The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 12, 1914, Image 5

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    Ontario Pharmacy
Eastman Kodaks
Rexall Remedies
A. A. Wright made a trip to
Boise this week and brought
back an Overland car for de
monstration. He has the agency
for this territory.
Miss Fay Clark, one of the
Vale teachers, whose home is in
the western part of the state,
was appointed superintendent
of the county schools to fill the
unexpired terra of Mr. Macpher
son. There were a number of
applicants from residents of the
county, but they were turned
down. Common courtesy wonld
indicate the place should have
been given to a resident of On
tario. Louis Hurtle is prepared to
sharpen yout shears for ten
cents and guarantees satisfac-
Thoinas Clagett has ordered
5000 feet of 14-inch wooden pipe
to run water from the Owyhee
ditch to his ItiO acre ranch near
Cairo, which he is improving.
Have you registered at the
city hall?
There is an effort being made
to have tho Hnmcdale train
leave there about 4:M0 p. m.,
which will enable the people
from Jordan Valley to reach
Ontario the sumndoy they leave
homo, a big improvement over
the present service those people
We .ire not satisfied to have
you come in and simply ask
"have you so and so." Of course
we are pleaeed that you show
interest by visiting our toie
and will supply your wunla if
we can, but what we earnestly
desire is, that, while here, you
make a trip tlie full length of!
our room. You are very sure
to see something needed which
would be forgotten if not brought
to your attention. Cash Variety
Mrs. Kikuye Kami, wife of
Joe Kami, the well known Japa
nese cook, died on Saturday
evening. The funeral was held
id Boise. Mrs. Kami was born
in Japan 47 years ago and has
been in this country 'JO years,
and in Ontario gome three year8
where she has many friends.
Mrs 'II, u- Johns has gone to
Enterprise, where her daughter
hue a position in the schools
She will be goue a couple of
A. McWilliams has many
friends who will be pleased to
learn that he is again in charge
ot the Ontario Feed it Livery
stable, where he has plenty of
stall and corral room and j
supplied with riding and driving
stock and first class rigs.
The registration books are
open Saturday evenings.
No Substitutes
RETURN to the grocer all aub
st itutes sent you for Royal Bak-
ing Powder There is no sub
stitute for ROYAL. Royal is a pure,
cream of tartar baking powder, and
healthful. Powders offered as sub
stitutes are made from alum.
Walter Loonev, who was a
resident of this place some four
years ago and has been living
in the Willamette valley since,
was here Wednesday on his way
to Jordan Valley where he will
make his home. He has a son
living there.
Pete Duford says he will have
one of the new Studebaker cars
in this week so you can Bee
what a good car looks like.
Teli your neighbors about our
big club offer. They surely
would like to get the Argus and
four magazines, all one year, for
only $1.18.
New line of hair goods. Grove
& Riley.
Mr. Selz was down from Cam
bridge over Sunday. Ho says
the snow is about gone in his
section and the people are look
ing forward to a good year.
Go to the city hall today ami
register while the registering is
Some persons who probably
thought it was funny, took a
sign from the Cope & Dunnuck
store and up to date it has not
been returned or found. In
less returned at once the offend
ers will be prosecuted for the
malicious destruction of pro
perty. Some of the men from the
Pure Food inspection office were
here a few days ago and in
spected the slaughter houses,
dairys, restaurants and hotels
of this county, but the report
was handed in too late for this
week. Some of the ratings will
surprise the natives.
If you will subscribe to the
Argus for one year we will send
you four monthly magazines for
only 18 cents extra.
Monday was the day set
aside for the spring clean-up,
but many overlooked it and they
will think they have a holler
coming when the city marshal
calls around and has a fine
assessed against them. . 1'eople
living in cities owe something
tu their ueighbors aud even
though you are satisfied to live
in filth you cannot compel your
neighbor to do so.
McBiatuey has four bicycles
he will sell cheap. See them
before they are all gone.
E. A. Fraser was a visitor to
Baker this week.
Mrs. (Joodffllow, of Oregon
City, is visitiug with her son,
Joseph Goodfellow, the real
estate hustler.
Suits made strictly to order
for you as cheap orcheaper than
ordinary readv made. Cope A'
Charles Thebaud was here
Tuesday looking after some
business matters.
Judge (1. L. King went to
Caldwell Wednesday for his new
Keo. He has been studying tho
rule book and knows all about
how to handle thecritter and his
friends will not run any chances
of getting marooned when they
go riding with him.
A few guns left at McBratney
Hardware store that go for a
Attorney McGonigal was in
Vale Tuesday on legal business.
M. Townsend is home from
California where he spent the
winter months.
Another Christmas will be
due before you realize the fact.
Why not look ahead and pre
pare for the season by selecting
some pieces from our stamped
goods for embroidery work.
CbbIi Variety Store.
Frank Howard made a busi
ness trip to Boise the first of the
Attorney McCulloch was a
visitor to Vale Tuesday.
Order your Faster suit today
from Cope iv Dunnuck.
There will be Fpiscopal ser
vices next Sunday in the Con
gregational church at 3 p. m.
Preaching by Kev. 0. H. Powell.
