The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 12, 1914, Image 8

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From March 1 to May 1 Is a cloned
aeaaon for P"t fishing on the Colum
tola river.
flfato Hank Superintendent StirKent
tin. Issued a certificate to the First
National Bank of Umatilla to do bust
A aew armory In to he built by Mult
nomah county for the Oregon nutlonnl
Astoria's rainfall last nmoiint
od to 6.95 ineliea. The total wiih I 71
inches lenH tliiin that of the record
of the mini" month in irevloun year
State TreiiHiirer Kay lia ui.iw.l
fln.'iOO from the tre:iMirr of I'uker
county, which Ih the tli-i tO "
f .i nif-iit thin year on the first Inilf of
ax en.
Efint Bide lines of the SiniUiern I'll
olflc announce a five hour tmln serv
ice between Springfield and 1'ortl.nnl.
The exnct r j t . for btftnnln tin mi
pro imI wnriCt him not bMg kIwii out.
The I.Hke county court feta nppro
printed $2.'i00 lor use in reducing the
grnde Ht Mllllcan hill, on the Mt Ken
ale PlM Tie- forestry depurt
riieni will furnish $20Uo
Htnte Senator J N. HtirueHH of t'en
dleton sold IMii ImhiikIs of wool ut
13 rents a pound, nn adtraROa ft I cent
iiui M prlM reiilwd Ihhi year This
Is the flrnt Hiile ot the season reported
trout thill Meclloli
'lie Tlll;iinook Hay COMtflM Hon
company has been awarded the con
trait for the coiiHiructlon of the first
unit of lla I'lty's proposed municipal
dors, for $4 MM). Work will bu com
mem ed ul once.
A plan Is on foot to divide l.ane
rninity. Itleiniila, Mnpli ton and FtOf
ir cltl.eiiH have named delegates to
plan a program One reiiHoti for the
desired change Is the ImpiiKMihle ion
III k.ii of some of the roailx, It Is said
Hanks of Medford are offering to
take all warr. nit Ishiied III .liokson
conn'), at par The work of kotatef
Ing up Hie credit of the ioiint lias
been r.oltiK on for some tlinc. and
with excellent results.
Iriiue Acliesnii hoii the prohlliltlon
orillilli ill colltest of Allium College
and uill i ''I'l scut limn In the III
ten olleglatH pndillillloii oriitoi unl
contest of Oregon next month. Ache
son nmke on "The Lesson Kroin the
Cast and the I'rexenl."
Attorney lieneral I'rnwfonl. In an
opinion written ut the reipiest ol T .1
Thrill, assessot ol i'imis county, holds
that uncultivated land of the same
character iiml iiiuli of lontlgiious
cultivated land should he assessed at
the same Millie lor taxation.
KialigeliMl lliilglu lulled on (lover
nor West to semi tiiiups to "ilelill tip
I'emlliloti He asserts that grafters
are active with Hie saloon and ganili
Hug hitercsn, and that the city attor
ln letusis to ail on eilileine
llllS I ' H Hit lllslled llilll
III v I I .'III lllelit liu tllliercliloslM Ih
I, no. 1 1 nil In lit It M Brawl and
li i (Ol i. lies, s.inh a report lulu
V ' I'lsli, plel. I.llih the salmon.
I a .t tn in aiierinle lnjei Hons
I., Illlls lodUllll Hie llloilll Ot
the i 'a. mill ulilill I lie sennit Ih
lint v'O'i l.'epei ru Stei.nrl, a loo
iieei ot ttii' Iltfeietit slates and a
resident dJ UbM) coulltiuoliHl) lor al
most halt a ceutini. cell brateil lur
;til lt 1 1 li .) i at iiei home in ll.iu
Sin Has a 1 1 aidant ot initio's. Inw.i
and Oregon ill tile plouevr days ol
e.ich slate
luetitv acres ol laud on the fool
hills OVOrtOOktnf Smith Cortland and
v.ilinil al l n. has Just been do
II. ili it to the late ut (It't'Koli .is a cam
pUH lor I be tin Ileal ileiiartlliclit ol the
I lll el .i ut i l . I i. II In 'I Ol'i'KOU
Wasliliiclon liiilin.iil NavlgatlM
coint' nn
i i: i,'i,.,ii. for ihi I'.i't two
.ill ,ii i upuiu I li 'lie scene
ut i ;.. m hoi ' ei i nt clean up
following permit b I ha stale riui
i I
up. the equipment is eon, ,,ml t'od-
porfleld Is now mil) a fl.ii t ithjM
Qlvtng .i bl ogan. iiui iitinaiat
ownership ot public ajionopolle (1
i cmiiiii :.'l in. ' '.'I
llie people." I(c I. enl.itne I
,c 'i l.ii il iloual i
' lied In tei lural . ;nnll
date for tlu- i -. i bill I III II
i. . , . Hull Willi It C rtta I v of S'ate Ol
COlt 1 he state board ol OOI ii. null
lieil In Siipetii.U'ndent llolnei I ilie
state insane ,i.linu that I'. JOMi
II. .lines i'im'I ami IiimiI nriuer
) nt Kicl.rc.ill hiid filed sun ii Curt
land for lt,IMM i illegal
Picnic, latin i in the Wylun Bgalnal
her ti'iinci husband M HoJwra; .'
