The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 26, 1914, Image 8

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Charles P. Taft Buya Controlling In
terest In Chicago National Club.
Cincinnati. -As a sequel to the re
cm deposing of John Kvers as maiia
ger of the Chir-ago National LeafUO
t'lub, Charles V. Murphy, president
f the club, resigned as president, sold
fcl stock and severed his connection
with tin' Cuba. Mr. Murphy In like;
wlae no longer a dlreetor of the Na
tional League His holdings In the
Chicago club have boon purchased by
Charles P. Taft.
The retirement of Murphy In the
tanner announced moans that ho Is
not only out ol the Chleng" club, but
also ;oi organized baseball, In so
ar us the in.ijur leagues arc com cm-
Mediator is To Try To Avert Strike.
Portland. To Ml I I mediator be
tween thi' f) V It 1 N OBBBBB) and
its telegraphers, and avert UM threat'
ened Htriki- of iba telegrapher, 0, V.
W. Maimer, of Washington. l. C, it
ai'tiini comtnlealoaaf of mediation and
tOtM Illation under the Xevviaml' i'-'l
ral tnedliiiion liw passed at the l.i-i
OOOOtOB of congress, arrived' in Port
Brief News of the Week
Wanes ol BOOO trainmen of the Chi
cagn, BuiilngtOfl I QBlBO) railroad.
mWlMtlM about 1100,000, were In
creased by the hoard of iirliliintlon at
Naa York state pnld S46,OO0 for
ooaduotlni iba Inpoaebaeeai proeaad
Iiiks agaJnal es-Ooveraor Bnlaar, f
tli i h Mini 100, Waal in attorneys In
the I
I In- New fork, New llawn A Hart
ford railroad has decided. beginning
March I, to dl continue the ale of -
guot on ta tralni throughout the en
t i i. in
Molding that Hie ielltlon for Hie
Cense election was limilld the siipii me
court oi South Dakota baa nocV i
ruliiiK that aloaaa Ika aaloi b ol Vaah
ton. SU saloons Hie alfected h) llle
ledums of the Mercantile hllllk of
Memphi-,. Tcnil , will reeeive .",11 c enlM
OII a dollar, despite the shinlnge of
$!H. a', according to Ihe report of
the state superintendent of hanks
'Ihe district court at Denver ren
deri d a decision adjudging ihe Mmiii
t.iiu Biataa Telephone Talagrapb
iiiiupaii) in he an outlaw, with no le
ill rlKhl to Use the streets ol the i liy.
The ruling wits rellilered oil quo war
r.uiio pr lings
Itrvenuc olllceis sel.i d the hook of
the Wi lein I'uel coiiipaiiv at San
Krnui Isco in connection wllh ihe new
charge that I In- concern has delraudcd
the government out 0l ISM, III ells
turns drawbacks secured b false af
fldav lis com i i iiIiik wilt his ol eoal tin
pnrlal inns
People in the News
Monroe W.inl aged nine, ol Spin
n i low n i',i . dull a I- iiii or a
small Win in getting In hi mil tie
log Ihe DO) optic in iv Total
bllndi'i - occurred before lite bo)
w wen I Butte bava en a i
in an opinion rendered bj ivunt) 11
tome) Mi iffert) t" Ihe roniuileelon
. 1 1 that i ball pia rvi tea '
women en i mg the court house In
regtati i wii he a violation ol the cm
rupt practlt ea act
I'resnleill I M I l.inn.ili'i.. ol lie
Northern Haalflc, announced thai his
com i.iii would upend between t
000,000 and 13,000,004 tor hen. uncut--agulpntent,
tafei) devices and the car
ring mil ol Ihe construction work ill
lead! llllilel vva
'I iiat I'm i it Qraj baa Mri land ad
in . resignation from thi oi . board
of i in- tin. H Northern is ih
liienl made In I. mil . V Hill ll w a
reported Mime lime ago Ihnl lira) wai
to resign lo nocepl Ihe pri
the lliisliiit Maine radio I
i i hi ding M lie
I'obalau ol ihe supi i im i oui i
Vol k i eelng oi sulai
bat k in i' ' i null
i.-ii Heretofore II ha ' i u ihe rule
io confine ihe delinquent In the l,ud
lot street til uui ii ihe anio i have
In fit leliun . i
The iiiem.iu ambassador to g for
etgu coiiiin la above Iba bta of hia
home siaie oi urdlug to i i u
the appellate emu I, a bit h refut ' to
compel James A Uerard uiubassttdor
to Oermany, io return froai his post
to decide an appeal In i aao which
came before blm while ba jus
of ihe aupi erne coui '
Minei Entombed Ii Days Found Alive
Boetlle Mik- Davaecoulcli one of
Ihe Iwo coal miners who was eiitoinh
eil by a caw in in the i .union miiu
ot ihe Pacific I'oaal t'oal compan) t
Franklin. ! miles from here
,ii ami was given up tor dead aei
erai daya ia reacued alive
Anotlier Eastern Blizzard
Chicago llaavj aaoa ai;..iii fall
ever bllcblg it, Ohio, Indiana, lllluola
isioiisin. Mlnueeola. Iowa ami the
Pakotaa In aileaourl porttoni
Kansas all I Oklahoma Ihe v'.iui w.
