The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 19, 1914, Image 2

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Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
Bteelhesd for Yamhill.
Bhrrldan - Stcrlhead Kiilmon hnvi
ever boen found In the Ynmlilll rlvrr,
iriMnr.h they are found In many
rtrenms of smaller die on the past
lde of the Wlllnmatta. Kopresenta
ilw It. L. Graves Is determined to
ink' the Yamhill one of the beat
TiKllne streams In the Mate, and to
thin end has secured three carloads of
young Mi ni nalmon to Htork thtt
ati' ini OM of those will he llhorat
Cd at McMlnnvllle, onp at Shprldan
and oii' nt Wlllatnina. A car of trout
fill he liberated at Carlton.
Many Exciting Experiences In
His Short Career.
$1,000,000 A YEAR IN TIPS
i Nab Portland Chineae Woman.
I'liitlund Mr.-t. Toy Yoke, who la
all' kimI to have nlopud on November
27 Troin tills city with Won Wall, the
latter having In his possession finno
In motipy ami Jewels. belonglnK to LM
Hour, wiik arrested In 'hii-ago, tie
cordliiK to word received hy Hip local
Slu' will ba brought Ihtp to niiHwcr
to a iliiiui' oi r.i.iiiii larrii . local of
flelals say. II la alleged the couple
eloped Ininii'illately after the theft
from Hong.
O.-W. RAN. Buying Land.
Pendleton Kllsworth Hctihain, of
Portland. rcpiesontliiK the 0 W. It. At
N Co., arrived nt Hinnficid and at
owe ln'giin hiiylng land for Hip right
ot 'iy of tin' propoood Ooyota ool off.
TIiIh action apparci'ly conflriiiH the
report which has bi'i'ii current for the
pant few iIu)h that the railroad com
patty expects to coinini'ticc operations
IIiIh Hprlng
State Hanga Man, Suet.
A i"ii i The count) court inaile an
order (hi. i iiiih thai 0. C Kitltnn ba
piiipliiMil to proMi'cutp a mi In I'lpniy
to foreclose a lien of the state In I he
aiim or Btfftfl attains! th tntc of
Oswald C HaiiHi'l, who w.ih executed
nt the mule penitentiary recently.
The iimoutit due Ih the court costs ( ,riy niiiliitiil I that he and hU
"Speed la Life," Said Qataa Onct, and
Ha Lived Up to It Had Mania Tor
Special Traina and Faat Automobile.
Alwaya a Plunger. Ha Delighted In
Lavlah Expenditure.
Chnrles G. Clatcs. dend nt thirty-Haven,
lived up to hl motto, "Hpepd Is
life." Following In the footsteps of
his father, John W OotOOi In the lav
l.ii dlatrlbvttofl of tips, gaming for
high stakes and plunging In the stock
market, lie made himself conspicuous
also In the last few years for his rec
ord lirpaklng ilashps across the conti
nent In special trains. It was on one
of these occasions that a friend asked
him why he spent thousands Of dollars
to get to New York n few minutes
sooner, and he replied. "Speed Is life."
It was not until lie went to New
York ten or twelve years ago that he
bagSJi tO loom up in the news columns.
As a youth he hud lieen in the steel
mid wire htislness with his father and
Inter had entered a t'hlcago brokerage
firm, whero he learned the details of
the business Then he went east ami
bought a seat on the Stock I'.xi'hnnge
Did a Hug Wall Street Butineaa.
The heavy operations of John W
flutes were transferred to Charles i.
QatOO V Co. In which the fat her was
a member, and In the boom times that
preceded the panic of HMi7 It did a tie
inendoua business. It was nothing un
usual for the linn to carry at times
more than tlOOjOOOvOOO worth of OtOCI
for Its ',.-(o customers, und John V
tiates Hiild that lor three years it did
about s per cent of all the business
transuded on the Stock F.Xchailgc.
In May. 117. the firm went out of
business, and the two tJatescs, who
were const.iiii comiiiiilonH. left for Bl
i"P" The house hud been billish nt
the top of the miirket III I'.nh; and was
siipposisl to !e greatly extended. Wall
street llgureil that It dissolved with u
Ins of $ii.(mni.iimi. but John w Qatoa
Important Occurrences Of The
Past Week From Cities
In Our State
Coeur d'Alene Men.
