The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 12, 1914, Image 8

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    Brief Newt of the Week
Aecordlns to lata reports given out
at Washington ttaa number of farm
animals in the United Slates hiis In j
oraasad 7.1 per cent.
The supremo court of California
raps the mitlnnnl poiley of wlthdraw
trig from taxation grnt IfW of land,
daclartng the act U a departure from
the aplrll of the constitution.
British Columbia labor federation
damands Impeachment of Judges Mor
lison and Howay, who sentenced mi
ners in connection with Nanalmo dls
A obange has been made in Bohemia
pemiirtliiK womou to vote, according
to announcement of the premier In
A franchise for a trolley car system
to operate from Jarusiilom to Ib'thle
hem, and for the operutlon of a liKht
ing plant In Jerusalem linn b'-i'n grunt
ed by th Turkish government.
Contracts for 4400 new wooden
freight (in-, to h' built Immediately
t a cost or li.'twnen $5,rMi,iion and $ti.
000,000, th" first big rnilioiid eciil
ment order In several months, kiave
Just bron let by the Union I'nclflc sys
tem. Hy order of the Interstate eomnierro
commission low.T express ruins
throiml I 'be United States will be-
oanii' elective Monilay It Is estimat
ed tin' ftTvTMt pduetlon In
cburnis will be approximately 17 per
Kepresentatlves of the ngrlculturnl
collegt-H In the far west are to meet In
. ontiKiu" Hi' bitter part of the week
at the tate agricultural college of
t'lnli Tin' conference Is to effect a
permanent organization and discuss
Ibf aliilldardlxltlK of extension work
anil the securing the needed state and
national legislation to aid them In
carrying on their work.
People in the News
K Senator Lyman it asey of
Jamestown, N. I. died at Washing
Uinpeiur William or (!.riniin cele
brsted bis fifty fifth hlrthda recently
W'tiiifi ! T Dililsoli tills been DM
flrnpil li the semite iis secretary of
the Inter) r for the Philippines and
HieinlM r nl the 1'hlllpplne (.iiiinlsslon
IHlKiidler (lenernl KuiiMon has re
turned rrom service In Hawaii to Hike
command of the second division on the
HntaM ''
Charles il Williams, for years treas
nrer uud business mauuKer of the Chi
cago Cubs, Jumped to the Federal
The body or ei-Seoator Shelby M
Cullom. who died in Waahrntn. tu
brought to Springfield, III., for burial.
P. P. Claston, commissioner of the
United States bureau of education,
urges nn all-year around school term,
In order to stve the pupils from Idle
ness during the summer racatlon
Kenneth Murphy, aged 21, serving a
life term In Nebraska, for murder, who
was paroled In order thBt he might
enter the University of Nebraska, has
been denied admittance to the school
by Chancellor Avery because tha
youth Is a criminal.
General Francisco Villa announced
that clvllUed warfare, particularly
with reference to the treatment of
prisoners, would hereafter be adopted
by the Mexican rebels.
Scores of Filipino politicians who
are active In the fight for the Inde
pendence of the Islands are paid by
Japanese, In the opinion of Edward K.
Dyer, mnnsner of the Philippine Is
land Telephone A Telegraph company.
wlm has arrived at San Francisco.
The anonymous letter received by
Chief of Police Sebastian, of Los An
Hides. statltiK thut Francis Lewis
Clark, the Spokane millionaire, who
disappeared from Santa Barbara, was
held by blackmailers for a ransom of
$7r,,000, was written In part by a wo
MS, and in part by a man, say ex
peris. Frank I" ihbhs of Alabama lost his
fight for a seat In the United States
senate by one vole Class was not
entitled to be seated because bis ap
polntment by Governor O'Neal came
after the direct lenlslation law went
Into effect
Representative Sinnotfs bill to au
ihortse the secretary of war to detail
two army engineers to work with en
glneera of Oregon and Washington
and the reclamation service in evolv
lng a plan for the development of the
Celllo Falls power project, seems to
be meeting with favor.
Hereafter It will be unlawful to
work any woman employe more than
64 hours a week, and employers will
be required to pay experienced women
workers not less than 18.25. and Inex
perlenced workers not less than 16 a
week. This Is the ruling of the stats
Industrial welfare commission.
Governor West several days ago tel
egraphed President Wilson that the
contemplated action of separating the
lines would be harmful to the business
interesta of the state, and asked that
action be postponed until hearings
oould be held. The state railway com
mission made a similar request.
You Know What You Are Doing.
Other People May Not.
Tell Them Through an Advertise
ment In This Paper.
Eight-Footed Hon 2 Months Old.
Ashland The four winged duck on
the Cyoster ranch, east of Ashland
has a rival In an eight footed pig on
the lleall ranch, south of Central
Point Both sets or feet lire well tie
veloped This freak Is now 2 months
old and promises to attain the sUe
of the average hog Its legs are nor
mal down to Hie ankle Joint, each leg
terminating In two feet Instead ol
40 Years
Used D. D. D.,
All Itching Gone !
This Is the artimt eiuerlonce of Anno
CrniiiHii Kunltt Itusa, I'al . with the won
derful I). V. f) Prescription
It l I) Ih t hi- proven K seina Cjfre
the mild wssh that gives Instant relief
In sll forms of skin trnuhle
('P'nnm-s the skin of .ill Impurities
wsHheg away blotches ami pimples,
leaving the skin as smooth and healthy
as thnt of a rhllil.
Oat ii Mi' tiottle of this wonilerful
Kcsema Cure todny and keep It In thn
We know that I. D. V. will do all that
Is clalmsil tor it
Prisoner Eats Evidence.
Port land Mthoiigh he ale the doc
unienlHi evidence against him while
on the witness stand. In full view ol
the court attaches and spectators, ac
I cording to officials. Sam Matheaon. a
Seattle contractor, was bound over to
to the itrami lut t by Municipal Judgu
- ,
Stevenson on a charge of passing a
bad check for
. I .... . ' . -i i'. ."I '' oa no ri
IMIli "! ;'l"r""'" "JH"1
BenTiikis.'h, M.-i.i ..i iTi"!" "t rats SI-
.t..,lllHIIY CIlll
riui.i airsaiNoss
Srnl J i-enu in Mnnii !r InvalaaMe hrjo
on HOW TO Olllin i liu ri.-i ."W w.H pT. II"" '" '' ssnsjf. l m ml valuable inlomiaiioa.
0. SWIFT & CO.
satist LAWvaaa,
303 Seventh St., Washington, P. C:
Malheur Merc. Co.
We are now making our con
tracts for 1914
Let us have your specifications
for what you may require.
Remember our goods are all
guaranteed lines.
We stand behind everuthina we sell.
Malheur Mercantile
larii! Prices
Corn Meal (white or yellow) per sack 25c
Graham Flour " " 25c
Whole Wheat " " 25c
Mayflower Oats (was 45c) " " 35c
K. C. Baking Powder, 25 ounce can 20c
Good grade Pea Berry Coffee (was
35c) now - - 25c
Toilet Soap, such as Buttermilk, Oat
meal, Tar, Glycerine, etc., a bar
gain, 3 cakes for - - - 10c
These prices with our long list of
last week should bring you to our
Grocery Department
We have plenty of all kinds
to supply your wants
Give this Department
A Trial
We are in the
business to
stay you better
deal with us.
Ontario, Ort(jon
Good Service
is included in
this list of