i.ii kid b) alee) that crippled tragi
portatioii ail wire service.
Senate Ratifies Renewal
Treaties With Eight Na
tions for Five Years.
Washington. (enrnl arbitration
treaties ratified by the senate renew
ed for five years agreements with
t.reat Itrltaln, Japan, Italy. Spain, Nor
way, Sweden, Portugal and Switzer
land, and marked the first Htep In the
In. in oi President Wlluon.
Ihe treaties, briefly, provide for
referonoa to Tha (facta tribunal of
legal ililfi rences and queatlona relat
ing U) the Interpretation of other ex
isting treaties which cannot bo settled
li diplomacy.
No matter afrectlng the vital Inter
ests, Independence, or honor df the
oontraotlng powers Is Included In the
scope or tkaOO treaties and all din
patOI Involving the Interests of third
paftiOO also are excluded.
Although Hie majority for the rati-
floatlon or tho traatlot was ovt rwheim
Inu and the amendment to exempt by
more t ton a two thirds' vote. Senators
who lirne eieill Ol' the tolls eXelnp
tinii pTOVlalon llUllsl Hint these voles
,ue not sigllltliaul or the attitude ol'
i i.i senate on the tolls issue.
State's "Equity" In Power Recognized.
'itii hi ol the pOWaf ol the i ii r
1,1 government under tha constitution
In iniilrol Ihe htilldlnu id all water
power projects, hut recognition of tha
equities therein ot tha stales ol the
union this is ihe cardinal principle
lii tha conservation policy ol the Wll
in administration so lar a. II affectl
the iiavlgahle streams or Ihe country.
Seii'iaiv Qarriaoa, or tho war da
I- niiielil, Is the author ol Ihe plan.
Which has been imlorsiil ! I ulenl
.'. il mi and Ihe caliim t
Secreiaiv liairlson, with President
Wilson's approval, will ask ror aiiihor
Izatloll to Issue permits tor the ion
slriictlon of Witter power piojeels, with
Hie stipulation that llnv he Issued
only to com cms Incorporaleil us puh
He utilities under state laws and so
nstrlcleil Ii it t cimlrol liy monopolistic
''iirporillolis will be Impossible. To
protect the rights of states, revenue
ai crultiK will go io slates, and not to
the fedeial gov ,-ruiuenl This sug
gesllOII Is expected to heitl (lie breach
cxlsllng between advocates of statis'
rights nnd national control ol ihe
ural resource or the country.
May Exempt Small Business Concerns
Preetdeol yHkoii ladmatod to call
el s he desires that Ihe proposed
hills dealing with the traal proalaoi
he so phrased and adapted io Ihe , I
clslolls 1) It i.lil V leiideli d ll. I lie Sil
pnnie conn or the I ulled St ales on
'he S 1 1 in anlilrusl law that tin
efflctei c oi thai ni i in hall bt
ii'ither Impalieil nor mupln aled, but
upph mealed,
mi Wilson Indicated that serious
deration baa been giveo in the
framing ' Iba trual logjalotloa to pro
tislona thai would proteci small ims.
concerns noni atatutea prohlbll
. le ai rangemenla ami combine
He RUggeell d ll was a dll
iii uit thing ! frame an eiempUoo la
i i in-, oi dollara, and for tktlgj rat too
did noi believe h wai praclfcaMo to
ci i ipi all in in s uinli i , nun. nun in
1 .in from ihe Inqulallorlal
I ol Hie llllelsl.lte Hade colli
ii a-- hs. i been pi oposed, but
.inn- mil. 'i plan would he worked
Would Heorganue Agricultural Oept
1 ll III. Ill I .-'V "I . Hi I lie ll uise com
Dl i' ah ure. ll i completed
port to the linn nt the annual a, hi bill It UK
i - i v.'i o: pei-
iii app ..ii lUI nasi- ol
Man) i i I eh ii-' a aie pro)
in the measure, Includlug reorgauuw
it i t- bureau ind prepa
b) 'ni .linn c
a plan for reorganlilng aad oj -
ti man. log Ihe ii i il illienl work
Provlalon foi attention to a'st ol
problems is made in several
items For Investigating iba prepara
turn for iniiUei handling, grading.
packing. .- Irylug storing ami
IraUSpOrtll Ol pOUltr) and eyga a ana appi iprlalton would be made
National Capital Brevities.
