan lout In
a river rapid in Hrazll. according to
a dispatch received from Kiala by the
New York Times.
Kiala reported that the Hooscvelt
party, in good health, wns exploring
the Dulvitta Kiver (the river of doubt)
and wns expected to reach Mannos
early April.
Plain's dispatch was dated from
Santarein, llrazil. and relieved the
anxiety of the Itoosevclt family and
others here, as no definite word had
been received previously regarding
Colonel Roosevelt and oilier members
of the expedition.
Law For Women Upheld.
Washington. The in hour woman's
labor law of Massachusetts was up
held an constitutional by the supreme
In 1909 Massachusetts passed n Inw
limiting the hours of minors and w-o
men In niituulacturltiK iiud mechanical
establishments to fifi hours a week.
nml In I ami a i.'... with certain qual
irh atiims
Will Tort "Blue Sky" Law.
Partial i. da An nttaoh neon 'he ',
"Mine Sky" law of Oregon which Is
designed to wipe It off the statute
books will be commenced this week, , . . . , .
win., i oesapiatai nod potitloa for an'At the Crowley Kanch this
Injunction Is filed in the federal dls
ira-i court i the Nt it nnl Mercantile
eeatpeey e4 VnneouTori m. 0.
Sir Edward Carson, leader of the
Unionists party in U'ster opposed to1
Home Rule for Ireland.
flee clllcltaililni III Will lii
at the Houl. v.nd giailLie l:ull n
i u evenln under tl naeplt -
Of t'ue V 0 ') . I' of Out .no at w..n I.
the main attraction will tie a d -clainulOD
TfffBtttt fOt UM Ueniiu. :
medal . .1 thai ln offered i,!i
noeii) hj tie -""' tv. haghl roaai
ladies will take part in IB0 coin, si
number of whom nn aoll known as
en in this localt).
eial musical numbers have bOM
provided for the program and a mo. t
enjoyable eenlltg is anticipated io
which all If! most (oidiully nn ted
Thfere was a meeting of theCoininer
cial club Wednesday evening and the
att-ntion of incnibi rl wir called to the
rn ve to postpone the appointment of a
farm expert. The best information the
.lub could g.t was that the grangers
wanted the appointment mam -md i'res.
Lackey was instructed to ask the county
court to make the appointment at this
time as a good man was available.
Throughout the State For
the Primary Election
In May.
The repot II from Portland indi
cafes that the people are not pay ing
much attention to the registry and
that many will he nimble to vote when
the day of the primary arrives.
I'p to Tuesday there were mil. 114J
registered In Ontario and that Is only
a small part of those who should havo
thru nanies recorded. Of this num
ber 16t! W0r republicans, 1 JT. ileniu
crats, M prohibitionists, 10 socialists,
S progressives and 7 Independents-
The registration at Portland shows
there are two republicans to one of
all the other parties and It will be In
iug to note how many of these
will vote for the I epllblli all nominees
at the fall election and Low many
registered contrary to what IkOJ be
ll. -m
Season A Unique
A flair.
Btati Un lot u Lai is nas
mission lor the .in.,
peculiar dam i ... I ted la On
fur nti
of concri
.m III imII 'a n
t d Ullleil
sliape. I
i ) thi Ir loi m ' In the
Hiai is ii i ha
in i.e hauled s" in wnaoua. and
it has In en found cheaper to use steel
in i in e. non with ll
am Mill I.e. I tha dam will hold,"
Ml 1 Mr bOWtl . DU( ""' U I"' Il '"
usual one. Kven should lie
Slllictuie give wa.. then
wold be no lives lost, for the wal.-i
would descend into a deS.-i' lloW
ever. then- is no dangei of anything
like thai. The enlai Mm.' ot llle d.u.i
will eo.-t $;:n nun ' (lie. ...iaii.
This Is the dam a; UM CrOWlO) ran
eh owned Aiuleisoll and tiiwin.
J as. Wroten the deputy sheriff of
Jordan Valley, came in Tuesday with a
man charged With setting the fire that
destroyed the livery Stanle there Sat
unlay evening with several hOOal Of
The local water system i naha-d them
to keep tin fi'e from spreading.
The lo ., wa nbont -i",'(' vitkoul
any insurm.. lhe building was 00 nod
by the hod I ompany.