Coeur d'Alene. In the appointment
of the three Idaho poultry commission
era for the 1916 exposition at San
Francisco, two Coeur d'Alene poultry
raisers were honored H. D. Tyther
lelgh, secretary of the American Foul
try association for the atate of Idaho,
and Oscar Nelson, president of the
HUM organization for Idaho. The
third member of the commission Ih
Miller Purvis of Wendell. Idaho.
This commission is to have com
plete charge of the Idaho poultry ex
hlblt nt the exposition, and plans will
be put on foot Immediately toward
siimul.itlng competition among the
fanciers oi the slate for t he production
of the best possible exhibits.
Bank Officiate on Trial.
Numpa. The preliminary' exnmtna
lion of ('. I Lore, J. A. (ilvctis und
C. L Kobbn.. officials of the Hank ot
Nan pa. limited, which failed 8eptem
her L'7. 1911, was held before JuKtlce
lllunck here The defendants were
hound over to llie district court foi
trial and were released under bonds
Lore and (livens being required to
turnlhh bonds ot (lu.ouii i ,i li, and
Hohblns lltOO.
for the trial of the case against Han
acl, when he was convicted of murder.
State Railroad Commission Say.
Tumble Will Come About March 1.
Salem KxprcsN rates In Oregon
will tuUe a big diop about March I
The extent ol the tumble was mad.
known by the state railroad OOMOtfl
i.iuii UPOO i.ielpl of word from Ihe
Interstate crminorci' coiiniilr-i Ion thai
ci i latn i i llfli utloni tit In il to l
m.ide in 1 1 1 1 slali troin the nil' ihtulc
iiiieiiiiii- smii be favorabl) eonaldarad
i here .ii. time I.. din. k abOUl the
il, 'w rata thai are or aarttoular im
put ' oie a nai .in i ta i atao
Will l;er, .illcr lie (Uoled 1 1 "In any
pond ,n I'tigon iii an oiii.i point
i : H. Another Is that the
Vaatt I ill pin iti a H cut
iiiIiiiiiiiii 00 compared with Ih.
7u .cut in,- on interstate shipments
and the Hind la a special inodllicntlon
for the ! in ot Oregon, adjUKting
rales within the state to coiiiinerclul
conditions, instead of following In ev
ery 0000 LM rate basing points ae
Icclid tor the interstate rule
I Ice a use the rates tar) with ills
tame and wild the w tight of (lie pack
sge, Il la impossible) to stale- the per
i. on were (lllttllig at It profit. How
'vcr. the elder (lutes suddenly return
ed at the height of the October panic
and. In common with other holders.
sold bis Tcuiice Coal and Iron stock
to the Steel corporation
Utile was heard of Chirles (1. tinles
for two years of more, but In July.
I01Q. he returned from Purls, where
he li nl fallen III. anil was operated on
for appendicitis, from which he soon
(H'0 ,',',
The next fall he llvruiod In ii story be had lost JKliHdi In a gombllog
house In New Tofk, mid although he
I h bed Hie -inn. It was generally
credited He hi I long been a familiar
II. in f on the rare trucks ami at gum
hliug resorts, and on one oc. alon was
Mild to haw- "on f'.'omk) at a sitting
III tlelio
Record Breaking Train Trip.
Ills II I-1 lee.ii.l bieaUlig trip was
in ulc In I'clit'iiary. I'M I. when he poflf
to New York In a speelal train from
Yuma. Arlr. . :i.isi miles, hi aeveuty
four botira and nineteen inlnutes In
cliiillng st((is It wiiii admitted after
ward that the purpose of this trip was
to attempt a reconciliation with bJO
wife, hut the explanation uiHile when
the train arrhed was that Mr. (lutes
was siiiTeriug from an In lory to bl
leg received while he was cranking a
fractious automobile In I'ullforuht and
ib it he bad hurried to New York for
the surgical attendance he preferred.
I'lie trip averngisl about forty miles
ind the final
centage ot (lecicitse. bin in a general
way It may be said thul the rates 'rom ,our. Including xto
Portland to (.el. 'in Oregon poind, will dash from Albany was deal exa-tl.
ba lowered troin J., to t',u pi r 000)1 mile 0 minute The fittest time was
from Toledo to Cleveland. ION miles in
ninety seven minutes i'liu run from
Chicago took sni'-cii hours and forty
nine minutes, an hour und five minutes
less than the Twentieth Century Urn
boiit s weeks liter Mr Hates' r
rlwtl It bOOMM known that his wife
was to sii(( for a divorce Slie was
Miss Marx Y Martin of St l.ouls. and
The decre.ine to (.outturn Oi(gon
(owns will not be ao greul. as the
illsiauic north uud south dues not al
low so large a variation, and the
blocks ;ui' loncer uoi ill and r.iilli
east ami west
"Shoot Up" Country D nice
I'ciidletoti H) shooting up" a
Startling Charge Made.