Application tm admission Into the
t.i.ii reserve banblng syatam baa
been made b) M07 hanks repreaenting
4e slates
Healing on in law to regulate
graalng mi non-arable landa win be
held at tahlUgtOU Mali h t
ihe inn ameadlng the radaawtloa
permlttlt t settlers l'h roan m
Head i'l 10 in which tO pa) fO( water,
a reported favoi i the senate
ii i ig.n ion coinmli i
Delegates from ever) st te ami
i-ov inc. ul .n ' !'. iiici Ira lie Ig .it
ii iiit.uicc it Hi- annual eouveutlon ol
iba suprem council, knlghti of Pj
Hiias. ai Washington The delegates
w cli allied bv I'raeident Wilson
uui praised h) Baaretarj
.ii sute '
' Urvauti
Ruial free delivery route will be e
tni.iidieil May 1 at Vale to serve 120
Scarcity of sheep has cauied J. H.
Chrlstensen of Crook county some dlf
flculty In stocking his ranges.
Eighty two of the eighty four nation
al banks of Oregon hare applied for
membership In the federal reserve
Oregon lumber will be used In the
construction of the Oregon building at
the Hun Kranrlsco 1!M5 fair, transport
ed from Oregon mills In Oregon built
Senator i 'liamher lain asks that the
public lands committee be allowed to
continue its work in order thnt the
development of Alaska may not he re
I'rofessor & 1. I-ewls of the Oregon
Agricultural college says fruit men
should organize to protect Uie Indus
try and none but the best grade of
fruit should be canned or shipped.
A copy of Olney's Geography, pub
llshed about 80 years ago, haB been
lent to Superintendent of Public In
structlon t'liiirchlll by William Swish
er. of Salem.
Kepre entmlve Sinnott has Introduc
ad I bill for the roller or .loe Davis.
a Slav, who was Injured at the t'elllo
can; I The lull carries an allowitm
ol J I. "i. mm
Twent.v petitions have bOOfl placid
In ( in illation tor solicitation of slg
naturae demanding tha recall m Mayor
ii it iiiee ami citv Commlaatoaon
11 c; lin-i U and W I, lliewester ol
Sheep men ol Pendleton and vicinity
are asked bj DOfajt) Supervisor Wil
son ol the Clearwater reserve to pas
ture tlielr Hocks on the ranues. The
grass In the lairnl over sections Is said
In lie plentiful
llakei inuiilv wool gfOWOn aiitlcl
pale li.-iici prices for tln.r clip this
year ihiin In IBIS. Huyeis rafWaooBt
leg the big eastern houses are it I read;
In the field ami otters g high as Hi
edits a pound have been made
Stale Si hiioi Supi'iintenden J. A.
Churchill has I n requested by the
Oregon Panama Pacific Exposition
iilniul-'loo Io take charge of the pre
paratioii and liislallation of the Ore
goti educational exhibit at the Sun
Francisco fair inM vear.
An initiative bill will be placed In
circulation In Hood lllver county with
In a few H.i - providing for the orgaul Ion oi bonded districts for the pur
pose ol issuing bonds tin Hie Install.!
Hon or public utilities of every char
at tOt
John II Lewis, stale engineer, has
received from the director of the I'nlt
ed State- gi .diiglcal survey a report
thai since June I last year, when Hie
last preiioi.s report was made, S03
square liillo have been surveyed, mak
lOg a total of L'l.t.'it square miles, or
J:., 'I per cent or the slate.
The plan in take the cadet regiment
ol the llli-Mill gllcllllliral college to
Ihe Panama I'acltu exposition in San
I'l inclsco III Itlii recel-.ed t In- Ulialil
inous approval oi the college coum II,
after the oommlttee appointed to baa
die the milter reported favotaMj on
the proposition
Kepreaentatlve Blnaott has latra
dliced II bill which allows elllrv lie II
Io divide into two periods Ihe live
months ol ..nil vear which lhe are
allowed to spend away from Hull
homeeteada Tins would aaaMa thaai
to take adv . llllllge ot work III Ine Im;
glng camps in Hie winter ami in har
veal fields in summer
tin a platform indorsing statewide
prohibition, ai-Oovaraof T T. Oaat
h iniaiunccd his candid. u for the
i. I ibllcall nomination tat governor
. . Illi gubernalorial candidal!'
in the id Kight republic ms fasjf
democrats, one proBreaatve gad one
Independent, are now seeking the mun
iualloil foi' gOVt i not
decretar) ol state Omotl annoanoei
hut, according io ihe report received
bv blm. ihe republicans constitute
ill Hi pi I ci III ol Ihe total registered
voter lite democr Ihe I'ro
greaalvea 1.04, prohihitiouiata LOS, si
cialisis L'.5fi 'und miscellaneous :! ?!