Mi Clara Harrett and m QoOfgiO
Hall blVI rented one of the Moon
Store rooi I near the Moore Hotel at ..i
will opi i I lillllaei y and
AilStoi in tne near future vYatcn f.a
opening announcement
That Have the Egg Laying
Record of the
Letters fioni the agricultural col
lopt shows the great Interest the
pmple of the state are taking In the
paultr) the are raising there. All
their eggs and engaged for weeks
ahead and it will he the middle of
April before they will have the orders
filled which they have received. All
orders are being filled according to
date received. If any of lhe people
of this section wish to secure a set
ting or two of these eggs they should
send In their orders lo .lames HimI.mi,
at (tirvnillK, Onrt The charge for
lhe eggs Is fl.TiO a do.en, ami only two
Ittll s to a person.
Will He Furnished by Agri
cultural College on
Ill fai iim'I s N ho waul to glow
alfalfa can n h j oultun of alfalfa
i ndlag 'oi t n.-di io i D
n 1. 1 1 1 I . . ol 0
I to
,-i to M foi enough in iin.i u a
. I
. , ! :.l out I ... ii i. . ...
ii. i - - - i i ... I ad
una. . .-is.
I e cut-
. I their name, stir
. i. ti op i. nt ... up lo I.,
and give two wi i ks notice I n -
only charge mite 10 the fannei
po. lage, em i .illy abOOl 'en
. nts a culture.
A gnat ninny runners an- going to
i.- Ifelfl a li lal loi the flM time
tills year llacteila and alfalfa an
insepeiabl) linked tngillier in sue-
caeoful piojiiction. Chancae tor oao"
i b) uslug
I OUltUri I u I 1. 1. 'ions Isii
. oiin-.. in ..oh pat aeni oal
.loin iin- ooUega
i'rogram Friday -Tib
Vale RepresanaUvi Uaurinc Ii i
will iiiiie iin- heart of old Hickory
NyOM Ruby Mom .ad, Here conn -
tin- Bride.
( tai lo V i..!i II I- ... Mil l'
"i.oggall slide
While Juice , decide, Greet Sago will
I recite in the I'siial way," Vale girls
will render a song and Ruth I.aakey
I will recite "How we hunted I mouse."
The judges are- Supn of ojuaot
Schools, George D KnlpcPrei Collage
I of Idaho W.I Room ,Supt. of Weiser
W Hoadlej
The dances given every Saturday
night, at the Moore hall by the Ontario
Concert Orchestra, continue to be a big
suci e:,-, the floor i.eing crowded with
dancer-, listening to the delightful
I music
Tr,c VS. C. 1 U. Will meet at
t Beptiat Church, Tuaaday, March II,
! at . '". Mi ladies wh i are
1 Helping and are iuU'ie.-.led in the work
are invited to be present.
Tort land. The states of Oregon,
Washington and Idaho will produce a
bumper crop of wheat this year, and
unless nil signs tail, the yield will be
a record breaker. Kxperlenced grain
men predict an out turn of at least
Tuiiiiii.tliMi bushels of this cereal in the
Pacific Northwest
These views are bnsed on the re
marknhly fine condition of the winter
wheat crop III the three states. From
the date of planting to the present
time, all conditions of climate, soil and
moisture have been Ideal From ever)
point In the Northwest comes an uni
form report of perfect growing weath
er and fine stand
The Increase In ncreagp hns been
more extensive than expected, averag
ing perhaps close to 10 per cent
throughout the entire territory.
The northwest last year turned off
a wheat crop of about 5ti,0i)0,000 bush
els. The record yield heretofore has
been Of. i. bushels
Idaho Railroad Rumors Revive.
la wl- ton. Idaho Surveyors thought
lo be In the employ of the t'hlcago
Milwaukee & St Paul railroad are re
ported looking for a route from lhe
bead ot the 1'ollaiili liver into the
l.ewlsloll count I)
Seattle Ex-Mayor Seeks Toga
s. nt 1 1 oeorge t Cotterfll, who
reined last week ns mayor of Seattle.
has announced his candidacy for the
deiuoi rai I. I. in for United
Ital i eaator
John C. Redmond, leader of the
Irish Nationalists in their parliamen
tary fight for Home Rule for Ireland.
a ten 0 WCI it the lal.
rounda on Honda) and quite crowd
Ol llJVei- ol spoil galheied to Willie .,
the i r
The lei -. w. i . ow led lo It
loi.i brothera of Ironalda ami i
ol this pin.