Ilolse Snipped ol his clothing,
placed III solitary confinement In an
asylum lor the Insane at Laurel. Md
irboro he was unlawfully held a cup
tlxe at the din (turn of his wlf" so
that she could gel his property, Is on.
ol the iimiix sensational charges Hindi
b) Marshsll l.angton i'llic, a promiti
em llaltimoic, In a suit foi
illxorcc niid by him in ihe district
court here against his wife.
Prohibition Party Plana an Extenalve
Campaign Against Liquor.
Ilolse. 'Idaho dry' in 1'JIJ."
This la tht slogan of the prohibition
i'ii i 'ih lie) has gone forth from
die "dries " Hi, it a fight will he ma. I.
straight (low a the due to elect only
those candidates who are professed
With L'l of the U counties "dry'
under the local option law, ."...uiiu ol
I people ol Ihe state rcslil
lug ill pioliildtioii territory and Inn
Jim saloons leinalning In business, tin
piohihltioiii : . ire Mitigullle id sue
I'lace.s of loon population or more
Ih.ii li.n -..loi'ii . 0ft BOlOO, Coeui
d ill BOi '" ili.'.i'X Hie. I lalle;, , KollOd
Moiiiitain Home, Mull. ii. Salmon
Sandpotnt. Shoshone, Wallace and
Wardtii i
'1 he i in ol 1000 population Ol
more thai are dry iiiv IWOflOOP
lulls. Klackfool. Caldwell, Klumett
Quoding, Horriao Idaho KaUa i.exis
ton, Malad. Mont peller. MoOOOWi Nam
pa. Oaklex. I'ails I'axelte. I'ocalello
I'reston. UexhnrK. 81 Anthony, Twin
Kails and etser
The dries have succeeded in placing
011 the htatllle liooks legislation 01 W
lOWl l.ocul option law. search ami
Ot i.iiic law. aim bootlegging ilrua
s liipior law, law leipilrltiK all
tailroails to keep a record of llguol
shipmeii's rccehc.1 In piohibltluu ter
ritorx. law prohibit lug (he sale ol
Ibpioi to habitual drunkards
country dame I ..hi Caper and Jack i ""' ,'m, '"'''" "iiincd lliiile.n xeais
Mm dock, two (arm laborers, staged a
li.nitiei d.i' 1 1 aula at Juniper No
on. was ihii.ii.l Put (he Iwo sue. I
ed iii ili.uoiiclilx terrifying the women
and completely lutininlatliu: the men.
Ilaallx e.c.ipiiig on hoi.s l.u I, u.nlei
iot I nt tlicir kiins
Mjmmoth'i Tooth Found.
Albany A lairly well pre- . i
tooth of i in.miiiu'th xx i toun.l lif J.
,w im. I i local ai. :. .. ..I,' , in
a car of traval wbleb ind ! u re-
i eixcd here lioin i anbx
The to. nil Is scxcii Indies loBJ live
in his high ami llilec imlii s w id. It
i.llOWS fOIIIK (hi .'
Oram to Have C n iery.
ii. i'ii A 00 0M I t .'.". x
aoclai loo atao orgoul il l n x. .iu
capital ol f-'ooo, practlcall) all sub
s. ribc.l
The asMKtation cpcts to have tin
(.iiinerx rcidy for the ruBtiOl fOOf'l
crop ot xeg 'tables ami ti ill Kautui
are i nihil I tstlc out I lie pro
lor .1 it 'I lot' ui i (' 'i Oil
The details of (lie (estlinony were not
made public, but Mrs dates got her
tii 1 1 doeroo oo viu S, 1011
lust a week liter, xv Ii 1c Mr (i ites
xx is in Tails In ...unction with Ills
father's funeral, the news canic from
Mlnneupolls thai lie was to many MNs
I Inreii.e Ib'pw.i.'l and the wedding
took place on Sept ft, l!'ll
Boasted of ,1. 000.000 Yearly Tip.
lie xx as noted for the cti.uiuous slxe
of the tips he gOfO xiut w hcrex er be
xv cut a isiint ah uit xxlil.h be ,.
