The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 19, 1914, Image 4

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Entereil in thp pOStoAflS Ht Ontario
Orairon, for trAtistnissioB through top
mailH ah secnm! -class matter.
M. K. HAIN. Publisher.
Ontario ran expect many visi
tors next year from the tourists
who will visit the San Francisco
exposition and the people should
start in now to make this a city
hcautiful. We have the climate,
soil and water and need only a
little care and trouhle on the
part of the citizens. Fix up your
yards and gardens, plant shrubs
and roses, see that your fences
and houses are painted and neat
and the stranger will ho favor
ably impressed mid want to 0BJl
his lot with us.
Two yeurs ago the lemoerats
were elected upon certain promt
boh owing to a split in the Rs
publican party and they have
had an opportunity to show
what l.liey can do, have made a
record and the voters may MM
whether they have been able to
fullill their pledges. Has any
one noticed any great big drop
in the cost of living? The re
cord of the government shows
that prices of the principal com
modities used by the people
have advanced. Look at shoe
and clothing and most of the
food stuffs. They cannot point
with pride to that plank. The
farmers all rcnlic that the tariff
was 1 1 1 in I for the consumers .,t
the KptOM of the producers
and the politicians are now try
ing to pMI a bill to give the
farmer (heap money, to offal
what the tariff has and will do
him foi, hut the bankers will
not permit it as they want UlOM
t"ii per cent loans. The tariff
receipts for I'ebrnary fell off ten
million dollar from Ho- previous
year. The income tax is not
Up to expectations, when it is
sifted down, in fact the whole
thing simmers down to the tact
that the Hcmocrats have proven
themselves mere politicians and
no", statesmen. The people are
eager for in hangeand will show
their feelings ut the lirst
In a short time the stale will
be in the biennial election con
tent and the men Irom the several
parties will be around asking
you to vote, for them. Some of
the candidates will bo running
on then peel rOOOrdl and you
will have an idea ol what to e
peel ol tin in in ease they are
elected others u ill advance
some kind ol a platform in order
to gain vour favor and -till
others dl rxnecl you to sup
port them bei au-c they are mem
bers ol a political organization.
Uoethels Is the man of the
hour, Io ha- made good when
confronted with the largest job
th"t ha- been undertaken in the
world. There are lew men
Capable Ol attaining tin high
position that In holds iu the
estimation ol the engineers ol
the world. He i- a sell made
man and his lite -hould DC of
much good to the young men
growing up who will lOOn be
Called on to do the big things of
iite Application is the secret of
success Most every boy has the
brains necessary to attain any
end, but lew will Apply them
selves SUtHoiontly to attain the
necessary knowledge SO that
when the test conies they are
prepared to do the work.
Mcmco is said to be borrowing
money from Japan, but where is
Japan borrowing it from"'
I Thr "JS ,,ozen
i eggs un ported ll Pacific coast
pointB from China hist week and
the traffic has hardly started.
What is this going to do to the
chicken and egg industry of this
country'' It is the result of the
tariff that was passed by I'uder
wood, who is the owner of large
factories in the South.
Secretary Lane is favoring a
proposition to limit the amount
of federal aid for irrigation to
what ilo state is willing to
duplicate. This would eliminate
all states where irrigation does
not predominate. At the meet
ing of the committees from the
Nyssa, Vale and Ontario clubs
here Saturday, resolutions were
passed condemning his position.
There are fourteen aspirants
for the position of governor of
Oregon, but the voters should
have no trouble in selectinjj the
man who will give them the
best administration as he is in
a class by himself. Dr. Withy
combe has spent years in post
ing himself on the needs of the
state, is perfectly familiar with
every county and is especially
identified with the stockmen and
farmers, having a farm and
stock ranch of his own. The
Doctor was here last Saturday
and condensed his platform in
these few words: "To in v mind
the three great economic prob
li in- of the state are good roads,
extension of iriigation and util
ization of our enormous electric
energy which is now going to
I molted- of farmers are rais
ing corn and hogs this year for
the lirst time, many of them are
also buying cows and building
silos. These things all spell
good incomes rtml prosperous
times, a community that im-
port! more than the exports
soon goes broke.