Tin- race vee a vi i one ami it
. D) at thi flalau thai tha Retbei -
ford bora noaad "in arluulUM
the $i,ii.i puise which I., lie Howard
had been custodian ol
lii. manager of I hi Helena Montana
Hail ti am has written that he will be
hare about tin 13th of April with ins
team for a practice of two weeks, if
he can get the proper aocOBMnoduUoni
Our .-Innate, good ground.- and ex
eellt-nt hotels is what attracts them
An effort is being made to y the
launtenn, players together I 'I
grounds for two courts.'! here an- MM
sixteen players here that show ml. i, t
A letter From the Inspect
or Which Covers the
Dreaded Disease.
Now is the Time to (let Re
sults from Pruning.
II. II. Witherspoon, district debuty
State fruit inspector of Klgln, has been
here this week visiting the orchards.
The following letter explains his stand
about cutting out the blight.
Klgln. Die. March It, 1H14.
Mi .lames LaetMJ .
OoaatJ l''iull Inspector.
Ill Inking up the vvoik ol District
Horticultural Conmiaal i tor tho
111 dllsrlct. ami niemliei ol the slate
In- ml I find ne.i' U all Unit growing
sections In Kuslein Oregon In i bad
plight owing mahih to the rapid
spread ol blight last aeaeon which
bids fall to glow win se la, , a;
lb n- oe prchardleti have paid
Utile or no attention to this disease,
.i..l ..i the i'lc , ni w i Ua tbei I aro
i.l ol 1 1 . .,. . damaged . id
w III he lo. I M III .. i I. , kill 01 I nl
problem Is a serious one, ami will
' !' I , Ii allowed In I
ii is sai. io ,- thai hundred of
a , ni. i be iin.- i ier a itb t on
mils ol dollnri ban Ls an tm nod
tile I I I
I i oll-
will no doubt
t. . tei'ialloii on
lis II.
.SOW III.. I lhe pi .ill U
Will p.
ll not all tin- il.
ai ieael the ipread ' in be itoppa i
and D) Us! cud ol lhe se. soa w, ,,.i,il I
he aide to , t have oat 01 -
plana U pcjei aaould flad naj
peisolls who will llol lake i-i' of
then Orchard! yOU know the law and
know w hal In do
I hope that rOU Will Ml able lo give
Hie l,el till dayi ol olll llllle tO Ml
peotion and Insliuetloti keeping iu
the in i.i nil lhe linn- yon i.os t i
v. no doiilil in n ol
ill. neccssar) blanks ami booh
gt ,,,,1, I, careful record thai will
I ttaad ihi teal In case we have to la
, , ii,. .,nl ol the law whb h will be
a la.i i. -I i I
n up Iu
a, i and -i
,,i n, p. i Hon and l.n 1
, ., I mi- a Written notice .
fill record ol aaaw
iiow no depullea appointed who
I,., i in sympathy with the oauea
.,,,,1 .piiiiii. d to iibet trim UlUibl oi
i in- next layi i.-. i lot
poiiatn pen. I in on ii U III ' ' "
avtll hi . a much ll run Wl11 uul
,. tho tlOM I" keep HI l
, :ci in milo- a toui 111 fOUi
i.,, , ctlni even on hard soon
.lit. tha blooming sc ion and I
, hi thai I Will Ii" I .on. III..
i ami aval i bod) oi king lor the
exte, mm ll'ou o Idight
imi as. kuipraoa upon nil that ihli i
nut U Ifllni iiia'i.i on th "thi i
hand is a 14 i lOUH f .-I" 'l1' " ' '
and will meat; and I oeaaol
tolerate Indl "" ""' l''"1 "'
am on.-, let us i t no far oi poaal-
1,1,. ll,, larVlCM "I the piess. mill
Commercial i Iu i and all t ' "'"',l-
and we will a. con. di D 'innli OthOI
II Wi.u.i... imnN.
I, id II. nil' illtuial loinlu