ccislin-l. proud Asked about It once,
after the trip menu. nasi, be said:
"I gixe lj00O,Q0Q away In tips everx
year I can't take It with mc x lien 1
d.e 1 belicxc In inOBdlug it xxlule I'm
a tve I dot. t kii"W liow much it cost
ne to live. have more money now
t i w bat I 'icr :(" i im I a nt '. Mid
file utcitet pari "' cver.x d.ix. and I
.v.. iu speiiilitu; n. x lit uiex
"I'liis Is h Ufa "f s.i,',.," he said, ro
farting t'' his tup i'lie faster the
bcttet I'm uspil to specials They arc
iix onlv due shot I like to go fust
The conductor didn't like the spvd at
which xe traveled, but 1 told him It
suited in.' When I start for a pliK'O I
like t" (( there "
Mace Folk Fear Snowalidet.
l 1 lie warm weaiher has cans
n a ininor OMVOlMOO Vu tin
xiiown pedestrian wan knocked down
ami cotuplci. Iv burled by a small uva
l.iiiclic He was not seriously burl
Several pet son. haxe repotted the de
stllKtioll ol the. I vxoodsh(.s e, slides
A general teeliug ot upiireheiisiou pre
Atotln May Ply on Snake,
l.ewlston The Lewiston commer . lub has re. -. 'ixe.l a . iicr ftotn the
Ins''' DfflCO at Tort
land stating that the steamer Asotin
would probablv be placed on the Snak
river above LowlOtM MX) IHMtt af
ter blgb water lor improving the chati
lie I
Exam for Pottmaater Set.
.,,,..,',' n , vauilliat.ou will b(
held March M to make ecrtllU.l
lion to till a i oiiteiiiplatc.l vacancy tit
the position oi tourth class postm i-t.t
at St Maii.s
Emmrtt MoOM Defeated.
I dwell In a i-pu '. I and ticrc( l)
Oughl Lame, the OOllegi ol Idaho has
k.thaii lean dofaal d the tmnun
clalmaal ol i t irtbwootoi i
chaiupiiui- !:p her. fl te l'(
R.'Jd St, ll Blocked.
Van Wxck The Idaho Northen
railroad bj still blo.'kc.l by a slid.
There lias b.en 00 train service for
t ' . , s t m . u
Picturea of Loved Onee Not Allowed
In Trainmen'e Pockete.
Chicago. No longer may engineers,
conductors, brakemen and other em
ployees In the operating department of
the Illinois Central railroad carry pic
tures of their wives, sweet hearts and
babies on their watch cratals. An
order ngnlnst the practice wns Issued
by the mnnogement. Offlclala of the
company have decided that auch pic
tures are likely to distract the atten
tion of employees from their work nnd
that aeelileiit.s might result. When an
employee pulls out his watch bis atten
tion should be devoted exclusively to
the time, they any. Tbe order also
specifies plain dials of a uniform de
sign. "This rule may seem to bo a small
matter; but. after all, It is the little
things that count," said Vice President
W. L. Park In discussing the order.
"Every railroad mnn will admit that
success In the operating department re-1
quires strict attention to duty."
Town's Only Boarding House Full,
They Have to Sleep Somewhere.
West Salem. Wls.-"I)lrect us to the
best hotel." said a youthful bride
groom, (ieorge Kvmis, Chicago, as ho
shook the rice from his hut and balled
the night constable of this village.
"Cun't do II. mister." said the con
stable; "the bonrdln' house Is nlreody
chock full and won't hold nnotber.
Only pine.. I can put ye Is In the cala
boose." There was no other accommodation
to ho hud, so the honeymoon couple
was escorted to the town Jail, w hero '
they spent tbe night In one cell, while
a bibulous wayfarer lodged In tho
Embn rrusxed hy this occurrence, tbe
vlllngo board Is preparing to pass an
ordinance i'c.tilrlug villagers to open
their homes to travelers In cases of
this kind.
New Spring Goods
We don't wait till the season is
over to cut our prices in half
and quarters. Look in our win
dow at the new prices and goods
made to your measure, and sat
isfaction assured all thro.
Cope & Dunnuck
The Only Tailors Ontario, Ore.
Must Be Printed
We are printing more wrappers than any other two
offices in this section. There is a reason. We have
the machinery, type and workmen necessary and we
take the same care with Butter wrappers that we do
with wedding invitations.
Take your next order of
Butter Wrappers to the
Argus Office
Malheur Merc. Co.
We are now making our con
tracts for 1914
Let us have your specifications
for what you may require.
Remember our goods are all
guaranteed lines.
We stand behind everything we sell.
Malheur Mercantile