I leal, count) jmli;e of folk .oiint).
ami Mr H II Met ' loll Slid
I'he Lebanon I'll) Co PMi
ed an ordinance making II ' mtsilc
nn .it. or for .in MlnOI 10 Mlioke a eig
arette. or use tobacco II ) fom in"i i'he punlshmeut for tki
in si , rfOI is a i l't IllltUd '.t.'tii the
nUOil 1 1 .li I lidie. ami ! is a
lllle of li '.H J In lit)
hcaltl. "" :cr DM . ed 10 ( ml
am habitual clgarti iiior vllfe the
aihci mu.iic iciucdi. .
. . . . . . i . . i ii .in I...... . i. nn .i,
SWlUI .1 I'.innt l) I he slate riu1
I . i. mini toil In i In e the MaSf
i. it ion i I he depot is lio.mlBtl
Her Health and Strength Back
Again by The Use of Cardui.
Tampa, Fla. In a letter from thla
city, Mra. K. C. Coram writes: "I waa
all weakened and worn out with wo
manly troubles. My husband brought
me some ( ardul as a tonic, and, from
the first day, It seemed to help.
I !,'! almost lost my reason, hut,
thanks to Cardui, I did not. Boon, I
felt and looked like a new woman. I
think the remedy Is wonderful. I
recommend It to my friends, for I have
received great benefit from It."
Cnrdut nets specifically on the weak
ened womanly organs, strengthening
the muscles and nerves, and building
tin m up to health.
It helps to refresh the worn-out ner
vous system and relieves the effects of
overwork, both mental and physical.
Fifty years' successful use fully
prove the merit of thlB purely vege
table, tonic remedy for women.
In every community, there live Rome
who have been benefited by Cardui.
The beneficial effects of this time
tested woman's remedy, soon show
themselves In many different ways.
Try It.
n n if. e-'., i . n.' i .,,.. t,,n, rt.ii.
...., . Mali, im In t i,iijm.-. Tnn for Sl'tntll
inttniriwnn. " I 44 pif bonk. "Horn I'mimS
Womii, nt in pUin wrsor on trquMU
'llisre was I blaze discovered In the
roof of the hnusa of Jess llain, on tlo
east side of the track, early Monday
morning and an alarm aent in, but
neighbors formed a bucket brigade
sin! bad It out before the department
reached the plaoe. A man on the out
lde discovered it and aroused the
sleeping occupants. The loaa was
St Louis That from ftf to :tr gucHtH
ol Ihe Missouri Vtblellc club perished
In the flames destroyed the build
Ing Is the heller of officers of the chili
Klr-it estimates placed the number ol
dead at loo.
Seven bodies have been recovered
and from H to N occupants of the
structure Htlll are unaccounted for.
TfclftJ einht gucHtH on the fifth
floor were awakened by Mr and Mrs
Itohcii Mimlll. who refused to leave
ihe hiilhliiiK until the) had given the
alarm to all within reach Mr Maglll
was house manager of Ihe club. Mi .
Maglll was seriously burned.
The MNsourl Athletic Club was in
ihe heart of the retail business dU
tint ol Si Louis i was one block
ucsl ol the I Willi ol Ihe Kails
bridge .11 lm Ihe Mississippi llhi'l
and a half block from llroadway, one
nl the busiest -.Heels ol Ihe ell)
Muncle. Indiana, Vottt Dry
Miincle, ImI Minnie decided against
saloons h a inaiotlt nl til:' Notes In
thl I ' Bl opt loll election
Wheinm. thai in. iniuieuma re
nts that tbe dogs of Haket and
Huntington ami ntbci nearby towus
re hIIIi. ted with taints, and
Whereas, tln-re are report that
said al'li. It ii ia p ending lulo
MHlheur cnuulv, and
Wbeieas, there ia at tills time great
d.ii'u'er that the dogs nt Oiilarui and
iiciiiltv may bWMM altlicted with
the rabies and the pi .ice and heultli'nf
the ciiinuiiinll iletiliy dangeroiialv
Now lheii'nt.., li' it Rmi Ived that
oil and utter Match '.', l'.Ml, all dngH
tu the tUf el Outturn he ie.Uirni 111
wear lint ' les until such time as tbe
coiiueil sIihII lieie. liter change 01
IliCiiltV this i enollltltin,
And lie It I Hither KnolraJ, that
tie iiiaisbal of the city of Ontario ho
n ii . I is hciei'v iiiithi'ii ad ii i in
stincted lo take up and djagtfOJ all
ilugs not we it log inules and iiiiiulng
at large In the city nt Ontario nn and
atlii March:1. I .'! I, while this le.nlu
tlntl is in foice.
Hv order nt V la'. Trow, Mayor.
AttiKi Marry H. (irauel,
t'ilv lieooiilei .
40 Years
Used D. D. I)..
All Itching Gone !
' irtiinl . .,u ,. i ,' ,.f Ann..
' . I. , i ,1 with the won-
mil' i . t i i ea, rlpiiun
I' 1' I' is Hi.- inmiii Kcii ina Clin.
nn Ild wash thai gives lasiaal relief
In .ill i"i it - ..I s, in :i cuhli
tli iiisi'i ih.. skm it all impurll
a.ii - iwai blotches and punulea.
skit . tlllouth .unl In allhy
.... Hi . ' i , tut. I
U( i ,.o. bonis of thia wonderful
Lii'll.i I lllc In. In ami k. i'p it II. Itltf
W . knnw that LI. 1. L will do all that
la clalu.aJ lul a
Rapid Arrival of New Spring Things Makes Our Store
as Fresh as a Spring Morning.
'.-. ftl'
That symbolizes SDriners Glories. leed
and beautiful sunshine will meet
Suits, Gowns and Wraps already o
You are earnestly invited to come and see these new things for spring
and summer wear from day to day as they arrive
In our large New Millinery Department we are showing some of the very
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