How many of you have been
writing letters to your frivuds
telling them of the climate here,
of the great advantages of Lav
in'; water for your (tops when
they need it, ol the benefit io
land by having it covered with
the sediment from the river
water and the hundreds of other
thing- that other sections me
not blessed With''
The poetoffioo department
claims to be running the lm-i
ness at a profit. What Of the
poor men who are being ren
dered bankrupt because of th
extra work foroed on them with
out Adequate pej "
Prank DeVCy( whose an
nouncement u a candidate lor
the legislature irom this joint
district appears in Another col
umn, is the kind of man no
can do tin- section some good ll
elected He has been in the
legislature before, having been
speaker oi the house, has ajwide
acquaintance throughout the
state and is a veay able man.
He is editor l the Harney
Count) News. It is a number
of yeafl since Harney county
hail a representative in the
From the east comes a new
dance called the "nsb wiggle,"
which suggests that DOW is the
time to get the hook
Hilly Sunday, the baseball
evangelist, has gotten half of
Pittsburg so it is afraid oi going
to hell ami the other half arc
ashamed to look Heaven in the
For Sheriff.
To the voters of Malheur county :
I will he a candidate for the
nomination for sheriff of this
county on the Republican ticket,
subject to the decision of the
voters at the primary election
to beheld on May 15, 1914,
Robert Odell.
For County Commissioner.
1 hereby announce myself a
Candidate for the ofliceof county
commissioner for Malheur coun
ty, Oregon, subject to the ap
proval of the Ivcpuhlican elec
tors of said county at the pri
mary election to be held May
15, 1914.
Melville I). Kelley.
For Joint Representative.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for joint representa
tive for Marney and Malheur
counties, subject to the wishes
of the Republican electors at
the primary election to be held
May 16, DM I
Frank Davev.
I'ulil ArivrrtUcmrnU
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Brief News of the Week ,
Smallpox conditions In South Texas
due to the Influx of thousands of
Mexicans who have crossed the border
to escape the revolution, It Is declared,
have assumed serious proportions.
To the tune of vehement protests
from Premier Ynmamoto, the upper I
house of the Japanese parliament re
duced the naval estimates from $80,
000,000 to $4f),000,000.
The skeleton of a man believed to
be many thousands of years old hnH
been found In the northern part of
German Kast Africa. Indications point
to a hlnh state of development.
A Judne In Chicago dismissed the
case against a man who had been ac
cused of removing a long feather from
a young woman's hat. The feather
brushed his face and when he remon
strated the girl called him an "old
An agreement has been reached be
tween the socialists, radicals and mod
erates in Copenhagen, for the exten
sive reforms In Denmark. Suffrage
Is granted to women and all electorate
qualifications have been abolished.
The Kentucky house of representa
tives by a vote of fift to 32 passed a
bill providing for the submission to
the voters at the election in 1915 of a
constitutional nmendment providing
for a statewide prohibition.
Twenty-five bodies have been recov
ered from the ruins of the Missouri
Athletic club building. Of these, 21
have been Identified. Klve bodies are
believed to be In the mills.
The dissolution of the t'nlted States
Kxpress company was authorized at
a meeting of the directors. This ac
tion was taken as a result of the re
cent reduction ordered In express
rates by the Interstate commerce com
mission. An Important change In the parrels
post regulations was made Monday.
on and after which day books will be
ii( iited for transmission as parcel
post matter. The rates will be the
same as on other articles, except that
books weighing eight ounces or less
will cost one cent for each I wo ounces
or fraction thereof.
rhirIM s a virtue of tlie
licni't mid not of t lo hands. Ail
Alns for the rarity of Chris
tina I'lunlty uinler the Min!
II... .il
lie I- truly ureal that is treat
In . Iiiuit Thotmis a Ki.iiih.
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