The total reglatratlon to data
lap, oi winch i: Mm .,!,. republican,
1 : la.a are deinorrata, i!"'i are pro
greealvea IMI are prohlbitlaalata
, ure socialisls and :'"44 come un
del the miscellaneous classification
Vniiiiunceinenl lias been made that
approximate!) (6,000 acres ot land ad
janiH to Mora. Long ireek. Mouu
Wat Heoell ('reek. I'llol Hock. Kntel
pris.' and lljkei have been set apart
for bomeetaadlng This is classed gg
semi-arid laad and win he aubjocl to
the ealaraod bomeatead not Tins land
w:ll he icadv to he filed iipou on and
gftei March ! and the applicant for
Hie laud will have Hie right lo file on
.ii acre it be is an ortglaal oatri
man If he alreadv holds 160 acres of
Hus kind ol land be Ii aatttwd la tat
mi im- in holding to ;-'" acroa That
is he ma) file on lao acre additional
If be I . i lit iv on which he
ha not made fin ' proof h he ha
made eutiv and final proof OU 16"
of -.i tm ai Id land, his right is
exhausted and he caunol make anuthci
eiuiv uu further holdiuga
Lived SIk Months With Broken Neck.
Pendleton. After living for more
than alx months with a broken neck,
Frank Dunton, Canyon City stockman,
died In this city. Dunton, while watch
ing some children playing In his barn,
endeavored to show them some tricks
on a trapeze. He fell to the floor,
striking on his head, and fracturing
the sixth and seventh vertebrae. Since
then he has been enatrely paralyzed.
Auto TBS la Held Valid.
Medford. Holding that the atate I
has the right to regulate travel upon
Its highways, and collect fees from
vehicles, the same as for registering
deeds, .fudge K. II, Cnlklns, of the clr
cult court, declared valid the state
automobile tax contested by the Jack
son County Automobile Protective As
sociation through Henry K. Hoyden.
If You Have Goods Worth Buying
. i
iney Are VVOnn inihlllg ADOUI.
Buyers Must Be Informed.
I ' gaaH fH gaaB al BaaH
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One Price Clothier,
Three Masked Men Take I3M en Se-attle-Tacoma
rteatne. Overawed by the revol
vers carried by the bandits, 60 passen
gers und the train crew on the south
bound SeatileTacotna Interurban lo
cal train, leaving Seattle at 9:05 and
due In Tacotna at 10:46, were held up
and robbed of an aggregate of $400 by
three highwaymen Saturday night at
South Side station, 20 minutes out
from Seattle.
The bandits forced Norrls King, a
boy of Kent, to carry a hat through
the smoker, obtaining MfJ from th
male occupants. One of the bandits
handled the rear car, getting $100
from the men and women passengers.
The remainder of the $4m) was ob
tallied from the trainmen
m" "eri f?J '? Tr'" Robb,r
Seattle. L. W . Hill, president of the
tireat Northern railway, while In Se-
attle, announced a reward of $.10,000
for the apprehension, dead or alive,
of the bandits who killed three pas
sengers near Bellliighatn on the Seat
tie-Vancouver train.
Wheat Club, 87c; bluestem, tte;
red Russian, 86c.
Hay Timothy, $17; alfalfa, $14.
Butter Creamefy, 35c.
Eggs Cnndled, 36c.
Wheat Bluestem, 98c; club, !7o;
red Russian, 86c.
Hay Timothy, $17 per ton; alfaaK
$14 per ton.
En- 37c.
Butter Creamerv. 36c.
Mfnnttf iilitAlniil In nil roiintrlM. oa WO f SI.
TIIDI mull nun I "Ii) riirni n-B-ipwi'--i
sn.l sin-i.h. Modn nr eki.e. i..r rata SI-
SOST nil lull' iilnliilltT I'nli-ht irm-tlif -
i'iu-iii-1) sans airtainois
Scii'l i rpiiu In hi u i' for tnmltifttitp book
W lii'-h oftMl will put, How iii nt inmir.
palrat Isw suit uilmr Tahiti intonnfttion.
patent LAWvaaa,
303 Seventh St., Washington. D. C.
' It '' jr bf r
Ontario, Oregon