Tho Now York store has been
transferrer! to the Oaks Urns., of
Caldwell, and the goods moved
to that point.
Save money by seeing Mc
Bratney before you purchase
any rugs, carpets or furnituie
His prices are the lowest.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U.
rwill hold a business meeting in
the United Presbyterian church
Thursday, March 17, at iMJO p.
in. All interested in the work
which the W. C. T. U. ladies are
ttying to do in Ontario are very
earnestly requested to be pres
ent. For Sale, Trade or Kent 42
acres, improved, six niles from
Weiser. Good terms. Call or
address Argus.
Subjects for next Sunday at
the Methodist church: Morning
"The Secret of Successful
Work:" Fvening "Preparation
for Fternity." There will be
.special music by the choir. A
special invitation is extended to
all. Thonius Johns, pastor.
The services given under the
auspices of the W. C. T. U. last
Sunday in Ontario was well at
tended and the speaker, Mrs.
Lulu Loveland Shcpenl, was at
her best. She preached a very
powerful sermon in the Metho
dist church in the morning on
"The Shadow Life." to a crowded
house. In the afternoon and
evening she spoke to large con
gregations and all who heard
her were greatly impressed with
her talks.
Ladies and gents clothing
cleaned in a thorough and
workmanlike manner at reason
able price bv Cope Y lunnuck.
A fine baby girl was born
Monday night to Mr. and Mrs.
H. K. Dunn at Holy RoMrj
hospital. Mr. Dunn is the well
known vice pre.-ident and gem i
al manager of the Payette Yul
ley railroad. It is the liisl child.
II. T. Brown, the Nyssa Jour
nal man, was an Ontario visitor
Monday and is very enthusiastic
about the way the Nyssa coun
try is coming to the front
through diversified farming.
A. McWilliams went to West
fall Tuesday to look over the
horse supply and see if I car
load could be purchased
Camping outfit for sale. Call
at Mrs. Jackson's, on east side.
Thomas C. Tharp, the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Tharp,
died at Payette Sunday, March,
Nth, aged 86 days.
A son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Dowell on Sunday
If your subscription to the
Argus is due, better pay up
now and get four big magazines,
all one year, for only 18 cents
( leorge Storkinann, proprietor
of the Lakeview cig:" factory,
was made happy last week by
the arrival of a bouncing baby
boy in his home. The youngs
ter made his appearance on
January 10 and both mother and
on are reported to be doing
nicely. Lakeview Fxaminer.
For first class painting, paper
hanging aud tinting see B. Ben
son. All work guaranteed.
Phone 7..J.
A meeting of the stockholders
of the Malheur County Fair
association was held Saturday,
with over two-thirds of the stock
of the association represented.
Routine business was transacted.
If it is a tent you need Mc
Bratney, the hardware dealer,
will save you money on it.
There was a meeting of the
Nevada Ditch company on Fri
day and a committee was ap
pointed to look up the amount
of land that was to be irrigated
this year. They are arranging
to care for some of their bonds
The regular monthly meeting
of the directors of the Owyhee
Irrigation company was held on
The Hotel Moore will continue
to serve Table de Hote dinners
Sunday evenings from 6:80 10
s. Dinner 76 cents.
Miss I'l.cita Macphersou and
tiladys Young were registered
at the Bristol, in Boise, on Fri
day. J. N. Dunphv is building a
bungalow on his tract west ot
You can get four splendid
magazines one year for 18 cents
extra by renewing your sub
scription to the Argus.
Hiram Dunn, the Payette
Valley railroad man, was here
Monday 'looking after some
business. Hiram say this is
going to be a good year for busi
ness. Mrs. Davit1 Dunbar and Miss
Margaret, were visitors in lloi.-e
on Saturday.
Ad If, Simons, who is with
the Alexander company hen-,
was called to Boise last week on
account of the illness of his son.
The young man is reported to
be getting along nicely since the
Nice line pj hail swit'he- at
(iiove A Uiley.
First Showing
of Millinery
A general invitation is extended
to call and inspect our first show
ing of the season's best styles in
Spring Mllinery
No Particular
Woman Ought
to be without an
astistic and servicable
Toilet Set. Besides be
ing useful it adds Dainti
ness to the Dressing Table
and if you wish to present
her with a Set, the Kind
she will be proud to own,
look over our stock.
Wr have an ndlrax variety of pattern of xtrrlinir nnd plated allver acta. If
you dimply dulrea llutton hook, n Hruxh. n Comb or n Mirror, we'll xladly
break up n Set to -ntisf you. Plant m ! lyiiir I h.- QoM behind tin- .nl
W. W.
Use Formaldehyde
For treatment of diseases
of Grain, Potatoes, and
Book of its uses for sale free by
Everhart Drug Co.
Ontario Hardware Co.
Hardware Headquarterrs
Gasoline Engines,
Keen Kutter Lawn Mowers
Clarinda Lawn Mowers
Bean Spray Pump, Meyer Mallea
Pump, Fullen Paint and Muresco.
Keen Kutter Tools
Keen Kutter Shears
Keen Kutter Knives
Ontario Hardware Company
Grove & Riley